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The Harbinger
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Sean Malone
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle
Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Ralph Santolla
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15
Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Latest News

Johnny Solinger

Skid Row vocalist Johnny Solinger passed away at the age of 55 on June 28TH 2021. Ealier in the month he had been diagnosed with Liver failure. 

Paulo Turin

Former Di'Anno, Battlezone and Gangland guitarist Paulo Turin passed away on June 27th 2021

Joey Jordison

Sinsaenum, Vimic, Murder Dolls, Modifidious, and one time Slipknot drummer passed away on 7-26-2021 in his sleep at the age of 46.

Metal Church vocalist

Metal Church vocalist Mike Howe passed away on July 26th 2021 at the age of 55.

July 2021 Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
7-1 Bong Prophet Sun Sacrament   Black Doom  
7-1 Iselder Fe Godwn Ni Eto   Black E.P.
7-1 Hnagash Ritual over the Grave Personal Death  
7-1 Lectoblix Pilgrimage   Atmo Post Black  
7-2 Agrypnie Metamorphosis AOR Prog Post  
7-2 Anthropophagus Depravity Apocalypto Comatose Death  
7-2 At The Gates The Nightmare of Being* Century Media Melodic Death  
7-2 Bizarrekult Vi overlevde   Black  
7-2 Born of Osiris Angel or Alien* Sumerian Deathcore  
7-2 Burning Darkness Dodens makt Non Serviam Melodic Black  
7-2 Butcher in the Fog Exonerate Me, Baby   Crossover Sludge  
7-2 Concilium Desecration SRL Black  
7-2 Defocus In the Eye of Death we are all the Same      
7-2 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter The Divine Horsemen* Nuclear Blast Heavy Hard  
7-2 Drawn and Quartered Congregation Pestilence Krucyator Death  
7-2 Dream Tröll Realm of the Tormentör   Heavy Doom  
7-2 Endless Chain Forthcoming* Rockshots    
7-2 Felled The Intimate Earth Transcending Obscurity Neofolk  
7-2 Friisk ...un torugg bleev blot  Vendetta Atmo Black  
7-2 In The Woods Heart of the Ages Soulseller Black 1995
7-2 Lost In Grey Under the Surface Reaper Sym  
7-2 Mourn the Light Suffer, Then We Die Argonauta Heavy Doom  
7-2 Mutiilation Vampires of Black Imperial Blood Osmose Black 1995
7-2 Nanowar of Steel Italian Folk Metal Napalm    
7-2 Ruach Raah Misanthropic Wolfgang Signal Rex Black  
7-2 Sun Crow Quest for Oblivion Ripple Doom  
7-2 Year of No Light Consolamentum Pelagic Drone Sludge Doom  
7-3 Astwind Spell of the Melancholic Landscapes GS Amb Atmo Black 2016
7-3 Astwind Sigilo nocturno GS Amb Atmo Black 2019
7-3 Astwind Astwind GS Amb Atmo Black  
7-4 Abstractian Box Of Frogs   Prog Rock Metal  
7-4 Godhead Machinery Masquerade Among Gods Black Lion Black E.P.
7-5 Dysmorphic Demiurge Derealization Miasma Death  
7-5 Ice Ages Vibe of Scorn   EBM  
7-5 Imprisoned Nerve   Deathcore  
7-5 Sardonic Wrath An Abstraction   Exp  
7-5 Sardonic Wrath Transmigration through the Chthonic   Exp  
7-6 Anguish Force Metal Disco Satallite   Heavy Power Thrash E.P.
7-6 Barbarian Prophecies Horizon BRP Extreme  
7-6 Emerald Rage High King Stormspell Heavy  
7-6 Sciatica Arr   Dep Black  
7-7 Ancient Myth ArcheoNyx   Sym Power  
7-7 Esophagus Amorphous   Death Slam  
7-7 Funeral Mourning Drown in Solitude GS Black Fun Doom 2006
7-7 My Blood Dead Strings of Agony Thou Shalt Kill Black  
7-7 Nattersorg Ide Dype Skoger   Black  
7-7 Psychic Hit Solutio Seeing Red Heavy Hard  
7-7 SlugWeed The Extant Theory   Doom Post  
7-8 Diagor The Ruining World   Black  
7-8 Vous Autres Champ du sang Season of Mist Black 2019
7-9 71 Ton Man War is Peace Transcending Obscurity Doom Sludge  
7-9 Clouds  Destin Personal Atmo 2017
7-9 Domination Campaign Onward to Glory* Prosthetic Groove Psycroptic Members
7-9 Elderblood Achrony   Sym Black  
7-9 Escapade to Serenity Memories des Melacholia   Post Black  
7-9 Eternal Valley Kingdom Of Misery Northern Silence Black  
7-9 Futility  Anhedonic   Death Doom  
7-9 Green Hog Band Devil's Luck   Psych Doom  
7-9 Hinsides Under Betlehems brinnade stjarna Shadow Black  
7-9 Igric Svet svetlom stvoreny Wolfspell Pagan Amb  
7-9 Kambrium Synthetic ERA Reaper Sym Melodic  
7-9 L.A. Guns Cocked and Loaded   Heavy Hard Live
7-9 Marras Endtime Sermon   Black  
7-9 Mayhem  Atavistic Black Disorder/ Kommando   Black E.P.
7-9 Mountain Caller Chronicle Prologue   Prog Post E.P.
7-9 Night Crowned Hadanfard Noble Demon Melodic Death  
7-9 Odious Devotion IImestys Wolfspell Black  
7-9 Powerwolf Call of the Wild* Napalm Power  
7-9 Ruadh Eternal   Atmo Folk  
7-9 Qrixkuor Poison Palinopsia Dark Descent Death  
7-9 Sepiroth Condemned to Suffer Napalm Death  
7-9 Unendlich Paradox of the Broken Horror Pain Gore Death Black  
7-11 Visions of Disfigurement Abhorrent Extinction Redux Realityfade Death Slam 2016
7-12 Austral Cult Speak of the Deavil BMC Black  
7-12 Krahnholm A Wind in the Cold Night DST Atmo Black  
7-12 Onirica Burn the Ashes BMC Black  
7-12 Sarinvomit Awaken Ye ImpiousHordes of Shaitan BAP Extreme  
7-15 Black Hosts Onward into the Abyss Hellprod Thrash E.P.
7-15 Cerebral Effusion Ominous Flesh Disipline New Standard Elite Death  
7-15 Heretic Feast   Prog Middle Eastern  
7-15 Mask of Satan Underneath the Mire   Death  
7-15 Mortyfear My Dystopia Inverse Melodic  
7-15 Necrogod In Extremis Transcending Obscurity Death  
7-15 Tar Hag Bestial Narcoleptica Stoner Doom  
7-15 Vulture Lord Desecration Rite Odium Black Thrash  
7-15 Zora Soul Raptor Old Metal Death  
7-16 Bottomless S/T Spikerot Doom  
7-16 Bulb Moderately Fast, Adequately Furious 3Dot Prog Djent  
7-16 Calliophis Liquid Darkness Solitude Death Doom  
7-16 Clouds Deaparte   Atmo Doom 2016
7-16 Cognitive Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction* Unique Leader Tech Death  
7-16 DemiAura The Ascendant*   Prog  
7-16 Fell Harvest Pale Light in a Dying World*   Doom  
7-16 Laceration Demise Rotted Life Death Thrash  
7-16 Nothing Sacred No Gods* Rockshots Power Thrash  
7-16 Neurosurgery Invitation to Die CDN Death  
7-16 The Nightly Disease Delicate White Sound Naturmacht Atmo Black  
7-16 Ophidian I Desolate Season of Mist Tech Death  
7-16 Paradise Lost At The Mill Nuclear Blast Melodic Live
7-16 Pessimist Slaughtering the Faithful Season of Mist Death 2002
7-16 Resurrection Kings Skygazer Frontiers  Heavy  
7-16 Scald Will of the Gods is Great Power High Roller Epic Doom 1997
7-16 Septic Flesh In the Flesh Part II Season of Mist Sym Extreme Box Set
7-16 Space Chaser Give Us Life Metal Blade Thrash  
7-16 Storm Unleashed Death Addiction   Melodic Death  
7-16 Times of Grace Songs of Loss and Separation   Metal Core  
7-16 Vandor On a Moonlit Night Scarlet Power  
7-16 Vomit Ritual  Callous Pulverized Extreme  
7-16 Wasted Creation Primordial   Death  
7-19 Lycantrophilia Perpetual Eclipse   Melodic Black  
7-20 Blood Stranglehold Twilight Ceremonies   Black E.P.
7-20 Borkr Copper Pest Black  
7-20 Inceptor Youniverse Narcoleptica Black  
7-20 Praga Furia Regicida Murder  Speed Black  
7-20 Reign of Terror The Final March   Death E.P.
7-21 Bletsian Phosfyriun   Extreme  
7-21 Lykhaeon Opprobrium Repose Black  
7-21 Mehul Kanani Legacy   Prog Shred  
7-21 Vistery Doomfall   Death  
7-22 Incidere Return the Light   Black  
7-22 Luminous Veil Vespers for the Lomm and Lain BMC Black  
7-23 Craven Idol Forked Tongues Dark Descent Black Thrash  
7-23 Deceiver Legion Varjoissa MR Black  
7-23 Eradicator Influence Denied* Metalville  Thrash  
7-23 Erdve Savigaila Season of Mist    
7-23 Fulci Exhumed Information Time to Kill Death  
7-23 Flame, Dear Flame Aegis Eisenwald Doom  
7-23 Ghorot Loss of Light Inverse Black Doom   
7-23 Godslave Positive Aggressive Metalville Thrash  
7-23 Hexenklad Heathenheart CDN Folk Black  
7-23 Hexorcist Evil Reaping Death Mememto Mori Death  
7-23 Immunize Do Unto Others   Melodic Death Core E.P.
7-23 Krossfyre Rites of Extermination Hells Hedbangers Black Thrash Death  
7-23 Kompost Pallor Mortis   Death  
7-23 Merged in Abyss The New Era Last Throne Extreme  
7-23 Mordred The Dark Parade M-Theory Thrash Funk  
7-23 Planet of the Dead Pilgrims   Stoner Doom  
7-23 Rebellion We Are the People Massacre Heavy Power  
7-23 Sombre Figures Streams of Decay   Black  
7-23 Steignyr The Legacy of Wyrd Art Gates Celtic Folk  
7-23 Tantric The Sum of All Things      
7-23 Temple of Dread Hades Unleashed   Death  
7-23 Yngwie Malmsteen Parabellum   Prog Heavy  
7-24 Arid S/T   Black Crust  
7-24 Kataxu Ancestral Mysteries   Sym Black  
7-25 Murder Hate Infortunii Ex Nihillo   Melodic Death  
7-25 Nightprowler Rock n Roll Uproaring Blasphemy   Heavy Punk  
7-26 Nothingness The Hollow Gaze of Death Memento Mori Death 2019
7-26 Serpentrace Akra Tapeinosis   Black Doom  
7-26 Transgressor Ether for Scapegoat Memento More Death 1992
7-27 Digimortal     Ind Melodic Core Russia
7-28 Loudstorm Metal Battleroyal   Neoclassical  
7-30 Axel Rudi Pell Diamonds Unlocked II SteamHammer Heavy Hard  
7-30 BlackSword Alive Again No Remorse Power  
7-30 Breathless S/T Dying Victims Speed 1985
7-30 Brillant Coldness The Ultimate Dream   Tech Death  
7-30 Fetid Zombie Transmutattions Transcending Obscurity Death E.P.
7-30 Dee Snider Leave A Scar Napalm Heavy Hard  
7-30 Ether Coven Language is the Instrumental of the Empire Century Media Sludge E.P.
7-30 Existence:Void Anatman   Avant Black  
7-30 Expunged Into Never Shall Hells Headbangers Death  
7-30 Fernando Colunga Untimate Experience Un Lamento Por Esmarlda   Death 'n' Roll E.P.
7-30 Fjord Skalder   Melodic Black  
7-30 Galvanizer Prying Sight of Imperception   Death Grind  
7-30 Graveslave No Center   Death  
7-30 Groza The Redemptive End AOP Black  
7-30 Ingested The Surreption II Unique Leader Deathcore  
7-30 King Woman Celestial Blues Relapse Post Doom  
7-30 Lantlos Wildhund Prophecy Post Shoegaze  
7-30 Netherbird Arete Eisenwald Sym Black  
7-30 Orbital Element Celestials Damage Eastbreath Death  
7-30 Paul Wardingham Cybergenesis Enigmatic Prog Shred  
7-30 Phirimerial Rotten Exclamation Schemes   Death  
7-30 PPTA Bleeding for a Living Profane Thrash  
7-30 Prygla S/T   Black  
7-30 Sennight New Takes the Old   Prog  
7-30 Son of a Witch Reverencing   Hard Rock Stoner E.P.
7-30 Stress Angel Bursting Church Dying Victims Extreme  
  Tombstoner Victims of Vile Torture Redifining Darkness Death  
7-30 Witchfynde Give 'Em Hell High Roller NWOBHM 1980
7-30 Xalpen Sawken Xo'on Black Lodge Black  

August 2021

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
8-1 Vassago Storm of Satan Nuclear War Now Extreme  
8-4 Rodent Destroyer Necrofeluside   Avant Tech  
8-4 Sunwheel Iron Age of Strife   Black  
8-5 Flesh Hoarder Relic of Purtescent Filth   Death  
8-6 Eric Pellegrini V 3   Death  
8-6 Nytt Land Ritual Napalm    
8-6 Vessel of Iniquity The Doorway SRL Extreme Noise  
8-6 White Cowbell Oklahoma Textos Raros Vol 1 * Slick Monkey Heavy/ Hard 2001-2011
8-9 Graveland Hour of Rangnarok IPR Pagan  
8-13 Annihilus Follow a Song from the Sky   Black  
8-13 Diskord Degenerations Transcending Obscurity Death  
8-13 Killing Face the Madness Mighty  Thrash  
8-13 Rebel Priest Lost in Tokyo* Batcave Hard  
8-13 Running Wild Diamonds and Pearls SPV Thrash  
8-13 Slaughter to Prevail Kostolom Sumerian Deathcore  
8-13 The Ugly Kings Strange, Strange Times Napalm Alt  
8-20 Between the Buried and Me Colors II Sumerian Prog Core  
8-20 Quiksand Distant Population Epitaph Alt  
8-20 Vulvodynia Praenuntius Infinity Unique Leader Deathcore  
8-20 Warkings Revolution Napalm  Power  
8-21 The Blood of Christ Frozen Dreams & The Lonely Flowers of Autumn CDN Melodic 1990
8-27 Ex Deo The Thirteen Years of Nero Napalm Sym Death  
8-27 Summoner's Circle Chaos Vector*   Extreme  
8-27 Thyrfing Vanagandr Despotz Viking  
8-27 Transport League Kaiserschnitt Mighty Sludge Doom  

September 2021

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
9-5 Giant of the Mountain Mountain's Blood Careless Tech Death  
9-6 A.R.G. Entrance Careless Thrash 1988
9-10 Journey Into Darkness Infinite Universe Infinite Death   Sym Extreme Darkwave  
9-10 Shumaun Memories & Intuition*   Prog  
9-11 VM 2Push2Relax Epictronic Grunge Avant E.P.
9-11 Spiritbox Eternal Blue Rise    
9-15 Veilburner Lurkers in the Capsule of Skull Transcending Obscurity Extreme  
9-17 The Architect Eidola Blue Swan    
9-17 Alien Weaponry Tangaroa Napalm    
9-17 Carcass Torn Arteries Nuclear Blast Extreme Melodic  
9-17 CroMagnum Born Free King Metal   E.P.
9-17 Ghostheart Nebula Ascension Black Lion Melodic  
9-24 Serotonin Fracture Narcoleptica Extreme  
9-24 Thy Row Unchained* Rockshots Hard Ben Varon

October 2021

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
10-1 KK'S Priest Sermon of the Sinner   Power Heavy K.K. Downing
10-1 Order The Gospel Listenable Extreme  
10-15 The Darkness Motherheart Cooking Hard Rock  
  Cradle of Filth Existence is Futile   Melodic Black  
10-22 Dream Theater A View from the Top of the World Roadrunner Prog  
10-22 Foreignwolf Your Weapons, Your World Wormholedeath   E.P.
10-22 Waking the Cadaver Authority through Intimidation Unique Leader Deathcore  
10-29 Aexylium The Fifth Season* Rockshots Folk  
10-29 First Fragment Gloire Eternelle Unique Leader Extreme  

November 2021

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
11-19 Obscura A Valediction Nuclear Blast Prog Death  
11-19 Sacred Oath Return of the Dragon Wormholedeath Pwer Thrash