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9-22 Passing of Gord Kichen
9-7 Passing of Dave Sherman
9-2 All Tour Dates Updated
8-20 Ted Kirkpatrick Passes away
8-16 Steve Grimmett passes away
8-14 Morbid Forum updated
7-17 Morbid Forum AKA Metal Facts
6-21 July Tour with Avatar
6-21 Clutch on Tour
6-21 Oceans of Slumber August Tour
6-18 Lacuna Coil Tour in September
6-17 Slipknot Tour in September
6-10 Apocalyptica Tour in September
6-10 Scorpions Tour in September
6-10 Bring the Horizon on Tour
6-10 Boris Live in August
6-10 Fozzy September Tour
6-10 Dear Hunter on Tour
6-10 Cloak Tour
6-10 Lamb of God And Killswitch Tour
6-9 Ghost in August
6-9 Oceano Tour in October
6-8 October tour with Accept
6-6 Creeping Death Tour in August
6-2 Weedeater July Tour
6-2 Molonolrd Libe in Julu
6-1 July August Tour with Red Fang
5-31 McSabbath in November
5-22 June Tour dates with Fallujah
5-15 Rockshots Records Update
5-5 Left to Die Tour in July
4-19 June July Tour With Rings of Saturn
4-18 June July Tour With The Melvins
4-17 Shaptone Records Update
4-17 Frontiers Records Update
4-15 Metal Archives Update
4-12 Hypocrisy live in May
4-12 The Aristocrats live in July
4-12 Greta Van Fleet Tour in August
4-12 Robert Plant Tour
4-12 Elder Live in August
4-11 Gwar live in June
4-10 August Burns Red  Tour in August
4-7 Terror Live in May
4-6 Infected Rain Tour
4-4 Veil Of Maya live in May
4-4 Primitive Man Tour
4-2 As I Lay Dying Tour Dates
4-2 Weedeater Tour in April/ May
4-1 VoiVod  Tour in June
4-1 Behemoth and Arch Enemy
3-3- Black Label Society Live
3-31 Deer Hunter Live in April
3-31 AFM Records Update
3-29 Allegaeon Tour in June
3-25 June Tour with Anvil
3-22 May Tour with Origin
3-22 Carcass Tour in May
3-22 Bewitcher Tour in April
3-12 Thank You Scientist Tour in June
3-11 Leprous Tour in March
3-7 Opeth and Mastodon Live
3-8 Death Nexus Fest
3-7 Napalm Records Update
3-4 My June Tour with Thy Art is Murder
3-3 My Tour with Municipal Waste
2-26 Monolord Tour in March
2-17 June Tour with Windhand
2-15 Omnium Gatherum Tour in  February
2-13  2021 Top Albums of 2021
2-13 April May Tour Devastation of the Nation
2-13 May June Tour with Rivers of Nihil
2-13 Obituary Tour In March/ April
10-10 Nuclear Blast Update
Helloween – Incendium Online
9-5 2022 Release page
Until 2022 we will not update any of the tour or festival pages. 
8-17 Metal Blade Records Update
8-11 Tour Info Update
8-5 Napalm Records Update
7-22 Hall of Fame updated
7-21 About The Metal Authority updated
5-21 North American Festival updates
4-27 The Passing of Lars Ratz
4-18 Inside Out Records Update
4-13 Napalm Records Update
3-28 Buckethead Pike  #96
3-19 Buckethead Pike #60
3-18 Prog Archives Update
3-15  Metal Blade Records Update
2-20 BNR Update
2-18 Metal Archives Update12-15 Passing of Chris Payette
10-15 2021 Release Page

9-20 Buckethead pike #279

9-10 All Metal Hall of Fame
8-18 Century Media Updates
8-16 New artist added to page
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5-6 2020 Release Page
3-20 Willowtip Records Update
3-11 Buckethead Pike #53
2-17  Relapse Updates
1-1  Metalfest Page Updated
7-21 Nuclear Blast Updates

7-20 Frontiers Records Updates
5-5 Lion Music Updates
5-5 Album Release Dates
4-30 SPV Update
3-21 High Roller Records Updates
3-13 Relapse Records Update
3-12 Unique Leader Updates
2-17 Sliptrick Records Update
2-16 Profound Lore Updates
1-26 Willowtip Records Updates
1-6 Agonia Records Update
12-31 High Roller Records Updates
12-30 Cruz Del Sur Updates
12-23 Season of Mist Updates
12-16 SPV Updates
11-29 The Passing of Erik Lindmark
3-18 Buckethead pike #59 Ydrapoej

1-15 Agonia 


The Harbinger
Dave Sherman
Stuart Anstis
Ted Kirkpatrick with the King

Roman Kostrzewski

Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Evil Chuck
Quorthon from Bathory
Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum
Gary Driscoll
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Paul Samson and Chris Aylmer
Jared Anderson
Scott Clendenin
David Gold

Nattdal B Jonas Lars Bergqvist

The Guitar Emperor

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9-22  Every Thursday a replay of the Album of the week 8pm MST
The Cattle Decapitator  
9-24 The Morbid One 4pm till Midnight every Metal Saturday Broadcast # 2910
9-25 Archived album of the week- Sunday Live with the Necromancer / Sunday Night  Tribute to Fallen Metal Heroes
9-26 Technical Ecstasy  Monday Nights   6PM MST
Tribute to Fallen Metal Heroes /Satan's Whorehouse

Latest News

Dave Sherman

Doom Metal Veteran Dave Sherman passed away on September 6 2022 at the age of 55. Dave was a part of the band Earthside, Weed is Weed and Galactic Cross, One time The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Shine and Bobby Leibling's Ram Family. 

Carl David Natanael Andersson

Soilwork, Meanstreak and Night Flight Orchestra guitarist David Anderson passed away on September 14th 2022 at the age of  47.

Ted Kirkpatrick

Drummer for Tourniquet Ted Kirkpatrick passed away on August 19 of 2022 at the age of 62 from IIdeopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. 

Gord "Piledriver" Kirchin

Piledriver Frontman Gord Kirchen passed away on Sept 22nd 2022 at the age of 60 after a battle with Lung Cancer. 

July Releases

Date Artist Release Label  Genre Notes
7-1 Battlegrave Cavernous Depths Bitter Loss Thrash Groove  
7-1 Beyond the Catacombs Fatal Error Grind to Death Death  
7-1 Black Cilice Esoteric Atavism Iron Bonehead Black  
7-1 Blasted Pancreas Pathogenic Organisms in Blood CBDC Death Grind  
7-1 Bloodbath Breeding Death Peaceville Melodic Death 2000
7-1 Conjurer Pathos Nuclear Blast Post  
7-1 Derek Sherinian Vortex* Inside Out Prog  
7-1 Devil Cross Condemned Fighter Heavy  
7-1 Devils Tail Desolation   Melodic Black  
7-1 Flames Resurgence No Remorse Thrash Death  
7-1 Forgotton Returnless Sleazy Rider Melodic Death Doom  
7-1 Edguy Mandrake AFM Power 2001
7-1 Frayle Skin & Sorrow Aqualamb Retro Doom  
7-1 Furis Ignis Turm Iron Bonehead Black  
7-1 Holy Dragons Jormungandr Pitch Black Heavy Power  
7-1 Horizon Ignited Towards the Dying Lands Nuclear Blast Melodic Deathcore  
7-1 Hudler The Etenal Fanfare 20 Buck Spin   E.P.
7-1 Illum Adora Miasma of a Damned Soul Folter Black E.P.
7-1 In Nothingness Black Sun Funeral Personal Melodic Death  
7-1 In Slumber While We Sleep   Melodic Extreme  
7-1 Intruder Incorperated Shards of Time Soundage Prog Death  
7-1 Ironflame Where Madness Dwells High Roller Heavy Power  
7-1 A Lie Nation Sociopathology Inverse Melodic Black  
7-1 Lord Vigo We Shal Overcome High Roller Doom  
7-1 Massacre Mythos Nuclear Blast Thrash Death E.P.
7-1 Mexicoma Kalpa   Stoner  
7-1 Municipal Waste Electrified Brain Nuclear Blast Thrash Crossover  
7-1 Mutiara Damansara Pearls   Post Black ShoeGaze  
7-1 Nostalghia Au milieu   Atmo Post Black  
7-1 Orgrel The Oath of the Black Wolf Iron Bonehead Black E.P.
7-1 Overthrone The Path of Destruction   Progcore  
7-1 Parham Gharavaisi Prodigy   Melodic Goth Doom  
7-1 Pathogen Moribund Manifesto   Death  
7-1 Patricide PuraMalum   Death  
7-1 Protector  Excessive Outburst of Depravity High Roller Thrash Death  
7-1 Sacral Night La Diadem No  Remorse Heavy Death  
7-1 Savage Necromancy Feathers Fall to Flames 20 Buck Spin Extreme 2021
7-1 Shah Fire abd Brimestone Collection Soundage Thrash  
7-1 Veilcastre & Tusk Split Wise Blood    
7-1 Vidres a la Sang Fragments de l'esdevenir Abstract Extreme  
7-1 Wolf's Moon Psycho Underground Kern Kraft Ritter Power Heavy  
7-1 Xaon  The Lethean   Sym Death  
7-3 Donut Lord God's Death   Doom Black  
7-3 Icxitonttli Terra Existence   Black  
7-4 Changer Pledge of the Dying   Death E.P.
7-4 Written in Torment Black Command Purity Through Fire Black  
7-5 Buckethead Dreams Remebered Bucketheadland Prog Pike 319
7-5 Knoll Metempiric   Grindcore  
7-6 Golgata Ur eld och aska Satanath Melodic Black  
7-7 Amargor Terres de somnis   Black E.P.
7-7 Buckethead Dreams Remebered Version 2 Bucketheadland Prog Pike 320
7-7 Encenathrakh Ithate Thnght Oceate P2 Tech Death  
7-7 Erik Larson Red Lines   Southern Metal  
7-7 Marlugubre Maladie   Exp  
7-7 Paul Wardingham Electromancer: Drone City Convergence Prog  
7-7 Sobernot Destroy   Thrash Groove  
7-7 Terror Sound Devastating Consequences   Death E.P.
7-8 Alburnum Buitenlucht   Atmo Folk Black  
7-8 Artaria Wisdom   Melodic Power  
7-8 Altars Ascetic Reflection Everlasting Spew Death  
7-8 Begrime Exemious Rotting in the Aftermath Dark Descent Extreme  
7-8 Blackwater Drowning Sonder //Satori BloodBlast Melodic Deathcore  
7-8 Cleanbreak Coming Home Frontiers   All Star Line Up
7-8 Cronenberg Unmake What They've Made   Death E.P.
7-8 Defect Designer Neanderthal Transcending Obscurity Death  
7-8 Drive-By Bukkake Bastards of the Slime   Death Thrash  
7-8 Encenathrakh Ithate Thnght Oceate P2 Tech Death  
7-8 Forsaken Eternity A Kingdom of Ice Rottweiller Melodic Black Power  
7-8 Genophobic Perversion Psychideligore   Various  
7-8 Greylotus Dawnfall Artisan Era Prog Tech Deathcore  
7-8 HolyRoller Swimming Witchs   Psych Doom  
7-8 Imari Tones To Rome   Heavy Hard E.P.
7-8 Homeskin Life's Wishes to Tears   Avant-Garde Black Core  
7-8 Ice Howl Darkness From Beyond   Doom Stoner Heavy  
7-8 Lord Mantis Tormentor Profound Lore Black Sludge E.P.
7-8 Lungfish3000 Songsuds, Vol.2   EXP  
7-8 Marlugubre Maladie   Prog Exp  
7-8 Meei The Aftermath MD Sym Folk Death  
7-8 Mourir Disgrace   Black  
7-8 Organectomy Nail Below Nail* Unique Leader Death Slam  
7-8 Pestilent Hex The Ashen Abhorrence Debemur Morti Melodic Sym Black  
7-8 Project MSK Ghost in the Machine   Sym Power  
7-8 Seep Hymns to the Gore      
7-8 Splintered Throne The Greater Good of Man      
7-8 Telekinetic Yeti Primordial Tee Pee Stoner Doom  
7-8 Torturized Aftermath Apostasy Death  
7-8 Traitor Exiled to the Surface VCR Thrash  
7-8 Vomit Forth Seething Malevolence* Century Media Death  
7-8 Wormrot Hiss* Earache Grindcore  
7-9 Balch I Am the Evil One   Black Amb E.P.
7-9 Diatribe Ebrace of Decadent Vendetta  Atmo Black E.P.
7-9 Druidikal Doom of Glamis   Ind Black Death Folk  
7-9 Lebensgefahr Soot   Doom Amb Black E.P.
7-9 Lighthouse I   Black  
7-8 Zarraza Kreated in Blood   Groove E.P.
7-10 Buckethead Warm Your Ancestors Bucketheadland Prog Pike 321
7-10 Cloud Rat Threshold   Grindcore  
7-10 Nuiterra the Dark GS Sym  
7-11 Old Death Mortuarial Meditation OR Black  
7-11 Void of Nothingness Sagittarius A   Exp Black  
7-12 Agamenon Project O Fim do Fim   Grind Death Crust E.P.
7-12 Naufragant A Short Life Stormspell Epic Power Folk  
7-12 Idol Throne The Sibylline Age Stormspell Thrash Power  
7-12 Memory Driven The Morrow Mourning   Prog Doom  
7-12 Nemesium Continua Black Lion Melodic Extreme  
7-12 Paul Wardingham Electromancer: Drone City ER Prog   
7-12 Vanquisher An Age Undreamed Of Stormspell Power  
7-12 Goddessless Slam'n Bath Babes   Avant Garde Death  
7-13 Hvorost Troll Eye   Epic Black Folk E.P.
7-13 Mefisto Phosphorus GMR Thrash Speed Black  
7-13 Rattenkonig Rattus Legion   Black  E.P.
7-13 Utter Failure Life has no more Meaning Belfry Dep Black  
7-14 Haunt Windows of the Heart Church Heavy  
7-14 Hydra Unknown Gods   Power Thrash  
7-15 Antigama Whiteout SelfMadeGod DeathGrind  
7-15 Behold! The Monolith From the Fathomless Deep Ripple Stoner Sludge  
7-15 Birth Born* Metal Blade / Bad Omen    
7-15 Black Capricorn Cult of Blood MMR Psych Doom  
7-15 Black Light Council War   Black  
7-15 Bloodbath Resurrection Through  Carnage Peaceville Melodic Death 2002
7-15 Cruentus Fossilized K.U.K.P. Black Thrash  
7-15 Death Breath The Old Hag   Death E.P.
7-15 Deathbringer It Unique Leader Prog Death  
7-15 Defected Decay Troops of Abomination   Death  
7-15 Cerebral Extinction Escape from Illusion Amputated Vein Death  
7-15 The Crown of Yamhad Vales of Desperation   Atmo Goth Folk  
7-15 Fellowship The Saberlight Chronicles Scarlet Sym Power  
7-15 Grave Lines Communion New Heavy Sounds Doom Sludge  
7-15 GraveShadow The Uncertain Hour M-Theory Audio Sym  
7-15 Gozu Neverending   Black Drone Amb Noise E.P.
7-15 Hellshock S/T   Crust Death Thrash  
7-15 Hissing Hypervirulence Architecture Profound Lore Extreme  
7-15 Ill Tidings Hymns of Demise   Black  
7-15 Inhuman Conditions Fearsick Listenable Death Thrash  
7-15 Jack Starr's Burning Starr Souls of the Innocent Global Rock Heavy Hard  
7-15 John Steel Distorted Reality Global Rock Heavy  
7-15 Kekal Envisaged   Avant Garde Electronic  
7-15 Mantar Pain is Forever and This is the End Metal Blade Black  
7-15 Manticore Endless Scourge of Torment Hells Headbangers Extreme  
7-15 Maul Seraphic Punishment Redifining Darkness Death  
7-15 Midnight Roads Ready for the Fight* WormHoleDeath    
7-15 Mirage The Sequel From the Vaults Heavy Hard  
7-15 Molder Engrossed in Decay Prosthetic Death Thrash  
7-15 No Point in Living Third Impact   Amb Black  
7-15 Odyrmos S/T Belfry Atmo  
7-15 Perish The Decline Supreme Chaos Extreme  
7-15 Perpetual Nakadnas Noise Attack   Death Grind E.P.
7-15 Prometheus Aornos I, Voidhanger Extreme  
7-15 Remains Grind 'Till Death Spike Rot Death Grind  
7-15 Reternity Cosmic Dreams MDD    
7-15 Sickness Damones Sub Terra   Extreme  
7-15 Sinner Brotherhood* Atomic Fire Heavy  
7-15 The Wakedead Gathering Parallaxiom I, Voidhanger Death  
7-15 Witnesses The Holy Water   Exp E.P.
7-15 Xenoglyph Spiritfraud   Avant-Garde Black  
7-15 Zion Code Judas From the Depths Prog Melodic Deathcore  
7-16 Isataii Horns of Power   Black  
7-16 Worhs Decelles qui ne cerveront pas   Black  
7-18 The Anointing Maelstrom Storm of Steel   Exp Extreme  
7-18 Ashenspire Hostile Architecture Code 666 Avant-Garde Prog Black  
7-18 Critical Defiance No Life Forms Unspeakable Axe Thrash  
7-18 Chaos Luciferi Caos Lagoon BMC Black E.P.
7-18 Fuhrer 21st Century Babylon   Black  
7-18 Hercules Legend of Metal   Epic Heavy  
7-18 Kalrog Naar The Last of the Sidhe   Heavy Power  
7-18 Mortal Dismay Hunting Down   Thrash Death E.P.
7-18 Somnolences Memories   Atmo Black  
7-18 Tahdiyul Arwah Black Magic Night   Extreme E.P.
7-18 Visceral Call Desolation & Dread   Atmo Black  
7-19 Excalibur Volando Fighter Heavy  
7-19 Fathomage The Doxologion Codex   Atmo Black  
7-19 Forever Stuck on This Nightmare They Called Planet Earth The Final Frontier   Various  
7-19 In Autumnus Dysphoria Sonata II   Atmo Black Post Rock  
7-19 Steel Cage Syndrome Sliptrick Melodic Death  
7-19 Thrashera Bastardos da Noite Hellprod Thrash  
7-20 Angel of Suicide Pure Isolation   Dep Black  
7-20 Axxmaxxius Devastruktor Blood Seeps into the Black Earth   Black  
7-20 Dawn of Neptune For  Aeons to Arise   Melodic Death E.P.
7-20 Dwell in Doom Nevermore   Doom Gothic E.P.
7-20 Feyn Light and Beyond   Prog Black  
7-20 Gurra Total CCX   Speed Death  
7-20 Rose Rose Unseen Terror   Various  
7-20 Thousand Eyes Betrayer   Melodic Death  
7-20 Wretch Survival of the Rotten   Grindcore Thrash E.P.
7-21 Arcada Disonancia Edged Circle Black E.P.
7-21 Mortuarium S/T   Death E.P.
7-21 The Ogre Repulsive Illusion   Prog Extreme E.P.
7-21 Pneuma Hagion Demiurge   Extreme  
7-21 Ravenoir In the Womb of Sin Gothroom Melodic Death  
7-21 Salqiu The Colossal Weight of My Illusion   Avant- Garde  
7-21 The Sign of Ampersand Somewhere in the Universe   Sym E.P.
7-22 Alex Chichikailo Kaiju   Deatcore E.P.
7-22 Astwind Eutierria GS Atmo Black  
7-22 Bleeding Display Dawn of A Killer Miasma Death  
7-22 Blizzard Hunter The Path of Triumph Inti  Heavy Speed  
7-22 Castrator Defiled in Oblivion Dark Descent Death  
7-22 Ceremonial Worship Seven Gateways to Eternal Misanthropy   Black  
7-22 Demonic Resurrection Decades of Darkness   Prog Extreme E.P.
7-22 Dressed in Streams     Black E.P.
7-22 Dusk Chapel Astrophysics and Abnormal Activities   Extreme  
7-22 Eciton The Autocatalytic Process WormHoleDeath Death  
7-22 False Gods Neurotopia Seeing Red Doom Sludge  
7-22 Fame on Fire Welcome to the Chaos Hopeless    
7-22 Garden of Worm Endless Garden NR Prog Psych Rock  
7-22 Gravis Terrae Medieval Cross of  Doom   Atmo Black  
7-22 Hatriot The Vale of Shadows Massacre Thrash  
7-22 Imperial Triumphant Spirit of Ecstasy* Century Media Exp Black  
7-22 Jack White Entering Heaven Alive Third Man    
7-22 Moonshade As We Set the Skies Ablaze   Melodic Death  
7-22 Karl Sander's Saurian Apocalpyse* Napalm Exp  
7-22 Lessman Voss Rock is Our Religion Atomic Fire    
7-22 Massen Chaos Leading to Harmony Apostasy Avant-Garde Sym Extreme E.P.
7-22 Nebula Transmission from Mothership Earth Heavy Psych Stoner  
7-22 Nicolas Cage Fighter The Bones They Grew From Pain* Blacklight    
7-22 Northless A Path Beyond Grief Translation Loss Sludge Metal Post Rock  
7-22 Oceans of Slumber Starlight and Ash* Century Media Melodic  
7-22 Odyssey Venomous Rhetoric   Prog Metal  
7-22 Palisades Reaching Hypercritical Rise    
7-22 Panzerfaust The Suns of Perdition - Chapter3 Eisenwald Black  
7-22 Phalloplasty 27 Club CDN Death Grind  
7-22 Prowl The Forgotten Realms   Hardcore Thrash  
7-22 Resistance Skulls of My Enemy Pure Steel Power Thrash  
7-22 Scarlet Aura Frostbite   Sm Power Heavy E.P.
7-22 Scar For Life Sociophobia Pride & Joy Melodic Groove Power  
7-22 Secret Creation Dethkommando Cottontail CSR Black  
7-22 Source of Rage Witness the Mess* Metalville Melodic Death  
7-22 Spite Dedicated to the Flesh Rise    
7-22 Teethgrinder Dystopia Lifeforce    
7-22 UFO High Stakes and Dangerous Men   Rock Prog Live
7-22 VHS Lenzi   Death Thrash Grindcore E.P.
7-22 Wake Thought Form Descent* Metal Blade Extreme  
7-22 Whiplash The Roadrunner Years Dissonance Speed Thrash  
7-22 Witchery Nightside* Century Media Black Thrsh Speed  
7-22 Wolf Councel Initivm   Doom  
7-23 Lycopolis Amduat Snow Wolf Black  
7-23 Lycopolis Amduat Part 2 Snow Wolf Black E.P.
7-23 SpellBook Deadly Chasm Cruz Del Sur Heavy Hard  
7-25 Forest of the Renounced     Dep Black E.P.
7-25 Holk Di aildres   Black Punk  
7-25 LadyAxe Of Hell or High Water   Heavy E.P.
7-25 Rotheads Slither in Slime Memento Mori Death Thrash  
7-25 Sedimentum Suppuration Morphogenensiaque   Death  
7-25 Shroud of Bereavement A Beautiful Winter   Atmo Doom Death  
7-25 Vault Global Fallout Lord of Sick Death  
7-25 Xavier Boscher Effet Mer   Prog E.P.
7-26 Demogorgon You Are Worthless and I Want You Dead   Black  
7-26 Sleestak Harbinger   Psych Doom  
7-27 Ark Royal Vengeance VAA Power E.P.
7-27 Morphine Visibility Pit of Plagues Dep Black  
7-28 Bulldozer The Day of Wrath Shadow Kingdom Black Speed Thrash 1985
7-28 Church of Cthulhu Hexakosiolhexkontahephobia   Sludge Doom  
7-28 Dying Raven S/T   Dep Black Amb  
7-29 Arsea Order Of Mantis Revalve Prog Thrash  
7-29 Auriferous Flame The Great Mist Within True Cult Black  
7-29 Banks Arcade Future Lovers UNFD    
7-29 Barbarian Viperface Hells Headbangers Speed Thrash  
7-29 Belarus Beaver  Symphony of Fallen Trees Grind To Death Death Grind  
7-29 Belphegor The Devils* Nuclear Blast Extreme  
7-29 Black Magnet Body Prophecy 20 Buck Spin    
7-29 Blacktoothed Juli Arising Empire    
7-29 Bloody Times No Fear   Heavy E.P.
7-29 Bocc DolcaMort   Death  
7-29 Body Asphyxiation Science Gravitational Blood Art   Death E.P.
7-29 Born from Pain AnotherDayToLiveThrough   Black Amb  
7-29 Cancer Spirit in Flames Back in Black Thrash Death 2005
7-29 Cara Neir Phantasmal  CBR Exp  
7-29 The Conquering A Keening for Witches , a Curse to all Tyrants   Viking Folk Black  
7-29 Contemplator Morphose   Prog  
7-29 Crystal Gates Torment & Wonder WormHoleDeath Sym Power  
7-29 Daidalos The Expedition* Rockshots Sym Extreme  
7-29 Dance Gavin Dance Jackpot Juicer Rise    
7-29 Dark Legacy An Unexpected Interference   Sym Death E.P.
7-29 Eosphorus From Fire into Birth WormHoleDeath Melodic Black E.P.
7-29 Exaltation Under Blind Reasoning SRL Extreme  
7-29 Fetal Embalment Mutilation Surgery Stabwound Death  
7-29 Funeral Chic Roman Candle Prosthetic Black Core  
7-29 Gallower Eastern Witchcraft Dying Victims Black Thrash E.P.
7-29 The Gavel Eternal Hell   Thrash Core E.P.
7-29 Grima Frostbitten Naturmacht Atmo Black  
7-29 Intruder Incorporated Shards of Time Soundage Prog Death  
7-29 I Sorg Frosttake SSR Black  
7-29 Ithaca They Fear Us      
7-29 Katakomba S/T Redefining Darkness Death  
7-29 Kelim The Path of Deification Through Consercration Qulmana Black  
7-29 The Kingdom of Peace Human=Monster   Black Doom E.P.
7-29 Krisiun Mortem Solis* Century Media Death  
7-29 Lacktor Legado Three Metal Forces Black Thrash Crust  
7-29 The Lord Forest Nocturne Southern Lord    
7-29 Loudness Sunburst earMusic Heavy  
7-29 My Sleeping Karma Atma* Napalm Melodic Doom  
7-29 Oceans Hell is Where the Heart Is Part 2  Nuclear Blast   E.P.
7-29 Nightbearer Ghost of a Darkness to Come Testimony Death  
7-29 Nordic Union Animalistic      
7-29 Oath Hallowed Illusions   Heavy  
7-29 Oceans Hell is Where the Heart Is Part 2*   Progcore E.P.
7-29 Pist.on Cold World* M-Theory    
7-29 Prosper or Perish Shroud of Serpents*   Melodic Deathcore  
7-29 Pythian Understanding in Light   Sludge Doom E.P.
7-29 Raptore Blackfire Dying Victims Heavy  
7-29 Reeking Aura Blood and Bonemeal Profound Lore Death  
7-29 Ryo Okumoto The Myth of  Mostrophus Inside Out Prog  
7-29 Saccage Charogne SelfMadeGod Black Thrash Crust E.P.
7-29 Sacred Sin Storms Over the Dying World   Death Thrash  
7-29 Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement Constructing the Cataclysm Comatose Death  
7-29 SilentEnd Neverending War Concerto Melodic Thrash  
7-29 Stick to Your Guns Spectre Pure Noise    
7-29 Sunless Sky Prelude to Madnass Pure Steel Heavy  
7-29 This Eternal Cold Blackened Deathcore   Black Deathcore  
7-29 Torture Killer Dead Inside The Other Records Death E.P.
7-29 Triumvir Foul Onslaught to Seraphim   Death  
7-29 VoiVod Forgotten in Space: The Noise Years Noise Prog Sci Fi Thrash Box Set
7-29 Venus Project Lamba Pure Steel Thrash Power E.P.
7-29 WarWolf Necropols Metapolis Heavy  
7-29 Waysted Heroes Die Young Volume 2 HNE   2000-2007
7-29 We Are Legend Fallen Angel Metropolis Power  

