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1-15 Agonia 


The Harbinger
Dave Sherman
Stuart Anstis
Ted Kirkpatrick with the King

Roman Kostrzewski

Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Nattdal B Jonas Lars Bergqvist

The Guitar Emperor

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Latest News

X- Anvil and Overkill Guitarist passes away

Sebastian Marino,  died suddenly in the early hours of today after being rushed to a hospital while doing a sound job on New Year’s Eve in Florida. Sebastian owned and operated AUDIO IMAGES, one of the most acclaimed audio & video production companies in the country.

Dave Sherman

Doom Metal Veteran Dave Sherman passed away on September 6 2022 at the age of 55. Dave was a part of the band Earthride, Weed is Weed and Galactic Cross, One time The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Shine and Bobby Leibling's Ram Family. 

Carl David Natanael Andersson

Soilwork, Meanstreak and Night Flight Orchestra guitarist David Anderson passed away on September 14th 2022 at the age of  47.

Gord "Piledriver" Kirchin

Piledriver Frontman Gord Kirchen passed away on Sept 22nd 2022 at the age of 60 after a battle with Lung Cancer. 

January 2023

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
1-1 A Man Named Onigumo Fluidic Reconstruction   Prog Death  
1-1 Balga the Sea   Atmo Black  
1-1 Earth Even Hell Has it's Heroes Sargent House Psych Post Rock  
1-1 Mechina Cenotaph   Exp  
1-1 Vanja Gvozdanovic Depressor Battlestar Lemon III   Atmo Sym Black  
1-2 Elikadama We Met in the Flashing Lights   Black Sludge E.P.
1-2 Elikadama The Traveling Heart   Black Sludge E.P.
1-2 Mourning Forest L'immonde fanaison HWP Black  
1-3 Buckethead Live Midnight at the Wax Museum Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 408
1-3 Buckethead Live OozeYour Orbs Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 409
1-3 Buckethead Live XIIYards of Rotting Gauze Coaster Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 410
1-3 Confined Eternal Fury of the Dissillusioned Ones   Death  
1-3 Red Eyes A Chana Satanica   Black Thrash  
1-4 Askeregn Brennende    Black  
1-4 Beyond Melancholy Rejected By Life   Dep Black  
1-5 A Life Less Alive For Them Your Flesh   Death  
1-5 A Serpent's Hand Rebirth   Melodic Core  
1-5 Buckethead Live Last House on Disembodied Street Bucketheadland Various Shred pike 411
1-5 Buckethead Live Hand Painted Scotch Tape Mask Pavilion Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 412
1-5 Buckethead Live from Frankenstein's Lost Mine Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 413
1-5 Buckethead Live From Osaka Toy Store Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 414
1-5 Drakon Ho Megas   Floga Black  
1-5 Fugitive Wizard Ultima Magus   Black Amb E.P.
1-5 Longevite La longue marche   Fun Doom  
1-5 Madness of Sorrow 666: The Disciple   Goth E.P.
1-5 Sons of Cult Back to the Beginning Fighter    
1-5 Spiritworld Plaguescape Dimensions   Atmo Black  
1-6 Anti-Flag Lies They Tell Our Children Heartagram    
1-6 Born A Ghost Stairway to an Empty Room     E.P.
1-6 Buckethead Sarahnade Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 415
1-6 Buckethead The Overcast Day Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 416
1-6 Celestial Shadows The Tragedy of Calufax   Exp black  
1-6 Concrete Age Bardo ThordoL   Thrash Power Melodic  
1-6 Daedric Chamber Dragon Cult Rising   Black E.P.
1-6 Horre Kuumet   Fun Doom  
1-6 The Howling Void Into Darkness even more Profound Funere Sym Fun Doom  
1-6 Iravu A Fate Worse Than Home Fiadh Atmo Black  
1-6 Junon Kyanon Superpowers on the Dancefloor      
1-6 Kornmo Vandring Apollon    
1-6 Luna Azure Philosophy of the Skull   Black  
1-6 Mantikore Venerate the Disease   Exp E.P.
1-6 Nicarus Sipapu Green    
1-6 Otis Archer IV. Death   Prog Sludge Doom E.P.
1-6 Serenity Memoria Napalm Sym DVD
1-6 Sons of Cult Back to the Beginning Xtreem    
1-6 Thunderchief Dekk Meg   Sludge Doom  
1-6 Throat Locust Dragged Through Glass     E.P.
1-6 Varmia Prolog M-Theory Black Folk E.P.
1-6 Vosbud Heklugja   Black  
1-7 Amras Numenesse Industructible   Sym Black E.P.
1-7 Betray the Death Traces of Decay   Post  
1-7 Buckethead Live from the Forest of Melted Ice Cream Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 417
1-7 Buckethead Live from Candy Cane Catathrophe Coaster Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 418
1-7 Buckethead Live Disembodied Fountain Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 419
1-7 Disfiguring the Goddess Karnival   Exp  
1-7 Horror Tomb Fear of Losing Control Nothern Forest Black Grind Noise  
1-7 Mourning Souls S/T   Exp  
1-8 Domination Holy Order   Heavy  
1-8 Gnarlscar Carrion Webs   Prog Death  
1-9 Great Cold Emptiness Immaculate Hearts will Triumph Flowing Downward Atmo Black Fun Doom  
1-10 Astarot De Mystica Silva ad Cosmos   Black  
1-10 Crosta The Scab of Days   Post  
1-10 Roraima Caribe   Atmo Black  
1-10 Sepulchral Curse Howl of the Cursed   Extreme E.P.
1-10 Thy Darkened Shade Liber Lvcifer II WTC Black  
1-10 Univertigo Save Me from the Void   Electronic Melodic  
1-10 Vale of Amonition Immortalizing   Prog Doom  
1-10 Wedingoth Five Stars Above   Prog Goth  
1-11 Anomaly in Effigy Palace of the Floods   Black Amb  
1-11 Garden of Sadness Tormenting Myself   Dep Black  
1-12 A Villians Neverland Cloudscape   Core  
1-12 Bis-nte Broken Xtreem Stoner Doom  
1-12 Kilta Usva   Black Folk Heavy  
1-12 Retribition Tales of Pyhamis Land Pest Sym Folk Melodic E.P.
1-12 The Wise Man's Fear Atlas Ruinica Sharptone Melodic Core  
1-13 Admire the Grim Rogue Five Inverse  Melodic Death E.P.
1-13 Ahab The Coral Tombs* Napalm Fun Doom  
1-13 Alyiria Heiress MS Prog Sym Death  
1-13 Anibus Decreation Days     E.P.
1-13 Antimozdebeast Vision      
1-13 Ashen Ritual of Ash Bitter Loss  Death  
1-13 Azgaroth Kohti unholaa   Black Folk  
1-13 Azken Auzi S/T Argonauta    
1-13 Berserkyd Zero Body   Heavy  
1-13 Beyond the Black S/T Nuclear Blast Sym  
1-13 Black Magik Ackerman's Field   Thrash E.P.
1-13 Blutfaust Gloria Immortali Occulturn   Black E.P.
1-13 Breaths Though Life has Turned Out TrepNation    
1-13 Buckethead Echoing Eyes Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 420
1-13 Buffalo Revisited Vocanic Rock Live Ripple    
1-13 Kollaps/e Phantom Centre   Sludge Post  
1-13 Cline's Mind Land of the Plague   Thrash Speed  
1-13 Cranial Crusher Ciclo da Degradacao   Crossover  
1-13 Crom The Era of Darkness From The Vaults Power  
1-13 Cursed Excruciation Arcane Diabolism Iron Bonehead Extreme  
1-13 Dark Mirror ov Tragedy The Annucation in Lust Radtone Sym Black Goth Death  
1-13 Death Engine Ocean Code    
1-13 Defy the Curse Horrors of Human Sacrifice Hammerheart Death Crust  
1-13 Descent Order of Chaos Redefining Darkness    
1-13 Dismal Via Entis DreamCell 11 Neoclassical Goth  
1-13 Draken Book of Black Majestic Mountain    
1-13 Drowning the Light Haunter of the Deep Dark Adversary Black  
1-13 Eisregen Grenzgznger Massacre Goth Extreme  
1-13 Elusion The Fundamental Paradox      
1-13 Fit For An Autopsy On What the Future Holds Niclear Blast Deathcore  
1-13 Fractures in the Sky The Otherside Pt:2   Prog Metal  
1-13 Full Messenger Eternal Until it's Over   Heavy Power Doom  
1-13 The Gautlet Dark Steel and Fire   Black'n'Roll  
1-13 Gra Lycaon Avantgarde Black  
1-13 Guts Club Cliffs// Walls      
1-13 Homeskin Forgetfully Washed into Callousness   Avant-Garde Grind  
1-13 Hostol Lange leve doden Avantgarde Black  
1-13 Inherits the Void The Impending Fall of the Stars Avantgarde Atmo Black  
1-13 The Inner Abyss Don't Dream It's Over   Black  
1-13 Invertia Throught the Black Bubble   Ind Black  
1-13 Karma Rassa Khmel'   Atmo Prog  
1-13 Leper Colony S/T   Death Thrash  
1-13 Limbes Ecluse   Atmo Black  
1-13 Malo de Dentro Follow Me   Core  
1-13 Monstrous Afterglow SPV Death  
1-13 Morktar Existence   Black E.P.
1-13 Napalm Vomit Cosmic End   Death Thrash E.P.
1-13 Obituary Dying of Everything Relapse Death Thrash Slam  
1-13 Pnakotic Manuscript Dark Prometheus   Death  
1-13 Ruinthrone The Unconscious Mind of Arda* Rockshots Power  
1-13 Screamer Kingmaker*   Heavy  
1-13 Slog Divination   Death Doom  
1-13 Skyblazer Infinity's Wing   Power  
1-13 SlugWeed Reglar 6   Doom Stoner Sludge Post E.P.
1-13 Stac Pollaidh Age of Darkness   Atmo Black  
1-13 Stellae Before the Stars   Black  
1-13 Vampyric Mass Dragged into his Crypt FSP Black Amb  
1-13 Veska Unbound   Black  
1-13 Warg The Endless Travel   Thrash Heavy Melodic Death  
1-13 Wothrosch Odium Hammerheart Sludge Black  
1-14 Hellevate The Purpose is Cruelty   Thrash Speed E.P.
1-14 Lucifer Jones Doom Generation   Doom Heavy Punk  
1-14 Terader End of Gods Rock CD Melodic Death  
1-14 Timeless Necroeaters TK62   Exp  
1-15 Vrain  Beyond the Southern Cross   Melodic Heavy E.P.
1-15 Manpiel Vestiges Engraved in Frozen Mysticism History   Black  
1-15 Skullpture A Horrifying Death   Death E.P.
1-15 Sonneilon The Demon of Hate   Black  
1-17 Oceanhorse Heads Will Roll   Heavy Groove  
1-17 Tension Rising The Last Judgement   Heavy E.P.
1-17 Vesanus Endless Oblivion   Black  
1-18 Vampitblut Ausrottung   Melodic Black  
1-19 For I Am King Crown   Deathcore  
1-19 Frogskin  III   Sludge  
1-19 Lord Frimost Among the Silence   Black E.P.
1-19 Skin Eruption Greeting of Devil   Goth  
1-20 Aella     Heavy Russia
1-20 Arnaut Pavle Transilvanian Glare   Black Punk  
1-20 Atrocity Okkult III Massacre Various  
1-20 Autumns Child Starflower Pride & Joy    
1-20 Barnabus Sky What Comes to the Light Pride & Joy    
1-20 Big City Sundwind Sails Frontiers    
1-20 Billy Talent Crisis of Faith Spinefarm    
1-20 Blackearth Earth Fragments Pure Steel Heavy Power E.P.
1-20 Black Star Riders Wrong Side of Paradise Earache Rock  
1-20 Celestial Scourge Dimensions Unfurled Time to Kill Tech Death E.P.
1-20 Celestial Wizard Winds of the Cosmos Scarlet    
1-20 Cincinatti Bowtie Incantation   Deathcore  
1-20 Cloudy Skies Chanbges Argonauta    
1-20 Comeback Kid Heavy Steps Nuclear Blast    
1-20 Constant Nausea Martwica Tlenu   Black  
1-20 Cthulhu Dreamt Precursor      
1-20 Dark Princess Phoenix Out of Line Goth  
1-20 Deiquisitor Apotheosis Extremely Rotten Death  
1-20 Donut Lord Stay Greasy   Doom Black  
1-20 Doug Garrett Dreamer   Various E.P.
1-20 Dying Light Shadow Grave      
1-20 Dryad The Abyssal Plain Prosthetic  Extreme  
1-20 Edge of Forever Seminole Frontiers    
1-20 Eye Anthology Pride& Joy    
1-20 Faithxtrator Contempt for a Failed Dimension Redifining Darkness Death  
1-20 Fastest Land Animal East Coast, West Coast, In Between      
1-20 Fatalismo Dominate to Exterminate      
1-20 Gloominess I Loke 1 1   Heavy  
1-20 Gloominess I Loke 9   Heavy  
1-20 Heroes and Monsters S/T Frontiers    
1-20 Half Life Like a Jungle Club Inferno    
1-20 I Believe II y auramort d'hommes   Post Black  
1-20 Imperium Dekadenz Into Sorrow Evermore* Napalm Black  
1-20 Issa Lights of Japan Frontiers    
1-20 Katatonia Sky Void of Stars Napalm Melodic  
1-20 Kommandant Titan Hammer   Extreme  
1-20 Kostas Panagiotuo Tor   Exp  
1-20 Krionik Hymns for ye Olde Corpse   Thrash E.P.
1-20 Leaflet Something Beyond* Rockshots    
1-20 Lord Mountain The Oath King Volume Stoner Heavy Doom  
1-20 Love Gang Meanstreak Heavy Psych Sounds    
1-20 Maneskin Rush! Epic    
1-20 The Mighty Mister Shame Through Hell Firecum    
1-20 Mindless Hope Mental Truency Sliptrick    
1-20 Moonscape The Continuun Synergy   Prog Power  
1-20 Natt S/T Edged Circle    
1-20 Negative Vortex Tomb Absolute SRL Thrash  
1-20 Nothingness Supriliminal Everlasting Spew Death  
1-20 Oak Pantheon The Absence   Atmo Folk Post  
1-20 Orkrist Luea   Melodic Folk Heavy  
1-20 Pander Break the Oath Argonauta Stoner  
1-20 The Privateer Kingdom of Exiles Reaper Folk Power  
1-20 Pyramid Mass Monolith Ossien    
1-20 Re-Buried Repulsive Nature Translation Loss Death  
1-20 Riffcoven O Caminho do Aco   Doom Stoner  
1-20 Riverside ID.Entity Inside Out  Prog  
1-20 Sabaton Heroes of the Great War Nuclear Blast Epic E.P.
1-20 Sarah Halter The Doom that Blinds Us Sparrow Heart   E.P.
1-20 Sheogorath Winterhold Art Gates Melodic Black E.P.
1-20 Slegest Avstand Dark Essence Dark Doom  
1-20 Silver Bullet Shadowfall Reaper Power  
1-20 Ten  Something Wicked  this Way Comes Frontiers    
1-20 Tension Rising The Last Judgement      
1-20 Termina Parasocial*     Phil Bozeman 
1-20 Tidel Wave The Lord Knows Ripple    
1-20 Tribunal The Wight of Rememrance 20 Buck Spin Gothic Doom  
1-20 Turbid North The Decline   Groove Prog Melodic   
1-20 Twilight Force At the Heart of Wintervale Nuclear Blast Sym Power  
1-20 Uburen Usurp the Throne Dusk Tone  Black Viking  
1-20 Varjo-Orkesteri Seremonia Inverse    
1-20 Walk in Darkness Leaves Rolling in Time Beyond the Storm    
1-20 Wuodans Wunde Es Glimtt      
1-21 Idle Ruin The Fell Tyrant Bitter Loss Thrash Death  
1-23 Adavant Yhe Mystic and the Mountain   Epic Folk  
1-23 Oculus Of Temples and Vultures Dark Horizon Extreme  
1-23 Oozing Wound We Cater to Cowards   Thrash Crossover  
1-23 Rigor Sardonicous Praeparet Bellum   Fun Doom  
1-24 Conjureth The Parasitic Chamber Memento Mori Death  
1-24 Sarkasm As Empires Decay Xtreem Extreme  
1-26 Devilgroth Siberian Moonlit Night   Black  
1-27 Inner Suffering There is No Shelter   Dep Black E.P.
1-27 Anachronism Meanders Unorthodox Tech Death  
1-27 ...and Oceans As in Gardens, So in Tombs Season of Mist Ind Electronic  
1-27 Antim Grahan Goat Legion   Extreme Grindcore  
1-27 Anzillu Ex Nihilo M-Theory Thrash  
1-27 Arditi Emblem of Victory   Martial Ind Amb  
1-27 Artic Rain Unity   Frontiers  
1-27 Ashed Horde Antimony Transcending Obscurity Prog Black  
1-27 Bizarrekult Den tapte krigen Season of Mist  Black  
1-27 Clouds Taste Satanic Tales of Demonic   Doom  
1-27 Conjureth The Parasitic Chambers Memento Mori    
1-27 Constipation Alica VN Grindcore  
1-27 Corvus Corone Abaondoned in Spring   Fun Post Amb  
1-27 Cronenberg Grandiose Throne of Grotesque Flesh   Death  
1-27 Crowne Operation Phoenix Frontiers Heavy Power  
1-27 Dark Sarah Attack of Orym Napalm Sym  
1-27 Devil's Whiskey Historias de Muerte* WormHole Death Heavy Stoner  
1-27 Dismal Via En tis Aural    
1-27 Dokken The Elektra Years 1983 to 1987 BMG Heavy Hard Box Set
1-27 Dust Prophet One Last Look Upon the Sky      
1-27 Electric Mob 2 Make UCry& Dance Frontiers    
1-27 Fate is Sealed Shadows   Thrash Prog  
1-27 Firienholy White Frost Elder Blood   Epic Atmo BlackDungeon Synth  
1-27 Girish and the Chronicles Back on Earth  Frontiers    
1-27 Girlschool The School Report 1978 to 2008 Hear No Evil Heavy Box Set
1-27 Glyph the time of peril   Black  
1-27 Hell's Satans S/T WormHoleDeath Heavy  
1-27 Hour of Penance Misotheism Agonia Death 2019
1-27 Holocaust Heavy Metal Mania HNE   1980-1984
1-27 Iron Void IV Shadow Kingdom    
1-27 Knogjarn Mera Bedovning Indie   E.P.
1-27 Knights of Blood El juiciode Osiris   Heavy  
1-27 Kuyashii Dreams   Post E.P.
1-27 Little Pig S/T WormHoleDeath Rock  
1-27 Liv Sin KaliYuga Taget Heavy  
1-27 Love Gang Meanstreak   Heavy Psych Sounds  
1-27 Malice Divine Everlasting Ascendancy*   Melodic Extreme  
1-27 Marco Garau's Magic Opera Battle of Ice   Sym  All Star Line Up
1-27 Mask of Prospero Hiraeth Vicisolum Prog Djent  
1-27 Methane Kill it With Fire   Southern Groove  
1-27 New Miserable Experience Philosophy on Pessimism Translation Loss    
1-27 Ominous Scriptures Rituals of Self Mass Ignition Willowtip Death  
1-27 Obelyskkh Ultimate Grace of God Exile on Mainstream    
1-27 Ozzing Wound We Cater to Cowards Thrill Jockey    
1-27 Pelican Cith of Echoes Thrill Jockey    
1-27 Profane Order On Nightmare Nuclear War Now! Extreme  
1-27 Raum Kingdom Monarch Argonauta Sludge Post  
1-27 Ravenlight Immemorial DPR Sym Heavy  
1-27 Sereignos Decisiviious Annihilatiomn   Extreme E.P.
1-27 Ronnie Romero Rased on Heavy Radio Frontiers Heavy  
1-27 Seon Cognetive Silver Lining Melodic Prog 2012
1-27 Seon Tellurian Silver Lining Melodic Prog 2014
1-27 Seven Doors Feast of the Repulsive Dead Redifining Darkness Death  
1-27 Skvm North Star Black Metal   Black  
1-27 The Smashing Pumpkins ATUM Act:2 Martha's Music Alt Rock  
1-27 Soen Cognitive Silver Linings Melodic Post 2012
1-27 Soen Tellerian Silver Linings Melodic Post 2014
1-27 Solar Eruption The Demon's House   Tech Deathcore  
1-27 Sonic Poison Eruption   Grind Death  
1-27 Sorrowful Land Faded Anchors Black Lion  Doom Death  
1-27 Steve Vai  Vai/Gash Mascot Prog Alt  
1-27 Suasion The Infinite Atomic Fire    
1-27 The Tangent Pyramids, Stars and other Stories Inside Out Prog Live 2004-2017
1-27 Third Eye Vengeance Fulfilled   Prog  
1-27 Uriah Heep Chaos and Colour Silver Linning Prog Rock  
1-27 White Reaper Asking for a Ride Elektra    
1-27 You Me At Six Truth Decay AWAL    
1-27 Zombie Riot World Epitaph   Death  
1-29 ...and Oceans As in Gardens, So in Tombs Season of Mist Ind Electronic  
1-29 Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Land of Sleeper   Stoner Doom  
1-31 Daemonian The Frost Specter's Wrath   Melodic Extreme  
1-31 Falaise After All \This Time Flowing Downward Atmo Post Black  


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
2-1 Arcana Collective Atlas Lost WormHoleDeath    
2-1 Oleka Driftwood* WormHoleDeath Southern Melodic Groove E.P.
2-2 Act of Impalement Infernal Ordinance Caligari Doom Extreme  
2-2 Anthems of Gomarrah Cult of Unreason   Extreme E.P.
2-2 Dead Sun Soul Diseased Xtreem Death  
2-2 Druben Volden   Black  
2-3 All Out War Celestial Rot Translation Loss Core  
2-3 Black Wulf Thieves and Liars Ripple    
2-3 Brothers in Arms Brian Tarquin* BHP Prog  
2-3 Calderum Lord Cramridor   Black Dungeon Synth  
2-3 Coffin Nail The Hanged Man   Hardcord Deathgrind  
2-3 Death Feast Rissen From the Tomb      
2-3 Elderseer Drown in Shollowness     E.P.
2-3 Endorphins Lost Night People      
2-3 Forever Autumn Crowned in Skulls   Neo Folk E.P.
2-3 Fugit Morphogenetic Fractal Hologram      
2-3 Fvnerals Let the Earth be Silent Prophecy    
2-3 Matt Miller Monument of Velocity Blood Blast    
2-3 Memoriam Rise to Power Reaper Death  
2-3 Mithridatum Harrowing Willowtip Tech Extreme  
2-3 Ophiocordyceps Anthropocene Amputated Vein Death  
2-3 Osiah Chronos Unique Leader Deathcore E.P.
2-3 Palace of Worms Cabal   Death Doom  
2-3 PanPatheon Empire in Ruin Necrotic Extreme Thrash  
2-3 Rexoria Imperial Dawn Black Lodge Melodic Heavy  
2-3 Russkaja Turbo Polka Party Napalm Folk  
2-3 Sanguisugabogg Homicidal Ecstacy Century Media Death  
2-3 Souless Let Us Prey   DeathDoom  
2-3 Skratte Akt  II Northern Slience Black  
2-3 Tension Prophecy Tribal Hatred Amputated Vein Tech Death  
2-3 Victor Smolski Guitar Force Massacre Exp  
2-3 WuW L'orchaostre Pelagic Avant Garde Doom  
2-3 Xandria The Wonders Still Awaiting Napalm Sym  
2-6 Blackwulf Thieves and Liars Ripple Stoner Heavy  
2-6 Body Farm Ultimate Abomination Edged Circle Death  
2-7 Haxanu  Totenpass Amor Fati Black  
2-9 Elyose Deviante   Exp  
2-10 Atomwinter Sakrileg Trollzorn  Death  
2-10 Blind Illusion The Demos 1980/1986 Cult Metal Classics Prog Thrash Demos
2-10 Cadaver Shrine Benighted Desecration   Death Doom  
2-10 Carnosus Visions of Infinihility   Death Thrash  
2-10 Ciconia Animal Chapters Art Gates Prog Post Rock  
2-10 Condenados El camino   Doom  
2-10 Delain Dark Waters Napalm Sym  
2-10 Deviser Evil Summons Evil Hammerheart Melodic Black  
2-10 Dispyria The Story of Marion Dust El Puerto Melodic Heavy  
2-10 Distant Heritage Century Media Deathcore  
2-10 Frozen Dawn The Decline of the Enlightened Transcending Obsurity Melodic Black  
2-10 Infinite & Divine Ascendency Frontiers Melodic Heavy  
2-10 In Flames  Forgone Nuclear Blast Melodic  
2-10 Klone Meanwhile Kscope Prog  
2-10 Oak Disintergrate Seoson of Mist Atmo Fun Doom Death  
2-10 Terrestrial Hospice Caviary to the General ADP Black  
2-10 Venamoris Drown in Emotion     The Lombardo's
2-10 Wounds of Recollection Warm Glow of the End of Everything   Post  
2-15 Malo Mortuum Tales of the Ancients NAP Atmo Black  
2-16 Mordkaul Feeding the Machine   Melodic Death  
2-17 Avatar Dance Devil Dance Black Waltz Melodic  
2-17 Dusk  Spectrums*      
2-17 Hellripper Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags Peaceville Black Speed  
2-17 Horrible Earth Weakened By Civilazation Horror Pain Gore Death Grindcore  
2-17 Man Must Die The Pain Behind   Tech Death  
2-17 Setanera Equilibrium VRP Goth  
2-17 Seige of Power This is Tomorrow Metal Blade Death Thrash  
2-17 Skillet Dominion: Day of Destiny   Rock  
2-17 Tithe Inverse Rapture Profound Lore    
2-17 Tramalizer Fumes of Funeral Pyres Soulseller Death  
2-17 Tulus Fandens Kall Soulseller Black  
2-17 Tryglav The Ritual Extreme Metal Melodic Black  
2-17 Ulthar Anthronomicon 20 Buck Spin Extreme  
2-22 Insomnium Anno 169 Century Media Melodic  
2-23 Coffinborn Cadaveric Retribution Xtreem Death  
2-24 Astrodeath Vol.II Dead Set Stoner Doom  
2-24 Asylence Endanger Us All*      
2-24 Azaghal Alttarimme on luista Immortal Frost  Black  
2-24 Dark Embrace Dark Heavy Metal Massacre Sym Melodic Death  
2-24 Dope Dive   Electro  
2-24 Hanging Garden The Gaden Agonia Doom Death Goth  
2-24 Kauan ATM Revisited Artoffact Post Rock  
2-24 Manigance The Shadows Ball* Rockshots    
2-24 Merlock Onward Strides Colossus   Psych Doom  
2-24 Ocean of Grief Pale Existence Personal Melodic Doom Death  
2-24 Steel Panther On The Prowl   Heavy  
2-24 They Grieve To Which I Bore Witness* Silent Pendulum Post Drone Gloom  
2-24 Venomous Concept The Good Ship Lollipop   Punk Shane Embury and Kevin Sharp
2-28 Elvenking Reader of the Runes AFM Melodic Power Folk  

March Album Releases

Date Artist Release Label  Genre Notes
3-3 Nomad The Mountain*      
3-3 Plague Bearer Summoning Apocalyptic Devastation   Extreme  
3-10 Isole Anesidora Hammerheart Melodic  
3-10 Periphery Djent is not a Genre 3DOT Djent  
3-10 Odinfist Remade in Steel*   Speed Heavy  
3-17 Kamelot The Awakening Napalm Melodic Prog  
3-17 Temtris Khaos Divine Wormholedeath Heavy  
3-24 Fatal Embrace Manifestum Infernails Black Lion Melodic Death  
3-24 Ne Obliviscaris Exul Season of Mist Melodic  
3-24 Ottto Life is a Game ORG   Tye Trujillo
3-24 Ov Sulpher The Burden Ov Faith Century Media Extreme Core  
3-24 Shores of Null The Loss of Beauty   Doom  
3-31 Ad Infinitum Chapter III  Downfall Napalm  Sym  
3-31 Atlas Everything is Temporary Wormholedeath Post Rock Elec Amb  
3-31 Crown Lands Fearless Spinefarm Prog Rock  
3-31 Lampr3a ESnSE Art Gates Prog Metal  

April 2023

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
4-7 Cicada the Burrower Blight Witch Regalia BBR Prog Post Black  
4-7 Tribulation  Hamartia Century Media Melodic E.P.
4-14 Metallica 72 Seasons   Thrash  
4-14 Wishbone Ash Argus  50 Years Box Set Madfish Rock Box Set
4-20 Frenzy Of Hoods and Masks Fighter Heavy  
4-21 Atavista Cosmic Warfare Bloodblast Melodic Sym Death  
4-21 Jethro Tull RokFlote Inside Out Prog Rock  
4-24 Death & Legacy D4rk Prophecies Art Gates Heavy Melodic Death  
4-24 Enter Shikari A Kiss for the Whole World SO Alt  
4-24 Liturgy 93696 Thrill Jockey Exp Black Avant-Garde  

May 2023

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
5-5 Deathstars Everything Destroys You Nuclear Blast Ind  
5-5 Diehumane The Grotesque     Hunolt & Abruscato
5-12 Cattle Decapitation Terrasite Metal Blade Death  

June Releases  

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes