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Latest Updates

1-20 April Tour with Entheos
1-20 April/ May Tour with Whitechapel
1-19 March April Tour Experience Hendrix
1-17 March April Tour Children of Bodom
1-17 April May Tour with Architects
1-17 March April Tour with Mortus
1-15 Feb March  Between The Buried and Me 1-13 March April Tour with King Buffalo
1-13 May Tour with The Winery Dogs
1-13 March April Tour with Veil of Maya
1-10 Feb March Tour The Three Tremors
1-6 Agonia Records Update
1-4 March Tour with Sick of it All
1-4 Slayer in May
1-3 January February Tour with C.O.C.
1-1 February Tour with King Buffalo
1-1 April Tour with Hatebreed / Obituary
1-1 March April  with Baroness/Deafheaven
12-31 High Roller Records Updates
12-30 Cruz Del Sur Updates
12-30 Napalm Records Updates
12-30 March April Tour with The Browning
12-26 May June Tour with Judas Priest
12-25 Iron Maiden Tours Dates in August
12-25 March April with YOB & VOIVOD
12-25 Album Release Dates
12-23 Season of Mist Updates
12-18 January Tour with Madball
12-18 Kiss Farewell Tour Dates
12-16 March April Tour with Rivers of Nihil
12-16 Willowtip Records Updates
12-16 SPV Updates
12-15 Metalfest Page Updated
12-13 Century Media Updates
12-10 March Tour Within Temptation
12-9 Nuclear Blast Updates
12-2 Feb March Tour with John 5
12-2 March April with Cradle of Filth
11-29 The Passing of Erik Lindmark
11-23 Lion Music Updates
11-18 Uncle Acid live in February/ March
11-18 March with Queensryche & Fates Warning11-18 Feb March Tour Of Mice & Men
11-18 Feb March Tour with Clutch
11-18 Feb March Tour with Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel and Immolation
11-18 March April Tour Death is just the Beginning - Fleshgod Ap and Hypocrisy
11-15 February with Saxon
11-4 January Tour with Ensiferum
3-18 Buckethead pike #59 Ydrapoej

1-15 Agonia and Metal Blade Updates


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Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Quorthon from Bathory
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Latest News

Erik Lindmark

Metal Mentor, Deeds of Flesh mainman and founder of Unique Leader records Erik Lindmark has passed of away from Sclerosis on November 29th 2018 at the age of 46!

Richard Bateman

Richard Bateman passed away on September 5 2018 at the age of 50  from a heart attack. Richard was the bass playe rfor Gardy Loo, Unearthed and Nasty Savage. 

Blod AKA   Jan Egil Fosse

Black Metal Drummer Jan Egil Fosse aka Blod passed away on September 4th at the age of 43. He was a part of Antaios, Forlorn and Gehenna. 

Oli Herbert

Guitar Player for the band All That Remains was found dead in a pond by his house on October 17 od 2018. Oli Herbert was 44 years old. No foul play was suspected. Autopy will be done. 

2019 Album Releases



Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
1-1 Altu Paganach Sleeping Under Alqualonde Tolkiean Black Folk  
1-1 Black Shine Die My Enemy Die   Black E.P.
1-1 Emperor Guillotine Chrononaut   Stoner  
1-1 Ermengrond Men Amongst Wolves   Atmo Post  
1-1 Gunther Weezul Join Us   Stoner  
1-1 Jaguar Desecrator Demon Destroyer Thrash Black  
1-1 Khaos Labyrinth The Cold Universe   Amb  
1-1 Kruger Co   Power Speed  
1-1 Marax Dance Within the Flames of Burning Fire   Sym Black E.P.
1-1 Meathook Crypts, Coffins, Corpses Unmatched Brutality    
1-1 Milopkl Panspermatic Eradication   Speed Thrash  
1-1 Moongates Guardian The Last Ship   Epic Atmo Black  
1-1 My Deathbed Mirrors of Depression I   Dep Black  
1-1 Orthostat Monolith of Time   Death  
1-1 Quercus Verferum   Fun Doom  
1-1 Strigae I: Colision   Atmo Black  
1-1 The Sun Through A Telescope Hopeless Teenage Corpsepaint   Drone E.P.
1-1 Valiant Bastards Harbingers of Chaos   Heavy Thrash  
1-1 Undying Holy Believe   Melodic Death E.P.
1-1 Witches Hollow The Coven is Alive   Extreme  
1-2 Biogenesis Black Widow Roxx Prog Thrash  
1-2 Dom Lodo The Bastard   Stoner E.P.
1-2 Insan Banishment Divine   Prog Black  
1-2 Internal Chronicles Crimson Storm Guts & Blood  Black Doom  
1-2 Lightless Fed to the Lions   Black  
1-2 Minervium Eterno e Omega   Black E.P.
1-2 Mistveil Amnesia   Melodic  
1-2 Splitcraft Legacy of Truth   Heavy Power  
1-3 Brutaliza     Thrash Punk E.P.
1-3 Posesion Infernal Pact   Black Thrash  
1-3 Windhelm Lugubre   Amb Black  
1-4 Cabra We Are Infinitus   Black  
1-4 Cadaverous Contingency Abolition   Death  
1-4 Callejon Hartgeld Im Club Century Media    
1-4 Dead Head The Feast Begins at Dawn Hammerheart Thrash Death 1991
1-4 Festerday iihtallhan Season of Mist Death  
1-4 Gravewurm Dread Night Funeral Empire Extreme  
1-4 Hobos Nell'era dell'apparenza Spikerot Melodic Core  
1-4 John Garcia and the Band of Gold S/T Napalm Groove  
1-4 Leash Eye Blues, Brawls & Beverages   Southern  
1-4 Legion of the Damned Slaves of the Shadow Realm Napalm Death Thrash  
1-4 Mark Deutrom The Blue Bird Season of Mist    
1-4 Plague Years Unholy Infestation   Thrash Death  
1-4 Veldes Flameless   Atmo Black  
1-6 Cancelled Earth 002   Death E.P.
1-6 Dystert Natt  Oceans of Knives/ 40%/Me   Dep Black  
1-6 Lantern Lost Paragraphs Dark Descent Extreme  E.P.
1-6 Oblivions Kiss The Swallow and the Blue Bird   Gothic Doom  
1-6 Unmasked Behind the Mask   Melodic Death  
1-7 Amoderndeath S/T   Melodic Death  
1-7 Bloodsport Kurnite Attack Nightstrike Heavy Speed E.P.
1-7 Dictator Dysangelist Aesthetic Black Fun 2008
1-7 Extirpation A Damnation's Stairway Triumph of Death Black Thrash  
1-7 Metal Castle The Desolation of  Marmaduke   Folk  
1-7 Moulin Banel Le Ryth   Black E.P.
1-7 Oppression Le coeurplein de  Rage PH Black Punk  
1-7 Pale Hands of Cold Down in the Sewer We All Became Rats Karst Amb  
1-7 Public Grave Cadaverous Resurrection   Death  
1-7 Obed Marsh Dunwich   Black Doom  
1-7 (The True ) Veiled In Blinding Presence   Black  
1-8 Althea The Art of Trees   Prog Metal  
1-8 Dioivo II Darkwoods Melodic Black  
1-8 Murdock 13 Hunter   Heavy Instrumental  
1-8 Tytus Rain After Drought Fighter Heavy Hard  
1-9 Delivatessen Primal Cuts   Goregrind E.P.
1-9 Ethereal Sin Kauriyo King Sym Black  
1-9 Integrity All Death is Mine Williams Street Hardcore  
1-9 Jugra RAC untuk Nusantara HM Black  
1-9 Regnat Horrendum Dogs of Christ   Pagan Black  
1-9 Tanator Execution   Black Thrash E.P.
1-9 To Conceal the Horns Kun Luovun   Extreme E.P.
1-9 Xerion A essencia do Abismol   Black  
1-10 AEgewinn Baernan   Extreme E.P.
1-10 Gravkvade Gravlaska Avantgarde Black Doom  
1-10 Nyxborn Fatesblood   Heavy Prog  
1-10 Suicidal Psychosis Totengefluster   Dep Black  
1-10 Proclamus Death Thoughts Vision of God Death  
1-10 Spiritwood Cold Moon Blasphemies   Atmo Black  
1-10 Wolfmachine S/T Arcane Black  
1-11 Air Raid Demon Eye High Roller Heavy E.P.
1-11 Ancestral Legacy The Silent Frontier WVR Gothic Doom  
1-11 Archangel A.D. Warband   Thrash E.P.
1-11 At The Gates The Mirror Black Century Media Melodic E.P.
1-11 At The Gates With The Pantheons Century Media Melodic E.P.
1-11 Await the Desolation Age of Desperation   Death E.P.
1-11 Bloody Times On A Mission Heavy  
1-11 Born of Osiris The Simulation Sumerian Extreme  
1-11 Dying Flag Hyene de vie M & O Groove 2017
1-11 Ezra Brooks Visions of Power   Heavy  
1-11 Feasting Feentanz des Frost und Schnees   Black  
1-11 Ferndal Singularitaten Einheit EXP  
1-11 Intact State: Deprssion   Groove  
1-11 Jinjer Micro Napalm   E.P
1-11 La Morte Viene Dallo Sky over Giza Bloodrock Rock E.P.
1-11 Lilake Memory Lies   Exp  
1-11 Lost in Grey The Waste Land Reaper Sym  
1-11 Lumbar The First and Last Days of Unwelcome Argonauta Doom 2013
1-11 Mo'ynoq Dreaming in a Dead Language   Black  
1-11 Nailed to Obscurity Black Forest Nuclear Blast Melodic  
1-11 Nocny Kochanek Randka w    Heavy  
1-11 Powerwolf Metallum Nostrum Napalm Heavy  
1-11 Refusal Epitome of Void FDA Death  
1-11 Saqra's Cult The 9th King Amor Fati Black  
1-11 Soilwork Verkligheten Nuclear Blast Melodic  
1-11 Spectral Manifest The Nether   Extreme  
1-11 Spillage Blood of Angels Qumran Heavy Doom  
1-11 Vioblast Theater of Despair Hostile Thrash  
1-11 Volucrine Skywards   Melodic  
1-11 The Walrus Resists Son of Gehenna Send the Wood  Death  
1-11 Wolfhorde Hounds of Perdition Inverse Black Folk  
1-12 Metalurgia Paradigmas   Prog  
1-13 Tempus Dark El mal real   Black  
1-14 Chaosform Kill for Honor   Death Thrash E.P.
1-14 Devouror Slay For Satan Metalzone Extreme E.P.
1-14 Hysteria Anthems of Pain   Black  
1-14 Nightwing In My Eyes   Black 2004
1-14 Nightwing Under the Wings of Night   Black 2003
1-14 Penetrator Enjoy   Thrash E.P.
1-14 Powerful Owl Bits n Bobs   Sludge E.P.
1-14 Rahha Descension Ceremony   Black E.P.
1-14 Resin Witch Spiders and Flies   Doom  
1-14 Skjalf Transcendental   Atmo Black  
1-14 Wishdoomdark Blood of the Black God Dark East Doom Death  
1-15 Ahl Sina Troops of Pain   Folk  
1-15 Antiquus Scriptum Ahbra Khadabra Soundage Black Amb  
1-15 Barshasketh S/T WTC Black  
1-15 Cenotaphe Empyree Nuclear War Now! Black E.P.
1-15 The Cleaner and Mr. Filth's Van Murders The Cleaners got the Blues RJ Death  
1-15 Corretja Life Aggressively   Melodic Death  
1-15 Endymion Forever Lost   Sym Power E.P.
1-15 Macabro S/T   Death  
1-15 Necrutero Metallo   Extreme  
1-15 Shadowland Empty Horizon Soundage Atmo  
1-15 Sparkle Fire in Depth of Silence   Post Black  
1-15 Terminal Death S/T   Death Thrash E.P.
1-15 Zloslut Sahar Morbid Chapel Black  
1-16 Obsolete The Rumored Death of Atlas   Death Thrash  E.P.
1-16 Tunge Byrder An Ice Cold Warfare part:2   Black E.P.
1-17 Brought to the Water Complex   Atmo Post Black  
1-17 Haunt Mosiac Vision   Heavy E.P.
1-17 Hellraisers The Macabre Dance of the Keeper Vacula Black  
1-17 Michael Harris Orchestrate II Rage and Restraint Lion Prog  
1-17 Nicolas Waldo Vital Elememnts Lion Prog  
1-17 Perpetual Die Primitive Anima Invocation   Death E.P.
1-17 Sinister Tradition Count Nastros   Black  
1-18 Altitudes & Attitude Get it Out Megaforce  Heavy  
1-18 Avathar Burgulu Gollums Treasures Epic Black  
1-18 Blurr Thrower Les Avatars du Vide   Atmo E.P.
1-18 The Cards S/T     Paul Quinn
1-18 Crematory Stench Grotesque Deformities Blood Harvist Death E.P.
1-18 Dawn of Ashes The Crypt Injection II Metropolis Ind Black  
1-18 Dust Bolt* Trapped In Chaos Napalm  Thrash  
1-18 Ectovoid Inner Death Blood Harvest Death E.P.
1-18 Epitima Thread Naturmacht Post Black  
1-18 Ewiheim Irrlichter Golden Church Goth  
1-18 Fever 333 Strength in Numbers 333rs' Roadrunner    
1-18 Flotsam And Jetsam* The End of Chaos AFM Power Thrash  
1-18 Fortress S/T High Roller Heavy E.P.
1-18 Furor Gallico Dusk of the Ages Scarlet Folk  
1-18 Gloryful Cult of Sedna Massacre Heavy  
1-18 Gorgon Elegy Dusktone Sym Melodic  
1-18 Hanormale Reborn in Butterfly Dusktone Ind Black  
1-18 Lahmia Resilience Scarlet Gothic Melodic  
1-18 Lemuria* The Hysterical Hunt Massacre Sym Black Folk  
1-18 Malevolent Creation The 13th Beast Century Media Death Thrash  
1-18 Magnum Live At Symphony Hall SPV Rock Live
1-18 Marc Durkee Remain in Status   Melodic  
1-18 Medeia Xenosis Playground Alt Death  
1-18 Metal Inquisitor Panopticon Massacre Heavy  
1-18 Musmahhu Reign of the Odious Iron Bonehead Death  
1-18 A Pale Horse Named Death* When the World Becomes Undone SPV   Sal Abruscato
1-18 Phlebotomized Deformatiom of Humanity Hammerheart Avant Garde  
1-18 Powergame Maquerade Iron Shield Heavy  
1-18 Raven Screaming Murder Death from Above SPV Heavy Live
1-18 Ride for Revenge Ageless Powers Arise Hells Headbangers EXP Black 2015
1-18 Rifftera Across the Acheron Inverse Melodic  
1-18 Sadisme Festering in Telepathic Communion Grey Matter Black  
1-18 Torque S/T  1996 Mascot   Phil Demmel 
1-18 Trollfest Norwegian Fairytales NoiseArt Folk  
1-18 Aligator Wine The Flying Carousal Century Media   E.P.
1-19 Burning Witches S/T and Bruning Alive Nuclear Blast Heavy 2017
1-19 The Mound Builders S/T Failure Stoner  
1-19 Horrisonous A Culinary Cacophony Memento Mori Death  
1-19 Iskhathron Visione   Black  
1-19 Pain Patters The Dawn Collective   Prog Death  
1-19 Raven Live in Aalborg Steamhammer NWOBHM Live
1-19 Ravenous Death Chapters of an Evil Transistion Memento Mori Death  
1-19 Vanguard II   Melodic  
1-19 Velian Godless   Melodic Goth  
1-19 Vermin Scourge Triumphant Savagery Deathcamp Extreme E.P.
1-20 Escapist The Nihilistic Doctrine   Black  
1-20 Defixion Tabelae Defixionis   Death E.P.
1-20 Hautakumpu Uuden aja aatto Corpse Torture Black E.P.
1-20 Intristare Vestiges I   Dep Amb  
1-20 Mar Pressed in the Earth   Sludge  
1-20 Mist The Essence of Negativity   Dep Black E.P.
1-20 The Ogre Entity   Prog Extreme  
1-20 Red Cain Kindred: Act I   Prog Groove  
1-20 Solemn Ceremony The Chamber   Doom E.P.
1-20 Sorgelig Devoted to Nothingness LFDMP Black E.P.
1-21 Hooisonous A Culinary Cacophony Memento Mori Death  
1-21 In Eternum Discover GS Goth Doom  
1-21 Infernarium Kadotuksen harmonia Helter Skelter Thrash  
1-21 Malum Crowned with the Serpents Helter Skelter Black 2015
1-21 Malum Night of the Luciferian Light Helter Skelter Black 2017
1-21 Oblivion S/T Unique Leader Tech Death  
1-21 Vessel of Iniquity Void of Infinite Horror Sentient Ruin Extreme Noise  
1-21 Vile Apparition Depravity Ordained Blood Harvest Death  
1-22 Carpe Diem Acustico   Sym Power E.P.
1-22 Gates to the Abyss Sorcery of Melkor   Extreme  
1-22 Mortal Scepter Where Light Suffocates Xtreem Thrash  
1-23 Avantasia More Moonglow Nuclear Blast Sym Power The Rock Hard E.P.
1-23 Helevorn Aamamata BadMoodMan Doom Goth  
1-23 Inferno Basado en hechos reales Necromance Thrash  
1-23 Syu Vorvados Warner Japan Heay Power  
1-24 Autumn Stacking Smoke Painted Bass Gothic  
1-24 Dr. Skull Wory Zover Hammer Heavy 1990
1-24 Dr. Skull Rools 4 Fools Hammer Heavy 1992
1-24 Dr. Skull Hersey Yolunda Hammer Heavy 1994
1-24 Dr. Skull Box Set Hammer Heavy Box Set
1-25 Altarage The Approaching Season of Mist Extreme  
1-25 Ancient Bards Origine Limb Sym Power  
1-25 Ars Magma Umbrea Lunar Ascension I Voidhanger    
1-25 Bashingsay Sadistic Scene or Brutality Rotten Death  
1-25 Bekmork Incantations of the Frigid North   Black E.P.
1-25 Bring Me The Horizon Amo Columbia Hard Rock  
1-25 Carnal Forge Gun to Mouth Salvation Vicusolum Thrash  
1-25 Convictors Atrocious Perdition Kernkraftritter Death  
1-25 Desecravity Ananthema Willowtip Tech Death  
1-25 Diabol Boruta Czary Pure Steel Folk  
1-25 Dodsfall Doden shal ikke vente Osmose Black  
1-25 AEra The Craving Within ATMF Pagan  
1-25 Entoria Aschheim   Melodic Death  
1-25 Eresia Airesis Andromeda Relix Death Thrash E.P.
1-25 Evergrey The Atlantic AFM Melodic Prog  
1-25 Fleurety Min tid skal komme Peaceville Prog Avant 1995
1-25 Foul Of Worms   Doom Death E.P.
1-25 Fusion Bomb Concrete Jungle Iron Shield Thrash  
1-25 Gorgon The Veil of Darkness Osmose Black  
1-25 Hecate Enthroned Embrace of the Godless Aeon M-Theory Extreme  
1-25 Hollow Leg Civilizations Argonauta Doom  
1-25 Incite* Built to Destroy Minus Head Thrash Groove  
1-25 Inferritvm RThe Grimoires Inverse Black  
1-25 Inglorious Ride to Nowhere      
1-25 In Hell Satanica Mundi Mystyk Extreme  
1-25 Insanity Alert 666 Pack Season of Mist Thrash  
1-25 Jeff Hughell Deprevation   Prog EXP  
1-25 Kane Roberts* The New Normal Frontiers    
1-25 Kataplexia The Rise of the Unknown Rotten Death  
1-25 King Diamond Songs for the Dead Metal Blade  One of a Kind DVD
1-25 King 810 Suicide King      
1-25 Malamorte Hell for All Rockshots    
1-25 Manilla Road Open The Gates High Rooler Heavy 1985
1-25 The Neal Morse Band The Great Adventure Radiant Prog  
1-25 Nightfyre From Fortune to Ruin The Charming Man Heavy  
1-25 Onfodt Dodsrikets kallelse Immortal Frost Black  
1-25 Perverticon Wounds of Divinity Iron Bonehead Black  
1-25 Rendered Helpless Suffer, Seraphim   Death  
1-25 Rotting Christ The Heretics Season of Mist Dark Melodic  
1-25 The Sabbathian Latum Alterum Svart Doom  
1-25 SDI Satan's Defloration Incorporated High Roller Speed 1986
1-25 SDI Sign of the Wicked High Roller Speed 1988
1-25 Starbreaker Dysphoria Frontiers   Tony Harnell and Magnus Karlsson
1-25 Steel Engraved S/T Rock of Angels Heavy  
1-25 Steve Hackett At the Edge of Light Inside Out Prog  
1-25 Suffering Souls In Synergy Obscene Schwarzdorn Sym Black  
1-25 Swallow the Sun When a Shadow is Forced into Light Century Media Melodic  
1-25 Quiet Riot One Night in Milan Frontiers Hard Heavy Live
1-25 Ulvadalir ...of Death Eternal Iron Bonehead Black  
1-25 Window Ritual High Roller   1983
1-26 Depraver Suffering in the Coffin   Black Thrash E.P.
1-26 Light Dweller Incandescent Crucifix Heavy Extreme  
1-26 Svartelder Pits Dusktone Black  
1-28 Chainsaw Hill of Crosses Chainsaw Thrash  
1-28 Frenzy Blind Justice      
1-28 Lichborne In Brightness Shadows Narcopeptica Black  
1-30 Deadspace Dirge Talheim   Dep Black
1-31 Burial The Forgotten Dismal Fate Doom Death  
1-31 Toxik Attack Assassinos em Serie      
1-31 Tumulario Renace el crudo metal Solitude Black Thrash 2016
1-31 Wintergeist Kalte Fluten EER Black  

February Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
2-1 Astronoid S/T Blood Shoegaze  
2-1 Avantasia Angels of Babylon Napalm Sym Melodic 2010
2-1 Avantasia The Mystery of Time Napalm Sym Melodic 2013
2-1 Avantasia The Scarcrow Napalm Sym Melodic 2008
2-1 Avantasia Wicked Synmphony Napalm Sym Melodic 2010
2-1 Avantasia Moonglow Nuclear Blast Sym Melodic  
2-1 Dieklute Planet Fear Cleopatra Ind Dino Cazares
2-1 Der Rote Milan Moritat UCD Black  
2-1 Graves  Liturgia da Blasfemia Iron Bonehead Black  
2-1 Mastiff Plague   Doomcore  
2-1 Megascavenger Boneyard Symphony Selfmadegod Death  
2-1 Morild Sa kom morket og to Indisciplinarian Atmo Black  
2-1 Moulderyawn A Dreamworlds Oeuvre   Amb Black  
2-1 Necropsy Defecation Flesh Gore Pieces of Cannibalistic   Death  
2-1 Optimist Vermachtris Beatendown Hardware Deathcore  
2-1 Ossuarium Living Tomb 20 Buck Spin Death  
2-1 Pensees Nocturnes Grand Guignol Orchestra   Avant  
2-1 Pulchra Morte Divina Autem et Aniles Ceremonial Doom Death  
2-1 Se Lusiferin Kannel Valtakunta   Atmo Black 2017
2-1 Soen Lotus Silver Lining Melodic  
2-1 Son ov Leviathan Luciferian Misanthrope   Extreme  
2-1 Spirit Ruiner Vol . 1 Subside Sludge E.P.
2-1 Svirnath Dalle rive del Curone Naturmacht Atmo   
2-1 Thonum Vrondor Ichor Pulverised Black  
2-1 Unendlich Thanatophobia Horror Pain Gore Death Black  
2-1 Within Temptation Resist Spinefarm Sym  
2-1 Yaldabaoth O Mito das Duas Balrogh Black  
2-1 Zohamah Speading My Ashes Redefining Darkness Doom Extreme  
2-2 Ebola III Zero Dimensional Black  
2-2 Norrsinnt Davahugg Wofspell Pagan Folk 2017
2-2 Vehemence Par le sang vrese Antiq Black  
2-2 War Thrashed Bienvenido   Thrash  
2-3 Cuero Chancho Cromosomas   Goove  
2-4 Blackdeath Phantasmhassgorie Heidens Heart Black  
2-4 Meslamtaea Niets en niemendal Heidens Heart Black  
2-5 Lord Divine Facing Chaos Fighter Power  
2-6 Cosmic Plunge Dealing with the Harvester   Doom Stoner  
2-7 S.R.L. Hic Sunt Leones Rockshots Melodic  
2-8 Agony Reigns Death From Within   Thrash E.P.
2-8 Anima Mortuum Goat Destruction Shattered Chain Black  
2-8 Beast in Black From Hell with Love Nuclear Blast    
2-8 Blue Hummingbird on the Left Alt Tlachinolli Iron Bonehead Black  
2-8 Deserted Fear Drowned By Humanity Century Media Death  
2-8 Devour the Fetus Traumatic Birth Delight Amoutated Vein Grind  
2-8 Downfall of Gaia Ethic of Radical Finitude Metal Blade Atmo Post  
2-8 Drottnar Monolith Endtime Tech Black  
2-8 Electrocution Psychonolaty Goregore Tech Death  
2-8 Herman Frank Fight the Fear AFM   X- Accept
2-8 John Diva & The Rockets of Love "Mama Said Rock is Dead" SPV Rock  
2-8 Maestus Deliquesce Code666 Doom  
2-8 A Novelist Folie   Prog Death  
2-8 Our Survival Depend on Us Melting the Ice in the Hearts of Men Van Sludge  
2-8 Raped By Pigs Mental Diseases Amputated Vein Death  
2-8 Rosy Vista Unbelievable SPV Heavy  
2-8 Seer  Vol. 6 Artoffact Doom  
2-8 SkeleToon They Never Say Die Scarlet Power  
2-8 Thornbridge Theatrical Masterpiece Massacre Power  
2-8 Toby Knapp Blizzard Archer Moribund Rockers Prog Shred  
2-8 Vircolac Masque Dark Descent Death  
2-8 Windswept The Onlooker Season of Mist Black  
2-9 Critical Defiance Misconception Unspeakable Axe Thrash  
2-10 Temple of Demigod Onslaught of the Ancient Gods   Sym Extreme  
2-11 Against Myself Unity On Fire Sym  
2-11 Masque The Dead of Night No Remorse Heavy E.P.
2-12 Hellnite* Phantom Force Sliptrick Thrash  
2-12 Kalanthes Grim Grey God   Melodic  
2-12 The Wandering Ascetic Crimson Transcending Obscurity Extreme  
2-13 Witchgoat Egregors of the Black Faith Morbid Skull Black Thrash  
2-15 Ad Patres A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments Xenokorp Death  
2-15 Afraid of Destiney S.I.G.H.S. Talheim Atmo  
2-15 Aleere Suicide in Solitude War Against Yourself Dep Black  
2-15 Asphodelus Stygian Dreams Terror from Hell Doom Death  
2-15 Avantasia Moonglow NuclearBlast Sym  
2-15 Backstabber* Conspiracy Theorist   Death Thrash  
2-15 Black Mass Warlust Iron Shield Thrash  
2-15 Blodhemn Mot ein evig ruin Soulseller Black  
2-15 Born of Pain True Love Beatdown Hardware Thrashcore  
2-15 Chainbreaker Lethal Desire Hells Headbangers Thrash Speed  
2-15 Diabolical Eclipse Inie  Extreme  
2-15 Electric Mary Mother Listenable Stoner  
2-15 Funeral Presence Achatius Sepulchral Black  
2-15 God Disease Drifting Towards Inevitable FDA Death  
2-15 Holy Blood Voice of Blood Vision of God Extreme Folk  
2-15 In The Fire Volatile Beings Horror Pain Gore Death    
2-15 Lordian Guard Demo 1986 High Roller Epic Heavy E.P.
2-15 Manilla Road The Deluge High Roller Heavy 1986
2-15 The Munsens Unhanded Sailor Stoner  
2-15 Oldd Wvrms Codex Tenebris Cursed Monk Doom Death  
2-15 Ravager Thrashletics Pure Steel Thrash  
2-15 Saor Forgotten Paths Avantgarde Atmo Folk  
2-15 The Three Tremors S/T Steel Cartel Heavy, Power Speed Conklin, Peck and Owens
2-15 Trauma As the World Dies Pure Steel Power Speed  
2-15 Vanum Ageless Fire Napalm Black  
2-15 William J Tsamis Lordian Winds and Sea of Tranquility High Roller Epic Heavy Comp
2-16 Deleznable Dejar de existir Zero Dimensional Black  
2-16 Endless Floods Circle The Gold Bigout Doom  
2-16 Profundee Libidines Proces de sorcellerie Zero Dimensional Black  
2-18 Rifftera Across the Acheron Inverse  Melodic  
2-20 Afterbleeding Paths of Decimation Sirius Death 2017
2-20 Vvilderness Devour The Sun CBM Post Black  
2-22 Booze Control Forgotton Lands Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
2-22 Candlemass The Door of Doom Napalm Doom  
2-22 Continuum Designed Obsolescence Unique Leader Tech Death  
2-22 Dead Witches The Final Exorcism Heavy Psych Stoner  
2-22 Delain Hunter's Moon Napalm Sym  
2-22 Dream Theater Distance over Time Inside Out Prog  
2-22 Gatekeeper Grey Maiden Cruz Del Sur Heavy E.P.
2-22 Imperia Flames of Eternity Massacre Sym  
2-22 Last In Line II Frontiers Heavy  
2-22 The Moth Gatherer Esoteric Oppression  Agonia    
2-22 Oculum Dei Dreams of Desire and Torment   Blackened Death  
2-22 Opprobrium The Fallen Entities High Roller Thrash  
2-22 Overkill The Wings of War  Nuclear Blast Thrash  
2-22 Relics of Humanity Obscuration Willowtip Death E.P.
2-22 Rhapsody of Fire The Eighth Mountain   Sym Power  
2-22 Riot Archives Volume 2  High Roller Heavy Comp
2-22 Sanhedrin The Poisener Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
2-22 Spirits of Fire S/T Frontiers Heavy Super Group
2-22 The Tempter Turpis Rex Napalm   Alex Wank
2-22 Tora Tora Bastards of Beale   Rock  
2-22 Uncivilized Pounder Hells Headbangers Heavy All Star Line up
2-22 West Bound Volume I Frontiers Hard Rock Chas West
2-22 The Wizard Full Moon in Scorpio High Roller    
2-24 Autumn Stacking Smoke Painted Bass Gothic  
2-25 Eremit Carrier of Weight Transcending Obscurity Doom  
2-25 Valle Crucis Iron & Blood Narcolyptica Black  
2-27 Burial Stone Lost History   Death E.P.

March Releases


Date Artist Release Label  Genre Notes
3-1 Darkwater Human Ulterium Prog  
3-1 Demon Hunter Peace      
3-1 Demon Hunter War      
3-1 Der Weg Einer Freiheit Live in Berlin Season of Mist   Live
3-1 Mark Morton Anesthetic Spinefarm    
3-1 Pissgrave Posthumous Humilation Profound Lore Death  
3-1 Sacred Monster Worship the Weird   Stoner  
3-1 Scargod Krankheit Mensh 7hard Extreme Prog  
3-1 Sisters of Suffocation Humans are Broken Napalm Death  
3-1 Queensryche The Verdict Century Media Prog  
3-4 Meadows End The Grand Antiquation Black Lion Melodic  
3-5 Awakening Sun Into the Light   Melodic  
3-5 Forged in Black Descent of the Serpent Fighter Heavy Thrash  
3-6 Black Kalmar Skull A Night of Silence   Post Rock  
3-8 Children Of Bodom Hexed Nuclear Blast Thrash  
3-8 Damon Johnson Memoirs of an Uprising Double Dragon Hard Rock  
3-8 Doro Backstage to Heaven Nuclear Blast Heavy E.P.
3-8 Equipoise Demiurgus The Artisan Era Tech Prog Death  
3-8 Holding Absence S/T Sharptone    
3-8 Iron Savior Kill or Get Killed AFM Speed Power  
3-8 Misery Index Rituals of Power Season of Mist Extreme  
3-8 Mystifier Protogoni Mavri Magiki Season of Mist Black  
3-8 Picture Books The Hands of Time Century Media    
3-8 The Raven Age Conspiracy Corvid   George Harris
3-8 Tyr Hel Metal Blade Folk  
3-9 Coldnight Lifeblood Zero Dimensional Black  
3-15 Contrarian Their Worms Never Die Willowtip Prog Death  
3-15 Eternal Odyssey Awakening EMP   Brent Smendley
3-15 Overkill The Wings of War Nuclear Blast Thrash  
3-15 Noisem Cease to Exist 20 Buck Spin Grind  
3-16 High Reaper S/T Heavy Psych Doom  
3-22 Ashen Horde Fallen Cathedrals Extreme Prog Black  
3-22 Cellar Darling The Spell Nuclear Blast Folk Anna Murphy
3-22 Vltimas Something Wicked Marches In Season of Mist   David Vincent and Flo
3-22 Witherfall Vintage Century Media Prog Metal E.P.
3-29 Anthem Nucleus Nuclear Blast Heavy  
3-29 Devin Townsend Empath Inside Out    
3-29 Nightrage Wolf to Man Despotz Melodic Death  
3-29 Suzi Quatro No Control SPV Rock  
3-29 WhiteChapel The Valley Metal Blade Deathcore  

April Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
4-19 Altar of Oblivion The Seven Spirirts Shadow Kingdom Heavy Doom  

May Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
5-3 The Wildhearts Renaissance Men   Rock  

Virgin Steele :Ghost Harvest - Vintage I - Black Wine for Mourning 2018

2 and a half Octaves of excellence.......
The most under rated power/ heavy metal band on the planet earth, Virgin Steele has just put out a box set called Seven Devils Moonshine. Included is a new release called Ghost Harvest (The Spectral Vintage Sessions) Vintage 1 – Black Wine for Mourning. Black Wine for Mourning features the one of the best vocalists on the planet, David DeFeis, two and a half octaves of excellence. Virgin Steele has evolved into much more then just a typical heavy / power metal band. This album is more on the heavy metal/ Hard Rock side with touches of power, prog, blues and classical. David has defied the odds and this finely aged song writer is getting better with age. It is possible that the preservation of David's great voice is due to Virgin Steele's lack of commercial success and the grind this can put on ones voice.

Let's continue the controversy with this. The last Manowar album The Lord of Steel has been bashed on by haters and fans that have hit the wall and refused to give it a fair shake. Manowar's The Lord of Steel is one of the most solid/ pound for pound Manowar albums ever made. Not Manowar's best, but without a doubt top 5. This 2018 Virgin Steele release Ghost Harvest (The Spectral Vintage Sessions) Vintage 1 – Black Wine for Mourning is Virgin Steele's version of Manowar's The Lord of Steel. Start throwing the rocks!

The album starts off with a track that is destined to be a Steele classic, Seven Dead Within is a track that includes all of the for mentioned genres. The track is classic Virgin Steele Infused with blues and classical melodies. Track #2 Green Dusk Blues and Hearts on Fire are examples of how Dave is the full package when it comes to orchestration and vocals. His vocal melodies are second to none. Princess Amy is a blues infused heavy metal track. Some of the tracks featured in the middle of this album including Princess Amy (track 10) are as solid are Steele Tracks, remember this is may be the finest 2018 in it's genre, but falls a little short of being Metal album of the year . Track #8 Feral is one of those tracks (like the Heaven and Hell era) that everything seems to come together, drums, guitars keys and vocal working like a well oiled machine.

Classical masterpieces like Psychic Slaughter would have Wagner banging his head. Wagner would love David's orchestration. 
This album also includes Bluesy / Heavy tracks like Justine, a vocal masterpiece. Excellent ending to the story with remakes of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game and Little Wing by Hendrix . Like Jorn, David is able to make a pop rock song as metal as it gets.

Out of all of the power/ heavy metal elite, because of consistency both Manowar and Virgin Steele in the last 15 years have left the so called elite in the dust. This album comes in 2 forms. Individual release and a very affordable box set that includes 2 earlier releases and ton of remakes! Thumbs up for making the re-issues affordable.

Metal Archives wanted more when it came to my original draft, that was a gift. I was able to deconstruct this album from beginning to end. The Rating went from 82 to 85%. Really there is nothing else that can be said about this album except if you like talent then this albums is for you. I caught that Rock. Frank THE MORBID ONE The Metal Authority Family