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The Harbinger
Kyle Obergfell AKA The Iron Man
James Kottak
Jon Kennedy
James Harvey
Kirk Arrington
Jim Durkin
Josua Lander Madsen
Tim Aymar
Majk Moti
Dave Sherman
Stuart Anstis
Ted Kirkpatrick with the King

Roman Kostrzewski

Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Quorthon from Bathory
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Jared Anderson
Scott Clendenin
David Gold



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Nattdal B Jonas Lars Bergqvist

Young Evil Chuck
The Guitar Emperor

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Latest News

Tom Davies

Bass Player Tom Davies from the band Nebula passed away on September 6th at the age of 48 after a battle with Leukemia

Steve Riley

X-Keel and LA Guns guitarist Steve Riley Passed away at the age of 67 on October 24 2013.

Jon Kennedy

Former Hecate Enthroned vocalist Jon Kennedy passed away from a car accident at the age of 46 on September 25 2023.

 Charlie Dominici

Original Dream Theater vocalist Charlie Dominici passed away at the age of 72 on November 17th 2013.

July 2023 Release Date

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
7-1 Funeral Rape Spermetry RRR Goregrind  
7-3 The Nihilistic Front A Cavernous Descent into Filth   Doom Death  
7-3 Paura Karmic Punishment   Core  
7-3 Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle Reverecia ou Morte   Extreme  
7-3 Selidor Ecos del abismo   Heavy Power  
7-3 Tindra Stjarnoga Gravoppningen   Black E.P.
7-4 Arav Krishnan The Fallen System Sliptrick Heavy Groove  
7-4 Iunehkal Birth is a Curse   Black Amb  
7-4 Slaughtopsy Mit Stumpf und Stiel   Extreme  
7-4 Varkensstad Hellevuur   Prog Metal  
7-5 Evoking Winds Bald Mountain   Atmo Black Folk  
7-5 Gateway Galgendood Transcending Obscurity Doom Death  
7-5 Nasty Surgeons Anatomy Lessons   Death Grind  
7-5 Senistro King of Rotten Land   Goth  
7-7 All For Metal Legends AFM Heavy  
7-7 Anti-Sapien Calculating Obsolescene THCR Death Grind  
7-7 Astral Tomb Total Spiritual Death   Death  
7-7 Blackbraid Blackbraid II*      
7-7 Blackspace Suffocated by the Sun Massacre    
7-7 Bloodbound Tales from the North AFM Heavy Power  
7-7 Chepang Swatta   Grind Core  
7-7 Deathroll Japanese Extreme Metal Art* WormHoleDeath Black  
7-7 Degreed Publix Address Frontiers    
7-7 Demolizer Post Ncrotic Human Mighty Thrash  
7-7 Eternity Mundecide Soulseller    
7-7 Fen Monuments to Absence Prophecy Atmo Black Post Rock  
7-7 Feuerschwanz Fegefeuer* Napalm Medievil Folk  
7-7 Hatebreed The Rise of Brutality/ Surpremacy Dissonance Hardcore 2003 and 2006
7-7 Hazing Over Tunnel Vision 1126   E.P.
7-7 Hermodr To Be Alone   Atmo Black  
7-7 Iatrogenia Compulsive Pathological Carnifexia Amputated Vein  Death  
7-7 Kalrog Naar Lord Parias Returns   Heavy Power  
7-7 Kikimora For A Broken Dime* Frontiers Heavy  
7-7 A Life Divided Down the Spiral of a Stair AFM    
7-7 Metide Erebos Black Lion    
7-7 Nexxt Spiritual Survivor   Groove  
7-7 Nita Strauss The Call of the Void* Sumarian Prog  
7-7 Nostalghia Duelo   Post Black  
7-7 The Raven Age Blood Omen* Music for Nations Melodic Groove Core  
7-7 Servant Aetas Ascensus MDD Black  
7-7 Temple of Void The First Ten Chaos Death Doom  
7-7 Thelemite Survival of the Fittest Sleazy Rider Heavy  
7-7 Tortured Genetically Engineered Monstrosity Comatose Death  
7-7 Winterage  Nekyia Scarlet Sym Power  
7-7 Withering Scorn Prophets of Demise Frontiers Heavy All Star Lineup
7-7 Wizard Master Ablanathanalba   Stoner Doom  
7-7 Yawning Balch Volume 1 Heavy Psych    
7-7 Zaratan Orbital   Post Black  
7-9 Butcher Babies Eye For and Eye CM Thrash Groove  
7-9 Butcher Babies Til the Worlds Blind CM Thrash Groove  
7-10 Dead and Dripping Blackened Cerebral Rifts Transcending Obscurity Death  
7-14 Aetherian At Storm's Edge Lifeforce Melodic  
7-14 Among Ruins Land of the Black Sun Theogonia Melodic  
7-14 Ascendency A Manifest of Imperious Destiny Dark Descent Extreme E.P.
7-14 Atheist Pieces of Time Nuclear Blast Prog Thrash 1990
7-14 Atheist Unquestionable Presence Nuclear Blast Prog Thrash 1991
7-14 Atheist Elements Nuclear Blast Prog Thrash 1993
7-14 Atheist Jupiter Nuclear Blast Prog Thrash 2010
7-14 Aura Layer Thousand Pedels King Volume    
7-14 Baited Cutting Teeth*   Hardcore E.P.
7-14 Blodulv I Ophidian Sun Black 2003
7-14 Blodulv II Ophidian Sun Black 2004
7-14 Blodulv III Ophidian Sun Black 2005
7-14 Borgarting Beist Dusktone Black  
7-14 Bray Road Focused, Fierce, Relentless   Thrash Droove  
7-14 Buckethead Dream Meadow Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 537
7-14 Buckethead Well Spring Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 538
7-14 Buckethead Treehouse Backwards in Time Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 539
7-14 Buckethead Communicating Through the Stars Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 540
7-14 Buckethead In The Sky Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 541
7-14 Buckethead Lanters of Nara Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 542
7-14 Buzzed & Loaded Fast Cars & Dive Bars Sliptrick    
7-14 Calligram Posistion/ Momentum* Prosthetic Black Core  
7-14 Cathalepsy Blood and Steel Rock of Angels Power  
7-14 Cavern Deep Part 2 Breach Bone Bag    
7-14 Cel Damage No Volume SP    
7-14 Chamber I Love to Kill For Pure Noise    
7-14 Concrete Cold The Strains of Battle   Death Doom Sludge  
7-14 Constant Hell S/T      
7-14 Cutthroat Fear By Design DRA    
7-14 Daedric Chamber  Rite of the Old One   Black Dungeon Synth E.P.
7-14 A Dark Halo Omnibus One   Ind Thrash Groove  
7-14 Deitus Irreversible Candlelight Black  
7-14 Desekryptor Vortex Oblivion Blood Harvest    
7-14 Desekryptor Vortex Oblivion Blood Harvest Death  
7-14 The Devil's Trade Videkek Napalm    
7-14 Diabolical Fullmoon Resurrection of a Ancient Faith   Black  
7-14 Djinn-Ghul Opulence   Exp  
7-14 Dripped Ritual of the Red Sun   Death  
7-14 Edge of Paradise Hologram Frontiers    
7-14 Eleine We Shall Remain Atomic Fire Sym  
7-14 End Reign The End of All Flesh is Decay Relapse Crossover  
7-14 Evile The Unknown* Napalm Thrash  
7-14 Exsanguination Birial Rites Horror Pain Gore Death Death  
7-14 Freedom Call The M.E.T.A.L. Fest Steamhammer Heavy Power Live
7-14 Houston Relaunch III Frontiers    
7-14 Kikimora For a Broken Dime Frontiers    
7-14 Malacara Vuelvo a tu camino   Heavy  
7-14 Median Omega Insolence Drakkar    
7-14 Moodring Your Light Fades Away unfd   E.P.
7-14 The Neal Morse Band A Night of Innocence and Danger Inside Out Prog  
7-14 The Night Eternal Fatale Van  Heavy  
7-14 The Pit Of Madness and Evil Whispers   Death Thrash  
7-14 Robledo Broken Soul Frontiers Melodic Heavy  
7-14 Scream Maker Land of Fire Frontiers Heavy  
7-14 Tailgunner Guns for Hire FireFlash Heavy  
7-14 Tales of Liquid Dawn See Beyond   Prog  
7-14 Thomas Carlsen's Transmission A Brave Horizon RFL Heavy  
7-14 Vendetta Black as Coal Massacre Thrash  
7-14 Voyager Fearless in Love Season of Mist Prog  
7-14 Winterstorm Everfrost AFM    
7-20 Genus Ordinis Dei The Beginning Eclipse Sym Deathcore  
7-20 Niety Visions   Extreme  
7-20 Owl Terug naar de Kou   Black  
7-21 Ageless Summoning Corruptingthe Entempled Plane Dark Descent Death  
7-21 Agriculture S/T   Post Black  
7-21 Akercocke Decades of Devil Worship   Extreme Live
7-21 Amras Numenesse Injustice   Sym Black  
7-21 Ancestral Blood Forgotten Myths and Legends Wornholedeath Sym Black  
7-21 Bloodletter A Different kind of Hell Wise Blood Thrash  
7-21 Cadaver The Age of the Offended Nuclear Blast Death  
7-21 Disimperium Grand Insurgence upon Despotic Altars SRL Extreme Grindcore  
7-21 Embodied Torment Archaic Bloodshed   Death E.P.
7-21 Greta Van Fleet Starcatcher Lava Rock  
721 Johnny Booth Moments Elsewhere*   Core  
7-21 Later Sons Ride Up Pride & Joy    
7-21 Mizmor Prosaic Profound Lore    
7-21 Mystfall Celestial Vision* Scarlet Sym  
7-21 Nuclear Winter Seagrave MMD Ind Melodic  
7-21 Outer Heaven  Infinate Psychic Depths Relapse Death Hardcore  
7-21 Oxbow Love's Holiday Ipecac    
7-21 Pelican The Fire in Our Throats will Beckon the Thaw Thrill Jockey Prog 2005
7-21 Rannoch Conflagrations* Willowtip Prog Death  
7-21 Saint Agnes Bloodsuckers Spinefarm    
7-21 Somnuri Desiderium MNRK Sludge  
7-21 Sorcia Lost Season DR Stoner Doom  
7-21 Thunder Horse After the Fall* Ripple Doom  
7-21 Vassus Nortmanni Ambuscader   Exp Black  
7-21 Viral Tyrant Vultures Like You* Ripple Doom Stoner Sludge  
7-21 Voivod Morgoth Tales CM Sci Fi Prog Thrash Comp
7-22 Eerified Catacomb Spiritual Penatration   Black Noise  
7-22 Tenebrae Oboriuntur Flagitium   Black  
7-23 Vinsta Freiweitn   Prog Death  
7-24 Formless Oedon Streams of Rot Memento Mori Doom Death  
7-28 Alghol Night Eternal   Black  
7-28 Arch Blade Kill the Witch Rockshots Heavy  
7-28 Antti Martikainen Wanderlust   Sym  
7-28 Ashtar Wandering Through Time Eisenwald Black Doom  
7-28 Astralborne Across the Aeons Prosthetic Melodic Death  
7-28 Atonement Sadistic Invaders Dying Victims Black Thrash  
7-28 Banished Realm Impious Rumination Bitter Loss Death Doom E.P.
7-28 Black Sorcery DecipheringTorment Through Malediction   Black  
7-28 Beyond the Permafrost Fallen from the Throne   Black  
7-28 Black Spell S/T HSP Psych Doom 2020
7-28 Buckethead The Mystery of Patience Worth Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 543
7-28 Chris Boltendahl's Steelhammer Reborn in Flames Rock of Angels Heavy  
7-28 Contarian Demos and Oddities     1995-99
7-28 The Crawling All of This for Nothing GS Death Doom  
7-28 Dead Heat Endless Torment   Crossover Hardcore E.P.
7-28 Decoherence Order SRL Exp Black  
7-28 Decomposed Flesh of Humanity Apology of a Depraved Society ASFR Death  
7-28 Dev Crawford Punishment Essay Volume 2 Sliptrick    
7-28 Eave Fervor Blindrune Black  
7-28 Eternal Rot Moribound Momento Mori    
7-28 Excrement Flesh & Blood Chaos Death 1993
7-28 Fleshvessel Yearning* I, Voidhanger Exp Death  
7-28 Flight Echoes of Journeys Past Dying Victims  Heavy Hard  
7-28 Formless Oedon Streams of Rot   Death Doom  
7-28 From Ashes to New Blackout Better Noise    
7-28 Girlschool WTFortyfive? Silver Lining Heavy  
7-28 The Glorious Dead Cemetery Paths   Death  
7-28 The Gorge Mechanical Fiction Pelagic    
7-28 Iron Savior The Noise Years Dissonance Speed Power 1997 2004
7-28 James Rivera's Metal Wave New Wave Gone Metal Massacre    
7-28 Kampfeswut Die Ruckkehr des Darden   Black Folk Amb  
7-28 Lowlife Leader of a New Generation Earache    
7-28 Machinations of Fate Celestrial Prophecies Redifining Darkness Death Thrash  
7-28 Mairu Sol Cultus   Post  
7-28 Marquis de Sade Chapter II Golden Core NWOBHM  
7-28 Midnight Prey Black Cat/ Sword and Shield Dying Victims Heavy Speed Punk  
7-28 Nuclear Power Trio Wet Ass Plutonium* Metal Blade Prog  
7-28 Organ Dealer The Weight of Being Everlasting Spew Grind  
7-28 Panzerchrist Room Service EMZ Extreme 2003
7-28 Panzerchrist Last of a Kind EMZ Extreme  
7-28 Porphyrion Blood Orgies Beneath Disgrace Temples   Death  
7-28 Sadistic Vision Destroyer of all Dreams Boris    
7-28 Saul This is it... The End of Everything Spinefarm    
7-28 Seal Fur Peeling Daggers Predacious   Death  
7-28 Sevendust Truth Killer Napalm Alt Metal  
7-28 Signs of the Swarm Amongst the Low and Empty* CM Deathcore  
7-28 Spectre Lonesome Gambler Dying Victims   E.P.
7-28 Spife The Horse in the Fire   Black  
7-28 Starer Wind, Breeze, or Breath   Sym Black  
7-28 The Suns Journey Through the Night Wordless Church Road Black Amb  
7-28 TakaLaiton Mindfection Rockshots Crossover  
7-28 Tantrum Another Life   Heavy  
7-28 Thedus Hypnosis Argonauta Doom Drone Sludge  
7-28 Thra Forged in Chaotic Spew Translation Loss Extreme Sludge  
7-28 Tongues Formlose I Voidhanger Black Doom  
7-28 Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Slaughter on First Avenue Rise Above    
7-28 Urbain A Soul Purged   Prog Black  
7-28 Vinsta Freiweitin   Prog Death  
7-28 Welmoed Ask& Embla VN Black Post  
7-28 Wyrgher Panspermic Warlords I Voidhanger Black  

