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The Harbinger
Kyle Obergfell AKA The Iron Man
James Kottak
Jon Kennedy
James Harvey
Kirk Arrington
Jim Durkin
Josua Lander Madsen
Tim Aymar
Majk Moti
Dave Sherman
Stuart Anstis
Ted Kirkpatrick with the King

Roman Kostrzewski

Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Evil Chuck
Quorthon from Bathory
Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum
Gary Driscoll
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Paul Samson and Chris Aylmer
Jared Anderson
Scott Clendenin
David Gold



Craig Gruber

Nattdal B Jonas Lars Bergqvist

Young Evil Chuck
The Guitar Emperor

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6-29  Every Thursday a replay of the Album of the week 8pm MST
6-24 The Morbid One 4pm till Midnight every Metal Saturday Broadcast # 3095
6-25 Archived album of the week- Sunday Live with the Necromancer / Sunday Night  Tribute to Fallen Metal Heroes
6-26 Technical Ecstasy  Monday Nights   6PM MST
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Latest News

X- Anvil and Overkill Guitarist passes away

Sebastian Marino,  died suddenly in the early hours on New Years Eve after being rushed to a hospital while doing a sound job on New Year’s Eve in Florida. Sebastian owned and operated AUDIO IMAGES, one of the most acclaimed audio & video production companies in the country.

Tim Aymar

Pharaoh and Control Denied singer passed away at age 59. Sadly, any chance of the second Control Denied CD being finished and released died with Tim Aymar. R.I.P.

Josua Lander Madsen

Former Artilley and Dennis Develin drummer Mr. Josua Lander Madsen passed away on March 8th at the age of 45 after being hit by a bus in Denmark. 

Jim Durkin

Dark Angel and Dreams of Damnation Guitarist Jim Durkin passed away on March 10 2023 at the age of  58

January 2023

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
1-1 A Man Named Onigumo Fluidic Reconstruction   Prog Death  
1-1 Balga the Sea   Atmo Black  
1-1 Earth Even Hell Has it's Heroes Sargent House Psych Post Rock  
1-1 Mechina Cenotaph   Exp  
1-1 Vanja Gvozdanovic Depressor Battlestar Lemon III   Atmo Sym Black  
1-2 Elikadama We Met in the Flashing Lights   Black Sludge E.P.
1-2 Elikadama The Traveling Heart   Black Sludge E.P.
1-2 Mourning Forest L'immonde fanaison HWP Black  
1-3 Buckethead Live Midnight at the Wax Museum Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 408
1-3 Buckethead Live OozeYour Orbs Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 409
1-3 Buckethead Live XIIYards of Rotting Gauze Coaster Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 410
1-3 Confined Eternal Fury of the Dissillusioned Ones   Death  
1-3 Red Eyes A Chana Satanica   Black Thrash  
1-4 Askeregn Brennende    Black  
1-4 Beyond Melancholy Rejected By Life   Dep Black  
1-5 A Life Less Alive For Them Your Flesh   Death  
1-5 A Serpent's Hand Rebirth   Melodic Core  
1-5 Buckethead Live Last House on Disembodied Street Bucketheadland Various Shred pike 411
1-5 Buckethead Live Hand Painted Scotch Tape Mask Pavilion Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 412
1-5 Buckethead Live from Frankenstein's Lost Mine Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 413
1-5 Buckethead Live From Osaka Toy Store Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 414
1-5 Drakon Ho Megas   Floga Black  
1-5 Fugitive Wizard Ultima Magus   Black Amb E.P.
1-5 Longevite La longue marche   Fun Doom  
1-5 Madness of Sorrow 666: The Disciple   Goth E.P.
1-5 Sons of Cult Back to the Beginning Fighter    
1-5 Spiritworld Plaguescape Dimensions   Atmo Black  
1-6 Anti-Flag Lies They Tell Our Children Heartagram    
1-6 Born A Ghost Stairway to an Empty Room     E.P.
1-6 Buckethead Sarahnade Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 415
1-6 Buckethead The Overcast Day Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 416
1-6 Celestial Shadows The Tragedy of Calufax   Exp black  
1-6 Concrete Age Bardo ThordoL   Thrash Power Melodic  
1-6 Daedric Chamber Dragon Cult Rising   Black E.P.
1-6 Horre Kuumet   Fun Doom  
1-6 The Howling Void Into Darkness even more Profound Funere Sym Fun Doom  
1-6 Iravu A Fate Worse Than Home Fiadh Atmo Black  
1-6 Junon Kyanon Superpowers on the Dancefloor      
1-6 Kornmo Vandring Apollon    
1-6 Luna Azure Philosophy of the Skull   Black  
1-6 Mantikore Venerate the Disease   Exp E.P.
1-6 Nicarus Sipapu Green    
1-6 Otis Archer IV. Death   Prog Sludge Doom E.P.
1-6 Serenity Memoria Napalm Sym DVD
1-6 Sons of Cult Back to the Beginning Xtreem    
1-6 Thunderchief Dekk Meg   Sludge Doom  
1-6 Throat Locust Dragged Through Glass     E.P.
1-6 Varmia Prolog M-Theory Black Folk E.P.
1-6 Vosbud Heklugja   Black  
1-7 Amras Numenesse Industructible   Sym Black E.P.
1-7 Betray the Death Traces of Decay   Post  
1-7 Buckethead Live from the Forest of Melted Ice Cream Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 417
1-7 Buckethead Live from Candy Cane Catathrophe Coaster Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 418
1-7 Buckethead Live Disembodied Fountain Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 419
1-7 Disfiguring the Goddess Karnival   Exp  
1-7 Horror Tomb Fear of Losing Control Nothern Forest Black Grind Noise  
1-7 Mourning Souls S/T   Exp  
1-8 Domination Holy Order   Heavy  
1-8 Gnarlscar Carrion Webs   Prog Death  
1-9 Great Cold Emptiness Immaculate Hearts will Triumph Flowing Downward Atmo Black Fun Doom  
1-10 Astarot De Mystica Silva ad Cosmos   Black  
1-10 Crosta The Scab of Days   Post  
1-10 Roraima Caribe   Atmo Black  
1-10 Sepulchral Curse Howl of the Cursed   Extreme E.P.
1-10 Thy Darkened Shade Liber Lvcifer II WTC Black  
1-10 Univertigo Save Me from the Void   Electronic Melodic  
1-10 Vale of Amonition Immortalizing   Prog Doom  
1-10 Wedingoth Five Stars Above   Prog Goth  
1-11 Anomaly in Effigy Palace of the Floods   Black Amb  
1-11 Garden of Sadness Tormenting Myself   Dep Black  
1-12 A Villians Neverland Cloudscape   Core  
1-12 Bis-nte Broken Xtreem Stoner Doom  
1-12 Kilta Usva   Black Folk Heavy  
1-12 Retribition Tales of Pyhamis Land Pest Sym Folk Melodic E.P.
1-12 The Wise Man's Fear Atlas Ruinica Sharptone Melodic Core  
1-13 Admire the Grim Rogue Five Inverse  Melodic Death E.P.
1-13 Ahab The Coral Tombs* Napalm Fun Doom  
1-13 Alyiria Heiress MS Prog Sym Death  
1-13 Anibus Decreation Days     E.P.
1-13 Antimozdebeast Vision      
1-13 Ashen Ritual of Ash Bitter Loss  Death  
1-13 Azgaroth Kohti unholaa   Black Folk  
1-13 Azken Auzi S/T Argonauta    
1-13 Berserkyd Zero Body   Heavy  
1-13 Beyond the Black S/T Nuclear Blast Sym  
1-13 Black Magik Ackerman's Field   Thrash E.P.
1-13 Blutfaust Gloria Immortali Occulturn   Black E.P.
1-13 Breaths Though Life has Turned Out TrepNation    
1-13 Buckethead Echoing Eyes Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 420
1-13 Buffalo Revisited Vocanic Rock Live Ripple    
1-13 Kollaps/e Phantom Centre   Sludge Post  
1-13 Cline's Mind Land of the Plague   Thrash Speed  
1-13 Cranial Crusher Ciclo da Degradacao   Crossover  
1-13 Crom The Era of Darkness From The Vaults Power  
1-13 Cursed Excruciation Arcane Diabolism Iron Bonehead Extreme  
1-13 Dark Mirror ov Tragedy The Annucation in Lust Radtone Sym Black Goth Death  
1-13 Death Engine Ocean Code    
1-13 Defy the Curse Horrors of Human Sacrifice Hammerheart Death Crust  
1-13 Descent Order of Chaos Redefining Darkness    
1-13 Dismal Via Entis DreamCell 11 Neoclassical Goth  
1-13 Draken Book of Black Majestic Mountain    
1-13 Drowning the Light Haunter of the Deep Dark Adversary Black  
1-13 Eisregen Grenzgznger Massacre Goth Extreme  
1-13 Elusion The Fundamental Paradox      
1-13 Fit For An Autopsy On What the Future Holds Niclear Blast Deathcore  
1-13 Fractures in the Sky The Otherside Pt:2   Prog Metal  
1-13 Full Messenger Eternal Until it's Over   Heavy Power Doom  
1-13 The Gautlet Dark Steel and Fire   Black'n'Roll  
1-13 Gra Lycaon Avantgarde Black  
1-13 Guts Club Cliffs// Walls      
1-13 Homeskin Forgetfully Washed into Callousness   Avant-Garde Grind  
1-13 Hostol Lange leve doden Avantgarde Black  
1-13 Inherits the Void The Impending Fall of the Stars Avantgarde Atmo Black  
1-13 The Inner Abyss Don't Dream It's Over   Black  
1-13 Invertia Throught the Black Bubble   Ind Black  
1-13 Karma Rassa Khmel'   Atmo Prog  
1-13 Leper Colony S/T   Death Thrash  
1-13 Limbes Ecluse   Atmo Black  
1-13 Malo de Dentro Follow Me   Core  
1-13 Mansion Second Death   Doom  
1-13 Monstrous Afterglow SPV Death  
1-13 Morktar Existence   Black E.P.
1-13 Napalm Vomit Cosmic End   Death Thrash E.P.
1-13 Obituary Dying of Everything Relapse Death Thrash Slam  
1-13 Pnakotic Manuscript Dark Prometheus   Death  
1-13 Ruinthrone The Unconscious Mind of Arda* Rockshots Power  
1-13 Screamer Kingmaker*   Heavy  
1-13 Slog Divination   Death Doom  
1-13 Skyblazer Infinity's Wing   Power  
1-13 SlugWeed Reglar 6   Doom Stoner Sludge Post E.P.
1-13 Stac Pollaidh Age of Darkness   Atmo Black  
1-13 Stellae Before the Stars   Black  
1-13 Vampyric Mass Dragged into his Crypt FSP Black Amb  
1-13 Veska Unbound   Black  
1-13 Warg The Endless Travel   Thrash Heavy Melodic Death  
1-13 Wothrosch Odium Hammerheart Sludge Black  
1-14 Hellevate The Purpose is Cruelty   Thrash Speed E.P.
1-14 Lucifer Jones Doom Generation   Doom Heavy Punk  
1-14 Terader End of Gods Rock CD Melodic Death  
1-14 Timeless Necroeaters TK62   Exp  
1-15 Vrain  Beyond the Southern Cross   Melodic Heavy E.P.
1-15 Manpiel Vestiges Engraved in Frozen Mysticism History   Black  
1-15 Skullpture A Horrifying Death   Death E.P.
1-15 Sonneilon The Demon of Hate   Black  
1-17 Oceanhorse Heads Will Roll   Heavy Groove  
1-17 Tension Rising The Last Judgement   Heavy E.P.
1-17 Vesanus Endless Oblivion   Black  
1-18 Vampitblut Ausrottung   Melodic Black  
1-19 For I Am King Crown   Deathcore  
1-19 Frogskin  III   Sludge  
1-19 Lord Frimost Among the Silence   Black E.P.
1-19 Skin Eruption Greeting of Devil   Goth  
1-20 Aella     Heavy Russia
1-20 Arnaut Pavle Transilvanian Glare   Black Punk  
1-20 Atrocity Okkult III Massacre Various  
1-20 Autumns Child Starflower Pride & Joy    
1-20 Barnabus Sky What Comes to the Light Pride & Joy    
1-20 Big City Sundwind Sails Frontiers    
1-20 Billy Talent Crisis of Faith Spinefarm    
1-20 Blackearth Earth Fragments Pure Steel Heavy Power E.P.
1-20 Black Star Riders Wrong Side of Paradise Earache Rock  
1-20 Celestial Scourge Dimensions Unfurled Time to Kill Tech Death E.P.
1-20 Celestial Wizard Winds of the Cosmos Scarlet    
1-20 Cincinatti Bowtie Incantation   Deathcore  
1-20 Cloudy Skies Chanbges Argonauta    
1-20 Comeback Kid Heavy Steps Nuclear Blast    
1-20 Constant Nausea Martwica Tlenu   Black  
1-20 Cthulhu Dreamt Precursor      
1-20 Dark Princess Phoenix* Out of Line Goth  
1-20 Deiquisitor Apotheosis Extremely Rotten Death  
1-20 Donut Lord Stay Greasy   Doom Black  
1-20 Doug Garrett Dreamer   Various E.P.
1-20 Dying Light Shadow Grave      
1-20 Dryad The Abyssal Plain Prosthetic  Extreme  
1-20 Edge of Forever Seminole Frontiers    
1-20 Eye Anthology Pride& Joy    
1-20 Faithxtrator Contempt for a Failed Dimension Redifining Darkness Death  
1-20 Fastest Land Animal East Coast, West Coast, In Between      
1-20 Fatalismo Dominate to Exterminate      
1-20 Gloominess I Loke 1 1   Heavy  
1-20 Gloominess I Loke 9   Heavy  
1-20 Heroes and Monsters S/T Frontiers    
1-20 Half Life Like a Jungle Club Inferno    
1-20 I Believe II y auramort d'hommes   Post Black  
1-20 Imperium Dekadenz Into Sorrow Evermore* Napalm Black  
1-20 Issa Lights of Japan Frontiers    
1-20 Katatonia Sky Void of Stars* Napalm Melodic  
1-20 Kommandant Titan Hammer   Extreme  
1-20 Kostas Panagiotuo Tor   Exp  
1-20 Krionik Hymns for ye Olde Corpse   Thrash E.P.
1-20 Leaflet Something Beyond* Rockshots    
1-20 Lord Mountain The Oath King Volume Stoner Heavy Doom  
1-20 Love Gang Meanstreak Heavy Psych Sounds    
1-20 Maneskin Rush! Epic    
1-20 The Mighty Mister Shame Through Hell Firecum    
1-20 Mindless Hope Mental Truency Sliptrick    
1-20 Moonscape The Continuun Synergy   Prog Power  
1-20 Natt S/T Edged Circle    
1-20 Negative Vortex Tomb Absolute SRL Thrash  
1-20 Nothingness Supriliminal Everlasting Spew Death  
1-20 Oak Pantheon The Absence   Atmo Folk Post  
1-20 Orkrist Luea   Melodic Folk Heavy  
1-20 Pander Break the Oath Argonauta Stoner  
1-20 The Privateer Kingdom of Exiles Reaper Folk Power  
1-20 Pyramid Mass Monolith Ossien    
1-20 Re-Buried Repulsive Nature Translation Loss Death  
1-20 Riffcoven O Caminho do Aco   Doom Stoner  
1-20 Riverside ID.Entity* Inside Out  Prog  
1-20 Sabaton Heroes of the Great War Nuclear Blast Epic E.P.
1-20 Sarah Halter The Doom that Blinds Us Sparrow Heart   E.P.
1-20 Sheogorath Winterhold Art Gates Melodic Black E.P.
1-20 Slegest Avstand Dark Essence Dark Doom  
1-20 Silver Bullet Shadowfall Reaper Power  
1-20 Ten  Something Wicked  this Way Comes Frontiers    
1-20 Tension Rising The Last Judgement      
1-20 Termina Parasocial*     Phil Bozeman 
1-20 Tidel Wave The Lord Knows Ripple    
1-20 Tribunal The Wight of Rememrance 20 Buck Spin Gothic Doom  
1-20 Turbid North The Decline   Groove Prog Melodic   
1-20 Twilight Force At the Heart of Wintervale* Nuclear Blast Sym Power  
1-20 Uburen Usurp the Throne Dusk Tone  Black Viking  
1-20 Varjo-Orkesteri Seremonia Inverse    
1-20 Walk in Darkness Leaves Rolling in Time Beyond the Storm    
1-20 Wuodans Wunde Es Glimtt      
1-21 Idle Ruin The Fell Tyrant Bitter Loss Thrash Death  
1-23 Adavant Yhe Mystic and the Mountain   Epic Folk  
1-23 Oculus Of Temples and Vultures Dark Horizon Extreme  
1-23 Oozing Wound We Cater to Cowards   Thrash Crossover  
1-23 Rigor Sardonicous Praeparet Bellum   Fun Doom  
1-24 Conjureth The Parasitic Chamber Memento Mori Death  
1-24 Sarkasm As Empires Decay Xtreem Extreme  
1-26 Arya Aryanna Eternal Suffering   Various E.P.
1-26 Devilgroth Siberian Moonlit Night   Black  
1-26 Druid Stone The Grateful Undead   Black Doom  
1-26 Inner Suffering There is No Shelter   Dep Black E.P.
1-27 Ammanas Solitude   Black  
1-27 Anachronism Meanders Unorthodox Tech Death  
1-27 ...and Oceans As in Gardens, So in Tombs* Season of Mist Ind Electronic  
1-27 Antim Grahan Goat Legion   Extreme Grindcore  
1-27 Anzillu Ex Nihilo M-Theory Thrash  
1-27 Arditi Emblem of Victory   Martial Ind Amb  
1-27 Artic Rain Unity   Frontiers  
1-27 Ashed Horde Antimony Transcending Obscurity Prog Black  
1-27 Bizarrekult Den tapte krigen Season of Mist  Black  
1-27 Clouds Taste Satanic Tales of Demonic*   Doom  
1-27 Conjureth The Parasitic Chambers Memento Mori    
1-27 Constipation Alica VN Grindcore  
1-27 Corvus Corone Abaondoned in Spring   Fun Post Amb  
1-27 Cronenberg Grandiose Throne of Grotesque Flesh   Death  
1-27 Crowne Operation Phoenix Frontiers Heavy Power  
1-27 Dark Sarah Attack of Orym* Napalm Sym  
1-27 Desdenova Requiem for the Spring   Black Amb  
1-27 Devil's Whiskey Historias de Muerte* WormHole Death Heavy Stoner  
1-27 Dismal Via En tis Aural    
1-27 Dokken The Elektra Years 1983 to 1987 BMG Heavy Hard Box Set
1-27 Dust Prophet One Last Look Upon the Sky      
1-27 Electric Mob 2 Make UCry& Dance Frontiers    
1-27 Fate is Sealed Shadows   Thrash Prog  
1-27 Firienholy White Frost Elder Blood   Epic Atmo BlackDungeon Synth  
1-27 Girish and the Chronicles Back on Earth  Frontiers    
1-27 Girlschool The School Report 1978 to 2008 Hear No Evil Heavy Box Set
1-27 Glyph the time of peril   Black  
1-27 Hell's Satans S/T WormHoleDeath Heavy  
1-27 Hour of Penance Misotheism Agonia Death 2019
1-27 Holocaust Heavy Metal Mania HNE   1980-1984
1-27 Iron Void IV Shadow Kingdom    
1-27 Knogjarn Mera Bedovning Indie   E.P.
1-27 Knights of Blood El juiciode Osiris   Heavy  
1-27 Kuyashii Dreams   Post E.P.
1-27 Little Pig S/T WormHoleDeath Rock  
1-27 Liv Sin KaliYuga Taget Heavy  
1-27 Love Gang Meanstreak   Heavy Psych Sounds  
1-27 Lumen ad Mortem Upon the Edge of Darkness Bitter Loss Black  
1-27 Malice Divine Everlasting Ascendancy*   Melodic Extreme  
1-27 Marco Garau's Magic Opera Battle of Ice   Sym  All Star Line Up
1-27 Mask of Prospero Hiraeth Vicisolum Prog Djent  
1-27 Methane Kill it With Fire   Southern Groove  
1-27 New Miserable Experience Philosophy on Pessimism Translation Loss    
1-27 Ominous Scriptures Rituals of Self Mass Ignition Willowtip Death  
1-27 Obelyskkh Ultimate Grace of God Exile on Mainstream    
1-27 Ozzing Wound We Cater to Cowards Thrill Jockey    
1-27 Pelican Cith of Echoes Thrill Jockey    
1-27 Profane Order On Nightmare Nuclear War Now! Extreme  
1-27 Raum Kingdom Monarch Argonauta Sludge Post  
1-27 Ravenlight Immemorial DPR Sym Heavy  
1-27 Sereignos Decisiviious Annihilatiomn   Extreme E.P.
1-27 Ronnie Romero Rased on Heavy Radio Frontiers Heavy  
1-27 Seon Cognetive Silver Lining Melodic Prog 2012
1-27 Seon Tellurian Silver Lining Melodic Prog 2014
1-27 Seven Doors Feast of the Repulsive Dead Redifining Darkness Death  
1-27 Skvm North Star Black Metal   Black  
1-27 The Smashing Pumpkins ATUM Act:2 Martha's Music Alt Rock  
1-27 Soen Cognitive Silver Linings Melodic Post 2012
1-27 Soen Tellerian Silver Linings Melodic Post 2014
1-27 Solar Eruption The Demon's House   Tech Deathcore  
1-27 Sonic Poison Eruption   Grind Death  
1-27 Sorrowful Land Faded Anchors Black Lion  Doom Death  
1-27 Steve Vai  Vai/Gash* Mascot Prog Alt  
1-27 Suasion The Infinite Atomic Fire    
1-27 The Tangent Pyramids, Stars and other Stories Inside Out Prog Live 2004-2017
1-27 Third Eye Vengeance Fulfilled   Prog  
1-27 Uriah Heep Chaos and Colour Silver Linning Prog Rock  
1-27 White Reaper Asking for a Ride Elektra    
1-27 You Me At Six Truth Decay AWAL    
1-27 Zac Leaser Libera   Tech Melodic Death E.P.
1-27 Zombie Riot World Epitaph   Death  
1-29 ...and Oceans As in Gardens, So in Tombs Season of Mist Ind Electronic  
1-29 Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Land of Sleeper*   Stoner Doom  
1-31 Daemonian The Frost Specter's Wrath   Melodic Extreme  
1-31 Falaise After All \This Time Flowing Downward Atmo Post Black  


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
2-1 Arcana Collective Atlas Lost WormHoleDeath    
2-1 Oleka Driftwood* WormHoleDeath Southern Melodic Groove E.P.
2-1 Supremative Goat Blood   Black  
2-2 Act of Impalement Infernal Ordinance Caligari Doom Extreme  
2-2 Anthems of Gomarrah Cult of Unreason   Extreme E.P.
2-2 ArsGoatia Hiding Amongst Humans Van Black  
2-2 Dead Sun Soul Diseased Xtreem Death  
2-2 Druben Volden   Black  
2-2 Razorschriek Black Magick   Dep Black  
2-2 Seum Double Double   Sludge Stoner  
2-3 Alchoholica F.E.A.R.   Heavy Thrash  
2-3 All Out War Celestial Rot Translation Loss Core  
2-3 Arvalastra Meditation of the Lunar Steeps   Black Doom  
2-3 Black Wulf Thieves and Liars Ripple    
2-3 Brothers in Arms Brian Tarquin* BHP Prog  
2-3 Calderum Lord Cramridor   Black Dungeon Synth  
2-3 Coffin Nail The Hanged Man   Hardcord Deathgrind  
2-3 Curta'n Wall Siege Ubsessed!   Black Folk  
2-3 Death Feast Rissen From the Tomb      
2-3 Dysmal Gates to Apperception Apostacy    
2-3 Elderseer Drown in Shollowness     E.P.
2-3 Endorphins Lost Night People      
2-3 Forever Autumn Crowned in Skulls   Neo Folk E.P.
2-3 Fragments of Lost Memories Life is Fleating*   Fun Doom  
2-3 Fugit Morphogenetic Fractal Hologram   Post Black Dark Amb  
2-3 Fvnerals Let the Earth be Silent Prophecy    
2-3 Gautlet Ring Beyond the Veil   Black  
2-3 Holy Water S/T      
2-3 Katatonia A Sunset Choir for the Daylight Napalm Melodic E.P.
2-3 Lansdowne Medicine AFM    
2-3 Matt Miller Monument of Velocity Blood Blast    
2-3 Memoriam Rise to Power Reaper Death  
2-3 Mithridatum Harrowing Willowtip Tech Extreme  
2-3 Nervochaos Chthonic Wrath      
2-3 No Point in Living Beautiful Tragedy   Dep Prog Black  
2-3 Nothing Sacred Leviathan Rockshots Power Thrash E.P.
2-3 Ophiocordyceps Anthropocene Amputated Vein Death  
2-3 Osiah Chronos Unique Leader Deathcore E.P.
2-3 Palace of Worms Cabal   Death Doom  
2-3 PanPatheon Empire in Ruin Necrotic Extreme Thrash  
2-3 Plague of Carcosa Pale Light and Sunless Waters   Stoner Sludge Doom  
2-3 Red Soil  S/T   Melodic Death Core  
2-3 Rexoria Imperial Dawn Black Lodge Melodic Heavy  
2-3 Russkaja Turbo Polka Party* Napalm Folk  
2-3 Sanguisugabogg Homicidal Ecstacy* Century Media Death  
2-3 Scath na Deithe Virulent Providence Vendetta Extreme  
2-3 The Smashing Pumpkins ATUM Act II Thirty Tigers Alt Rock  
2-3 Souless Let Us Prey   DeathDoom  
2-3 Skratte Akt  II Northern Slience Black  
2-3 Skull The Great Descent into Hell   Melodic Sym Death  
2-3 Tension Prophecy Tribal Hatred Amputated Vein Tech Death  
2-3 Tentacult Lacerating Pattern   Death  
2-3 Unholy Obscurity Martyrium Darker Realms Extreme  
2-3 Victor Smolski Guitar Force* Massacre Exp  
2-3 The Winery Dogs III Mascot Prog  
2-3 WuW L'orchaostre Pelagic Avant Garde Doom  
2-3 Xandria The Wonders Still Awaiting Napalm Sym  
2-5 Wiloos Begeerte Pest  Dep Black  
2-6 Blackwulf Thieves and Liars Ripple Stoner Heavy  
2-6 Body Farm Ultimate Abomination Edged Circle Death  
2-7 Haxanu  Totenpass Amor Fati Black  
2-9 Daimonos Paraphilia Death Death  
2-9 Elyose Deviante   Exp  
2-9 Lunehkal Dort, Wird Ihr Feld   Black Amb E.P.
2-9 Oblivion Rites Ravenspell   Black E.P.
2-10 Ad Omega Aphelic Ascent Drakkar Black  
2-10 Atomwinter Sakrileg Trollzorn  Death  
2-10 Betelzeus Shedding the Skin   Sludge Doom  
2-10 Blind Illusion The Demos 1980/1986 Cult Metal Classics Prog Thrash Demos
2-10 Buckethead Sideways Ocean Roller Coaster Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 426
2-10 Buckethead The Waves are Born Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 427
2-10 Buckethead Live From Gargantua Volcano Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 428
2-10 Buckethead Live from Balloon Head Bowery Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 429
2-10 Buckethead Live from the Giant Octopus Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 430
2-10 Buckethead Live from Loyus Ocean Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 431
2-10 Buckethead Sacred Lantern Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 432
2-10 Buckethead Mercury Hallucinations Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 433
2-10 Cadaver Shrine Benighted Desecration   Death Doom  
2-10 Carnosus Visions of Infinihility   Death Thrash  
2-10 Ciconia Animal Chapters Art Gates Prog Post Rock  
2-10 Condenados El camino   Doom  
2-10 DDENT Ex Auditu   Doom Post Rock E.P.
2-10 Delain Dark Waters Napalm Sym  
2-10 Devil's Hour Black n' Punk Marauders   Black n' Roll Punk  
2-10 Deviser Evil Summons Evil Hammerheart Melodic Black  
2-10 Dispyria The Story of Marion Dust El Puerto Melodic Heavy  
2-10 Distant Heritage Century Media Deathcore  
2-10 Dragoncorpse The Drakketh Saga   Sym Core Power E.P.
2-10 From the Sky Antarktika H-Music Extreme Sym  
2-10 Frozen Dawn The Decline of the Enlightened Transcending Obsurity Melodic Black  
2-10 HomSelvareg Ventunesimo   Black  
2-10 Infinite & Divine Ascendency Frontiers Melodic Heavy  
2-10 In Flames  Forgone Nuclear Blast Melodic  
2-10 Jenner To Live is to Suffer Fighter   Re-issue
2-10 Klone Meanwhile Kscope Prog  
2-10 Lotus of Darkness Towards the Emerald Empire Pest Folk Black E.P.
2-10 Murder Pussy Primitive Rituals of Self Extinction   Death  
2-10 Oak Disintergrate Seoson of Mist Atmo Fun Doom Death  
2-10 Sanity Theorist Black Hole FlyTrap   Avant-Garde Prog Death  
2-10 Shrouded in Darkness Be None of You Kult of Kaos Doom Death  
2-10 Terrestrial Hospice Caviary to the General ADP Black  
2-10 Venamoris Drown in Emotion     The Lombardo's
2-10 Vvilderness Path   Post Black Folk  
2-10 Wiloos Begeerte Pest Dep Black  
2-10 Wounds of Recollection Warm Glow of the End of Everything   Post  
2-14 Menstrual Vampires S/T   Death  
2-15 I Imagine Murder My Goddess Agony JG Core E.P.
2-15 Malo Mortuum Tales of the Ancients NAP Atmo Black  
2-16 Mordkaul Feeding the Machine   Melodic Death  
2-17 The Abbey Word of Sin Season of Mist Prog Doom  
2-17 All My Shadows Eerie Monsters Frontiers    
2-17 Ars Nova Abrazando las sombras Rock CD Prog Power  
2-17 As We Divide Two Worlds   Hardcore E.P.
2-17 Avatar Dance Devil Dance Black Waltz Melodic  
2-17 Beastmaker Body and Soul Regain  Doom 2020
2-17 The Black Moriah Desert Hymns and  Funeral Grins Folter Black Thrash  
2-17 Buckethead Live Show Bucketheadland Various Shred  
2-17 Buckethead Live from Tsuburaya's Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 434
2-17 Buckethead Live from the Inner Alphabet Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 435
2-17 Buckethead Live from a Greeting from a Lifetime Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 436
2-17 Buckethead Live from the Stair Ladder Inn Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 437
2-17 Cephalophore The Light   Prog Death Post Djent  
2-17 Chaosmdweller Blood Vortex   Death Doom  
2-17 Clit Commander Obey the Clit   Death Grind  
2-17 Creye III: Weightless Frontiers    
2-17 Darkspace I Season of Mist Black 2003
2-17 Darkspace II Season of Mist Black 2005
2-17 Darkspace III Season of Mist Black 2008
2-17 Darkspace -I Season of Mist Black Demo 2012
2-17 Darkspace III I Season of Mist Black 2014
2-17 DeadSoulAlliance Spiralling to Lunacy   Death  
2-17 Deicide Bible Bashers Dissonance Death Comp
2-17 Depravation IV: Letvm   Extreme Crust  
2-17 Despite the Wane Beyond the Wall* Epictronic Rock  
2-17 Dusk  Spectrums*      
2-17 Endernity Flesh and Bone of Humanity Maldito Heavy  
2-17 Enisum Forgotten Mountains Avantgarde Black Amb  
2-17 Ethir Anduin   Sybol of Domination Black Doom Rock  
2-17 Exhibition The Last Laugh   Trashcore Crossover  
2-17 First Signal Face Your Fears Frontiers    
2-17 Galleiria Ancient Earth Wanderers   Post Black  
2-17 Gravehuffer ....Depart from So Much Evil   Thrash Crust Grind  
2-17 Hail the Void Memento Mori Ripple Stoner Doom  
2-17 Half Me Soma Arising Empire    
2-17 Hellripper Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags Peaceville Black Speed  
2-17 Hexer Abyssal Crawling Chaos Doom Sludge  
2-17 Horrible Earth Weakened By Civilazation Horror Pain Gore Death Grindcore  
2-17 Internal Bleeding Voracious Contempt Back on Black Death Slam 1995
2-17 Internal Bleeding The Extinction of Benovolence Back on Black Death Slam 1997
2-17 Internal Bleeding Driven to Conquer Back on Black Death Slam 1999
2-17 Iselder Cynefin UKEM Black  
2-17 Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows Hail to the Underground Blues Funeral Stoner Doom Psych  
2-17 Karma to Burn S/T Heavy Psych Stoner 1997
2-17 Karma to Burn Live in Brussel Heavy Psych Stoner 2013
2-17 Karma to Burn Arch Stanton Heavy Psych Stoner 2014
2-17 Lotus Eater Machine Prisoner to Seven Demons   Mathcore  
2-17 Malevolent Creation Eternal Back on Black Death 1995
2-17 Malevolent Creation The Fine Art of Murder Back on Black Death 1998
2-17 Malevolent Creation In Cold Blood Back on Black Death 1997
2-17 Malevolent Creation Joe Black Back on Black Death 1996
2-17 Mandaground Of Flourishing and Perishing Grazil Core E.P.
2-17 Man Must Die The Pain Behind   Tech Death  
2-17 Motley Crue Crucial Crue BMG Heavy Rock 1981- 1989
2-17 Mourning Ashes Chapter V:Ruin   Prog Death  
2-17 Noctilucent Hollow Moon Drakkar Black  
2-17 Nothgard Symphonia Derum Apostasy Epic Melodic Death  
2-17 Oceanhorse Heads Will Roll Noble Heavy Groove  
2-17 Overtake the King State of Emergency Downfall Heavy Thrash  
2-17 Parasitario Everything Belongs to Death FDA Death  
2-17 Reverorum ib Malacht     Black Dark Amb  
2-17 Robin McAuley Alive Frontiers    
2-17 Ruohtta Uhratuille   Black Amb E.P.
2-17 See You Next Tuesday Distractions Good Fight    
2-17 Sepolcral Scourge Time to Kill Death  
2-17 Setanera Equilibrium VRP Goth  
2-17 Seige of Power This is Tomorrow Metal Blade Death Thrash  
2-17 Siemlunvihollinen Sielunmurskaaja   Black E.P.
2-17 Skillet Dominion: Day of Destiny   Rock  
2-17 Skinflint Hate Spell Into  Heavy  
2-17 Solence Hope is A Cult Hopeless    
2-17 Spectral Souls Towards Extinction Hammerheart Death  
2-17 The Sundial Kaliningrad   Sym Goth Doom  
2-17 Tithe Inverse Rapture Profound Lore Death Doom Grind  
2-17 Torn in Half Crawling from the Abyss   Death E.P.
2-17 Tramalizer Fumes of Funeral Pyres Soulseller Death  
2-17 Transatlantic The Final Flight Inside Out Prog Rock Live
2-17 Tryglav The Ritual Extreme Malodic Black  
2-17 Tulus Fandens Kall Soulseller Black  
2-17 Tryglav The Ritual Extreme Metal Melodic Black  
2-17 UFO Werewolves of London Cleopatra Rock Re-issue
2-17 Ulthar Anthronomicon 20 Buck Spin Extreme  
2-17 Ulthar Helionomicon 20 Buck Spin Extreme  
2-17 Unguilty Gray   Dep Black Doom  
2-17 Wizards of Hazards Supernatural Inverse Heavy Doom  
2-17 Zorormr The Monolith   Melodic Black  
2-18 Antumbra Ashen   Atmo Black  
2-18 Gutted A Path to Ruin   Death Grind Tech  
2-20 Phatom Fire Eminente Lucifer Edged Circle Speed Black  
2-20 Sntiquus Scriptum Tribute sells... But Who's Buying?   Black Amb  
2-22 Divine Wind Divine Strike Force   Melodic Power Speed  
2-22 Insomnium Anno 169* Century Media Melodic  
2-22 Lovebites Judgement Day Victor Heavy Power  
2-23 Coffinborn Cadaveric Retribution Xtreem Death  
2-23 Going Off What Makes you Tick? Church Road Hardcore  
2-24 7 H.Target Yantra Creating Willowtip Exp  
2-24 Adversor Potrait of a Wastleland Time To Kill  Thrash  
2-24 Air Raid Fatal Encounter High Roller Heavy  
2-24 Anthropic End of the Bloodline CDN Grindcore  
2-24 Ascension Under the Veil of Madness   Power  
2-24 Astrodeath Vol.II Dead Set Stoner Doom  
2-24 Asylence Endanger Us All*   Melodic Core  
2-24 Azaghal Alttarimme on luista Immortal Frost  Black  
2-24 Body Farm Ultimate Abomination Edged Circle Death  
2-24 BraeAv valnader  Av valnader bortom allt   Atmo Amb  
2-24 Broken Fate Figjhters & Dreamers   Melodic Death Thrash  
2-24 Catechon S/T Drakkar Black  
2-24 Dark Embrace Dark Heavy Metal Massacre Sym Melodic Death  
2-24 Death Pill S/T New Heavy Sounds    
2-24 Demonshire Chapter II: The Lord of Targaroth   Melodic Death  
2-24 Dope Dive   Electro  
2-24 Dragon Unde Malum Metal Mind Thrash Death Ind  
2-24 Enemy of Reality Where Truth May Lie FYB Sym  
2-24 Fairytale Army of Ghosts Pure Steel Heavy Power  
2-24 Fester Decay Reality Rotten to the Core Everlasting Spew Gore Grind  
2-24 Funeral Winds Stigmata Mali Osmose Black  
2-24 Godsmack Lighting up the Sky BMG Alt  
2-24 Hanging Garden The Gaden Agonia Doom Death Goth  
2-24 Hog Meets Frog Humanimalization*     E.P.
2-24 Heidevolk Wederkeer* Napalm Folk Viking  
2-24 Host IX Nuclear Blast Dark Wave  
2-24 Hypno5e Myth, Melody and Mayhem* Pelagic Melodic  
2-24 Hurricane on Saturn "onx"* WormHoleDeath    
2-24 Icestorm The Northern Crusade   Melodic Death  
2-24 Idolatrous Sorrow on Midgard* WormHoleDeath Melodic Death  
2-24 Impaled Divinity S/T Sevared Slam Death E.P.
2-24 Iron Cutain Metal Gladiator Dying Victims Speed Thrash Heavy E.P.
2-24 Kauan ATM Revisited Artoffact Post Rock  
2-24 Kuntsquad S/T WormHoleDeath Death Crust  
2-24 Last Trial Xpohoc   Melodic Death  
2-24 Manigance The Shadows Ball* Rockshots    
2-24 Megatron Sword Night and Power Dying Victims Epic Heavy  
2-24 Merlock Onward Strides Colossus   Psych Doom  
2-24 Morphetik Proclamation of War Witches Brew Thrash  
2-24 Morwinyon Wastelands   Atmo Black  
2-24 Motorhead Bad Magic* Silver Linings Heavy Grunge  
2-24 Necrovation Storm The Void/ Starving Grave Black Harvest Death E.P.
2-24 Necro Weasel Obey, Suffer& Die   Crossover  
2-24 Nightwolff Riding the Night Witches Brew  Heavy Hard  
2-24 No Spill Blood Eye of Night Svart    
2-24 Ocean of Grief Pale Existence Personal Melodic Doom Death  
2-24 Omega Infinity The Anticurrent Season of Mist Extreme  
2-24 Ontborg Following the Steps of Damnation Black Lion Melodic Death  
2-24 Pist The Bleak Unrest   Stoner  
2-24 Redemption Remeber the Dawn AFM Prog Metal E.P.
2-24 Satanika Horde of Disgust Osmose Extreme  
2-24 Sarcoptes Prayes of Oblivion Transcending Obscurity Black  
2-24 Siena Root Revelation Atomic Fire    
2-24 Sleep Terror Railroad to Dystopia   Exp Prog Death  
2-24 Steel Panther On The Prowl*   Heavy  
2-24 Stoner Boogie to Baja Heavy Psych Sounds Stoner  
2-24 They Grieve To Which I Bore Witness* Silent Pendulum Post Drone Gloom  
2-24 Total Hate Marching Towards Humancide Eisenwald Black  
2-24 Tundra Pripyat   Black E.P.
2-24 Venomous Concept The Good Ship Lollipop Decibel Punk Shane Embury and Kevin Sharp
2-24 Vrani Volosa Woods Mountains Skies Red Sunrise Pagan Black  
2-24 ...When the Darkness Weeps Submerged   Dep Black  
2-24 Wolves of Winter The Calling Quiet Argonauta Sludge Doom  
2-24 Wretched Fate Carnal Heresy Redifining Darkness Death  
2-24 Zeke Deux Lux en Athena Starwave Power E.P.
2-25 Ars Notoria Chronicles Great Dane Tech Death  
2-25 Buckethead Divine Spark Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 450
2-25 Buckethead Live From Kyoto Ghostlands Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 444
2-25 Buckethead Live from Lightning Disembodied Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 445
2-25 Buckethead Live From Bathed in Eerie Hues Light Show Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 446
2-25 Buckethead Live from Disembodied Music Box Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 447
2-25 Buckethead Live from the Ladder to the Cape of the Moon Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 448
2-25 Buckethead Live Murcury Sparks Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 449
2-25 Ciemra The Tread of Darkness Avantgarde Black  
2-25 Ettinskjalf Between Walls and Delusion   Black  
2-25 Fell Fyre Romance and Revenge   Epic Heavy  
2-25 Minewerfer Feuerwalze Osmose Black  
2-25 When Hearts Wither This is where it Ends   Atmo Doom Death  
2-27 Draakanaon Agnostikos   Black  
2-27 Naglet Chains Under Darkness NFP Black Crust  
2-28 Zephid Manifestation*   Extreme  
2-28 Anal Destructor Black Souls of Death   Black Thrash  
2-28 Drowstorm Jubokko Pest Black  
2-28 Genophobic Perversion Human Disposal Methods   Various  
2-28 Elvenking Reader of the Runes AFM Melodic Power Folk  
2-28 Ice War Bloodsucker   Heavy Speed E.P.
2-28 Kiira Lattoman sanat   Black  
2-28 Tublatanka Uprostred Chaosu   Melodic Heavy  

March Album Releases

Date Artist Release Label  Genre Notes
3-1 Buckethead Live from the Nara Lightning Rain Festival Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 451
3-1 Buckethead Live from the Sea of Wise Book Store Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 452
3-1 Buckethead Live from Head Basket Drop Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 453
3-1 Buckethead Live from the Casket Automatons Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 454
3-1 Buckethead Live from Cutoff Head Basketball Tryouts Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 455
3-1 Buckethead Live from the Magical Day Dreaming Workshop Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 456
3-1 Buckethead Live Mono Chord of the Disembodied Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 457
3-1 Poisoned Blood Sign of the Final Massacre Nuclear War Now! Black Thrash  
3-1 Tarfania Netherworld   Black  
3-1 Vanessa Funke Different Worlds   Melodic Goth  
3-3 71Ton Man Of End Times Transcending Obscurity Doom Sludge  
3-3 Ace of Spades Born to Booze and Live in Sin Cleopatra   Motorhead Trbute
3-3 Against Myself Differant Worlds On Fire Sym  
3-3 All for Metal Fury of the Gods AFM Heavy E.P.
3-3 Altar of I Human Resources Art Gates Melodic Deathcore  
3-3 At the Altat of Horned God Heart of Silence   Atmo Black Ritual  
3-3 Baltavar Dark Science WormHoleDeath Thrash  
3-3 Blak29 The Waiting Cleopatra    
3-3 Bong Coffin The End Beyond Doubt   Stoner Doom  
3-3 Buckethead Live from the Wonder Fountains Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 459
3-3 Buckethead Live Submarine Seance Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 460
3-3 Buckethead Live Slunking in the Rain Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 461
3-3 Buckethead Live Disembodied  Sing Along Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 462
3-3 Buckethead Live from the Ceiling Marionete Festival Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 463
3-3 Buckethead Live Geometry Dreaming Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 464
3-3 Carcariass Afterworld Great Dane Prog Melodic  
3-3 Carrion Morbid Nailgun Necropsy* WormHoleDeath Death  
3-3 Colpocleisis Elegant Degradation Reality Fade Slam Death  
3-3 Cromlech Ascent of Kings HF Epic Doom Heavy  
3-3 Death Divine  Serpent   Melodic Deathcore E.P.
3-3 Destroyer 666 Bitter Scorn   Black Thrash E.P.
3-3 Disminded The Vision   Death Thrash  
3-3 Dream Upon Tombs Palaces of Dust Sleeping Church Melodic Extreme  
3-3 Earth Groans Tongue Tied   Solid State E.P.
3-3 Enslaved Heimdale* Nuclear Blast Exp  
3-3 Entheos Time Will Take Us All* Metal Blade Prog Extreme Core  
3-3 Everson Poe Servant   Exp  
3-3 Eyes Congratulations Indiciplinarian    
3-3 Fake Names Expendables Epitaph    
3-3 The Gnashing To Be Forgotten   Atmo Doom Black  
3-3 Gravekvlt S/T Frozen Black n' Roll  
3-3 Haken Fauna* Inside Out Prog  
3-3 Kardinal Sin S.A.L.I.G.I.A. Massacre Heavy Power  
3-3 Kold Intet mere er Vendetta Black  
3-3 Kong Traders of Truth   Prog  
3-3 L'lra del Baccano Cosmic Evoked Potentials   Psych Space Rock  
3-3 Lord Sonny The Unifier America's Newest Hitmaker* Interstellar Smoke    
3-3 Lost Brethren Dimensional Rift   Tech Death E.P.
3-3 Lunar The Illusionist*   Prog  
3-3 Majesties Vast Reaches Unclimed 20 Buck Spin Melodic Death  
3-3 Monolyth We've Caught the Sun   Power Thrash  
3-3 Munt Pain Ouroboros   Black Grind E.P.
3-3 Mycelium Shroud S/T The Swamp Psych Death  
3-3 Necropanther Betrayal   Melodic Death Thrash  
3-3 Nemesis Sopor Firmament   Black  
3-3 Nomad The Mountain*   Groove  
3-3 Nuclear Holocaust Sailing the Seas of Nuclear Waste SelfMadeGod Death Grindcore  
3-3 Ocean of Grief Pale Existence   Melodic  
3-3 Plague Bearer Summoning Apocalyptic Devastation   Extreme  
3-3 Raum Cursed by the Crown   Black  
3-3 Redlight King In Our Blood AFM    
3-3 Skrying Mirror Omnimalevolence I Voidhanger Ind Death  
3-3 Sortilege Apocalypso* Season of Mist Heavy  
3-3 Stargazer Life will Never be the Same Mighty Heavy Hard  
3-3 Starer Coverer   Sym Black E.P.
3-3 Stoned Jesus Father Light* Season of Mist Stoner Doom  
3-3 Temptress See Metal Assault Doom Heavy Stoner  
3-3 Tragedy I Am Woman Napalm    
3-3 Villagers of Ioannina City Through Space and Time Napalm   Live
3-3 Voltax Ardentis   Heavy  
3-3 Witch Ripper The Flight after the Fall Magnetic Eye Stoner Sludge  
3-3 Withes Forest Under the Snow Covered Branches   Black  
3-3 Witchthroat Serpent Trove of Oddities at the Devil's Driveway Heavy Psych Sounds Stoner Doom  
3-4 Arriver Azimuth   Various  
3-4 Gormoth Unfinished Odes II   Atmo Black E.P.
3-4 Malignus Death Manifest   Black  
3-4 Mommy's Lil Monsters S/T   Death Grind  
3-5 Primordial Serpent The Funereal Winter   Black  
3-6 Lightning Strike Across the Sky Revel   Black  
3-6 Tribe of Pazuzu Blaphemous Prphecies Vic Extreme  
3-7 Buckethead Rain Deer Bucketheadland Various Shred E.P. Pike 465
3-8 Nanowar of Steel Dislike to False Metal Napalm Various  
3-8 Nepenthes Grand Guignol   Doom  
3-9 As Light Dies The Laniakea Architecture Darkwoods Extreme Goth Doom  
3-9 The Great Kat Guitar Dominatrix   Prog Shred  
3-9 Mortuorum Endless Heat of the Night   Extreme  
3-9 Sonambula Estasis interrumpida Xtreem Death Doom  
3-9 Vitriolic Sage     Black  
3-9 Zeit Zeit IV   Atmo Black  
3-10 Anguish Force Novum Ordinem Vetus Emblem   Heavy Power Thrash  
3-10 Asphagor Pyrogenesis MDD Black  
3-10 Astiferous Pulsations from the Black Orb   Death  
3-10 The Atomic Bitchwax Live At Freak Valley Heavy Psych Sounds   Live
3-10 The Banishment Machine and Bone Frontiers    
3-10 Bastard Grave Vortex of Disgust Pulverized Death  
3-10 Blackmore's Night Shadow of the Moon earMusic Rock Folk 1998
3-10 Burden of Ymir Heorot   Black Folk Viking  
3-10 Demon King Vesania   Extreme Tech E.P.
3-10 Demons Down I Stand Frontiers    
3-10 Depraved Murder  Unethical Terrestrial Collapse Comatose Death  
3-10 Dual Live at Hellfest Heavy Psych Sounds   Live
3-10 Dissentient Labyrinth*   Prog Death  
3-10 Excelerate S/T From the Vaults Power Thrash  
3-10 Fagus Inter   Black  
3-10 The Fallen Prophets Perpetual Damantion MMD Melodic Deathcore  
3-10 Fange Privation   Ind Sludge Death  
3-10 Fathomage Autumn's Dawn, Winters Darkness   Atmo Black  
3-10 For the Fallen Dreams S/Y Arising Empire    
3-10 Genocidal Rites Exsanguination of the Gods Hells Headbangers Black E.P.
3-10 Goat Explosion Threatening Skies   Heavy Doom Stoner  
3-10 God Disease Apocalytic Doom      
3-10 Gorod The Orb   Tech Death  
3-10 The Human Race is Flith Cognitive Dissonance   Sludge Crust  
3-10 Ice Age Waves of Loss and Power Sensory Prog  
3-10 Ignominy Imminent Collapse Transcending Obscurity Avant-Garde Death  
3-10 Isole Anesidora Hammerheart Melodic  
3-10 Judiciary Flesh & Blood Closed Casket    
3-10 Laja Aijala & Albert Witchfinder Ordeal and Triumph Svart    
3-10 Legado de una Tragedia Aquelarre de sombres Art Gates Sym Power Hard  
3-10 Marauder Metal Constructions VII Pitch Black Epic Heavy Black  
3-10 Mass Crysis Imposing Truck   Thrash  
3-10 Periphery Djent is not a Genre 3DOT Djent  
3-10 Odinfist Remade in Steel*   Speed Heavy  
3-10 Otherwise Gawdzillionare Mascot    
3-10 Qwalen Syva hiljaisuus Time to Kill  Black  
3-10  Roadrunner United The Concert Roadrunner    Live
3-10 Roadrunner United All Star Session Re Release Roadrunner    Comp
3-10 Sacrificium Oblivion Nordic Mission Death  
3-10 Santo Rostro Depues no habra nada   Stoner Doom  
3-10 Seventh Crystal Wonderland Frontiers    
3-10 Straight Hate Slaves of Falseness Selfmadegod Grindcore Death  
3-10 Suicide Silence Remember .... You Must Die CM Deathcore  
3-10 Unfelled Fall of Endless Perdition Season of Mist Atmo Black  
3-10 Unto the Wolves Chapter IV: Covered in Ash   Core  
3-10 Winter's Breath Stories Left Behind   Atmo Black  
3-12 Wintarnaht Anbjaz   Pagan Black  
3-13 Yossi Sassi Prediluvian*   Exp Prog  
3-15 Ethereal Sin Time of Requiem King Sym Melodic  
3-15 Torsofuck Postpartum Exstasy   Slam Death Goregrind  
3-17 4Arm Pathway to Oblivion   Groove Thrash  
3-17 All Against The Day of Rekoning WomHoleDeath Thrash Groove  
3-17 Aftermath No Time to Waste   Tech Prog Thrash  
3-17 All Time Low Tell Me I'm Alive Fueled by Ramen    
3-17 Anarkhon Obiasot Dwybat Debemur Morti Extreme  
3-17 Ardent Nova S/T* Wise Blood Melodic  
3-17 The Answer Sundowners Golden Robot Rock  
3-17 Chelsea Grin Suffer in Heaven ONErpm    
3-17 Contrarian Sage of Shekhinah Willowtip Prog Death  
3-17 Cross Country Driver The New Truth Frontiers    
3-17 Dark Sanctuary Cernunnos Avantgarde Neoclassical Darkwave Goth  
3-17 Death Reich Disharmony   Death  
3-17 Diabol Boruta Borutus Akustikus   Folk  
3-17 Die Like Gentlemen Hard Truths   Sludge Prog Doom  
3-17 Downfall of Gaia Silhouttesof Disgust* Metal Blade Exp  
3-17 Embryo A Vivid Shade on Misery Rockshots Melodic Deathcore  
3-17 Expunged Visions of Agony Hells Headbangers Death  
3-17 Handgemeng Ultraritual Ripple Stoner Sludge  
3-17 Harboured S/T   Atmo Black  
3-17 Hymen Holocaust The Death King RRR Goregrind  
3-17 Invent Animate Heavener* Tragic Hero Core  
3-17 Isataii In Vein of the Ancestors   Black  
3-17 John Diva and the Rockets of Love The Big Easy* SPV Rock Alt  
3-17 Kamelot The Awakening Napalm Melodic Prog  
3-17 Kruelty Untopia Profound Lore Death Doom Hardcore  
3-17 The Lord of Altamont To Hell with Tomorrow the Lords are Now Heavy Psych Sounds    
3-17 Mordran So Falls the Night   Dep Amb Raw Black  
3-17 Mystic Circle Erzamon Fireflash Melodic Extreme  
3-17 Narnia Ghost Town   Neo-Classical Power  
3-17 Night Demon Outsider CM Heavy  
3-17 Night Goat Totem   Psych  
3-17 PLC The Gates of Castle Black   Core  
3-17 Phantom Elite Blueblood Frontiers Sym  
3-17 Pop Evil Skeletons MNRK Heavy Rock  
3-17 The Raven Age Blood Omen* Sony Alt Metal  
3-17 Redemption I Am the Storm AFM Prog  
3-17 RPWL Crime Scene The Gentle Art of Music    
3-17 Secret Discovery Truth, Faith, Love   Goth Rock  
3-17 Sepulcrum Lamenation of Immolated Souls   Death  
3-17 Seven Spires Live at ProgPower Frontiers Sym  
3-17 Stormwarning S/T Frontiers    
3-17 Suotana Ounas I Reaper Melodic Extreme  
3-17 Temtris Khaos Divine Wormholedeath Heavy  
3-17 Theory of A Deadman Dinosaur Roadrunner    
3-17 Transworld Identity Seven Worlds Frontiers    
3-17 Venereal Baptism Reap the Reviled   Black  
3-18 Buckethead Dancing Soul Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 477
3-18 King of Undeath S/T   Doom  
3-18 Dead Monuments S/T   Black  
3-18 Forever Stuck on this Nightmare They Called Planet Earth Yesterday   Various E.P.
3-18 Massacred Lunatic Massacre   Death Grindcore  
3-19 Ritualia Hominis Pavor Noctunus   Black  
3-19 Test Disco Normal   Crustcore  
3-19 Void of Nothingness Naught/Fader   Exp Black  
3-20 Concatenation Existence Full of Promisis   Death Thrash  
3-20 Morbid Gorgeous Girl Swine Abattoir   Death Goregrind  
3-20 Niohoggr In Dark Misanthropic Devotion   Black  
3-20 Pissing the Mainstream Manifestation Apokaliptik Reprisal Grindcore Death  
3-20 Samuli Federley Stormly   Prog Shred  
3-20 Soulers Longing for the Keys of Time   Drone Doom Stoner  
3-23 Catacomb When the Stars are Right Xtreem Death  
3-23 Echtra Re-Enterior   Atmo Black Drone Folk  
3-23 Periphery Djent is not a Genre* 3Dot Djent  
3-23 Pozar FrostHammer   Black Amb  
3-24 Acid King Beyond Vision* Blues Funeral Doom Stoner  
3-24 Afraid of Destiny Contra Omnes Talheim Atmo Dep Black  
3-24 Alex Nunziati Black Space Void* Moribind Heavy  
3-24 Angerot The Profound Receant Redifining Darkness Death  
3-24 Aphotic Abyssgazer   Atmo Death Doom  
3-24 Apodemus Atlas   Stoner  
3-24 Acrania Unbreakable Fury   Exp 2020
3-24 Asylum Pyre Call me Unhuman   Prog Power  
3-24 Autumn Tears Guardian of the Pale The Circle Neoclassical Darkwave  
3-24 Black Hawk Soulkeeper Fastball  Heavy  
3-24 The Blood We Couldn't Kill Less Blood Blast Heavy  
3-24 Category VI Firecry* Moribund Heavy Thrash  
3-24 Countess Live by the Sword   Black E.P.
3-24 Cruachan The Living and the Dead Despotz Folk  
3-24 Dawn Ray'd To Know the Light Prosthetic Black  
3-24 Decimate Our Kind Hogs in Badges   Exp  
3-24 Deduction of Miscalculation Skod   Death  
3-24 Destroying Angel Militant Heresy   Black  
3-24 Discreation Iron Times Massacre Death  
3-24 Eden weint im Grab Apokalypse Galore   Goth  
3-24 Elohims Sterne Zion   Ind  
3-24 Emetropia An Acoustic Endeavour   Sym E.P.
3-24 Excalion Once Upon A Time Scalet Melodic Power  
3-24 Fatal Embrace Manifestum Infernails Black Lion Melodic Death  
3-24 The Hanging Garden The Garden   Melodic  
3-24 Floor Jansen Paragon   Sym  
3-24 Gabestok Med freden kommer hadet   Black  
3-24 Gatekeeper From Western Shores Cruz Del S    
3-24 Grisly Tomb King VIC Death  
3-24 HateSphere Hatred Reborn Scarlet Thrash Groove Death  
3-24 Hellcrash Demonic Assasination Dying Victims Black Speed  
3-24 Ihsahn Fascination Street Sessions Candlelight Melodic E.P.
3-24 Infernal Symphony The Lesser Key of Solomon   Avant-Garde E.P.
3-24 Iron Walrus Tales Never Told Apostasy Doom Sludge  
3-24 Keep of Kalessin Kathersis Back on Black Black  
3-24 Las Trumien Glod zabijania   Sludge Doom  
3-24 Liturgy 93696 Thrill Jockey Death  
3-24 Mace'n'Chain Among Ancient Pillars No Remorse Heavy  
3-24 Marianas Rest Auer* Napalm Melodic  
3-24 Maze of Sothoth Extirpated Light Everlasting Spew Tech Death  
3-24 MDXX MDXX   Heavy Doom  
3-24 Morass of Molasses End All We Know Ripple Stoner  
3-24 Mork Dypet Peaceville Black  
3-24 Ne Obliviscaris Exul* Season of Mist Melodic  
3-24 Nihilism Codex Nihilism   Death  
3-24 III Omen March of Decay   Thrash  
3-24 Ottto Life is a Game ORG Heavy Thrash Alt Tye Trujillo
3-24 Ov Sulpher The Burden Ov Faith* CM Extreme Core  
3-24 The Rhubard Symptom of  Failure* Milky Bomb Stoner Doom  
3-24 Saiva Inlandsvinter   Black  E.P.
3-24 Saxon More Insperations Silver Lining NWOBHM  
3-24 Shakma On Tenebrous Wings   Thrash  
3-24 Shores of Null The Loss of Beauty*   Doom  
3-24 Smashed and Dissected Cadaveric Abyss of Sorrow   Death  
3-24 Sophist Avenger... Liberator   Black Grind E.P.
3-24 Subway to Sally Himmelfahrt Napalm    
3-24 Throne of Flesh Dust Great Dane Death E.P.
3-24 Tragedian Master of Illusion Pride & Joy Melodic Power Speed  
3-24 Whore of Bethlehem Ritual of Homicide Comatose Extreme  
3-24 Woe Unto me Among the Meandering Ordeals, The Pivot of Harmony M-Theory Fun Doom  
3-24 Xalpen The Curse of Kwanyep Black Lodge Black  
3-24 Xpus Sepulchrum Christi   Extreme  
3-25 Bergrisar Step on the Path of Eternal Salvation Pest Extreme  
3-25 Empty Skull Heavy Metal Hellion   Black  
3-25 Slytherin The Path We Choose   Atmo Black  
3-25 Sublind The Cenosillicaphobic Sessions   Thrash  
3-25 Thanatophobia Internal Metamorphoses   Tech Death  
3-31 Aara Triade III: Nyx Debemur Mori Atmo Black  
3-31 Ad Infinitum Chapter III  Downfall Napalm  Sym  
3-31 Afflicted Dawn of Glory CM   1995
3-31 Allfather A Violent Truth   Groove Doom Sludge  
3-31 Angelic Desolation Orchestrionic Abortion   Death Thrash  
3-31 Angstskrig S/T Despotz Black Groove  
3-31 Archetypes Collide S/T Fearless    
3-31 Argion Lux Umbra Maldito Power  
3-31 Arrogant Destruktor Written in Blood from the Blade   Black  
3-31 Atlas Everything is Temporary Wormholedeath Post Rock Elec Amb  
3-31 Avaland The Legend of the Storyteller* Rockshots Sym Power  
3-31 Behemoth Grom Metal Blade Extreme 1996
3-31 Blaze of Sorrow Vultus Fati Eisenwald Atmo Black Folk  
3-31 Blud Red Roses Fall to the Hate*   Thrash  
3-31 Bury Tomorrow The Seventh Sun Music For Nations    
3-31 Cave In Until Your Heart Stops Relapse   Re-issue
3-31 Crown Lands Fearless* Spinefarm Prog Rock  
3-31 CrystalMoors Tirra Sangre   Celtic Pagan Black  
3-31 Darkspace I Season of Mist Black 2003
3-31 Darkspace II Season of Mist Black 2005
3-31 Darkspace III Season of Mist Black 2008
3-31 Darkspace III  I  Season of Mist Black 2014
3-31 Dead End Finland Victory Inverse Melodic Death  
3-31 De La Tierra III Sony Alt Groove  
3-31 Demonical Into Victory Agonia Death E.P.
3-31 Demon Stealer The Propaganda Machine Black Lion Death Black Thrash  
3-31 Desert Storm Death Rattle APF Southern Stoner  
3-31 Diablation Par le feu Osmose Sym Black  
3-31 Dust   Listenable    
3-31 Empyre Relentless Kscope    
3-31 End  Hunter   Black  
3-31 Eufory Fifth Dimension Sliptrick Heavy Power  
3-31 The Evil Seven Acts to Apocalypse Osmose Doom Stoner  
3-31 Evilcult The Devil is Always Looking for Souls Awakening Speed Black Thrash  
3-31 Firmament We Don't Rise We Just Fall Dying Victims Heavy Hard  
3-31 Flatulence Deficit Coyote Death Grindcore  
3-31 Grieve Wolves in the Nothern Moon Werewolf Atmo Black  
3-31 Gyrdleah Spellbinder Black Lion Black  
3-31 Haliphron Prey Listenable Sym Extreme  
3-31 Hawkwind Days of the Underground  Cherry Red Prog Rock Live Box Set
3-31 Hellion The Magic Within   Thrash Black Colombia
3-31 Hot Graves Plaguewieder   Extreme Thrash Crust  
3-31 Invicta Miseria Hermitage in Chains   Atmo Black  
3-31 Isaak Hey Heavy Psych Sounds Stoner  
3-31 Kludde De Horla CS Black Sludge  
3-31 Kommand Death Age 20 Buck Spin Death  
3-31 Lampr3a ESnSE Art Gates Prog Metal  
3-31 Last in Line Jericho earMusic Heavy Hard  
3-31 Liquorworks Parasitus Apparatus   Prog Metal  
3-31 Lordi Scream Writers Guild Atomic Fire Hard Rock  
3-31 Lotan S/T Uprising! Melodic Black  
3-31 Malphas Flesh, Blood & Cosmic Storms Folter Black  
3-31 Meshuggah Obzen Atomic Fire Djent 2008
3-31 Mirrored in Secrecy Chaos Operation   Goth E.P.
3-31 Neo Inferno 262 Pleonectic* Necrocosm Ind Black  
3-31 Nervochaos Chthonic Wrath   Death  
3-31 The Netherlands Severance Svart    
3-31 Nothing, Nowhere Void Eternal Fueled by Ramen    
3-31 Of Spite Riddle Redemption Inverse Melodic Death  
3-31 OHHMS Rot*   Slude Doom  
3-31 Old Forest Sutwyke Souseller Black  
3-31 Olde Throne In the Land of Ghosts   Atmo Black  
3-31 The Ongoing Concept Again Solid State    
3-31 Outlaw ReachinRotg Beyond Assiah AOP Black  
3-31 Pandemic Crooked Mirror Awakening Thrash  
3-31 Primal Humachine Roxx Heavy  
3-31 Pucifer Existential Reckoning Rewired BMG Rock  
3-31 Red Holes Now is Not the Time   Sludge Black Noise E.P.
3-31 Rotten Sound Apocalypse Season of Mist Grindcore  
3-31 Samian Stowaway Pure Noise    
3-31 Sermon Of Golden Verse Prosthetic    
3-31 Silence Before the Storm V   Groove Core  
3-31 Spirit Possession Of the Sign Profound Lore Black  
3-31 Soulcarrion S/T Godz of War Death E.P.
3-31 Superbeast Cold Blooded Killings   Death Thrash  
3-31 Swan Valley Heights Terminal Forest* Fuzzorama Doom Melodic   
3-31 Thron Dust Listenable Black  
3-31 Tilintetgjort In Death I Shall Arise* Dark Essence Avant- Garde Black  
3-31 Unpure Prophecies Ablaze Invitus Black Thrash Speed  
3-31 Unto Others Strength ii Eisenwald Goth E.P.
3-31 Vanish A Hint of Solace El Puerto Power  
3-31 Viikate Askel Ranka Melodic Heavy Schlager  
3-31 Visions of Atlantis Pirates over Wacken Napalm Sym  
3-31 VileDriver The Rest Are Prey CDN Tech Death  
3-31 Vredensdal Sonic Devotion to Darkness Soulseller Black  
3-31 Wind in His Hair Future Primitives   Atmo Black Punk  

April 2023

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
4-1 Mammon's Throne S/T*   Doom  
4-2 Buckethead Just Looking for a Friend Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 495
4-5 Buckethead Smile That Glows the Sky Pavillion Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 496
4-5 Buckethead Maps to the Innerworlds Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 497
4-5 Buckethead Medicine Sea Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 498
4-5 Buckethead The Attic that Dripped Blood Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 499
4-5 Buckethead Alchemical Experiments Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 500
4-5 Maze of Roots Into the Row of Owls   Doom E.P.
4-6 Dystersol Anaemic Wormholedeath Melodic Death Folk  
4-6 Suffocate Bastards Nihil Ultra Requiratis   Death  
4-7 Angel Vivaldi Away With Words  II*   Prog E.P.
4-7 Angus McSix Angus McSix and the Sword of Power Napalm    
4-7 Aphonic Threnody When Death Comes Again   Fun Doom Death  
4-7 Ayyur Prevail   Black  
4-7 Bacchus II Debemur Morti Atmo Black  
4-7 Before We Fall Leaves Inverse Melodic Groove E.P.
4-7 Black Denim Rage State of Emergency   Speed Thrash  
4-7 Blood Cult Tomb of the Unknown Redneck   Black'n'Roll  
4-7 Bloodrust At Glory's End Archaic Death  
4-7 Children of the Reptile Heavy is the Head   Heavy  
4-7 Cicada the Burrower Blight Witch Regalia BBR Prog Post Black  
4-7 Covet Catharsis* Triple Crown    
4-7 The Crooked Whispers Funeral Blues Ripple Sludge Doom  
4-7 Cultura Tres Caminode brujos Universal Sludge  
4-7 Cursebinder Drifting Avantagarde Black  
4-7 Dark Flood Illusion of Light   Prog Melodic  
4-7 Devangelic Xul Willowtip Death  
4-7 Discreation Iron Times Massacre    
4-7 Ernte Albsegen Vendetta Black  
4-7 Heathen Foray Oathbreaker Massacre Melodic Deah  
4-7 Healthyliving Song of Abundance Psalms of Grief      
4-7 Iron Steel Crystalized Witches Brew Speed Punk  
4-7 Karbholz Kapital 11 Metalville    
4-7 Kiss Of the Soundboard UMe Rock New York Live 1984
4-7 Lo! The Gleaners Pelagic Sludge Post Hardcore  
4-7 Lucifer's Fall Children of the Night   Doom Heavy E.P.
4-7 Lurk Aegis Transcending Obscurity Death Doom Sludge  
4-7 Malicious Merciless Storm Invictus Death E.P.
4-7 Maudiir Solilque*     E.P.
4-7 Medevil Mirror in the Darkness*   Prog Power  
4-7 Mophogenetic Malformation Pathogenesis F20.0 New Standard Elite Death Slam  
4-7 Nekus Sepulchral Divination   Extreme  
4-7 Omnicidal  The Omnicidalist Non Serviam Death  
4-7 Paul Gilbert The DIO Album* Music Theories Prog  
4-7 Powerwolf Interludiem* Napalm Power  
4-7 Raider Trial by Chaos      
4-7 Rise of the Northstar Showdown   Atomic Fire  
4-7 Ruadh 1296   Atmo Folk Black  
4-7 Shredhead I Saw you Burn   Thrash Groove  
4-7 Sijjeel The Concurrent Cycle Comatose Death E.P.
4-7 Sins of Magnus Secrets of the Cosmos   Stoner Doom  
4-7 Stillbirth Homo Deus DMG Deathcore  
4-7 StormHaven Blindsight   Prog Death  
4-7 Sunrot The Unfailing Rope* Prosthetic Sludge Doom Post  
4-7 Tribulation  Hamartia Century Media Melodic E.P.
4-7 Vass/Katsionis Cynical Silence Symmetric Prog  
4-7 When Plagues Collide An Unbiblical Paradigm   Sym Deathcore  
4-7 Zlortcht Zlortchterhaus Witches Brew Black Doom Thrash  
4-11 Crypt of Insomnia Infernal Orchestrator   Prog Metal E.P.
4-11 Multa Neonharmaa   Exp Black  
4-11 Rosslyn Totentanz Sliptrick Heavy  
4-11 Wesele Fine de siecle   Black  
4-12 Hercules Waiting for the King   Epic Heavy  
4-12 MuN  Nhemis Sludge Post    
4-13 Moon Oracle Ophidian Glare Signal Rex  Black  
4-14 1782 Clamor Luciferi Heavy Psych Sounds Doom Stoner  
4-14 Archon Angel II Frontiers Heavy Prog  
4-14 Ashrain Requiem Reloaded Metalvulle Power Heavy  
4-14 AthanaTheos Cross, Deny. Glorify Lavadome Death  
4-14 Atreyu The Hope of A Spark Spinefarm   E.P.
4-14 Black Orchid Empire Tempus Veritas Season of Mist    
4-14 Blazon Rite Wild Rites and Ancient Songs Gates of Hell  Heavy  
4-14 Deathgrave It's Only Midnight   Death Grind  
4-14 Deimos' Dawn Anthem of the Lost MDD Thrash  
4-14 Despite the Reverence Stress of Evolution   Prog Heavy Groove  
4-14 Dimentianon Chapter VI   Death Black Doom  
4-14 Dodheimsgard Black Medium Current* Peaceville Avant Black Exp  
4-14 Dreamyth Aletheia* Rockshots Sym  
4-14 From Fall to Spring Rise Arising Empire    
4-14 Frostseele Damon   Atmo Black  
4-14 The Hellfreaks Pitch Black Sunset Napalm    
4-14 Holy Moses Invisable Queen Fireflash Speed Thrash  
4-14 Hollywood Undead Hotel Kalifornia  BMG   Deluxe Edition
4-14 Infected Rain The Devils Dozen* Napalm Alt  
4-14 Infecting the Swarm Pulsing Coalescence L.E. Death  
4-14 Infinity Ring Nemesis & Nativity Profound Lore Melodic  
4-14 Jesus Piece ...So Unknown* CM Core Sludge  
4-14 L.A. Guns Black Diamonds Frontiers Rock  
4-14 Lucifer Star Machine Satanic Age The Sign    
4-14 Macabre Sinister Slaughter Nuclear Blast Murder Metal 1993
4-14 Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall Free Fall* Frontiers Heavy Hard  
4-14 Mesmur Chthonic AD Fun Doom  
4-14 Metallica 72 Seasons*   Thrash  
4-14 Mike Tramp Sons of White Lion Frontiers    
4-14 Moribund Mantras ...of Fantomless Depths Argento Doom  
4-14 Morta Skuld  Dying Remains Peaceville Death Thrash 1993
4-14 New World Depression Internment of Sins   Death'n'Roll  
4-14 Overkill Scorched* Nuclear Blast Thrash  
4-14 Poison Ruin Harvest Relapse    
4-14 Putrid Yell Consuming Aberration Pulverized Death  
4-14 Red Rum Book of Legends Trollzorn Folk  
4-14 Ride for Revenge S/T   Exp Black E.P.
4-14 Rotpit Let There be Rot War Anthem Death  
4-14 Sever At Midnight, By Torch Light Iron Bonehead Sym Black  
4-14 VoidCeremony Threads of Unknowing* 20 Buck Spin Prog Extreme  
4-14 Wishbone Ash Argus  50 Years Box Set Madfish Rock Box Set
4-14 Zeit IV   Atmo Black  
4-14 Zozobra Savage Masters Brutal Panda   Re Issue
4-15 Aetherius Obscuritas A sors szurke pora Paragon Black  
4-16 Alwaid The Lost Trinity   Melodic Heavy E.P.
4-16 Eye and Eye Your Only Fear   Thrash Heavy  
4-16 Vargrav Encircle the Spectral Dimension Werewolf Sym Black E.P.
4-17 Timea Goghova  Wild Storm Epictronic    
4-18 Suton Sacrilegious Satanath Drone Doom  
4-19 Blood Rose Rising      
4-19 Evanoth La Orden de la llama   Post Black Doom  
4-19 Mari Hamada Soar Victor Sym  
4-20 Benighted in Sodom Dark Alley Sessions   Exp   
4-20 Bloodfiend Soldiers o Annilation   Death  
4-20 Bonginator The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot   Death  
4-20 Elvira's Curse Creature Feature   Heavy  
4-20 Eskrota Atenciosamente   Crossover  
4-20 Frenzy Of Hoods and Masks Fighter Heavy  
4-20 Heartkiller Ekmo Inverse Thrash Melodic Death E.P.
4-20 Lava Invocator Signs of Apocalypse* Satanath Black  
4-20 The Lumber Endeavor A Holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem   Doom Sludge  
4-20 Nokturnal Frost Echoes of the Last Wind   Black  
4-20 Slung from a Tree Voyage into Cosmos Cursed Monk Sludge Doom  
4-20 Urizen Society Solium Ardens Pest Sym Black  
4-21 40 Watt Sun The Inside Room Svart Doom Atmo Alt 2011
4-21 40 Watt Sun Wilder Than the Sky Svart Doom Atmo Alt 2016
4-21 The 69 Eyes Death of Darkness Atomic Fire    
4-21 Against Myself Tides of Insanity On Fire Sym  
4-21 Angel Once Upon A Time Cleopatra    
4-21 Angus McSix Sword of Power* Napalm Sym Power  
4-21 Anthem Crimson & Jet Black Reaper Heavy Power  
4-21 Astral Sleep We Are Already Living in the End Times   Pysch Doom  
4-21 Atavista Cosmic Warfare Bloodblast Melodic Sym Death  
4-21 Avalanch El dilema de los dioses Maldito Prog Power Heavy  
4-21 Axul Rudi Pell  Yje Ballads VI Steamhammer Heavy Power Hard  
4-21 Bell Witch Future Shadow Part 1* Profound Lore Doom  
4-21 Birdflesh Sickness in the North Everlasting Spew Grindcore  
4-21 Blodtar Det fortegna forflutna Nordvis Black  
4-21 Blood Star First Sighting Shadow Kingdom  Heavy  
4-21 Caedeous Malum Supplicium   Sym Extreme  
4-21 Dawn of Ouroboros Velvet Incandescence Prosthetic Post Prog Black  
4-21 Decipher Arcane Paths to Resurrection Transcending Obscurity Extreme  
4-21 Dozer Drifting yhe Enless Void Blues Funeral Stoner  
4-21 Evermore In Memoriam Scarlet Power  
4-21 Fall from Earth From the Ashes   Prog Metal  
4-21 Gyrdleah Spellbinder Black Lion Black  
4-21 Hammerhead Lords of the Sun High Roller NWOBHM  
4-21 Heretic Cult Redeemer Flagellum Universalis   Black  
4-21 Hirax Raging Violence Armaggedon Thrash 1985
4-21 Hirax Hate, Fear and Power Armaggedon Thrash 1986
4-21 Jestress Antinomy About Us GrooveCore  
4-21 Jethro Tull RokFlote* Inside Out Prog Rock  
4-21 Liv Kristine River of Diamonds* Metalville Sym  
4-21 Malon Oscuro plan del pode Pinhead Thrash Groove  
4-21 Margarita WItch Cult S/T Heavy Psych Stoner Doom  
4-21 Melancolia HissThroughRottenTeeth Nuclear Blast    
4-21 Mezzrow Summon Thy Demon Fireflash Thrash  
4-21 Misery Index Strategies of Manipulation CM Death Grind E.P.
4-21 MMXX The New Wave Candlelight   E.P.
4-21 Nethwemancy Worship Evil Sacrifice   Black  
4-21 Ossements IV   Exp Black  
4-21 Phaeton Between Two Worlds*   Prog  
4-21 Powerized Better Than You Yellow Muffin Rock  
4-21 Pusboil Ancient Stories of Suffering RealityFade Slam Death  
4-21 Saint Deamon League of the  Serpent AFM Power  
4-21 Sintage Paralyzing Chains High Roller Heavy  
4-21 Smolder Violent Creed of Vengeance Cruz Del Sur Epic Heavy Doom  
4-21 Tanith Voyage Metal Blade Hard Rock Heavy  
4-21 THC The Name Live On MNRK Southern  
4-21 These Beasts Cares, Wills, Wants Magnetic Eye Stoner Sludge  
4-21 Tsubo Capitale umano   Death Grind  
4-21 Ulvedharr Inferno XXXIII Scarlet Deayh Thrash  
4-21 Undrask God Emperor   Melodic  
4-21 Vorna Aamunkoi Lifeforce Folk Pagan Black  
4-21 Wastleland Clan The End of Time Massacre Melodic Thrash Heavy  
4-21 Wild Steel Age of Steel Elevate Power  
4-22 Buckethead Inner Rainbows Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 501
4-22 Buckethead Jeweled Web Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 502
4-22 Buckethead Of the Mountain and Seas Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 503
4-24 Death & Legacy D4rk Prophecies Art Gates Heavy Melodic Death  
4-24 Enter Shikari A Kiss for the Whole World SO Alt  
4-24 Liturgy 93696* Thrill Jockey Exp Black Avant-Garde  
4-28 Alcest Les voyages de lame Prophecy Atmo 2012
4-28 Ascending Olympus Frontlines Drakkar Death  
4-28 Austere Corrosion of Hearts LL Dep Black  
4-28 Black & Damned Servants of the Devil Rock of Angels Heavy Power  
4-28 Buckethead Sky Writing Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 504
4-28 Buckethead Dances of the Sacred Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 505
4-28 Burial Extraction A Shadow of Things to Come   Death  
4-28 Chrome Waves Earth Will Shed it's Skin M-Theory    
4-28 Cradle of Filth Trouble and their Double Lives Napalm Melodic Sym Black Live
4-28 Crown the Empire Dogma Rise    
4-28 The Damned Darkadelic earMusic    
4-28 Danava Nothing But Nothing Tee Pee    
4-28 Defiled The Highest Level Season of Mist Death Grind  
4-28 Disconnect From Faith to Death   Ind Doom  
4-28 Enforced War Remains CM Thrash Crossover  
4-28 Elvenking Reader of the Runes- Rapture AFM Melodic Power Folk  
4-28 Enchantya Cerberus Inverse Heavy Goth  
4-28 Fall of Earth From the Ashes*   Thrash Melodic  
4-28 Fires in the Distance Air Not Meant for Us Prosthetic Melodic  
4-28 Flitcraft House at the Centre of the Universe Pitch Black  Heavy Hard  
4-28 Graveworm Killing Innocence AFM Melodic  
4-28 Hammerfall Crimson Thunder Nuclear Blast Power 20 Years Annivesary
4-28 Hawkwind The Future Never Waits Cherry Red    
4-28 Iced Earth Hellraider/ I Walk Among You Rock of Angels Power Heavy E.P.
4-28 IER     Prog Dep Black Argentina
4-28 Ignea Dreams of Lands Unseen Napalm    
4-28 Ironmaster Weapons of Spritual Carnage Black Lion Death  
4-28 King Potenaz Goat Rider Argonauta Doom Stoner  
4-28 King's X In the New Age HNE   1988- 1995
4-28 Lucifuge Monoliths of Wrath Dying Victims Black Thrash  
4-28 Majesty Back to Attack Reaper Heavy Power  
4-28 Messa Live at Roadburn Svart    
4-28 Ocular Trauma The Dissection of Tragedy Wormholedeath Death E.P.
4-28 Ondfodt Det osterbottniska morket Black Lion Black  
4-28 Orphans of Dusk Spleen Hypnotic Dirge Goth Doom  
4-28 Predatory Void Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being CM Black Sludge Doom  
4-28 Ross the Boss Legacy of Blood, Fire and Steel* AFM Power Heavy  
4-28 Runemagick Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind Hammerheart Death Doom  
4-28 Sass Jordan Live in New York DEKO    
4-28 Spotlights Alchemy for the Dead Ipecac    
4-28 Storm Seeker Nautic Force   Folk  
4-28 Swollen Teeth S/T Blower Out   E.P.
4-28 Tarchon Fist The Flame Still Burns US Heavy  
4-28 Vadiat Spear of Creation Redifining Darkness Death Doom  
4-28 Walhalla Release the Beast Great Dane Black Thrash  
4-28 Wallowing Earth Reaper Church Road Black Sludge Doom  
4-29 Andy James Fury from Above AJR Prog  
4-30 Buckethead Lunar Tree Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 488
4-30 Buckethead The Winding of Tears Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 489
4-30 Buckethead Crossing the Cosmos Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 490
4-31 Buckethead Live From Madame Umbrella Fortune Teller Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 491
4-31 Buckethead Live from Sister Third Eye Guees Your MRI Tent Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 492
4-31 Buckethead Live From Bullhorn Story Time Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 493
4-31 Buckethead Live From Rainbow Sherbert Vessel Cones Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 494

May 2023

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
5-1 Grief Collector In Times of Woe*   Doom  
5-5 Abolish ....from the Depths FDA Death  
5-5 Adrian Benegas Arcanvm Reaper Melodic Heavy  
5-5 Aridus Serpent Moon   Black  
5-5 Blood Ceremony The Old Ways Remain* Rise Above Psych Retro  
5-5 Buckethead Behind the Rain Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 506
5-5 Buckethead May the 4th Be with You Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 507
5-5 Buckethead Someday Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 509
5-5 Buckethead Smelting the Ores Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 510
5-5 Buckethead Yellowcrest Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 511
5-5 Buckethead Neuro Transmitter Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 512
5-5 Burning Witches The Dark Tower* Napalm Heavy  
5-5 Concilium Sky Bvrial SRL Black  
5-5 Currents The Death We Seek SharpTone    
5-5 Curse of Cain S/T Atomic Fire    
5-5 Daeria Morfeo On Fire Melodic Heavy Power  
5-5 Dave Lombardo Rites of Percussion Ipecac    
5-5 Dead Chasm Sublimis Ignotum Omni FDA Death  
5-5 Deadline Vitriol Inc.   Heavy Hard  
5-5 Death Goals A Garden of Dead Flowers Prosthetic    
5-5 Deathstars Everything Destroys You Nuclear Blast Ind  
5-5 Deathvoid Diurnal Cloak   Black Noise  
5-5 Devil Wears Prada Color Decay Solid State   Deluxe Edition
5-5 Diehumane The Grotesque     Hunolt & Abruscato
5-5 Draconian Riegn Trdgedy Eternal Seek & Strike Sym Deathcore  
5-5 Drain  Living Proof Epitaph Crossover  
5-5 Enforcer Nostalgia Nuclear Blast Heavy Speed  
5-5 Fyrgast Echoes from the Past   Black  
5-5 Godslut Procreation of God Selfmadegod Death  
5-5 Gutted Christ Hail and Kill CDN Extreme  
5-5 Haissem A.C.T.   Melodic Extreme  
5-5 Haunt Golden Arm Iron Grip Heavy  
5-5 Heimland Forfedrenes taarer Edged Circle Black  
5-5 Herod Iconoclast Pelagic    
5-5 Hypocrisy Penetralia Nuclear Blast Death 1992
5-5 Hypocrisy Obsculum Obscenum Nuclear Blast Death 1993
5-5 Hypocrisy The Fouth Dimemsion Nuclear Blast Melodic  1994
5-5 Hypocrisy Abducted Nuclear Blast Melodic 1996
5-5 I Am Your God SINister   Melodic Death Powercore  
5-5 Intoxicated Sadistic Nightmare MDD Speed Thrash  
5-5 Iron Hearse Super Heavy Incendairy   Doom  
5-5 Krallice Porous Resonance Abyss   Avant Garde  
5-5 Krysaor Foreword M & O Heavy  
5-5 Left to Starve Vapaj za mogucim   Sludge Doom  
5-5 Lumsk Fremmede Toner Dark Essence Folk Prog Rock  
5-5 The Modern Age Slavery 1901: The First Mother Fireflash Deathcore  
5-5 Mumincunt Crusades of the Cunt   Melodic Extreme  
5-5 Muskeg Charnel Decomposition Part 3 Horror Pain Gore Death Extreme  
5-5 Neolia S/T*      
5-5 Nightmarer Defirmity Adrift   Extreme  
5-5 Orgasm 666 Blood Vagina Angel Drakkar Black  
5-5 Savage Grace Sign of the Cross Massacre Power Speed  
5-5 Shodan None Shall Prevail Time to Kill Prog Death  
5-5 Sovereign Council World of Fire*      
5-5 Start the Monkey Urban Psyche   Post  
5-5 Symbiontic The Sun and the Darkness Apostasy Death  
5-5 Tygers of Pan Tang Bloodlines Mighty Heavy  
5-5 Undead Putrefactio Redifining Darkness Death  
5-5 Ugly Autograph SRR Sludge Doom  
5-5 Urkraft Lyset skinner best i   Black  
5-5 Vintersea Woven into Ashes* M-Theory Sym Extreme  
5-5 Vvon Dogma I The Kvlt of Glitch*   Prog Exp X Unexpect Bass Player
5-5 Weathers Are We Having Fun Summerian    
5-8 Booby Trap The End of Time   Thrash Crossover  
5-11 AxMinister vir fortis*     Thrash Power
5-12 Aelvica Lichdragons Spewing Gloom   Extreme  
5-12 Ascended Dead Evenfall of the Apocalypse 20 Buck Spin Death  
5-12 Averlanche Artic Atlas JVR Melodic Heavy  
5-12 Battle Born Blood, fire, Magic and Steel Prosthetic Power  
5-12 Burial Clouds Last Days of A Dying World Church Roads Doom Post  
5-12 Cattle Decapitation Terrasite Metal Blade Death  
5-12 Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean Obsession Destruction   Sludge Doom  
5-12 Daughters of Sophia     Atmo Post Black  
5-12 Dead Shape Figure The Sworn Book   Melodic Death Thrash  
5-12 Devildriver Dealing With Demons Volume II* Napalm Groove Melodic Core  
5-12 Esoctrilihum Astrall Constellationof the Majikal Zodiak I Voidhanger Black  
5-12 Exitium Imperitous March for Abysmal Glory Time to Kill  Extreme  
5-12 Godsnake Eye for Eye Massacre Melodic Thrash  
5-12 Gonemage Astral Corridors   Exp  
5-12 Hex A.D. Delightful Sharp Edge Apollon Doom Prog  
5-12 Impetuous Ritual Inquitours Barbarik Synthesis Profound Lore Death  
5-12 Kneipenterroristen Infiziert Remedy Heavy Hard Oi!  
5-12 Mission in Black Profit Reigns Supreme El Peurto Melodic Power Thrash  
5-12 Non Est Deus Legacy Noisebringer Black  
5-12 Omnerod The Amensal Rise   Prog Death  
5-12 Oreida The Eternal   Black  
5-12 Parity Boot Fast Forward Black Sunset Ind  
5-12 Revoltons Celestial Violence Sleasy Rider Power Thrash  
5-12 ScreaMachine Church of the Scream Frontiers Heavy  
5-12 Sunbeam Overdrive Diama* Season of Mist    
5-12 The Troops of Domm Prelude to Blasphemy Nuclear Blast Thrash Jario X Sepultura
5-12 Veil of Maya [M]other Summerian Deathcore  
5-12 Worth S/T WormHoleDeath Melodic Death Power  
5-17 Buckethead Arrival in Tokyo Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 514
5-17 Buckethead Turquoise Trail Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 515
5-17 Buckethead Whale Song Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 516
5-19 Alcatrazz Take no Prisoners Silver Lining Heavy  
5-19 Arjen Lucassen's Supersonic Revolution Golden Age of Music* Music Theories Prog  
5-19 Blindfolded and Led to the Woods Refecting Obliteration Prosthetic Tech Avant-Garde  
5-19 Botanist VII Prophecy Exp  
5-19 Chronicle Where Chaos Thrives Mighty Black Melodic Thrash  
5-19 Craving Call of the Sirens Massacre Melodic Extreme  
5-19 Def Leppard and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Drastic Symphonies UMe Sym Rock  
5-19 Frozen Soul Glacial Domination* CM Death  
5-19 Gallow's Rites Witchcraft and Necro Desecration   Black Thrash E.P.
5-19 Ghost Phantomime Loma Vista Rock E.P.
5-19 George Gakis Parallel Dimension Rock of Angels    
5-19 Gozu Remedy  Blacklight    
5-19 Henget Beyond North Star Season of Mist Psych Avant-Garde  
5-19 Heretoir Wastelands AOP Post Black E.P.
5-19 Horizon End The Great Destroyer   Prog  
5-19 Magick Touch Cakes and Coffins Edged Circle Heavy  
5-19 Megattack Street Life Raw Heavy Hard  
5-19 Miscreance Convergence Season of Mist Tech Death Thrash 2022
5-19 Mystic Prophecy Hellriot* Rock of Angels Heavy Power  
5-19 The Ocean Holocene* Pelargic Prog Core  
5-19 Radien  Unissa palaneet Svart Sludge  
5-19 Ring of Gyges Metamorphisis   Prog  
5-19 Roadwolf Midnight Lightning* Napalm Melodic Hard  
5-19 Sacred Outcry Towers of Gold No Remorse Heavy Power  
5-19 Shadows Out for Blood   Heavy  
5-19 Sleep Token Take Me Back To Eden Spinefarm    
5-19 Sporae Autem Yuggoth ... However it still Moves Personal Death Doom  
5-19 Sweet & Lynch Heart and Sacrifice Frontiers    
5-19 Thuldcandra Hail the Abyss* Napalm Extreme  
5-19 The Used Toxic Positivity Big Noise    
5-19 VHS Quest for the Mighty Riff Wise Blood Death Thrash Core  
5-19 Vomitheist NekroFvneral Transending Obscurity Death  
5-19 Yakazu Sutra Svart Exp Melodic  
5-20 Sanguine Wounds Eclipsing Through the Eternal Night   Black  
5-20 The Spruce Moose Pyramid Scheme   Power Parody
5-24 Necro Forest Microcosmos   Black  
5-25 Embolism Grinding Reality   Death Grind  
5-26 Arrival of Autumn Kingdom Undone Nuclear Blast Core  
5-26 Black Viper Volcanic Lightning Edged Circle Speed Heavy E.P.
5-26 Brodequin Instruments of Torture Season of Mist Death 2000
5-26 Brodequin Festival of Death Season of Mist Death 2001
5-26 Brodequin Methods of Execution Season of Mist Death 2004
5-26 Carmine Appice & Fernando Perdomo Project Running Up The Hill   Hard Rock  
5-26 Carry the Torch Delusion Black Lion Death Thrash  
5-26 Church of the Dead Beyond Death Redefining Darkness Death  
5-26 Cloak Black Flame Eternal Season of Mist Goth Black  
5-26 Delyria III Great Dane Death Thrash  
5-26 DeVicious Code Red Metropolis Melodic Heay  
5-26 Dodsferd Asphyxiating Late Night Sessions FYC   Sessions with Sarvok
5-26 Dying Phoenix Winter is Coming El Puerto Sym  
5-26 Elegant Weapons Horns for a Halo CM    
5-26 Ethereal Void Gods of a Dead World* Abstrakted Prog Death  
5-26 The Foreshadowing Forsaken Songs   Goth Doom E.P.
5-26 Hate Manifesto   Regain Extreme  
5-26 Immortal War Against All Nuclear Blast Black  
5-26 James Romig & Mike Scheidt The Complexity of Distance Relapse Classical 2022
5-26 Kalmah S/T RK Melodic  
5-26 Kings Never Die All the Rats Metalville    
5-26 Kostnateni Upal Willowtip Black  
5-26 Nattverd I helvetes forakt Soulseller Black  
5-26 Nibiru Anamorphosis Argonauta Psych Drone Doom  
5-26 Olkoth At the Eye of Chaos Everlasting Spew Extreme  
5-26 Phlebotomized Clouds of Confusion Hammerheart Exp  
5-26 Reasons Behind Architecture of an Ego Scarlet Sym Power  
5-26 Ruim Black Royal Spritism Peaceville Black  
5-26 Sarvekas Woven Dark Paths   Black  
5-26 The Silent Rage Nuances of Life Scarlet Melodic Power  
5-26 Sirenea 1977   Sym Goth  
5-26 Speedwhore Visions of a Parallel World Dying Victims Black  Thrash  
5-26 Strange Horizon Skur 14   Doom  
5-26 Stormage Ashes of Doom El Puerto Heavy  
5-26 Trespass Wolf at the Door From the Vaults NWOBHM  
5-26 Troller Drain Relapse    
5-26 Trold Der van engang Mighty  Folk  
5-26 Usnea Bathed in Light Translation Loss Black Fun Doom  
5-26 Violent Sin Serpent's Call Dying Victims Speed  
5-26 Vonavide Bleed to Life Eclipse    
5-26 Whythre Impregnate My Hate* High Point    

June Releases  

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
6-1 Balam Akab Olvidados American Line Extreme  
6-1 Buckethead The Tear That Held and Ocean Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 517
6-1 Buckethead Mirrir Streams Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 518
6-1 Buckethead Inside Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 519
6-1 Buckethead Droid Decal Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 520
6-1 Viction Darkness, We Are Good   Melodic Death  
6-2 Agonia Black Vomit The Burning Noise of Satanic Annihilation   Black  
6-2 The Anoiting Maelstrom Immolating. Human Scum   Exp Extreme  
6-2 Anubis Gate Interference No Dust Prog   
6-2 Avenged Sevenfold Life is But a Dream Warner Prog Alt  
6-2 Black Rainbows Superskull Heavy Psych Sound Psych Stoner  
6-2 Bongzilla Dab City Heavy Psych Sounds Doom  
6-2 Burial Hordes Ruins Transcending Obscurity Black  
6-2 Cosmic Burial Far Away From Home Purity Through Fire Atmo Black  
6-2 Death Dies Stregoneria   Black  
6-2 Dieth To Hell and Back Napalm Death Thrash Dave Ellefson
6-2 Endless Exam Voice of Passion Inverse  Melodic Heavy  
6-2 Fjoegyn Judasmesse Trollzorn Sym Black  
6-2 Gloryhammer Return of the Kingdom of Fife* Napalm Sym Power  
6-2 Halflighted Obloquy WormHoleDeath Sludge Goth Death  
6-2 Hellwitch Annihilational Interception* Listenable Tech Death Thrash  
6-2 Kvad So Old Purity Through Fire Atmo Black  
6-2 Minas Morgul Nebelung Trollzorn Pagan Black  
6-2 Morkvind Hostbrander   Folk Viking  
6-2 Myrkur Ragnarok ( Original Soundtrack ) Relapse Atmo Black Folk  
6-2 Necrofier Burning Shadows in the Southern Night Season of Mist Black  
6-2 Order of Decay Mortification Rites SRL Death Doom  
6-2 Prydain The Gates of Aramore Limb Sym Power  
6-2 Red Cain Nae bliss   Prog Groove  
6-2 Saint Karloff Paleolithic War Crimes   Doom Psych  
6-2 Secret Discovery Truth, Faith, Love KKR Melodic Death  
6-2 Thantifaxath Hive Mind Nacrosis   Avant-Garde  
6-2 This White Mountain Icon of the Melancoly   Dep Black  
6-2 Tyrann Besatt   Heavy  
6-2 Vide The Parish   Black  
6-7 Goat Bleeder Incessant Funeral   Death Grind  
6-8 Buckethead Humbug Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 524
6-8 Dead Quiet IV   Doom Stoner  
6-9 The 69 Eyes Blessed Be Svart Alt 2000
6-9 Agora Empire   Prog  
6-9 All Life Ends Miscreation   Deathcore  
6-9 Aodon Portraits Willowtip Atmo Black  
6-9 Apocalypse Retaliation   Black Viking  
6-9 The Arcane Order Distortions from Cosmogony Black Lion  Melodic Thrash Death  
6-9 Art Nation Inception Frontiers Melodic Heavy  
6-9 As We Suffer The Fallen Pillars* WormHoleDeath Deathcore  
6-9 Avarice S/T Uprising Death Thrash  
6-9 The Bleeding Monokrator   Death Thrash  
6-9 Buckethead Frequencies of Caring Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 526
6-9 Buckethead Stairways of Planets Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 527
6-9 Celestial Burial Genocidal Extinction Grindhead Deathcore  
6-9 Conjuring Vis Naturae KKR Black  
6-9 The Defiants Drive Frontiers    
6-9 Desecrate Lights of Contradiction Sleasy Rider Melodic Death  
6-9 Dioivo Cara os Ceios Incrmentes Sleasy Rider Melodic Black  
6-9 The Donner Party Cutting Class   Crossover  
6-9 Elvenpath Faith through the Fire El Puerto Melodic Power  
6-9 Envy of None That was Then, This is Now Kscope   E.P.
6-9 Exnun Nutshell studies of Unexplained Death   Extreme  
6-9 Extreme Six earMusic Heavy Hard  
6-9 Godflesh Purge Avalanche Ind Esp  
6-9 Grand Slam Slam Anthems Cleopatra   Box Set
6-9 Halls of Oblivion Eighteen Hundred and Frooze to Death Apostasy Melodic Death  
6-9 Imperishable Come, Sweet Death Hammerheart Death  
6-9 Inmundus The God Machine   Prog  
6-9 Innumerable Forms The Fall Down   Death Doom E.P.
6-9 Jesus Chrusler Supercar Rising   Death'n'Roll E.P.
6-9 Johnny The Boy You Season of Mist Gloom Core  
6-9 Kaksonen Universumin kuninggas Inverse  Thrash Death  
6-9 Kill Division Thoughts and Prayers Redifining Darkness Death Grind E.P.
6-9 Legion of the Damned The Poison Chalice Napalm Thrash  
6-9 Lykoris Raiata Demoni   Heavy  
6-9 Masqued When Demons Call Sleasy Rider Sym Prog  
6-9 McFly Power to Play BMG    
6-9 Miames Repugnance   Black  
6-9 Pyrexia System of the Animal 25 Gravitas Extreme  
6-9 Ray Alder II Inside Out Prog  
6-9 Rise to Fall The Fifth Dimension Noble Demon Melodic Groove  
6-9 Scar Symmetry The Singularity Phase ii: Xenotaph* Nuclear Blast Melodic  
6-9 Shakra Invincible AFM    
6-9 Slipknot Adderall Roadrunner Alt Extreme E.P.
6-9 Stellar Circuits Sight to Sound Nuclear Blast    
6-9 Slow Fall Obsidian Waves Out of Line Prog Melodic Death  
6-9 Sviatibor Primal Flame Inheritance   Pagan Black Amb E.P.
6-9 Tony Tears Pains Bloodrock Exp  
6-9 Vasculitis Masochistic Intestinal Eruption Realityfade Slam Death  
6-9 Voidhaven Lithic   Doom Death  
6-9 Vortex The Future Remains in Oblivion*   Melodic Deathcore  
6-9 Waxen Die Macht von Hassen* Morribund Black  
6-9 Witches Forest Sitting on Stardust   Black  
6-10 Rave the Reviem Ex Eden Out of Line Exp Sym  
6-14 Buckethead A Moment to Hold Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 528
6-14 Buckethead Carriage Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 529
6-14 Buckethead Rainbow Fountain Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 530
6-15 King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard  Petrodragonic Apocalypse; or, Dawn of the Eternal*   Various  
6-15 Postmortem Gore Orgy Diseased, Dismembered and Dicarded   Goregrind  
6-16 A.M.E.N. The Book of Lies I, Voidhanger    
6-16 Arkona Kob* Napalm Black Folk  
6-16 Avkrvst The Approbation* Inside Out Prog  
6-16 Boris and Uniform Bright new Desease Sacred Bones    
6-16 Duivel  Heiligschennis Van Black E.P.
6-16 EB and the Deadlights Echoes of a Dreamless Life      
6-16 The Fals Beyond the Grave TZR Black Heavy  
6-16 Fifth Angel When Angels Kill NB Heavy Power  
6-16 Frozen Land Out of the Dark Massacre    
6-16 Geist of Ouachita Imprisoned in the    Black  
6-16 Gravedancer The First Rite   Black Speed  
6-16 Helleruin Devils, Death and Dark Arts   Black  
6-16 Lanayah I'm Picking Lights in a Field Anima    
6-16 Nailbomb 1000% Hate Dissonance Ind Thrash Comp
6-16 Oblivion Sacrifice Darkness Before the Dawn   Heavy Power  
6-16 Orchid's Curse The Decay* Melodic Death Thrash   E.P.
6-16 Pride of Lions Dream Higher Frtontiers    
6-16 Pyoveli Mega-Thrash Revolution   Thrash Speed  
6-16 Queens of the Stone Age In Times New Roman.... Matador Alt  
6-16 Rana Richtfeuer BSBB    
6-16 Reaping Flesh Abyss of Existence Redifing Darkness    
6-16 Rise to the Sky Two Years of Grief Meuse    
6-16 Royal Thunder Rebuilding the Mountain* Spinefarm Psych  
6-16 Sammath Grebbeberg Hammerheart Black  
6-16 Saturnus The Storm Within Prophecy Melodic Doom Death  
6-16 Speed Limit Cut a Long Story Short NRT    
6-16 Stardust Kingdom of Illusion Frontiers    
6-16 Todsunde Herzjagd Drakkar Groove Death  
6-16 Torn from the Womb Apocryphtic Preludes & Lugubrious Epoch   Tech Death E.P.
6-16 Trouble Run to the Light Metal Blade Doom 1987
6-16 Varmia nie nas widze*   Black  
6-16 Yawning Man Long Walk of the Navajo Heavy Psych Sounds    
6-16 Witchskull The Serpent Tide Rise Above    
6-16 Worldeater An Isidious Remedy HPGD    
6-17 Empire The Infernal Seed   Melodic Death  
6-17 Gormoth Memories   Atmo Amb  
6-17 Massacred  Pandemonium of Terror   Death Grind  
6-17 Mortuorum Mocking Yjeir Death Rattles   Extreme  
6-17 Pavyon Geceleri Dead Fetus   Death  
6-18 The Arson Project God Bless SelfMadeGod Grind  
6-18 Barbelith Deathless Master   Post Black E.P.
6-18 Narath Nero   Exp E.P.
6-18 Under the Red Tide 2023   Groove Death Doom E.P.
6-19 Carnivorous Monstrosity Post Autopsy Depravities NMR Death Slam  
6-19 Luminous Veil Morbid Rubicon   Black  
6-19 Vanagandr Eternal Storms   Black  
6-19 Erythrite Throne Cursed to Wander the Shadowland Eternal   Black Doom Dungeon Synth  
6-19 Virulent Specter Satanic Territorial Moloch   Black  
6-22 Daemoni Devilish Spellcraft   Black  
6-22 Leathurbitch Shattered Vanity Shadow Kingdom Heavy Speed  
6-22 Split the Abyss The Doomscroll   Death Thrash E.P.
6-23 1000mods Super Van Vacation Heavy Psych Sounds    
6-23 1000mods Vultures Heavy Psych Sounds    
6-23 Alt Abeyance Sharptone    
6-23 The Anchoret It All Began with Loneliness Willowtip Prog Metal  
6-23 Carved in Flesh As Seen Through Tears Vic   1997
6-23 Blackning Awakening Rage Black Lion Thrash  
6-23 Cortege Vandari ADG    
6-23 Crepitation Monstrous Eruption VIR Death  
6-23 DeathCollector Death's Toll Prosthetic Death  
6-23 Degrees of Truth Alchemist Scarlet    
6-23 Despair Eternal S/T Syrup Moose   E.P.
6-23 Fatal Vision Twice Pride & Joy    
6-23 Fear Factory Mechanize Nuclear Blast Ind Groove 2010
6-23 Fear Factory Re Industrialized Nuclear Blast Ind Groove  
6-23 Fore Skin Blood Blast    
6-23 Forged in Black Lightning in the Ashes Fighter    
6-23 Gary Moore The Sanctuary Years BMG   Box Set
6-23 Graf Orlock End Credits Vitriol   E.P.
6-23 Green Labyrinth Sequences Fastball Sym  
6-23 High Priest Invocation Magnetic Eye Stoner Doom  
6-23 Onheil In Black Ashes Black Lion Extreme  
6-23 Jag Panzer The Hallowed* Atomic Fire  Heavy Power  
6-23 Jegong The Complex Inbetween Pelagic    
6-23 Judas Iscariot To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding Moribund Black 2002
6-23 Kabbalah Spectral Ascent Ripple Doom 2017
6-23 KrashKarma Fakking to Pieces* Rockshots    
6-23 Krigsgrav Fires in the Fall   Death Doom  
6-23 Megakill Paranoisw Worldwide Kopelhen   Crossover  
6-23 Membrance Undead Island*   Extreme  
6-23 Mental Cruelity Zwielicht* CM    
6-23 Miserere Luminis Ordalie SP Atmo Black  
6-23 Nocturnal Breed Carry the Beat Dark Essence Thrash Black  
6-23 Off Road Minivan May This Keep you Safe from Harm Tooth& Nail    
6-23 Outlanders S/T earMusic    
6-23 Persekutor Snow Business   Black Heavy  
6-23 Phantom Corporation Fallout Supreme Chaos Death Crust  
6-23 The Pineapple Thief How did we Find Our Way  Kscope Prog 1999 - 2006
6-23 Rage and Fire The Last Wolf No Remorse Heavy  
6-23 Sculforge Intergalactic Battle Tunes MDD Speed Power  
6-23 Snorlax The Necrotrophic Abyss BER Extreme  
6-23 Soul Grinder Filth Encrusted   Heavy Thrash  
6-23 Stinking Lizaveta Anthems and Phantoms   Doom Stoner  
6-23 Stray Gods Olympus Roar    
6-23 Structural  Decrowned VP Melodic  
6-23 Swans The Begger Mute    
6-23 Tomb The Dark Subconscious Iron Bonehead Extreme E.P.
6-23 Thornafire Leprosario lazareto Great Dane Death  
6-23 Thy Catafalque Alfold Season of Mist Avant Exp  
6-23 Tsjuder Helvegr Season of Mist Black  
6-23 Valosta Varjoon Boarrisch Grattlig Folter Black  
6-23 Vexed Negative Energy Napalm Alt  
6-23 Vulture Industries Ghost from the Past Karisma Avant Garde Prog  
6-23 Wilt Huginn Vendetta Atmo Black  
6-23 Wonders Beyond the Mirage Limb Melodic Power  
6-23 Xasthur Inevitably Dark Lupus Lounge Neo Folk Black  
6-23 Calico Jack Isla de la Muerte Rockshots    
6-30 Antirope Amnesia* Eclipse    
6-30 Beneath the Hollow Misery Loves You      
6-30 Buckethead The Enigma of the Chariot Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 531
6-30 Buckethead Held Reflection Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 532
6-30 Buckethead Many Moons Ago and Now Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 533
6-30 Buckethead The Coloring of Metals Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 534
6-30 Buckethead Storm and Stillness Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 535
6-30 Buckethead Where the Gentle Breeze Plays Bucketheadland Various Shred Pike 536
6-30 Church of Misery Born Under a Mad Sign* Rise Above Doom  
6-30 Death Ray Vision No Mercy From Electric Eyes* Metal Blade    
6-30 Dusk  Spectrums* WormHoleDeath    
6-30 Dusk Cult Night Sky Revelation      
6-30 East of the Wall A Neutral Second* Translation Loss    
6-30 Elwood Stray Gone with the Flow Out of Line    
6-30 None Inevitable Hypnotic Dirge Atmo Dep  
6-30 Power of Fear A Breed Apart Daze    
6-30 Power Trip Live in Seattle Southern Lord   Live
6-30 Pyramaze Bloodlines AFM Power Heavy  
6-30 Raven All Hell's Breaking Loose* Silver Lining NWOBHM  
6-30 Rise Above For Better For Worse WTF    
6-30 The Scars of Pneuma Woebegone Raised by Wolves Deadwoods   E.P.
6-30 Schattenmann Dia di MUertos AFM    
6-30 The River A Hollow Full of Hope Cavarnous    
6-30 Ten Ton Mojo Rebel Heart Gypsy Soul Curtain Call   E.P.
6-30 Throw the Fight Strange World* Long Branch    
6-30 Tony Mitchell Radio Hearbeat Pride & Joy    
6-30 Virgin Steel The Passion of Dionysus* SPV Power  
6-30 Vordona Quadrivium Sliptrick    
6-30 XO Armor Nublar Krod