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Eric Wagner

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The Harbinger
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle
Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Ralph Santolla
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15
Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Latest News

Johnny Solinger

Skid Row vocalist Johnny Solinger passed away at the age of 55 on June 28TH 2021. Ealier in the month he had been diagnosed with Liver failure. 

Concert page Suspended 

Until 2022 we will not update any of the tour or festival pages. 

Joey Jordison

Sinsaenum, Vimic, Murder Dolls, Modifidious, and one time Slipknot drummer passed away on 7-26-2021 in his sleep at the age of 46.

Eric Wagner passes away from Covid

Formes Trouble and current singer for the band The Skull Eric Wagner has passed away for Covid related pneumonia. Eric was 61 and was also a part of the band Blackfinger.

July 2021 Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
7-1 Bong Prophet Sun Sacrament   Black Doom  
7-1 Iselder Fe Godwn Ni Eto   Black E.P.
7-1 Hnagash Ritual over the Grave Personal Death  
7-1 Lectoblix Pilgrimage   Atmo Post Black  
7-2 Agrypnie Metamorphosis AOR Prog Post  
7-2 Anthropophagus Depravity Apocalypto Comatose Death  
7-2 At The Gates The Nightmare of Being* Century Media Melodic Death  
7-2 Bizarrekult Vi overlevde   Black  
7-2 Born of Osiris Angel or Alien* Sumerian Deathcore  
7-2 Burning Darkness Dodens makt Non Serviam Melodic Black  
7-2 Butcher in the Fog Exonerate Me, Baby   Crossover Sludge  
7-2 Concilium Desecration SRL Black  
7-2 Defocus In the Eye of Death we are all the Same      
7-2 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter The Divine Horsemen* Nuclear Blast Heavy Hard  
7-2 Drawn and Quartered Congregation Pestilence Krucyator Death  
7-2 Dream Tröll Realm of the Tormentör   Heavy Doom  
7-2 Endless Chain Forthcoming* Rockshots    
7-2 Felled The Intimate Earth Transcending Obscurity Neofolk  
7-2 Friisk ...un torugg bleev blot  Vendetta Atmo Black  
7-2 In The Woods Heart of the Ages Soulseller Black 1995
7-2 Lost In Grey Under the Surface Reaper Sym  
7-2 Mourn the Light Suffer, Then We Die Argonauta Heavy Doom  
7-2 Mutiilation Vampires of Black Imperial Blood Osmose Black 1995
7-2 Nanowar of Steel Italian Folk Metal Napalm    
7-2 Ruach Raah Misanthropic Wolfgang Signal Rex Black  
7-2 Sun Crow Quest for Oblivion Ripple Doom  
7-2 Year of No Light Consolamentum Pelagic Drone Sludge Doom  
7-3 Astwind Spell of the Melancholic Landscapes GS Amb Atmo Black 2016
7-3 Astwind Sigilo nocturno GS Amb Atmo Black 2019
7-3 Astwind Astwind GS Amb Atmo Black  
7-4 Abstractian Box Of Frogs   Prog Rock Metal  
7-4 Godhead Machinery Masquerade Among Gods Black Lion Black E.P.
7-5 Dysmorphic Demiurge Derealization Miasma Death  
7-5 Ice Ages Vibe of Scorn   EBM  
7-5 Imprisoned Nerve   Deathcore  
7-5 Sardonic Wrath An Abstraction   Exp  
7-5 Sardonic Wrath Transmigration through the Chthonic   Exp  
7-6 Anguish Force Metal Disco Satallite   Heavy Power Thrash E.P.
7-6 Barbarian Prophecies Horizon BRP Extreme  
7-6 Emerald Rage High King Stormspell Heavy  
7-6 Sciatica Arr   Dep Black  
7-7 Ancient Myth ArcheoNyx   Sym Power  
7-7 Esophagus Amorphous   Death Slam  
7-7 Funeral Mourning Drown in Solitude GS Black Fun Doom 2006
7-7 My Blood Dead Strings of Agony Thou Shalt Kill Black  
7-7 Nattersorg Ide Dype Skoger   Black  
7-7 Psychic Hit Solutio Seeing Red Heavy Hard  
7-7 SlugWeed The Extant Theory   Doom Post  
7-8 Diagor The Ruining World   Black  
7-8 Vous Autres Champ du sang Season of Mist Black 2019
7-9 Buckethead Oven Mitts Pike 239 Bucketheadland Prog Live
7-9 71 Ton Man War is Peace Transcending Obscurity Doom Sludge  
7-9 Clouds  Destin Personal Atmo 2017
7-9 Domination Campaign Onward to Glory* Prosthetic Groove Psycroptic Members
7-9 Elderblood Achrony   Sym Black  
7-9 Escapade to Serenity Memories des Melacholia   Post Black  
7-9 Eternal Valley Kingdom Of Misery Northern Silence Black  
7-9 Futility  Anhedonic   Death Doom  
7-9 Green Hog Band Devil's Luck   Psych Doom  
7-9 Hinsides Under Betlehems brinnade stjarna Shadow Black  
7-9 Igric Svet svetlom stvoreny Wolfspell Pagan Amb  
7-9 Kambrium Synthetic ERA Reaper Sym Melodic  
7-9 L.A. Guns Cocked and Loaded   Heavy Hard Live
7-9 Marras Endtime Sermon   Black  
7-9 Mayhem  Atavistic Black Disorder/ Kommando   Black E.P.
7-9 Mountain Caller Chronicle Prologue   Prog Post E.P.
7-9 Night Crowned Hadanfard Noble Demon Melodic Death  
7-9 Odious Devotion IImestys Wolfspell Black  
7-9 Powerwolf Call of the Wild* Napalm Power  
7-9 Ruadh Eternal   Atmo Folk  
7-9 Qrixkuor Poison Palinopsia Dark Descent Death  
7-9 Sepiroth Condemned to Suffer Napalm Death  
7-9 Unendlich Paradox of the Broken Horror Pain Gore Death Black  
7-11 Visions of Disfigurement Abhorrent Extinction Redux Realityfade Death Slam 2016
7-12 Austral Cult Speak of the Deavil BMC Black  
7-12 Krahnholm A Wind in the Cold Night DST Atmo Black  
7-12 Onirica Burn the Ashes BMC Black  
7-12 Sarinvomit Awaken Ye ImpiousHordes of Shaitan BAP Extreme  
7-13 The Great Kat Extreme Guitar Shred    Prog E.P.
7-15 Black Hosts Onward into the Abyss Hellprod Thrash E.P.
7-15 Cerebral Effusion Ominous Flesh Disipline New Standard Elite Death  
7-15 Heretic Feast   Prog Middle Eastern  
7-15 Mask of Satan Underneath the Mire   Death  
7-15 Mortyfear My Dystopia Inverse Melodic  
7-15 Necrogod In Extremis Transcending Obscurity Death  
7-15 Tar Hag Bestial Narcoleptica Stoner Doom  
7-15 Vulture Lord Desecration Rite Odium Black Thrash  
7-15 Zora Soul Raptor Old Metal Death  
7-16 Bottomless S/T Spikerot Doom  
7-16 Bulb Moderately Fast, Adequately Furious 3Dot Prog Djent  
7-16 Calliophis Liquid Darkness Solitude Death Doom  
7-16 Clouds Deaparte   Atmo Doom 2016
7-16 Cognitive Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction* Unique Leader Tech Death  
7-16 DemiAura The Ascendant*   Prog  
7-16 Fell Harvest Pale Light in a Dying World*   Doom  
7-16 Laceration Demise Rotted Life Death Thrash  
7-16 Nothing Sacred No Gods* Rockshots Power Thrash  
7-16 Neurosurgery Invitation to Die CDN Death  
7-16 The Nightly Disease Delicate White Sound Naturmacht Atmo Black  
7-16 Ophidian I Desolate Season of Mist Tech Death  
7-16 Paradise Lost At The Mill Nuclear Blast Melodic Live
7-16 Pessimist Slaughtering the Faithful Season of Mist Death 2002
7-16 Resurrection Kings Skygazer Frontiers  Heavy  
7-16 Scald Will of the Gods is Great Power High Roller Epic Doom 1997
7-16 Septic Flesh In the Flesh Part II Season of Mist Sym Extreme Box Set
7-16 Space Chaser Give Us Life Metal Blade Thrash  
7-16 Storm Unleashed Death Addiction   Melodic Death  
7-16 Times of Grace Songs of Loss and Separation   Metal Core  
7-16 Vandor On a Moonlit Night Scarlet Power  
7-16 Vomit Ritual  Callous Pulverized Extreme  
7-16 Wasted Creation Primordial   Death  
7-19 Lycantrophilia Perpetual Eclipse   Melodic Black  
7-20 Blood Stranglehold Twilight Ceremonies   Black E.P.
7-20 Borkr Copper Pest Black  
7-20 Inceptor Youniverse Narcoleptica Black  
7-20 Praga Furia Regicida Murder  Speed Black  
7-20 Reign of Terror The Final March   Death E.P.
7-21 Bletsian Phosfyriun   Extreme  
7-21 Lykhaeon Opprobrium Repose Black  
7-21 Mehul Kanani Legacy   Prog Shred  
7-21 Vistery Doomfall   Death  
7-22 Incidere Return the Light   Black  
7-22 Luminous Veil Vespers for the Lomm and Lain BMC Black  
7-23 Craven Idol Forked Tongues Dark Descent Black Thrash  
7-23 Deceiver Legion Varjoissa MR Black  
7-23 Eradicator Influence Denied* Metalville  Thrash  
7-23 Erdve Savigaila Season of Mist    
7-23 Fulci Exhumed Information Time to Kill Death  
7-23 Flame, Dear Flame Aegis Eisenwald Doom  
7-23 Ghorot Loss of Light Inverse Black Doom   
7-23 Godslave Positive Aggressive Metalville Thrash  
7-23 Hexenklad Heathenheart CDN Folk Black  
7-23 Hexorcist Evil Reaping Death Mememto Mori Death  
7-23 Immunize Do Unto Others   Melodic Death Core E.P.
7-23 Krossfyre Rites of Extermination Hells Hedbangers Black Thrash Death  
7-23 Kompost Pallor Mortis   Death  
7-23 Merged in Abyss The New Era Last Throne Extreme  
7-23 Mordred The Dark Parade* M-Theory Thrash Funk  
7-23 Planet of the Dead Pilgrims   Stoner Doom  
7-23 Rebellion We Are the People* Massacre Heavy Power  
7-23 Sombre Figures Streams of Decay   Black  
7-23 Steignyr The Legacy of Wyrd Art Gates Celtic Folk  
7-23 Tantric The Sum of All Things      
7-23 Temple of Dread Hades Unleashed   Death  
7-23 Yngwie Malmsteen Parabellum*   Prog Heavy  
7-24 Arid S/T   Black Crust  
7-24 Kataxu Ancestral Mysteries   Sym Black  
7-25 Murder Hate Infortunii Ex Nihillo   Melodic Death  
7-25 Nightprowler Rock n Roll Uproaring Blasphemy   Heavy Punk  
7-26 Nothingness The Hollow Gaze of Death Memento Mori Death 2019
7-26 Serpentrace Akra Tapeinosis   Black Doom  
7-26 Transgressor Ether for Scapegoat Memento More Death 1992
7-27 Digimortal     Ind Melodic Core Russia
7-28 Loudstorm Metal Battleroyal   Neoclassical  
7-30 Adventum Diaboli Chapter I   Black  
7-30 Axel Rudi Pell Diamonds Unlocked II SteamHammer Heavy Hard  
7-30 BlackSword Alive Again No Remorse Power  


Blastocystia Hypercytotoxic   DeathGrind  
7-30 Breathless S/T Dying Victims Speed 1985
7-30 Brillant Coldness The Ultimate Dream   Tech Death  
7-30 Fetid Zombie Transmutattions Transcending Obscurity Death E.P.
7-30 Dee Snider Leave A Scar Napalm Heavy Hard  
7-30 Enshine Transcending Fire   Melodic E.P.
7-30 Ether Coven Language is the Instrumental of the Empire Century Media Sludge E.P.
7-30 Existence:Void Anatman   Avant Black  
7-30 Expunged Into Never Shall Hells Headbangers Death  
7-30 Fernando Colunga Untimate Experience Un Lamento Por Esmarlda   Death 'n' Roll E.P.
7-30 Fjord Skalder   Melodic Black  
7-30 Galvanizer Prying Sight of Imperception   Death Grind  
7-30 Graveslave No Center   Death  
7-30 Groza The Redemptive End AOP Black  
7-30 Ingested The Surreption II Unique Leader Deathcore  
7-30 King Woman Celestial Blues Relapse Post Doom  
7-30 Lantlos Wildhund Prophecy Post Shoegaze  
7-30 Netherbird Arete Eisenwald Sym Black  
7-30 Orbital Element Celestials Damage Eastbreath Death  
7-30 Paul Wardingham Cybergenesis Enigmatic Prog Shred  
7-30 Phirimerial Rotten Exclamation Schemes   Death  
7-30 PPTA Bleeding for a Living Profane Thrash  
7-30 Prygla S/T   Black  
7-30 Sennight New Takes the Old   Prog  
7-30 Son of a Witch Reverencing   Hard Rock Stoner E.P.
7-30 Stress Angel Bursting Church Dying Victims Extreme  
7-30 Tombstoner Victims of Vile Torture Redifining Darkness Death  
7-30 Whe Darkness Falls What we Leave Behind   Melodic Core  
7-30 Witchfynde Give 'Em Hell High Roller NWOBHM 1980
7-30 Xalpen Sawken Xo'on Black Lodge Black  

