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Rich Lipscomb

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The Harbinger
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Richard Brunelle
Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Ralph Santolla
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
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Latest News

Sean Malone 

Cynic Bass player Sean Malone passed away at the age of 50 on 12-9-2020.

Chris Payette

Former After The Flood, Onward  and curent bass player for Forced Religion Chris Payette passed away on December 12th at the age of 49.

Rich Lipscomb 

Fleshgrind vocalist and former owner of United Gutteral records Rich Lipscomb passed away on 2-25-2021 at the age of 52

Alexi Laiho 

Frontman for the band Childrten of Bodom has passed away at the age of 41. 

January Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
1-1 Aetheric Existence H o r r i f i c a    Sym Extreme  
1-1 Anna Pest Dark Arms Reach Skyward with Bone White Fingers   Exp  
1-1 Evanoth  Ravananugraha   Post Black Doom  
1-1 Exsul S/T Caligari Death E.P.
1-1 Fluids Smile and the World SmilesWith You   Death Grind E.P.
1-1 Gridiron The Other Side of Suffering   Thrash Groove  
1-1 Maquahuitl Con Su Pistola   Black E.P.
1-1 Neant S/T   Black E.P.
1-1 Old Sea and Mother Serpent Plutonian   Stoner Doom  
1-1 Soulers Sparrow   Drone Doom Stoner  
1-1 Transilvania Of Sleep and Death Invictus Black Thrash  
1-1 When Bitter Spring Sleeps Dungeon Metal Pagan Flames Black Amb  
1-1 Zac Leaser Ostiarius   Tech Death  
1-2 Defiling Humanity Agonal Shredding of Human Corpses   Death E.P.
1-2 Devilgroth Svyatogor   Black  
1-2 A Diadem of Dead Stars The Furrow of Woes   Atmo Black E.P.
1-2 Hailander Gevleugelden   Heavy Folk E.P.
1-2 Hylskog Solitary Nights   Black  
1-2 Sår Adsurdism   Dep Black  
1-2 Svrm     Atmo Black Russia
1-3 Mastectomy Supreme Art of Extermination   Death E.P.
1-3 Red Moon Architect Fall GS Melodic 2015
1-3 Sekten7 The Start   Ind  
1-4 Ben Baruk What Love is That?   Sym Prog  
1-4 Vitriolic Sage Enlightenment Pest Black E.P.
1-5 K.F.R Shaytan 2.0   Black  
1-5 With Dead Hands Rising Summoner   Deathcore E.P.
1-6 Cave Blind Cry of the Dying Bard   Black Heavy Speed  
1-6 The Lust Ethereal Euphonies   Goth  
1-6 Pest Ad Se Ipsum Heidens Hart Black 2002
1-6 Pork True The Industructible I Base Death  
1-6 Triciclo Abya   Stoner E.P.
1-6 Vampyric Tyrant Das Schwert der Sterne   Black  
1-7 Trust Your Heart Kalrog Naar    Heavy Power  
1-7 Vergeblichkeit Die Almosen de Wunde   Goth Black  
1-8 Acolytes of Moros The Wellspring Molten Magma Doom 2008
1-8 Alta Reign Mother's Day Rat Pak Melodic Prog  
1-8 Dæmonarch Hermeticum Alma Mater Melodic Black 1998Moonspell Members
1-8 Faithful Breath Skol High Roller Heavy 1985
1-8 Frozen Souls Crypt of Ice Century Media Death Thrash  
1-8 Funeral Winds Essence Avantgarde Black  
1-8 Konquest The Night Goes On VD Heavy  
1-8 Malakhim Theion Iron Bonehead Black  
1-8 Midnight Spell Sky Destroyer   Heavy  
1-8 Militia And the Gods Made War High Roller Thrash Speed Power  
1-8 Nullentropy The Singularity Recital Time Tombs Extreme 2019
1-8 Seide Auakistla Throats Black  
1-9 Illness Schizophrenic Kingdoms   Black E.P.
1-9 Isatha From Here to Beyond   Folk  
1-10 Black Candle Trees in Space Narbentage Black  
1-10 Die Entweihung Kings and Pawns   Black  
1-10 Incantations of Cadaver Mutilation Noise   Black E.P.
1-10 Lord Morgan  Badai Semusim Sadist Melodic Black 2018
1-10 Miasmic Uroborocidal Undoctrination   Black  
1-10 Mysteria Mystica Aeterna Into the Kingdom of Shadows Narbentage Black  
1-10 Nordicwinter Desolation Hypnotic Dirge Black  
1-10 Trup Ecce Satanas Black Omens Black E.P.
1-11 Declared Dead Retirement Plan B   Extreme  
1-11 Déhà Music for Road Trips   Various E.P.
1-11 Hëssler When the Sky Turns Black   Heavy Hard  
1-11 Kultika Capricorn Wolves Loud Rage Post  
1-11 Redimoni On the Brink of Existence   Thrash E.P.
1-12 Catastrophicism Inheritance   Death E.P.
1-12 Need A Song for the End   Prog Metal  
1-13 Bhleg Odhin Nordvis Black  
1-13 Black Eternal  Darkness Embrace   Sym Black EXP  
1-13 Fate Gear The Sky Prison Steam Steel Heavy Power  
1-13 Gatecreeper An Exexpected Reality   Death Harcore E.P.
1-13 Hoofmark Evil Blues MOB Black Country  
1-13 Magistina Saga Athanasia Starwave Sym Goth  
1-13 Myling Haxeri   Black Folk  
1-14 Hebi Katana S/T Mooncave Doom Stoner  
1-15 Antropofago A Propensity for Violence   Death  
1-15 Apocalyptic Leaders Macabre   Black  
1-15 Bloody Hammers Songs of Unspeakable Terror Napalm Doom  
1-15 Coldun Grand Sun Ritual   Doom  
1-15 Colosso Hateworlds Gruesome Prog Death Groove  
1-15 Crystal Viper The Cult Listenable Heavy  
1-15 Dalit Moksha Endtime Doom Death  
1-15 Dark Opera Calling the Legend Nuclear War Now Death Doom 1994
1-15 Death Kommander Pro Patria Mori Warhorn Death Death  
1-15 Distant Shapes Life Forsaken Wolfspell Death Doom  
1-15 Dread Sovereign Alchemical Warfare Metal Blade Doom  
1-15 Doomsday Inc. Beautiful Destruction Narcoleptica Southern Groove  
1-15 Enrapture Another Green Drought   Post Prog  
1-15 Fireforce Rage of War Rock of Angels Power  
1-15 Funeral Tears The Last God on Earth Ksenza Fun Doom  
1-15 Fractal Generator Macrocosmos Everlasting Spew Extreme EXP  
1-15 Ganondorf Ancient Ruins   Black  
1-15 Gravehuffer NecroEclosion Black Doomba Thrash Crust Grind  
1-15 Hallows Eve Tales of Terror Metal Blade Thrash Speed 1985
1-15 Infected Humans Unexpected Traumatic Experiences Gorehouse  Death  
1-15 Ingested Stinking Ceespool of Liquified Human Remnants Unique Leader Death Slam E.P.
1-15 Komatsu Rose of Jericho Heavy Psych Stoner  
1-15 Lament in Winter's Night At the Gates of the Eternal Storm Dark Adversary Black  
1-15 Lycopolis The Procession   Black  
1-15 Molten Dystopian Syndrome   Heavy Thrash  
1-15 Nightfall Parade Into Centuries Season of Mist Exp 1992
1-15 Nightfall Macabre Sunsets Season of Mist Exp 1993
1-15 Nightfall Athenian Echoes Season of Mist Exp 1995
1-15 Nightfall Lesbian Show Season of Mist Exp 1997
1-15 Nightfall Diva Futura Season of Mist Exp 1999
1-15 Profanum Flowers of Our Black Misanthropy ATMF Black 1996
1-15 Razor Armed and Dangerous Relapse Thrash 1984
1-15 Razor Live! Osaka Saikou Relapse Thrash 2016
1-15 Ruins of Elysium Amphitrite   Sym  
1-15 Saor Guardians Season of Mist Atmo Folk 2016
1-15 Sagenland Oale groond HHR Black  
1-15 Stass Songs of Flesh and Decay Mighty Death All Star Line up
1-15 Sufosia Connection Failed   Thrash  
1-15 Venom Symbiote Dominion of the Ancients Ungodly Ruins Death  
1-15 Wall S.T, APF Sludge E.P.
1-15 Warning Sign Collateral Damage   Heavy Thrash  
1-15 Weird Tales Y'all Motherfuckers Forgot   Doom Sludge  
1-15 Winterage The Inheritance of Beauty Scarlet Sym Power  
1-15 Yashira Fail to Be* eOne    
1-16 Dark God Creamation of the Saint Careless Death Thrash  
1-16 Diocletian Darkness Swallows All Regain Extreme E.P.
1-16 Ferriterium Calvaire   Black  
1-16 Satanize Baphomet Altar Worship Helter Skelter Black  
1-17 Apathy Still   Black E.P.
1-17 CJC Ramesielu   Groove Alt E.P.
1-17 Legba The Demon Inside   Sludge Doom  
1-17 Helgrind Return to Motherland Black Sparks Pagan 2019
1-17 Rended Wayward Path   Black E.P.
1-17 Sepulchral Rites Death and Blood Ritual   Death E.P.
1-18 Goat Fetus A Dark Winter Sym Black   E.P.
1-18 The Grave Gets Deeper Squatch in the Pit Sessions   Death  
1-18 Hell-Born Natas Liah Odium Extreme  
1-18 Numenor Make  the Stand    Power E.P.
1-18 Sparkle Suffering   Exp  
1-19 Helvetstromb Massive Urban Assault   WormHoleDeath E.P.
1-19 Lux Embed   Post  
1-19 Magnetic Storm My Own War   Melodic Groove  
1-19 Porcha III   Amb Black  
1-20 Anal Vomit Demoniac Flagellations Black Legion  Extreme 2010
1-20 Juggernaut La Bestia   Thrash  
1-20 Marbleblog Ermitus   Amb Black E.P.
1-20 Radhost Slunovrat   Black  
1-20 Saber Tiger Paragraph V Edge Trax Power Prog  
1-20 Sacrocurse Supreme Terror Shadow Extreme E.P.
1-20 Severoth Vsesvit Avantgarde Atmo Amb  
1-20 Siechtum Hinab   Black  
1-21 Alkonost Be   Folk  
1-21 Conduit of Chaos Death, the Final Awakening Witchand Extreme E.P.
1-21 Endezzma The Archer, Fjord and the Thunder Dark Essence Black  
1-21 Grima Rotten Garden   Atmo Black  
1-21 Hysterorrhexis Maggots Infest the Limb Dismembered Death  
1-21 Repaid in Blood Reflective Duality   Prog Death  
1-21 Sumeru Blood Ordinance   Stoner Doom  
1-22 Abyssum Poizen of  God Sinister Flame Black 2008
1-22 Apostisy The Paradox of Existence Black Winter Melodic  
1-22 Asphyx Necroceros* Century Media Death Doom  
1-22 Conviction S/T Argonauta Doom  
1-22 Creye II Frontiers Melodic Rock  
1-22 Ektomorf Reborn* Napalm Thrash  
1-22 Ellende Triebe AOP Amb Post Black E.P.
1-22 Eranthos Eternal Decay   Extreme E.P.
1-22 Flood Peak Fixed Ritual   Black Sludge E.P.
1-22 Galactic Tyrannosaur Super Void   Stoner Doom  
1-22 Generation Steel The Eagle will Rise Pure Steel Heavy  
1-22 Grabunhold Heldentod Iron Bonehead Black  
1-22 Holy Mother Face This Burn Massacre Heavy Power  
1-22 Hulder Godslastering Iron Bonehead Black  
1-22 Jeff Pennachio Setting the Stage*   Prog E.P.
1-22 Karg Resilienz AOP Post  
1-22 Labÿrinth Welcome to the Absurd Circus Frontiers Prog Power  
1-22 Les Chants de Nihil Le tyran   Black  
1-22 Nervosa Perpetual Chaos* Napalm Thrash  
1-22 Mágoa The Ancient Ones   Exp  
1-22 Phantom Elite Titanium Frontiers Sym  
1-22 Plagueborne A Blueprint for Annihlation Rising Nemesis Death  
1-22 Pustilence The Birth of the Beginning Before the Inception of the End   Death  
1-22 Red Cain Kindred Act II* Sliptick Prog  
1-22 Scarred S/T   Groove Thrash Death  
1-22 Sonic Flower S/T Heavy Psych Psych Doom  2003
1-22 Stygian Shore Ultra Psychic Nightmares High Roller Heavy  
1-22 Suffersystem Torn in Rotten Flesh   Death Thrash  
1-22 Therion Leviathan* Nuclear Blast Sym  
1-22 Trivax Into the Void   Extreme E.P.
1-22 Wardruna Kvitravn* Columbia Folk Amb  
1-22 W.E.T. Retransmission Frontiers    
1-22 WIG WAM Never Say Die Frontiers    
1-22 Winter Dynasty The East Hell   Amb Black  
1-23 Abandonment Focused to Imminent Desolation Brutal Mind Death  
1-23 Aller Sterne Untergang Sturmtief   Black  
1-23 Dea Thulean Sorcery   Black Thrash  
1-23 Deiquisitor Humanoid   Death E.P.
1-23 Ewigkeit Depopulation DTM EXP E.P.
1-23 Immense Torure Banished Brutal Mind Death  
1-23 In Autumnus Dyshoria Sonata   Atmo Post Black  
1-23 Kortirion Beneath a Stelliferous Empyrean   Black  
1-23 Vanhelga Enfin Morte Osmose Black  
1-24 Cairdeas Fala Sons of the North   Atmo Black  
1-25 Altered Dead Return to Life Memento Mori Death  
1-25 Angriff Sodomy in the Convent   Thrash  
1-25 Devotion The Harowing Memento Mori Death  
1-25 Dipygus Bushmeat Memento Mori Death  
1-25 Necrosadist Dead Ass Pussy PER Death Gore  
1-25 Tuhonsiemen Katkeransuloinen   Black  
1-25 Yoth Iria  As the Flames Wither Pagan Records Black  
1-26 Bloodisthin Leech of th Maelstrom   Dark Doom E.P.
1-26 Kriegsgott H8 4ALL Odium Black E.P.
1-26 Luciferian S/T Mutilated Black  
1-27 Wooming Agminate Repentless Melodic Death  
1-28 Yara- Ma When Memories Recreate Reality   Atmo Ind Instrumental  
1-29 Accept Too Mean To Die* Nuclear Blast Heavy  
1-29 Astral Tomb Degradation of Human Consciousness Blood Harvest Death E.P.
1-29 Asylum Independent Metal Blast Thrash 2010
1-29 Atra Vetosus Rven the Dawn no LongerBrings Hope Immortal Frost Melodic Black E.P.
1-29 The Body I've Seen Alll I Need To See   Exp  
1-29 Dead Man Risen Die With Me MMD Death  
1-29 Demon Head Viscera Metal Blade Doom  
1-29 The Design Abstract Technotheism*   Sym Extreme  
1-29 Escarion Pillars of the Faith   Death  
1-29 Harakiri for the Sky Mære AOP Post Black  
1-29 Malamorte God Needs Evil Moribund Heavy 2020
1-29 Mephorash 1557 Regain Black 2015
1-29 Michael Schenker Immortal Nuclear Blast Hard Rock  
1-29 Oceana  The Pattern Time To Kill Goth Doom Death  
1-29 Pandiscordian Necrogenesis Immortal Initiation Gilead Black  
1-29 Pounder Breaking The World Hells Headbangers Heavy  
1-29 Rezet Truth in Between* Metalville    
1-29 Sargeist Let the Devil In Moribund Black 2010
1-29 Slaveknight Peasent   Deathcore  
1-29 Soen Imperial Silver Lining Melodic Prog  
1-29 Souls of Diotima Janas Rockshots Prog Power  
1-29 Splendidula Somnus Argonauta Stoner Doom  
1-29 Starer 18 Below the Sun   Sym Post Black  
1-29 Stud War of Power Inverse Heavy  
1-29 Tragedian Seven Dimensions Pride & Joy Melodic Power Speed  
1-29 Tribulation Where the Gloom Becomes Sound Century Media Goth  
1-29 Victoria K  Live Isolation   Sym Live
1-29 Werewolves What a Time to be Alive Prosthetic Extreme Tech  
1-29 WoWod Yarost' i proshchenie Church Road Black Post Core  
1-29 Wrathrone Eve of Infliction Great Dane Death'n'Roll  
1-30 Human Serpent Heirlooms Eternal   Black  
1-31 Ash Slasher Evil Album Cvlminus Black Punk  
1-31 Aylwin TAhe Arch Holder PT Atmo Post Black  
1-31 Barbarian Hermit One   Stoner  
1-31 Funeral Tormently Tragic Autumn Cvlminus Dep Black 2012
1-31 Funeral Tormently Morning Will Never End Cvlminus Dep Black 2013
1-31 Funeral Tormently Weltschemerz Cvlminus Dep Black 2016
1-31 Funeral Tormently NevRoses Cvlminus Dep Black  
1-31 Inexistencia Of Harmful Darkness   Black E.P.
1-31 Lockfist 669 Macabre Amusement Park   Groovecore  
1-31 Maléfice Recontre   Epic Atmo Black 2017
1-31 Pedacos de Sangue Plague Doctor Cvlminus Black E.P.

February 2021

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
2-1 Altar of Profanation Mauled   Black E.P.
2-1 Coroner R.I.P. Pacheco Thrash 1987
2-1 The Howling Void The Triumph of Ruin  GS Sym Fun Doom  
2-1 Methal Kyrios Sindrome CR Thrash  
2-1 Miseo Initium Et Finis   Death E.P.
2-1 Poet  Emily GS Fun Doom  
2-1 Purulent Jacuzzi Natural Method of Turning to Dust Coyote Grindcore  
2-1 Raspatory Pathopsychology Coyote Death  
2-1 Revulsion S/T Transcending Obscurity Death  
2-1 Sicut Glacies En reise  Wolfmound Black  
2-1 Somn The All Devouring GS Post Black  
2-1 StarGazer Psychic Secretions Nuclear War Now Avant Extreme  
2-1 Swerdthegan Rally Around the Banner of Blood   Black  
2-1 Till The End The Aftermath Narcoleptica Groove Death  
2-1 Timeless Necrotears Jurzikum Video Snufftown   Black Doom  
2-1 Ulvegr Isblod   Black  
2-1 Wampyric Rites The Eternal Melancholy of Wampyric   Black  
2-1 Whoretonnel Collector of Violence Coyote Death Grind  
2-2 Cara Neir Phase Out   Post Black Grind  
2-2 Cold Earth Your Misery, My Triumph Sol Black  
2-2 Cross Vein Life of Veins Zeno Sym Power  
2-2 Nasum Live in Berlin   Grind Live
2-2 Sintax Nano3000 Sliptrick Thrash Groove  
2-2 Sceptic Internal Complexity Szataniec Tech Extreme 2005
2-5 Alkerdeel Slonk BDCR Black Sludge  
2-5 Angelus Apatrida S/T Century Media Thrash  
2-5 Basilica S/T Innerstrength Sludgecore  
2-5 Black Hole Deity Lair of Xenolich Everlasting Spew Death Mike Heller
2-5 Blurr Thrower Les voutes   Atmo Black  
2-5 Cult of Luna The Raging River Metal Blade Exp E.P.
2-5 Felgrave A Warning Light Personal Death Doom  
2-5 Feskarn Ravens Way Vegvisir Pagan Viking  
2-5 Gryftigæn Graven til maneapenbar   Black Amb  
2-5 Incursed Baskavigin Helheim Pagan Viking  
2-5 Kalidia Lies' Device   Sym Power  
2-5 Keys of Orthanc Of the Lineage of Kings   Epic,atmo Dungeon  
2-5 Korpikalaani Jylhä Nuclear Blast Folk  
2-5 Misotheist For the Glory of your Redeemer   Black  
2-5 Mulla   Careless Black  
2-5 Omination NGR HDR Fun Doom Death  
2-5 Product of Hate You Brought This War   Groove Thrash  
2-5 The Ruins Of Beverast The THule Grimoires Van Atmo Doom  
2-5 Terrordome Straight Outta Smogtown Selfmadegod Crossover  
2-5 Transatlantic The Absolute Univers Inside Out Prog Rock  
2-5 Uncertainty Principle Sonic Terror Xenoglossy Exp  
2-5 Wellborn Road Resiliency   Southern E.P.
2-5 White Nights Solanaceae Iron Bonehead Black Doom E.P.
2-6 Afterwalker Untitled   Amb E.P.
2-6 Agggressor Osculum Infame   Thrash  
2-6 Dozer Vultures Heavy Psych Stoner 2013
2-6 Genophobic Perversion Low Tuned Sludgegore   Exp E.P.
2-6 Kaal Akuma In the Mouth of Madness   Death  
2-6 Natura Aeternum S/T   Atmo Black  
2-6 Nyctophagia Silent Planet   Death Goregrind E.P.
2-6 Ressurected Divinity For the Great Days of his Wrath Has Come   Slam Death  
2-7 Loathe The Things they Believe  Sharptone Alt Core Fusion  
2-7 Morbosatan Necro Perversion   Extreme  
2-10 Ammonium Biomechanical God   Death E.P.
2-10 Born From Pain New Year's Evil   Black Amb E.P.
2-10 Faith ov Gestalgt Sadistic Metal Violence Cvlminus Black Noise E.P.
2-10 Fathomless Misery Sacrificing the Essence of Life   Atmo Black  
2-10 Fervent Hate Tales of Hate, Lust and Chaos   Death'n'Roll 2018
2-10 The Gleam of Last Light Existence   Post  
2-10 Hopelessness Mournful and Restless Sound Transcendance Atmo  
2-10 Maze of Terror Ready To Kill Deathcult Thrash  2016
2-10 Nerumia Fatal Delirium Sadist Melodic Extreme  
2-10 Psychrophilia Of Twilight and Razor Blades   Dep Black  
2-10 Serenity in Murder Reborn   Sym Melodic Extreme  
2-10 Typhon Delusions of Reality   Exp  
2-11 Countess Banners of Blood   Black  
2-12 Abiotic Ikigai The Artisan Era Tech Death  
2-12 Ablaze my Sorrow Among Ashes and Monoliths Black Lion Melodic Death  
2-12 Aborym Hostile Dead Seed  Ind Black  
2-12 Abythic Dominion of the Wicked Iron Bonehead Death  
2-12 Ad Nauseam Imperception Impulse   Avant Tech Death  
2-12 Aonarach I Northern Silence Atmo Black  
2-12 Blue Hour Ghost Due Rockshots Prog  
2-12 Caedes Cruenta Of Ritual Necrophagia HS Black  
2-12 Crawl Below 9 Mile Square   Exp  
2-12 Durbin The Beat Awakens Frontiers Heavy  
2-12 Forest of Renounced Agony   Dep Black  
2-12 Haunt Beautiful Distraction Church Heavy  
2-12 Emptiness Vide Season of Mist Post  
2-12 Goat The Head Strictly Physical   Death  
2-12 God is an Astronaut Ghost Tapes #10* Napalm Post Instrumental  
2-12 Humanity's Last Breath Välde* Unique Leader Deathcore  
2-12 Immortal Guardian Psychosomatic* M-THEORY    
2-12 Indica Blues We Are Doomd APF Psych Doom  
2-12 Inglorious We Will Ride Frontiers    
2-12 In Tormentata Quiete Krononota   Exp  
2-12 Joel Hoekstra Running Games Frontiers   All Star Line up
2-12 Kreek S/T Frontiers    
2-12 Nathr Beinahruga   Black Fun Doom  
2-12 Noctambulist I   Post Black  
2-12 Nocturnal Rites In a time of Blood Blackbeard Power 1995
2-12 NothingNew Volume Three   Stoner Black  
2-12 The Nova Hawks Redemption Frontiers    
2-12 Rampancy Coming Insurrection   Grindcore  
2-12 Rascal Headed Towards Destruction   Power Speed E.P.
2-12 Rings of Saturn Embryonic Anomaly Unique Leader Tech Death  
2-12 Sacred Reich Ignorance Metal Blade Thrash 1987
2-12 Sacred Reich Surf Nicaragua Metal Blade Thrash 1988  E.P.
2-12 Sacred Reich The American Way Metal Blade Thrash 1990
2-12 Simulacrum Genesis Frontiers Prog  
2-12 Sirenia Riddles, Ruins and Revelations* Napalm Sym  
2-12 Sur Austru Obarsie Avantgarde Atmo Folk Death Former Negura Bunget
2-12 Swampbeast Seven Evils Spawned   Death Grind  
2-12 Toledo Steel Heading for the Fire Dissonance Heavy  
2-13 Neant Adersus Mundana   Black  
2-13 Tok Yathraa Chapter: Toyol   Black 'N' Roll  
2-14 Morbid Winds The Black Corridors Morbid Winds Black  
2-15 Anal Stabwound The Viscereal Sovereign   Death  
2-15 Ancient Spheres Prayers from the Black Flame   Black  
2-15 Animae Capronii Please Forgive Me Oh Lord   Black 2011
2-15 Astraal S/T Ozium Doom  
2-15 Kjeld Ofstan HH Black  
2-15 Funebria Death of the Last Sun Dark Terror Temple Extreme  
2-15 Thunder Axe Roads of Thunder   Heavy  
2-15 Viscereal Uprooting 50.39-Square Kilometer Mass Grave Vile Tapes Death  
2-16 Deprived of Salvation Destination Deacy Total Darkness Death 2020
2-16 Marble S.A.V.E. Sliptrick Heavy Prog  
2-16 Mortiferoth Fatal Spiritual Failures   Death  
2-16 Necrophile Pugent Mind Rot   Goregrind Noise  
2-17 Hizaki Rusalka Zeno Sym Power E.P.
2-18 Elyose Persona   Ind Goth E.P.
2-18 Sloppily Butchered Backwoods Cannibals   Deathgrind E.P.
2-18 Wishes of Eternal Sleep Epilogue to all Failure Part:3   Dep Black  
2-19 Angel Martyr Nothing Louder Than Silence Pure Steel Heavy Speed  
2-19 The Amenta Revelator Debemur Morti Ind Death  
2-19 Arbre V Black    
2-19 À Répit I Canti della Veglia NP Black  
2-19 Benighted Asylum Cave/ Carnivore Supreme Chaos Extreme Box Set
2-19 Carcolh The Life and Works of Decay SCR Doom  
2-19 Coronary Sinbad Cruz Del Sur Heavy Jarkko
2-19 Crystallion Heads or Tails* Pride & Joy Heavy Power  
2-19 Dantalian Death Magick Blood   Black  
2-19 Death Follows Glare & Evelyn   Prog  
    Human Disposal 20 Buck Spin Black Core  
2-19 Insect Inside The First Shinning of New Genus Gore House Slam Death  
2-19 Kekal Alternate Frequency Reception Eastbreath Exp  
2-19 Lake of Tears Ominous AFM Prog  
2-19 Marco Garau's Magic Opera The Golden Pentacle   Sym Power  
2-19 Maudiir La Part du Diable*     E.P.
2-19 Mitochondrial Sun Sju Argonauta Electronic Atmo  
2-19 Socioclast S/T   Grindcore  
2-19 Spire Temple of Khronos   Black Amb  
2-19 Suffering Hour The Cyclic Reckoning Profound Lore Extreme  
2-19 Szary Wilk Wrath   Black  
2-19 Temperance Melodies of Green and Blue* Napalm Sym Prog E.P.
2-19 Wintereve October Dark Horror Pain Gore Death Melodic  
2-19 Wizard Metal in my Head* Massacre Epic Power  
2-19 Zertva Diminished Minds   Sym Black  
2-19 Nocturn Draumstafir Sun Empire Black Amb 2019
2-20 Satanizer Lord Of Diseases Black Saw Black  
2-20 The Slayerking Tetregrammaton Nomad Snakepit Gothic Doom 2019
2-20 Void Commander River Lord Ozium Psych Doom  
2-21 Furia W sniaini Pagan Black Exp  
2-21 God is and Astronaut Ghost Tapes #10* Napalm    
2-21 Little Dead Bertha Two Sides Careless Melodic 2000
2-22 Ævangelist Dream an Evil Dream III Dark Seed Extreme  
2-22 Mindfar Prophet of Astral God   ProgMetal  
2-23 David Thomazone Golden Hills    Power Speed Prog  
2-23 Dragon Saga Max Dragon   Melodic  
2-23 Evangelist In Partibus Infideium   Epic Doom 2011
2-23 Lavizan Jangal     Black  
2-23 Varang Nord P Uomurs Sliptrick Folk Viking  
2-23 Yasru Kar Prenesesi Soundage Doom Folk  
2-24 Gospod Semitskiye bojestva   Black E.P.
2-24 InnerSphere Omfalos   Melodic Death Thrash  
2-24 Nicrov A Curse of Lost Tales Sickness Death'n'Roll  
2-24 Skywings How Beautiful   Sym Power  
2-24 The Split Reminiscences Slovak Army Prog Rock Metal  
2-25 Abstract Uncreation Inverse  Sym Extreme  
2-25 Äera Schattenfall   Atmo Black E.P.
2-25 Agressor El Legado   Death  
2-25 Anime Torment Void Terror Slovak Army  Death  
2-25 Baphomiltia Goatmilitia TP Extreme  
2-25 Flaming Wrekage Cathedral of Bones Blood Blast Heavy Melodic  
2-26 Abyssian Godly Revalve Gothic Doom  
2-26 Age of Woe Envenom Lifeforce Death Crust  
2-26 Alice Cooper Detriot Stories Napalm Rock  
2-26 Anneeke Van Giersbegen The Darkest Skies are the Brightest Inside Out Prog  
2-26 Culted Nous Season of Mist Black Doom  
2-26 Downcross To The Last Sunset   Black  
2-26 Einherjer North Star Napalm Viking  
2-26 Empyrium Uber de Sternen Napalm Black  
2-26 Epica Omega Nuclear Blast  Sym  
2-26 Evergrey Escape of the Phoenix AFM Melodic Prog  
2-26 The Generals To Hell   Death'n'Roll  
2-26 Iotunn Access all Worlds  Metal Blade Prog Power  
2-26 Inflabitan Intrinsic Soul Seller Black  
2-26 Jon Shaffer  Wicked words and Epic Tales   Power Heavy Book
2-26 Kärbholz Kontra Napalm Rock Punk  
2-26 Los Males del Mundo Descent Towards Death Nothern Silence Black  
2-26 Melvins Working With God Ipecac Various  
2-26 Mephistofeles A Path of Black   Doom E.P.
2-26 Mephistofeles Satan Sex Ceremonies   Doom 2019
2-26 Moonspell Henmitage Napalm Melodic  
2-26 MNHG Mundare Immortal Black'n'Roll  
2-26 Sandstorm Desert Warrior   Heavy E.P.
2-26 Night Prowler No Escape Dying Victim Heavy Power  
2-26 Ominous Ruin Amidst Voices that Echo in Stone Willowtip Tech Death  
2-26 Significant Point Into the Storm Dying Victim Death  
2-26 Sinira The Everlorn Nothern Silence Melodic Black  
2-26 Sunnata Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth   Stoner Doom  
2-26 Svältvinter Hädangången   Black  
2-27 Hak-Ed Damm Nekrowristfucked   Black 2010
2-27 Nawather Kenz Illusion   Progd Eastern Folk  
2-27 Prelude Bittersweet Delusions A Pile of Graves Epic Atmo Black  
2-27 Vilemass Gore Weed Distortion   Death Thrash  
2-28 Aran Veden varjoista A Pile of Graves Atmo Black  
2-28 Gulag Subservient Consanguinity CD Death 2018
2-28 Hellspawn In Agelessness Old Tmple Death E.P.
2-28 Meuchelmord Mordmelodien   Black  
2-28 Sombre Presage Autre Temps   Black Dark Drone  


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
3-1 This Ending Needles of Rust Black Lion Melodic Death  
3-1 Frozen Alive Rose of Nature   Atmo Black  
3-4 Beyond Your Design Together We Rise Dreamscope Melodic Deathcore E.P.
3-4 Thronehammer Incantation Rites   Doom  
3-5 Black Sabbath Heaven And Hell Rhino Godfathers 1980
3-5 Black Sabbath   Rhino Godfathers 1981
3-5 Headon Genesis On Fire Heavy Power  
3-5 Morke We Are The River   Black  
3-5 Sol Draconi Septem Hyperion TTP Melodic Ind  
3-8 Iron Jaw Chain of Command Underground Power Heavy  
3-8 Morvidhen S/T   Speed  
3-8 Navalm Cursed Land Careless Death  
3-10 Pyroclasmic Pola Riak Heroik  Brutal Mind Death E.P.
3-10 Lovebites Glory, Glory to the World Victor Heavy E.P.
3-10 Thousand Year War  The Goddamned Lord   Melodic Black  
3-12 Chez Kane Music S/T Frontiers    
3-12 The Crown Royal Destoyer Metal Blade Melodic Thrash  
3-12 Enforced Kill Grid Century Media Crossover  
3-12 Humanity's Last Breath Välde* Unique Leader Deathcore  
3-12 ISSA Queen of Broken Hearts Frontiers    
3-12 Magma Rise To Earth To Ashes To Dust   Doom  
3-12 Marianas Rest Fata Morgana Napalm Melodic  
3-12 Orden Ogan Final Days AFM Power  
3-12 Rise to the Sky Let Me Drown With You GS Atmo Doom  
3-12 Ronnie Atkins One Shot Frontiers    
3-12 Secret Chord Aurora Sleasy Rider Sym  
3-12 Secret Sphere Lifeblood Frontiers Melodic Power Prog  
3-12 Stortregn Impermanence The Artisan Era Melodic Extreme  
3-12 Sunstorm Afterlife Frontiers   Ronnie Romero
3-12 Ten / Gary Hughes Waterside Frontiers    
3-12 Turbulence Frontal Frontiers Prog  
3-12 Utbyrd Varskrik Petrichor Sym Black 2017
3-12 Valkyrja Contamination Peaceville Black 2010
3-12 Varmia Bal Lada M-Theory Black Folk  
3-19 Aversed Impermanent   Melodic  
3-19 Depths of Hatred Inheritance Prosthetic Deathcore  
3-19 Fuath S/T Season of Mist Atmo Black  
3-19 Ildaruni Beyond Unseen Gateways Black Lion Pagan  
3-20 Marasmus Necrotic Overload Transcending Obscurity Death  
3-20 Supplication Forced Decomposition Narcoleptica Death Grind  
3-21 Eyehategod A History of Nomadic Behavior Century Media Sludge Doom  
3-21 Blood Sport The Cannibal Instinct Reaper Thrash Death  
3-21 Heart Healer The Metal Opera Frontiers Metal Opera Magnus Karlsson
3-26 Budderside Spiritual Violence Napalm Alt Hard Rock  
3-26 Cryptosis Bionic Swarm Century Media Prog Thrash  
3-26 Genghis Tron  Dream Weapon Relapse Alt Exp  
3-26 Ghost of Atlantis Black Lion Melodic Sym Goth  
3-26 Liquid Tension Experiment LT3 Inside Out Prog  
3-26 Metalite A Virtual World AFM Melodic Power  
3-26 MP Bursting Out Relics from the Crypt Power Speed 1986
3-26 Sanguisugabogg Tortured Whole  Century Media Extreme  
3-26 Silent Winter Empire of Sins Pide & Koy Prog Power  
3-30 Akefal  Opus Darkness Regain Extreme E.P.
3-30 Grimmreaper The Tragedy of Being*   Melodic  

April 2021 Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
4-2 Avaland Theater of Sorcery* Rockshots Metal Opera  
4-2 Evil Drive Demons Within   Melodic Death  
4-2 Fuoco Fatuo Obsidian Katabasis Profound Lore Fun Doom Death  
4-2 Sacred Oath Return of the Dragon   Power Thrash  
4-2 Wode Burn in Many Mirrors 20 Buck Spin Black  
4-9 Blaze Bailey War Within Me BBR Heavy  
4-9 Devil Sold His Soul Loss Napalm Hardcore  
4-9 Primal Fear I Will Be Gone Nuclear Blast Power E.P. Feat.Tarja
4-16 Cannibal Corpse Violence Unimagined Metal Blade Gore  
4-16 Deathswarm Forward into Oblivion FDA Death  
4-16 Monarch Future Shock*   Heavy  
4-16 Spectral Wound A Diabolical Thirst Profound Lore Black  
4-16 The Vintage Caravan Monuments Napalm    
4-23 Solstice Casting the Die CXD Death Thrash  
4-25 Aberracion Oligarquia   Heavy Speed  
4-30 Fear Factory Demanufacture   Ind Groove 1995
4-30 Gojira Fortitude   Melodic  

May 2021 Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
5-5 Illusory Crimson Wreath* Rockshots Heavy  
5-7 Feed Them Death Negative   Death Grind  
5-7 Out of Hand Exility   Thrash Death  
5-7 Seth La Morsure Du Christ Season of Mist Black  
5-28 Burning Witches  The Witches of the North Nuclear Blast Heavy  
5-28 Esa Holopainen Siver Lake Nuclear Blast   Amorphis

June Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes