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About Us

 The time - 1982. The place - KMSA, Mesa State College, Grand Junction Colorado. The Creation - Metal Saturdays. The Metal Merchant and others created Metal Saturdays. They would play Metal all day on Saturdays. At this point KMSA didn't have a computer, so when someone didn't show up there was dead air, as was the case all summer and winter break long. Around the time when the Magic Nose Goblin showed up in the mid 1990's, Metal had expanded into 30 different genres of Metal. With the help of The Morbid One, KMSA expanded into being one of the most Diverse Metal Shows on the planet. Then The Magic Nose Goblin asked the bosses if we could air during break time AND make an All Extreme Show called Satan's Whorehouse on Friday late night. Both were a go! KMSA then installed a computer playlist so KMSA would never have dead air again. At this point KMSA was broadcasting around 26 hours of metal every week. In 2002 Big Steve-O created the Friday Foreplay (metal from 7pm on Friday nights). and The Morbid One/The Necromancer created the Monday night Progressive Rock show named Technical Ecstacy. At this point we were up to 31 hours of Metal and 2 hours of Progressive rock over the air waves at KMSA 91.3 The Metal Authority. So KMSA has 36 plus hours of Metal/Prog/Indie Programming and plays all 50 plus types of Metal!!!! 
The Metal Authority became the metalauthorityfamily in 2014 . Sadly in 2015  Mitch , Matt and Jim Davis fired all alumni members and destroyed KMSA. From 2014 till 2021 our studio was located at Screen Image thanks to the Mexican Spideman Nick Sanchez. 2021 we now have 2 home studio's and life is good.
The metalauthorityfamily is alive and well and broadcasting 24/7 at

The Metal Authority is by far the longest running all day Metal Programming in the United States maybe and all of North America. 1982 till the present.
Anybody with any 1970's/80's Metal Authority info please email me at Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Metal Authorities Army of Immortal's
The Accuser 2015
Allen, Sean and Tony 2007/2008,
Bo Nasty 1997 to 1999,
The Black Swan 2007 till 2011 
Big Steve O 2002 TO 2005,
Buddy Christ/ Praxis 2005 till 2010
The Cattle Decapitor 2012 -2014-2017 to 2021
Chart 2005-2006-2007,
Cockroach 1995 to 2001,
The Creeper 2007,  
The Dark Goddess 2004/2006,
Damius Killien 1997/2001,
Death Metal Whore 2006/2007,
The Deadnight Warrior 2014
DJ Dimes 2012 to 2014 - 2016-2018
The Dungeon Master 2013
The Edgecrusher 2000/2002,
Evil Juan 2002 to 2004,  (R.I.P. 2016)
Fantastic Idiots 1998/2002,
The Fallin One 2005/07,
The Gatekeeper Aka The Cracker ass Redneck 1998/2010-
 Hatchet to the Head- 2004-2008-2014
The Harbinger 2009/2010  (R.I.P. 2021)
The Impaler 2009/2011/2013
Infant Plague 2014
Iron Man late 1980's/ 1990's, 2013 till 16  (R.I.P. 2023)
Insatiable Sinner 2007/2008,
Kerry K Mornings 2002,   ( R.I.P. 2016)
Magik Nose Goblin 1997/2001,
Misteress of Mayhem 2007,
Metal Meshiah 2003/2006,
Metal Meister 1996/2001,
Metal Merchant 1980's,
Metal Misfit 2010 till 2014
Mister Chaos 2006/2007,
Mr.Stizzley and Monkey B 2007/2008,
The Morbid One/ Necromancer 1997/present 4pm till Midnight Saturdays,
Necrophile Decapitator 2007,
The Porno Creep 1998/99,
The Soulstalker 2011 
DJ Squirlly 2007/2008,
Tomb Raider 1997/2004,  The Wizard 1999/2000,
The allmighty Reverend 2002/2006,
The Funnel Weaver 2009/2010
The Torementor 2010/2014

 The Metal Authorities top album's

2021 - First Fragment - Gloire Eternelle- Unique Leader

2020  - Green Carnation  - Leaves of Yesteryear  - Season Of Mist

2019 -   Devin Townsend-  Empath  - Inside Out

2018-  Amorphis - Queen of Time - Nuclear Blast

2017- Ne Obliviscaris - Urn  - Season of Mist

2016 - The Devin Townsend Project  - 
 Transendence  (Inside Out)

