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The Harbinger
Kyle Obergfell AKA The Iron Man
James Kottak
Jon Kennedy
James Harvey
Kirk Arrington
Jim Durkin
Josua Lander Madsen
Tim Aymar
Majk Moti
Dave Sherman
Stuart Anstis
Ted Kirkpatrick with the King

Roman Kostrzewski

Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
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The Guitar Emperor

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Latest News

Roman Kostrzewski

Polish Metal legend Roman Kostrzewski passed awaw on February 10th 2022 at the age of 61. Roman Kostrzewski had been battling cancer. 

Will Corcoran

90's Death Thrasher Will Corcoran passed away at the age of 53 on January 12, 2022. He was the drummer for the band Revenant.

Legend Burke Shelly passes away at 71

Vocalist / Bass player for the Rock band Budgie Burke Shelly passed away at the age of  71 on January 10th 2021

Trevor Strnad

Black Dahlia Murder vocalist Trevor Strnad passed away on may 11th 2022 at the age of 41. Sadly it looks like it was a suicide.

January 2022

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
1-1 Abintra Pharaoh of the Land   Sym Black  
1-1 Aceldama Cruciatti Mentis   Death  
1-1 Decoherence More is Different   Black  E.P.
1-1 Demoted Away from the Living Hostile Death  
1-1 Ecchymosis Psychopathic Concupiscene New Standard Elite Death E.P.
1-1 Hate Gods Filosofia Depressiva   Black  
1-1 Human Cull To Weep for Unconquered Worlds   Grind  
1-1 Lord Blood Red Skies   Power Heavy E.P.
1-1 Vortech The Shadows Presence   Prog Ind Exp  
1-2 Beholder Arcane Subreptice   Black Thrash  
1-3 Anima Mortuum Under the Sign of the Moon   Black E.P.
1-3 Extipicium Pulvis.Cinis.Nihil   Black  
1-3 Oculi Melancholiarum Three Crimson Tears V.C.H. Dep Black  
1-3 Saint Godfather Wrecked!   Heavy Grove Hard  
1-3 Toxic Carnage The New Normal   Thrash E.P.
1-3 Vittor Solo los fuertes  sobreviviran Metal Comando Heavy  
1-4 Apes Lullabies for Eternal Sleep   Grind E.P.
1-4 Disinter Demolition Pest  Death  
1-4 Hylskog Winter Depression   Black E.P.
1-4 Mist Decadence   Dep Doom E.P.
1-4 SlugWeed Hedge   Post Doom E.P.
1-4 Unexpectance Vortex   Melodic DeathCore  
1-5 Sencezium Desperately Concerned GS Fun Doom  
1-6 Catalan First Stop Station Vitalist Prog Metal  
1-6 Sothoris Wpieklowstapiene More Hate Extreme  
1-7 Ancesthor White Terror   Thrash  
1-7 Balch Teufelskreis   Black Amb E.P.
1-7 Culak Holy Tempest   Post Black Doom  
1-7 Darkened Mourn the Dying Light Edge Circe Death E.P.
1-7 Dark Millennium Acid River Massacre Prog Death Doom  
1-7 Drill Star Autopsy Futurememberence Kernkraftritter Death Groove  
1-7 Erythrite Throne Trough Caliginous Tombs   Black Doom Amb  
1-7 Infected Rain Ecdysis/ Black* Napalm Prog  
1-7 MCVII I   Atmo Doom  
1-7 Melas Morion The Psychosphere   Black E.P.
1-7 Militia Templi L'ordre dela criox Drakkar Epic Black  
1-7 The Mist The Circle of the Crow Repulse Thrash E.P.
1-7 Necrophagous In Chaos Ascend Transcending Obscurity Death  
1-7 Needles The Cosmic Cauldron Uprising! Extreme  
1-7 Negative Slug Ratbag   Doom  
1-7 Nocturnal Graves  An Outlaw's Stand Season of Mist Blackend Thrash  
1-7 Omhosten Music of the Great Beyond   Black  
1-7 Power Paladin With the Magicof Windfyre Steel8 Atomic Fire Power  
1-7 Pyromancy Ein Dunkel Winter   Black Thrash E.P.
1-7 Rhasalon Still Standing   Heavy  
1-7 Riverwood Shadows and Flames   Prog Folk  
1-7 Schwarzer Engel Sieben Massacre Sym Goth  
1-7 Seven Nines and Tens Over Opiated in a Forest of Whispering Speakers Willowtip Prog Post  
1-7 Uzlaga Submerge   Atmo Black E.P.
1-7 Vantage Point On Point   Heavy  
1-7 V/Haze Miasma Nebula   Prog Post E.P.
1-7 Wilderun Epigone* Century Media Melodic  
1-7 Worship Many Masters   Sludge Post Doom Core E.P.
1-8 Black Angels Champions of the World   Heavy  
1-8 Quell The Kvit is Dead   Black  
1-10 Brute Essence of Tyranny   Death  
1-10 Crypt of Insomnia Prologue to Tetralogy   Prog E.P.
1-10 Forever Stuck on This Nightmare They Called Planet Earth The Bermuda  Triangle   Various E.P.
1-10 Lithium   Molot Heavy Hard Russia
1-10 Mastercastle Lighthouse Pathetic Scarlet Power  
1-10 Melvins Lord f the Flies ARR Various E.P.
1-10 Ungodly Rest Delusions of an Indoctrinated Void Metal Coffin Death Doom  
1-10 Winterburial White Tomb Pilgrimage Pile Of Heads Black  
1-11 4Nothing Indarkeria   Thrash Groove E.P.
1-11 Buckethead Castle of Fraken Berry Bucketheadland Prog Exp Pike 303
1-11 The Devils of Loudun Escaping Eternity The Artisan Era Sym Melodic Death  
1-11 Khalasirna Finding the Truth Sadist Atmo Black  
1-11 No Point in Living S/T   Dep Black  
1-12 Antiquus Scriptum V More Hate Black Viking  
1-12 Chainsaw Dissection Infected Viscerel   Death Grind Noise  
1-12 Eating Shit Kaleideous   Ind Grind Black  
1-12 Elegiac Wolves Chase the Light   Black  
1-12 Horde Casket Plague Supremacy   Death E.P.
1-12 Nocturnal Triumph     Black  
1-12 Throth Six   Sludge Doom Shoegaze E.P.
1-12 Wintaar Deathentrance   Atmo Black  
1-12 Zebulon Kosted Melt into the Stone and Allow it too Consume You   Exp  
1-13 Almach Realm   Epic Atmo Black  
1-13 Blasphemous Rumours Blaspheming Instinctively   Black Electronic E.P.
1-13 Ethir Anduin  In the Sunset Fire   Black Doom E.P.
1-13 Misanthropium Magnum Opus   Black Doom Amb  
1-13 Rodent (WithGlasses) Hidden Gems   Thrash E.P.
1-13 Sar Dreams of Freedom   Dep Black E.P.
1-13 Soulers The 45th Voyage   Drone Doom Stoner  
1-13 Wintercoffin Merciless   Black E.P.
1-14 Aethereus Leiden The Artisan Era Tech Death  
1-14 Buffalo Volcanic Rock Live Ripple Hard Heavy Live
1-14 Electromancy Technopagan   Exp  
1-14 Elminator Ancient Light Dissonance Heavy  
1-14 Enterprise Earth The Chosen MNRK Deathcore  
1-14 Eradication of the Unworthy Infants Change is Good Wormholedeath Death Grind  
1-14 Ereb Altor Vargtimman Napalm Viking  
1-14 Furis Ignis Decapitate the Aging World Iron Bonehead  Black  
1-14 Grieve Funeral Werewolf Atmo Black  
1-14 Horndal Be Evil Prosthetic Sludgecore E.P.
1-14 Ilium Quantum Evolution Event Escape Power  E.P.
1-14 In Loving Memory The Withering Funere Melodic  
1-14 Magnum  The Monster Roars      
1-14 Nulification Kingdoms to Hovel Personal  Death  
1-14 Oceans Hell is Where the Heart is Vol 1 Nuclear Blast Post Core E.P.
1-14 Ohio Slam Boys Chop x Drill x Kill   Death Slam  
1-14 Oshiego Jaljalut Seven Kings Death Thrash  
1-14 Party Cannon Volumes of Vomit Gore House Slam Death  
1-14 Rotten Casket First Nail in the Coffin   Death E.P.
1-14 Shadow of Intent Elegy   Sym Tech Death  
1-14 Spartan Of Kings and Gods Pest Melodic Death  
1-14 Torn from the Womb Purgal Abnomitary   Tech Death  
1-14 Tony Martin Thorns* Dark Star   Tony Martin X Black Sabbath
1-14 Toundra Hex* Inside Out Atmo Post  
1-14 Verbum Exhortation to the Impure Iron Bonehead Black Doom  
1-14 Verikalpa Tunturihauta Scarlet Folk  
1-14 Wiegedood There's Always Blood at the end of the Road Century Media Black  
1-14 Wolf Bastard Hammer the Bastards   Crust  
1-14 Worm Shepherd Ritual Hymns   Extreme  
1-14 XCIII Void   Avant Garde  
1-15 Crawl Below Its Ministers on Earth Lawnmowerjetpack Post Black Folk  
1-15 Hepatomancy Ego Svm RadixRt Templvm Lvciferi   Black  
1-16 Di'Aul Cannabinoidoom   Doom  
1-16 Tunnelbohrer A Snail's Dream   Death Grind  
1-17 Apathy In Somnia   Black  
1-17 Aveth Der Untergang Narcoleptica Black  
1-17 Diabol Boruta Zywioly   Folk  
1-17 Nyctophobia A Decade into Darkness NND Black  
1-17 Profundis Tenebrerum S/T   Black E.P.
1-17 Vitrectomy Unconvincing Veracity   Death  
1-18 Sabackthanny     Shoegaze  
1-19 Bongtower Oscillator II   Stoner Doom  
1-19 Escarnium Through the Depths   Death E.P.
1-19 Exorcism Wounds In League with the most Foul   Black E.P.
1-19 Rie a.k.a. Suzaku World Journey II Popin Heavy Melodic  
1-20 Buckethead Rainbow Tower Bucketheadland Prog Exp Pike 304
1-20 Enjoy Sarma Lost   Groove Thrash  
1-20 Hellhole Far From Heaven   Atmo Post Black E.P.
1-20 Kassogtha Blasphemy in the Name of God   Black E.P.
1-20 Neige et Noirceur Les Brumes   Amb Drone Doom  
1-20 Nephrectomy Meat Coyote Death Slam  
1-20 Neuropsy Vivisection of the Dementia DyMM Death E.P.
1-20 Truculency The Dome Collector Coyote  Death  
1-20 Zustland Null Beyond the Limit of Sanity Dusktone Black  
1-21 40 Watt Sun Perfect Light Svart Doom  
1-21 Abyssus Death Revival Transcending Obscurity Death  
1-21 Age of Apocalypse Grim Wisdom Closed Casket Heavy Thrashcore  
1-21 Apolion To Rot or Decay   Black  
1-21 Artamene Ziggurat Wormholedeath Heavy Thrash  
1-21 Ashes of Ares Emperors and Fools Rock of Angels Prog Power  
1-21 Battle Beast Circus Of Doom Nuclear Blast Heavy  
1-21 Beriedir Aqva Rockshots Prog Power  
1-21 Bullet Ride At The Gates of Hell MR Power Thrash  
1-21 Chaos Perversion Petrified Age SRL Extreme E.P.
1-21 Confess Revenge at all Costs   Groove Thrash  
1-21 Diabolos S/T Drakkar Black E.P.
1-21 Druid Lord Relics of the Dead Hell Headbangers Death Doom  
1-21 Edge of Forever Seminole Frontiers Heavy Hard  
1-21 The Ferrymen One More River to Cross Frontiers Power All Star Line Up
1-21 Forthright Antiothodox   Heavy Groove  
1-21 Graves for Gods The Oldest Gods Sleeping Church Doom Death  
1-21 Hanging Garden Neither Moth Nor Rust Lifeforce Melodic E.P.
1-21 Hazemaze Blinded by the Wicked Heavy Psych Doom Stoner  
1-21 In Hell Lex Divina Terrores Mystyk Extreme  
1-21 Karpackonaut Light as a Particle   Exp  
1-21 Kissin'Dynamite Not the End of the Road Napalm Heavy  
1-21 Kreator Bootleg Revolution Nuclear Blast Thrash Live
1-21 Lalu Paint the Sky Frontiers Prog  
1-21 Lawnmower Deth Blunt Cutters Dissonance Crossover  
1-21 Mercury Gates Carpathos Rising   Heavy  
1-21 Midnite Hellion Kindom Immortal* Power Chord Heavy  
1-21 Minneriket Gjennom meg   Black Amb  
1-21 Nasson Scars Frontiers Prog  
1-21 Noisecult Seraphic Wizard Metal Assault Stoner Doom  
1-21 Oscar's Rangel's Avantgarde Ghost of Time Boonsdale Sym Goth  
1-21 Pensees Nocturnes Douce Fang   Avant Garde Neoclassical  
1-21 Planeswalker Tales of Magic*     Helion, Gloryhammer Members
1-21 Pride Lands Light Bends Shaptone    
1-21 Reapter Blasted   Thrash  
1-21 Septem Pseudonica Nadir Heavy  
1-21 Sonata Arctica Acoustic Adventures Vol:1 Atomic Fire Power  
1-21 Space Parasites The Spellbound Witch Iron Shield Thrash  
1-21 Spitfire Denial to Fall No Remorse Heavy Power  
1-21 Stargate Unbroken Diamond Steel Gallery Heavy Power  
1-21 Sunczar Bearer of Light Argonauta Stoner  
1-21 Toby Knapp From the Aether Moribund Prog Shred  
1-21 Tokyo Blade Fury Dissonance Heavy  
1-22 Boris W Sacred Bones Various  
1-22 Lee Mckinney In the Light of Knowledge Sumerian    
1-23 Black Blizzard Human Race Succesfully Erased   Prog Black  
1-23 Demented Heart Different Infinite Equations Brutal Mind Tech Death E.P.
1-23 Hegeroth Sacra Doctrina   Melodic Black  
1-23 Noah Angel Eloge funebre   Black  
1-24 Ectoplasma Inferna Kabbalah Memento Mori Death  
1-25 Dead Nexus Becoming the Ancients   Thrash Death  
1-25 Hearse Traipse Across the Empty Graves   Doom Death  
1-25 Gozu Spirit Transmission   Black Drone E.P.
1-25 Nebula Orionis Ephemeral   Atmo Post Black  
1-25 North Black The Religion of Death   Atmo Black  
1-25 Owls Woods Graves Secret Spies of the Horned Patrician   Crust  
1-25 Satanic Holocaust Winds DeathRealm   Black  E.P.
1-25 Spectral Dance Crusaders of the Void Hellprod Black  
1-25 Toe Tag Paraquat   Crossover E.P.
1-25 Triskelyon S/T   Thrash E.P.
1-26 Dog Chasing Sun Angel of Combustion   Stoner Doom  
1-26 Shatter Death of the Universe   Death Thrash Doom  
1-26 Striborg The Shadow People   Coldwave E.P.
1-27 Buckethead Two Story Hourglass Bucketheadland Prog Exp Pike 305
1-27 Re-Armed XX   Sym Melodic Death E.P.
1-27 TOL Aethereal Whisper   Black  
1-28 Aegrus The Carnal Temples Osmose Black E.P.
1-28 Agresiva Panico escenico Demons Thrash  
1-28 Amoth The Hour of the Wolf Rockshots Prog Metal  
1-28 Angel Blast Throne of Ashes   Extreme E.P.
1-28 Baalsebub Famine New Standard Elite Death  
1-28 Benthik Zone     Atmo Black  
1-28 Bloodthrone Phoenix of Destruction   Extreme  
1-28 Celeste Assassine(s) Nuclear Blast Post doom Black  
1-28 Crystal Ball Crysteria Massacre Heavy Hard  
1-28 Dark Meditation Polluted Temples SRR Heavy  
1-28 Dawn of Solace Flames of Perdition Noble Demon Goth Doom  
1-28 Deathcult Of Soil Unearthed Invictus Death  
1-28 Defechate Unbounded Great Dane  Death  
1-28 Deleterious Beheading the Culprit New Standard Elite Death  
1-28 Det Eviga Leendet Reverence   Black  
1-28 Don Broco Amazing Thing's Sharptone    
1-28 Druknroll Zero Metal Scrap Melodic Death Thrash E.P.
1-28 Emerald Sun Kingdom of Gods El Puerto Heavy  
1-28 E-Thereal In Your Eyes   Death  
1-28 Eugenic Order The Endless Human Error II   Extreme Prog Ind  
1-28 Freaks and Clowns We Set the World on Fire* Metalville Heavy Power  
1-28 Generation Kill MKUltra*   Crossover  
1-28 Jethro Tull The Zealot Gene Inside Out Prog Rock  
1-28 Joshua  Travis Web of Lies Sharptone    
1-28 Krallice Crystalline Exhaustion   Avant-Garde  
1-28 Krosis E.V.I.L. Seek n Strike Prog Deathcore  
1-28 The Mist from the Mountain Monumental PR Melodic Black  
1-28 Muert Haeresis Immortal Frost Black  
1-28 Mur Cut the Rivers Vein   Black Doom  
1-28 Night Hag Phantasmal Scourge Rotted Life Doom Death  
1-28 Nihility Beyond Human Conception   Death  
1-28 Pestilectomy From Vulnerable to Funeral Reality Fade Death Slam  
1-28 Possessor The Speed of Death APF Stoner Sludge Doom E.P.
1-28 Regulus Pulse   Stoner  
1-28 Revenge Venomous Vengeance   Speed Heavy  
1-28 Sarcasm Stellar Stream Obscured Hammerheart Melodic  
1-28 Sartori Dragon's Fire* Rockshots Neo Classical Power  
1-28 Scream Maker BloodKing   Heavy  
1-28 Self- Inflicted Violence An Intoxicating Walkthrough Aop Black Post Rock  
1-28 Silverlane Inside Internal Infinitey Drakkar Melodic Heavy  
1-28 Steve Vai Inviolate*   Prog  
1-28 Tension  Decay Dying Victims Heavy  
1-28 Thumos Allegories & Metaphors Snow Wolf Prog Doom Comp
1-28 Thumos The Republic Snow Wolf Prog Doom  
1-28 Toby Knapp From the Aether Moribund Prog Neoclassical Shred  
1-28 Tormentor Tyrant S/T Everlasting Spew Death E.P.
1-28 ToxPack Zwanzig Napalm StreeetCore  
1-28 Vicious Knights Alteration Through Possession Dying Victims Thrash Death  
1-29 Buckethead The Toy Cupboard Bucketheadland Prog Exp Pike 306
1-29 Worship of Pestilence In Times of Plagues and Obscurity Rotten Death  
1-31 Devourer Raptus Iron, Blood and Death Black  
1-31 Human Harvest Flesh Sermons Iron, Blood and Death Death Grind  
1-31 Trauma Field From Wounded Soil   Melodic Doom Death  

February Release Dates

Date Artists Release Label Genre Notes
2-1 Arcada Infernis Ardentis Monarcha   Black  
2-1 A Secret Ending Hell Quakes   Sym Melodic Death E.P.
2-1 Balga Where Now She Wanders   Atmo Black  
2-1 Bevar Sea The Timeless Zone Metal Assault Stoner Doom  
2-1 Crown Magnetar Alone in Death* Unique Leader  Deathcore E.P.
2-1 Cryptivore Celestial Extinction   Grindcore  
2-1 Inner Suffering Paroxysm   Black E.P.
2-1 Kill All the Gentlemen Black Canvas Sliptrick Melodic Death Groove  
2-1 Tavol Uzenet Haza   Post Black  
2-1 Lost in Blue Epilogue   Heavy  
2-1 Luna Azure Welcome to the Pandemonium of Dreams   Black E.P.
2-1 Manipura Anomia MRL Black  
2-1 NekroChaparro S/T   Black  
2-1 Powertryp Midnight Marauder Rafchild Heavy Power  
2-1 Robes of Snow The Wooden Wheel: Winter's Promise   Amb Post Black  
2-1 Septic Karnage Dehumanization Decay   Death Grind  
2-1 Serpent of a Black Horizon Wisdom Under a Blackened Sun VHM Black  
2-2 Deadlife The Darkening   Dep Black  
2-2 Fill It Up Heads or Tails Shotgun Heavy Hard  
2-2 Seid Svartr sol   Black  
2-2 Validor Full Triumphed Symmetric Folk Power  
2-3 Cryptospital The Epitome of Dystopia BMC Black  
2-4 Abhoria S/T Prosthetic Black  
2-4 Abysmal Dawn Nightnare Frontier Season of Mist Death E.P.
2-4 Acranius Mercy Denied Rising Nemesis Deathcore  
2-4 Craniotomy Ripped out by Violence Amputated Vein Death  
2-4 Darvaza Ascending into Perdition   Black  
2-4 (Dolch) Nacht Van Darkwave  
2-4 Golgothan Leech Lacerated Enemy Death  
2-4 Holokaust Kommando Trigger Disruption A.H.U.B. Ind Black Cybergrind  
2-4 Krvvia X Brucia Black  
2-4 Kurokuma Born of Obsidian Sludge Doom    
2-4 Obsidian Sea Pathos Ripple  Doom  
2-4 Opensight Mondo Fiction   Prog Heavy  
2-4 Persefone Metatonia* Napalm Prog  
2-4 Rolo Tomassi Where Myth Becomes Memory*   Prog  
2-4 Ruohtta Sielunsoahti   Black Amb  
2-4 Saxon Carpe Diem* Silver Lining NWOBHM  
2-4 Scumptious Putrescence CanniBaalistic Offerings Amputated Vein Death  
2-4 Seremonia Neonlusifer Svart Psych Rock Doom  
2-4 Shattered Sigh Through Dark Veils   Melodic Doom Death  
2-4 Silent Skies Nectar Napalm   Englund  Shankar
2-4 Sphinx Deathstroke Diabolic Might Black Speed  
2-4 Splattered Repugnant Virtuosity BBD Death E.P.
2-4 Thorn Yawning Depths   Death Doom  
2-4 Tomhet Blissful Escapism   Black Amb  
2-4  Venom Prison Erebos Century Media Deathcore  
2-4 Vorga Striving Toward Oblivion Transcending Obscurity Black  
2-4 Wampyric Rites Wandering the Dark Corridors of Oblivion Harvest of Death Black E.P.
2-4 Witches Coven World on Fire   Stoner  
2-4 Vulcano Stone Orange EP Black Thrash Death  
2-5 Marc Storace Live and Let Live     Krokus Vocalist
2-6 Sarg Demon   Black  
2-8 Greyhawk Call of the Hawk Fighter Power Heavy E.P.
2-8 Kalmankantaja Metsankulkija   Atmo Black  
2-8 Morphine Exogenous   Dep Black E.P.
2-9 Fostermother The Ocean Ripple Psych Doom  
2-11 Amorphis Halo Atomic Fire Melodic  
2-11 Anachoret Syndrome Folter Black  
2-11 Anken Khondate Ruz Prog Electronic  
2-11 A Pale December Death Panacea   Atmo Amb  
2-11 Author & Punisher Kruller* Relapse Ind  
2-11 Creeping Flesh ...and Then the Bombs Came   Death  
2-11  Cult of Luna The Long Road North* Metal Blade Atmo Post Sludge  
2-11 The Devils of Loudon Escaping Eternity* The Artisan Era Extreme  
2-11 Dos Brujos Spiritus   Sludge Doom  
2-11 Hammr Eternal Possession Hells Headbangers Black Speed Punk  
2-11 Hangman's Chair A Loner* Nuclear Blast Goth Doom  
2-11 Heaven's Guard Pathfinder Boersma Sym  
2-11 Karmanjaka Gates of Muspel   Black  
2-11 King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Made in Timeland Kglw Various  
2-11 Kostnateni Ohen hori tam   Black  
2-11 Legendarium Under the Spell   Heavy  
2-11 Lordi Spooky Sextravaganza AFM Rock  
2-11 Mainbrain Jawbreaker   Death  
2-11 Mortuary Drape Wisdom - Vibration - Repent Peaceville Extreme E.P.
2-11 Napalm Death Resentment is Always Seismic   Grind Death E.P.
2-11 Near Death Condition Ascent from the Mundane* Unique Leader Death  
2-11 Negativa 04   Black  
2-11 The Neologist Oracle   Melodic Death  
2-11 Nervochaos All Colors of Darkness   Death  
2-11 Night Cobra Dawn of the Serpent High Roller Heavy  
2-11 Once Human Scar Weaver* Edel Groove  
2-11 Saxon Carpe Diem* Silver Lining NWOBHM  
2-11 Scorpions Rock Believer*   Rock  
2-11 Tersivel To The Orphic Void Uprising! Pagan Doom  
2-11 The Devils of Loudun Escaping Eternity    Tech Sym Extreme  
2-11 Trouble One For the Road - Unplugged Napalm Doom  
2-11 Vendetta Have Demons, Will Travel   Heavy Thrash  
2-11 VoiVod Syncro Anarchy* Century Media Sci Fi Prog  
2-11 WAIT The End of Noise Artisan Era Prog Death  
2-11 Zigur Knights of the Dark Moon   Black Amb  
2-12 Nazareth Surviving the Law Frontiers Rock  
2-12 Night Cobra Dawn of the Serpent High Roller Heavy  
2-16 Cerement After Death   Deathcore E.P.
2-17 Apocryphon Soilent Black   Black E.P.
2-17 The Great Discord Deam Morte Pazuzu Prog Metal  
2-18 Annihlator Metal II* earMUSIC Thrash Groove Re-recorded
2-18 Asgaard WhatIf.... WormHoleDeath Sym Goth Black  
2-18 Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord Human Heredity Pride & Joy Power  
2-18 Cer The Conjuration of Nebula   Black Amb  
2-18 Circa Arcana Bridget Viginiti*     E.P.
2-18 Crusade of Bards  Tales of the Seven Seas Pride & Joy Sym  
2-18 Cryptopsy None so Vile Napalm Death 1996
2-18 Dagoba By Night* Napalm    
2-18 Dead Head Haatland Napalm Thrash Death 2005
2-18 Devoured Elysium Void Grave Gore House Slam Death  
2-18 Embryonic Autopsy Prophecies of the Conjoined Massacre Death  
2-18 Immolation Acts of God Nuclear Blast Death  
2-18 Lesson in Violence The Thrashfall of Mankind Iron Sheild Thrash  
2-18 Lunar Blood Twilight Insurgency Pulverized Extreme  
2-18 Melancholie The Blade WhichCuts the Roots has Two Sides   Atmo Black Amb  
2-18 Nightrage Abyss Rising   Melodic Death  
2-18 Primal Mist   Black  
2-18 Primal Old Moon   Black  
2-18 Pulmonary Fibrosis Pulmonologists Obliteration Death Grind  
2-18 Pure Wrath Hymn to the Woeful Hearts Debemur Morti Atmo Black  
2-18 Savage Grace Master of Diguise Napalm Speed 1982 1984
2-18 Star One Revel in Time* Inside Out  Prog Arjen Lucanssen
2-18 Wandelaars Verbroken   Atmo Black  
2-18 Yawn Materialism* Mindsweeper Djent  
2-21 Desmodus Rotundus Pillar in the Temple of My God   Black Grind  
2-21 Luna Pythonissam Somnium VCH Extreme  
2-21 Shadows of Steel Twilight II Underground Symphony Power E.P.
2-21 Spirits of Fire Embrace the Unknown Frontiers Heavy  
2-21 The Last of Lucy Moksha Transcending Obscutiry Prog Tech Death  
2-21 Tokyo Blade Fury Dissonance NWOBHM  
2-22 Atrium Noctis S/T   Melodic Black  
2-22 Aquilla Mankind's Odyessey Ossuary Heavy  
2-22 Bottlekopf The Jokes are Over WMP Death  
2-22 Crematory Live in Wacken  2019   Ind Goth Live
2-22 Deumus Oyer and Terminer   Doom  
2-22 Deviltook Heretic Manifesto Base Records  Black  
2-22 Dying Passion Skylor Epidemic Alt Rock  
2-22 Emulsified Apocalypse   Death Gore  
2-22 Everson Poe The Night Country   Exp  
2-22 Goats of Purgatory Drawing in Blood Crawling Chaos Heavy  
2-22 Hatred Hateful Extermination B.A.P. Thrash  
2-22 Icremation Dilapidated Psyche Dismembered Death  
2-22 Misanthropic Art Last Hunt   Black  
2-22 Mountaineer Giving up the Ghost Lifeforce Doom Sludge Post  
2-22 Omnioid 22022022   Death  
2-22 Reviver A Thousand Lives RR Prog Power  
2-22 Sadistic Demise Cannibalistic Urbanistic Coyote Death  
2-22 Shape of Despair Return to the Void Season of Mist Atmo Fun Doom  
2-22 Sin Starlett Solid Source of Steel Metalizer Heavy  
2-22 Sullen Guest Phase   Death Doom E.P.
2-22 Syndrone Neogenesis   Prog Shred  
2-22 The Mountain King WolloW Cursed Monk Doom  
2-22 Vivaldi Metal Project EpicClassica Sifare Sym  
2-22 Welk Mahr   Black Core E.P.
2-23 Hibria Me7amorphosis Avalon Power Speed  
2-23 Îsfjall And I'll Worship Your Blue Light   Atmo Amb  
2-24 Fetal Blood Eagle Indoctinate Listenable Death All Star Line Up
2-24 Martyr Planet Metalhead PT78 Heavy Power Speed  
2-24 Ravenous Death Visions from the Netherworld MM Death  
2-25 Allegaeon Damnum* Metal Blade Tech Melodic Death  
2-25 Abraham Debris de mondes perdus Pelagic Atmo Sludge Post   
2-25 Blood Incantation Timewave Zero Century Media Death Thrash E.P.
2-25 Corpsegrinder Acid Vat*   Death  
2-25 Deathbell A Nocturnal Crossing Svart Doom  
2-25 Deathhammer Electric Wafare Hells Headbangers Thrash  
2-25 Diablo When All the Rivers are Silent Sakara Melodic  
2-25 Brood of Hatred The Golden Age Gruesome Prog Death  
2-25 DeadSquad Catharsis   Tech Death  
2-25 Embroyonic Devourment Heresy of the Highest Order* Unique Leader Tech Death  
2-25 Fall of Stasis The Chronophagist*      
2-25 Felskinn Enter the Light Rock of Angels Heavy Hard  
2-25 Firebreather Dwell in the Fog Riding Easy Stoner Doom  
2-25 Grailknights Muscle Bound for Glory Intono Melodic Death Power  
2-25 Gutrectomy Manisfestation Amputated Vein Deathcore  
2-25 Hammerfall Hammer of Dawn* Napalm Heavy  
2-25 Hebosagil Yossa* Svart Exp  
2-25 Incrypt Thrashing Extinction WormHoleDeath Thrash  
2-25 Kampfeswut Des Barden schwarzer Gesang   Black Amb  
2-25 Kryptograf The Eldorado Spell Apollon Doom Psych  
2-25 Lichtblick Abkehr Immortal Frost Dep Black  
2-25 Metal Cross Soul Ripper From The Vaults Heavy  
2-25 Metalucifer Heavy Metal Ninja   Heavy Speed  
2-25 Serious Black Vengeance Is Mine AFM Power  
2-25 Shape of Despair Return to the Void Season of Mist Fun Doom  
2-25 Thunderor Fire it Up* Boonsdale    
2-25 Turborider Reckless Love AFM    
2-25 Tuskar Matriarch   Stoner Doom  
2-25 Ultra Silvam The Sanctity of Death Shadow Black  
2-25 Venator Echoes from the Gutter Dying Victims Heavy  
2-27 Stac Pollaidh Take Me and Kill Me   Atmo Black E.P.
2-27 Until Death Overtakes Me Collapse of Light   Fun Doom  
2-28 Constictor Ravages of Fate   Thrash  
2-28 Cthulhuss Obliteration of Souls Old Temple Death Doom  
2-28 Dawn of Solace Flames of Perdition Noble Goth Doom  
2-28 Eiskristall Is   Melodic Heavy Goth  
2-28 Freitod Zeremonie AlphtraumZyklus   Dep Black  
2-28 Humator Curse of the Pharaoh Time to Kill Death  
2-28 Nefast MCMLXXIX Ad Infernum, Somnia   Black  
2-28 Niels Vejlyt The Awakening Lion  Prog Neoclassical Shred E.P.
2-28 Phantom Spire Black Spells of Hearts so Pure   Black Amb  
2-28 Obskuritatem Umrak is mraka   Black Amb Noise  
2-28 Shambles Oneiric Visions Old Temple Death Doom  


March 2022

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
3-1 Archaic The Endgame Protocol H Music Thrash  
3-1 Einsamkeit Mother Gaia   Black Amb  
3-1 Fate is Sealed The Silent Majority   Thrash Prog   
3-1 Gryftigaen Fehunoydraudr   Black Amb  
3-1 Nocturnal Prayer Mutilation on the Bed of Winter   Black  
3-1 Palantir Chasing A Dream   Power  
3-1 Rotten Tomb Visions of Dismal Fate   Death  
3-1 Thrashrock Flags of Hate   Thrash  
3-1 War for War Oxidace   Ind E.P.
3-2 Cross Vein Silver Lining   Sym Power E.P.
3-2 Dying Raven Mysterious Fog   Dep Amb E.P.
3-2 Hath All That Was Promised Willowtip Prog Extreme  
3-2 Malcuidan Chantres des morts   Black  
3-2 Mortuorum NecroSatan   Extreme E.P.
3-2 Nihilistium Music of Haunted Inner Emotions   Dep Black  
3-2 Niohogggr Ulvekriger   Black  
3-2 Open Casket Annihilation Summoning Sindrome Death Thrash  
3-2 Sluld The Witching Party Narcoleptica Black Doom  
3-3 Benighted in Sodom Oneirogen   Black  
3-3 Dope Default Division   Stoner  
3-3 Downcross Hexapoda Triumph C.A.R. Black  
3-3 Dungeon Weed The Eye of the Of Icosahedron   Stoner Doom  
3-3 Embrace of Thorns The Pantheon I Iron Bonehead Extreme E.P.
3-3 Funeral Demon Mental Sadism   Dep  Black  
3-3 Mandragora Negra Simbolo de libertad   Heavy  
3-3 Trvth Your Corridors   Exp  
3-3 VEIN.FM This World is Going to Ruin You* Nuclear Blast    
3-4 Baise Ma Hache Devotio Hammerbolt Black  
3-4 Crowbar Zero and Below* MNRK Heavy Doom  
3-4 Cursed Cemetery A Forgotton Epitaph Dusktone Amb Downtempo  
3-4 Definition of Insanity The Edge of the World STF Melodic Heavy  
3-4 Deserted Fear Doomsday* Century Media Death  
3-4 Eric Wagner In the Lovely Light of Mourning Cruz Del Sur Doom  
3-4 The Flower Kings By Royal Decree   Prog Rock  
3-4 Fluids Until It Shines Hells Headbangers Death Grind  
3-4 Forvitnast Meditative Trepanation Above a Black Grave   Black E.P.
3-4 Fueled By Fire Past.... Present.... No Future Part 2* M-Theory Thrash E.P.
3-4 Godless Truth S/T Transcending Obscurity Tech Death  
3-4 Gorebringer Terrified Beyond Measure Great Dane Melodic Death  
3-4 Grafting the Vine Creator Part 1   Heavy Doom  
3-4 Grevlar Forced into Parasitic Symbiosis      
3-4 Hath All That was Promised* Willowtip Prog Extreme  
3-4 Helge Neuroplasticity Vendetta Atmo Extreme  
3-4 Iron Griffin Storm of Magic   Heavy  
3-4 Izthmi Leaving RThis World, Leaving it all Behind   Atmo Prog Black  
3-4 Kuolemanlaakso Kuumsumu Svart Death Doom  
3-4 Knight Area D-Day II:The Final Chapter Butler Prog Metal  
3-4 Megadrone Transmission II Jovian Echoes Metal Assualt Drone Doom  
3-4 Midnight Let There be Witchery* Metal Blade Black Thrash  
3-4 Midnight Bullet Hostile Resistance Inverse Groove Heavy  
3-4 Moonknight L'Eclisse Rising Beast Black  
3-4 Navalm Abnormality and Deviations Careless  Death  
3-4 Neurotech Symphonies II   Sym Ind Electronic  
3-4 Parham Gharavaisi The Roundest Cube   Melodic Goth  
3-4 Pylar Abysmos HI Drone Doom  
3-4 Sabaton The War to End All Wars* Nuclear Blast Epic  
3-4 Sylvaine Nova Season of Mist Neo Prog   
3-4 The Defaced Charlatans ViciSolum Groove Thrash  
3-4 Non Est Dues Impious Avantgarde Black  
3-4 Oh Hiroshima Myraid*      
3-4 Old Knight Ghost Light Solitude Melodic Doom  
3-4 Overlord SR Prepare for the King   Heay Power  
3-4 Paediatrician Postpartum Depression   Death Grind  
3-4 Supremator Swallows the Sorrow Reprisal Black  
3-4 Telluric Effluvium  Voyage of Sentient Decay   Fun Doom  
3-4 Troglodyte The Hierarchical Ecologocal Succession No More Tommorow Death  
3-4 Umbilichaos Entrails Redux Herre Atmo Sludge  
3-4 Unru Die Wiederkehr   Crust  
3-4 Vaina Future Te Ipsum   Black  
3-4 Vampyric Tyrant Schwarze Schwingen   Black  
3-4 Warpath Disharmonic Revelations Massacre Thrash  
3-4 Zafakon Aftermath   Death Thrash  
3-7 Pestilength Basom Gryphos   Black Doom  
3-7 Chronomancy Shadows in Atlantis Fighter Power  
3-8 Abolition Ritual Cosmonemesis Extreme Chaos Death Doom  
3-8 Blood Artillery Obedience   Extreme  
3-8 Marja Uldine Safe & Sound   Folk  
3-8 Shandrazel A Beautiful Journey on the Forest of Dragon's Throne BMC Dungeon Synth  
3-9 Nordal Finsternis Sol Black E.P.
3-8 Thy Fallen Kingdom No Remains   Thrash Death E.P.
3-9 Taaken Fra dunkle rike Sol Black  
3-9 Tone Esoteric Love Creation   Black E.P.
3-9 Vanad Varjud Kadunud Inimesed   Amb Black  
3-10 AngelMaker Sanctum Blood Blast    
3-10 Vehemence Ordalies Antiq Epic Medieval Black  
3-11 Airacobra Midwestern Steel   Blackened Heavy  
3-11 Albatroz Ad astra   Power E.P.
3-11 Amaltheia S/T Godz Ov War Black  
3-11 Arkaik Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts* Artisan Era Tech Death  
3-11 Bastard Rotten Blood Distortion Black Thrash  
3-11 Betiraun Beyond   Death E.P.
3-11 Bilwis Pan Nothern Silence Atmo Black  
3-11 Betiraun Beyond   Death E.P.
3-11 Blackslash No Steel No Future Iron Shield Heavy  
3-11 Cailleach Calling Dreams of Fragmentation   Prog Post Black  
3-11 Christ Gimme Morgue! FDA Death  
3-11 Cirrhosis The Last Act   Death  
3-11 Claustrofobia Unleeched Metal Assault Death Thrash  
3-11 Cloven Hoof Time Assassin Heavy Metal Heavy Power  
3-11 Cryptworm Spewing Mephitic Putridity   Death  
3-11 Daimonos Asylum   Death  
3-11 Deficiency Warenta Metal East Melodic Thrash  
3-11 Dendera Blood Red Sky   Heavy Live
3-11 Doom Machine Somewhere,, Between the Truth and Void   Doom Heavy  
3-11 E-L-R Vexier Prophecy    
3-11 Executive Order Antichrist Agenda      
3-11 Ghost Impera* Loma Vista Rock  
3-11 Haunted Shores Void* 3DOT Melodic Periphery Members
3-11 Hysteria The Enemy of Myself   Black  
3-11 Idols of Fear Trespasser* Somnolence Extreme  
3-11 Im Tode Seed Melodic Extreme   E.P.
3-11 In Aphellion Moribund Edged Circle Black  
3-11 Invocator Excursion Demise Napalm Tech Thrash 1991
3-11 Invocator Weave the Apocalypse Napalm Tech Thrash 1993
3-11 Jesus Wept Psychedelic Degenenarcy Redefining Darkness Melodic Death E.P.
3-11 Keops Rise Again NoCut Heavy Groove E.P.
3-11 Konvent Call Down the Sun Napalm Doom  
3-11 Krig Anthropos   Prog Death  
3-11 Mara Loka Maer Immortal Frost Black  
3-11 Mechanization Burn Into Darkness   Thrash Groove Death  
3-11 Messa Close Svart Doom Amb Drone  
3-11 MetalBlack Svarthet   Exp  
3-11 Nequient Darker than Death or Night   Death Crust  
3-11 Neurosphere Anthem of the Lost Part 2 Revalve Melodic Death  
3-11 New Horizon Gate of the Gods Frontiers Power  
3-11 Oddland Vermilion Uprising! Prog  
3-11 Persecutory Summoning The Lawless Legions Godz Ov War Extreme  
3-11 Rust N' Rage One for the Road Frontiers Hard Rock  
3-11 Sidious Blackest Insurrection   Black  
3-11 Sidus Atrum Spiral of Life   Blackened Doom  
3-11 Solen Svan Songs of Ancient Wit and Wisdom   Doom Goth E.P.
3-11 SoulLine Screaming Eyes Massacre Melodic Death  
3-11 Space Coke Lunacy   Stoner Doom  
3-11 Sternatis Blazebirth Hall Drakkar Black  
3-11 Thallid Agonized Illuminations   Dungeon Synth Black E.P.
3-11 Threads of Fate The Cold Embrace of Light Layered Reality Sym  
3-11 Trenchant Commandoccult Godz Ov War Death  
3-11 Tystnad Ensam gaining    Black E.P.
3-11 Vanir Sagas Mighty Viking Folk  
3-11 Warfist Teufels Godz Ov War Black Thrash  
3-11 Werewolves Deathmetal Prosthetic Tech Extreme  
3-11 Withdraw Anima Smorzando   Black  
3-12 Excruciate 666 Antic Warlords Supremacy   Black  
3-13 Draakanaon Terre de cendres   Black  
3-13 Vladduh Forgotten   Black Amb  
3-15 Ad Omega Anathema BMC Black E.P.
3-15 Ancestral Sin Social Speech   Thrash Hardcore  
3-15 Arcane Tales Steel, Fire and Magic Broken Bones Power Sym  
3-15 Blazemth The Return of Lucifer Xtreem Black  
3-15 Chemicide Common Sense   Thrash  
3-15 Debility Visions   Melodic Deathcore E.P.
3-15 Dream Master A World Without People   Heavy Power  
3-15 Kimaera Imperivm   Doom Death  
3-15 Triumph Retaliation Warfare   Extreme  
3-17 Achelous The Icewind Chroncles No Remorse Epic Heavy  
3-17 Cincinatti Bowtie The Harvest of Tellus   Deathcore  
3-17 Garden of Sadness The Futility of Life Makes me Sick   Dep Black E.P.
3-17 Joshua Travis No Rest* Shaptone Progcore  
3-17 Knight & Gallow For Honor and Bloodshed No Remorse Heavy  
3-17 Sorh Shrouded   Atmo Black  
3-17 Vindalf Entrace to the Catacombs   Black  
3-18 Aeviterne The Ailing Facade Profound Lore EXP  
3-18 Agathodaimon  The Seven* Napalm  Melodic  
3-18 Aktarum Trollvengers   Black Folk  
3-18 Black Fucking Cancer Procreate Inverse   Black  
3-18 Catacomb Back to Unknown Kadath Xeno Korp Death E.P.
3-18 Charger Warhorse   Heavy Speed Punk  
3-18 Corporate Death IV Rapture  Death  
3-18 Dawn of Ashes Scars of the Broken   Ind EBM  
3-18 Daeth Daemon Span of  Aeons Van Death  
3-18 Deha Decadanse   Various  
3-18 Extinction A.D. Culture of Violence Unique Leader Crossover  
3-18 Final Cry The Ever Rest MDD Melodic  
3-18 Friends of Hell S/T Rise Above Doom  
3-18 Frostcloud The Final Days of What you Know   Black Amb E.P.
3-18 Frostmoon Eclipse Rustworm   Black E.P.
3-18 Fury  Born to Sin   Heavy Thrash  
3-18 Gauntlet Rule The Plague Court From the Vaults Heavy  
3-18 Genophobic Perversion Destruncated   EXP E.P.
3-18 Glemsel Fofader Vendetta Black  
3-18 Gloson The Rift Indie Atmo Sludge Post  
3-18 Grave Noise Roots of Damnation Art Gates Thrash  
3-18 Hellfrost and Fire Fire, Frost and Hell Transcending Obscurity Death  
3-18 Hell in the Club Kamikaze Frontiers Heavy Hard  
3-18 Hell Militia Hollow Void Season of Mist  Black  
3-18 Hyperia Silhouttes of Horror Sliptrick Melodic Death Thrash  
3-18 Iomair Fishing for an Apparition   Prog Folk  
3-18 JBO Planet Pink AFM    
3-18 Joshua Travis NoRest      
3-18 Kivelak A Brief Encounter With Time   Exp Black E.P.
3-18 Magigance Les bal des obres   Prog Power  
3-18 Moonlight Haze Animus Scarlet  Sym Power  
3-18 Night Crowned Rebirth of the Old Noble Demon Melodic Extreme E.P.
3-18 Parallel Minds Echoes from Afar M&O Prog Groove  
3-18 Playgrounded The Death of Death   Prog  
3-18 Powergame Slaying Gods Iron Sheild  Heavy  
3-18 Robert Rodrigo Brainstorming*   Heavy Shred  
3-18 Ronnie Atkins Make it Count Frontiers Heavy Hard  
3-18 Saqraruna Under the Light of Mountains   Atmo Black  
3-18 SheWolf S/T Frontiers Sym Power  
3-18 Shining Black Postcards from the End of the World Frontiers Melodic Heavy Hard  
3-18 Slægt Goddess Century Media Black Heavy  
3-18 Slaughterra Verloren   Core E.P.
3-18 Space of Variations Imago Napalm  Core  
3-18 Starer The What it is to Be   Sym Black  
3-18 Stray Gods Storm the Walls Rock of Angels Heavy Power  
3-19 Steelballs The Neverending Fire Witches Brew Power Speed  
3-18 Steelwitch The Witch is Back Cult Metal Heavy Power  
3-18 Suffer in Silence Obscurity Via Nocturna Melodic Death  
3-18 Summerian Tombs S/T Van Black  
3-18 Time's Forgotten Shelter   Prog Metal  
3-18 Tyr Anight at the Nordic House*   Folk Live
3-18 Uncle Woe Pennyfold Haberdashery & Abattoir Deluxe   Stoner Doom  
3-18 UwU Legacy of Torture   Goregrind E.P.
3-18 Vigilante Opacities   Black Ind  
3-18 Ysbrydnos  The Forest Howls at Dusk Repose Black  
3-19 Bury Them and Keep Queit Eternal Transience   Melodic Extreme  
3-19 Debridement Compositions of Decomposition Rotten Death Slam  
3-19 Licho Ciuciubabka Pagan Exp Black  
3-20 Archaic Earth Carnelian Moon   Black Doom Amb  
3-20 Armin Legions of Chaos   Death  
3-20 Butamacho Tue Tue   Death  
3-20 Hail Conjurer Lunar Action   Black E.P.
3-20 Hail Conjurer Anti Dualist   Black E.P.
3-21 Ad Finem Omnia No Peace, No Dawn Purity Through Fire Black  
3-21 Aesthus Hanen temppelinsa Purity Through Fire Black  
3-21 Senzar Pyre of Throes   Black  
3-22 Akerbeltz Merciless   Black  
3-22 Bloodrain VI Metal Race Black  
3-22 Cervicetomy Gorezilla Coyote Death  
3-22 Hellraiser New Blood Metal Race Thrash  
3-22 Mantiel Obskurite   Black  
3-22 Sanguinary Execution Slowly Torment Towards Death   Death Grind  
3-22 Turst Vertige BMC Atmo Black  
3-23 Brahdr'uhz The Pain Will Last Forever   Black E.P.
3-23 Deathspell Omega The Long Defeat   Avant Garde Black  
3-23 Dream Theater Lost Not Forgotten: Live in NYC 1993 Inside Out Prog Live
3-23 Kanonenfieber Yankee Division Noisebringer Melodic Extreme E.P.
3-23 Lycopolis Amduat Part 1   Black  E.P.
3-23 Omelas Dawn Repentless Melodic Death  
3-23 Reflection of Misery Communion With the Vile   Black E.P.
3-24 Chaos Invocation Devil, Stone and Man   Black  
3-24 Hex Behold the Unlighted   Doom Death E.P.
3-24 Luminous Veil Fear & Opulence BMC Black E.P.
3-25 Abbath Dread Weaver* Season of Mist Black Thrash  
3-25 Animals As Leaders Parrehessia* Summerian Prog Djent  
3-25 Absent in Body Plague God Relapse   All Star Line up
3-25 Astral Tomb Soulgazer Blood Harvest  Death  
3-25 Billy Bio Leaders and Liars AFM   Biohazard Vocalist
3-25 Blasphemous Eternal Misanthropy   Extreme E.P.
3-25 Bomber Nocturnal Creatures Napalm  Heavy  
3-25 Carnage of Children Darkness Within M.U.S.I.C. Death Thrash  
3-25 Carnareum Ikaros   Heavy Thrash Groove  
3-25 Cirkeln A Song to Sorrow True Cult Melodic Black  
3-25 Confidential Devil Inside Massacre Sym  
3-25 Contaminated Nihilvm   Death  
3-25 Crimson Dawn The Open Coffin Punishment 18 Doom  
3-25 Crimzon Flare S/T Black Listed Power  
3-25 Crown of Madness The Void*   Extreme  
3-25 Crown of Worms Sorcery Rites   Black Thrash  
3-25 Crown Magnatar Alone in Death* Unique Leader Deathcore  
3-25 Crystal Viper The Last Axeman Listenable Heavy Power E.P.
3-25 Desolate Shrine Fires in a Dying World Dark Descent Death  
3-25 Draugur Troolthrone   Black  
3-25 Dreamer Tahta Hitam   Goth Melodic   
3-25 Emissary The Wretched Masquerade   Melodic  
3-25 Eucharist I Am the Void Regain Melodic Death  
3-25 Evil Conqueror The Legacy of Stone Serpents   Black Thrash E.P.
3-25 Fall of Rauros Key to a Vanishing Future Eisenwald Black Folk  
3-25 Falamh Aeons Effigy*      
3-25 Father Befouled Crowned in Veneficum Everlasting Spew Death  
3-25 Furan The Call of Nature   Black E.P.
3-25 Keops Road to Perdition NoCut Heavy Groove  
3-25 KingCrown Wake Up Call* Rock of Angels Heavy Power  
3-25 Kvaen The Great Below Black Lion Black Pagan  
3-25 Heavenfield We Bringab Red Nebula Atmo Black  
3-25 Heltekvad Morgenrodens Eisenwald Medieval Black  
3-25 Hilltops are for Dreamers In Disbelief* Rockshots Melodic Rock  
3-25 Hooded Menace Fulfill the Curse Napalm Doom Death 2008
3-25 Incite Wake Up Dead Atomic Fire Thrash Groove  
3-25 Luzifer Iron Shackles High Roller Heavy  
3-25 Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard The Harvest*   Psych Doom  
3-25 Mares of Thrace The Exile*   Doom  
3-25 Michael Romeo War of the Worlds Part 2* Inside Out Prog From Symphony X
3-25 Mind Imperium Nemesis WormHoleDeath Melodic Groove Thrash  
3-25 MWWB The Harvest New Heavy Sounds Psych Doom  
3-25 Mortuus Infradaemoni Intmortuos Sum Iron Bonehead Black  
3-25 Mouflon Pure Filth Raw Skulz Doom Death  
3-25 Necrom All Paths are Left Here Osmose Death  
3-25 Necromante XI Iron Bonehead Black  
3-25 The Nest Her True Nature Van Psych Black Amb  
3-25 Nite Voices of the Kronian Moon Season of Mist Black Heavy  
3-25 NothingNew In This Together   Black Stoner  
3-25 Qaalm Resilence & Depair HR Sludge Doom  
3-25 Redshark Digital Race* Listenable Heavy Speed Power  
3-25 Rise of Kronos Council Prediction MDD Death Thrash  
3-25 Sahara III; Hell on Earth HSP Stoner  
3-25 Schatten Verachtung   Dep Black  
3-25 Scorn Winds of Torment Great Dane Death Thrash  
3-25 Serotonin Leakage 5mg   Gore Grind E.P.
3-25 Shards of a Lost World Parafer   Black  
3-25 Spiral Skies Death is But a Door AOP Psych Doom  
3-25 Striken From a Well of Emptiness, A Stygian Serpent Born Horror Pain Gore Death Sludge Doom  
3-25 SuperDeathFlame Dead is Dead Inverse Melodic Death Thrash  
3-25 Thanateros On Fragile Wings   Goth Folk  
3-25 Terok Nor Rematerialization Fails Dying Victims Death Thrash E.P.
3-25 Vinegar Hill Earthbound   Melodic Death  
3-25 Virocracy Ecophagia Apostasy Prog Death  
3-25 Wasted The Haunted House   Heavy  
3-25 Wintercold To Nature We Will Return   Atmo Black Doom E.P.
3-25 Witchpit TheWeight of Deayh Heavy Psych Stoner  
3-27 Battlestorm Summon Decimation   Extreme  
3-27 Born From Pain The Coldness only a Soul Could Crave   Black Amb  
3-28 Chthonic Cult Become Seekers for Death Putrid Cult Extreme  
3-28 Zombie Rodeo The Eyes are Set Upon You Inverse Doom Stoner E.P.
3-29 Forest of the Renounced The Will to Live   Dep Black E.P.
3-29 Desolate Dreams No Life   Prog Metal E.P.
3-29 Hatred Destruction and Desecration   Black  
3-29 Sadness I   Dep Black E.P.
3-29 Voices of Grief Vesus About Sin and the Guise of Sorrow MSMG Black Doom  
3-29 Withblood Finis Vitae   Goth Doom E.P.
3-30 Cabinet Claustrophobic   Extreme  
3-30 Tristitia Doomystic   Black Doom  
3-30 Wormquizitor Sicknes Define: Society Grimm Extreme  
3-31 Aethyrick Pilgrimage   Black  
3-31 Celestial Shadows Beyond the First Veil   Exp Black  
3-31 Cerebral Mist Age of Mist Inverse Melodic Sym Death E.P.
3-31 Cobra Spell Anthems for the Night   Heavy Hard E.P.
3-31 Deducation of a Miscalculation Aftermath of a Genesis   Death  
3-31 Eibon Barzakh  Extravaganza   Atmo Black E.P.
3-31 Grand Celestial Nightmare Excluded From the Light and the Pleroma   Sym Black  
3-31 Grimorium Verum Reall   Sym Black  
3-31 Kampfar Urkraft Indie Pagan Black E.P.
3-31 Nyctophagia Weeping with the Earth   Death Goregrind E.P.
3-31 Out of the Mouth of Graves Harbinger Uncerimonious   Prog Death  
3-31 Paganizer March of the Insane   Death E.P.
3-31 Sorry... All That Died was my Innocence   Dep Black  
3-31 Vanhavd Vila Dead Seed Black Doom  

April 2022

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
4-1 Bhleg Faghring Nordvis Black  
4-1 Black Death Cult Diaspora Profound Lore Black Death Doom  
4-1 Celtic Hills Huldufolk   Melodic   
4-1 Coffin Nail Years of Lead   Hardcore Deathgrind  
4-1 Daupuz Vom schwarzen Schmied   Black  
4-1 Centinex The Pestilence Agonia Death  E.P.
4-1 Crypta I Resign Napalm Death Thrash E.P.
4-1 Day Of Doom Doomed   Death  
4-1 Dirty Shirt Get Your Dose Now*      
4-1 Dreamtale Everlasting Flame   Melodic Power  
4-1 Dusk Relic   Ind Black  
4-1 Empyrean Eclipse The Grandeur of Despair   Death E.P.
4-1 Evil Invaders Shattering Reflection* Napalm Thrash  
4-1 Firmament The Aetheric Pathway NP Atmo Amb  
4-1 Flummox Rephlummoxed   Exp  
4-1 Flush Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos WormHoleDeath   E.P.
4-1 Golgothan Remains Adornedin Ruin   Death  
4-1 Gravkvade Gravjande GS Black Fun Doom  
4-1 Hellacopters Eye of Oblivion*   Rock  
4-1 Hellfire Our Past Remains   Thrash  
4-1 Lifvsleda Sepulkral Dedikation NEB Black  
4-1 Lords of Trident The Offering   Heavy  
4-1 Luminous Veil Halcyon Tyrannous   Black E.P.
4-1 Meshuggah Immutable* Atomic Fire Djent  
4-1 Nekrodeus Abrest Grazel Death  
4-1 Nekrogoblikon The Fundamental Slimes and Humours*   Melodic Death Folk  
4-1 Ouranos Voir la Lumiere Sludgelord Black  
4-1 Purgatory Apotheosis of the Anti Light War Anthem Death  
4-1 Ramp Insidiously   Groove Thrash  
4-1 Recepients of Death Final Flight Wild Rags Thrash Comp
4-1 Satan Earth Infernal* Metal Blade NWOBHM  
4-1 The Spirit Of Clarity and Galactic Structures AOP Extreme  
4-1 Trick Or Treat Creepy Symphonies Scarlet Power  
4-1 Ultha All That Has Never Been* Vendetta Black  
4-1 Undeath It's Time...To Rise From The Grave Prosthetic Death  
4-1 Wastleland Viper Dead Men Tell No Tales WormHoleDeath Hard Rock  
4-1 Wolf Shadowland Century Media Heavy  
4-2 Abysskvlt Bon Meditations   Fun Doom  
4-2 Black Swan Generation Mind   Rock All Star Line up
4-2 Kosmonaut Neon Citrus Sex Puppets   Doom Stoner  
4-2 Vimur Transcendental Violence   Black  
4-4 Epidemik S/T Grimm Thrash  
4-5 Cain's Dinasty The Witch & The Martyr   Power  
4-5 Decrapted Bloody Rivers of Death Xtreem Death  
4-5 Dodmorke Incredible Love   Black Punk  
4-5 Ebullition The Common Grave of Mankind   Death  
4-6 Drunemeton Age of Nameless Things and Gods   Pagan Black  
4-6 Kid Rock Bad Reputation   Rock  
4-6 Over The Under Red Album   Southern Groove  
4-7 Black Swan Generation Mind Frontiers Rock  
4-7 Bowelfuck Appetite Comes With Killing   Grindcore  
4-7 Purulent Spermcanal Chainsaw Family Massacre Game   Death Goregrind  
4-8 Abhorid Slaves of Hate     E.P.
4-8 Acidez In Punk We Thrash Bam Bam Punk Hardcore Thrash  
4-8 Angel Nation Antares Inner Wound Sym  
4-8 Askara Lights of Night Fastball Prog Goth  
4-8 Bellgrave Back As King FDA Hard Rock  
4-8 Black Swan Generation Mind      
4-8 Blood Torrent Void Universe Trollzorn Black  
4-8 Concilivm A Monument in Darkness Iron Bonehead Death  
4-8 Crown Compass The Drought*   Prog Metal Daniel de Jongh
4-8 Destruction Diabolical* Napalm Thrash  
4-8 Dynazty Final Advent  AFM    
4-8 Egor Lappo Naturealism   Prog Metal  
4-8 Envy of None S/T Kscope Rock Alex Lifeson
4-8 Et Moriemur Tamashiino yama Transcending Obscurity Atmo Death Doom  
4-8 Hallas Isle of Wisdom Napalm Exp  
4-8 Kaamos Warriors Spirit from the Void Inverse  Black  
4-8 Heidra To Hell or Kindom Come Mighty Folk Viking  
4-8 Heterogeneous Andead Chaotic Fragments WormHoleDeath Sym Death Thrash  
4-8 Joe Satriani The Elephants of Mars* earMusic Prog  
4-8 Mors Principium Est Liberate the Unborn Inhumanity AFM Melodic Comp
4-8 Mortal Hatred Odyssey KernKraftRitter Deathcore  
4-8 My Hollow Fighting the Monster*     E.P.
4-8 Oceansnow Vivienne   Black Amb  
4-8 Planepacked Transactinides      
4-8 Quasimodo Cancer City   Heavy  
4-8 Saints 'n' Sinners Rise of the Alchemist DMS Power  
4-8 Saphath Ascension of the Dark Prophet   Sym Death Goth  
4-8 Scalpture Feldwarts FDA Death  
4-8 Spencer Elliot SE3 CandyRat Prog  
4-8 Terzij de Horde In One of These, I am Your Enemy CS Post Black  
4-8 Theigns & Thralls S/T* Rockshots    
4-8 This White Mountain The Final Sorrow   Atmo Black  
4-8 Tome of the Unreplenished Earthbound   Atmo Black Noise Power  
4-8 Treat The Endgame Frontiers Melodic Rock  
4-8 YOB Atma Relapse Doom Rerecorded
4-9 Bad Influence End7eit   Heavy  
4-9 Fratura Smells Like Funeral Flowers   Black  
4-9 Pitchblack All White   Melodic Core  
4-9 Posguerra El Arte de mater   Death Thrash Core  
4-9 Twilight Sign of the Times   Power  
4-10 Beketh Nexehmu De evigas gravrit Purity Through Fire Black  
4-10 Greve Follo af svavel Purity Through Fire Sym Blackj  
4-10 Kutkh Battle of Two Kutkhs   Atmo Black  
4-10 Nyctophilia Unholy Ground   Black E.P.
4-10 Pharmacist Flourishing Extremities on Onspoiled Menal Grounds BLP Death Goregrind  
4-11 Atomic Cretins Day of Torment   Thrash E.P.
4-11 Epitaphe II   Doom Death  
4-12 Ad Noctem Funeriis Abyss Fire  Brimstones Symbol of Domination Black  
4-12 Mortuorum Necroblades of the Black Flame   Extreme  
4-12 Persephone's Legacy Chasm   Melodic Black  
4-13 Ambrotos Transcendental Mastery Satanath Black  
4-13 Hurakan Via Aeterna   Deathcore  
4-14 DeVicious Black Heart Pride & Joy Melodic Heavy  
4-14 Haissem A Sleep of Primeval Ignorance Satanath Melodic Extreme  
4-14 Morocrof De Pessimism   Black Doom  
4-14 Poision Rose Little BangTheory Frontiers Rock  
4-15 Abstracted Atma Conflux M-Theory Tech Thrash Prog Death  
4-15 Aevum Glitch DarkTunes Sym  
4-15 Alunah Strange Machine* Heavy Psych Doom Stoner  
4-15 Analepsy Quiescene Miasma Death Slam  
4-15 Ande Vehemence   Atmo Black  
4-15 Anubis Eternal Youth, Eternal Night   Power Thrash E.P.
4-15 A Pregnant Light Jinx!/ Purple Lips   Post Black Hardcore E.P.
4-15 Axel Rudi Pell Lost XXIII* Napalm Heavy Hard  
4-15 Azaab Summoning the Cataclysm Satanath Prog Death  
4-15 Beyond the End Jaanteet   Black E.P.
4-15 Beyond Mortal Dreams Abomination of the Flames Lavadome Death  
4-15 Crisix Full HD* Listenable Thrash  
4-15 Disfuneral Blood Red Tentacle   Death  
4-15 Egregore The Word of His Law 20 Buck Spin Extreme  
4-15 Fozzy Doombox*   Heavy Hard  
4-15 Goatmilker Exterminate the Holy Via Death  
4-15 Hexenbann Winterly Sunrise   Black E.P.
4-15 Imminent Sonic Destruction The Sun Will Always Set FC Prog  
4-15 Incandescence La Coeur DeL'homme* Profound Lore Extreme  
4-15 Iselder Metal Du GwirCymreig   Black  
4-15 Manegarm Ynglingaattens* Napalm Folk  
4-15 Monuments In Stasis   Progcore  
4-15 Ronnie Romero Raised on Radio Frontiers Hard Rock  
4-15 Scott Reed's String Theory Regenesis   Prog Shred  
4-15 Seer Vol.7   Sludge Doom E.P.
4-15 Semblant Vermilion Eclipse* Frontiers Goth  
4-15 Troops of Doom Antichrist Reborn Alma Matter Thrash  
4-15 Vanderlust S/T* Rockshots Prog Death  
4-15 Viande L'abime devore Transcending Obscurity Extreme  
4-16 Death Slave The Unknown Die Hard Heavy  
4-16 Unbenign  S/T Satanath Black  
4-17 Nocturnal Depression When My Time Has Come   Black  
4-17 Viogression 3rd Stage of Decay Satanath Death E.P.
4-18 Nuclear Storm Tales from the Depth   Death Thrash  
4-18 The Scum The Hunger Satanath Death  
4-19 Desecresy Unveil in the Abyss Xtreem Death  
4-19 Empty Forest Yesterday Meant Everything   Atmo Dep Black E.P.
4-19 Escaping Aghartha Croak   Black Doom  
4-19 Gvorn Keeper of Grief Satanath Doom Death  
4-19 Hiddent Where Light Ceases to Exist Sun & Moon Black  
4-19 Pyreficativm Oneiron   Black  
4-19 Sonambula Infected Roots Xtreem Deat Doom E.P.
4-19 Ulver So Falls the World   Exp Live
4-20 The Black Disorder The Acceptance of Humiliation Iron Blood and Death Black  
4-20 Black Oath Emeth Truth and Death Sun & Moon Doom  
4-20 Bridear Aegis of Athena Avex Power Core  
4-20 Conflagration We Hunt the Magian, We the True Believers   Amb Black E.P.
4-20 Constant Nausea Trupy W rzece   Black  
4-20 Diatribe Satyric Eye   Atmo Black  
4-20 Disciples of the Apocalypse S/T   Stoner Doom  
4-20 Genophobic Perversion Nexus of Engorgment   Avant Sludge Goregrind E.P.
4-20 Genophobic Perversion I Can Feel you Heart Pulsing   Avant Sludge Goregrind E.P.
4-20 Hate Gods Face Inocente   Black  
4-20 Invicta Heights Convalescence*     E.P.
4-20 Last One On Earth Fear Cannot Exist   Black Doom E.P.
4-20 The Local Machinist Empire of Decay   Thrash Hardcore  
4-20 Morfer Tribunal Satanath Black  
4-20 Seum Blueberry Cash   Sludge Stoner E.P.
4-20 SlugWeed Megadoomtron   Stoner Sludge Doom Post  
4-20 Systemhouse33 Salvation   Thrash Groove  
4-20 Teratologhy The Lingering Stench of Anatomopathological Scum Lord of Sick Death Slam  
4-20 Werewolf Bloodorder Return by Fire Signal Rex Black E.P.
4-21 Bong Coffin Voidsight   Stoner Sludge Doom E.P.
4-21 Extinction in Progress Shades of Pale Inverse Tech Melodic Deathcore  
4-21 Helioss Contre ma lumiere Satanath Sym Extreme  
4-21 Mount Depression The Blood is for the Devil   Dep Black E.P.
4-21 Solipsism Our Night Never Ends Sun & Moon Black  
4-21 Vile Creatures A Hymn of Loss and Hope ( With Bismuth) Flenser Sludge  
4-22 Aerodyne Last Days of Sodom Rock of Angels Melodic Heavy Hard  
4-22 Archgoat All Christianity Ends Debemur Morti Extreme E.P.
4-22 Armory Mercurion Dying Victims  Speed  
4-22 Audrey Horne Devil's Bell* Napalm Hard Rock  
4-22 Bloodred Ad Astra Massacre Extreme  
4-22 Braking in a Sequence Defy The Algorith     David Silveria
4-22 Caliban Dystopia Century Media Core  
4-22 Comando Praetorio Sovvertire   Black E.P.
4-22 Corpsessed Succumb to Rot Dark Descent Death  
4-22 Cultic Of Fire and Sorcery Eleventh Key Death  Doom  
4-22 Dawn of Dreams Antigenetic Afterlife   Melodic Extreme  
4-22 Dawohl Leviathan Dolorem Death  
4-22 Denigrate Blackguard Inverse Melodic Prog  
4-22 Devouring Carnage Born, Suffer,Sick and Murder   Death E.P.
4-22 Dragonbreed Necrohedon MDD Melodic Death  
4-22 Drake Mar de Drake   Heavy  
4-22 Feral Light Psychic Contortions I, Voidhanger Black'n'Roll  
4-22 Fer de Lance The Hyperborean Cruz Del Sur Epic Heavy Doom  
4-22 Flayed Disciple A Hell in Living Flesh   Death Thrash  
4-22 Freja Tides BDCR Atmo Post Black  
4-22 Goremantle The Deep Places   Atmo Post Black  
4-22 Jamie Lee Curtis Insidious Iconoclast Blackened Death Death  
4-22 King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard  Omnium Gatherum KGLW Exp  
4-22 Mirror The Day the Bastard Leaders Die Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
4-22 Miseration Black Miracles and Dark Wonders* Massacre Death  
4-22 Mosaic Heimatspuk Eisenwald Black  
4-22 National Napalm Syndicate The New Hell   Thrash  
4-22 Novarupta Carrion Movements Suicide Black Sludge  
4-22 Path of Might Deep Chrome   Prog Sludge  
4-22 Radiant Written by Life Massacre Melodic Heavy  
4-22 Reaper Viridian Inferno Dying Victims Speed Thrash Black  
4-22 Painted Shield 2 Loosegrove Rock  
4-22 Se,josta ei puhuta Gehenna Inverse Melodic Death Thrash  
4-22 Sentient Horror Rites of Gore Redifining Darkness Death  
4-22 Serpentshrine Allegiance to the Myth Signal Rex Black  
4-22 Shitvomit A Shit gyulekezete   Death  
4-22 Siberian Meat Grinder Join the Bear Cult Destiney Crossover  
4-22 Skull Fist Paid in Full Atomic Fire  Heavy Speed  
4-22 Speckmann Project Fiends of Emptiness EMP Death  
4-22 Survival Instinct Fatal Venin   Thrash E.P.
4-22 Thos Ælla Sempiternal Mobocracies I, Voidhanger Extreme  
4-22 Vanum Legend Profound Lore Black  
4-22 Womit Angel Sadopunk Finland Godz of War Crust  
4-22 ZOS The Whole of the Body I, Voidhanger Drone Doom  
4-23 Bonga Bonga S/T   Thrash  
4-23 High Plains Drifter Portals   Instr Prog Kirk Hammett
4-23 Ifernach Neo Tribal Manimal   Black  
4-23 Mountain of Smoke Imprinted   Sludge Doom  
4-23 My Useless Life Bittersweet Agony   Dep Black  
4-23 Suciedad Corrurto y Asesino   Crossover E.P.
4-23 Visceral Explosion Human Meat Distribution Process Rotten Death Slam  
4-24 ExistRuth God Bless You   Sym Power Speed  
4-24 Sator Cleansing Ritual   Sludge Doom  
4-24 Siver Knife Ring AFP Post Black E.P.
4-24 Shadow Ground The Harvest of Black Diamonds   Black  
4-24 Silver Knife Ring   Post Black E.P.
4-24 Sweet Heart of a Berzerk Last Feverish Dreams   Melodic Death Ind  
4-25 Celestial Season Mysterium I Burning World Doom Death  
4-25 Grimtone Polaris   Black  
4-25 Intolerance Dark Paths of Humanity Memento Mori Death  
4-25 Rotheads Slither in Slime Memento Mori Death Thrash  
4-25 Suppression The Sorrow of Soul Through Flesh PTF Death  
4-25 Witchhelm Wild Eldritch   Stoner Doom  
4-26 Deathcrush Under the Serpents Reign   Extreme  
4-26 Disharmony Gods Made of Flesh Grimm Heavy Doom  
4-26 Lions At The Gate Find My Way     Ex -Ill Nino
4-27 Fate Gear Killers in the Sky Steam Steel Power Heavy  
4-27 Hertless H4   Dep Black Atmo  
4-27 Kvasir's Blood The Eternal Return   Black  
4-27 Niebla Fatidica Deseperanza Black  
4-27 Valon Vinter Unveiled Dimensions   Prog Death  
4-28 Annihilation Rite World Below Satanath Doom Death  
4-28 Beyond the Structure Scrutiny VIR Tech Death  
4-28 Drugoth  Dominion of the Dark   Crust  
4-28 Enjoy My Bitch! The Art of Fucking Bitches   Death Grind  
4-28 Ligfaerd Salvator Mundi Vendetta Black  
4-28 Necrotombs Collectible Human Bodies   Death  
4-28 Olathia Madness Reigns   Power Heavy Core E.P.
4-29 Adhomine Demonize Destroy Delete Hells Headbangers Extreme  
4-29 Afsind S/T Vendetta Black  
4-29 AlNamrood Worship the Degenerate Shaytan Black Folk  
4-29 And Hell Followed With Quietus Hollowed Melodic Deathcore  
4-29 Antyra Poiema Art Gates Melodic Heavy Thrash  
4-29 Bestialord Bless Them with Pain Grimm  Death Doom  
4-29 Candelabrum Nocturnal Trance Hells Headbangers Black  
4-29 Carnal Savagery Scent of Death Moribund Death  
4-29 Dead Head Slave Driver Hammerheart Thrash Death  
4-29 Devil Master Ecstasies of Neverending Relapse Black Crust  
4-29 Discordia Triptych Transcending Obscurity Tech Death  
4-29 Downfall of Mankind Vile Birth Lacerated Enemy Sym Deathcore  
4-29 Existence Depraved Dissonant Image Art Gates Heavy  
4-29 Faust Tinnitus Inqusition Witches Brew Thrash  
4-29 The Gathering Beautiful Distortion Psychonaut Melodic Rock  
4-29 Gladenfold Nemesis Reaper Melodic Death Power  
4-29 Insulter the Last! Witches Brew Thrash Death  
4-29 Introtyl Adfectus   Death  
4-29 Lament Cityscape A Darker Discharge Lifeforce Exp  
4-29 LionSoul A Pledge to Darkness* Rockshots Power  
4-29 Luke Fortini Technical Supremacy* Lion Prog  
4-29 Meyhnach Miseria de Profundis Osmose  Black  
4-29 No/Mas Consume/Deny/Repent Colsed Casket Grindcore  
4-29 Post- Mortem The Monumental Pandemonium Great Dane Death  
4-29 Sacrilega The Arcana Spear Blood Harvest Death  
4-29 Saffire Taming the Hurricane Rock of Angels Prog  
4-29 Satan's Host This Legacy Will Never Die* Moribund Black Heavy  
4-29 Slowtorch The Machine Has Failed Electric Valley Stoner  
4-29 The Spirit Of Clarity and Galactic Structures AOP Extreme  
4-29 Thorium Danmark   Death  
4-29 Thunder Dopamine   Hard Rock  
4-29 Tysondog Mignight From The Vaults Heavy Speed  
4-29 Vampenstein Slave to the Witch   Extreme Punk E.P.
4-29 Volcano Stone Orange   Black Death Thrash  
4-29 Watain The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain* Nuclear Blast Black  
4-30 Negative Plane The Pact...*   Black  
4-30 Rodent Epoch Hidden Temple   Black  

May Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
5-1 Elegeion Plight of the Heretic   Atmo Doom Goth Black  
5-1 Fjosnisse Fjord og fjeld   Black  
5-1 Green Hog Band Crypt of Doom The Swamp Psych Doom  
5-1 Foul Body Autopsy Shadows Without Light Part 2   Death E.P.
5-1 Valac Howls of Infinate Horror   Black  
5-1 Warchest Impending Corrision   Thrash E.P.
5-3 Forever Stuck on This NightmareThey Called Planet Earth On The Edge of Reality   Various  
5-3 Kaoskraft Hunters...   Black E.P.
5-3 Marble Carrion Ultramercy   Death  
5-3 Sick to the Back Teeth Twilight   Various  
5-3 Tenebro L'inizio di un incubo Xtreem Death  
5-3 Woeden Deity of Revival Drain Black  
5-4 Whoresnation Dearth Carbonized Grindcore  
5-5 Hanormale The Cathartic Anointingof Heterodoxy in Resilience Zero Deminsional Exp  
5-5 Leather Lung Dive Bar Devil   Stoner Doom E.P.
5-5 Ufomammut Fenice* Neurot Doom  
5-5 Sinyells Metaverse   Metal Core Ind  
5-6 Absurd Creation A Dance with Death Tres Prog  
5-6 Britof Ruins On Parole Heavy Stoner  
5-6 Consciously Dying Bereavment a Guide to Loss and Grief   Tech Death  
5-6 Cosmic Putrefacation Crepuscular Dirge for the Blessed Ones Profound Lore Death  
5-6 The Damnation Way of Perdition Soulseller Thrash Death  
5-6 The Dark Overlords Darkpocalypse   Extreme E.P.
5-6 Demonical Mass Destroyer Agonia Death  
5-6 Depressed Mode Decade of Silence   Sym Death Doom  
5-6 Disquiet Instigate to Annihilate Melodic Thrash Soulseller  
5-6 Djevelkult Drep alle guder Soulseller Black  
5-6 Drag Me Out Demons Away Sumerian    
5-6 Haunter Discarnate Ailis* Profound Lore Extreme  
5-6 Harvested S/T     E.P.
5-6 I Am the Night While the Gods are Sleeping Svart Black  
5-6 Ibaraki Rashomon** Nuclear Blast Exp  
5-6 Jeff Scott Soto Complicated Frontiers Heavy Hard  
5-6 Master Boot Record Personal Computer Metal Blade Ind Electronic  
5-6 Motor Sister Get Off* Metal Blade Heavy Hard  
5-6 Posthuman Abominations Mankind Recall Comatose Death  
5-6 Silverstein Misery Made Me UNFD    
5-6 Sphere Blood Era DP Death  
5-6 Strange Horizon Beyond the Strange Horizon Apollon Doom  
5-6 Syberia Statement on Death* Metal Blade Post  
5-6 Tableau Mort Visio in Somniis C.O.P. Black  
5-6 Theigns And Thralls S/T Rockshots   Kevin Ridley
5-6 Tomarum Ash in the Realm of Stone Icons Prosthetic Prog Black  
5-6 Tzompantli Tlazatilztli 20 Buck Spin Death Doom  
5-6 Upon A Burning Body Fury      
5-6 Vital Spirit Still as the Night, Cold as the Wind   Black  
5-6 Wo Fat The Singularity Ripple Psych Doom Stoner  
5-7 Harvested S/T*      
5-10 Nuiterra the Dark GS Sym  
5-12 Cavernlight As I Can Ruin upon the Lens that Reveals my every Flaw Translation Loss Sludge Doom Post  
5-12 Demiricous Chaotic Lethal Post Thrash Death  
5-12 Famyne II: The Ground Below Svart  Doom  
5-12 Graham Bonnet Band Day out in Nowhere Frontiers Heavy Hard  
5-12 Morgue Supplier Inevitability Transcending Obscurity Death Grind  
5-13 Aara Triade II: Hemera Debemur Morti Atmo Black  
5-13 Anniken Climb Out of Hell* Rockshots Melodic Sym  
5-13 Astathica Death of Life   Black E.P.
5-13 Atomization Noitazimota   Gore CyberGrind  
5-13 Blasphematory The Lower Catacombs Nuclear Winre Death  
5-13 Cairns Keening   Atmo Post Black E.P.
5-13 Cartilage The Deader the Better   Death Grind  
5-13 CoreLeoni III   Heavy  
5-13 Corpus Christii The Bitter End of Old Immortal Frost Black  
5-13 Cyphonism Cosmic Voidance   Death  
5-13 Ellipsis Sadistikal Mentaculus   Prog Metal  
5-13 Entgeist Res Gestae   Extreme  
5-13 Finsmoonth Affliction Nothern Silence Melodic Black  
5-13 The Forever Project S/T   Prog  
5-13 Graham Bonnet Band Day Out in Nowhere Frontiers Rock  
5-13 Hellhaim Let the Dead not Lose Hope Ossuary Heavy  
5-13 Heterochrome From the Ashes*   Melodic  
5-13 Katharos Of Lineages Long Forgotten Willowtip Sym Black  
5-13 Krod Black Metal Legion   Black  
5-13 Lykoris Radiata Les   Heavy E.P.
5-13 MASTER BOOT RECORD Personal Computer* Metal Blade    
5-13 Misery Index Complete Control Century Media Extreme  
5-13 Moon Tooth Phototroph Pure Noise Prog  
5-13 Mutilatred Determined to Rot Redefining Darkness Death  
5-13 Nechochwen Kanawha Black   Black Folk NeoFolk  
5-13 Norilsk Beyond the Mountains   Doom Death Post E.P.
5-13 Olivia Neutered John No Mercy     E.P.
5-13 Ratos de Porao Necropolitica Shinigami Crossover  
5-13 Red Eyes Servos de Satanas   Black Thrash  
5-13 Redneck Rampage Beneath the Boulder   Southern Groove E.P.
5-13 Ruinas Resurrekzion  Spikerot Death Grind  
5-13 Sacred Son The Foul Deth of Engelond   Black Amb  
5-13 Scitalis Doomed Before Time Vendetta Black  
5-13 Septekh Greetings from the End   Death Thrash E.P.
5-13 Seven Sins My Triumph Satanath Sym Extreme  
5-13 Spinne Rotten Society   Thrash  
5-13 Visions of Atlantis Pirates Napalm Sym  
5-13 Vorhees Chapter III Great Dane Death  
5-13 Woorms Fatalismo   Sludge  
5-13 Writhing Shadows S/T   Death  
5-13 Zero Hour Agenda 21 Frontiers Prog  
5-14 Flesh Configuration Adapt Swarm Planet   Death  
5-14 Synteleia The Secret Last Syllable Floga Black  
5-15 Deep Mountains West Lake Moon Pest Post Rock  
5-16 Caelus The Voyage Part 1   Melodic Death  
5-16 Cauchemar Rosa Mystica Temple of Mystery Heavy Doom  
5-16 Horn Verzet   Pagan Black  
5-16 Vile Impregnation Slave   Death  
5-17 Balch Kodex Gigas   Black Amb  
5-17 Eating Shit Effondrement Gravitationnel   Ind Extreme  
5-17 Mendel Equilibrium   Prog Shred  
5-17 Paraplexia Endless Demise in Depravity   Death E.P.
5-17 Shock Metamorphism Effondrement Gravitationnel   Ind Extreme  
5-18 Necroveg Gluttony   Death Grind  
5-18 Zeke Deux Advance to Glory Starwave Power  
5-19 Dark Ages Between Us AR  Prog  
5-19 Hercules Metal Pounding (Gold Version)   Epic Heavy  
5-19 Sailor Hunter S/T Inverse Core E.P.
5-19 Theurgia Virtue   Black E.P.
5-20 Anvil Impact is Imminent AFM Heavy Power  
5-20 Assumption Hadean Tides Everlasting Spew Doom Death  
5-20 Awakening Sun Heaven is Whatever   Melodic Core  
5-20 Blut aus Nord Disharmonium Debemur Morti Exp  
5-20 Carnal Ghoul Back from the Vault   Death  
5-20 Cave In Heavy Pendulum Relapse    
5-20 Cities of Mars S/T Ripple Stoner Doom  
5-20 Come to Grief Life's Curse Translation Loss Doom  
5-20 The Dark Alamorte Lunarcrium Thepsis Unique Leader Atmo Extreme Core  
5-20 Drift into Black Earthtorn Black Lion Goth Doom  
5-20 Evergrey The Heartless Portrait* Napalm Melodic Prog  
5-20 Helsott Will and the Witch* M-Theory Audio Folk  
5-20 Hyrgal -   Black  
5-20 Imonolith Progressions      
5-20 James Labrie Beautiful Shade of Grey Inside Out Prog  
5-20 Jungle Rot A Call to Arms* Unique Leader Death  
5-20 Leviathan Project The Final War Deko Prog  
5-20 Malevolence Malicious Intent Nuclear Blast Groove Core  
5-20 MNRVA Hollow Black Doomba Doom  
5-20 Organ Trail Appetit for Dissection Horror Pain Gore Death Death  
5-20 Quartz On the Edge of No Tommorow Hear no Evil NWOBHM  
5-20 Sadist Firescorched Agonia Prog Death  
5-20 Sandness Play Your Part* Rockshots    
5-20 Septic Flesh Modern Primitive* Nuclear Blast Sym Extreme  
5-20 Sinsid In Victory Pitch Black Heavy  
5-20 Space of Variations Imago Napalm Core  
5-20 Symphonity Marco Polo Limb Power  
5-20 Unbowed Colour the Soul   Melodic Extreme  
5-20 Violentor Manifesto di iodio Time to Kill Thrash  
5-20 Wampyrinacht Night of the Descration Iron Bonehead Black  
5-22 Eternal Necrosys Decompostion   Death  
5-22 Goat Vomit Noise Nihilist Front CNC Black E.P.
5-23 Heruka Memorie Rude Awakening Sym Black  
5-23 Infecto Descarnado y repulsivo Coyote Deathcore  
5-23 Katharos XIII Chthonian Transmissions Loud Rage Metal Dark Jazz  
5-23 Terror Cosmico  Miasma Stolen Body Stoner  
5-24 Arska Fennomania   Heavy  
5-24 Diskordia Requiem for the Ones Who Dream   Sym Doom  
5-24 Lightning Strikes Across the Sky Slagga   Black  
5-24 Vulturine Catico Gangrenoso   Black  
5-25 Asagrimmr Under the Sign of Odin BMC Black  
5-25 Harbinger A Letter To Anguish   Tech Melodic Death Core E.P.
5-25 Holocausto Canibal Crueza Ferina Selfmadegod Death Grind  
5-25 Ibridoma Norimberga 2.0 Punishment 18 Heavy Power  
5-25 Stygian Oath Midnight Flames Stormspell Heavy  
5-25 Tears of Tragedy &   Sym Melodic Power  
5-25 Toblakai The Book of the Fallen   Black  
5-26 Cadaver Coils Offerings of Rapture and Decay Iron Bonehead Death  
5-26 Ice War Beyond the Void Fighter Heavy Speed  
5-26 Lucifer Jones No Life Til Death   Doom Heavy Punk  
5-27 40 Watt Sun Perfect Light Svart Doom Atmo  
5-27 Besvarjelsen Atlas Magnetic Eye Stoner Doom Psych  
5-27 Black Lung Dark Waves Heavy Psych Psych Doom  
5-27 Bloodhunter Knowledge was the Price*   Melodic Death  
5-27 Bong-Ra Meditations Tarturus Exp Doom  
5-27 Cabin Boy Jumped Ship Sentiments AFM    
5-27 Circle of Silence Walk Through Hell Massacre Power  
5-27 Coheed and Cambria Vaxis II   Prog  
5-27 The Cross Act II:Walls of the Forgotten Pitch Black Doom Death  
5-27 Darkened The Black Winter Edged Circle Death All Star Line UP
5-27 Baest Justitia Century Media Death E.P.
5-27 Def Leppard Diamond Star Halos UMe Rock  
5-27 Depressed Afterlife in Darkness Black Lion   2015
5-27 Evil  Book of Evil From the Faults Heavy  
5-27 Gengis Khan Possessed by the Moon Stormspell Heavy  
5-27 Grimmold Tales of the Forest   Atmo Black  
5-27 Heaving Earth Darkness of God Lavadome Death  
5-27 The Heretic Order III Massacre Heavy  
5-27 IATT Magnum Opus Black Lion    
5-27 Inferia Grind Cumpaign Great Dane Death Grind  
5-27 Infinityum The War   Epic Folk Extreme  
5-27 Lascar Presence Throne  Post Black  
5-27 Lord Belial Rapture Hammerheart Black  
5-27 Louksna Devoted Northern Spirit   Black  
5-27 Obscence ...from Dead Horizon Blood Harvest Death  
5-27 Odd Crew Dark Matter's part 1 Drakkar Groove Alt Metal  
5-27 Olhava Reborn   Atmo Post Black  
5-27 Poledriver Metal Inquisition Shadow Kingdom Speed Thrash 1984
5-27 Shed the Skin Thaumogenesis Hells Headbangers Death  
5-27 Sisyphean Colours of Faith Transcending Obscurity Extreme  
5-27 Stellae Trilogy of Despair   Black E.P.
5-27 Stiriah ...of Light   Black  
5-27 Trolldom Inatters sken Iron Bonehead Atmo Black  
5-27 Trollfest Flamingo Overlord* Napalm Folk   
5-27 Urkraft The True Protagonist Massacre Melodic Death  
5-27 Venus Principle Stand in your Light      
5-27 Wake Devouring Ruin Metal Blade  Extreme  
5-30 Luzbel Pasaporte al infierno Black Legion Heavy 1986
5-30 Vader Sothis SZR Death E.P.
5-31 Arcada Infernis Ardentis Monarcha Edge Circle Black  
5-31 Barbarossa IIs n'ont pas passe   Melodic Death E.P.
5-31 Bergsvriden Gastkramad   Black Folk  
5-31 Cathedral of Light Aeternam   Black E.P.
5-31 Chaleur de la Braise Le jeu   Groove E.P.
5-31 Combat Noise Frontline Offensive Force   Death Grind 2010
5-31 Disembodied The Invisable Dimension Dismembered Death  
5-31 Dos Brujos Ritual   Sludge Doom  
5-31 Hovf Harnadstag   Black  
5-31 Lethargic Woodo Tumba   Doom Death  
5-31 Malignant Aura Abysmal Misfortune is Draped Upon Me Bitter Loss Death Doom  
5-31 Massacred Human Extermination   Death Grind  
5-31 Morte France Sola Fide   Black  E.P.
5-31 Nihil Invocation The Chaos of Our Lost and Evil Soils   Black  
5-31 Perventor The Mirror Gate   Black E.P.
5-31 Ribspreader Crypt World Xreem Melodic Death  
5-31 Shadow's Mortuary Unohdettu Maa Purity Through Fire Black  

June 2022

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
6-1 ASG Pyramid Wheels Relapse Stoner E.P.
6-1 Bestial Piglord Grapefruit Dream   Exp  
6-1 Blood Pollution Gates to Oblivion   Thrash'n'Roll  
6-1 Cadaveria Emptiness Time to Kill Black Goth  
6-1 Crucifier Say Your Prayers Iron Bonehead   E.P.
6-1 Daemonlust S/T   Black  
6-1 Daniel Burgin Fires in the North   Folk  
6-1 Erythrite Throne Grimness of the Darklands Serpent's Sword Black Doom Amb  
6-1 Gates of Tyrant Vortex Towards Death   Black  
6-1 Grindead Culture Decline/ Machines Arise   Death Grind  
6-1 Hellevarder In de nevel van afgunst   Black  
6-1 Hornwood Fell Sgr A   Black  
6-1 Imprerial Circus Dead Decadence   Radtone Sym Power Melodic  
6-1 Ilsa Repression Relapse Doom Death E.P.
6-1 Infested Blood IX Devil Kings Rapture Death  
6-1 Justice Theory Beaten Will Rise Inverse Thrash E.P.
6-1 Lunar Chalice Transcendetia: The Shadow Pilgrimage Iron Bonehead Black  
6-1 Magistarium Dreamlord Opera   Sym Power  
6-1 Massemord Den svarte sjelen   Black  
6-1 The Mystic Euphoria Project It's A Mad Metal World DI Sym  
6-1 PeelingFlesh Human Pudding Vile Slam Death E.P.
6-1 Runespell Sentinels of Time Iron Bonehead Black E.P.
6-1 Schraal Onheilige Strijd   Black  
6-1 Seizur Tumba   Post E.P.
6-1 Steel Cheetah Inferno   Heavy Hard  
6-1 Stillborn Cultura de la muerte   Extreme  
6-1 Timeless Necrotears Amazing Stories from Planet Far FisaTK62   Exp  
6-1 Vipere Doulerus VC Black  
6-1 Vulcanor Corrosiva decadencia   Heavy Thrash  
6-1 Worwyk Dark Embrace   Heavy  
6-2 Austral Kult Pseudomonarchia Daemonum BMC Black  
6-2 Avenguard Time Does Not Exist   Power  
6-2 Blaze Bomber Shadow of your Life Metalagan Heavy Thrash 1997
6-2 Crucifier Say Your Prayers Iron Bonehead Extreme E.P.
6-2 Hexorcist Evil Reaping Death   Death  
6-2 Moribund Dawn Dark Mysteries of Time & Eternity   Black  
6-2 Salute Jubilee   Heavy Death Thrash E.P.
6-2 Shaxul Ardour & Slumber   Crust E.P.
6-2 Timeless Necrotears Black Christ in Planet Amaha Ps55   Exp  
6-3 All Things Fallen Shadow Way   Prog  
6-3 Artificial Brain S/T Profound Lore Prog  
6-3 Astronoid Radiant Bloom* 3Dot Atmo Prog  
6-3 Bleed From Within Shrine Nuclear Blast Melodic Groove Core  
6-3 Chastain The Voice of the Cult Shadow Kingdom Heavy Power 1988
6-3 Corrosive Death as a Process   Death  
6-3 Daedric Chamber Reverence of the Gods   Black  
6-3 Defiatory Apokalyps Black Lion Thrash  
6-3 Druids Shadow Work Pelagic Stoner Doom  
6-3 Fortis Ventus Ventus* Rockshots    
6-3 Goatchrist Odes to the Radiant One Wickerman Exp  
6-3 Kerion Cloudriders: Age of Cyborgs Metalodic Sym Power  
6-3 Killswitch Engage Live at the Palladium Metal Blade Thrashcore Live
6-3 Kreator Hate Uber Alles* Nuclear Blast Thrash  
6-3 Las Cruces Cosmic Tears* Ripple Doom  
6-3 Licht- und Schattensaiten Wetterleuchten   Exp Black  
6-3 Magnatar Crushed   Sludge Doom  
6-3 Origin Chaosmos* Agonia Tech Death  
6-3 Pestifer Age of Disgrace XenoCorp Tech Death 2010
6-3 Sergeant Thunderhoof This Sceptred Veil   Pstch Doom  
6-3 Sijjeel Salvation Within Insanity Comatose Death  
6-3 Somnus Throne Nemesis Lately Heavy Psych Doom Stoner  
6-3 Temple of Void Summening the Slayer Relapse Doom Death  
6-3 Thosar Elementa Grazil Sludge Doom  
6-3 True Strength The House, The Holy, The Third Roxx Heavy Power  
6-4 Baazlvaat An Old Forgotten Text*   Exp  
6-5 Ethereal Moon S/T   Black E.P.
6-5 Goblin Hovel At Home in the Heart of Haunting   Neofolk E.P.
6-5 Necrolord Thy Will Be Done   Death E.P.
6-5 Void Master Tantric Meditations of Doom   Doom  
6-5 Wolfsbane Genius   Heavy  
6-6 Besieged Violence Beyond All Reason Unspeakable Axe Death Thrash  
6-6 Criptodonte Dias grises   Sludge Doom E.P.
6-6 Dark Fount Become the Soul of Mist Pest Black  
6-6 Faustian Spirit Blessed by the Wings of Eternity   Black  
6-6 Gabriels Dragonblood   Prog Melodic  
6-6 Oculi Melancholiarum Alud V.C.H. Dep Black  
6-6 Rancid Amputation Vile Human Taste   Death E.P.
6-6 Runtuh Erosion of the Self   Sludge Post Doom  
6-6 Tundra Eclipse of Blood   Black E.P.
6-6 Twlight Aura For A Better World Metal Relics Prog Power Speed  
6-8 Sonum Visceral Void Entropy WormHoleDeath Extreme  
6-9 Carceri From Source to End Brutal Mind Death  
6-9 Disma Earthendium NP Death E.P.
6-9 Psykdom S/T Cold Northern Breeze Black  
6-9 Vonulfsreich Ragnarok Rising   Black  
6-10 Adamantis The Daemon's Stair Cruz Del Sur Power E.P.
6-10 Anal Vomit Demoniac Flagellations Careless Black Death Thrash 2005
6-10 Anathema A Vision of a Dying Embrace Peaceville Melodic Rock Live
6-10 Atomic Drop Bootymania   Black Thrash  
6-10 Barbaric Horde Barbaric Hammer First Godz ov War Black  
6-10 Berator Elysian Inferno Dark Descent Extreme E.P.
6-10 Black Claw The Unabating Terror Cursed Monk Doom E.P.
6-10 Black Therapy Onward Black Lion  Melodic Death  
6-10 Bloody Heels Rotten Romance Frontiers Rock  
6-10 Crisis Benoit El Culto De La Muerte Slaughter House Death Grind  
6-10 Darain and Friends Lost Horizon Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
6-10 DeathFuckingCunt Decadent Perversity Transcending Obscurity Tech Death Gore  
6-10 Deathwhite Grey Everlasting Season of Mist Exp  
6-10 Deep Sun Dreamland Massacre Sym   
6-10 Dol Theeta Monad   Prog Sym Exp  
6-10 Eufobia Madness Wizard Black  
6-10 Guineapig Parasite Spikerot Goregrind  
6-10 Schandmaul Knuppel aus dem Sack* Napalm    
6-10 Sownset Maintain Nuclear Blast Rap Hardcore  
6-10 Goatsmegma Goat Separatist Movement Godz ov War Extreme  
6-10 Gothic Knights Reflections from the Other Side   Heavy Power  
6-10 Grace Hope Frontiers Rock  
6-10 Heart Attack Negative Sun Aomic Fire Melodic Thrash  
6-10 Infernal Bizarre Mrocznedziedzictwo Via Nocturna Death Thrash  
6-10 Integrity Those Who Fear Tomorrow Relapse Hardcore 1991
6-10 Integrity Systems Overload Relapse Hardcore 1995
6-10 Kardashev Liminal Rite* Metal Blade Exp  
6-10 Keldian The Bloodwater Rebellion   Power  
6-10 Monasterium Cold are the Graves   Epic Doom  
6-10 Motionless in White Scoring the End of the World* Roadrunner    
6-10 Neolithic Shattering Vessels The Other Death Crust  
6-10 Seventh Wonder The Testament* Frontiers Prog  
6-10 Severe Torture Fisting the Sockets Season of Mist Death E.P.
6-10 Soreption Jord Unique Leader Death  
6-10 Svart Crown Les terres brulees   Extreme E.P.
6-10 Tardigrada Widstrand Eisenwald Atmo Black  
6-10 Vanvidd Lavedans   Folk E.P.
6-10 Venus 5 S/T Frontiers Melodic  
6-10 Voimaton Profane Vestige   Death Doom  
6-10 Yatra Born Into Chaos Prosthetic Doom  
6-11 Volus Thrown to the Abyss VHR Extreme Noise  
6-12 Disarranged The Blood Moon   Sludge Black  
6-12 Isvara VI:Meditations for Wrath   Black Doom  
6-12 Pagan Reign   Yarko Folk Pagan Black E.P.
6-12 Sparkle Yggdrasil   Exp  
6-12 Tinieblas Metal Destroyer   Thrash  
6-13 Funeral Oppression The Eternal Revial Satanath Dep Black  
6-13 Tombs Ex Oblivion Season of Mist Blck Post E.P.
6-14 Ghostsmoker Grief Goatsound Sludge Doom E.P.
6-14 Inexorable Imperious Sliptrick Death  
6-14 Last Breath Ashes to Ashes Metal Race Heavy Thrash 1994
6-14 Rancor Bury The World Xtreem Thrash  
6-15 Anna Fiori Magna Tonalli   Sym Heavy  
6-15 Dir En Grey Phalaris*   Exp  
6-15 Rings of Saturn S/T*   Extreme Exp  
6-15 Unholy Impaler To The Daring Forces   Black E.P.
6-16 Blood Angel Under the Infernal Reign   Black  
6-16 Culak XV   Post Black Doom  
6-16 Deus Omega Among the Dead   Extreme Doom  
6-16 Dysmorphic Demiurge The Great and Terrible War Miasma Death  
6-16 Folklore Negro Al amparo del silencio   Prog Doom Death  
6-16 Theriomorph Diabolical Bloodswords   Black  
6-16 Withdraw Histriogram   Black  
6-17 Aptera You Can't Bury what Still Burns Ripple Doom Sludge   
6-17 Atramentum Through Fire, Everything is Renewed Invictus Black  
6-17 Ataraxy The Last Mirror   Death  
6-17 Bad Acid Trip Taught to Fear Wise Grinds Crossover Grind  
6-17 Bastard Priest Under the Hammer of Destruction Blood Harvest Death 2010
6-17 Bastard Priest Ghouls of the Endless Night Blood Harvest Death 2011
6-17 Behrosth     Black Psych Rock  
6-17 Blasphemous Creation  Beyond The Grave Horror Pain Gore Death Death E.P.
6-17 Boody Trap The Hellzheimers Firecum Crossover  
6-17 Brutta S/T*   Extreme Tom MacLean
6-17 Caeli Tied Together Pure Steel Heavy  
6-17 Calavera Especie examinada*   Thrash  
6-17 Caravellus Inter Mundos* Rockshots    
6-17 Chaos Magic Emerge Frontiers Sym  
6-17 Christ Agony Unholyunion Deformeating Melodic Black 1990
6-17 Christ Agony Daemoonseth Deformeating Melodic Black 1994
6-17 Charlie Griffiths Tikaalika* Inside Out Prog Haken
6-17 Civil War Invaders* Napalm Heavy Epic Power  
6-17 Combinator re//combinator*   Various  
6-17 Consecration Cinis Redifining Darkness Doom Death  
6-17 Deinos Mastema A Funeral Show   Black  
6-17 Denouncement Pyre Forever Burning Agonia Extreme  
6-17 Elektric Mistress Chapter 99*   Psych Stoner E.P.
6-17 Esoctrilihum Consecration of the Spiritus Flesh* I Voidhanger Black  
6-17 Exocrine The Hybrid Suns* Unique Leader Prog Tech Death  
6-17 Heavy Sentence Bang to Rights   Heavy  
6-17 Horns & Hooves I Am the Skel Messiah Invictus Black  
6-17 Iconic Second Skin Frontiers Heavy Hard All Star Line Up
6-17 Infanteria Patriarch   Thrash  
6-17 Jorn Over the Horizon Radar* Frontiers Heavy  
6-17 Krallice Psychagogue   Avant Black  
6-17 Matt Miller Monument of Velocity   Prog Death  
6-17 Oni Loathing Light Metal Blade Prog Core Djent  
6-17 Oreyeon Equations for the Useless* Heavy Psych Stoner  
6-17 Serpent Ascending Hyperborean Folklore I Voidhanger Death  
6-17 Swampborn Beyond Ratio Hypnotic Dirge Exp Post Black  
6-17 Teratoma Purulent Manifestation DP Death  
6-17 Warlock A.D. Book I   Hard Heavy  
6-17 White Ward False Light Debemur Morti Exp Post  
6-17 Windwalker Love Language Fearless   E.P.
6-17 Wolftower Funeral Swords   Black  
6-18 Spiter Bathe the Babe in Bats' Blood   Black Punk  
6-20 Corpse Worship Necroresonance Coyote Death  
6-20 Filthed Loathsome Lord of Sick Death  
6-21 Afflicted Truth Recollection   Death Grind  
6-21 Breath of Wind The Place Where the Sun Rises   Atmo Black  
6-21 Daudi Helion   Doom Black  
6-21 Jumalhamara Of Enlightenment & Righteousness Part 3   Exp  
6-21 Light Dweller Lucid Offering   Extreme  
6-21 Locust Point Michigan Drag   Heavy Hard  
6-21 Lutavierje Na kupallie   Folk E.P.
6-21 Nubivagant The Wheel and the Universe Amor Fati Death  
6-21 Runagual S/T   Heavy Black Rock  E.P.
6-23 Witch Slayer S/T   Power Doom  
6-24 10,000 Years III Death Valley Stoner  
6-24 All Star Tribute to Rush   Magna Carta Prog  
6-24 Axioma Sepsis Translation Loss Post Black  
6-24 Candy Heaven is Here* Relapse    
6-24 Darkane Inhuman Spirits Massacre Melodic Death Thrash  
6-24 Dawn of Destiny Of Silence ElPuerto Power  
6-24 Enchantment Cold Soul Embrace Trancinding Death Doom  
6-24 Entrails An Eternal Time of Decay Hammerheart Death  
6-24 Guillotine A.D. Born to Fall M-Theory  Death  
6-24 Instigate  Unheeded Warnings of Decay Everlasting Spew Death  
6-24 Intoxicated Watch You Burn Seeing Red Thrash Death  
6-24 Liber Null For Whom is the Night Immortal Frost Black  
6-24 Milking the Goatmachine Nach uns die Reaper Death Grind  
6-24 Nightbearer Ghost in the Darkness Testimony Death  
6-24 ONO Unwavering Resonance   Exp  
6-24 Paganizer Beyond the Macabre Transcending Obscurity Death  
6-24 Pathos & Logos Cult   Prog E.P.
6-24 Perpetual Night Aconitum WormHoleDeath Melodic Death  
6-24 Porcupine Tree Closure/ Continuation   Melodic Prog  
6-24 Saor Origins Season of Mist Atmo Melodic Folk  
6-24 Serpents Oath Ascension Soulseller  Black  
6-24 Temple of Worms Liber de Mortis Great Dane Death  
6-24 Victorious Dinosaur Warfare Pt.1
The Great Ninja War*
Napalm Power  
6-24 Werewolves From the Cave to the Grave Prosthetic Tech Extreme  
6-25 Armagh Serpent Storm First Wave Black Heavy  
6-25 Buckethead Pike 318 Bucketheadland  Prog Exp Pike 318
6-25 Death to the Human Race Black Summer   Black E.P.
6-25 Ironhawk Ritual of the Warpath Dying Victims Heavy Speed Punk  
6-25 Mourning by Morning A Step Away From Light A Step into Abyss FD Black  
6-25 Sauvan Sankari Ritarit Luciferin Leivissa   Black  
6-25 Shrooms Circle The Constant Descent DHU Stoner  
6-26 Day of Execution Souless   Death E.P.
6-26 Evil Witchery Suicidal Birth   Black Thrash E.P.
6-26 Innocence Make no Sound   Black Noise  
6-26 The Wright Valley Trio Metal Doom   Sludge Doom Post  
6-27 Antiquus Scriptum At the Ancient Gates of Uncertainty   Black Viking Amb E.P.
6-28 Furis Ignis Turm Iron Bonehead Black E.P.
6-28 Power From Hell Shadows Devouring Light Debemur Morti Black  
6-28 Vrykolakas The Necromantic Revocation   Death  
6-29 Vequalia Summerlight Essence   Black  
6-29 Your Highness The Ragbag   Sludge Stoner E.P.
6-30 Animalize Meat We're Made Of Dying Vitctims Heavy  
6-30 Echelon Open Wide the Adamantne Gates Iron Blood and Death Death  
6-30 Greenwitch Grid Walker Horror Pain Gore Death Death E.P.
6-30 Hysterical Blindness Notre heritage   Black  
6-30 Marraskuun Lapset  Lauluja Inverse Goth Melodic Death E.P.
6-30 Orthodox Proceed Alone Drone Doom Avant-garde