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The Harbinger
Kyle Obergfell AKA The Iron Man
James Kottak
Jon Kennedy
James Harvey
Kirk Arrington
Jim Durkin
Josua Lander Madsen
Tim Aymar
Majk Moti
Dave Sherman
Stuart Anstis
Ted Kirkpatrick with the King

Roman Kostrzewski

Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Evil Chuck
Quorthon from Bathory
Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum
Gary Driscoll
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Paul Samson and Chris Aylmer
Jared Anderson
Scott Clendenin
David Gold



Craig Gruber

Nattdal B Jonas Lars Bergqvist

Young Evil Chuck
The Guitar Emperor

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Jaba was the bass player for Ratos de Porão. He passed away at the age of 60 on December 26th 2024.

James Kottak

James Passed away on January 9th 2024 at the age of 61 after a brief illness,

Rafael C. Lavandoski

Reborn in Flames vocalist and guitar player died on December 25 2023 at the age of 47 from a motorcycle accident.

Martin Lacriox

Former Cryptopsy singer Martin Lacrioux passed away on January 14, 2024

January 2024 Release Page

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
1-1 Deconsekrated Ascension in the Altar of Condemned Iron Blood and Death Death  
1-1 Diabolic Blastmaster Twisted Metal   Death  
1-1 Escaping Aghartha Consumption Without End   Black Doom Amb  
1-1 Fathomless Misery Insufferable Loss of Self   Atmo Black  
1-1 Gandur Heritage   Black E.P.
1-1 Garden of Sadness Five Ropes   Dep Black  
1-1 Lair The Hidden Shiv   Fun Doom Sludge  
1-1 Meridion Caverns Iron Blood and Death Death  
1-1 Morcrof ORI GENE SIS   Black Doom  E.P.
1-1 Obsidian Fathomless   Prog Metal Djent  
1-1 Overlorde Awaken the Fury^ No Remorse Power  
1-1 Panzerwar Pale Whispers   Black  
1-1 Schwarzer Engel Traume   Sym Goth  
1-1 SEAD Land of Misery   Black  E.P.
1-1 Stac Pollaidh The Plight of the People   Atmo Black  
1-1 Sulfuric Hatred   SRL Extreme  
1-1 Visceral Call Fullmoon Nights   Atmo Black  
1-1 Vulcan Tyrant Quest Between Heaven and Hades   Black Thrash Speed  
1-1 Ynkleudherhenavogyon Yeunadow Henaver   Black  
1-2 Conan DIY Series Issue 1 Napalm Sludge Doom E.P.
1-2 Gravewurm Poisonous Kingdom Funeral Empire Extreme  
1-2 Morkvind Hypnotiskt   Atmo Black E.P.
1-3 Andromelin Satan's Child   Melodic Death Doom E.P.
1-3 Divinite Hive Universal Invasion   Death E.P.
1-3 Flegias L'Evangile Gothique   Black Heavy  
1-3 Gangrene Discharge The Art of Maggot Debridement   Gore Grind E.P.
1-3 Through the Spatial Dimensions Into the Astral   Black  
1-4 Exaltatio Diaboli     Black Amb E.P.
1-4 Galleiria Our Final Goodbyes   Post Black E.P.
1-4 Somnloshet  Plagor Road to Desolation   Atmo Black  
1-5 Ashes of Abaddon The Hellbringers   Melodic Death Thrash  
1-5 Cancer Christ God Is Violence Seeing Red    
1-5 Cara Nier Portals to a Better, Dead World Fiadh    
1-5 Caroozer The Brewtal Truth   Thrash Groove  
1-5 Dunwich Ritual Weird Tape Sessions Jawbreaker Speed  
1-5 Fragments of Lost Memories     Fun Doom  
1-5 Gospod Bible Prophecies   Black E.P.
1-5 Haywire Conditioned for Demolition Daze    
1-5 Last World Beautiful Illusion Perris    
1-5 Narbeleth A Pale Crown Folter Black  
1-5 The Oddeven Darkness  Eclipse    
1-5 Panzerchrist All Witches Shall Burn EP Extreme E.P.
1-5 Rutile Virtuous Season Fiadh    
1-5 Ryujin S/T* Napalm Melodic Formerly Gyze
1-5 Salvation in Suicide Suicide   Dep Black  
1-5 Sardonic Witchery Barbaric Evil Power   Black  
1-5 Wanted Inc. Dead for the First Time   Death Thrash  
1-5 Zatrebil Hammering Steel   Black  
1-6 Beastial Piglord Essence of Brown   Exp  
1-6 Buckethead Fly on the Wings of a Flame Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 618
1-6 Buckethead Deep Quiet Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 619
1-6 Buckethead Stairway to the Gramaphone Company Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 620
1-6 Buckethead Lab Notes Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 621
1-6 Buckethead Free the Spark Of Light Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 622
1-6 Buckethead Seeing the Sea Sideways Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 623
1-6 Buckethead Architect of the Inner Garden Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 624
1-6 Buckethead Dissolve Ego Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 625
1-6 Buckethead Sea of Subconcious Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 626
1-6 Buckethead Quieting yhe Thought's That Don't Serve Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 627
1-6 Buckethead Echo Canyon Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 628
1-6 Buckethead The Waters Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 629
1-6 Buckethead Home in the Sky Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 630
1-6 Buckethead Fugien Vibes Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 631
1-6 Evelyn Multidimensional Transformation   Various  
1-6 Maniacal Device Kill Your Masters   Thrash Crossover  
1-6 Nedakh No Peace, No Reconciliation, No Recognition   Black  
1-7 Sandekala Merajam Dendam   Goth Black  
1-8 Baqual IV   Stoner  
1-8 Trollfest 20 Years in the Wrong Lane   Folk Comp
1-10 Beshenitar Unsocialized   Black Amb  
1-10 Dark Fury Shoot to Kill!   Black  
1-10 Soul Remnants Raising the Sacrificial Dagger   Death  
1-10 Yersin The Scythe is Remorseless TR Grindcore Crust  
1-11 Apeiron Geistzeit   Black  
1-11 Chainsaw Dissection Only Gore Remains   Death Grind Noise  
1-11 Dying Raven The Rising Fire   Dep Black Amb  
1-11 Rusticated Ruins Hope Denied   Death  
1-12 Ancient North The Dark Ages   Black  
1-12 Alluvial Death is But a Door* Nuclear Blast Deathcore  E.P.
1-12 Announce the Apocalypse Experience the Machine   Thrash  
1-12 Artificial Heaven Digital Dreaming My Kingdom    
1-12 The Awesome Machine ... It's Ugly or Nothing Ripple   2000
1-12 Beyond the Black S/T Nuclear Blast Sym  
1-12 Born From Pain Moments in Time   Black Amb  
1-12 Bronson Arm S/T      
1-12 Casey How to Disappear Greyscale    
1-12 The Clamps Megamouth Heavy Psych Sounds    
1-12 Crucifer Hell is for the Hopeful PER Death Thrash  
1-12 Departure Chandelier Satan Soldier of Fortune   Black  
1-12 Domination  Campaign A Storm of Steel Prosthetic Death  
1-12 Drown in Sulpher Dark Secrets of the Soul Scarlet    
1-12 Edenya Another Place M&O    
1-12 Edge of Ever The Assent   Heavy Prog Core  
1-12 Elegy Graveflowers   Black  
1-12 Emil Bulls Love Will Fix It Arising Empire    
1-12 Engulf The Dying Planet Weeps Everlasting Spew Death  
1-12 Escuela Grind Death Metal MNRK    
1-12 Exit Eden Femmes Fatales* Napalm Sym  
1-12 Extinction A.D. Ruthless Intent Unique Leader Thrash Hardcore E.P.
1-12 Glory Bell's Band Century Rendezvous Cult Metal Classics Heavy 1984
1-12 Gaslarm To The Demons   Speed Thrash  
1-12 Gothony S/T Inverse Melodic Death  
1-12 The Grandmaster Black Sun Frontiers Melodic Heavy  
1-12 Ignacio Remis Un nuevo amanecer   Power  
1-12 Infant Island Obsidean Wreath Secret Voice    
1-12 Iron Front Hooked C-D    
1-12 Jim Peterik & World Stage   Frontiers    
1-12 Krvna The Rhythmus of  Death Eternal     E.P.
1-12 Karnak Seti Restos   Melodic Thrash Death E.P.
1-12 Lifesick Love and Other Lies Metal Blade   E.P.
1-12 Last in Time Too Late* Rockshots Heavy Prog  
1-12 Las Trumien Glod zabijania   Stoner Doom  
1-12 Lost in Time Too Late Rockshots    
1-12 Magnum Here Comes the Rain Napalm    
1-12 Mourning Dawn The Foam of Despair A.D. Black Doom  
1-12 Narzissus Akt III   Black  
1-12 Neal Morse The Restoration; Joseph Part 2 Frontiers Prog Rock  
1-12 Nightwalker Grimoire Tenebrarum Amor Fati Black  
1-12 Nobody's Fool Time Battlegod    
1-12 No Terror in the Bang Heal      
1-12 Oathbringer Tales of Valor RTR    
1-12 Ovacord Daniel Cordova   Various E.P.
1-12 Primordial Black Monas Heiroglyphica   Black Heavy Groove E.P.
1-12 Psycho Ward Commited Battle God    
1-12 Ravenstine 2024 Massacre    
1-12 The Rods Rattle the Cage Massacre Heavy  
1-12 Running Wild Gates of Purgatory Hammerheart Heavy Power Speed 1984
1-12 Russell /Guns Medusa Frontiers    
1-12 Ruthless The Fallen Fireflash Heavy Power  
1-12 Ryujin S/T* Napalm Melodic Power Death  
1-12 Saevus Finis Facilis Descensus Averno Transcending Obscurity Death  
1-12 Scanner The Cosmic Race Rock of Angels Heavy Power  
1-12 Shadows Fall The War Within M-Theory Melodic Deathcore 2004
1-12 Splitknuckle Breathing Through the Wound Daze Deathcore  
1-12 Tangent Plane The Judas Cell   Prog Heavy  
1-12 Ultimatum Among Potential States   Heavy Hard Re-issue
1-12 Yersin The Scythe is Remorseless Trepnation    