August 2023

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
8-1 Buckethead Nature Reflects Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 544
8-1 Buckethead Spirals of the Unconscious Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 546
8-1 Korgull The Exterminator Built to Kill Xtreem  Thrash Black  
8-2 Buckethead Divine Bucketheadland Bucketheadland Pike 547
8-2 Buckethead Anchor In The Storm Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 548
8-2 Tress Darkness Ingratos e Seus Abismos   Atmo Black  
8-4 1914 Eschatology of War Napalm   2015
8-4 An Autumn for Crippled Children Closure Prosthetic Post Black Shoegaze  
8-4 Architect of Dissonance Totenkvlt Rising Nemesis Deathcore E.P.
8-4 Ars Moriendi Lorsque   Atmo Prog Black  
8-4 Besta Terra em Desapego Lifeforce Grind  
8-4 Buckethead Water Altar Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 549
8-4 Buckethead Where Ghosts Vanish Like Mist Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 550
8-4 Buckethead Sparks Take Flight Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 551
8-4 Bucketheadland The Philosopher's  Water is Fire Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 552
8-4 Buckethead Fountain of Fun Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 553
8-4 Buckethead Mask of Warka Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 554
8-4 Buckethead Echoes in the Mountain Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 555
8-4 Buckethead Sacred Well Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 556
8-4 Buckethead Mercury Alive Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 557
8-4 Buckethead Waves on the Sand Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 558
8-4 Crypta  Shades of Sorrow Napalm Death Thrash  
8-4 The Crawling All of This for Nothing GS Death Doom  
8-4 Dark Sky Signs of the Time Metropolis Melodic Heavy  
8-4 Devin Townsend Empath Live in America Inside Out Exp Devolution#3
8-4 Dun Ringill Where the Old Gods Play   Doom Folk  
8-4 Dymna Lotva   Prophecy Doom Post  
8-4 Edward Reekers The Liberty Project Music Theories    
8-4 Eminentia Tenebris Rise of A New Kingdom AR Atmo Black  
8-4 Hallucinate From the Bowels of the Earth Caligari Death  
8-4 Haar Ouroboros   Prog Atmo Black  
8-4 High On Fire The Art of Self Defence MNRK Doom 2000
8-4 Humanity's Last Breath Ashen Unique Leader    
8-4 Icon of Sin  Ledgends Frontiers Heavy  
8-4 The Idiots Konig der idioten Massacre    
8-4 Kent Hilli Nothing Left to Lose Frontiers    
8-4 Kryatjurrof Desert Ahd Underestimate Climate Systems   Black Amb  
8-4 Mammoth WVH Mammoth 2 BMG Rock  
8-4 Owlbear Chaos to the Realm Alone  Heavy  
8-4 Skindred Smile Earache Rap Metal  
8-4 Spife Meditations on Tape Vol.3   Black  
8-4 Teenage Wrist Still Love Epitaph    
8-4 Tumulation Haunted Funeral Creations Hammerheart Death Doom  
8-4 Violet Cold Multiverse   Exp Various  
8-8 Atria Ground Zero*   Core E.P.
8-10 Buckethead Voices from the Abyss Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 559
8-11 Axsem Altar de la tortura PPR Death  
8-11 Bees Made Honey Aion Magnetic Eye    
8-11 Blessed Curse Pray for Armegeddon M-Theory Thrash  
8-11 Buckethead Emeryville Mudflats Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 560
8-11 Buckethead Moon Water Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 561
8-11 Buckethead Blue Dunes Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 562
8-11 Buckethead Journaling to Bliss Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 563
8-11 Casket Reflections SharpTone    
8-11 Claret Ash Worldtorn: Anemoroia HDR Black E.P.
8-11 Cunabula The Weight of Sleep Sleasy Rider Atmo Prog Post  
8-11 Hell in the Club F.U.B.A.R. Frontiers Heavy Hard  
8-11 Kataklysm Goliath Nuclear Blast Extreme  
8-11 King Cobra We Are Warriors Cleopatra    
8-11 Kobold Chaos Head   Avant-Garde Thrash  
8-11 Lancer Tempest Fireflash Power Speed  
8-11 Megaherz Teufuls Namen Napalm    
8-11 The Mystical Hot Chocolate Endeavors Clock without Craft      
8-11 Neal Morse The Dream  Joseph Part 1 Frontiers Prog Rock  
8-11 The Prophecy 23 Live at Summer Breeze Frontiers    
8-11 Runespell Shores of Nastrond Iron Bonehead Black  
8-11 Rytmihario Sumacore Sakara Thrash Crossover  
8-11 Sarayasign The Lion's Road Frontiers Melodic Heavy  
8-11 Sorrowfull Life I Will Never Forget   Dep Atmo  
8-11 Streetlight Ignition Frontiers    
8-11 Tarja Live at Metal Church earMusic Sym  
8-11 Temple of Dread Beyond Acheron TR Death  
8-11 Urfaust Untergang Van    
8-11 Werewolves My Enemies Look and Sound Like Me Prosthetic Tech Extreme  
8-15 Mortem Obscuram The Wretched Divinity   Tech Death  
8-17 Buckethead Figures Against the Sky Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 564
8-17 Buckethead Open Air Museum Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 565
8-17 Buckethead Scuptured By The Bay Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 566
8-17 Buckethead Towers of Graditude Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 567
8-17 Buckethead Millwind Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 568
8-17 Buckethead Stirring the Imaginations Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 569
8-17 Buckethead Sculpture Spirits Remain Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 570
8-17 EPK J.P. Krom Astro Metal*     E.P.
8-18 Boris Heavy Rocks Third Man Various 2002
8-18 Borracho Blurring the Lines of Reality   Stoner  
8-18 Cherubs 2 Nnfynty Brutal Panda   2015
8-18 Cherubs Heroin Man Brutal Panda   1994
8-18 The Circle Of Awakening AOP Sym Black  
8-18 Creak Depth Perception Prosthetic    
8-18 Churchburner Digital Flower and Analogue Fields Syrup Moose    
8-18 Cyhra The Vertigo Trigger Nuclear Blast Melodic Groove  
8-18 Damnation Plan The New Horizon Inverse Melodic Death  
8-18 The Dead Dasies Best of      
8-18 Dead Talks Veneration of the Dead Apostasy    
8-18 Dripping Decay Festering Grotesqueries SR Death  
8-18 Finrir Viking Metal II   Death Viking  
8-18 Godthrymm Distortions Profound Lore Epic Doom  
8-18 Horrendous Ontological Mysterium Season of Mist Prog Death  
8-18 Imperal Tide Existence in Crisis Mascot   E.P.
8-18 Invultation Feral Legion SR Extreme  
8-18 Knopf Wurde ich nicht   Death  
8-18 Milking the Goatmachine Neue Platte Reaper Death Grind  
8-18 Movements Ruckus! Fearless    
8-18 Nocte Obducta Karwoche   Avant-Garde Black  
8-18 Ringworm Seeing Through Fire Nuclear Blast    
8-18 Oblivion Protocol The Fall of Shires Atomic Fire    
8-18 Pyrkagion The Katechon and Unending Fire CN    
8-18 Ringworm Seeing Through Fire Nuclear Blast Core  
8-18 Sinsation I Am Man Sodeh    
8-18 Skalmold Ydalir Napalm Viking Folk  
8-18 Sleep Maps Reclaim Chaos Lost Future    
8-18 Something is Waiting Absolutely      
8-18 Spife The Death of Morondenithrall   Black  
8-18 Spirit Adrift Ghost at the Gallows CM Heavy  
8-18 The Trousers Animal Gun Sliptrick    
8-18 Tusmorke Hesthoven Karisma    
8-18 UKC Coming Out      
8-18 Unblessed Divine Portal to Darkness Massacre Atmo Death  
8-18 Valkeat Fireborn Reaper Folk  
8-18 Verhinderer Der Kettenitter   Black  
8-18 Virgin Black Requiem Fortissimo Dark Escpaes Exp Sym 2008
8-18 Warmen Here for None Reaper Prog  
8-18 Worm Shepperd The Sleeping Sun Unique Leader   E.P.
8-25 3rd War Collapse Catatrophic Epicenter LS    
8-25 Anders Buaas The Witches of Finnmark   Prog 2019
8-25 Anti-God Hand Blight Years  American Dream    
8-25 Asking Alexandria Where Do We Go From Here? Better Noise    
8-25 Asphodelus Scupting Fom Time Hammerheart Doom Death  
8-25 Atoll Human Extract Unique Leader Death  
8-25 Blood Money Complete Execution Svart    
8-25 Candlebox The Long Goodbye Round Hill Alt  
8-25 Colony Drop Brace for Impact   Crossover  
8-25 Complete Snake Red Hog HF    
8-25 Course of Fate Somnium Rock of Angels Prog  
8-25 Destroyer 666 To the Devil His Due Season of Mist Black Thrash  
8-25 Dragonheart The Dragonheart's Tale* Rockshots Power  
8-25 Exmortus Necrophony Nuclear Blast Neoclassical Extreme  
8-25 Filter The Algorithm Golden Robot Alt  
8-25 GraveRipper Seasons Dreaming Death Wise Blood Black Thrash Speed  
8-25 Heimdal Hephaestus Pride & Joy Power  
8-25 Hot Milk A Call to the Void Music for Nations    
8-25 Incantation Unholy Deification* Relapse Death  
8-25 Kallias First Ascent AISA    
8-25 Knife Heaven into Dust* Napalm Black Crust  
8-25 Kyy Apotheosis Drakkar  Black  
8-25 Marc Hudson Starbound Stories* Napalm  Prog Power Dragonforce Vocalist
8-25 Madame Frankenstein Doom   Stoner Doom  
8-25 Moon Coven Sun King Ripple Psych Doom  
8-25 Nixil From the Wound Spilled Forth Fire Prosthetic Black  
8-25 Orphalis  As the Ashes Settle Transcending Obscurity Tech Death  
8-25 Prime Creation Tell Freedom I Said Hello Rock of Angels Heavy  
8-25 Sanguine Glacialis Maladaptive Daydreaming WormHoleDeath Melodic Death Goth  
8-25 Seraina Telli Addicted to Color Metalville    
8-25 Sinheresy Event Horizon Scarlet Sym Melodic Heavy  
8-25 Tegmentum Evolvement*   Deathcore  
8-25 Tempt Tempt Better Noise    
8-25 Till The Dirt Outside the Spiral* Nuclear Blast Prog Death Atheist Members
8-25 U.D.O. Touchdown* Atomic Fire Heavy  
8-25 Unitopia Seven Chambers      
8-25 The Unity The Hellish Joyride Steamhammer    
8-25 Vandenberg Sin* Mascot Heavy  
8-25 The Word Alive Hard Reset Thriller    
8-29 Lux Ecstacholia   Post  
8-31 Buckethead Live from the Atrium of Vessels 1 Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 571
8-31 Buckethead Live from the Atrium of Vessels 2 Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 572
8-31 Buckethead Live from the Atrium of Vessels 3 Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 573
8-31 Buckethead Live from the Atrium of Vessels 4 Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 574
8-31 Buckethead Live from the Atrium of Vessels 5 Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 575
8-31 Buckethead Live from the Atrium of Vessels 6 Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 578
8-31 Roah Before the End   Black Folk Heavy  


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
9-1 Anger as Heart Virtual Sympathy NoLifeToMetal Thrash  
9-1 Aortha Monolit      
9-1 Applehead The Light Side of the Apple Roxx    
9-1 Belial's Throne Forotten Land of Lost Souls      
9-1 Bigstrut S/T Malevolent Sound    
9-1 Black Birch S/T   Atmo Black E.P.
9-1 Black Magic Six Black Cloud Descending Svart    
9-1 Bigstrut S/T Malvolent Sound    
9-1 Bio-Cancer Revengeance Hammerheart  Thrash  
9-1 Borealys L'heritage NSP Atmo Black  
9-1 Dark Hall S/T     Re Issue
9-1 Demoniac Nube negra Edged Circle Black Thrash  
9-1 Diamonds and Guns Making Cash for Heartless Crooks Sound Pollution   E.P.
9-1 Eclipse Megalomanium Frontiers Melodic Heavy Hard  
9-1 Fierce Atmospheres The Speed of Dreams Sliptrick Prog  
9-1 Firewind Live Still Raging AFM Heavy Power Live
9-1 GWAR Battle Maximus Pit Various 10 Year Anniversary
9-1 The Illusion of Dawn In Extremis Pest Black  
9-1 Imperial Crystalline Entombedment Ancient Glacial Resurgence DMP Black  
9-1 Ixian Petal Mines   Post Black  
9-1 Heads for the Dead In the Absence of Faith   Death E.P.
9-1 Misery Signals Live in Isolation Bbest Melodic Core Live
9-1 Outergods A Kingdom Built on the Wreckage of Heaven Prosthetic Black Grindcore  
9-1 Polaris Fatalism Sharptone    
9-1 A Pregant Light The Eighth   Post Black Hardcore E.P.
9-1 Primal Fear Code Red* Atomic Fire Power  
9-1 Pyromancy Watchman of the Night   Black Thrash E.P.
9-1 Razumikhin Self Made Monster* Wormholedeath Exp  
9-1 Royal Blood Back to the Water Below Warner    
9-1 Silent Skies Dorment Napalm    
9-1 Spider Kitten A Pound for the Peacekeeper APF Stoner Doom Ind  
9-1 Soen  Memorial* Silver Lining Melodic Prog  
9-1 Stitched Up Heart To The Wolves* CM    
9-1 Taake Et hav av avstrand Dark Essence Black  
9-1 Taking Meds Dial M For Meds SmartPunk    
9-1 VAK The Islands Indie Prog Sludge  
9-1 Wasted Maniacs Attack of the Pack STF Speed Heavy Hard  
9-3 Parasite Crowd Trichotomia Metal or Die Death Grind  
9-4 Pomegranate Tiger All Input is Error*   Prog  
9-5 Buckethead Live from the Disembodied Cyclone Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 577
9-5 Buckethead Live from Marbles Museum Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 578
9-5 Buckethead Live from the Tron Maironettes Sea Shore Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 579
9-5 Buckethead Live from the Patchwork Mansion Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 560
9-5 Buckethead Live from the Stories from Vessels Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 581
9-5 Buckethead Live from  Karios Coaster Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 582
9-5 Buckethead Live from Marbles Railway Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 583
9-5 Jute Gyte Unus Mundus Patet   Exp  
9-6 Earthshaker 40 King Hard  
9-7 Buckethead Live from the Caringcells Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 584
9-7 Buckethead Live from the Caring Crane Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 585
9-7 Buckethead Live from Rainbow Dream Catcher Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 586
9-7 Buckethead Live From the Tron Marionettes Sea Shore Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 587
9-7 Buckethead Live from Slow Motion Speedway Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 588
9-7 Buckethead Live Ears Ringing Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 589
9-7 Buckethead Live from Dance Hall of S.Mysyica Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 590
9-7 Buckethead Live from Salt Air Bowling Vessels Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 591
9-6 Hostile Eyes Incurable Disease in the Hell of Hunger Dead Sky Deathcore  
9-8 Art of Shock Shine Black Light CM    
9-8 Bio-Cancer Revengeance Hammerheart    
9-8 Blackbird Angels Solsorte Frontiers    
9-8 Dark Reflections Everlasting Night Grind To Death    
9-8 Demon My Friends Demons Seem to Gather   Stoner  
9-8 Domkraft Sonic Moons Magenic Eye Psych Sludge  
9-8 Conquer Divide Slow Burn  Mascot    
9-8 Cryptopsy As Gomarrah Burns Nuclear Blast Extreme  
9-8 Dantalion Fatum NSR Dep Black Doom  
9-8 Domkraft Sonic Moons Magnetic Eye    
9-8 Dying Fetus Make Them Beg For Death   Death Tech  
9-8 Ego Kills S/T Inverse    
9-8 Ethereal Tomb When the Rivers Dry Black Throne Sludge Doom  
9-8 Evilon A Warriors Way      
9-8 Finsterforst Jenseits AOP Folk Viking  
9-8 Fire Down Below Low Desert Surf Club Ripple    
9-8 The Flower Kings Look at you Now Inside Out Prog Rock  
9-8 Gross Reality Return to Ruin Dive Bomb    
9-8 Hiems Stranger in a Wasteland Agonia  Black  
9-8 Kveletak Ending Rise    
9-8 Morta La espana Signal Rex Black  
9-8 Mustang Beyond Raging Thunder Fighter    
9-8 Nasty Heartbreak Criminals CM    
9-8 Oomph! Richter Und Henker Napalm    
9-8 Puddle of Mudd Ubiquitious Pavement Alt  
9-8 Satsunriku Robot No Thrash Metal, No Life! WormHoleDeath Thrash  
9-8 Skull &Crossbones Sungazer Massacre Heavy  
9-8 Saliva Revelation MRI    
9-8 Sodomisery Mazzaroth   Melodic Extreme  
9-8 Sylosis A Sign of Things to Come* Nuclear Blast Melodic Thrash Deathcore  
9-8 Starmen Starmenized MP    
9-8 Taskforce Toxicator Lasar Samurai Iron Shield Thrash  
9-8 Terminalist The Crisis as Condition   Black Thrash  
9-8 Triskelyon Artificial Insanity* Moribund Power Thrash  
9-8 Uada CrepusculeNatura Eisinwald Melodic Black  
9-9 Dead Twilight Fall of Humanity Great Dane Death  
9-13 Elvira's Curse Proving Grounds   Heavy  
9-14 The Epemeral Your Burden is Safe with Me*   Progcore  
9-15 Alkaloid Numen* Season of Mist Prog Extreme  
9-15 Baroness Stone Abraxan Psych Sludge  
9-15 Blind Equation Death Awaits* Prosthetic    
9-15 Blood Oath Lost in an Eternal Silence   Death  
9-15 Bring Me the Horizon Post Human Nex Gen Sony    
9-15 Brujeria Esto es Brujeria Nuclear Blast Extreme  
9-15 Damnation's Hammer Into the Silent Nebula* Massacre Doom Death Groove  
9-15 Corey Taylor CMF2 Decibel Cooper    
9-15 Danko Jones Electric Sounds AFM    
9-15 Deadly Carnage Endless Blue   Post Black  
9-15 Dig Me no Grave Tales of the Bloody Moon Metal Race Death E.P.
9-15 Electric Boys Grand Explosivos Mighty    
9-15 Eunomia The Chronicles of Eunomia Part 2* Rockshots Sym Power  
9-15 Fabricant Drudge to Thicket Profound Lore Death  
9-15 Fulanno Ruido infenal HSP Stoner Doom  
9-15 Gridlink Coronet Juniper* Willowtip Tech Grind  
9-15 Guilt Trip Severance   Core  
9-15 Huronian Beyond Frozen Heights Grusome Melodic Extreme E.P.
9-15 Ignition Vengeance   Power  
9-15 Insonika Lost at Sea   Stoner Doom  
9-15 Integrity Seasons in the Size of Days Hardcore Relapse 1997
9-15 Integrity Closure Hardcore Relapse 2001
9-15 Manii Innerst i morket   Black  
9-15 Mortuary Ghoul Friends with he Dead DFR Death  
9-15 Mistyfica Century Tales Elevate Sym   
9-15 Night Verses Every Sound Has a Color in the Valley of Night*   Prog Exp  
9-15 Old Ruins Always Heading East   Heavy Post Black  
9-15 Psygnosis Mercury Season of Mist Ind Prog Death  
9-15 Rocheln Myiasis   Death  
9-15 Roots of the Old Oak The Devil and His Wicked Ways* Hammerheart Doom Death  
9-15 Shade Empire Sun Holy Candlelight Sym Extreme  
9-15 ShadowStrike Traveler's Tale   Sym Power  
9-15 Shining Doden Napalm Black E.P.
9-15 Shining S/t* Napalm Black  
9-15 Storm of Darkness Inevitable   Black  
9-15 Tar Pond Petrol Prophecy Doom Post  
9-15 Techno Animal Re-Entry Relapse Eletronic Justin K Broadrick
9-15 Thorn Evergloom Transcending Obscurity Death Doom  
9-15 Tideless Eye of Water Chaos Death Doom Shoegaze  
9-15 Tomb Mold The Enduring Spirit^ 20 Buck Spin Death Prog Tech  
9-15 Torpor Abscission Human Worth    
9-15 To The Grave Offcuts Unique Leader   E.P.
9-15 Violent Life Violent Death Break. Burn. End. Inner Strength Core  
9-15 Vortize Desge bajo tierra   Heavy  
9-15 War of Ages Dominion Facedown Core  
9-18 Cerebrium The Happiest Days More Hate Black Doom  
9-18 Hands of Orlac Hebetudo Mentis   Doom  
9-22 3Teeth End X CM    
9-22 Acid Mass Agopnizer MAM    
9-22 Angel Rising Afterlife WormHoleDeath    
9-22 Annisokay Abyss Part 1 Arising Empire   E.P.
9-22 Apostolica Animae Haeretica Scarlet Sym Power  
9-22 Aset Astral Rape LADLO    
9-22 Ash Prison Future Torn SR    
9-22 Bad As Fight the Demons WormHoleDeath    
9-22 Bekor Qilish The Fleash of a New God I Voidhanger Avant-Garde Extreme  
9-22 Bonfire MMXXIII AFM    
9-22 Bruce Soord Luminescence K-Scope    
9-22 Bulletbelt Burn it Up Impaler Black Thrash  
9-22 Cannibal Corpse Chaos Horrific Metal Blade Gore  
9-22 Cruel Force Dawn of the Axe Shadow Kingdom Black Thrash  
9-22 Deadspace Unveiling the Palest Truth   Dep Black Goth E.P.
9-22 Death Dealer Union Initiation* Napalm    
9-22 Dungeon Into the Ruins Dying Victims Speed E.P.
9-22 Exorcizphobia Spiritual Exodus DR Thrash  
9-22 Farscape Purge and Forgotton Dying Victims Thrash  
9-22 Grim Ravine Upon the Darkest Shores Cursed Monk Sludge Doom  
9-22 Hanok Sokrat'in Sonu   Heavy Thrash  
9-22 Kerrigan Bloodmoon High Roller Heavy  
9-22 Mercenary Soundtrack for the End Times Noise Art Melodic Groove Power  
9-22 Necrotted Imperium   Deathcore  
9-22 October Noir Letters to Existence   Gothic Doom  
9-22 Profanatica Crux Simplex* Season Of Mist Extreme  
9-22 Rebaelliun Umder the Sign of Rebellion* Agonia Death  
9-22 Subsignal A Poetry of Rain Gentle Art of Music Prog  
9-22 Suffer Yourself Axis of Torture   Fun Doom  
9-22 Staind Confessions of the Fallen Alchemey    
9-22 Teenage Fanclub Nothing Lasts Forever Merge    
9-22 Torture Squad Devilish Time to Kill Thrash Death  
9-22 Tyranes Reason for the Slaughter GMR Speed Thrash  
9-22 Vengeance Sewer Surge Dying Victims Heavy Speed  
9-22 Winterstorm Everfrost* AFM Power Folk  
9-22 Wormhole Almost Human* Season of Mist Tech Deathcore  
9-27 Heavy Water Dreams of Yesterday Silver Lining Heavy Rock Byford's
9-28 Asinhell Impii Hora Metal Blade Death  
9-29 '68 Yes, and... Pure Noise    
9-29 72 Legions        
9-29 Ann Wilson & Tripsitter Another Door Dualtone Rock  
9-29 Asinhell Impll Hora Metal Blade Melodic Death Michael Poulsen
9-29 Ashbringer We Came Here to Grieve Translation Loss Atmo Black  
9-29 Atena Subway Anthem Indie    
9-29 Avulsed Vomitng Corpses Dissonance Death Box Set
9-29 Besra Transitions Suicide    
9-29 Disguised Malignance Entering The Gateways Prosthetic Death  
9-29 Blackbriar A Dark Euphony Nuclear Blast    
9-29 The Black Furs Doomed Blues Regain   Re Issue
9-29 Black Stone Cherry Screamin' At the Sky Mascot Rock  
9-29 Broken Vow Anthropocene Triple B    
9-29 Bulletbelt Burn it Up Impaler Records Black Thrash  
9-29 Caged  From Roving About the Earth Translation Loss Doom Death  
9-29 Cloud Catcher Return from Cauldron   Heavy Doom Stoner  
9-29 Code Orange The Above Blue Grape    
9-29 Fearing Destroyer Profound Lore    
9-29 Filth is Eternal        
9-29 Fraise The Fifth Sun Part:2   Power Heavy  
9-29 Grails The Burden of Hope     Re issue
9-29 Graveyard 6 Nuclear Blast    
9-29 Grove Street The Path of Righteousness UNFD    
9-29 Harm's Way Common Suffering Metal Blade    
9-29 Hate Forest Sowing the Salt Osmose Black Amb E.P.
9-29 The Hirsh Effekt Urian^   Various  
9-29 Jacket Thief Lights Out on the Shore Tripkey    
9-29 KK'S Priest The Sinner Rides Again Napalm Heavy  
9-29 Kurt Baker Rock'N'Rool Club Wicked Cool    
9-29 Moonlight Sorcery Horned Lord of the Thorned Castle Avantgarde Melodic Black  
9-29 Nervosa Jailbreak* Napalm Thrash  
9-29 Peach S/T      
9-29 Primordial How it Ends Metal Blade Celtic Black  
9-29 Rat King Psychotic Reality SR    
9-29 Red Rated R Red Alt  
9-29 Rorcal Sllence Hummas Sludge Doom Post  
9-29 Sinnery Roots ESR Thrash E.P.
9-29 Stam1na X Sakara Prog Thrash Heavy  
9-29 Steven Wilson The Harmony Codex Spinefarm Prog Alt  
9-29 Taproot Sc/ssrs THC    
9-29 Terra Builder Solar Temple Transcending Obscurity    
9-29 Tides of Sulfur Apathy Chasm APF Sludge Death  
9-29 Trivax Eloah Burns Out   Extreme  
9-29 WarWolf The Apocalyptic Waltz Metropolis Heavy  
9-29 Wells Valley Achamoth Lavadome Post  
9-29 Woe Legacies of Frailty Vendetta Black  
9-29 Wolves in the Throne Room Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge Relapse Atmo Black E.P.


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
10-6 Accidental President Was it Meant to be This Way WormHoleDeath    
10-6 Akitsa Devenir le diable   Black  
10-6 Another Day Dawns Finding Peace Through All the Noise CM    
10-6 Black River Sons Skins Music    
10-6 Capra Errors Blacklight    
10-6 Citizen Calling of the Dogs Run for Cover    
10-6 Display of Decay Vitriol* Gore House Death  
10-6 Dogstar Somewhere Between the Power Lines and the Palm Trees Dillion Street    
10-6 Dopelord Songs for Satan Blues Funeral Stoner Doom  
10-6 Droid Killer The Terminator vs Preacher Black Halo    
10-6 Games We Play Life's Going Great Fueled by Ramen    
10-6 Heavy Load Riders of the Ancient Storm No Remors    
10-6 Impellitteri The Complete Beast Cherry Red   Box Set
10-6 Iron Savior Firestar AFM Speed Power  
10-6 The Keening Little Bird* Relapse    
10-6 Lancaster Ravenstone* Thrash Heavy   
10-6 Linus Klausenitzer Tulpa* AOP Prog Death  
10-6 Michael Abdow Seance in Black CC    
10-6 Next in Line Home   Groove Core  
10-6 Nytt Land Torem* Napalm    
10-6 Prong Age of Difiance* SPV Thrash  
10-6 Restless Spirit Afterimage Magnetic Eye Stoner Doom  
10-6 Shrapnel Storm Silo Great Dane    
10-6 SlugWeed Forever Animated   Stoner Doom Post  
10-6 Stonemiller Inc. Welcome to the Show Massacre    
10-6 Stygian  Ruin A World Past Hope and Fear   Black  
10-6 Suhnopfer Nous sommes d'hier DMP Melodic Black  
10-6 Svalbard The Weight of the Mask* Nuclear Blast    
10-6 Tabahi Thrash for Justice CDN Thrash  
10-6 Third Storm  The Locust Mantra Chaos Black  
10-6 Torn the Fuck Apart Kill, Bury, Repeat* Gore House Death  
10-6 Trevor Rabin Rio Inside Out    
10-6 UFO Hot' Ready in Texas Cleopatra Prog Rock 1979
10-6 UFO Light Out in Babenhousin Cleopatra Prog Rock 1993
10-6 Uranium Pure Nuclear Death SR    
10-6 Vid Liv S/T Breathe Plastic    
10-6 Will to Thrill Take it Sleazy Weapon    
10-6 Xorsist At the Somber Steps to Serenity Prosthetic Death  
10-6 Angels Crimes of Insanity Dark Star Heavy E.P.
10-6 Angels Just Do It Dark Star Heavy E.P.
10-8  Hagatiz Cursed to the Night   Black  
10-9 Hegeroth Disintegration   Melodic Black  
10-9 The Lion's Daughter Bath House   Prog Black Sludge  
10-9 Nigrum Tenebris Miasmal Spirits Northern Fog Black  
10-10 The Answer Lies in the Black Void Thou Shalt Roadburn  Atmo Doom  
10-10 Anxium Rosicrucainism SP Black  
10-10 Choronzon An End Without End   Exp  
10-10 Cryptic Conversion Eldritch Echoes Soundage Death  
10-10 Droid Killer The Terminator vs. The Preacher Black Halo Doom Death  
10-10 Dushman Stoned/ X Mas   Gore Grind E.P.
10-10 Furia Huta Luna Pagan Exp  
10-10 A Man Named Onigumo Consigned to Oblivion   Prog Death  
10-10 Pure Hell on Earth BLP Grindcore  
10-10 Sankaku Sumi Gaeshi   Black  
10-10 Slup Self Torture   Death Goregrind E.P.
10-10 Submundo Perante os Olhos   Black Speed  
10-10 Tardigrade Inferno Burn the Circus   Avant Garde  
10-13 Acid Blade  Shooting Star Jawbreaker Heavy E.P.
10-13 Alasteth The Nihilism of Alasteth   Black  
10-13 All Its Grace To What End   Melodic Deathcore  
10-13 Amorphis  Queen of Time Live at Tavastia Atomic Fire Melodic Live
10-13 Arabrot Of Darkness and Light Pelagic    
10-13 Arborescene of Wrath Inferno Transcending Obscurity    
10-13 Beartooth The Surface Red Bull    
10-13 Beastwars Tyranny of Distance   Sludge Stoner  
10-13 Blade Joker and Clowns Inverse    
10-13 Blessed Curse Pray for Armeageddon M-Theory Thrash  
10-13 Blood Lightning S/T Ripple Heavy Hard  
10-13 Body Void Atrocity Machine Prosthetic Sludge Drone Doom  
10-13 Catafalque Dybbuk Code 666    
10-13 Creeper Sanguivore Spinefarm    
10-13 Comaniac None for All Metal World Thrash  
10-13 Corrosive Wrath of the Witch   Death  
10-13 Crisix Still Rising... Never Rest   Thrash  
10-13 Crosses Goodnight, God Bless, I Love You, Delete Warner Alt Chino from Def Tones
10-13 Crowley Friday   Heavy Speed  
10-13 Decembre Noir My Sunrise Lifeforce Melodic  
10-13 Disgustibus  Body Horror   Death E.P.
10-13 The Dollyrots Night Owls Wicked Cool    
10-13 Edge of Forever Rituals Frontiers Melodic Heavy  
10-13 Enemyinside Medusa XX Legacy Edition Rockshots Thrash E.P.
10-13 Eremites Revelations   Black  
10-13 Faethom Chaosmorphogoria   Black Heavy Prog  
10-13 Fleshworks Diabolus ex Machina Apostasy Death  
10-13 Fortid Narkissos LL Viking Black  
10-13 Fortress Under Siege Envy Rock of Angels Prog Power  
10-13 Gevaudan Umbra MM Doom  
10-13 Highway Viral   Heavy  
10-13 Human Prey Tombs of the Blind Dead   Death E.P.
10-13 Im Tode Dawn of Devourment   Melodic Extreme  
10-13 Jonathan Young Children of the Night JJ Heavy Power  
10-13 Kaunis Kuolematon Mielenvalta* Noble Demon Melodic Death  
10-13 Krieg Ruiner Profound Lore Black  
10-13 Lethal Somos thrash RGS Thrash Heavy  
10-13 Lightcrusher Constructiong Stairs of Mortared Bone Moribund Death 2018
10-13 Malformed The Gathering of Souls   Death E.P.
10-13 Manbryne Interregnum   Black  
10-13 Mondo Generator We Stand Against You Heavy Psych Sounds    
10-13 Mors Subita Origin of Fire Out of Line Melodic Death Thrash  
10-13 A Mourning Star A Reminder of the Wound Unhealed Daze Melodic Deathcore  
10-13 Mortuary Sublime the Decline AR Death  
10-13 Negative Reaction Zero Minus Infinity   Sludge Doom  
10-13 Nightwolf The Cult of the Wolf Kill Again Heavy  
10-13 Nuclear Assault Radiation Sickness Dissonance Thrash 1991
10-13 Ohmwork In Hindsight Rob Mules    
10-13 ONI The Silver Line*   Alt  
10-13 On Thorns I Lay S/T Season of Mist Various  
10-13 Overthrow Ascension of the Entombed Redifining Darkness Thrash E.P.
10-13 Rivers Ablaze Omnipresence   Prog Extreme  
10-13 Ronnie Atkins Trinity Frontiers    
10-13 Sadistic Force Midnight Assasin Goathrone Black Thrash  
10-13 Sahg Live Demons Drakkar Doom E.P.
10-13 Seraphic Entombment Sickness Particles Gleam Everlasting Spew Death Doom  
10-13 Slidhr White Hart! DMP Black  
10-13 Splicer Beer-P   Thrash Rock E.P.
10-13 State of Deceit Stalked by Daemons* Eclipse Melodic Thras Groove  
10-13 Strigoic Curse A Feeble Vitriolic Presence   Black Dungeon Synth E.P.
10-13 Stortregn Finitude Atrisan Era Melodic Extreme  
10-13 Succubus The Eternal Curse of Existence   Melodic Death  
10-13 Sucking Leach Errordynamic   Grindcore E.P.
10-13 Sulpher Aeon Seven Crowns And Seven Seals Van  Extrme  
10-13 Taubra Therizo Debemur Morti Black  
10-13 Temperence Hermitage part:2 Napalm Sym  
10-13 Terreur Nocturne Solitude Post-Mortem M.U.S.I.C. Dep Black  