August 2021

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
8-1 Vassago Storm of Satan Nuclear War Now Extreme  
8-4 Rodent Destroyer Necrofeluside   Avant Tech  
8-4 Sunwheel Iron Age of Strife   Black  
8-5 Burier Cremation of Lingering Hope   Black  
8-5 Flesh Hoarder Relic of Purtescent Filth   Death  
8-5 Vriess S/T Xenokorp Deathcore E.P.
8-6 Baxaxaxa Catacomb Cult   Black  
8-6 Borracho  Pound of Flesh KA Stoner  
8-6 Cesspool of Corruption Requiems of the Ignominious Gore House  Death  
8-6 Eric Pellegrini V 3   Death  
8-6 Insurgent Sentient     E.P.
8-6 Krigsgrav The Sundering   Melodic  
8-6 Nytt Land Ritual* Napalm    
8-6 Ov Sulfur Oblivion     E.P.
8-6 Resist the Thought Renaissance   Deathcore  
8-6 Supreme Banishment Let the Weak Pray bt their Saints   Death  
8-6 Vessel of Iniquity The Doorway SRL Extreme Noise  
8-6 Wald Krypta Possessed By Nothingness Eternal Death Black  
8-6 White Cowbell Oklahoma Textos Raros Vol 1 * Slick Monkey Heavy/ Hard 2001-2011
8-8 Shadu-Nar-Mattaru Ghost Parades   Death E.P.
8-9 Exanimatvm Sollvm Ipsa Mor   Death  
8-9 Graveland Hour of Rangnarok IPR Pagan  
8-11 Anal Stabwound Abstraction Bathes in Sunlight New Standard Elite Death E.P.
8-11 Saeko Holy are We Alone King  Heavy  
8-11 Unjustified Existence Lonesome Roads   Melodic  
8-12 Void Collapse Gwenda   Deathcore  
8-13 Act of Denial Negative   Groove  
8-13 Ænigmatum Deconsercrate 20 Buck Spin Extreme  
8-13 Alchemy of Flesh Ageless Abominations Redifining Darkness Death  
8-13 Annihilus Follow a Song from the Sky   Black  
8-13 Burial in the Sky The Consumed Self RNR Prog Death  
8-13 Chamber of the Unlight Realm of the Night Werewolf Black  
8-13 Destruction Live Attack Thrash Napalm Live
8-13 Diskord Degenerations Transcending Obscurity Death  
8-13 The Five Hundred A World on Fire* Long Branch Deathcore  
8-13 Fleshbore Embers Gathering   Tech Melodic Death  
8-13 Imperial Slaughter ... Vile Slobs Horror Pain Gore Death Grindcore  
8-13 Infex Burning in Exile   Thrash  
8-13 Interminable Corruptions Abysmal Revelations Reality Fade Death  
8-13 Killing Face the Madness Mighty  Thrash  
8-13 Linfogranulomatosis Inguinalis Ave Nihil BZK Gore  
8-13 Phantom Divine The Cosmic Vision   Sym  
8-13 Prestige Reveal The Ravage Massacre Thrash  
8-13 Rebel Priest Lost in Tokyo* Batcave Hard  
8-13 Running Wild Diamonds and Pearls SPV Thrash  
8-13 Sad Theory LexicoReflexivo   Melodic  
8-13 Septage Septisk Eradikasyon Dark Descent Gore Grind E.P.
8-13 Slaughter to Prevail Kostolom* Sumerian Deathcore  
8-13 Solarnaut S/T   Stoner Doom  
8-13 Steve  Bello Mood Swings   Prog  
8-13 The Ugly Kings Strange, Strange Times Napalm Alt  
8-13 Utter Scorn Paroxysmal   Death  
8-13 Verikyyneleet Ad Astra   Black E.P.
8-13 Qrixkuor Poison Palinopsia Dark Descent Death  
8-13 Witchfucker Bad Vibez   Black Doom  
8-13 Without God Siberian Tunes   Doom Stoner  
8-13 Zombie Mortician Northern Zombie Forest   Extreme  
8-14 Korrosive Kaustic Hordes CDN Thrash  
8-15 Ripping Organs This Worlds Apology PER Goregrind  
8-15 Shoah Hoax JP Death  
8-16 Morning Dwell The Power will go on   Power  
8-20 Between the Buried and Me Colors II* Sumerian Prog Core  
8-20 Daemonicus Eschaton Black Lion  Death  
8-20 Deafheaven Infinite Granite* Daymare Post Black Prog  
8-20 Glomt Bvrn as Hell   Crust E.P.
8-20 Legions of the Night Sorrow Is the Cure Pride & Joy Heavy Power  
8-20 Lucid Awakening Drifting in the Sea of Uncertainty   Prog Metal  
8-20 Massive Five The Anunnaki   Heavy  
8-20 Mentalist A Jpurney into the Unknown Pride & Joy Melodic Heavy  
8-20 Necronautical Slain in the Spirit CandleLight Black  
8-20 Necrophobic Tsar Bomb Century Media Extreme E.P.
8-20 Noutaja Never Meant to Save Us Inverse  Death E.P.
8-20 The Slow Death Siege   Fun Doom  
8-20 Quiksand Distant Population* Epitaph Alt  
8-20 Ramihrdus The Sorrow of the Evergreens   Atmo  
8-20 Sarcoughagus Delusion of the Sick MS Doom Death  
8-20 Sodom Bombenhagel Steamhammer Thrash E.P.
8-20 Thomsen III ASR Heavy Power  
8-20 Vulvodynia Praenuntius Infinity* Unique Leader Deathcore  
8-20 Warkings Revolution* Napalm  Power  
8-20 Wolves in the Throne Room Primordial Arcana* Relapse Atmo Black  
8-21 12 Gauge Rampage Unleash the Rage Grindhead Grindcore  
8-21 Beastlurker Celestial Henchwhores   Extreme  
8-21 Cefalophagia Decoding Existential Agony Brutal Mind Death  
8-21 The Blood of Christ Frozen Dreams & The Lonely Flowers of Autumn CDN Melodic 1990
8-25 The Great Kat Offenbach   Prog E.P.
8-25 Leprous Aphelion* Inside Out Prog  
8-26 Dead Shape Figure Refinement   Melodic Death Thrash  
8-26 Maze of Terror Offer to the Fucking Beast Xtreem Thrash  
8-26 iPendejo! Toma   Stoner Doom  
8-27 Crimson Fire Another Dimension No Remorse Power  
8-27 Dark Arena Worlds of Horror   Prog Melodic  
8-27 Desecrator Summoning   Thrash  
8-27 Devoid of Thought Outer World Graves   Death  
8-27 Ex Deo The Thirteen Years of Nero* Napalm Sym Death  
8-27 Fluisteraars Gegrepen door    Black  
8-27 Hooded Menace The Tritonus Bell Season of Mist Death Doom  
8-27 Irrlycht Wolfish Grandeur Folter Black  
8-27 Life Artist Lifelines   Prog Metal  
8-27 Lower 13 Embrace the Unknown Pure Steel Heavy Speed  
8-27 Nocturnal Serpent Death   Black Thrash  
8-27 Obscurity Skogarmaors   Melodic  
8-27 The Order Out of Order Massacre Melodic Heavy E.P.
8-27 Our Place of Worship is Silent Disavowed and Left Hopeless Translation Loss Extreme  
8-27 Oxygen Destroyer Sinister   Black Death Thrash  
8-27 Ruin Spread Plague Death   Death  
8-27 Sculptured The Liminal Phase* BMG Melodic  
8-27 Summoner's Circle Chaos Vector*   Extreme  
8-27 Tesseract Portals* Kscope Prog Live
8-27 Thyrfing Vanagandr Despotz Viking  
8-27 Toxic Ruin Nightmare Eclipse M-Theory Thrash  
8-27 Transport League Kaiserschnitt Mighty Sludge Doom  
8-27 Utopia Stalker      
8-27 White Stones Dancing Into Oblivion Nuclear Blast Prog Death  
8-27 Wormwitch  Wolf Hex Prosthetic Crust  
8-27 Wormwood Arkivet Black Lodge Melodic Black  
8-27 Wulfgar From the Ashes Downfall Melodic  
8-28 Offence You'll Never Rest in Peace Witching Hour Death  
8-31 Brodequin The Perpetuation of Suffering     E.P.
8-31 Genophobic Perversion Gore Reprisal     Exp
8-31 Keres Flaming Ash   Black E.P.
8-31 Nothing Has Changed Hissing Guilt   Ind  
8-31 Paymon Follow the Path   Black  
8-31 Unnamed Desire Lost in the Triangle ov your Hell Australis Gothic  

September 2021

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
9-1 Blightmass Harbinger of Lucidity   Death  
9-1 Claymorean Eulogy for the Gods   Epic Power  
9-1 Ecpatia A Walk Through a Valley of Darkness   Black  
9-1 The Flame Fiery Advent   Death Thrash  
9-1 Godflesh Long Live the New Flesh Avalance Ind Exp Box Set
9-1 Immortal Rising Stapped in the Rat Chair   Doom Death  
9-1 Infrared From The Black Swamp   Thrash  
9-1 Licht-und Schattensaiten Wie ein Baum   Exp  
9-1 Mycelium Scream Bloody Spore   Death  
9-1 Slaughtopsy Blutueberstroemt   Extreme  
9-1 Thumos Nothing Further Beyond   Prog Doom Post E.P.
9-2 Eternal Necrosys Pandemic Genocide   Death  
9-2 Famishgod Rotting Ceremony Xtreem Doom Death  
9-2 Kairos Augur Aphotic Ascension BMC Sym  
9-3 Aloys A Raven   Yangire Extreme  
9-3 Apallic Edge of Desolation Kernkraftritter Prog Death  
9-3 Apophis Excess Napalm  Death  
9-3 Aristarchos S/T Vendetta Black  
9-3 Atlantic Army of One   Power  
9-3 Aura II* Napalm  Folk  
9-3 Beyond Grace Our Kingdom Undone Prosthetic Death  
9-3 Bloodphemy Blood Sacrifice   Death  
9-3 Bosedeath Cantona Facekick Festival   Death E.P.
9-3 Carnifex Graveside Confussions* Nuclear Blast Deathcore  
9-3 Carrasco Tormento Eterno CD Thrash Speed  
9-3 DeadSoulAlliance Behind the Scenes   Death  
9-3 Defacenent S/T I.Voidhanger Extreme  
9-3 Deformity Inversions of the Unseen Horizon   Tech Death  
9-3 Delirium Cycles   Death  
9-3 Devine Defilement Primitive Gospel Ghastly Deathcore  
9-3 Doctor Smoke Dreamers and the Dead* Ripple Doom Hard Rock  
9-3 Eudaemon S/T   Prog Black  
9-3 Elizabeth Short Black Dahlia   Goregrind E.P.
9-3 Forever Autumn Hail, The Forest Dark   Neofolk E.P.
9-3 Illum Adora Ophidian Kult   Black  
9-3 Gespenst Den sidste faerd   Black  
9-3 Iron Maiden Senjutsu* BMG NWOBHM  
9-3 Jinger Wallflowers* Napalm    
9-3 The Lions Daughter Turbo Covers    Prog Sludge E.P.
9-3 Malison Death's Embrace Metal Assault Heavy  
9-3 Marta Gabriel Metal Queens Napalm Power  
9-3 Mysterizer The Holy War 1095* Rockshots Heavy  
9-3 Nattmaran The Lurking Evil Wise Blood Thrash Speed  
9-3 Necroevil The Black Light of Torment Dead Black  
9-3 Necrosexual Seeds of Seduction   Crossover E.P.
9-3 The Night Flight Orchestra Aeromantic II Nuclear Blast Hard AOR  
9-3 Peste Noire  Le Retour des pastourex LMH Exp  
9-3 Pestilential Shadows Revenant Seance Black  
9-3 Portrait At One With None* Metal Blade Heavy  
9-3 Ride the Sky Per Apera Ad Astra GS Atmo  
9-3 Salna S/T   Pagan Black  
9-3 Sanity Theorist Lost in Kaleidoscope   Avant Garde Prog Death  
9-3 Sermon in Flames I Have Seen the Light, and it was Repulsive I.Voidhanger Black  
9-3 Skvm Sigil   Black E.P.
9-3 Slimelord Moss Contamination   Death Doom  
9-3 SpiritWorld Pagan Rhythms* Century Media    
9-3 Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf Doomsday Deferred   Doom  
9-3 Trna Istok Candlelight Post Black  
9-3 Tuesday the Sky The Blurred Horizon* Metal Blade Prog Jim Matheos
9-3 Violet Cold Noir Kid   Various 2020
9-3 Violet Cold Pride   Various  
9-3 Witch Hill Self Hate   Black  
9-3 Wharflurch Psychedelic Realms   Death Doom  
9-4 Dawn of Ashes Blood of the Titans Remixes    Ind EBM Remixes 
9-4 Formless Body Run the Wire   Atmo Exp  
9-4 Fuoco Fatuo Backwater and Obsiian Katabasis Profound Lore Death Doom Box Set
9-4 Puritan A Life to Forget   Black E.P.
9-4 Serotonin Leakage Mescaline Power   Goregrind  
9-4 Temps Perdu A feus couverts   Dep Black E.P.
9-4 Vulthum Shadowvoid Drakkar Black  
9-5 Giant of the Mountain Mountain's Blood Careless Tech Death  
9-6 A.R.G. Entrance Careless Thrash 1988
9-6 Deduction of a Miscalculation Yesterday is Dead and Gone   Death  
9-6 Gates of Mourning Reliquary   Black E.P.
9-6 Zvijer Pod balkanskim Seance Black  
9-7 Human Cull To Weep for Unconquered Worlds 7 Degrees Grindcore  
9-7 Redemptus Blackhearted   Post  
9-8 Infamia Crisalida Mara Power  
9-9 Dimidium Mei Devil's Tales   Black  
9-9 Isfjall I Find Myself in Awe at the Dreadful Beauty of the Cosmos   Atmo Amb  
9-10 Aborted Maniacult* Century Media Death  
9-10 Aeons Consepuences   Prog Metal  
9-10 Æpoch Hiraeth   Prog Death E.P.
9-10 Amargor Decepcio Apatia   Black  
9-10 Andrew W.K. God is Partying* Napalm Hard Rock  
9-10 Anette Olzon Strong* Napalm Sym  
9-10 Apallic Edge of Desolation Napalm Melodic Death  
9-10 Black Mass Feast at the Forbidden Tree Redefining Darkness Thrash  
9-10 Centenary Death The Final Frontier CDN Death  
9-10 Chrome Waves The Rain will Cleanse DR Post Black  
9-10 Crisix The Pizza E.P. Listenabe Thrash E.P.
9-10 Dawn Fades Ode Metal Assault Post  
9-10 Enterre Vivant Les Tenebres Drakkar Atmo  
9-10 Goatskullt Tervas   Black E.P.
9-10 Hail Spirit Noir Mannequins* Agonia Prog Psych Black  
9-10 Hiadomrak Archaic Sacrifice Non Serviam Black  
9-10 Hunted Deliver Us Pitch Black Prog Power  
9-10 Inferi Vile Genesis The Artisan Era Melodic Tech Death  
9-10 Inglorious Heroine Napalm Hard Rock  
9-10 Itnuveth Ananke BRP Pagan Black  
9-10 Journey Into Darkness Infinite Universe Infinite Death   Sym Extreme Darkwave  
9-10 Letzte  Instanz Ehrenwort Napalm Crossover  
9-10 Lvcifyre The Broken Seal Dark Descent Extreme  
9-10 Mägo de Oz Bamdera Negra* Warner Spain Celtic Folk Power  
9-10 Maladie Symptoms III   Prog Avant- Garde E.P.
9-10 Mastiff Leave Me the Ashes ofthe Earth eOne Doom Hardore  
9-10 Mehenet Ng'ambu Gilead Black  
9-10 Mereflesh Baptised in Blood Reality Fade Deathcore  
9-10 Pa Vesh En Maniac Manifest Iron Bonehead Black  
9-10 Obsidian Aftermath HammerDown Death  
9-10 Ostgold 25 Karat Napalm Deutschrock  