1-12 Vicious Rumors Soldiers in the Night Hammerheart Heavy Power 1985
1-12​ Violator Chemical Assault Kill Agian Thrash 2002
1-12 Walk the Plank Loathe     E.P.
1-12 Wilderness of Mirrors Fathoms   Sludge Post Amb  
1-12 Wizard Cage S/T   Doom  
1-12 Zombie Mortician Strange Alien Disease   Extreme  
1-13 Bloodstone Electrocution Awakening Thrash  
1-13 Dusk Dissolve into Ash   Doom Death  
1-13 Ignominia Procesion de la Muerte   Death  
1-15 Necrophilic Beatdown Probation Meeting Brutal Mind Death E.P.
1-15 Sexual Perverts Sex Maniac... Forever   Thrash  
1-16 Holy Dragons Fortress Pitch Black Heavy Power  
1-16 Non Opus Dei Applied Diabology   Black  
1-16 Ribspreader Reap Humanity Xtreem Melodic Death  
1-17 Armed Jouissance If you Close Your Eyes, You Can Still See the Sky   Atmo Black  E.P.
1-17 Nemophila Evolve   Core  
1-18 Lesath Forlorn   Atmo Black E.P.
1-18 Dark Oath Ages of Man   Epic Melodic Death  
1-18 Drakon   Sleazy Rider Black  
1-18 Gore Force 5 At Full Force   Death  
1-18 Repugnancia Ritos de interminable Agonua   Death  
1-18 Smerdead     Melodic Death E.P.
1-18 Sjalfsmoro af Galeysi Astral Abstractions   Extreme Doom  
1-19 Abhoria Depths Prosthetic Black  
1-19 Advocacy The Path of Decoherence Uprising Prog  
1-19 Andracca To Bare the Weight of Death Vendetta Black  
1-19 Autumn's Child Tellus Timeline Pride & Joy    
1-19 Boundless Chaos Sinister Upheaval Dying Victims Death Thrash  
1-19 Breath's Melt Away     E.P.
1-19 CobraKill Serpent's Curse Frontiers Heavy Hard  
1-19 Cold in Berlin The Body is the Wound New Heavy Sounds Stoner Doom Goth E.P.
1-19 Corvus Immortal Pride & Joy    
1-19 Dark Years From Now De-Illuminate      
1-19 Death Killer Total Destruction of the Entire Universe Last Day     
1-19 Distances Abstruce   Atmo Sludge Post  
1-19 Eave Fervor Fiadh    
1-19 Final Coil The World We Inherited Sliptrick    
1-19 Fugit Bury Me Here   Post Black  
1-19 GloomWitch Humanity's Peak of Evil   Black  
1-19 Gothic Underground* Loud Rage Goth Doom  
1-19 Gotus S/T Frontiers    
1-19 Heavy Sentence Warriors of Madness Dying Victims   E.P.
1-19 Horrorgraphy  Knight's Tale* WormHoleDeath Sym Doom  
1-19 Jenner Prove Them Wrong Fighter Speed Thrash  
1-19 Kontact Full Contact Dying Victims Heavy  
1-19 Landevir Un vaije en el Tiempo Maidito Melodic Folk  
1-19 Lord Dying Clandestine Transcendence MNRK Sludge  
1-19 Lucera Satanass   Black Heavy  
1-19 Malist Of Scorched Earth Avantgarde Black  
1-19 Magnum Here Comes the Rain* Napalm    
1-19 Master Saints Dispelled Hammerheart Death Thrash  
1-19 Metalite Expedition One AFM Melodic Power  
1-19 Methedrine No Solution , No Salvation Time to Kill Crossover  
1-19 Nature of the Beast Radio Hauntings WormHoleDeath Extreme  
1-19 Resin Bomb Cerebral Purgatory Transcending Obscurity Sludge Death  
1-19 Saxon Hell, Fire and Damnation* Silver Lining NWOBHM  
1-19 Sgaile Traverse the Bealach Avantgarde Prog Post  
1-19 Shadow Eden Skunkworx*   Prog Fusion  
1-19 Sinergy The Legacy   Prog Heavy Comp
1-19 Sovereign Altered Realities Dark Descent Death Thrash  
1-19 Spornburg Vernhangis   Black  
1-19 Tropic Santos Caccia Grossa Argonauta    
1-19 Upon Stone Dead Mother Moon* CM Melodic Death  
1-19 Vassus Warlike Madness   Exp Black  
1-19 Vemod The Deepining* Prophecy Black  
1-19 The Vice Dead Canary Run Noble Demon    
1-19 Volturmna For Death is Fate   Extreme E.P.
1-20 Divinitist Blood Dripping Shattered Earth Deathcore  
1-20 Pirate Hymn Explorer   Heavy  
1-22 Necrotum Defleshed Exhumation Memento Mori Death  
1-23 Desecation Left to the Trogs Brutal Mind Death  
1-25 Tanin'iver Dark Evils Desecrate   Extreme  
1-26 Acerus The Caliginous Serenade   Heavy  
1-26 Alcatrazz Complete Recordings     1983 - 1986 Hear No Evil Heavy Metal Shred Box Set
1-26 Alkaline Trio Blood, Hair and Eyeballs Rise    
1-26 Almost Dead Destruction is All We Know Art Gates Thrash Groove  
1-26 Any Given Day Limitless Arising Empire    
1-26 Blood Red Throne Nonagon Soulseller Death  
1-26 Boarhammer II   Black  
1-26 Caligula's Horse Charcoal Grace Inside Out  Prog  
1-26 Carnal Savagery Into the Abysmal Void Moribund Death  
1-26 Cognizance Phantazein Willowtip Tech Melodic Deathcore  
1-26 Command Resver Jawbreaker Heavy  
1-26 Corrupted Felicific Algorithm   Drone Doom Sludge  
1-26 Dead Poet Society Fission Spinefarm    
1-26 Dipygus S/T Memento Mori Death  
1-26 Dissimulator Lower from Resistance 20 Buck Spin Tech Death Thrash  
1-26 Dolorosa Summoning Ancient Bleakness   Black  
1-26 Drowned Procul His SVR Death  
1-26 Eve's Bite Blessed in Hell M&O Hard Heavy  
1-26 Exocrine Legend Season of Mist Tech Death  
1-26 Eye Flys S/I   Sludge Hardcore  
1-26 Fall of Serenity Open Wide, Oh Hell Lifeforce Melodic Death E.P.
1-26 Funeral Winds 333 Osmose  Black  
1-26 The Gems Phoenix Napalm Rock  
1-26 Greengoat A.I. Argonauta Stoner Doom  
1-26 Heave Blood and Die Burnout Codes   Exp Post  
1-26 Hellman Born, Suffering, Dead Black Lodge Death'n'roll  
1-26 Hiraes Dormant Napalm Melodic Death  
1-26 The Infernal Sea Hellfenic Candlelight Black  
1-26 Innerload Mater Tenebrarum Geat Dane Heavy  
1-26 Inquisition Veneration of Medieval Mysticysm and Cosmological Violence Agonia Black Melodic  
1-26 Kalt Vindur Magna Mater The Circle Prog Black Doom  
1-26 Kanseil Vaia   Folk  
1-26 Kill the Thrill Auyophagie Season of Mist Ind  
1-26 Knoll As Spoken   Extreme Noise  
1-26 Kult Mogil Fenetres de l'enfer   Death E.P.
1-26 Lucifer V Nuclear Blast Heavy Doom  
1-26 Luciferian Rites Oath of Midnight Ashes Moribund Black  
1-26 Madder Mortem Old Eyes New Hearts Dark Essence Prog Metal  
1-26 Manticora Mycelium Mighty Prog Power  
1-26 Mago de Oz Alicia en el Metalverso Warner Various  
1-26 Mega Colossus Showdown Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
1-26 Mountain Caller Chronicle II Church Road Prog Post  
1-26 Mourning Divine Be Free   Prog Power  
1-26 New Model Army Unbroken earMUSIC    
1-26 The Oldest House A Worm Through Time I,Voidhanger Sludge Doom E.P.
1-26 Olhava Sacrifice Avantgarde Atmo Post Black  
1-26 Onryo over October Last Night I Saw A Ghost   Atmo Black Doom  
1-26 Onslaught Kommand Visions of Blood and Gore Godz of War Exreme Grind E.P.
1-26 Rarog'g Homo ad Fundum   Black  
1-26 Reencarnacion 888 35 anos   Extreme Hardcore  
1-26 Rituals of the Dead Hand The Wreatched and the Vile Immortal Frost Black Doom  
1-26 Satarial Dance of Steel: Invocation of Dragon   Various E.P.
1-26 Savaged Night Stealer No Remorse Heavy Speed  
1-26 Setyasena S/T      
1-26 Show n Tell The Ritual Has Begun No Remorse Heavy  
1-26 Slower S/T      
1-26 Snakes in the Pit Hamberg City Hardcore Hardcore    
1-26 Soulcarrion Enthrone Death Godz of War Death  
1-26 The Stage of Dreams The Duality Conflict   Melodic Heavy  
1-26 Static X Project Regeneration Vol.2   Alt Metal  
1-26 Stone Horns Age of  Chimairas Rockshots Groove  
1-26 Temple of the V The First Ten Years Hammerheart Death Doom Comp
1-26 Unsouling Vampiric Spiritual Drauin I Voidhanger Exp Extreme  
1-26 Vipassi Lightless Season of Mist Prog Extreme  
1-26 Vitriol Suffer & Become Century Media Death  
1-26 Whitechapel Live in the Valley Metal Blade Deathcore Live
1-27 Buckethead In Solitude Roam Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 632
1-27 Buckethead Through the Words Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 633
1-27 Buckethead Sea Above the Sky Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 634
1-27 Nakkiga Barneko Beldurra   Black  
1-28 Antiquus Scriptum Na Terts dos Castelos   Black Amb E.P.
1-28 Chainsaw Satan   Black Thrash  
1-28 D.E.F.A.M.E Doomsday Reptilian   Grindcore  
1-28 Dog Chasing Sun Old Man's Doom   Stoner Doom  
1-28 Kings Winter The Other Side of Fear   Melodic Heavy  
1-28 Niili Necrosludge Doomcore   Various  
1-29 Arcane Tales Until Where the Northern Lights Reign BB Power Sym  
1-29 Deha Doomed Youth   Various  
1-29 Genophobic Perversion Suffer the Deceased   Various  
1-29 Krionik Forlorn Abominations   Thrash E.P.
1-29 Void of Nothingness Dive into the Unknown   Exp Black  
1-30 Mastectomy Devil Incarnates in Us   Death  
1-31 Buckethead Atlantis Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 635
1-31 Buckethead Joy of yhe Little Things Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 636
1-31 Buckethead Swirling Hexagon Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 637
1-31 Buckethead Molded by the Wheel Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 638
1-31 Buckethead Light Ships Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 639
1-31 Buckethead Journey to Atlantis Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 640

February 2024

Date Artist Release Label  Genre  Notes
2-2 Artilley Raw Live Mighty Thrash Live
2-2 Atkins/ May Project Serpent's Kiss Sleaszy Rider Heavy 2011
2-2 Banks Arcade Death 2 E.P. UNFD   E.P.
2-2 Being as an Ocean Death Can Wait Out of Line    
2-2 Big Scenic Nowhere The Waydown Heavy Psych Sounds    
2-2 Bipolar Architecture Metaphysicize Pelagic Post  
2-2 C.I.A. Hippie Mind Control Growing Old on a Dying Planet   Pysch  
2-2 Corpsevore Feed the Plague Horror Pain Gore Death Death Grind E.P.
2-2 Diamond Falcon Gates of Hell   Heavy  
2-2 The Distance The Wound Sliptrick    
2-2 Dodenbezweerder AlsDe Hemel   Black E.P.
2-2 Drunemeton Tir nan og HH Pagan Black  
2-2 Dwarrowdelf The Fallen Leaves   Epic Black  
2-2 Enterprise Earth Deathan Anthology MNRK Deathcore  
2-2 Ghoul Noxious Concoctions Tankcrimes Death Thrash Grind E.P.
2-2 Grave Monolith MMXXIII Dawn of Murk    
2-2 Graywitch Children of Gods Sleaszy Rider Heavy  
2-2 Hasturian Vigil Unveiling the Brac'thal Invictus Black E.P.
2-2 Hollow Woods Like Twisted Bones of Fallen Giants Signal Rex Black  
2-2 Incest Breath Keeping the Bloodline Pure   Death Thrash Punk  
2-2 Kolac S/T Pest Black  
2-2 Levels Pulse Sharptone   E.P.
2-2 Litosth Cesariana Personal Melodic Extreme  
2-2 Meanstreak Blood Moon Step Off   E.P.
2-2 Meth Smane Prosthetic    
2-2 Mondocane Ultima Drakkar Black 2023
2-2 Morcolac Drawbridge to Citidel of no More Dawn Dusktone  Black E.P.
2-2 Morghuul Domination of the Beast   Black Thrash Speed  
2-2 Myrath Karma earMUSIC Folk Prog  
2-2 Necrowretch Sword of Dajjal Season of Mist Underground Extreme  
2-2 Night Fever Dead End  Svart    
2-2 Obsidian Tongue The Stone Heart   Black  E.P.
2-2 Persefone Lingua Ignota Part 1 Napalm Prog Melodic E.P.
2-2 Perveration Putrefaction of Infinate  Apogee Comatose Death  
2-2 Reverend Bizzare II : Crush the insects Svart Doom 2005
2-2 Sickening The Death King Amputated Vein Death  
2-2 Slope Freak Dreams Century Media    
2-2 So Hideous I Balance A Daydream on the Edge of a Knife SPR Post Black Shoegaze 2010  E.P.
2-2 Solbrud III Vendetta Black  
2-2 Stages of Decompisition Raptures of Pschopathy Gore House Death Grind  
2-2 Thy Catafalque Sublunary Tragedies Season of Mist Avant-Garde 1999
2-2 Unaussprechilchin Kulten Haxan Sabaoth Iron Bonehead Death  
2-2 Valient Himself Crooner Jukebox Smokedoggg    
2-2 Wolven Daughter Gospel of the Claw   Black  
2-2 Worhs La Grande poisseure   Black Exp  
2-4 Wytches Moon Grimoire II   Psych Doom  
2-5 Hail Caligula Mortiis Hominum Coyote Death  
2-5 Nativist Our Banner in the Sky   Black  
2-6 KentuCH Kinda Weird   Groove Hard  
2-6 Natura Aeternum Abyssal Depths   Epic Atmo  
2-6 Night Slasher S/T Sliptrick Black Speed  
2-9 As This Filth Will Tommorow Be Better Brutal Thrash Death Groove  
2-9 Aureole Alunarian of the Bellmaster LL Atmo Amb Black  
2-9 Blasphemize Anti God   Black  
2-9 Blutgott Dragongods Massacre    
2-9 Chapel of Disease Echoes of Light Van Prog Death Rock  
2-9 The Chisel What a Fucking Nightmare Pure Noise    
2-9 Contaminated Celebratory Beheading Blood Harvest Death  
2-9 Distorted Reflection Doom Rules Eternally Iron Shield Doom  
2-9 Divine Defilement Age of Atrocities RMR Deathcore  
2-9 Five Finger Death Punch Afterlife Better Noise Heavy Deluxe Version
2-9 F.K.U The Horror and the Metal Despotz Thrash  
2-9 Full Assault Dying World Iron Shield  Thrash  
2-9 Gates Open Voice After Silence Inverse Melodic Death Thrash  
2-9 Hacavitz Muerte Vomit Extreme  
2-9 Hadadanza Aventura  y leyenda Helheim Folk  
2-9 Hannes Grossmann Echoes of Eternity   Proh Tech Death E.P.
2-9 Heretic  Filthy Hymns for Sleazy Demons Van Black'n'Roll  
2-9 Hulder Verses in Oath 20 Buck Spin  Black  
2-9 Inferna Arcana Illum Negativa   Black  
2-9 Infected Rain Time  Napalm Core Groove Death  
2-9 In Vain Back to Nowhere Fighter Heavy Thrash Power  
2-9 Klysma Death Amputated Vein Slam Death  
2-9 The Last Ten Seconds of Life No Name Graves Unique Leader    
2-9 Lockdown Step Over the Bodies SelfMadeGod    
2-9 Mean Jeans Blasted FWC    
2-9 Metal de Facto Land of the Rising Sun Part.1* Rockshots Power  
2-9 Morbid Saint Swallowed By Hell High Roller Thrash  
2-9 Nocturnal Sorcery Captive in the Breath of Life Kvlt Death  
2-9 Obscura Qalma Veils of Transcendence Dusktone Extreme E.P.
2-9 Per Wiberg The Serpent's Here Despotz    
2-9 Petrifacation Sever Sacred Light Svart Death  
2-9 The Pineapple Thief It Leads tu This K-Scope Prog  
2-9 Revolution Saints Against the Winds Frontiers Rock Supergroup
2-9 Romuvos Spirits Hammerheart Epic Folk Viking  
2-9 Secreted IntoxicatedPrimitive Anthropophagus CDN Slam Death  
2-9 Seltsame  Erden Gedanentempeln Chaos Black  
2-9 Shadowdance Ageless Divebomb Power  
2-9 The Sleeveens S/T Dirtnap    
2-9 Smoking Snakes Danger Zone Frontiers Heavy Hard  
2-9 Soulmass Principality of Machanical Violence   Death Doom  
2-9 Spectral Voice Sparagmos Dark Descent Death Doom  
2-9 Spiritual Deception Semitae Mentis Amputated Vein Tech Death  
2-9 Takida The Agony Flame Napalm    
2-9 Theophonos Ashes in the Huron River Profound Lore Avant Black Hardcore  
2-9 Throat Blood Exaltation   Black  E.P
2-9 Transit Method Other Void Brutal Panda    
2-9 Unlocked Bedlamite   Death  
2-14 Nefariant NOCT   Melodic Prog E.P.
2-15 Zelion TUV   Melodic Heavy  
2-16 Art of Anarchy Let There be Anarchy Pavement Heavy  
2-16 Crazy Lixx Two Shot at Glory Frontiers    
2-16 Darkspace Dark Space II Season Of Mist Atmo Black Amb  
2-16 Dead Earth Et Disperdam Illud Chaos    
2-16 Durbin Screaming Steel Frontiers Heavy  
2-16 Einaar Solberg The Congregation Acoustic Inside Out    
2-16 Elettra Storm Powerlords Scarlet Power  
2-16 Eternal Storm A Giant Bound to Fall Transcending Obscurity Melodic Death  
2-16 Far Beyond The End of My Road Prostheic Sym Melodic Death  
2-16 Farsot Life Promised Death Lupus Lounge    
2-16 The Hellicopters Grand Rock Nuclear Blast    
2-16 Honeymoon Suite Alive Frontiers    
2-16 Ihsahn Ihsahn  Candlelight Melodic Sym  
2-16 Illumishade Another Side of You Napalm Sym  
2-16 Jeremy Harry Harris Walking With My Darkness Epictronic    
2-16 K'mono Mind out of Mind Apollon    
2-16 Mr. Bison Echoes from the Universe Heavy Psych Sounds    
2-16 The Obsessed Gilded Sorrow Ripple Doom  
2-16 Pestilength Solar Clorex DMP Black Doom  
2-16 Ponte del Diavolo Fire Blades from the Tomb Season of Mist Doom Black  
2-16 Praise the Plague Suffocating in the Current of Time Lifeforce Black Doom Sludge  
2-16 Profiler A digital Nowhere Sharptone    
2-16 The Requiem A Curse to Poisen the World Fearless    
2-16 Thy Shining Curse Theuria ViciSolum Sym Death  
2-16 Vanir Epitome Mighty Melodic Death  
2-16 Volucrine Etna Inverse Melodic  
2-20 Defect Designer Chitin Transcending Obscurity Death  
2-21 Alfa Erindano Akhernar Into the Paths of Gods   Extreme  
2-23 A Burial At Sea Close to Home Pelagic    
2-23 Ace Frehley 10.000 Volys* MNRK Rock  
2-23 Amaranthe The Catalyst* Nuclear Blast    
2-23 Arkado Open Sea Pride & Joy    
2-23 Atoll Inhuman Impants* Unique Leader Death  
2-23 Austrian Death Machine Quad Brutal Napalm Thrash Core  
2-23 The Body and Dis Fig Orchards of a Futile Heaven Thrill Jockey    
2-23 Borknagar Fall* CM Melodic Folk  
2-23 Buckethead Shell Caster Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 642
2-23 Buckethead Sparkling of Sand Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 643
2-23 Buckethead The Watery Realms Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 644
2-23 Cathubodua Interbellum Massacre Epic Sym  
2-23 Craneium Point of no Return   Stoner Doom  
2-23 Coltre To Watch with Hands to Touch With Eyes Dying Victims Heavy  
2-23 Damnation Fatum Pest Death  
2-23 Darkest Hour Perpetual - Terminal MNRK Thrash Core  
2-23 Decrowned Persona Non Grata Rockshots Melodic Death  
2-23 Desolate Tomb Scorned By Misery   Extreme  
2-23 Disastroid Garden Creatures Heavy Psych Sounds    
2-23 Dust Bolt Sound and Fury AFM Thrash  
2-23 Fragment Soul Galois Paradox WormHoleDeath    
2-23 Hammerhedd Not Important   Prog Groove Thrash  
2-23 Iron Curtain Savage Dawn Dying Victims Speed Thrash Heavy  
2-23 Job for a Cowboy Moon Healer* Metal Blade Prod Death  
2-23 Karkosa Esoterrorcult Redefining Darkness Extreme  
2-23 Life Cycles Portals to the Unknown 1126   E.P.
2-23 Lionheart The Grace of a Dragonfly Metalville    
2-23 Morta Skuld Creation Undone Peaceville Death  
2-23 Pirate Queen Ghost Depotz    
2-23 Rifforia Axeorcism Metalville Epic  
2-23 Satra Sand of Time   Sym  
2-23 Smorrah Welcome to Your Nightmare Sick Taste Thrash  
2-23 Stygian Crown Funeral For a King Cruz Del Sur Epic Doom  
2-23 They Came from Visions The Twilight Robes Eisenwald Black  
2-23 Toby Knapp Tramsmission to Purgatory Moribund Prog Neo Classical  
2-23 Toxikill Under the Southern Light Dying Victims Heavy Speed  
2-23 Vincent Crowley Anthologh of Horror Hammerheart Death Doom Black  
2-23 Whiteabbey Words that Form the Key Metropolis Sym  
2-24 Black Opera Songs in the Key of Death*   Heavy  
2-25 Vorga Beyond the Palest Star Transending Obscurity Black  
2-28 Buckethead Schavender Schlingschlot Schleven Schlimes Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 647


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
3-1 Anthares After the War M & O Thrash  
3-1 Azell Death Control Rottweiler Doom  
3-1 Beenkerver De rode weduwe Vendetta  Black  
3-1 Big Big Train The Likes of Us Inside Out Prog  
3-1 Buckethead Sky Watching Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 648
3-1 Buckethead River in the City Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 649
3-1 Buckethead Sea Serpent Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 670
3-1 Buckethead Mist of Preantiguity Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 671
3-1 Buckethead Polaris Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 672
3-1 The Black Hounds All Kingdoms Fall   Heavy Groove  
3-1 Blind Channel Exit Emotions Inverse    
3-1 Bruce Dickenson The Mandrake Project BMG Heavy  
3-1 Clarion Void Failure in Repitition Lost Future    
3-1 David Reece Baptized By Fire El Puerto Heavy Hard  
3-1 Celestial Sword Nocturnal Divinity   Black Dungeon Synth  
3-1 Clouds Taste Satanic 79 A.E. Magestic Mountain Doom  
3-1 Defocus There is A Place for me on Earth Arising Empire    
3-1 Devastator Conjurers of Cruelty Listenable Black Thrash  
3-1 Enslaved Heimdal Deluxe Version Nuclear Blast Exp 2013 
3-1 Einvigi Monokroma   Folk Post  
3-1 Eternal  Cryptic Lust RSR Death Thrash  
3-1 Etoile Filante Mare Tranquilitiatis NS Black Amb  
3-1 Fall of Leviathan In Waves Vitruve    
3-1 Fathomless Ritual Hymns for the Lesser Gods Transcending Obscurity Tech Avant Death  
3-1 Firewind Stand United AFM Heavy Power  
3-1 Hands of Goro S/T BSP Heavy  
3-1 Hemorrhoid Raw Materials of Decay Headsplit DeathCore  
3-1 InnerSphere In the Shadows of the Sun Smile Melodic Death Thrash  
3-1 Opera Magna Heroica On Fire Sym  
3-1 Lesbian  Bed Death Midnight Lust WormHoleDeath    
3-1 Liv Kristine Deus Ex Machina Metalville   Re- Issue
3-1 Magoria Hollingsworth Mansion Butler Prog Metal Rock  
3-1 Mannequin Pussy I Got Heaven Epitaph    
3-1 Marble Ghost S/T*     E.P.
3-1 Mastery of Blasphemy Blood Red Realm   Black  
3-1 Messiah Christus Hypercubus High Roller Death Thrash  
3-1 Metro Society London Chapter 1 1898* MSR Prog  
3-1 Ministry Hopiumforthemasses Nuclear Blast Ind  
3-1 Negative Prayer Self // Wound Chaos    
3-1 New Years Day Half Black Heart      
3-1 Northern Genocide The Point of No Return Inverse Ind Melodic Death  
3-1 Paraline Sound Weapon Eclipse    
3-1 Palooka Save Yourself*     E.P.
3-1 Saturnalia Temple Paradigm Call Listenable Stoner Doom  
3-1 Suldusk Anthesis Napalm    
3-1 Suicide Angels Profane Prayer Nuclear Blast    
3-1 Surgical Strike 24/7 Hate Metalville Power Thrash  
3-1 Tigers on Opium Psyco Drama Heavy Psych Sounds    
3-1 Uzlaga Depthdweller   Atmo Black  
3-1 Volcandra The Way of Ancients Prosthetic Melodic Black  
3-1 Wolfpact Alpha Wolf Gio Smit   E.P.
3-1 Zakk Sabbath Doomed Forever Forever Doomed Magnetic Eye Heavy Doom  
3-3 Isenordal Requiem for Eirene Prophecy Pagan Neofolk  
3-8 Alterium Of War and Flames AFM Power  
3-8 Agonista Grey and Dry Armegeddon    
3-8 Andry Skies BMR Sym Power  
3-8 Apogean Cyberstrictive Artisan Era Tech Death  
3-8 Arthouse Fatso Sychphantic Seizures: A Double Feature Horror Pain Gore Death Grindcore  
3-8 Beyond the Hate Darkest Times Inverse Melodic Death  
3-6 Cell Press Cages*      
3-8 Ecclesia Ecclesia Militans Aural Doom Heavy  
3-8 Exhorder Year of the Goat Nuclear Blast Thrash Groove  
3-8 Firewind Stand United AFM Heavy Power  
3-8 Goat Major Ritual Ripple Doom Stoner  
3-8 Grey Skies Fallen Molded By Broken Hands Profound Lore Melodic  
3-8 Greystone Canyon Iron & Oak* Rockshots Heavy Thrash  
3-8 Houwitser Sentiel Beast   Death  
3-8 Judas Priest* Invincible Shield Sony Heavy  
3-8 Kelevra Oneiric*   Prog  
3-8 Merrimack Of Grace and Gravity Season of Mist Black  
3-8 Mokoma Myrsky Sakara Thrash  
3-8 Mutilated by Zombies Scenes from the Afterlife Redifining Darkness Death  
3-8 Myrath Karma earMUSIC Folk Prog  
3-8 Notio Worldview Inverse Melodic Prog  
3-8 Puteraeon Quindecennial Horror   Death E.P.
3-8 Sahon Blood Shall Be Paid Brutal Death Thrash  
3-8 Skeletal Remains Fragments of the Ageless CM  Death  
3-8 Skull Incision Grim   Death Sludhe Grindcore  
3-8 Slimelord Chytridiomycosis Relinquished  20 Buck Spin Doom Death  
3-8 Sonata Arctica Clear Cold Beyond Atomic Fire Power  
3-8 Stargate Escaping the Illusion SGR Heavy Power  
3-8 Turbulence Binary Dream Frontiers  Prog  
3-8 Uncle Woe Oblivion and other Disaster   Stoner Doom  
3-8 Vicinity VIII Uprising! Prog  
3-8 Vlad in Tears Relapse Metalville    
3-9 Buckethead The Wonders of Rain Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 654
3-10 Buckethead Echoes of Wings Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 655
3-11 Svoid  Neptunian SP Alt  
3-12 Buchethead and Madeline Miller Solar & Lunar Rain Bucketheadland Various Shred  
3-12 Fall of Serenity Open Wide, O Hell Lifeforce Melodic Death  
3-15 Aardvark Touch Love Dying Victims Heavy  
3-15 Aborted Vault of Horrors Nuclear Blast Death  
  Apparition Disgraced Emanations From a Tranqui Profound Lore    
3-15 Armagh Exclamation Point Dying Victims Black Heavy  
3-15 Bongzilla Dabbing  Heavy Psych Sounds Doom Live
3-15 Comeback Kid Trouble Shaptone   E.P.
3-15 Defect Designer Chitin Transcending Obscurity Death  
3-15 Dragonforce Warp Speed Warriors Napalm Power Prog  
3-15 Drowning Hope Haunted   Black Amb
3-15 The End Machine The Quantum Phase   Heavy Supergroup
3-15 Gouge Away Deep Sage Nightwish    
3-15 Grieving Everything Goes Right All At Once      
3-15 Iterum Nata From the Infinite Light Nordvis    
3-15 Kid Kapichi There Goes the Neibourhood Spinefarm    
3-15 Leather Lung Graveside Grin Magnetic Eye Stoner Doom  
3-15 Lutharo Chasing Euphoria Atomic Fire Heavy Thrash  
3-15 Lustmord Much Unseen is Also Here Peligic    
3-15 Malsten The Haunting of Silvakra Mill Rites of Passage Svart Doom  
3-15 Miehala Sons od Alaheim Inverse  Thrash E.P.
3-15 Mike Tramp Mand Af En Tid Target Rock  
3-15 Necrophobic In The Twilight Grey CM Extreme  
3-15 O Zorn! Vemillion Have*      
3-15 Per Wiberg The Serphent's Here Despotz    
3-15 The Progressive Souls Collective Sonic Rebirth Metalville    
3-15 Scott Stapp Highest Power      
3-15 Shock Withdrawal The Dismal Advance   Death Grind  
3-15 Silver Mountain Shakin' Brains Regain Heavy 1983
3-15 Silver Mountain Universe Regain Heavy 1985
3-15 Surgical Strike 24/7 Hate Metalville    
3-15 Sweat Love Child Vitriol    
3-15 Thomas Greenwood and the Talismans Ates Subsound    
3-15 Throne of Exile The Endless Sky Shattered Earth    
3-15 Udad S/T Peaceville    
3-15 Vltimas Epic Season of Mist Extreme Supergroup
3-15 Wasted Death Season of Evil APF    
3-15 While She Sleeps Self Hell  Spinefarm    
3-15 Whom the Gods Destrpy Insanium* Inside Out   All Star Line up
3-15 Winterborn Break Another Day RFL Melodic Heavy  
3-15 Wounds Ruin Everlasting Spew Tech Death  
3-18 Stengah Soma Sema Mascot    
3-21 Attic Return of the Witchfinder Van Heavy  
3-22 Aberration Refracture SR    
3-22 Acahexis Immerse AF    
3-22 Ad Mortem In Honorem Mortis Purity Through Fire Black  
3-22 Alestorm Voyage of the Dead Maurader Napalm Folk Pirate E.P.
3-22 Apparitions Disgraced Emanations From a Tranquil State Profound Lore    
3-22 Basque Pain Without Hope of Healing No Funeral    
3-22 Brodequin Harbinger of Woe Season of Mist Death  
3-22 Critical Defiance The Search Won't Fall... UAR Thrash  
3-22 Cutterred Flesh Love At First Bite Transcending Obscurity Deathcore  
3-22 Dopethrone Broke Sabbath TCR Doom  
3-22 Eregion Non Omnis Moriar Rockshots Power  
3-22 Fall of Serenity Open Wide, O Hell Lifeforce Melodic  
3-22 Furor Gallico Future to Come Scarlet Folk  
3-22 Ghostkid Hollywood Suicide CM    
3-22 Hamferd Men Guds hond er sterk Metal Blade Melodic Doom Death  
3-22 Hammer King Konig und Kaiser Napalm Heavy Power  
3-22 Hideous Divinity Unextinct CM Tech Death  
3-22 Mario Lalli & The Rubber Snake Charmers Folklore from the Other Desert Cities Heavy Psych Sounds    
3-22 Omnivide A Tale of Fire*      
3-22 Unshine Karn of Burnings* Rockshots Sym  
3-22 The Wizards The Exit Garden High Roller Heavy Stoner Doom  
3-28 Rage Afterlifelines SPV Heavy Hard  
3-29 ANA The Art of Letting Go Eclipse Sym E.P.
3-29 Buckethead Stairway of Marble Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike657
3-29 Buckethead The Fire of Red Sand Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 658
3-29 Buckethead Days Across the Plains Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 659
3-29 Black Phantom  Horror Paradise Punishment 18 Heavy  
3-29 Carrion Vael Cannibals Anonymous Unique Leader Melodic Death  
3-29 Child Shitegeist Suicide Grindcore  
3-29 CNTS Thoughts & Prayers Ipecac    
3-29 Coffins Sinister Oath Relapse Doom Death  
3-29 Coffin Storm Arcana Rising Peaceville Heavy Doom Thrash  
3-29 Darkestrah Nomad Osmose Epic Black Folk  
3-29 Ivory Tower Heavy Rain Massacre Power Prog  
3-29 Lillian Axe The Box Volume 2 Cherry Red Heavy  
3-29 Malphas Portal M-Theory Melodic Death  
3-29 Nachts Privileg   Black  
3-29 Obsidian Sun Burning Obsidian Sun Edged Circle Black E.P.
3-29 The Prog Colective Dark Encounters Cleopatra Prog  
3-29 The Rocky Valentines Erase Tooth & Nail    
3-29 Sum 41 Heaven:X:Hell Rise    
3-29 The Quill Wheel of Illusion Metalville  Heavy Stoner  
3-29 Ulterror Transcendent Origins Inverse Tech Death  
3-29 Verwoed The Mother   Black  
3-29 Vorga Beyond the Palest Star Trancending Obscurity Black  
3-29 While She Sleeps Self Hell Spinefarm    
3-29 Wristmeetrazor Degeneration Prosthetic    


Date Artist Release Label  Genre Notes
4-5 Acid Mammoth Supersonic Megafauna Heavy Psych Sounds Doom Stoner  
4-5 Alpha Wolf Half Living Things Sharptone    
4-5 ApollyonRising Prepare for War   Death Thras E.P.
4-5 Aristarchos Marty of Star and Fire Vendetta Black  
4-5 Attic Return of the Witchfinder Van Heavy  
4-5 Austere Beneath the Threshold Lupus Lounge Dep Black  
4-5 Belore Eastern Tales Nothern Silence Epic Atmo Black  
4-5 Bilwis Hameln NS Atmo Black  
4-5 The Black Keys Ohio Players Nonesuch    
4-5 Brutalism Solace in Absurdity Comatose Tech Death  
4-5 Burn Down Eden  Dismal   Melodic Death E.P.
  Celtian Secretos de amor y muerte   Sym Folk  
4-5 Destroyer of Light Degradation Years   Doom  
4-5 Diabolical Oath Oracular Hexations SRL Extreme  
4-5 Dialith Alter   Sym Power E.P.
4-5 Disbelief Killing Karma Listenable Death Thrash Sludge  
4-5 Drungi Hamfirir Hugans*   Exp  
4-5 Evolucija The World is Full of Wrath 7 Hard Goth  
4-5 Freddy and the Phantoms Heathen Gospels Target    
4-5 Folkrim Embers Rockshots Folk  
4-5 Erra Cure UNFD    
4-5 Five Finger Death Punch Afterlife Better Noise Heavy Alt Deluxe Edition
4-5 Friends of Hell God Damned you to Hell Rise Above    
4-5 Greyhawk Thunderheart Fighter Heavy Power  
4-5 Gorgasm Sadichrist Brutal Minds Death E.P.
4-5 Herxheim Contrapasso I, Voidhanger Extreme E.P.
4-5 Horndal Head Hammer Man Prosthetic Sludge Hardcore  
4-5 Hour of Penance Devotion* Agonia Death  
4-5 Ingested The Tide of Death and Fractured Dreams Metal Blade Slam Death  
4-5 In Vain Solemn Indie Prog Extreme  
4-5 Iron Monkey Spleen & Goad Relapse Sludge Doom  
4-5 Ischemic Condemned to the Breaking Wheel   Black Doom  
4-5 Kosuke Hashida Justifiable Homicide Horror Pain Gore Death Thrash Death Grind  
4-5 Locrain End Terrain Profound Lore    
4-5 Jet Engine Dragon Ronin   Prog Death Groove  
4-5 Korpiklaani Rankarumpu   Folk  
4-5 Locrain End Terrain Profound Lore    
4-5 Lost in Grey Odyessey Into Grey   Sym  
4-5 Ondfodt Oldfodt Black Lion Black E.P.
4-5 The Monolith Deathcult The Demon Who Makes Trophies of Men HDR Sym Death Exp  
4-5 Sum Herald Sum Herald on Earth Drakkar Extreme  
4-5 Symakya Project 11 Wormholedeath Sym Prog  
4-5 Temple of the Fuzz Witch Apotheosis Ripple Stoner Doom  
4-5 Trocar Extremities Selfmadegod Grind Cyber  
4-5 Venomous Echoes Split Formations and Infinite Mania I,Voidhanger Extreme  
4-5 Vnder a Crvmblng Moon Aging and Formless   Atmo Post  
4-5 White Dog Double Dog Dare Rise Above    
4-5 Witch Vomit Funeral Sanctum 20 Buck Spin Death  
4-12 About Us Take Apice Frontiers    
4-12 Attacker The God Particle Cruz Del Sur Heavy Power  
4-12 Belmont Liminal Pure Noise    
4-12 Benighted Ekbom Season of Mist Death Grind  
4-12 Black Rain Hot Rock Time Machine   Heavy  
4-12 Castle Rat Into the Realm*   Doom  
4-12 Crucifier Led Astray Iron Bonehead Extreme  
4-12 Heavy Temple Garden of Heathens Magnetic Eye Psy Doom  
4-12 Heleven New Horizons Part 2 Art Gates Prog Groove  
4-12 Heresiarch Edifice Iron Bonehead Extreme  
4-12 Jacobs Castle Enter the Castle Epitaph    
4-12 King Zebra Betwee the Shadows Frontiers    
4-12 Love Sex Machine Trve Pelagic Sludge  
4-12 Mor Hear the Hour Nearing LADO Amb Black  
4-12 Mother of All Global Parasitic   Melodic Death  
4-12 Necrot Lifeless Birth Tank Crimes Death  
4-12 Nest Endeavors Housecore Sludge Doom  
4-12 Northlane Mirror's Image     E.P.
4-12 Replicant Infinate Mortality Transcending Obscurity Tech Avant Garde Death  
4-12 Riot V Mean Streets Atomic Fire Heavy  
4-12 Setyoursails Bad Blood Napalm    
4-12 Spit on Your Grave Arkanum CR Death  
4-12 Sulpher and Mercury Alchemia Prophetica Time to Kill Heavy  
4-12 Tarot Glimpse of the Dawn Cruz Del Sur Heavy Hard  
4-12 Tyr Battle Ballads^ Metal Blade Folk  
4-12 Unborn Generation ...And All We Forget Inverse Death Grind  
4-12 The Vision Bleak Weird Tales Prophecy Goth  
4-12 Vulture Sentinels Metal Blade Speed Thrash  
4-12 Whores. War. eONE Noise Sludge  
4-19 All Will Know Parhelion Noizegate Melodic Deathcore  
4-19 Balance of Power Freash From the Abyss Massacre Power Prog  
4-19 Billy Morrison The Morrison Project TLG    
4-19 Big Brave A Chaos of Flowers Thrill Jockey    
4-19 Blaze of Perdition Upharsin Metal Blade Black  
4-19 Bloody Falls Amartia Art Gates Groove Melodic Death  
4-19 Conquest Paradox* Dark Star Power Thrash  
4-19 Dayseeker Replica Soinefarm    
4-19 Don Jamieson No Sleep Till Mcsorley's Metal Blade    
4-19 Dool The Shape of Fluidity      
4-19 Dvne Voidkill   Prog Sludge Post  
4-19 Folterkammer Weibermacht CM Sym Black  
4-19 Haunted Stare At Nothing Ripple Stoner Doom  
4-19 Haust Negative Music   Black Hardcore  
4-19 High on Fire Cometh the Storm MNRK Stoner Sludge Doom  
4-19 Lightworker How the Beautiful Deacy Solid State    
4-19 Loch Vostok Opus Ferox II* ViciSolum Melodic Prog  
4-19 Maere ... and the Universe Keeps Silent Transcending Obscurity Extreme  
4-19 Melvins Tarantula Heart Ipecac Various  
4-19 My Dying Bride A Mortal Binding* Nuclear Blast Doom  
4-19 Noctura Of Sotcery and Darkness Scarlet Sym Power  
4-19 NOFX Half Album Fat Wreck Chords    
4-19 Oak, Ash & Thorn Our Grief is Thus Lost Future Pagan Folk  
4-19 Opium Death Genocidal Nemesis*   Death  
4-19 Ravage Spidar on the World   Power Speed  
4-19 Tomorrow's Rain Ovdan AOP Death Doom Goth  
4-19 Turbulent Never Elected*   Heavy Grundge  
4-19 Uttertomb Nebulas of Self Destruction Pulverized  Death  
4-19 Vanden Plas The Empyrean Equation of the Long Lost Things Frontiers Prog  
4-22 Devotion Astral Catacombs MM Death  
4-22 Obscurial  Heretic MM Death  
4-24 Damian Hamada's Creatures   AJ Heavy Japan
4-24 Eleanor Effigy of the Flowing Tears   Goth  
4-24 Melodius Deite Demonology Art Gates Prog Power  
4-25 Candelabrum Transmutations Hells Headbangers Black  
4-25 Soul Grind Supreme Melodic Violence   Sym Death  
4-26 Accept Hymanoid Napalm Heavy  
4-26 ACxDC G.O.A.T. Prostectic    
4-26 ACOD Versets Noirs Hammerheart Melodic Extreme  
4-26 Amiensus Reclamation Part i M-Theory Prog Black  
4-26 Ard Untouched by Fire Prophecy    
4-26 Back From Zero Five^     E.P.
4-26 Barbarian Swords  Fetid BRP Black Doom  
4-26 Baron Beneath the Blazing Abyss Transcending Obscurity Death Hardcore  
4-26 Black Tusk The Way Forward Season of Mist Doom  
4-26 Child E.P. Heavy Psych Sounds   Re issue
4-26 Child S/T Heavy Psych Sounds   Re issue
4-26 ClearxCut Age of Grief Lifeforce    
4-26 Cypercore Make Me Real   Exp  
4-26 Darkness Blood on Canvas Massacre    
4-26 Darkthrone It Beckons Us All Peaceville Old School Extreme  
4-26 Daudaro Eydimorkin   Fun Doom 2022
4-26 Deathwytch S/T Moribund    
4-26 Def Leppard  Pyromania UMe Rock Expanded Edition
4-26 Deicide Banished By Sin*   Death  
4-26 Distorta A Devil in Dust E.P. Wormholedeath Core 2023
4-26 Dolmen Gate Gateways of Eternity No Remorse Epic Heavy  
4-26 Disillusion Back to Time of Splendor Melal Blade Melodic 2004
4-26 Ethereal Flames Myths and Legends of Our Time Sliptrick Sym Power  
4-26 Exhumation Master's Personae Pulverized Death  
4-26 Flaming Wrekage Terrs Inferna   Melodic Death  
4-26 Full of Hell Coagulated Bliss CCA Powerviolence Grind Death  
4-26 Glassing From the Other Side of the Mirror Pelagic    
4-26 Hacavitz Muerte Moribund Black  
4-26 Handle With Hate Wrath of the Keres Base Death  
4-26 Infamous Glory Algor Mortis   Death  
4-26 Inter Arma New Heaven Relapse Sludge Extreme Post  
4-26 Lee Aaron Tattoo Me Metalville    
4-26 The Lumberjack Feedback The Stronghold Argonauta Doom Sludge  
4-26 Mohler Above All Roxx Slam Death  
4-26 Night Hearth La Nochede los suenos perdidos Demons Melodic Power  
4-26 Party Cannon Injuries Are Inevitable Unique Leader Slam Death  
4-26 Pentagram Chile Eternal Life Madness Listenable Deayh Thrash  
4-26 Season of the Wolf Orna Verum Iron Sheild Prog Heavy  
4-26 Six by Six Beyond Shadowland Inside Out Prog  
4-26 Stormborn Zenith* Rockshots Power  
4-26 Tigguo Cobauc A Fountain of Anguish is Gonr FD Dludge  
4-26 Thalia The River of  Books* Rockshots Prog  
4-26 This Ending Crowned in Blood Apostacy Melodic Death  
4-26 Tygers of Pan Tang Live Blood Mighty Heavy Live
4-26 Wingless Ascension SelfMadeGod Doom Death Core  

May Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
5-1 Buchethead and Madeline Miller Veins of Institution Bucketheadland Various Shred  
5-3 Ancst Culture of Brutality Lifeforce Exp  
5-3 Aquilus Bellum II Northern Silience Neo Classical Folk  
5-3 BenBaruk Cosmology   Sym Prog  
5-3 Brume Marten Magnetic Eye Stoner Doom  
5-3 Chunked Inhaling the Infestation Gore House Death E.P.
5-3 Crawl Altar of Disgust Transcending Obscurity Death  
5-3 Daath The Deceivers Metal Blade    
5-3 Death Lens Cold World Epitah    
5-3 Daath The Deceivers Metal Blade    
5-3 Death Lens Cold World Epitaph    
5-3 Frank Turner Undefeated Xtra Mile    
5-3 Goresoerd Inkvisitor   Death Groove  
5-3 Horn Daudswaink Northern Silience Pagan Black  
5-3 Meden Agan My Name is Katherine* Sleaszy Rider Sym Goth  
5-3 Mob Rules Celebration Day; 30 Years SPV Melodic Power Comp
5-3 NOTSM Only Death Brings Silence*   Melodic  
5-3 Ossilegium The Gods Below Personal Black  
5-3 P.O.D. Veritas Mascot Alt  
5-3 Terminal Nation Echoes of the Devil's Den 20 Buck Spin Death Hardcore  
5-3 Violet Eternal Reload the Violet* Rockshots    
5-10 After Time Arcane Horizons   Sym  
5-10 Anette Olzon Rapture Frontiers Sym  
5-10 Belushi Speed Ball Stelkira   Crossover  
5-10 Big Special Postindustial Hometown Blues So    
5-10 Black Sabbath Anno Domini 1989 - 1995 Rhino Heavy Doom  
5-10 Bossk .4 Deathwish    
5-10 Carnal Diafragma The Garden of Earthly Delights BLP Goregrind  
5-10  Crownshift S/T* Nuclear Blast Exp All Star Line-up
5-10 Demersal S/T   Post Black Hardcore  
5-10 Dodsferd Wrath HDR Black  
5-10 Downcross White Tower   Black  
5-10 Flamekeeper S/T Invictus Exp  
5-10 Freedom Call Silver Romance* Steamhammer Power  
5-10 Funeral Storm Chthonic Invocations Hells Headbangers Black  
5-10 Handheld Live at 25 Thousand Islands    
5-10 Hagetisse The Fountain of the Fallen Stars   Black  
5-10 Ivanhoe Healed By the Sun Massacre Prog  
5-10 J D Miller Empyrean Mighty Melodic Heavy  
5-10 Knooked Loose You Won't Go Before You're Supposed To Pure Noise    
5-10 Machiavellian Beyond the Void Vicisolum Melodic Death  
5-10 Mir zur Feier Nachtwachter Noizegate Melodic Deathcore  
5-10 Primitive Warfare Extinction Protcall Godz of War Extreme  
5-10 Necrophagia Moribundis Grim Time to Kill Death Killjoy's Swan Song
5-10  Six Feet Under Killing for Revenge Metal Blade Death Groove  
5-10 Sonic Universe It is what it is earMUSIC    
5-10 Soziedad Alkoholika Confrontacion Maldito Thrash Crossover  
5-10 Stretch Arm Strong The Revealing Iodine   E.P.
5-10 Sunnata Chasing Shadows   Stoner Sludge  
5-10 Take Offense T.O.tality MNRK Crossover  
5-10 Vaticinal Rites Cascading Memories of Immortality Everlasting Spew Death  
5-10 Vestindien Verdande DER Black Punk  
5-10 Unleash the Archers Phantoma* Napalm Heavy Power  
5-10 Warlord Free Spirit Soar* High Roller Heavy Power  
5-15 Baphorator I.B.L.I.S. Nuclear War Now Extreme  
5-15 Esclavitud Stroner Than God   Heavy  
5-15 Valhalla Memories of Yggdrasil Warner Japan Heavy Power  
5-17 Altar of Gore Litaniesof the Unceasing Agonies   Extreme  
5-17 Ancient Settlers Oblivion's Legacy Scarlet Melodic Deathcore  
5-17 Ape Vermin Andromeda Colossus*   Sludge Doom  
5-17 Babylon A.D. Rome Wasn't Built in a Day Perris    
5-17 Bad Beat S/T Triple B    
5-17 Bat Under the Crooked Claw* NB Heavy Speed  
5-17 Beautiful Skeletons Temperence Wormholedeath   E.P.
5-17 Botanist Paleobotany Prophecy Exp Post  
5-17 Cage the Elephant Neon Pill RCA    
5-17 Cognitive Aborrence* Metal Blade Tech Death  
5-17 Comberchrist CMBCRST Out of Line    
5-17 Dawnbreaker Banisher of Unlight VOG Extreme  
5-17 Demon Invincible Frontiers Heavy Hard  
5-17 Elvellon Ascending in Synergy Napalm Sym  
5-17 Evoked Immortal Arts FDA Death E.P.
5-17 Gatecreeper Dark Superstotion NB Death  
5-17 Goden Vale of the Fallen Svart Doom Death  
5-17 Guster Ooh la la Ocho Mule    
5-17 Henry Kane Circle of Pain Selfmadegod Crust  
5-17 Hextar Doomsayer Dying Victims Heavy Power  
5-17 Insanity Alert Crossover Seaspn of Mist Crossover E.P.
5-17 Kerry King From Hell I Rise Reining Phoenix Thrash  
5-17 Khanate Capture & Release SB Drone Doom 2005
5-17 Khanate Clean Hands Go Foul SB Drone Doom 2009
5-17 The Last of Lucy Godform Transcending Obscurity Tech Prog Death  
5-17 Lucidity Escherian Inverse Melodic  
5-17 Madame Frankenstein The Eyes of the Mountains Are Mine   Stoner Doom  
5-17 Marty Friedman Drama Frontiers Prog Shred Frontiers
5-17 MLRiffage Bleak II   Sludge Death Thrash E.P.
5-17 Moonlight Skogstronen Drakkar Black  
5-17 Nadsvest Slovo meseca i krvi Soulseller Black  
5-17 Nocturnus A.D. Unicursal Profound Lore Tech Death  
5-17 One Step Closer All You Embrace One Step Closer    
5-17 Orion Child Aesthesis Art Gates Power  
5-17 Pain I Am NB Electronic Ind  
5-17 Pallbearer Minds Burn Alive NB  Doom  
5-17 Pathology Unholy Descent Agonia Death  
5-17 Rope Sect Enstrangement Iron Bonehead    
5-17 Shark Island Menento Mori Live on the Strip Deko    
5-17 Slash Orgy of the Damned Gibson Rock  
5-17 Strychnos Armageddon Patronage Dark Descent Extreme  
5-17 Suck Brick Kid The End is What I Want Smart Punk    
5-17 Tezza F. Key to Your Kingdom   Prog Power  
5-17 Ufomammut Hidden* Neurot Psych Stomer Doom  
5-17 Zombeast Heart of Darkness Massacre    
5-21 Christ Denied Christopsy Xtreem Death  
5-23 Grand Massive Houses of the Unholy MDD Stoner E.P.
5-24 Capstan The Mosaic Fearless    
5-24 Critical Defiance The Search Won't Fall UA Thrash  
5-24 Dopethrone Broke Sabbath   Doom Sludge Stoner E.P.
5-24 Drazen Gallows SM    
5-24 Evildead Toxic Grace SPV Thrash  
5-24 Gnarwal Altered States*   Stoner Sludge E.P.
5-24 Grand Massive Houses of the Unholy MDD   E.P.
5-24 Hextar Doomsayer Dying Victims Heavy Power  
5-24 Jifnotcif Woke and Dagger Sliptrick    
5-24 Kati Ran Sala Svart    
5-24 Kayleth New Babylon Argonauta Stoner  
5-24 Lovelorn Dolls Deadtime Stories AM    
5-24 Lucifuge Hexensabbat Dying Victims Black Thrash  
5-24 The Lurking Corpses Lurking After Midnight Hells Headbangers Heavy Punk  
5-24 Rotting Christ  Pro Xristou Season of Mist Melodic Black Goth  
5-24 Teramaze Eli - A Womdeful Fall from Grace   Heavy Prog  
5-24 Valfreya Dawn of Reckoning*   Sym Death  
5-24 Vulgaris Seat of the Fire Wormholedeath Black Heavy  
5-29 Candlemass Tritonus Nights Peaceville Doom Live
5-31 ADX L'empiredu crepuscule   Heavy Speed  
5-31 Black Sabbath Tyr/ Headless Cross/  Cross Purposes/  Forbidden Rhino Heavy Doom  Box Set
5-31 Cloven Hoof Heathen Cross   Heavy Power  
5-31 De Arma Synthwave Vol.2   Darkwave E.P.
5-31 Dune Years of Chains   Groove Thrash E.P.
5-31 Ereley Garden Wormholedeath Prog  
5-31 Gurthang Martyrium  Martyrium Imm Frost Black Fun Doom  
5-31 Hagalas Mentes Reae Inverse Melodic Death  
5-31 Hellbutcher S/T Metal Blade Black  
5-31 High Desert Queen Palm Reader Magnetic Eye    
5-31 The Hope Conspiracy Tools of Opression/ Rules of Deception Deathwish    
5-31 House By The Cemetary The Mortuary Hauntings Pulverized Death  
5-31 Krater Phrenesis   Black  
5-31 Nightrage Remains of a Dead World   Melodic Death  
5-31 Post Pulse Return to the Halls   Death  
5-31 Psychotic Waltz A Social Grace Inside Out Prog 1990
5-31 Psychotic Waltz Bleeding Inside Out Prog 1996
5-31 Reliqa Secrets of the Future NB    
5-31 Rhapsody of Fire Challenge the Wind AFM Sym Power  
5-31 Saltpig S/T Heavy Psych Sounds Stoner Doom  
5-31 Shrapnel In Gravity Candlelight Thrash  
5-31 Suffering Souls An Iconic Taste of Demise   Sym Black  
5-31 Swampbeast Offering of Chaos TL Extreme  
5-31 Troops of Doom A Mass to the Grotesque AM Death Thrash  
5-31 Tyr Best Of The Napalm Years Napalm Folk Prog  
5-31 Witherfall Sounds of the Forgotten Deathwave Heavy Prog Power  
5-31 Wormwood The Star Black Lodge Melodic Black  


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
6-7 Apocalyptica Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol.2 Throwdown Sym  
6-7 Bon Jovi Forever  Island Rock  
6-7 Candy It's Inside You Relapse    
6-7 Carnivore S/T Dissonance Speed Thrash Crossover 1985
6-7 DVRK Infinate Reminiscence Season of Mist   E.P.
6-7 Elour Blood Running Epitronic Rock Re Issue
6-7 Evergrey Theories of Emptiness Napalm Melodic Prog  
6-7 Fractal Generator Convergence Everlasting Spew Exp   
6-7 Grand Slam Wheel of Fortune Silver Lining    
6-7 Gurt Satan Etc   Sludge  
6-7 Holy Mother Rise Massacre Heavy Power  
6-7 The Hu Live in Glastonbury Better Noise   Live
6-7 Huntsmen  The Dry Land Prosthetic Sludge Doom Post  
6-7 Impact Approved Way of the Warrior WormHoleDeath Melodic Death  
6-7 Insect Ark Raw Blood Singing Debemur Morti    
6-7 Issa Another World Frontiers    
6-7 Kaipa Sommargryningsljus Inside Out Prog  
6-7 Loverboy Live 82 earMUSIC Rock Live
6-7 Mythraeum Oblivion Aeternam M-Theory Black  
6-7 Nightmare Encrypted AFM    
6-7 The Omnific The Law of Augmenting Returns Wild Thing    
6-7 Poobah Burning in the Rain Ripple    
6-7 Rarity Lower Feeling New Damage    
6-7 Relicon Consequences of Disbelief WormHole Death   E.P.
6-7 Rendezvous Point Dream Chaser Long Beach    
6-7 Scorched Earth Day of the Damned M.U.S.I.C. Death  
6-7 Sect Plagues Among Plagues Spothern Lord Core  
6-7 Severe Torture Torn from the Jaws of Death Season of Mist Death  
6-7 Swelling Repulsion Fatally Misguided Transcending Obscurity Prog Melodic Death  
6-7 Syl afmagt Audible   E.P.
6-7 Thanototherion Alienation Manifesto I,Voidhanger    
6-7 Ulcerate Cutting the Throat of God Debemur Morti Avant-Garde Tech  
6-7 Umbra Vitae Light of Death Deathwish Death  
6-7 Void Commander Alien Queen MMR    
6-7 Voidgazer Dance of the Undesirables Atomic Fire Prog Sludge Grind  
6-7 Void Moon Dreams Inside the Sun Personal    
6-7 Vomit the Soul Massive Incineration Unique Leader Death  
6-7 Web Burden of Destiny Firecum    
6-7 Withering Surface Exit Plan Mighty Melodic Death  
6-7 World Times Three In Hearts and Stone Half Empty    
6-7 WyndRider Revival Electric Valley Stoner Doom  
6-7 Zorza Hellven Godz of War Post Black  
6-14 96 Bitter Beings Return to Hellview NB    
6-14 Airbag Century of the Self  Karisma    
6-14 Ammify Lost not Hiding  WormHoleDeath    
6-14 Ancient Guard Nightfall  Enthroned Iron Bonehead Atmo Black E.P.
6-14 Angel Sword World Fighter Dying Victims Heavy  
6-14 Apes Penitence SSR Extreme  
6-14 Atlantis Drive S/T Pride & Joy    
6-14 Axel Rudi Pell Risen Symbol SPV Heavy Hard  
6-14 Balwezo Westijiz Tower of Famine Profound Lore Extreme  
6-14 Be Under Arms Darkness Behind the Wall   Groove Core  
6-14 Black Country Communion V      
6-14 Cadaverous Condition Never Arrive. Never Return The Circle Death Neofolk  
6-14 Cavalera Schizophrenia NB Thrash Death Re Recorded
6-14 Codex Mortis Tales of Woe Black Lion Black  
6-14 Crypt Sermon The Stygian Rose Dark Descent Epic Doom  
6-14 Dagoba Different Breed Very Chord Groove Ind  
6-14 Daimonos Murder   Death  
6-14 Darkened Defilers of the Light Edged Circle Death  
6-14 Dendera Mask of Lies   Heavy  
6-14 Drought S/T Iodie   E.P.
6-14 The Early November S/T Pure Noise    
6-14 Eivor ENN Season of Mist    
6-14 Embryonic Autopsy Origins of the Deformed Massacre Death  
6-14 Fellwarden Legend: Forged in Defiance Eisenwald Atmo Black Folk  
6-14 Fu Manchu The Return of Tommorow At the Dojo Rock  
6-14 Gasket Babylon Blue Grape   E.P.
6-14 Golgotha Spreading the Wings of Hope AM Melodic  
6-14 Graveslave Relinquish Life   Death E.P.
6-14 Human Zoo Echoes Beyond Fastball Melodic Heavy  
6-14 Ixion Restriction   Atmo Doom E.P.
6-14 Julie Christmas Ridiculous and Full of Blood      
6-14 Kerasfora Six Nights Beyond the Serpent's Threshold Iron Bonehead Atmo Black  
6-14 Lucifer's Hammer Be and Exist Dying Victims Heavy  
6-14 Malignancy ...Disconected Willowtip Tech Death  
6-14 Merged in Abyss Ave Exitium   Extreme  
6-14 Millennial Reign World of Fire UR Melodic Power  
6-14 New Horizon Conquerors Frontiers Power Sym  
6-14 Paradise in Flames Blindness      
6-14 Perchta D'Muata Prophecy Black Folk  
6-14 Rezn Burden SH Psych Doom  
6-14 Shamash Done With Misery RR Melodic  
6-14 Sibiir Undergang FF Post  
6-14 Siroll! Al Gra!   Death Thrash  
6-14 Sunburst Manifesto Inner Wound Prog Power  
6-14 UFO Aint Musbehavin' Cleopatra Rock Prog Re Issue
6-14 Vendel Out in the Fields Dying Victims Epic Heavy Doom  
6-14 We Broke the Weather Restart Game Argonauta    
6-14 Xeneris Eternal Rising Frontiers Sym Power  
6-14 Zu The Lost Demo Subsound    
6-17 EPK Paradise in Flames   Extreme BBM  
6-17 Voraath Vol 1;The Hymn of the Hunters* ESR Sci Fi Extreme  
6-18 Lavandula Beneath Reborn Skies   Stoner Doom  
6-21 Abysmal Winds Magna Pestilencia I Hate    
6-21 Alcest Les Chants de L'aurore NB Shoe Gaze  
6-21 Anthropophagus Depravity Demonic Paradise Comatose Death  
6-21 Aseethe The Cost Thrill Jockey Drone Doom  
6-21 Aussichtslos Schicksalstotschlag Purity Through Fire Black  
6-21 Aydra Hyperlogical Non Sense Rude Awakining Death 2004
6-21 Bangladeafy Vulture NI    
6-21 Black Veil Brides Bleeders Spinefarm Core E.P.
6-21 Blod Mara TR Sludge Doom  
6-21 Cainites Revenant Scarlet Melodic Death  
6-21 Chateau Spirit of the Chanteau DP NWOBHM Box Set
6-21 Codex Mortis Taste of Woe Black Lion  Black  
6-21 Constuct of Lethe A Kindness Dealt in Venom Transcending Obscurity Death  
6-21 earthtone9 In Resonance Nexus Candlelight    
6-21 Danava Live Heavy Psych Sounds Stoner Doom Live
6-21 Feed Them Death The Malady   Death Grind  
6-21 Foreign Hands What's Left Unsaid Sharptone    
6-21 Genus Ordinis Dei  Three Kings* Eclipse Sym Death  
6-21 Greenleaf The Head & the Habit Magnetic Eye    
6-21 Grim Colossus Descent into Madness   Doom  
6-21 Gorgatron Sentience Revoked      
6-21 Horseburner Voice of Storms   Stoner  
6-21 Legionary Prison Realm   Death Thrash E.P.
6-21 Oh Hiroshima All Things Shining*   Post  
6-21 Replacire The Center That Cannot Hold Season of Mist Tech Death  
6-21 Sumac The Healer TJR Atmo Sludge  
6-21 Thornhill        
6-21 Wage War Stigma Fearless Core  
6-24 Shallow Existence Be Happy, Life is Worth Living   Dep Black  
6-27 Commander Angstridden MDD Death  
6-28 200 Stab Wounds Manual Manid Procedures* Metal Blade Death  
6-28 Aran Maahan Iaskettu   Atmo Black  
6-28 Aberrance Son of Dirt SPR Death Groove  
6-28 Altar of Oblivion In the Cesspit of Divine Decay From the Vaults Epic Heavy Doom  
6-28 Ainu S/T Subsound    
6-28 Alexisonfire Live Born and Raised 2022 Dine Alone    
6-28 Amarok Resilience Vulture Print    
6-28 Anvil One and Only* AFM Heavy Power  
6-28 Armnatt Mountains Summoning SR Black  
6-28 Arx Atrata A Reckoning   Atmo Black  
6-28 Banks Arcade A Muse UNFD   E.P.
6-28 Bridear Born Again   Power Core  
6-28 Chaser Small Victories TI    
6-28 Crocell Of Frost ,Of Flame, Of Flesh Emanzipation Extreme  
6-28 Crossfaith Ark UNFD    
6-28 Crystal Viper The Siver Key Listenable Heavy Power  
6-28 Drift Into Black Voices Beneath the Rubble Black Lion Doth Doom  
6-28 Ende  L'aube Immortal Frost Black  
6-28 The Eternal Skinwalker RPM Goth  
6-28 Gjendod Livskramper Osmose Black  
6-28 Hate Forest Justice Osmose Black Amb E.P.
6-28 Holy Shire Invincible   Sym Power  
6-28 Horned Almighty Contagion Zero Soulseller Black  
6-28 Hour Glass Voids of Visions   Prog  
6-28 Illdisposed In Chambers of Sonic Disgust Massacre Melodic Death Groove  
6-28 Ill Nino III Mortals Godsize   E.P.
6-28 Kaipa Sommargryninsgljus Inside Out Prog  
6-28 Limbonic Art Opus Daemoniacal KPA Exp Black  
6-28 Love Letter Everboy Want Something Beautiful Iodine    
6-28 Make War A Paradoxical  Fat Wreck Chords    
6-28 My Epic Loriella Tooth & Nail    
6-28 Myrdal Helviti Vendetta Black  
6-28 Neaera All is Dust Metal Blade Melodic Deathcore  
6-28 Nothing More Carnal Better Noise    
6-28 Noxis Violence Inherent in the System   Death  
6-28 Octoploid Beyond the Aeons Reigning Phoenix Melodic Prog Death  
6-28 Oh Hiroshima All Things Shining* Pelargic Post Prog  
6-28 Pijn From Low Beams of Hope Floodlit    
6-28 Sabire Jatt Listenable Heavy  
6-28 Sear Bliss Heavenly Down Hammerheart Atmo Black  
6-28 Sebastien Quo Vadis Smile Melodic Power  
8-28 Shade of Sorrow Upon the Fields of Grief M-Theory Melodic Death  
6-28 Shumaun Some Memories*   Prog  
6-28 Siculicidium Az   Black  
6-28 Spawned From Hate Elective Amputation Brutal Mind Death  
6-28 Slaughter Messiah Exorcized  to None High Roller Extreme Tharsh E.P.
6-28 Stillborn Stillborn Black Lodge Goth Doom  
6-28 Sunbomb Light Up the Sky Frontiers Heavy  
6-28 Sunfall Les Morts Out of Line    
6-28 Thornspawn Coronation of the Supreme Beast WW Black  
6-28 TKO Total Knockout Lemon    
6-28 Torvus Words Within Southcave Goth  
6-28 White Stones Memoria Viva Atomic Fire Prog Death  
6-28 Under Victoria The Ephemeral   Black  
6-28 Upright Forms Blurred Wires Skin Graft    
6-28 Winter Eternal Echoes of Primordial Gnosis Hell Headbangers Melodic Black  
6-28 Wraith Fueled by Fear Prosthetic Black Speed crust  
6-30 Ahnenerbe / Ewige Eiche Gloria Germania   Atmo Post Black