10-13 Theocracy Mosiac Atomic Fire Epic Prog Power  
10-13 The Struts Pretty Vicious Big Machine    
10-13 Twin Temple  God is Dead Pentagrammaton    
10-13 Upchuck Bite the Hand that Feeds      
10-13 Ural Psychoverse Xtreem Thrash  
10-13 Vanishing Kids Miriacle of Death Aural    
10-13 Varg Ewige Wacht Napalm Melodic Extreme  
10-13 The Vintage Caravan The Monuments Tour Napalm Stoner Live
10-13 Venera S/T   Death Thrash  
10-13 Voidescent Dust and Embers Avantgarde Black  
10-13 Yoth Iria Flame of Swirling Swords Edged Circle Black E.P.
10-13 The Voynich Code Insomnia Unique Leader Tech Deathcore  
10-14 Eye of Horus Noxium   Melodic Death  
10-16 Karloff Band Tales from the Grave   Doom Death  
10-19 Entierro The Gates of Hell   Heavy  
10-20 Afterbirth In but Not Of Willowtip Death  
10-20 Aldaaron Majestic Heights, Melacholic Depths Paragon Pagan Black  
10-20 Angelus Apatrida Aftermath CM Thrash  
10-20 Appelozza The Shing Sun Ripple    
10-20 Asagraum Veil of Death Edged Circle Black  
10-20 Askesis Beyond the Fate of Death Time to Kill Extreme  
10-20 Blood Lightning  S/T Ripple Heavy Hard  
10-20 Boys Like Girls Sunday at Foxwoods Fearless    
10-20 Buckethead Sprinkle Tree Glow Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 591
10-20 The Callous Daoboys God Smiles Upon The Callous Daoboys     E.P.
10-20 Cherokee III   Heavy Hard  
10-20 Cirith Ungol Dark Parade Metal Blade Epic Heavy Doom  
10-20 Conny Ochs Wahn Und Sinn Exile on Mainstream    
10-20 Count Witchfinder Wich Trail   Doom  
10-20 Cryfemal La gran victoria del msl   Black  
10-20 Cult Burial Reverie of the Malignant   Extreme Doom  
10-20 Daniele Brusachetto Bruise A Shadow Wormholedeath    
10-20 Death Pose Midnight Society Brutal Panda    
10-20 December Screams Embers Spooky Noodle SelfMadeRecords    
10-20 Derdian New Era Part VI King Power  
10-20 Diabolic Night Beneath the Crimson Prophecy High Roller Black Speed  
10-20 Dirty Sound Magnet Dreaming in Distopia Wild Thing    
10-20 Display of Decay Vitrol* Gore House Death  
10-20 Body Void Atrocity Machine Prosthetic    
10-20 Edgeflame In Vaulted Halls   Thrash  
10-20 Game Over Hellframes Scarlet Thrash  
10-20 Goad Titania My Kingdom    
10-20 Go Ahead and Die Unhealthy Mechanisms Nuclear Blast Thrash Death Cavalera
10-20 Head With Wings Without Intervention   Prog  
10-20 Helgrindur S/T MDD Pagan  
10-20 Hippie Death Cult Helichrysum Heavy Psych Sounds Stoner Doom  
10-20 Hold My Own My Way  Daze   E.P.
10-20 Hooveriii Pointe Levitation    
10-20 Incremate Unexposed Death Thrash    
10-20 Lalu The Fish that Wanted to Become King Frontiers Prog  
10-20 Lynch Mob Babylon Frontiers Rock  
10-20 Marthe Furthwe in Evil Southern Lord Heavy Doom  
10-20 Myrkur Spine* Relapse Atmo Black Folk  
10-20 Noitila Langennut Nordvis Black  
10-20 Ozric Tentacles Lotus Unfolding K-Scope Prog  
10-20 Plaguestorm Empty Eyes Noble Demon Melodic Death E.P.
10-20 Poseydon Through the Gate of Hatred and Aversion   Death Thrash  
10-20 Reckless Sharp Magik Strike Dying Victims Speed  
10-20 Rival Sons Lightbringer Atlantic Hard Rock  
10-20 Rozario To The Gods we Swear Pride & Joy Heavy Power  
10-20 Runemagick Last Skull of Humanity Hammerheart Death Doom E.P.
10-20 Sangdragon Hierophant Wake up Dead Sym Extreme  
10-20 Savage  Glory Riders Dying Victims Heavy  
10-20 Silva Forgotten Sanctuary Black Lion Melodic Extreme  
10-20 Slowburn Fire Starter Fighter    
10-20 Sylvatica Cadaver Synod Target Melodic Death Folk  
10-20 Temperance Hermitage Part:2 Napalm Melodic Heavy Power  
10-20 Vertebra Atalantis A Dialogue with the Eeriest Sublime I Voidhanger Exp Extreme  
10-22 Sorg     Black  
10-27 Aaron Cravens Regenerate*   Prog  
10-27 Aegrus Invoking the Abysmal Night* Osmose Black  
10-27 Autopsy Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts* Peaceville Death  
10-27 Berserker Legion Chaos Will Reign Listenable Death  
10-27 Cardinals Folly Live by the Sword* Soulseller Doom  
10-27 Cemetery Urn Suffer the Fallen Hells Headbangers Death  
10-27 Dokken Heaven Comes Down* Silver Lining Hard Rock Heavy  
10-27 Doro Conqueress Forever Strong and Proud* Nuclear Blast Heavy  
10-27 Elm Street The Great Tribulation* Massacre Heavy  
10-27 End The Sin of Humanity Fraility Closed Casket    
10-27 Endseeker Global Worming* Metal Blade Death  
10-27 Eternal Evil The Gates Beyond Mortality* Listenable Black Thrash  
10-27 Generation Steel Lionheart El Puerto Heavy  
10-27 Ghost of Atlantis Riddles of the Sycophants Hammerheart Sym Melodic Death  
10-27 Grave Dagger S/T Regain    
10-27 Gravesend Gowanus Death Stomp* 20 Buck Spin Black Grind  
10-27 Howling Giant Glass Future Magnetic Eye Stoner Doom Pysch  
10-27 Immortal Guardian Unite and Conquer* M-Theory Prog Power  
10-27 Lightlorn At One With the Night Sky* Black Lion Post Black  
10-27 Lowest Creature Witch Supreme   Crossover  
10-27 Malokarpatan Vertumnus Ceaser Invictus Black Heavy  
10-27 MangledCarpenter Salvation Sydrome   Death Grind  
10-27 Motley Crue Shout at the Devil BMG Hard Rock 40th Anniversary
10-27 Murderous Ideology Diabolical Malevolence   Extreme  
10-27 Nebelkrahe Ephemer   Black  
10-27 Neck Cemetery Bring Us the Head* Reaper Heavy  
10-27 Obscura A Celebration I North America Nuclear Blast Prog Death Live
10-27 Paws S/T      
10-27 Poppy Zig Summerian Various  
10-27 Psicosfera Summa Negativa Lavadome Avant Black  
10-27 Raining Nails Human Deeds Rock Shots Melodic Heavy  
10-27 Ramage Inc. Humanity Has Failed LRP Atmo Prog  
10-27 Sepulchral Curse Abhorrent Dimension   Extreme  
10-27 Serenity Nemesis AD* Napalm Sym  
10-27 Shadowspawn Blasphemica   Death Thrash  
10-27 Sky Empire The Shifting Tetonic Plates of Power ViciSolum Prog  
10-27 Sorcerer Reign of the Reaper* Metal Blade Epic Doom Heavy  
10-27 Taking Back Sunday 152 Fantasy    
10-27 Theosophy Bleeding Wonds of the First and Last   Black  
10-27 Tumanduumband Throne of Grief   Sludge Doom  
10-27 Violet Blend Live and True Eclipse Alt Live
10-30 Ancient Days Devil's Night   Doom  
10-30 Black Knife Baby Eater Witch   Black Punk  
10-30 Kintsukuroi About Emotions Pest Dep Post Black  
10-30 Phyllomedusa A Farewell to Thunderstorms   Various  
10-31 Buckethead Ray of the Magic Lantern Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 592
10-31 Chaines Les Litanies AFP Black  
10-31 Gutter Creek Fangs to the Face   Heavy Southern Groove  
10-31 Peste Noire Livre I   Black Folk E.P.
10-31 Zharv Tree Bound   Black Amb  