9-10 Replicant Malignant Reality Transcending Obscurity Death  
9-10 Runespell Verses in Regicide Iron Bonehead Black  
9-10 Rupskallex Black Wings   Melodic Death  
9-10 Seeds of Perdition Suffering of the Dead Horror Pain Gore Death Death Thrash  
9-10 Shumaun Memories & Intuition*   Prog  
9-10 Sober Truth LaissezFaire, Lucifer ! Chance for Metal Thrash Groove  
9-10 Stiny plamenu Jediny Hellstorm Black  
9-10 Subfire Define the Sinner SR Sym Power  
9-10 Sunburster S/T   Sludge E.P.
9-10 Tanin'iver The Lucifer Effect   Extreme  
9-10 Teeth Finite Translation Loss Death Doom  
9-10 War Culture Perfect World Napalm Thrash  
9-10 Withered Land The Endless Journey   Epic Sym Black  
9-10 Wrath Within Evil Death   Melodic E.P.
9-11 Magoa Roots II   Exp Black  
9-11 Mortal Ashes Exit Wound   Death E.P.
9-11 Nocturnal Sacrifice Paths of Unholy   Black  
9-11 VM 2Push2Relax Epictronic Grunge Avant E.P.
9-11 Spiritbox Eternal Blue* Rise    
9-13 Argesh Excommunica NC Black  
9-13 Perveror Putrid Dominion   Black  
9-14 Born From Pain Human Interation   Black Amb  
9-14 Born From Pain The Forests are Alive   Black Amb  
9-15 Ancient Empire Priest of Stygia   Heavy  
9-15 Blazon Stone Damnation   Power Heavy Speed  
9-15 Dickless Tracy Grave New World   Grindcore  
9-15 Malignant Rot Planetary Assimalation   Death  
9-15 Veilburner Lurkers in the Capsule of Skull Transcending Obscurity Extreme  
9-17 Abolishment of Flesh In the Presence of Darkness BBD Melodic Death  
9-17 The Architect Eidola Blue Swan    
9-17 Alien Weaponry Tangaroa* Napalm Groove  
9-17 Aphrenety Wolves of Areal KernKraftRitter Extreme  
9-17 Apostolica Haeretica Ecclesia Scarlet Sym Power  
9-17 Bloodtide Idiocracy Great Dane Thrash  
9-17 Born from Pain The Warmth of Tape   Black Amb  
9-17 Brainstorm Wall of Skulls Napalm Power  
9-17 Carcass Torn Arteries* Nuclear Blast Extreme Melodic  
9-17 Criminal Sacrificio* Napalm Groove  
9-17 CroMagnum Born Free* King Metal   E.P.
9-17 Dream Theater Lost Not Forgotten Archives : Master of Puppets  Napalm Prog Live
9-17 Eternal Flight SurVive Metalpolis Power  
9-17 Exxperior Escalating Conflicts Oure Steel Thrash  
9-17 Falgar Recuerdos del Infremundo   Neo Folk  
9-17 Ghostheart Nebula Ascension Black Lion Melodic  
9-17 Joe Stump Diabolical Ferocity Lion Prog Shred  
9-17 K.T.S. Concealment BR Ind Sludge  
9-17 Insomnium Argent Moon Century Media Melodic E.P.
9-17 Livlost Symphony of Flies Dusltone Dungeon Synth  
9-17 Marduk Fuck Me Jesus Napalm Extreme 1991 E.P.
9-17 Occulsed Crepitation of Phlegethon Everlasting Spew Death  
9-17 Onryo Over October These Wounds are my Cathedral BMC Atmo  
9-17 Oversense Egomania Dr. Music Melodic Power  
9-17 Saturnian Mist Shamatanic Petrichor Black  
9-17 Shadecrown Solitarian Inverse Melodic  
9-17 Spitfire Do Or Die Napalm Alt Metal  
9-17 Vulvodynia Praenuntius Infiniti Unique Leader Death  
9-17 Whyzdom Of Wonders and War Scarlet Sym  
9-20 Haiduk  Diabolica   Melodic Extreme  
9-21 Decay Thornmenthorn   Extreme  
9-21 Disciples of the Apocalypse Iron Lung   Stoner Doom E.P.
9-21 MDS Piano Improv 21   Prog Heavy E.P.
9-21 Hellbound Warrior of Rising Sun   Thrash Heavy  
9-22 Orbstruct Deimos Falling   Death  
9-22 Putrid Tomb S/T DWP Death E.P.
9-22 ShadowStrike Fables and Folklore   Sym Power E.P.
9-22 Soulers Valley of Darkness   Drone Doom  
9-23 Aran Pimeytta vasten   Atmo Black  
9-23 Funeral for Two II Inverse Doom E.P.
9-23 Soulinpain Evil   Death Thrash  
9-24 A Pale Horse Named Death Infernum in Terra Long Branch Doom Sal Abruscato
9-24 Aorlhac Pierres Brulees      
9-24 Axxelerator Heads or Tails  ATM Thrash  
9-24 Azazel Aegrum Satanas   Black  
9-24 Barron Nothing Heals   Death Thrash  
9-24 Blood of Raui'Ahn Kingdom of Inner Animal SSP Extreme Noise E.P.
9-24 Cognizance Upheaval Prosthetic Tech Deathcore  
9-24 Dream Ocean The Missing Stone   Sym  
9-24 Epilog Providence Asylum Smile  Heavy Hard  
9-24 Eteritus Rotten Transistion Godz of War Death  
9-24 Forbidden Green Napalm Speed Thrash 1997
9-24 Fuming Mouth They Take what They Please/ Devolve   Crust E.P.
9-24 Headless Square One   Prog Metal Rock  
9-24 Hell and Back A Thousand Years Pure Steel Heavy Power Prog  
9-24 Hellsword Cold is A Grave   Black Speed  
9-24 The Ossuary Oltretomba SCR Heavy Doom  
9-24 Paradox Heresy II: End of A Legend AFM Speed  
9-24 Rebel's End Sing to the Devil Pure Steel Heavy Hard  
9-24 Rivers of Nihil The Work Metal Blade Melodic  
9-24 Serotonin Fracture Narcoleptica Extreme  
9-24 Solacide Fall from Eternity Saturnal Prog Black  
9-24 Skepticism Companion Svart Fun Doom  
9-24 Tentation Le bercaeu des dieux Gates of Hell Heavy  
9-24 Thy Row Unchained* Rockshots Hard Ben Varon
9-24 Surturs Lohe Wielandstahl Napalm Black Pagan  
9-24 Tremonti Marching in Time Napalm  Al Metal  
9-24 Vortex of End Abhorrent Fervor Osmose Extreme  
9-24 Wraith Undo the Chains Redifining Darkness Crust  
9-24 Wretched Inferno Decay Butchery   Death  
9-25 Velo Misere Monomania del inexorable vacio LA Black  
9-27 Anu Eridu Empire   Prog E.P.
9-27 Declared Dead Of Stakes and Grisly Burdens   Extreme  
9-27 Suffering Sights When Sanity Becomes Insanity   Death  
9-27 Varw Wights of the Barrow Fume   Black  
9-28 Degragore Gehenna DHS Death E.P.
9-28 Exorcism Wounds All Too Human   Black E.P.
9-28 Mary's Blood S/T TJC Power  
9-28 The Oriental Sun The Majestic   Death  
9-29 Lifeblood Melancholic Euphoria   Dep Black  
9-29 Minstrelix 11 Trajectories Radtone Neoclassical  
9-30 Cosmic Burial To the Past   Atmo Black  
9-30 Infrared From the Black Swamp*   Thrash  
9-30 Primitive Metal Baphomet Murder Black Thrash  
9-30 Schavot Galgenbrock   Black  

October 2021

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
10-1 Abstracter Abominion SRL Crust  
10-1 Afriqve II   Dep Post Black  
10-1 Artic Sea Survivors S/T Talheim Post Doom  
10-1 Azothyst Blood of Dead   Death E.P.
10-1 Betrayme Nihil Obstat   Death E.P.
10-1 Black Rose Game of Souls Sleazy Rider Heavy Hard  
10-1 Bloody Keep Bloody Horror   Black E.P.
10-1 Cataleptic The Tragedy FDA Melodic Doom Death  
10-1 Caveman Cult Blood and Extinction Nuclear War Now Extreme  
10-1 Church Burn Genocidal Rite Translation Loss Black Sludge Dave Suzuki
10-1 Count Dirtbagulous Voidbearer   Exp  
10-1 Crimson Tower Aeternal Abyss CD Epic Doom  
10-1 Crystal Spiders Morieris Ripple Stoner Doom  
10-1 Duel In Carne Persona Heavy Psych Psych Doom  
10-1 Dying Wish Fragments of a Bitter Memory Sharp Tone Melodic Deathcore  
10-1 Enslaved Caravans to the Outer Worlds Nuclear Blast Exp E.P.
10-1 Exhorted Old Bastards Never Die M & O Melodic Death  
10-1 Forever Stuck on this Nightmare They Called Planet Earth In the Light of the Void   Various E.P.
10-1 Frontierer Oxidized      
10-1 Full of Hell Garden of Burning Apperitions Relapse Power Violence  
10-1 Ghost Spawn Everflowing Absence of Light   Death Doom  
10-1 Grab Zeitlang Napalm Melodic Black Azathoth
10-1 Imago Imperii A Tale of Darkness and Hope Sleazy Rider Sym Power  
10-1 Infernal Antarctica Wings of the Gargoyle   Black E.P.
10-1 KK'S Priest Sermon of the Sinner*   Power Heavy K.K. Downing
10-1 Kryptos Force of  Danger Napalm Heavy Thrash  
10-1 Lazarus Casket Beyond Cryptics Vault   Avant Death  
10-1 Light of the Morning Star Charnel Noir Debemur Morti Goth  
10-1 Megalith Levitation Void Psalms*   Doom  
10-1 Midnight Silence An Ethos Wolfspell Black  
10-1 Ministry Moral Hygiene* Nuclear Blast Ind  
10-1 Necroticgorebeast Humann Deviance Galore Comatose Slam Death  
10-1 Nocturnal Nightmare Abstrakt  Sinne TRG Dep Black  
10-1 Offensive Awenasa   Heavy Thrash  
10-1 Order The Gospel Listenable Extreme  
10-1 Pulsa diNura Postcards from the Abyss   Ind Black  
10-1 Reaper Entropy   Prog E.P.
10-1 Sadistic Force Aces Wild   Black Thrash  
10-1 Senntus Der Teufel am Totenbett   Melodic Black Goth  
10-1 Skepticism Companion* Napalm Fun Doom  
10-1 Tanator Disaptheosis   Black Thrash  
10-1 Terdor De goddelozetolgaarder NND Black  
10-1 Unforged Eye for an Eye   Groove  
10-1 Venefixion  A Sign from Below Iron Bonehead Death  
10-1 Vetrar Draugurinn The Night Sky   Gothic  
10-1 Vindicator Communal Decay   Thrash  
10-1 Wage War Manic      
10-1 Xenosis Paralleled Existence   Prog Death  
10-2 Asarma Infernal Darkness   Black  
10-2 Cranial Decay Ov Darkest Magic TT Death  
10-2 Decompisitorum Demented   Black E.P.
10-2 Externatropsy Ytra Ka Phu   Death  
10-2 Nether World Annihilate Suite From Hell Mort Sym Black  
10-2 Northsong Northern Winds and Winter Hymns   Viking  
10-2 Stormgrey DNA of Chaos Great Dane Thrash  
10-3 Bestial Piglord Sensory Affair   Exp  
10-3 Bong Prophet Beneath Leaden Skies   Black Drone Doom  
10-3 Empty Life Demons   Post Black  
10-3 Lungtoucher Sin Eater   Post Black E.P.
10-3 Orbyssmal Perpetualhost   EXP  
10-3 UnFaced Pillars of Madness   Prog Metal  
10-4 In Vain All Hope is Gone   Heavy Power Thrash  
10-5 Putrevore Miasmal Monstrosity Xtreem Death  
10-5 Renegade Angel S/T   Heavy E.P.
10-5 Teramaze And the Beauty they Perceive   Prog Metal  
10-5 Vomit Bag Squad Tales from the Bag   Crossover  
10-6 Balch Devil's Countdown   Black Amb  
10-6 Belliciste  Endless Morbid Zeal   Black E.P.
10-6 Le Chant Noir La Societe BBD Avant Garde  
10-6 Malignus Drakon   Black  
10-6 Rancor Profundo Heretic Thirst   Black  
10-7 Bon Zloy   Heavy  
10-7 Devil's Reef A Whisper from the Cosmos Artisan Era Tech Death E.P.
10-7 Evoker Snake of the End   Black  
10-7 Hegemon Sidereus Nuncius LADOP Black  
10-8 Alda A Distant Fire Eisenwald Atmo Black  
10-8 Antichrist Siege Machine Purifying Blade Sumerian Extreme  
10-8 Atræ Bilis Apexapien 20 Buck Spin Death  
10-8 Blamage Dicktator   Heavy Thrash  
10-8 Blood Red Throne Imperial Congrergation Nuclear Blast Death  
10-8 Eclipse Wired Frontiers Melodic Heavy  
10-8 Eos Les corps s'entrechoquent   Black  
10-8 Eternal Silence Timegate Anathema Rockshots Sym Goth  
10-8 Gus G. Quantum Leap AFM Prog  
10-8 Kowloon Walled City Piecework Neurot Sludge  
10-8 Night's Majesty Ceremonial Whispers   Black E.P.
10-8 Norse Ascetic   Black  
10-8 Stheno Wardance   Grind Crust  
10-8 Untamed Land Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms Napalm Epic  
10-9 Leishmaniasis Chrinicles of Her Atrocious  Rotten Obsesed Mind   Death Grind  
10-10 Nur Run  Among Those Waves Pest  Black  
10-10 Orgulho do Caracas Catholic   Crust  
10-10 Star Devourer 01101000 01100101 01101100 01110000   Black Amb  
10-10 Trollfjell Old Mystical Tales from Bohemiam Castles   Pagan Black  
10-12 Cathedral Of Light The Tragedy, "Man"   Black E.P.
10-12 Corretja The Ancient Wisdom of Lost Generations   Melodic Death  
10-12 Rothadas Kopar hant   Death Doom  
10-13 Cenotaph Precognition to Eradicate   Death From Turkey
10-13 Deathcvlt S/T My Kingdom Melodic  
10-13 Decimate Our Kind Plagues and Commandments Pat:III   Exp  
10-13 Electric Wizard L.S.D. CPP Doom E.P.
10-13 Enemy Crucifixion No Future Coyote Death  
10-13 Force of Darkness Twilight of Dark Illumination   Extreme  
10-13 Guadana Erytheia   Heavy  
10-13 Iniquitatem Through Dead Forests, He Dwells AFP Fun Doom  
10-13 Kuka ilimoku Pahu O ka Ua   Black Folk  
10-13 Master Destroyer An Inclusive Safe Space for your Church Burning Black Metal   Black  
10-13 Mortuorum It Ends With Me   Extreme  
10-13 Sisters Memon S/T   Black  
10-14 Clouds  Despartire   Atmo  
10-14 Doriyah Dimensions   Black Doom E.P.
10-14 Hate Inclination S/T   Death E.P.
10-14 Lucifugum Anaphora Lithu Actinism Propaganda Black  
10-14 Orgrel Red Dragon's Invocation Iron Bonehead Black  
10-15 Aeon God Ends Here* Metal Blade Death  
10-15 The Agonist Days Before the World Wept Napalm Melodic E.P.
10-15 Alcatrazz V   Thrash  
10-15 Captor Desafiando el tiempo   Heavy  
10-15 Caradras Schattenkonige   Black  
10-15 The Darkness Motherheart* Cooking Hard Rock  
10-15 Demiurgon Cult of Iconoclasm Everlasting Spew Death E.P.
10-15 Destinity In Continuum Crimson Thrash Death  
10-15 Deviant Process Nurture Season of Mist Prog Death  
10-15 Devoid Lonely Eye Movement Frontiers Prog  
10-15 Endure the Affliction The Reckoning      
10-15 Hak-Ed  Destructio purificals Black Market Metal Black  
10-15 Hate Rugia* Metal Blade Death  
10-15 Illudium Ash of the Womb Prophecy    
10-15 Inebrious Incarnate Abstemious Genocide UMP Death  
10-15 Last Days of Eden Butterflies EPR Sym Power  
10-15 Lords of Black Alchemy of Souls Part II Frontiers Heavy Power  
10-15 The Lucid S/T   Thrash Dave Ellefson
10-15 Lutharo Hiraeth   Heavy Thrash  
10-15 Misanthur Ephemeris Season of Mist Black  
10-15 Mortem Obscuram Eradication of the Human Endeavor   Sym Tech DeathCore  
10-15 Noltem Illusions in the Wake Transcending Obscurity Folk Atmo  
10-15 Rebellix Serpent's Kiss Inverse Thrash  
10-15 Red Means No Mercy Shattered Realityfade Deathcore E.P.
10-15 Sol Sistere S/T C.O.P. Atmo Black  
10-15 Sorguinazia Negation of Delirium Iron Bonehead Black  
10-15 Useless Downfall   Black  
10-15 Zenith Grace 1121   Melodic Heavy  
10-16 Starving to Death An Unkindness of Ravens XAP Black Doom  
10-18 Noisgoroth Takeskogens   Black Noise  
10-19 Baxter Stockman Mega Elephant Tits   Exp E.P.
10-19 Deimler A Thousand Suns Xtreem Death  
10-19 Spirit Adrift Forged Your Future Century Media Heavy E.P.
10-21 A Man Named Onigumo The Ritual Nectar   Prog Death  
10-21 Endless Exile Sacrifice   Gothic Doom  
10-21 Multa Nyktokratia   Exp  
10-21 Veins Ad Hominem   Post Black  
10-22 1914 Where Fear and Weapons Meet* Napalm Black Death Doom  
10-22 Apparition Feel Profound Lore Death  
10-22 Armored Sint Symbol of Salvation * Metal Blade Heavy Live
10-22 Blackwater Holylight Silence/ Motion   Stoner Pysch  
10-22 Bloodred Hourglass Your Highness Out of Line Melodic Death  
10-22 Cradle of Filth Existence is Futile*   Melodic Black  
10-22 Draconicon Dark Side of Magic   Power  
10-22 Dream Theater A View from the Top of the World* Roadrunner Prog  
10-22 Evil Spell Padre Vostro   Black Thrash  
10-22 Foreignwolf Your Weapons, Your World Wormholedeath   E.P.
10-22 Gravpel Power to the Filthy Masses Blood Moon Rising Black  
10-22 Green Lung Black Harvest* Napalm Doom Stoner  
10-22 In From the Cold Isolation Blues   Sludge Stoner  
10-22 Kolossus K My Kingdom Black  
10-22 Massacre Resurgence Nuclear Blast Thrash Death  
10-22 Necrofier Prophecies of  Eternal Darkness Season of Mist Black  
10-22 Organic Where Graves Abound Testamony Death  
10-22 Perpetual Etude Now is the Time Black Lodge Heavy  
10-22 Phantom Fire The Bust of Beelzebub Edge Circle Speed Black  
10-22 Ravenous Hubris* Feast Beast Power  
10-22 Scarecrow Scarcrow II* Narcoleptica Heavy Doom Hard  
10-22 Seven Sisters Shadow of a Fallen Star Dissonance Heavy  
10-22 Shadowland The Necromancer No Remorse Heavy  
10-22 The Sonic Overlords Last Days of Babylon M-Theory  Heavy Doom  
10-22 Trivium Deadmen and Dragons Metal Hammer Groove Thrash E.P.
10-22 U.D.O. Game Over Napalm Heavy  
10-22 Waking the Cadaver Authority through Intimidation Unique Leader Deathcore  
10-22 Wild Freedom Polarize Wormholedeath Heavy  
10-22 Worm Foreverglade 20 Buck Spin Death Doom  
10-26 Outre Tombe Abysse mortifere Temple of Mystery Death  
10-26 Sarke Allsighr Soulseller Black Thrash  
10-27 Cornada This Empty Well   Death Groove  
10-27 Running Wild New Gems and Live Treasures Rock Hard Heavy Power Speed E.P.
10-29 Ad Infinitum Chapter II :Legacy * Nuclear Blast Sym  
10-29 Aexylium The Fifth Season* Rockshots Folk  
10-29 Archspire Blled the Future Season of Mist Tech Death  
10-29 Arde Ancestral Cult Darkwoods Black  
10-29 Be'lakor Coherence Napalm Melodic  
10-29 Bizarre Invocation Codex Transcending Obscurity Death  
10-29 Black Veil Brides The Phantom Tomorrow Napalm Core  
10-29 Begat the Nephlilim II: The Grand Procession   Melodic Core  
10-29 Bloody Falls Burn the Witch Art Gates Melodic  
10-29 Elimination Echoes of the Abyss   Power Thrash  
10-29 Existance Wolf Attack Black Viper  Heavy  
10-29 First Fragment Gloire Eternelle Unique Leader Extreme  
10-29 Helheim Woduridar Dark Essence Viking Black  
10-29 Kayo Dot Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike Prophecy Prog Exp  
10-29 Mastodon Hushed & Grim   Groove Prog  
10-29 Monolord Your Time to Shine Relapse    
10-29 Mortal Vision Mind Manipulation Redifing Darkness Thrash  
10-29 Sunless Ylem Willowtip Prog Death  

November 2021

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
11-4 Gergad Brain Disorder Sadist Death  
11-5 Adoperta Tenebris Oblivion   Black  
11-5 Khemmis Deceiver Nuclear Blast Doom  
11-5 Mortiferum Preserved in Torment Profound Lore Black  
11-5 Mother Iron Horse Under the Blood Moon Ripple Stoner  
11-5 Omnium Gatherum Origin Century Media Melodic  
11-5 Poppy Seed Grinder Faceless Atrocities Amputated Vein Death  
11-5 The Sounds That Ends Creation Boomers, Zoomers and Desperate Coomers   Grindtech Djent  
11-5 Svpremacist  Meaningless Death   Black  
11-5 Tardigrada Vom Bruch bis zur Freiheit Eisenwald Atmo Black  
11-5 The Three Tremors Guardian of the Void Steel Cartel Heavy Power  
11-12 L.A. Guns Checkered Past Frontiers Heavy Rock  
11-12 Northtale Eternal Flame Nuclear Blast    
11-12 Sijjin Sumerian Promises SVR Death Thrash  
11-12 Suffocation Live in North America Nuclear Blast Death Live
11-12 Unleahed No Sign of Life Napalm Pagan  
11-15 Meatknife Grind from Outer Space Coyote  Death  
11-19 Bone Maggot Internal Hate   Death Groove  
11-19 Dust In Mind CTRL   Ind Melodic Death  
11-19 Exodus Persona Non Grata  Nuclear Blast Thrash  
11-19 Ghost Bath Self Loather Nuclear Blast Shoegaze  
11-19 Khemmis Deceiver Nuclear Blast Doom  
11-19 Obscura A Valediction Nuclear Blast Prog Death  
11-19 Pathology The Everlasting Plague Nuclear Blast Death  
11-19 Pervertion Perversion in Manifestation Disease Comatose Death  
11-19 Robert Plant & Alison Krauss High and Lonesome Rounder Rock  
11-19 Sacred Oath Return of the Dragon Wormholedeath Power Thrash  
11-19 Stillbirth Strain of Gods Unique Leader Death  E.P.
11-19 Swallow the Sun Moonflowers Century Media Melodic  
11-19 Tyrannic Mortuus Deadence Iron Bonehead Thrash Doom  
11-19 W.E.B. Colosseum Metal Blade Sym Goth  
11-22 Religious Observance S/T   Sludge Noise Doom  
11-24 Ghost Cries Pugatorium   Sym Extreme  
11-26 Cynic Ascension Codes Season of Mist Prog Exp  
11-26 Black Label Society Doom Crew Inc. eOne Southern Groove  
11-26 Concrete Winds Nerve Butcher SVR Death  
11-26 Deep Purple Turning to Crime earMusic Rock  
11-26 Godhead Machinery Monotheistic Enslavement Lion Black  
11-26 Hollow Tower Rockshots PowerProg  
11-26 Hypocrisy Worship Nuclear Blast Melodic  
11-26 Lock Up The Dregs of Hades Listenable Grind All Star Line up
11-26 Negura Bunget  Zau LL    
11-26 Paradise Lost The Lost and the Painless Peaceville Melodic Box Set
11-26 Swamp Coffin Noose Almighty APF Sludge Doom  
11-26 Vended What is it/ Kill it     Taylor and Crahan Jr
11-26 Victory Gods of Tomorrow AFM Heavy  
11-26 Voices Breaking the Trauma Bond Church Road Extreme  


December 2021 Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
12-3 Cutterred Flesh Sharing is Caring Transcending Obscurity Death  
12-3 Genocide Pact S/T Relapse Death  
12-3 Voltbeat Servant of the Mind Republic Hard  
12-3 Manimal Armegeddon AFM Power Heavy  
12-10 Funeral Praesentialis in Aeternum Season of Mist Doom  
12-10 Otargos Fleshborer Soulflayer Xenokorp Black  
12-10 Pyrexia Gravitas Maximus Unique Leader Death Groove  
12-30 Veilburner Lurkers in the Capsule  of Skull Transcending Obscurity Extreme