2015 - Native Construct   - Quiet World - Metal Blade

2014-Album of the Year  Triptykon- Melena Chasmata-

 2013 Album of the Year- Dillinger Escape Plan- One of us is a Killer- (Sumerian)

2012 Album of the Year- Ihsahn-Eremita (Mnenosyne)

2011 Album of the Year- The Devin Townsend Project- Deconstruction (Insideout/HeavyDevy Records)

2010 Album of the Year- Ihashn-After (Candlelight Records)

2009 Album of the Year- The Devin Townsend Project-Addicted-(Insideout/HeavyDevy Records)

2008 Album of the Year Opeth-Watershed (Roadrunner Records)

2007 Album of the Year- Therion-Gothic Kabbalah (Nuclear Blast Records)

2006 Album of the Year- Dragonforce-Inhuman Rampage (Roadrunner Records)

2005 Album of the Year-Opeth -Ghost Reveries -Roadrunner

2004 Album of the Year-Iced Earth -The Glorious Burden-SPV Records

2003 Album of the Year-Vital Remains-Dechritainize-Olympic Records

2002 Album of the Year-Manowar-Warriors of the World-Metal Blade records

2001 Album of the Year- Behemoth-Thelema .6-Olympic Records

2000 Album of the Year- Opeth-Still Life--Peaceville records (Still Life wasn't released in America till 2000)

1999 Album of the Year- Testament--The Gathering--Spitfire

1998 Album of the Year- Slayer- Diabolus in Musica --Sony

1997 Album of the Year- Megadeth- Cryptic Writtings-Capital

1996 Album of the Year- Pantera - Great Southern Trendkill - Atlantic 

2014 Top  150 Metal Album's of 2014

# Band Album Metal Type  
 #1 Triptykon Melena Chasmata Exp Doom Tormentor's and Hatchet's #1
#2 Behemoth The Satanist Death Soulstalker's #1
#3 Ne Obliviscaris Citadel Exp Melodic Prog  
#4 Fallujah The Flesh Prevails Tech Death  
#5 Eluveitie Origins Folk Deadnight's #1

2013 Top 150 Metal Album's of 2013

# Band Album Metal Type  
#1 Dillinger Escape Plan One of Us is a Killer  Math Core Soulstalker's #1
#2 Witherscape The Inheritance Melodic Buddy Christ's #1 
#3 Voices From the Human Forest Create a Fugue Of Imaginary Rain   Hatchet's #1
#4 Leprous Coal Prog Core Djent The Morbid One's #2
#5 Exhumed Necrocracy Death Gore Impaler's #1
#6 Ulcerate Vermis Death Torementor's #1
#7 Disperse Living Mirrors Prog Cattle Decatator's #1
#8 Gloryhammer Tales from the Kingdom of  Fife Sym Power Dungeon Master's #1
#9 Newsted Heavy Mtal Music Thrash DJ Dimes #1
#10 Deeds of Flesh Portals of Canaan Death  
#11 Suffocation Pinnacle of Bedlam Death  
#12 Andy Winter Incomprehensible EXP  
#13 Protest the Hero   Prog Core Djent  
#14 Gorguts Colored Sands Avant Death  
#15 Fleshgod Apocalypse Labyrinth Sym Death  
#16 Ashes of Ares S/T Power  
#17 Inquisition Obscure Verses the Multiverse Black  
#18 Finntroll Blodsvert Folk  
#19 Broken Hope Omen of Disease Death  
#20 Rings of Saturn Dingr Tech Death  



GJ Sentinel 

Sometimes, passion sounds like a fever dream, like a kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria, like moonshine and Appalachian idylls. Sometimes it sounds like robots throwing up in a sawmill. Mutinous robots.

If passion can be articulated, it’s given voice by Opeth and Borknager, Boy & Bear and Fuel and Robotic Pirate Monkey.

And if passion has a place, it’s on the second floor of the University Center at Colorado Mesa University, in the northwest corner where the signs say “KMSA.”

Those letters hang large in the radio station’s hallway, several feet high and created by art and graphic design assistant professor Eli Hall from the sticker-covered doors of the old KMSA studios. Together, those letters mean something: that college radio still matters, that what comes from your car’s speakers can be surprising and revelatory, that music is life.

Because, while KMSA 91.3 FM is officially a lab for broadcast studies, it is just as much a labor of love and passion for the 52 students who work and volunteer there. And they nurture it and guard it with the protectiveness of an egg in a nest. A leather egg. With spikes. That’s poisonous.

“If you don’t love music, then you really don’t belong here,” said Kyle Davis, KMSA’s general manager, elaborating that for those who work at KMSA, music can never be a background thing or some white noise to smooth the rough edges.

Sometimes at KMSA, the music is the rough edges.

“Music should make you think,” Davis said. “Why should it always be easy?”

And as far as college radio is concerned, it isn’t. KMSA has weathered storms that in recent years have consumed college radio stations around the country. Within the last several years, Vanderbilt University sold its WRVU for $3.35 million, Rice University’s KTRU went for $9.5 million and stations at Augustana College, Chattanooga State Technical Community College and Bryant University were sold for varying amounts. Other college and universities have sold their FM bandwidths and gone to a strictly online format.

With ever more tightly squeezed budgets, colleges and universities — especially publicly funded ones — are increasingly looking for ways to cut costs and raise money, said Regis Tucci, assistant professor of communication and KMSA’s faculty advisor. And FM bandwidths are at a premium, so selling them can be a big boost for tight budgets.

But college radio, “good Lord, it’s of preeminent importance,” Tucci said. “College radio allows students the opportunity to become professionals. It allows them to understand the workings of broadcast media. It allows students to enhance and polish their skills in the crafting of the message.”

Students who work and volunteer at KMSA oversee the broadcast of CMU sports, too, but the majority of airtime is devoted to music.

Tucci said the station is run like a commercial, rather than community, radio station, with students filling various management roles, overseeing day-to-day operations, soliciting underwriters, fundraising and doing whatever they can to increase the station’s community visibility.

During the Fall 2012 term, KMSA sponsored a raffle — $5 per ticket — in which the prize was one semester of tuition.

“We are not mass communications, we are mass communication, it’s singular,” Tucci explained. “With the ‘s’ on the end it’s more concerned with the technologies. With no ‘s’ it’s more focused on the creation of the message and with KMSA we’re showing students how to create the message,” Tucci said.

In fact, the university’s commitment to the station extended last year to the purchase of a new analog/digital transmitter that was installed on Black Ridge and bumped KMSA’s reach to the entire Grand Valley. It cost about $50,000 and was struck by lightning less than 24 hours after being installed — to the tune of an $8,000 repair that wasn’t covered by insurance — but KMSA managed to keep the music going.

With an annual budget of about $55,000 that’s drawn from student fees, KMSA has operated continuously since being founded in 1975. Even then, before “alternative” was much of a thing, it was billed as an alternative to “My Eyes Adored You” and “Love Will Keep Us Together” and “Best of My Love” or whatever else was inescapable on the FM dial then.

That still is the mentality at KMSA, Davis said. He won’t insult any artist’s music, but he argues that artists such as Bruno Mars and Ke$ha and Daughtry get played on lots of other stations in town. They don’t need to be played on KMSA, especially because for every Katy Perry there are 50 other artists who are… he won’t say “better.” He will only allude to greater musical complexity and lesser renown.

While time and cultural saturation may have sucked the meaning out of “alternative,” at least as it pertains to music, that idea still carries weight at KMSA — often what you hear on 91.3 FM sounds nothing like what is on any other station in the area, and maybe unlike anything you’ve heard. Ever.

Take The Metal Authority, for example. It’s a fluctuating cadre of metal enthusiasts who operate like a collective and do their best to play as broad a spectrum from the 50-plus sub-genres of metal as possible. It’s a Herculean task. They are unwavering in it.

“KMSA’s really become known for metal,” said Frank Menapace, who has played music on KMSA for more than 10 years. “There’s no other station in the country that does what we do.”

From Friday evening to Sunday, KMSA is all metal. It is relentless. It is surprising. Sometimes it sounds borderline unlistenable, like the soundtrack to an Hieronymous Bosch painting. But just give it time, Davis advised. Like the Colorado weather, it may change in five minutes, and there’s a reason it’s being played. There’s always something interesting to hear.

KMSA, musically, is about open minds, Davis said. Because the DJs are volunteers, they come to the music as a labor of love. They bring their own tastes and passions, which must align with KMSA guidelines, of course, so what is playing on KMSA may fluctuate widely in tenor and tone from hour to hour.

The overarching theme is play what you love and play what otherwise wouldn’t get played. Everything on the station is not for everyone, Menapace acknowledged, but that’s what makes college radio vital: that listeners can still be surprised and discover new music and artists, he said.

In fact, Davis said, that’s a big reason why KMSA survives in the face of satellite and Internet radio, of self-created YouTube stations and Spotify. Listeners may have ultimate control of their playlists these days, but if they can never let go of that control and allow themselves to be surprised, it’s a short trip to a musical rut.

So, that’s why passion is the thing at KMSA. Students from every major and stage of their studies comprise the staff — Davis graduates in May, is a military veteran and father to a young son; Menapace is a part-time student working toward a computer science degree, into his 40s and the father of teenagers — and all are welcome, Davis said. They bring a passion for The Avett Brothers and Cannibal Corpse, electronica and bluegrass, new releases and old classics.

“I’m a music nerd,” Davis said. “I have no problem admitting that. I think a lot of us are. We’re here for the experience, yes, but mostly because we just love the music.”

The Metal Authority's TOP 120 Metal albums of 2012

#  Band Album Metal Type  
1 Ihsahn Ermita Melodic The Morbid One and Black Swan
2 Cattle Decapitation Monolith of Humanity Extreme Torementor
3 Sigh In Somb Ex Black
 Av Garde
4 The Faceless Autotheism Melodic Death Cattle Decapitator
5 Wintersun Time I Sym Melodic Extreme Soulstalker
6 Moonloop Deeply from the Earth Melodic MO#2
Royal Thunder CVI   BS#2
8 Converge All we Love we Leave Behind    
9 Pig Destroyer Book Burner    
10 Cryptopsy S/T Extreme  
11 Meshuggah Koloss Djent  
12 The Devin Townsend Project Epicloud Class all his own  
13 Spawn of Possession Incurso Tech Death  
14 Vintersorg Orkan Folk  
15 Dying Fetus Reign in Supreme Death  
16 Blut Aus Nord 777    
17 Sabaton Carolus Rex Epic Power  
18 Arjen Anthoney Lucassen Lost in the new Real Prog  
19 Atoma Skylight    
20 Horn of the Rhino Grengus Doom  
21 Steve Vai The Story of Light Prog  
22 Liberteer Better to Die on your Feet then to Live on your Knees    
23 Enslaved RIITTIIR Melodic  
24 Cannibal Corpse Torture Death  
25 Between the Buried and Me Paralax II Prog Core  

Metal Authority Family Facts and DJ Space

Shows First name DJ Name Years Active  
2000 Frank The Morbid One/ Necromancer Est.August-1997 =23  
450 Larry Gatekeeper/Cracker Ass Redneck Est-1998 till 2010= 12  
450 Kyle Hatchet to the Head 2003 to 2004/ 2008 to the 2013  
330 Travis Cockroach 1995 till 2001= 6  
330 Kelton Magick Nose Goblin 1997 till 2001= 4  
320 Jeff Tombraider 1997 till 2004= 7   
290 Mike Buddy Christ/ Praxis  2005 till 2010= 5  
225  Frank  Cattle Decapitator 2014 = 6  
205 Nate Metal Messiah 2003 till 2007= 4  
200 Lucas The Soulstalker 2011 till 17 = 6  

Morbid Ratings 2012

# Band Release  Rating Metal Type
1 Ihashn   10.0 Melodic
2 Moonloop   9.95 Melodic
3 Faceless   9.875 Melodic Death
4 Spawn of Possession   9.875 Tech Death
5 Steve Vai   9.875 Prog
6 Manowar   9.87 Kings of Metal
7 My Dying Bride   9.86 Doom
8 Between the Buried and Me   9.853 Prog Core
9 Cattle Decapitation   9.85 Death
10 Contortionist   9.83 Prog Core
11 Cryptopsy   9.81 Death
12 Ensiferum Unsung Heroes 9.80 Viking Folk
13 Wintersun  Time I 9.79 Sym Death
14 Periphery   9.78 Prog Core
15 Borknagar   9.78 Melodic
16 Over Your Threshold   9.77 Prog Death Thrash
17 Ram Zet  Freaks in Wonderland 9.76 Avant Black Goth
18 Devin Townsend Epicloud 9.75  
19 Carach Angren   9.75 Symphonic Black
20  Metsatol   9.73  
21 Baroness   9.73 Stoner Rock
22 Dragonforce   9.72 Prog Power
23 Diablo Swing Orchestra Pandora's Pinata 9.70 Swing Symphonic
24 Gorod   9.70 Tech Death
25 Rhapsody   9.69  
26 Sigh   9.66  
27 Cannibal Corpse   9.64  Death
28 Soulfly   9.62  
29 Anaal Nathrakh     Exp Ind Black
30 Sabaton     Epic Power
31 De Profundis Emptiness Within