Date Artist Release Label  Genre Notes
11-1 Asterism Decide SME Prog Heavy  
11-1 Celtefog Delya   Pagan Black  
11-1 Precipices Devant les affers de la mort   Post Black  
11-1 RottenPerish Brutal Forces   Death  
11-1 Xilent Death Omnipotentis del Crucixio   Black  
11-2 Massive Scar Era Metal Goes Egyptian*     E.P.
11-3 Σark Inumbris   Atmo Black  
11-3 A&more Legacy Lion Heavy Power  
11-3 Acid Force World Targets in Megadeaths Jawbreaker Thrash  
11-3 Amalekim AvodahZarah Avantgarde Black  
11-3 Angra Cycles of Pain Atomic Fire Power Prog  
11-3 Axioma PrimaL Descent   Post Black E.P.
11-3 Bad Wolves Die About It Better Noise    
11-3 Begotten To The Dreary End   Dep Black  
11-3 Below a Silent Sky Walls of Light   Post  
11-3 Bhatt Vous   Black Core E.P.
11-3 Briqueville IIII Pelagic Post  
11-3 Carnal Tomb Embalbed in Decay   Death  
11-3 Carnation Cursed Mortality Season of Mist Death  
11-3 Cathage Third Punic War AV Death E.P.
11-3 Cauldron Suicide in the City Ephyra    
11-3 Cemetary of Scream Oceans Sleasy Rider Goth  
11-3 Ch'ahom Knots of Abhorrence SR Extreme  
11-3 Cirkeln The Primitive Covenant True Cult Melodic Black  
11-3 The Convalescence Harvester of Flesh and Bone Cleopatra Sym Deathcore  
11-3 Crimson Caliber Destined for Delusion   Thrash E.P.
11-3 Crystal Coffin The Curse of  Immortality Beast in the Field Melodic Black  
11-3 Degrave Volume Horror Pain Gore Death Thrash  
11-3 Dhyana Dzogchen   Drone Doom  
11-3 Dirty Honey Can't Find the Brakes Dirt Rock  
11-3 Disjecta Membra Back from the Dead   Thrash Doom Heavy E.P.
11-3 Drop Nineteens Hard Light Wharf Cat    
11-3 Dying Wish Symptons of Survival Sharptone Core  
11-3 Excommunicatio Kodex Luzifer   Black  
11-3 Faidra Militant NS Atmo Black  
11-3 Forward to Eden I / IV   Deathcore E.P.
11-3 Fulci The Morrisound Session Maggot Stomp Death  
11-3 Fuming Mouth Last Day of Sun Nuclear Blast Crust  
11-3 Goatkraft Prophet of Eternal Damnation Iron Bonehead Extreme  
11-3 Green Lung This Heathen Land* Nuclear Blast Stoner Doom  
11-3 Gong Unending Ascending K-Scope Prog  
11-3 Graven Sin Veil of the Gods Svart Heavy  
11-3 Gypsy Pistoleros Duende A Go Go Loco Earache    
11-3 Heaven's Guardian Chronos Sleasy Rider Power  
11-3 Hermano Only A Suggestiond Ripple   Re-issue
11-3 Highborne Spectal Seances   Atmo Black E.P.
11-3 Ild Kvern Vedetta Black  
11-3 IIdskaer Blod & jern Vedetta Black  
11-3 Inmundus Rebellion   Prog  
11-3 Insepulto Undead... But Not Alive Iron Blood and Death    
11-3 Kandar Sila imaginance   Grind  
11-3 Katholik Entropic Evolution AV Tech Death  
11-3 Killsorrow Wasteland Chronicles   Melodic Groove Core  
11-3 Kontrust Mad World Napalm    
11-3 Kraanium Scriptures of Vicennial Defilement Unique Leader Slam Death  
11-3 Krypta Outolaasko Svart Black  
11-3 Lvctvs Sobredosisi   Dep Black  
11-3 Magdalene The Dying Process MG    
11-3 Melancholia Book of Ruination Brutal Panda Doom Sludge  
11-3 Morne Engraved With Pain Metal Blade Sludge Post  
11-3 Mortuary Drape Black Mirror Peaceville Extreme  
11-3 Mugshot Cold Will Pure Noise   E.P.
11-3 NecroticGoreBeast Repugnant Comatose Slam Death  
11-3 Nostalghia Ecoes from Moonriver   Atmo Post Black  
11-3 Penitence Onirique Nature Morte   Black  
11-3 Raat Secret Light   Post Rock Black Shoegaze  
11-3 Reveal Still Alive Art Gates Heavy Power  
11-3 Rid of Me Access to the Lonely Knife Hits    
11-3 Samael Rebellion Metal Scrap Melodic E.P. 1995
11-3 Satan's Fall Destination Destruction SPV Heavy Speed  
11-3 Sea Mosquito Igitur   Atmo Black Noise  
11-3 Sex Virgin Killer Devil   Power Speed Thrash  
11-3 Silent Planet Superbloom Solid State    
11-3 Spiritbox The Fear of Fear Rise Prog Alt Core E.P.
11-3 Static X Project Regeneration   Alt Ind   
11-3 Stille Volk Le dieu'd   Medieval Celtic  
11-3 Sorger Ekar Frostblade   Black Amb  
11-3 Strigoi Bathed in a Black Sun Season of Mist Crust E.P.
11-3 Tetragammacide Typho Tantric Iron Bonehead Extreme Noise  
11-3 Thronehammer Kingslayer SC Doom  
11-3 Thy Dominion  Cadaver Idolatry   Extreme  
11-3 Totenmesse Fiktionlust Pagan Black  
11-3 Ufomammut Crookhead SC Psych Sludge Doom E.P.
11-3 Utterly Dissected Lacerating Cavac Severality Amputated Vein Death Grind E.P.
11-3 Vesperian Sorrow Awaken the Greylight Black Lion Sym Black  
11-3 Warcrab The Howling Silence Transcending Obscurity Death Sludge  
11-3 Wargoat Prodromos   Black  
11-3 Warship The Third Wave Sleasy Rider Heavy  
11-3 Watain Die in Fire Live in Hell   Black Live
11-3 Xoth Exogalactic   Tech Death  
11-3 Zombie Attack Labyrinth   Thrash  
11-3 Zornheym The Forgotten Inmated Noble Demon Sym Extreme E.P.
11-9 Dilim Lagim   Black Dungeon Synth  
11-9 Mourning Souls Death Songs   Exp E.P.
11-9 Welcome to Pleshiwar Apostasy Black Sunset Melodic Doom Death  
11-10 Aeons Abyss Insidious Truth   Melodic Thrash Death E.P.
11-10 Autark Emergent Season of Mist    
11-10 Condemned Daemonium Unique Leader Death  
11-10 Deorbit Retrogradient^      
11-10 Dethrone the Corrupted A Savage Solution   Melodic Deathcore E.P.
11-10 Dissona Dreadfully Distinct*   Prog E.P.
11-10 Diviner Avaton Rock of Angels Heavy  
11-10 Dreamwell Redeemer     E.P.
11-10 D'Virgilio, Morse & Jennings Sophomore Inside Out Prog Rock  
11-10 Empire of Disease Shadows in the Abyss Xtreem Melodic Deathcore  
11-10 Extinkt Trinity Redux   Thrash  
11-10 Fleshmangled Agonizing Paranoia Brutal Mind Death E.P.
11-10 Foghat Sonic Mojo   Rock  
11-10 Gamma Bomb Bats   Thrash  
11-10 Goat Major Evil Eye Ripple Doom Stoner E.P.
11-10 Gormoth Autumn Melancholy, Winter Sadness   Atmo Black Amb  
11-10 Helmet Left earMUSIC Heavy Groove Alt  
11-10 Halvar State of the Nation   Death Thrash  
11-10 Hermoor Guardian   Atmo Black E.P.
11-10 Hinayana Shatter and Fall Napalm Melodic Death Doom  
11-10 Horsewhip Consume and Burn Iodine    
11-10 Hugo's Voyage Inceprtion Frontiers    
11-10 Ignescent Fight for Me Frontiers    
11-10 Left Cross Upon Desacrated Altars Profound Lore Death  
11-10 Left Eye Perspective Conudrum Argonauta Prog Stoner  
11-10 Lower 13 Deception   Core E.P.
11-10 L.S. Dunes Lost Songs and Shapes Fantasy    
11-10 Luvart Until the Void Drakkar Black  
11-10 Meshuggah Chaosphere  Atomic Fire Djent 25 Year Edition
11-10 Mephorash Krystl-ah Shadow Black    
11-10 Metal Life Crisis Theatre of Fire Sliptrick Heavy Prog  
11-10 Mindead Breathing Fire   Groove Thrash  
11-10 The Mosaic Window Plight of Acceptance Willowtip Melodic Black  
11-10 Mouthbreather Self - Tape Good Fight    
11-10 MT Void Matter's Knot  LO    
11-10 The Neologist Between Darkness and the Fade   Melodic Death  
11-10 Neveloth Holocaust Earache Death Groove E.P.
11-10 Night Crowned Tales Noble Demon Melodic Extreme  
11-10 Odd Crew Dark Matters Part II Drakkar Groove Alt  
11-10 Okrutrik Krwawy Ossuary Heavy Speed Black  
11-10 Opium Warlock God Skin   Pstch Sludge  
11-10 Passage Oblique   Post Rock  
11-10 Phantom Winter Her Cold Materials   Sludge  
11-10 Phorceps License to Think   Heavy  
11-10 Plaguemace Reptilian Warlords Napalm Death  
11-10 Plague Rider Intensities Transcending Obscurity Exp Tech Death  
11-10 Pyreficativm K'aahz Menoh   Black Amb  
11-10 Pyrolatrous Inveterate GM Melodic Extreme  
11-10 Rascal Lost Beyond Reason   Heavy Power Speed  
11-10 Receiver Whispers of Lore Gates of Hell    
11-10 Rigorious Night of Retribution Metropolis Power  
11-10 The Ritual Aura Heresiarch   Tech Death  
11-10 Rudiger Blasphemy Tribute   Black E.P.
11-10 Satan's Satyrs Quick Quiet Raid   Heavy Doom Punk E.P.
11-10 Saver From  Ember and Rust Pelagic    
11-10 Secret Sphere Blackened Heartbeat Frontiers Melodic Power Prog  
11-10 Shane Steward At the Crossroads   Thrash  
11-10 Shylmagoghnar Covergence Napalm Prog Melodic Black  
11-10 Sons of Sound Seven El Puerto Prog  
11-10 Sutratma Reals of Eternal Immolation   Fun Doom  
11-10 Temple Balls Avalanche Frontiers Melodic Heavy  
11-10 Thrash Knife Weird Daze Big Neck    
11-10 Vastum Inward to Gethsemane 20 Buck Spin    
11-10 Verilehto Kuoleman Inverse Black  
11-10 The Young Rochelles Kicked to the Curb      
11-10 Weightless World Sleepwalker Inverse Progcore  
11-11 Ghost Cries Cocytus   Sym Extreme E.P.
11-11 Swarzo The War you Sought   Sym Power  
11-11 Ulvdalir Ancient Throne of Unholy Ingria   Black  
11-11 Uvikra Comfort...   Prog  
11-11 WarBand OverAmped   Thrash Punk  
11-11 Wastelander Endless Survival   Crust  
11-11 Vastum Inward to Gethsemane 20 Buck Spin Death  
11-14 Venus Obscured till Observed Xtreem Prog Thrash Power  
11-16 Ancestral Curse In Dreams of Endless Darkness   Sym Melodic  
11-16 Lavandula The Cycle   Stoner Doom  
11-16 The Last Eon Infernal Fractality   Ind Black  
11-16 The Lore of Gaubert Revelation I And II   Doom  
11-17 Aeternus Philosopher Agonia Extreme  
11-17 Aeon Winds Night Sky Illuminations Avantgarde Sym Black  
11-17 Alchemy of Flesh By Will Alone Redefining Darkness Death  
11-17 Altars of the Moon The Colossus and the Widow Disorder    
11-17 Bassoon Succumbeny      
11-17 Bewitcher Deep Cuts and Shallow Graves CM Black Speed Comp
11-17 Bull Elephant The Long War      
11-17 Cabrakaan Aztlan Sliptrick Folk Death  
11-17 Care of Night Recconected Frontiers    
11-17 Ceremonial Bloodbath Genesis of Malignant Entropy SRL Extreme  
11-17 Celeste Epilogue Nuclear Blast Black Sludge Post E.P.
11-17 Chained to the Dead Discography of Debauchery Horror Pain Gore Death Death  
11-17 Condemned Daemonium* Unique Leader Death  
11-17 Cruel Fate Destin Cruel Personal Death  
11-17 Cynic Uroboric Forms Season of Mist Prog 2017
11-17 Deafheaven Sunbather Deathwish Post 2013
11-17 DGM Life Frontiers Prog Power  
11-17 Dyssebeia Garden of Stillborn Idols Transcending Obscurity Prog Death  
11-17 Earthside Let the Truth Speak Music Theories Prog Various  
11-17 Eldritch Inner Void Scarlet Prog Power  
11-17 Elitist A Merge of Grandeur      
11-17 Foetal Juice Grotesque* Gore House Death  
11-17 Graven Sin Veil of the Gods Svart Heavy  
11-17 Gut Ripper Necrowork CDN Death  
11-17 Harmegedon Dystopian Dreams Svart    
11-17 Head Control System Murder Nature K-Scope   Reissue
11-17 Hell Gate Vagues d'ameritume Music    
11-17 High Spirits Safe on the Otherside High Roller Heavy  
11-17 Hyperia The Serpent's Cycle   Melodic Thrash Death  
11-17 Infection Code Sulphur Time to Kill Ind Thrash  
11-17 Kamelot Ghost Opera Napalm Melodic Prog 2007
11-17 Kamelot One Cold Winter's Night Napalm Melodic Prog Live 2006
11-17 Kamelot Poetry for the Poisoned Napalm Melodic Prog 2010
11-17 Maul  Desecration and Enchantment 20 Buck Spin Death E.P.
11-17 Miara Hungering Inside Inverse Melodic Death  
11-17 MMTH Infinite Height Poly Unique    
11-17 Mormant De Snagov Invocation throug Revocation^ Wormholedeath Black   
11-17 Nail Within Sound of Demise Massacre Melodic Death  
11-17 Racetraitor Creation and the Timeless Order of Things Good Fight    
11-17 Rank and Vile Worship MG    
11-17 Ritual Cleaning em> Penitence Eternal Death    
11-17 Ritual King The Infinate Mirror Ripple Stoner  
11-17 Robots of the Ancient World 3737 Small Stone Doom Stoner  
11-17 Sadus The Shadow Inside* Nuclear Blast Thrash Prog  
11-17 Savage Blood Wheel of Time MDD    
11-17 Signum Regis Undivided UR Prog Power  
11-17 Soars Repeater Pelargic    
11-17 Soledriver Return Me to Light Frontiers    
11-17 Sodom 1982 SPV Thrash E.P. 1982
11-17 SSD The Kids will Have Their Say Trust    
11-17 Souldriver Return me to Light Frontiers    
11-17 Temic Terror Management Theory Season of Mist    
11-17 Terromania Nyctophobic Ripple Groove  
11-17 Texas in July Without Reason Equal Vision   E.P.
11-17 Thin Lizzy Vagabonds of the Western World Decca Rock 50 Years
11-17 UFO Live at the Oxford Apollo Cleopatra Prog Rock 1986
11-17 Vansind Morket Mighty Folk  
11-17 Venus Obscured till Obbeved Xtreem    
11-24 Aeolian Echoes of the Future Black Lion Melodic Death  
11-24 Almost Honest The Hex of Penn's Woods Argonauta Stoner  
11-24 Bernie Marsden Working Man Conquest Rock  
11-24 Carnivorous Forest  Dogs and Devils   Various  
11-24 Coven Japan Earthlings No Remorse Heavy  
11-24 Cruciamentum Obsidian Refractions Profound Lore Death  
11-24 Cultum Interitum Sacrum Funeral   Extreme  
11-24 Deathcode Society Unlightenment Osmose  Sym Black  
11-24 Degenerator The Abysmal Throne*      
11-24 Demogorgon A hate all that Grows Sliptrick    
11-24 Demonio Reaching the Light Helter Skelter Stoner Doom  
11-24 Destructor Blood, Bone and Fire Shadow Kingdom Thrash Heavy Power  
11-24 Diabolic Cry of the Dead Vic    
11-24 Eternal Solstice Demonic Fertilizer Vic Death 1997
11-24 Everson Poe The Tower Trepnation    
11-24 Farsoth Morbid Symphonies Black lion  Death  
11-24 Fierce Justice Fireborn   Prog Heavy  
11-24 Flames of Fire Our Blessed Hope MPR Heavy  
11-24 Fraught Transfixed on Dying Light Argonauta Extreme  
11-24 From North Raven Banner At Dawn Folk Viking  
11-24 Gnaw Their Tongues The Cessation of Suffering CS Exp  
11-24 Hitten While Passion Lasts High Roller Heavy  
11-24 Humanking An End, Once and for All Rock of Angels    
11-24 I Helvete Yksi Inverse Melodic Extreme  
11-24 Infernal Angels Shrine of Black Fire   Melodic Black  
11-24 Jetboy Crate Diggin' Cleopatra    
11-24 Jose Rubio Black Rose Demons Neoclassical Shred  
11-24 Kvelgeyst Blut, Milch and Thranen   Black  
11-24 Maladie For we are the Plague Apostasy Exp  
11-24 Malediction The Soil Throne CKC Death Grind E.P.
11-24 March to Die Tears of Gorgon No Remorse Epic Heavy  
11-24 Master's Call A Journey for the Damned Fireflash Extreme  
11-24 Mlidnight Odyssey Biolume Part 3 I Voidhanger Amb  
11-24 One Master The Names of Power Eternal Death    
11-24 Ophanim Tanpelskang Eisenwald Atmo Black  
11-24 Perdition's Light Sequenzen TRG Prog Black  
11-24 Pessimystic Burnt*   Extreme E.P.
11-24 Sadism Obscurans Hammerheart Death  
11-24 Serpents Oath Revelation OR Black  
11-24 Silent Angel Unyielding, Unrelenting Rockshots Melodic Power  
11-24 Strange New Dawn New Nights of Euphoria Svart Prog Doom  
11-24 Tariot Drag Me to Hell Out of Line    
11-24 Temple of Scorn Funeral Altar Epiphanies Transcening Obscurity Death  
11-24 Trapeze Lost Tapes Vol.1 Metalville    
11-24 Valdrin Throne of the Lunar Soul Blood Harvest Melodic Black  
11-24 Yesterday's Hero Ways To Hate*   Alt Metal  
11-27 Bajo el Exilio Contraluz   Core  
11-27 Briareus The Aesir Voice   Black  
11-27 Roast Dead Fine Dieing   Death Grind E.P.
11-27 Tom Vautour Decimation   Prog Metal  
11-27 Voidsphere To Infect - To Inflict Amor Fati Atmo Black  
11-30 Buckethead Live from Athanorof the Second Sea Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 593
11-30 Buckethead Live Surrounded by Infinity Boardwalk Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 594
11-30 Buckethead Live Circles of the Sacred Mountain Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike595
11-31 Necronomic Magnificent Adoration of Obscurity   Black  

December 2023

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
12-1 Abduction Toutes Blessent   Prog Extreme  
12-1 Abyss of Hel Into the Abyss MDD    
12-1 Abyssal Rift Extirpation Dirge Sentient Ruin     
12-1 Aggression Frozen Aggressions Massacre    
12-1 Aphelium Aeternum Dark Interstellar Mysteries   Sym Black  
12-1 Axenstar Chapter VIII Inner Wound Power  
12-1 Beyonddition Abysmal Night Chaos  Death  
12-1 Bjorko Heartrot Svart Melodic Heavy Power  
12-1 Black Stag Rising Temples*   Avant Black Power  
12-1 Carnal  Horyzont zdarzen   Doom Death  
12-1 Cobra Spell 666* Napalm Heavy Hard  
12-1 Code Seven Go Let it in Equal Vision    
12-1 The Company Corvette Little Blue Guy   Stoner Doom  
12-1 Dethroned A Bridge to Eternal Darkness   Black  
12-1 Disorientatiom Survival Mode*   Avant-Garde E.P.
12-1 Dixie Goat  Order, Chaos , Life and Death   Various  
12-1 Dune Pilot Magnetic Argonauta    
12-1 Eitrin S/T Debemur Morti Avant-garde  
12-1 Embrace Your Punishment Made in Stone Lacerated Enemy Deathcore  
12-1 Emsemble I Delay Works HMB    
12-1 Extorsionist Devoid Unique Leader   E.P.
12-1 Fate V Frontiers Melodic 2008
12-1 Fate If Not for the Devil Frontiers Melodic 2013
12-1 Faust At the Dawn of Life Demise Black Lion Melodic Black E.P.
12-1 Gilded Form   Burning World    
12-1 Godskill III; Nazerene Sickness   Extreme  
12-1 Grau Abseits des Lichts   Black  
12-1 Greydon Fields Otherworld   Heavy Thrash  
12-1 Heimdalls Wacht Mystagogie   Pagan Black  
12-1 Hellbomb S/T   Black Crossover  
12-1 Helfro Talgrof Season of Mist Underground Black  
12-1 Infernation Dark Path of Renuciation   Extreme  
12-1 Isospin Aftermath Chronicles   Prog Metal  
12-1 Kefen Existence is Only a Dream   Fun Doom E.P.
12-1 Kong Traders of Truth Sliptrick Prog  
12-1 Krallice Mass Cathexis 2   Avant-Garde  
12-1 Mahr Odium   Atmo Black  
12-1 Malicious Merciless Storm Invitus Death E.P.
12-1 Mortalicum Epologue of Life   Heavy Doom  
12-1 Necronemesis Warfield Forever* Horror Pain Gore Death Death  
12-1 Nimrod B.C. Legacy of the Dead Metropolis Power Thrash  
12-1 Nornir Skuld NS Black  
12-1 No Point in Living Dream... Loop... No Exit.   Various  
12-1 Oldest Sea A Birdsong , A Ghost Darkest    
12-1 Oro Vid vags ande Hammerheart Sludge  
12-1 Orphaned Land A Heaven You May Create CM Melodic Live
12-1 Panopticon The Rime of Memory Bindrune Atmo Black Folk  
12-1 Paradise Lost Icon  30 Nuclear Blast Melodic  
12-1 Post Luctum Seasons Grievings   Death Doom E.P.
12-1 Recker Stormbringer   Heavy Hard E.P.
12-1 Robben Ford Night in the City earMusic    
12-1 Reap Born from Plague SelfMadeGod Deathgrind  
12-1 Reeking Nightshade Beneath the Oppressive Grandeur of the Burning Heavens   Black  
12-1 Ruyyn Chapter IIThe Flames, The Fallen , The Fury LADOP Black  
12-1 Saffire Starhunter Rock of Angels   E.P.
12-1 The Seafloor Cinema S/T Pure Noise    
12-1 Saffire Starhunter Rock of Angels   E.P.
12-1 Sick to the Back Teeth Reveries   Various  
12-1 Skiltron Bruadarach Trollzorn Celtic Power  
12-1 Suel Venomous Curse Vendetta Black  
12-1 Sylvan Awe Pilgrimage Drakkar Black  
12-1 Swansong Awakining Noble Demon Melodic Death  
12-1 Timeless Necrotears The Emotional Fate of Maddy Fussschoen   Various  
12-1 Topor Wieczna kazn   Thrash Speed  
12-1 Varathron The Crimson Temple Agonia Black  
12-1 Visions of Atlantis A Pirate's Symphony Napalm Melodic Sym Power  
12-1 Voice of Ruin Cold Epiphany TM Thrash Groove  
12-1 Walking Corpse Our Hands, Your Throat Transcending Obscurity Grindcore  
12-4 Xenocracy Impermanence   Core  
12-4 Avrea Lvnae Ntdd Strl Signal Rex    
12-4 Atreyu The Beautiful Dark of Life Spinefarm    
12-4 Bastards Artic Hardcore Svart Hardcore Complete and rare recordings 
12-4 Deprecation Annihilation of Increasing Pain   Death  
12-4 Worship the Pestilence Rebel Child of Nature Coyote Death  
12-8 Azathoth's Dream Nocturnal  Vampyric Iron Bonehead Atmo Black Dungeon Synth  
12-8 Beyond God The Great Divide WormHoleDeath Sym  
12-8 Cassidy Paris New Sensasion Frontiers    
12-8 Chamelion Legends & Lores Rockshots Power  
12-8 Dawn of a Dark Age Transumanza My Kingdom Atmo Exp Black  
12-8 Devil's Reef The Droste Observer* Artisan Era Tech Death  
12-8 Dimmu Borgir Inspiratio Profanus Nuclear Blast Sym Black Cover Versions
12-8 Dwelling Below S/T   Doom Death  
12-8 Ektomorf Vivad Black* AFM Groove Core  
12-8 Embr S/T   Stoner Doom  
12-8 Everdawn Venera Frontiers    
12-8 Fifth Note Here We Are Frontiers    
12-8 Geistaz'ika Midnatsbon Vid Signal Rex Black  
12-8 Ginnungagap Helical Arising Signal Rex Black Amb  
12-8 Inculter Morbid Origin Edged Circle Black Thrash  
12-8 Jeff Fabb Stealing Souls*   Heavy BLS Drummer
12-8 Kankar Ascension Eisenwald Atmo Black  
12-8 Kryptoxik Mortality Interdimensional Comatose Slam Death  
12-8 Megaton Leviathan Magick Helmet   Drone Doom Post  
12-8 Men Eater S/T   Exp  
12-8 Mourning Sun Bahia   Atmo Black  
12-8 Nebula Drag Western Death   Stoner  
12-8 Osiah Kairos Unique Leader Tech Death  
12-8 Phobocosm Foreordained Dark Descent Death  
12-8 Progeny of Sun Throne of Desolation Inverse Melodic Death  
12-8 Revival S/T Ripple    
12-8 Saasta Black Death Doom Inverse Doom Death E.P.
12-8 Six Foot Six Beggar's Hill Scarlet Melodic Heavy  
12-8 Skeptical Minds Kharon FYB Goth  
12-8 Slow Abimes I Code 666    
12-8 Sonny Vincent Primitive 1969 1976 Ripple    
12-8 Sons of Eternity End of Silence^ Massacre Heavy Power  
12-8 Starchild Magic Well Metropolis Power  
12-8 Stress Positions Harsh Reality      
12-6 Through Mists Summon the Severed Syrup Moose    
12-8 Trick or Treat A Creepy Night Scarlet Power Live
12-8 Troll Trolldom   Black  
12-8 Ulver Vargnatt Peaceville Black 1993
12-8 Winterhorde Neptunian Noble Demon Prog Melodic Black  
12-8 Wrath of Logarius Necrotic Assimalation Season of Mist   E.P.
12-11 Buat Kopi Jangan Tambah Gula Reckoning   Melodic Extreme E.P.
12-11 Emulsified Flesh Tales of Mutilation   Grind Death  
12-11 Speed Limit The Broken Record   Heavy  
12-11 Orgiastic Pleasures S.T   Extreme  
12-11 Que Metal Nihil Enim   Post Black  
12-11 Quiet Human Dreamlands   Death Doom  
12-12 Outlaws of Ravenhurst Krampusnacht   Heavy  
12-12 Separatism A Tribe of Savages   Death  
12-12 Witchflame Omen Werewolf Black  
12-14 Cosmophobe Existential   Tech Deathcore E.P.
12-14 Forever Stuck on This NightmareThey Called Planer Earth The Reptilian, TheRotten and the Eyeball   Various E.P.
12-14 Phyllomedusa Wig   Various  
12-15 Afra Aruna Cakrawala Pest Atmo Black  
12-15 Apostle Liminal THC    
12-15 Astral Sleep We are Already Living in End Times SlipTrick Psych Doom  
12-15 Ashtray Valley Midnight Sun Art Gates Core  
12-15 Astral Experience Clepsidrea Art Gates Prog Power  
12-15 Axe Crazy Creatures on the Hunt   Heavy  
12-15 BlackFlow Seeds of Downfall Personal Epic Doom Heavy  
12-15 Bloedmaan Castle inside the Eclipse Immortal Frost Black  
12-15 Breed History of Tomorrow DG    
12-15 Bunker 66 Portriat of Dismay Dying Victims Black Thrash Comp
12-15 Capsule Ferox     E.P.
12-15 Children of Bodom A Chapter Called Chidren of Bodom Peaceville Melodic Live
12-15 Crossfire Switch to Reset WormHoleDeath Thrash  
12-15 Crust Dissolution Avantgarde Doom Death Sludge  
12-15 The Conquering  Unburdened   Viking Folk Black  
12-15 Cryptworm OOzing Radioactive Vomition   Death  
12-15 Demonacy Diabolica Blaspemiae Hells Headbangers Black E.P.
12-15 Ebola Distorted Romance Pest Exp Black  
12-15 Embr S/T Black Doomba    
12-15 Empires of Euphrates Echoes of Ancient Past Horror Pain Gore Death    
12-15 Endbroken Defeat of Common Sence Great Dand  Groove Thrash  
12-15 Evergrey From Dark Discoveries to Heartless Portraits Napalm Melodic Prog Comp
12-15 Imperialist Quantum Transcending Obscurity Black E.P.
12-15 Have Mercy Numb Rude    
12-15 Horrorfier Horrid Resurrection Personal Death  
12-15 Infernal Execrator Diabolatry Pulverized Extreme  
12-15 Mavis Grief is no Ally Arising Empire    
12-15 Noage From Darkness to Life^ Revalve Sym  
12-15 Nothing New Wreathed in Bone   Black Stoner  
12-15 Rabia Perez Premonicion Art Gates Heavy  
12-15 Revulsed Cerebal Contamination Everlasting Spew Tech Death  
12-15 Ringare Of Momentous Endless Night Avantgarde Atmo Black  
12-15 Ritvs Der Tag Naht Dying Victims    
12-15 Spife The Secret Live of Elves in Winter   Various  
12-15 Strigampire All to Dominate*   Death  
12-15 Sulfuric Hatred S/T   Extreme  
12-15 Suffer Gristle, Bruised Spots & Trimmed Fat Wise Blood Death E.P.
12-15 Thanatophobia Kaleidoscope of Fears Lord of the Sick Tech Death  
12-15 Therion Leviathan III Napalm Sym Opera  
12-15 Ulvhedner Fjosmetall   Black  
12-15 Vanessa Funke Dawn LDP Melodic Death Goth  
12-15 Vargrav The Nighthold Werewolf Sym Black  
12-15 Warcoe A Place for Demons HS Doom  
12-15 Witchsnake Deathcult of the Snake HS Stoner Doom  
12-19 Funeral Vomit Monumental Putrescene Xtreem Death  
12-21 Pure Prison of Flesh and Bone   Black  
12-21 Symbel Dark Solstice   Pagan Black E.P.
12-21 Towards IV   Fun Doom  
12-22 Amanda Gonsales Sarco*     E.P.
12-22 Atronos Erwachen Purity Through Fire Black  
12-22 Bialy Vitez Tam Werewolf Pagan Folk  
12-22 Bergrizen Die Falle Purity Through Fire Black  
12-22 Bonehammer III Awakening Black Heavy Crust  
12-22 Daedric Chamber Black Marsh Eternal   Black Dungeon Synth  
12-22 Draakanaon Holy Shit   Black  
12-22 Eternal Silence 3 Rockshots Sym Goth E.P.
12-22 Fellowship The Winterlight Chronicles Scarlet Sym Power E.P.
12-22 Frostbite Orckings The Orchish Eclipse Napalm Melodic Death  
12-22 Jegzivatar Kapuk FDR Atmo Black  
12-22 Opposition Party Re-Thrashed   Thrash Groove  
12-22 Pedro Botero Mas Sabe el Diablo   AOR  
12-22 Rivers Like Veins Architektura   Atmo Avant Black  
12-22 Sylvania Purgatorium Art Gates Power  
12-22 Solitary Sabred Temple of the Serpent VSGR Heavy Power  
12-22 Tortured Conscience One Law One King Vision of God Death  
12-22 Venom Symbiote Ishimura's Dead Fleash Shelter RNR Death  
12-23 Avskrade Undergang Purity Through Fire Black  
12-23 Buckethead Stanger in a Strange Land Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 606
12-23 Lorihen La magiadelcaos 2M Melodic Hard Heavy  
12-23 Nighthawk Stuctures of the Moon Sliptrick    
12-23 Overlorde Awaken the Fury No Remorse Heay Power  
12-23 Sad Blsck Metal Craft Purity Through Fire Black  
12-23 Silver R.I.S.C. Knot Over No Remorse    
12-24 Anarchy Eyecloser   Melodic  
12-24 Mortal Kombat Bludni Sin   Heavy Oi  
12-24 Porenut Korzenie bogow Nomad Pagan Folk  
12-25 Heretique Bestias Hominum   Extreme Thrash  
12-27 Buckethead Sky Bridge Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 608
12-27 Buckethead Book Of Wonders Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 609
12-27 Buckethead Lunar Realms Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 610
12-27 Buckethead Underwater Obsevatory Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 611
12-28 Buckethead The Universe is Your Friend Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 613
12-28 Buckethead Keeper of Solitude Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 614
12-28 Buckethead Blossoming of Dreams Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 616
12-27 David VI Prophecy Resonance Power  
12-29 Barque of Dante Columbus   Power  
12-29 Blacnk Between Living and the Day   Black E.P.
12-29 Bloodrunner S/T   Thrash  
12-29 The Deathspell S/T      
12-29 Buckethead Flow Freely Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 617
12-29 Deha The Illusion of Reach   Various  
12-29 Dominum Hey Living People Napalm  Power  
12-29 Espi Kvlt Vampyre Trap Syrup Moose    
12-29 Everdead Woods In Pious Chains   Prog Black  
12-29 Fall of Gnosis Deathlike Illusion   Death Sludge E.P.
12-29 Haunter Icantations Through Black Magick   Black E.P.
12-29 Head East Full Circle Cleopatra    
12-29 Lord of the Lost Weapons of Mass Seduction Napalm    
12-29 Misanthropik Torment Declaration of War   Extreme  
12-29 Suicide Circle Bukkake of Souls Osmose Black  
12-29 White Death Bukkake of Souls Werewolf Black  
12-30 Embryonic Devourment Prime Specimens DR Tech Death  
12-31 Bafomet Baptized in Goat Blood Nuclear War Now Black Speed  
12-31 Yxxan Misanthropic Impulse Nuclear War Now Extreme