August Release Schedule

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
8-1 Abandoned Mortuary Mesmerized Abran Death Grind  
8-1 Before I Die     Melodic Death  
8-1 Born in Saturn Eternal Return Artaria Prog Death  
8-1 Dark God Slaughter All   Death Thrash  
8-1 The Departed Archaic Wilderness   Extreme  
8-1 Fetid Scum The Warlord   Thrash Grind E.P.
8-1 Fleshrot Unburied Corpse   Death  
8-1 Forever Stuck on This Nightmare They Called Planet Earth Never   Various E.P.
8-1 Fumagation The Lost E.P. 2012   Death E.P.
8-1 Goatscorge Wrath of Heaven   Black  
8-1 Lectoblix Lagniappe   Atmo Post Black E.P.
8-1 Lucious Bloodfire The Ninth Circle Volume 3   Heavy E.P.
8-1 Lucifer Jones Demonology   Doom Heavy Punk E.P.
8-1 Necrotum Undead Symbiosis   Death  
8-1 The Plague Taken   Tech Death E.P.
8-1 Recrucide Tarahate LQC Death Thrash  
8-1 The Satan's Scourge De Carminbus   Extreme E.P.
8-1 Steingrab Fluch der Ruhelosigkeit   Atmo Black  
8-1 Stonehead Riot Sessions   Heavy Hard E.P.
8-1 Valpuri Kyni The Paths of Hiisi   Black E.P.
8-1 Wolven War Poisened Cult   Grindcore Crust Punk  
8-2 Somdark Taknara   Black  
8-2 Velnio Troba MCMLXXIV   Black Folk Witch House  
8-3 DeathSlaughter Passing Through the Valley of the Sodomites CD Black Thrash Speed  
8-3 Dragonlance Chaos and Law   Sym  
8-4 Calvana III+ SP Black  
8-4 Hermodr To The Nightside   Atmo Black  
8-4 Wraithlord A Dance in the Ghostlight   Black  
8-5 Abaddon Incarnate The Wretched Sermon Transcending Obscurity Grindcore  
8-5 Ahriman Kehely   Black  
8-5 Amon Amarth The Great Heathen Army Metal Blade Pagan  
8-5 Andy McCoy Jukebox Junkie Cleopatra    
8-5 Batrakos La pagoda dell   Black Noise  
8-5 Blood Tyrant Codex Cruor TDG Black  
8-5 Blossom Death's Serenade   Atmo Black  
8-5 Commoner I   Heavy Doom  
8-5 Coscradh Nahanagan Stadial Invictus Extreme  
8-5 Destruction Release From Agony Thrash Steamhammer 1987
8-5 Early Moods S/T   Doom  
8-5 Einherjer Norse and Dangerous Live Napalm Viking Live
8-5 Ether Coven The Relationship Between Hammer and Nail Century Media Sludge  
8-5 Grigorien Magtens Evangelium Signal Rex Black  
8-5 Hautajaisyo Ei hauta kysy lupaa Inverse Death Thrash  
8-5 H.E.A.T. Force Majeure earMusic    
8-5 Hellway Patrol All Myth Shall Fall XD Thrash Heavy  
8-5 Imperial Age New World Adulruna Sym  
8-5 In Hearts Wake Green is the new Black Soundtrack UNFD    
8-5 Kulan Gath S/T   Death Hardcore E.P.
8-5 The Interrupters In The Wild  Hellcat    
8-5 Liminal Shroud All Virtues Ablaze Willowtip Black  
8-5 Master The Human Machine Hammerheart Thrash Death 2010
8-5 Master The New Elite Hammerheart Thrash Death 2012
8-5 October Sludge Pun   Thrash Groove E.P.
8-5 Ol' Time Machine Magic Salt of the Earth Psych Doom  
8-5 Ominum Monument Witches Brew Thrash  
8-5 Paezor Ascension of the Beast   Black  
8-5 Psycroptic Divine Council Prosthetic Death  
8-5 Raat Celestial Woods   Post Shoegaze  
8-5 Savage Master Those Who Hunt at Night Shadowkingdom Heavy  
8-5 Severed Headshop The Fuckening Everlasting Spew Death Grind E.P.
8-5 Soulfly Totem* Nuclear Blast Thrash  
8-5 Spungee Goodness Erase My Existence   Heavy  E.P.
8-5 StormbounD December*   Sym  
8-5 Stormtoker The Mother Tree   Stoner  
8-5 Toxik Dis Morta Massacre Tech Speed Thrash  
8-5 Vanden Plas Live & Immortal Frontiers Prog Live
8-5 Wampyric Rites The Wolves Howl to the Moon Signal Rex Black  
8-6 Sisters Memon I The Witch   Black  
8-10 Grotesqueries Haunted Mausoleum   Death E.P.
8-12 .357 Homicide Homicidal AmusementThrough Supreme   Slm Death  
8-12 Abyssal  A Deep Sea Funeral   Fun Doom  
8-12 Acid Blade Power Dive Jawbreaker Heavy  
8-12 Aerdryk Met de drietand A.F. Black  
8-12 Anthems of Gomorrah Debasemeny   Extreme  
8-12 Arch Enemy Deceivers* Century Media Melodic Death  
8-12 Aronious Irkalia The Artisan Era Prog Tech Death  
8-12 Arpeghy 3   Heavy  
8-12 A-Z A-Z* Metal Blade Prog Mark Zonder
8-12 Balch Armageddon   Black Amb E.P.
9-12 Blasted Heath Vela Wise Blood Black Thrash  
8-12 Boris  Heavy Rocks Relapse Various  
8-12 Buckethead Enter the Chicken Instumentals Bucketheadland Prog Shred  
8-12 Carrion Vael Abhorrent Ocsessions* Unique Leader Melodic Death  
8-12 Deadlife Old Death   Dep Black E.P.
8-12 Deer Creek Menticide   Doom Sludge  
8-12 Dream Theater Lost not Forgotten Inside Out Prog Live 2019
8-12 Elizabeth Short Decayed Stillborn TR GoreGrind  
8-12 Goot God's Doubt   Gothic  
8-12 The Halo Effect Days of the Lost* Nuclear Blast Melodic Supergroup
8-12 Hell Fire Reckoning Riding Easy Heavy Speed  
8-12 Immortal Rotting Abyss Lord   Death Doom  
8-12 Leviathan Mischief of Malcontent   Prog Power Heavy  
8-12 Mimorium The Route of Haeresis Spread Evil Extreme  
8-12 New Democracy The Plague   Melodic Groove  
8-12 Rhapsody of Fire Symphony of Enchanted Lands Limb Sym Power 1998
8-12 Ritualiztion Hema Ignis Necros Iron Bonehead Extreme E.P.
8-12 Seventh Storm Maledictus Atomic Fire Prog Goth  
8-12 Stellar Tomb Antimatter FluidsCreation W.F.S. Black E.P.
8-12 Steve Blower  Tribute IX Heavy E.P.
8-12 Sunstorm Brothers in Arms Frontiers Melodic Heavy Hard  
8-12 Trouble Simple Mind Condition Hammerheart Doom 2007
8-12 Weregoat The Devil's Lust Iron Bonehead Death E.P
8-13 I Am the Liquor A Speck of Light   Stoner Doom Heavy E.P.
8-13 Motherslug Blood Moon Blues   Stoner Doom  
8-13 Relapsed The Way and It's Power   Melodic Death Thrash E.P.
8-13 Roadkill XIII Here is No Peace   Death Thrash  
8-16 Spiritus Mortis The Great Seal Svart Doom  
8-18 Hagane Code ; 9021   Melodic Power  
8-18 Necrolatria Where Light has no Domain   Black  
8-18 Spectre Blodd Cutting Magick      
8-18 Sun Eater Vermin*   Tech Death  
8-19 Six By Six S/T Inside Out Prog  
8-19 Ab-est Molten Husk Moment of Collapse Sludge Post  
8-19 A Constant Storm Pantheon I   Exp E.P.
8-19 Anality UrinoNekultura   Grind Death  
8-19 Becoming the Archetype Children of the great Extinction Solid State Prog Melodic Core  
8-19 BlackLab Abyss New Heavy Sounds Doom Stoner  
8-19 Blessed Hellride Hellfire Club F&S Southern Groove  
8-19 Buckethead - Red Sulpher Lunar Landscape and Musical Alchemy Bucketheadland Various  
8-19 Clumps of Flesh Selling Corpse Parts Online   GoreGrind  
8-19 Conan Evidence of* Immortality Napalm Sludge Stoner Doom  
8-19 Crowne Live from Studio Grondahl Frontiers Heavy Power E.P.
8-19 Dawnwalker House of Sand   Post  
8-19 Dead City Ruins Shockwave AFM    
8-19 Doldrey Celestial Deconstruction Pulverised Death Crust  
8-19 Dynazty Final Advert AFM Heavy Power Hard  
8-19 Elliott's Keep Vulnerant Omnes   Prog Doom Death  
8-19 Empress Fateweaver   Prog Sym Power  
8-19 Eruption Tellurian Ruprture From the Vaults Thrash  
8-19 Ferum Asunder/ Erode Unorthodox Death Doom  
8-19 Five Finger Deathpunch Clouds over California 2003-2011 BMG Metal Rock Box Set
8-19 Forever Stuck on This Nightmare They Called Planet Earth In the Light of the Void   Various E.P.
8-19 Frontal Assault Hazardous to All   Thrash Death  
8-19 Genophobic Perversion Vigorous Sadism   Various E.P.
8-19 Hammer King Kingdemonium*   Heavy Power  
8-19 Heilung Drif Season of Mist    
8-19 Infester To Anatomize & Dissect   GoreGrind E.P.
8-19 Intent Exile   Thrash  
8-19 Kalah Descent into Human Weakness Pure Steel Electronic Progcore  
8-19 Lacrimas Profundere How to Shroud Yourself with Night Steamhammer Goth  
8-19 Le Temps du Loup Enthraller Dunk Post  
8-19 Morbid Evils Supernaturals Transcending Obscurity    
8-19 Nocturnal Sorcery The Holy Law in Total Ruin   Black  
8-19 I Prevail True Power Fearless    
8-19 Nurez Nachtlied   Atmo Black  
8-19 The Occult S/T*      
8-19 Parasite Inc. Cyan Night Dreams Reaper    
8-19 Pelican Australasia Thrill Jockey Prog Re Issue
8-19 Pistols At Dawn Ascension Megaforce    
8-19 Psychlona Palo Verde   Stoner  
8-19 Reverend Bizarre Slice of Doom Svart Doom Box Set
8-19 Russian Circles Gnosis Sagent House    
8-19 Sliversun Pickups Physical Thrills New Machine    
8-19 Shahyd Legacy Stasis   Neoclassical  
8-19 Steelover Stainless Escape Heavy  
8-19 Soilwork Overgiveheten* Nuclear Blast Melodic  
8-19 The Sombre Moments of Grief   Doom Death  
8-19 Spirit Adrift 20 Centuries Gone* Century Media Heavy  
8-19 To Obey A Tyrant Omnimalevolent Reality Fade Sym Deathcore  
8-19 Tomb of Finland Across the Barren Fields Uprising! Doom Death Black  
8-19 Traumen Von Aurora Aurora Trollzorn Post Black  
8-19 Traumen Von Aurora Luna Trolzorn Post Black  
8-19 Trucido A Collection of Self-- Destruction RFL Grind  
8-19 White Rune Dawn of the White Hammer of Hate Melodic Death  
8-20 Apocryphon Universe Noir Era 1   Black E.P.
8-20 Guerra Total CCX Iron Blood and Death Extreme  
8-21 Shroud of Despondency Air of Abrasion   Black  
8-22 Krimh The Eternal Return   Death Djent  
8-23 Gravecrusher Ressurection of  Deathly Visions Xtreme Death E.P.
8-23 Isvara Gravewater   Black Doom  
8-24 Galleiria A New Light   Post Black  
8-24 Spiral Wounds Shadows Great Dane Extreme  
8-25 Deep Agony Black Metal Solo Bass Tracks   Black Doom  
8-25 Doomcave In the Shadow of His Throne   Black  
8-25 Durhaka Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam BMC Sym Melodic  
8-25 D-Wall Mind Core Rudtion   Melodic Heavy  
9-25 Dwell in Doom Forest of Mourning Souls   Doom Goth Rock  
8-25 Funeral Llamada funebre Burning Coffin Black  
8-25 Orgullo Nativo Secelas   Thrash  
8-26 Amken Passive Aggresive Massacre Thrash  
8-26 Anthea Tales Untold*   Sym Prog  
8-26 Apeiron Bound Multiplicity   Prog  
8-26 Bloody Redemptions Hit to the Gore Awakening Death  
8-26 Blood of Indigo Dawn of A Shaded World* PRY Sym Extreme  
8-26 Born From Pain A Knight's Quest   Black Amb  
8-26 Brymir Voices in the Sky* Napalm Sym Melodic Death  
8-26 Cathartic  Through the Abysmall Gates of the Subconscious Awakening Death  
8-26 Child of Caesar Spirit & Liberation Dr. Music Goth Metal Rock  
8-26 Consumption Necrotic Lust Hammerheart Death  
8-26 Death Scythe Killing for Pleasure   Melodic Death  
8-26 Desolation Angels Burning Black Skol NWOBHM  
8-26 Dreadnought The Endless Profound Lore Prog Doom  
8-26 Dynazty Final Advent AFM Heavy Power  
8-26 Eaten By Sharks Eradication*      
8-26 Endonomos S/T Argonauta Doom Death  
8-26 First Martyr Don't Make Him Wait! Kvlt & Chaos Black  
8-26 Grave Digger Symbol of Eternity^ AFM Heavy  
8-26 Hexis Aeternum Debemur Morti Black Hardcore  
8-26 Hierophant Death Siege Season of Mist Underground Extreme  
8-26 The Hirsh Effekt Solitaer Long Branch   E.P.
8-26 Humaniac Until the Light Fakes Us   Tech Prog Deathcore  
8-26 Iron Savior  Reforged AFM Speed Power 2 CD Set
8-26 Lonely Robot A Model Life* Inside Out Prog  
8-26 Lustre A Thirst for Summer Rain Nordvis Atmo Black  
8-26 Machine Head Of Kindom and Crown*   Groove Thrash  
8-26 Manifest The Sinking Vicisolum Groove  
8-26 Muse Will of the People Warner    
8-26 Noxus Ashes Underneath   Extreme  
8-26 Obituary Cause of Death Live Infection Relapse Death Slam Live
8-26 Obituary Slowley We Rot Live and Rotting Relapse Death Slam Live
8-26 Pilori Quand bien mem I'enfer   Extreme Crusy Core  
8-26 The Redhead Project The Mask I Wear   Sym  
8-26 Red Rot Mal de vivre Svart Atmo Death  
8-26 Santa Cruz The Return of the Kings* M-Theory    
8-26 Sigh Shiki Peaceville Exp  
8-26 Speaking to Stones (In) Human Error Lion Prog Metal  
8-26 Species To Find Deliverance Awakening Thrash  
8-26 Stormhunter Strangle twith Care G.U.C. Power E.P.
8-26 Thought Crimes Altered Pasts Pure Noise    
8-29 Nightbringer Apocalypse Sun Avantgarde Black 2010
8-30 Adaestuo Purge of the Night Clock WTC Exp Black E.P.
8-30 Archaic Mortality Where the Devils Dance   Black E.P.
8-30 Cosmic Dread Cosmoc Theater   Various E.P.
8-30 Regeth Trampled, Tortured and Dead   Death  
8-30 Remorseless Winter An Exile from the Body of Flesh and Blood   Black  
8-31 A Man Named Onigumo Invoking the Unutterable   Prog Death  
8-31 Behead Choose Your Death Burning Coffin Death Thrash  
8-31 Debrider Bloodletting      
8-31 Dirty Shirt Get Your Dose Now!*      
8-31 Entartung Pesta   Black E.P.
8-31 Foreus Village   Black  
8-31 Hellmoon Harrowing Domains Jems Black  
8-31 Mortuorum The Death Toll Begins Again   Black  
8-31 Surupuku Life Anew   Black  E.P.
8-31 Tanator Call from Nowhere   Black Thrash  


September 2022

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
9-1 Aphonic Threnody The Loneliest Walk   Fun Doom Death  
9-1 Armnatt Immortal Nature Signal Rex Black  
9-1 The Bishop of Hexen Archives of an Enchanted Philosophy Dusktone Sym Black 1997
9-1 Black Door And the Spirit of Old Whispered Words of Amduat Rock of Angels Black  
9-1 Excurse Sitra Ahra Dying Sun Sludge Fun Doom  
9-1 Rosa Nocturna Angels & Beasts   Goth  
9-2 Aeternam Heir of the Rising Sun   Sym Folk Death  
9-2 Altarage Sol Corrupto Season of Mist Exp Death  
9-2 And Now the Owls are Smiling Epitaph   Atmo Black  
9-2 Andy Gillion Arcade Metal   Prog Shred  
9-2 Angel of Suicide Suicide Symphony   Dep Black  
9-2 Asylum Tyrannicide   Thrash  
9-2 Awaken the Misogynist Descended from Vast Dimensions Comatose Death  
9-2 Blind Guardian The God Machine* Nuclear Blast Power Prog  
9-2 Bones Sombre Opuslence Invictus Death  
9-2 Buckethead Language of the Mosaics Bucketheadland Prog Pike 325
9-2 Carnal Ruin Souless I Remain Redifining Darkness Death  
9-2 Circle of Ouroborus Autuala   Exp Black  
9-2 Darkdruid Existo Mortem   Death Doom E.P.
9-2 Defacing God The Resurrection of Lilith* Napalm    
9-2 Drelnoch Anthropocene   Black E.P.
9-2 Dungeon Steel Night Entity   Black Speed E.P.
9-2  Epica W Still Take you with Us-The Early Years Nuclear Blast Sym Box Set
9-2 Ego Depths Ellakkairavertta Dusktone Fun Doom  
9-2 Ensaguinate Eldritch Anatomy Emanzipation Death  
9-2 Fear Disease Floodgates WormHoleDeath Melodic Death  
9-2 Fire From Heaven Hidden Reflections   Sym Prog Core  
9-2 Fire Messiah Subliminal Horrors Snow Wolf Black  
9-2 Heads for the Dead The Great Conjuration Transcending Obscurity Death  
9-2 Hebi Katana Tokyo High Life Vol. 1   Doom Stoner E.P.
9-2 The Hu Rumble of Thunder Better Noise    
9-2 In Grief An Eternity of Misery Iron Bonehead Death Doom  
9-2 Groza  Lunacy Magnified   Death E.P.
9-2 Imperium Ex Mortis Gloria UMP Tech Death  
9-2 King Buffalo Regenerator*   Doom  
9-2 King's X Three Sides of One* Inside Out Prog  
9-2 Liquid Tension Experiment  3 Inside Out Prog 2021 Cd and Vinyl
9-2 Mad Chicken Poultrygeist   Stoner E.P.
9-2 Mad Max Wings of Time Rock of Angels Hard Heavy  
9-2 Mantic Rituak Heart Set Stone M-Theory Thrash E.P.
9-2 Megadeth The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead!* Universal Thrash  
9-2 Miss May I Curse of Existence Sharptone Core  
9-2 Noctu Norma Evangelium Tenebris Dusktone Fun Doom  
9-2 Oceans Ate Alaska Disparity Fearless    
9-2 Onize Ayanami Fourth Impact   Melodic Death Thrash  
9-2 Starer Remorse Defines Me   Sym Black E.P.
9-2 Sumptus Ignis The Kindred Dark   Prog Death Doom E.P.
9-2 Sunflo'er   Dark Trails Mathcore  
9-2 Testimony of Apocalypse None Escape the Judgement   Groove Thrash  
9-2 Trail  Feed the Fire Metal Blade    
9-2 Under The Oak Rattus Norvegicus WormHoleDeath Thrash  
9-2 Vermin Wound Retaliation Colsed Casket Extreme Grind  
9-2 Vermisst Night and Fog   Black  
9-2 Vogel Omstrio* WormHoleDeath    
9-2 Wine From Tears I'm Fine BadMoonMan Melodic Doom Death  
9-2 Within the Fall Navigator   Death Doom E.P.
9-2 Woe Czernobog   Doom  
9-2 Woodsplitter S/T   Prog  
9-2 Wolfswut Highest Honor Signal Rex  Black  
9-2 Yungblood S/T Locomotive    
9-2 Buckethead Live from the Boombox Bucketheadland Prog Pike 326
9-2 Buckethead Carnival of Chicken Wire Bucketheadland Prog Pike 327
9-4 Korriban Acceptance   Core E.P.
9-5 Criminal Element Abuse of Power Coyote Death Grind  
9-6 Nadja Labyrinthine Broken Spine Amb Drone Doom  
9-8 Perversion Dies Irae Hells Headbangers Death Thrash  
9-9 Abrams In The Dark Small Stone Sludge Post Metal  
9-9 Absentation Reflections   Death  
9-9 Allen / Olzon Army of Dreamers Sym Power Frontiers  
9-9 An Abstract Illusion Woe Willowtip Atmo Prog Death  
9-9 Astral Spectre Phantom Nightmare/ The Oath is Broken Nothern Silence Black Heavy  
9-9 Asterism Animetic Amuse Prog  
9-9 Blackment Plains of Oblivion Inverse Melodic Heavy  
9-9 Bloodbath Survival of the Sickest Napalm Melodic Death  
9-9 Bloodofjupiter Just Let Life Burn   Doom Death E.P.
9-9 Blood Chalice The Blasphemous Psalms of Cannibalism Werewolf Extreme  
9-9 Bloated Pig 6   Heavy Hard  
9-9 Carnal Desecration Sacrificial Death   Extreme  
9-9 Conception The Last Sunset Sanctuary Prog Heavy Power 1991
9-9 Conception Parallel Minds Sanctuary Prog Heavy Power 1993
9-9 Conception In Your Multitude Sanctuary Prog Heavy Power 1995
9-9 Conception Flow Sanctuary Prog Heavy Power 1997
9-9 Crippled Black Phoenix Banefyre Season of Mist    
9-9 Deathrot Perverted Pleasure   Death  
9-9 DeathSlaughter Passing Through the Valley of the Sodomites CD Exp  
9-9 Defiled Embrace Whispers of the Forest   Melodic Doom Death  
9-9 Dream Theater Images and Words Demos Inside Out Prog 1989-1991
9-9 Electric Callboy Tekkno* Century Media    
9-9 Epitome ROTend   Deathgrind  
9-9 Escarnium Dysthymia Redifining Darkness Death  
9-9 Fallujah Empyrean* Nuclear Blast Tech Death  
9-9 Futurism Reimagined   Doom Black Death  
9-9 Greber Fright Without*   GrindCore  
9-9 Gudsforladt Friendship , Love and War Night of the Palemoon Black  
9-9 Hellfuck Diabolical Slaughter Godz of War  Speed Thrash  
9-9 I Am Eternal Steel MNRK Heavy Death Groove  
9-9 Inhuman Depravity The Experimendead Grusome Death  
9-9 In Mourning Afterglow Agonia Melodic Doom 2016
9-9 In Mourning Monolith Agonia Melodic Doom 2010
9-9 Lunarian Burn the Beauty Frontiers Sym  
9-9 Mourir Disgrace   Black  
9-9 Necrambulant A Feast of Festering Flesh Gore House Death Slam E.P.
9-9 Necroripper Amulepe CD Death Thrash 2019
9-9 Nihilistic Warfare Spark Hatred Kernkraftritter Death Doom  
9-9 Oblivion Denied All Kinds of Nasty   Heavy Groove  
9-9 Onirismo Blinded by Bright Lights, I Stood There   Black Post Metal Crust  
9-9 Ozzy Patient Number 9* Sony Heavy  
9-9 Pentagram Makina Elektrika Sony Turkey Heavy Mid Easterm Not the Doom Band
9-9 Revocation Netherheaven* Metal Blade Tech Thrash  
9-9 Sabackhanny Slants   Post Black  
9-9 Sideburn Ordalie   Core  
9-9 Skull Death Ex Mortis   Melodic Sym Death  
9-9 Slugcrust Ecocide Prosthetic Grind Death Crust  
9-9 Toadeater Bexadde F.D.A. Post Black  
9-9 Therion Theli Hammerheart Sym  1996
9-9 Therion Vovin Hammerheart Sym  1998
9-9 Therion Deggial Hammerheart Sym  2000
9-9 Therion Secret of the Ruin Hammerheart Sym  2001
9-9 Therion Sirius B Hammerheart Sym 2004
9-9 Therion Lemuria Hammerheart Sym 2004
9-9 Toughness The Prophetic Dawn Godz of War  Death  
9-9 Trauma Awakening Massacre Power Speed  
9-9 Ultima Grace S/T Frontiers Sym Power  
9-9 Valborg Der Alte Prophecy Prog Doom Death  
9-9 Vindalf Ancient Spell of Darkness Signal Rex Black Amb Dungeon Synth  
9-9 Warforged The Grove / Sundial The Artisan Era Prog Black Death  
9-9 Wayward Dawn All-Consuming Void Mighty  Death  
9-9 The Wolf You Feed Kalispra   Prog E.P.
9-13 Adam Abou-Gad Messages For Ghost in the Fire   Exp E.P.
9-13 Catacombs Des Glaires et des briques   Black  
9-13 Deformity Harbinger*   Death  
9-13 Lava Creations LC4   Prog  
9-13 Nlorgpipe Nlorg Army 1000 Swords   Black  
9-13 Ominous Hymn Profane Rebirth   Black E.P.
9-13 Retador S/T Xtreem Thrash  
9-13 Vartroy Reborn   Heavy E.P.
9-14 A Serpent's Hand Reberum   Melodic Deathcore E.P.
9-14 Creature Chimerapolis I, Voidhammer Avant-Garde Prog Black  
9-15 Ares Kingdom In Darkness at Last Nuclear War Now! Thrash Death  
9-15 Diabolical Raw Elegy of Fire Dusk Base Sym Extreme  
9-15 Gnipahalan I nordisk vredeslusta Purity Through Fire Black  
9-15 Headless Dawn Crap on Demand Meat 5000 Death Grind  
9-15 Hegemone Voyance Brucia Sludge Black Post  
9-16 The 69 Eyes Drive Atomic Fire Alt E.P.
9-16 ACOD Fourth Reign over Opacities and Beyond Les Acteurs Thrash Black  
9-16 Altars Ablaze Life Desecration Lavadome Extreme  
9-16 Aviana Corporation Arising Empire    
9-16 Behemoth Opvs Contra Natvra* Nuclear Blast Death  
9-16 Certa Mortis Ab Inferno ad Astra Drakkar Black  
9-16 Clutch Sunrise on Slaughter Beach Weathermaker    
9-16 The Darling Fire Distortions Iodine    
9-16 Deduction of a Miscalculation New Future Imagined   Death  
9-16 Destrage SO MUCH, too much* 3DOT Progcore  
9-16 Edenbridge Shangri-La AFM Sym 2-CD'S
9-16 Eldprov Rift Grind to Death Extreme  
9-16 Fugit Nyctophilia Movements   Post Black E.P.
9-16 Hetroertzen Phosphorus Vol I Listenable Black  
9-16 Images of Eden Weathered and Torn Pavement Heavy E.P.
9-16 Innumerable Forms Philosophical Collapse Profound Lore Death Doom  
9-16 Irist Gloria Nuclear Blast Exp E.P.
9-16 Kill Division Peace Through Tyranny Redifining Darkness DeathGrind  
9-16 Medieval Demon Black Coven Hells Headbangers Melodic Black  
9-16 Mentalist Empires Falling Pride & Joy Melodic Power Heavy  
9-16 Mindforce New Lords Triple B Crossover  
9-16 The Mighty Wraith Elegies   Heavy Power  
9-16 Mycelia The Beginning of a Long Hangover Eclipse Djent  
9-16 Morbus Grave Lurking Into Absurbity Chaos Death  
9-16 Mute Ocean Caravan   Atmo Black  
9-16 The Necromancers Where the Void Rose Ripple Heavy Doom Hard  
9-16 Omophagia Ribirth in Black Unique Leader Death  
9-16 Phobophilic Enveloping Absurdity Prosthetic Death  
9-16 Ponte del Diavolo Ave Scintilla!   Doom Black E.P.
9-16 Reanimator Commotion   Thrash  
9-16 Sadean Blashemies Lustmord   Black  E.P.
9-16 Science of Disorder Apoptose Black Market Deathcore  
9-16 Silence Oath From the Womb of the Earth Elevate Sym Black  
9-16 Sinnery Black Bile*   Thrash  
9-16 Smith / Kotzen Better Day's... and Nights BMG    
9-16 Sonic Flower Me and My Bellbottom Blues Heavy Psych Psych Doom  
9-16 Spectral Void Doomsday   Black E.P.
9-16 Spiritus Mortis The Great Seal Svart Doom  
9-16 Sumerlands Dreamkiller Relapse Heavy  
9-16 Tad Morose March of the Obsequious GMR Power Heavy  
9-16 Terra Atlantica Beyond the Borders Pride & Joy Melodic Power  
9-16 The Mars Volta S/T Cloud Hills Prog Alt  
9-16 Tribal Gaze The Nine Choirs Maggot Stomp Death  
9-16 Vathr Dead & United Edged Circle Black E.P.
9-16 Veritates Silent War   Heavy Power  
9-16 Via Crucis Satanachrist Decimation   Extreme  
9-16 Virtual Symmetry S/T Sensory Prog  
9-16 Wolfheart King of the North* Napalm Melodic Death  
9-16 Wrekan  Maror   Black  
9-17 Castrofate 15 CM Death  
9-19 Sagreveht's Thanatology* WormHoleDeath Heavy  
9-20 Mons Veneris Inversados  Signal Rex Black  
9-23 Abhor Sex Sex Sex Iron Bonehead Black  
9-23 Alvenrad Veluws ijzer   Folk Black  
9-23 Apophis Funeral World   Melodic Death  
9-23 Banco del Mutuo Soccorso Orlando Inside Out Prog  
9-23 Band of Spice How We Play the Game Scarlet    
9-23 Battlesword Towards the Unknown MDD Melodic Death  
9-23 Black Grail  VIIII Iron Bonehead Black E.P.
9-23 Bloodskam Ave Eva Suicide Black  
9-23 Bovice Dreaming of Paradise Upstate Thrashcore  
9-23 Condemned A.D. Follow A Failing Hero WormHoleDeath Thrash  
9-23 Crone Gotta Light? Prophecy    
9-23 Crust Wanderers Rotting Misery Doom Death Sludge  
9-23 Dio Live at Donington BMG Heavy Live 83 and 87
9-23 Drabik Mannequin   Heavy  
9-23 Epoch of Unlight At War with the Multiverse Dark Horizon Melodic  
9-23 The Erinyes S/T Frontiers Sym  
9-23 Eternal Closure At the Center of ot All   Thrash  
9-23 Freedom Hawk Take All you Can Ripple Stoner Doom  
9-23 Gaerea Mirage Season of Mist Black  
9-23 Gutvoid Durance of Lightless Horizons Blood Harvest Death  
9-23 Harvest of Ash Ache and Impulse* Horror Pain Gore Death Doom Post  
9-23 Kaledon Legend of the Forgotten Chapter:VII Beyond the Storm Power  
9-23 Karma to Burn Appalachian Incantation Heavy Psych Stoner 2010
9-23 Last Retch Sadism and Severed  Heads CDN Death  
9-23 Living Wreckage S/T M-Theory Core  
9-23 Meridian The 4th Dimension From the Vaults Heavy  
9-23 Mork Den svevende festning Peaceville Black E.P.
9-23 Nocny Kochanek O jeden most za delco Mistik Heavy  
9-23 Nordjevel Gnavhol Indie Black  
9-23 Razor Cycle of Contempt Relapse Thrash  
9-23 Silent Knight Full Force   Power  
9-23 Skelator Blood Empire Gates of Hell Epic Heavy Speed E.P.
9-23 Soulslicer Pandemic Great Dane Death  
9-23 SpellBook Deadly Charms Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
9-23 Stratovarius Survive* earMusic Heavy Prog  
9-23 Tash Extinction   Melodic  
9-23 Venom Inc. There's Only Black Nuclear Blast Old Shool Extreme  
9-24 Buckethead Live Only in A Very General Way Bucketheadland Prog Pike333
9-24 Chokeslam Shellshock   Slam Deathcore E.P.
9-24 Chrome Waves Where You Live   Post Black E.P.
9-24 Comte Satanael Call of the Wolves   Sym Epic Black  
9-24 A Constant Storm ANT   Exp  
9-24​ Electric Tomb Riddle of Steel   Heavy Doom E.P.
9-24 RavenGhast Seven   Black  
9-24 Sinister Downfall The Last Witness   Fun Doom  
9-24 Stellae Wicket   Black  
9-24 What Brings Ruin Prophet's Pilgrimage   Black  E.P.
9-25 Buckethead Live Torment of yhe Metals Bucketheadland Prog Pike 335
9-25 Dunkelheit Depressive Process   Amb Atmo  
9-25 Excruciator Behold Strormbringer Chaos Force Heavy Speed E.P.
9-25 Inter Alia  Digital Sunrise   Prog Thrash  
9-25 Saint Heaven Fell Retroactive Heavy  
9-26 Buckethead Live Rooster Cuckoo Bucketheadland Prog Pike337
9-26 Cruz Confines de la cordura Nuclear Winter  Death Thrash  
9-26 Malignance Tales of Cowards Hereos and Death Hidden Marley Black  
9-26 Sermon of Mockery Crippler Crossface Murder Suicide Comatose Death  
9-26 Truckerfucker Stjernesmell   Black  
9-27 Destroy My Brains Tormented   Sludge Doom  
9-27 Walls of Babylon Fallen   Power Prog  
9-29 Alex Chickikailo Mindless   Deathcore Post Rock E.P.
9-29 Hocculta Dreams for Sale   Heavy  
9-29 Inner Suffering Old Wounds Part:1   Dep Black  
9-29 Precieux Sang Les nuits Eisenwald Black  
9-29 Reapers Deliverance   Heavy E.P.
9-30 All Else Fails The Incident at Black Lake*     E.P.
9-30 AcePhalex Theothantology 20 Buck Spin    
9-30 Alice Cooper Live from the Astroturf earMusic Rock Live
9-30 Arctora The Storm is Over WormHoleDeath    
9-30 Autophagy Bacteriophage Pulverized Death  
9-30 Autopsy Morbidity Triumphant Peaceville Death Thrash  
9-30 Blitzkrieg Coplete Recordings Volume 1 HNE   1980 Thru 88
9-30 Ceaseless Torment Victory or Death   Thrash  
9-30 City of Catapillar Mystic Sisters Relapse    
9-30 ColdWorld Isolation Eisenwald Amb Dep  
9-30 Darkest Era  Wither on the Vine Candlelight Heavy Celtic Folk  
9-30 Dark Forest Ridge and Furrow Cruz Del Sur Heavy Power E.P.
9-30 The Dead Daisies Radiance SPV    
9-30 Drowning Pool Strike A Nerve UMe Alt  
9-30 Heir Corpse One Caribean Frights   Death Groove E.P.
9-30 Hexed Pagans Rising Vicisolum Melodic Prog  
9-30 Mamaleek Diner Coffee The Flenser    
9-30 Rage  Spreading the Plague Steamhammer Heavy Speed E.P.
9-30 Raven Leave 'Em Bleeding Steamhammer NWOBHM Comp
9-30 SilentLie Equilibium* Rockshots    
9-30 Stormland The Human Cost   Death  
9-30 Tankard Pavlov's Dawgs Reaper Thrash  
9-30 Varden No Exit from the Forest Morribund Black  
9-30 Vicious Rumors The Atlantic Years Dissonance Heavy Power Groove Box Set

October 2022 Releases

Date Artist Release Label  Genre Notes
10-1 Adrian Weiss Dangerous Disciple   Prog Shred  
10-7 Armed for Apocalypse Ritual Violence Candlelight    
10-7 Cloud Rat Threshold Artofffact    
10-7 Queensryche Digital Noise Alliance Century Media Prog Melodic Power  
10-7 Upon Your Grave Gold & Decay*   Death E.P.
10-7 Wednesday 13 Horrifier Napalm Alt Hard  
10-14 Dragonland The Power of the Nightstar AFM Sym Power  
  Gevurah In Conspiracy With the End of Life Profound Lore Black  
10-14 Lorna Shore Pain Remains Century Media Deathcore  
10-14 Victoria K Kore* Rockshots    
10-21 Avantasia A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society Nuclear Blast Sym  
10-21 Iron Allies Blood In Blood Out AFM Heavy Former Accept Members
10-28 Devin Townsend Lightwork Inside Out Exp  
10-28 Joe Lynn Turner Belly of the Beast   Melodic Rock  
10-28 Onward Of Epoch and Inferno Moribund Heavy Power  
10-28 Therion  Leviathan II Atomic Fire Sym Prog  
10-28 Triskelyon Downfall Moribund Thrash  

November 2022 Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
11-4 Cydemind The Descent   Prog  
11-7 Aittala Live to Regret Exitus Stratagem Exp  
11-11 WarKings Morgana Napalm Power  
11-18 Candlemass Sweet Evil Sun Napalm Doom  
11-18 Tallah The Generation of Danger Earache Death Core Exp  
11-25 Souldrainer Departure Black Lion Melodic Death  

December Releases 

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
12-9 Woods of Desolation The Falling Tide Season of Mist Atmo Black  

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