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Latest Updates

10-8 Nov Dec GuitarCollective
10-2 December Tour Smashing Pumpkins
9-2 Nov Dec tour with The Contortionist
9-2 Nov Dec Tour with Atreyu
8-27 Oct Nov Tour with Suffocation
8-27  Sept Tour with Wiegedood
8-26 Metalfest Page Updated
8-15 Oct Nov Tour with Devildriver
8-15 Nov Dec Tour With Whitechapel
8-15 Nov Metal Alliance Tour
8-7 Sept Oct Tour with Reocation
8-7 Nov Tour with Korpiklaani
8-7 Nov Dec tour with Black Dahlia Murder
8-7 Oct Nov Bloodletting Tour
8-2 Sept Tour With Upon A Burning Body
8-1 Sept Oct with Unleash the Archers
7-31 Skinred Tour in September
7-25 November Tour with Wednesday 13
7-24 July Aug Tour with Wrong
7-24 Sept Oct Tour with Earthless
7-23 Sept Oct Tour with Amorphis
7-22 Sept Oct  tour with Obscura
7-22 Gwar and Hatebreed in October
7-22 Nov Dec Tour with Generation Axe
7-22  Album Release Dates
7-17 Sept Oct Tour With Sebastian Bach
7-17 October November Tour  with Behemoth
7-15 Oct Tour with Paradise Lost
7-15 July Aug with Armored Saint
7-15 Oct Nov Tour with Haken and Leprous
7-13 Oct Nov Tour with Machine Head
7-13 Oct Nov Tour with Windhand
7-11- July tour with Devour The Day
7-10 Sept Oct with Pallbearer
7-10 Sept Oct Tour with Carach Angren
7-7 November tour with John 5
7-6 July August with Act of Defiance
7-4September Tour with The Exploited
7-4 September dates with Vinnie Moore
7-1 Sept Oct Tour with Monster Magnet
7-1 Expain touring in September
7-1 Philip H Anselmo tour in September
6-26 King Buffalo touring in Aug/September
6-26 Sumac Tour in September
6-25 July Tour with Aethere
6-24 Aug Sept Tour with Incite
6-24 Alestorm tour in September
6-24 August Tour with  All That Remains
6-24 Aug Tour with For the Fallen Dreams
6-24 July August Tour  with Powerglove
6-19 September Tour with Red Fang
6-19 Sept Tour with Richie Kotzen
6-19 August tour with Gideon
6-19 Aug Sept tour with Abigail Williams
6-17 North American Festivals
6-14 July August Tour with Deafheaven
6-10 Sept Oct With Arch Enemy
6-10 September tour with Mastadon
6-10 Sept with Deep Purple & Judas Priest
6-10 Sept Oct Tour with Zeal & Arbor
6-10 Sept Oct Tour with Wintersun
6-6 Aug Spt with Mushroomhead
6-3 August Sept With Monolord
6-3 June July with Exmortis
6-2 July August  Summer Slaughter Tour
6-2 July Tour with Ringworm
5-20 August Sept Tour with Dead Daisies
5-20 June July Tour with Code Orange
5-20 August Tour with Pathology
5-2 July August tour with Otep
3-18 Buckethead pike #59 Ydrapoej

1-15 Agonia and Metal Blade Updates


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Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Quorthon from Bathory

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10-19 Tribute to Fallen Metal Heroes /Satan's Whorehouse 10pm
10-20  The Morbid One All Metal Saturday
10-21 Sunday  Live with the Necromancer  Tribute to Fallen Metal Heroes Sunday Night at 10pm
10-22  Technical Ecstasy Monday Nights

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Latest News

Kyle Pavone

Vocalist from the band We Came As Romans passed away from an accidental Overdose on August 25th 2018 at the age of 28.

 Richard Bateman

Richard Bateman passed away on September 5 2018 at the age of 50  from a heart attack. Richard was the bass playe rfor Gardy Loo, Unearthed and Nasty Savage. 

Blod AKA   Jan Egil Fosse

Black Metal Drummer Jan Egil Fosse aka Blod passed away on September 4th at the age of 43. He was a part of Antaios, Forlorn and Gehenna. 

Oli Herbert

Guitar Player for the band All That Remains was fiund dead in a pond by his house on October 17 od 2018. Oli Herbert was 44 years old. No foul play was suspected. Autopy will be done. 

2018 Album Releases  

July Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
7-1 Deathmace Bleeding Frenzy   Death Thrash  
7-1 Forces United Xo   Prog Power  
7-1 In Oblivion Memories Engraved in Stone Endless Winter Fun Doom  
7-1 Moenen of Xezbeth Ancient Spells of Darkness....... Nuclear War Now Black  
7-1 Pilsen Drinkers Controlado 2007 Gates of Horror Thrash Remastered
7-1 XVRA Absens Halsorisk Dep Black  
7-2 Feretri Un Oscuro E.P.   Black  
7-2 Sabotaje Santuario   Heavy  
7-3 Atom-76 Nok Metalism Heavy Power  
7-3 Naglet S/T Love Your Enemies Crust  
7-5 Nasty Surgeons Infectious Stench Xtreem Grind  
7-5 Nemesis Eternal Recurrence E.P.   Thrash Death  
7-6 1968 Ballads of the Godless Heviseki Stoner  
7-6 Anachronism Orogeny   Tech Death  
7-6 Atrocity Okkult II Massacre Exp  
7-6 Bloodlost Diary of Death Massacre Thrash  
7-6 Bongripper Terminal The Barrier Doom  
7-6 Burial Invocation Abiogenesis Dark Descent Black  
7-6 Chemical Way Chilling Spree   Crossover  
7-6 Devildriver* Outlaws 'Til the End, Vol 1   Melodic Groove  
7-6 Devin Townsend* Live Ocean Machine Napalm   Roman Theater
7-6 Finis Visions of Doom E.P. Iron Bonehead Extreme  
7-6 Greywalker Without Control   Groove Core  
7-6 Gwydion Thirteen   Viking Folk  
7-6 Hanzel und Gretyl Satanik Germatik Metropolis Industrial  
7-6 Hidden Intent Fear, Prey, Demise   Groove  
7-6 Holocaust No Man's Land 1984 High Roller Heavy  
7-6 Immortal* Northern Chaos Gods Nuclear Blast Black  
7-6 Kielkropf Ignorance is Bliss E.P. Sludgelord Doom Sludge  
7-6 Kissin Dynamite* Ecstasy Napalm Power  
7-6 Kontinuum* No Need to Reason Season of Mist Prog Post  
7-6 Lucifer* II Napalm Doom  
7-6 Manoue Infernal Light Creation   Prog Death  
7-6 Not My Master* Disobey Rockshots Extreme Groove  
7-6 Obtained Enslavement Soulblight 1998 Soulseller Sym Black  
7-6 Runespell Order of Vengeance Iron Bonehead  Black  
7-6 Secret Cutter Quantum Eraser  Holy Roar Doom Grind  
7-6 Taking the Head of Goliath S/T Rottweiler Death  
7-6 We Are Sentinels S/T SAOL   M. Barlow, J. Weingarten
7-6 Unburial The Dogs of War   Melodic Extreme  
7-6 Zmey Gorynich Mother Russia Soundage Folk Core  
7-7 Radogost Przeklety   Folk  
7-7 Ritual Epic Sagas   Blackened Thrash  
7-8 Crucial Rip The Object of Infection   Death  
7-8 Pellek Absolute Steel   Power Prog  
7-8 Plaguestorm Eternal Throne Helter Skelter Extreme Speed  
7-8 Stucker Lethal Device  E.P.   Thrash  
7-8 Tremonti* A Dying Machine Napalm    
7-9 Attilion Little Pony Musicblast Prog Post  
7-10 Heretic Execution Chaos Aura Kill Again Death  
7-10 Insineratehymn A Moment in a Vision Death    
7-10 Sathanas Necrohymns Transending Obscurity Extreme  
7-11 Future Copse Culture Ruins Everything Around Me   Prog  
7-11 Hell Freezes Over Speed Metal Assault Spiritual Beast Speed  
7-11 Morphinist* Sunwalker   Post Black  
7-11 Windzor Inevitable or by Chance E.P.   Melodic Heavy  
7-12 Tyrants of Hell Perversion, Disease and Satanic Sleaze CaliGari Thrash Death E.P.
7-13 Armory The Search Napalm Speed  
7-13 Attila Rolling Thunder 1986 Heaven & Hell Heavy  
7-13 Axegrinder Satori Rise Above Relics Crust  
7-13 Between the Buried Me* Automata II Sumerian  Prog  
7-13 Black Fast Spectre of Ruin eOne Prog Thrash  
7-13* Churchburn None Shall Live Armageddon Black Doom  
7-13 Crypticus The Nightcomers   Death  
7-13 Daggra Setsuna Horror Pain Gore Death Grind  
7-13 Deafheaven* Ordinary Corrupt Human Love Epitaph Shoegaze  
7-13 Deduction of a Miscalculation A Story Untold   Death  
7-13 Destroyer Attack Solve et Coagula  Morbid Skull Extreme  
7-13 Dire Omen Formless Fire Embodied E.P. Dark Descent Extreme  
7-13 Dygora Chambers of Reflection E.P.   Death Doom  
7-13 Engulf Gold and Rust E.P. Everlasting Spew Death  
7-13 Firtan Okeans Napalm Pagan Black  
7-13 Gioeli - Castronovo Set the World on Fire Frontiers Hard Rock  
7-13 Graham Bonnet Band Meanwhile Back at the Garage Frontiers Hard Rock  
7-13 Imperial Triumphant Vile Luxury Gilead Exp  
7-13 Jack Ketch The Ashes of  Vesuvius E.P.   Deathcore  
7-13 Kill No Albatross* Speak True Evil   Alternative  
7-13  Maggot Heart Dusk to Dusk TSV   Supergroup
7-13 Malsanctum S/T Iron Bonehead Fun Doom  
7-13 Mouth of Sauron Hearken The Echo of Music 2017 Transcending Obscurity Tech Death  
7-13 Obscura* Diluvium Relapse Death  
7-13 Oubliette The Passage Artisan Era Black  
7-13 Primordial Spirit the Earth Aflame 2000 Napalm Celtic Black  
7-13 Primordial Storm Before the Calm  2002 Napalm Celtic Black  
7-14 Pslocybin The Marsh Chapel Experiment Nightstrike  Doom  
7-13 Ratbreed* Evoke the Blaze Inverse Melodic  
7-13 Rough Grind* Trouble or Nothing E.P. Inverse    
7-13 Stryker S.T.  1985 Heaven And Hell Heavy  Power  
7-13 Temple Desecration Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos Iron Bonehead Extreme  
7-13 Volcano Darker Than Black Metallic Core Power Thrash  
7-13 Witchkiss The Austere Curtains of our Eyes Argonauta Doom  
7-14 Askvald Nachtschatternreich Naturmacht Black Gothic  
7-14 Mountains of Smoke Gods of Biomachinics   Doom  
7-14 Survival Murkin Hella Fools   Thrash  
7-14 Temple of Oblivion Via Falsa 1898 SBMM    
7-15 Angel Splitter Descension to Demonic Paraphilia   Extreme  
7-15 Desire of Pain Immensity Australis Melodic  
7-15 Goat Disciple Wolfcult Domination E.P. Bloodharvist Extreme  
7-15 Mayd My Angels Your Demons Narcoleptica Core  
7-15 Sahon Chanting for the Fallen Transcending Obscurity Thrash  
7-16 Black Trinity S/T Hell's Fire Black  
7-16 Goat Explosion Rumors of Man Into Endless Chaos Doom  
7-16 Macabre Decay Purgatory Immortal Souls Death  
7-17 Asgrauw Gronspech Hidden Marley Black  
7-17 Iron Hunter Mankind Resistence Fighter Heavy Speed  
7-17 Onysus* Between Two Worlds   Prog  
7-17 Triguna The Mark of Sacrifice Jerry Berry Prog Death  
7-18 Ages of Atrophy The Great Ascendancy Fraud  Inherited Suffering Deathcore  
7-18 United Absurdity Spirituakl Beast Groove Core  
7-19 Distorted Harmony A Way Out DK Prog  
7-19 Wytch Hazel II ; Sojourn Bad Omen Heavy  
7-20 Abduction A Crown od Curses Death Cvlt Black  
7-20 The Agony Scene Tormentor Outerloop    
7-20 The Apocalypse Blues Revue The Shape of Blue to Come Mascot   Godsmack Members
7-20 Cemetery Lust Rotting In Piss Hell Headbangers Black Thrash  
7-20 Creatures* II E.P.   Deathcore  
7-20 Cryonic Temple Deliverance Scarlet Power  
7-20 Depths of Hatred Bloodguilt Prosthetic Deathcore  
7-20 Epica Attack on Titan E.P. Nuclear Blast Sym  
7-20 Extremity Coffin Birth 20 Buck Spin Death  
7-20 Finnr's Cane Elegy Prophecy Atmo Doom  
7-20 Galasphere 347 S/T Karisma Prog  
7-20 Jungle Rot S/T Victory Death  
7-20 Khanus Flammarion I Voidhanger Death  
7-20 Kore Rozzik Vengeance Overdrive Deadline    
7-20 The Lion's Daughter* Future Cult Season of Mist Melodic  
7-20 Mutilation Rites* Chasm Gilead Black  
7-20 Nexilva Aseity; I  E.P.   Progcore  
7-20 Powerwolf* The Sacrament of Sin Napalm Power  
7-20 Oxygen Destroyer Bestial Manifestations   Death Thrash  
7-20 Parius The Eldritch Realm   Melodic Death  
7-20 Phantom Death Epic I Voidhanger Black Doom  
7-20  Proliferation Woodborn   Tech Death  
7-20 Runemagick Evoke from Abysmal Sleep Aftermath Death Doom  
7-20 Scars on Broadway S/T     Daron Malakian
7-20 Skeletonwitch* Devouring Radiant Light Prosthetic Thrash  
7-20 Southern Empire Civilisation GEP Prog  
7-20 Spaceslug Eye The Tide BSFD Stoner  
7-20 Thy Catafalque Roka hasa 2009 GS Avant G   
7-20 Tokyo Blade Unbroken 3ms Music NWOBHM  
7-20 Wisdom in Chains Nothing in Nature Respects Weakness Fast Break Hardcore  
7-21 All Kings Fall Grip Control   Groove  
7-21 Iron Buddha Old Hex Cut-n-Paste Doom  
7-21 Morrow The Weight of these Feathers   Atmo Post  
7-21 Nocratai Tormento Grimm Ind Black  
7-21 Senmuth     EXP  
7-22 Elegiac Edge of Reason 2016 Narcoleptica Black  
7-23 Non Vitam Existence Cancer 2017   Black  
7-23 Tunjum Deidades Del Inframundo Dunkelheit Death  
7-24 She Ate a Scorpion Resuscitate Jerry Berry Deathcore  
7-27 Ancient Empire Eternal Soldier Stormspell Heavy  
7-27 Black Howling Return of the Primordial  Stillness Hell War Black  
7-27 Bloodshed Walhalla Ragnarok Fog  Viking  
7-27 Bonjour Tristesse Your Ultra Urban Nightmare Lifeforce Black  
7-27 Chris Caffery* The Jester's Court Metalville Heavy  
7-27 Decline of the I Escape Agonia Post  
7-27 Dee Snider* For the love of Metal Napalm Heavy  
7-27 Degrave S/T   Thrash  
7-27 Draghkar The Endless Howling Abyss E.P. CR Death  
7-27 Drawn And Quatered The One Who Lurks Krucyator Death  
7-27 Eroded Necropath F.D.A. Death  
7-27 Faithxtractor Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter Hells Headbangers Death  
7-27 Inexorum Lore of the Lakes Gilead Melodic  
7-27 Infernal Execrator Obsolete Ordinance Pulverised Extreme  
7-27 Invocation Spells Spread Cruelty in the Abyss Hells Headbangers Thrash  
7-27 Michael Romeo* War of the Worlds Music Theories Melodic Prog Symphony X
7-27 Mono Inc. Welcome to Hell Napalm    
7-27 Mostraat Scythe& Sceptre Fallen Temple Black 2017
7-27 Morketida Panphage Mysticism Werewolf Black  
7-27 Omnifilth Hymns of Diabolical Treachery   Black  
7-27 Onda Makter* Marommara Folkvangr Black  
7-27 OTEP* Kult 45 Napalm Alt  
7-27 Proxilian Redemption 7hard Melodic Power  
7-27 Psychostick* DO   Parody  
7-27 Redemption* Long Night's Journey into Day Napalm Prog Metal  
7-27 Saltatio Mortis Brot und Spiele Napalm    
7-27 Tarja Act II earMUSIC Sym Live
7-27 Thou Rhea Sylvia E.P. Deathwish inc. Doom  
7-27 Trigger The Harbor   Prog  
7-29 Fear of Domination Metanoia Out of Line Ind Melodic  
7-30 A.V.D.L. Missing      
7-30 Kvalvaag Seid Dusktone Black  
7-30 Last Dissonace Wealth Slave   Melodic Death  
7-30 Lykaionas The Diabolical Manifesto Hammer of Damnation Black  
7-30 Rancour The Soul of a Raven Narcoleptica Black  
7-30 Until Death Overtakes Me Missing Dusktone Fun Doom  
7-31 Create A Kill Summoned to Rise Repulsive Echo    
7-31 Faustcoven In The Shadow of Doom Nuclear War Now Black Doom  
7-31 Outline Fire Whiplash Hells Headbangers Heavy Speed Bandcamp
7-31 Phideaux Infernal   Prog  

August Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
8-1 A Monumental Black Statue     Black  
8-1 Bog Imp Muck- Crusted and Waterlogged  Viri Black 2004
8-1 Daemon Forest S/T   Black EXP  
8-1 Dangerzone Genocide   Speed  
8-1 Disgusted Geist Reign of Enthrallment   Doom Death  
8-1 Facegrinder Kugelblitz Bandcamp Grind  
8-1 ...from the Abyss The Rise of the Ancient Nightmare Metal Island Death E.P.
8-1 Geist of Trinity Insanity   Metalcore  
8-1 Morvunskar Im Angesicht   Black E.P.
8-1 Nails of Imposition Surpassing Carbon Decay Lord of the Sick Death  
8-1 Paganizer Land of Weeoing Souls Transcending Obscurity Death  
8-1 Sage The Last Witch   Groove E.P.
8-1 Silence Lies Fear Shadows of the Wasteland Soundage Melodic Core  
8-1 Thromos Taucht ein Schattenkult Black  
8-2 Raven's Creed Get Killed or Try Dying Xtreem Death  
8-3 Abhorrent Deformity Slaughter Monolith Comatose  Death  
8-3 Chamber of Malice Da Trve Slam One Life One Crew Deathcore E.P.
8-3 Children of Wrath Supernatural Dimensions   Extreme  
8-3 Crossfaith Ex Machina UNFD Electronic Core  
8-3 Hadel Maw Charlatan   Tech Death  
8-3 Halcyon Way* Bloody But Unbowed Agonia Prog Metal  
8-3 Into Eternity* The Sirens   Prog Melodic  
8-3 Lord of the  Lost* Thornstar Napalm    
8-3 Manticora* To Kill To Live To Kill Vicisolum Prog Power  
8-3 Mehenet Dii Inferi Narcolepetica Black  
8-3 Mongrel's Cross Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court Hells Headbangers Black Thrash  
8-3 Mr. Big Live in Milan Frontiers Hard Rock Live
8-3 Pink Mass Necrosexual Horror Pain Gore Death Crust 2017
8-3 Pyre Human Hecatomb Redefining Darkness   2014
8-3 Soreption* Monument of the End   Death  
8-3 Stormland Songs of Future Wars   Death  
8-3 Void Ritual Death is Peace Ipos Black  
8-3 Voracity Shrunken Heads Ungodly Ruins Death  
8-5 Black Horizon Momento Mori DK    
8-5 Dryad Panta Rhei E.P.   Epid Pagan  
8-5 Lurk Fringe 2016 Transcending Obscurity Doom Death  
8-6 Effluvia Laboratory Casualties Filthcake Grind  
8-6 Fishslaughter II   Exp Death  
8-6 Hermann Disart Brut BHN Crust  
8-8 Boris* Phenomenons Drive Hello from the Gutter Various  
8-8 Brutal Spinecter Analhu Akbar   Goregrind  
8-8 The Howling Void Megaliths of the Abyss 2009 GS Sym Fun Doom 2009
8-8 Masahiro " Godspeed" Aoki* The Game Changer   Prog  
8-8 Muldjord A Cascade of Eventualities   Extreme  
8-8 Occelensbrigg The Quest for Star Mountain   Amb Black  
8-8 Rotten Pork Tales of Failure Torn Flesh  Death  
8-8 Radiant Knife Science Fiction   Prog Doom  
8-8 Witchfyre Grimorium Verum Fighter Heavy Speed  
8-9 Eutanasia Brutal Legiones De Odio Februus Death  
8-10 Aethereus* Absentia The Artisan Era Tech Death  
8-10 Unanimated Annihilation Century Media Melodic  
8-10 The Coral Move Through the Dawn Ignition    
8-10 Dol Ammad* Cosmic Gods Episode  II Electronic Art Sym EXP  
8-10 Droid Terrestrial Mutations Nightbreaker Prog Thrash  
8-10 Haan By the Grace of Blood and Guts Aqualamb    
8-10 Haunt Burst into Flames Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
8-10 Imperial Domain* The Deluge Inverse Melodic  
8-10 Khorada Salt Prophecy Doom Agalloch Members
8-10 Mad Max* 35 Napalm    
8-10 The Magpie Salute High Water I Mascot Rock  
8-10 Night Demon Live Darkness Napalm Heavy Live
8-10 Primal Fear* Apocalypse Frontiers Heavy  
8-10 Profezia Dodekaprofeton Moribund Black  
8-10 Sinaya Maze of Madness   Death Thrash  
8-10 Sinsaenum Repulsion for Humanity earMUSIC Extreme  
8-10 The Spirit Sounds from the Vortex 2017 Nuclear Blast Melodic Extreme  
8-10 Tongue Eating Louse Voidwalker Sludgelord Doom  
8-10 Van Canto Trust in Rust Napalm Metalcappella  
8-10 Venom Inc. War / Warhead  E.P. Napalm Thrash Punk Early Extrme  
8-10 Vicery Devolution Narcoleptica Death  
8-10 Zero Down Larger Than Death Minotauro Metal Punk  
8-11 Bridge Farmers S/T DK    
8-11 Essenz Manes Impetus Svart Doom Black  
8-11 Malevolents Gladiator   Heavy Thrash  
8-11 Sacrificed Alliance Withdrawn   Melodic Death  
8-11 Siege Column Infernal Deathpassion Nuclear War Now Death  
8-11 Total Despair While the Flesh Decays Rebirth the Metal Death 2013
8-12 Death Vomit Gutted by Horrors Extreme Death  
8-15 Artic Sea Survivors Into Barren Lands Talheim Post Doom  
8-15 Birushanah   Reiho Exp Doom  
8-15 Blodpest Ashen Sovereignty DeathKvlt Black E.P.
8-15 Ice Sword Dragon Magic   Power  
8-15 Matianak Non Compos Mentis   Black  
8-16 Acerus The Unreachable Salvation Bandcamp Heavy E.P.
8-16 Acid Enema A Faint Light at the end of the World Cathartic Noize    
8-16 Doomas LaMuerte Gothoom Melodic  
8-16 Svoid Spiral Dance Bandcamp Black E.P.
8-17 Tallah* No One Should Read This   Deathcore Max Portnoy
8-17 Amborsine Torture to Pleasure      
8-17 Artizan Demon Rider Pure Steel Melodic Power  
8-17 Boris The Blade Infernum     E.P.
8-17 Bvrtan Gagak Pancakhrisna   Black  
8-17 Wintaar Songs of White Wilderness   Atmo Black  
8-17 Baest Danse Macabre Napalm Death  
8-17 Black Tusk TCBT Season of Mist Doom  
8-17 Carnation Chapel of Abhorrence Season of Mist Death  
8-17 Cemetery Urn Barbaric Revtribution Hells Headbangers Death  
8-17 Craneo Mortis Cinere BDD Thrash Seath  
8-17 Defeated Sanity Chapters of Repugnance Willowtip Tech Death 2010
8-17 Doro* Forever Warriors, Forever United Nuclear Blast Heavy  
8-17 Demise* De La Manipulacion Brutal Death  
8-17 The Eternal Waiting for the Endless Dawn Inverse Gothic  
8-17 Exocrine* Molten Giant Unique Leader Tech Death  
8-17 Forming the Void Rift Bilocation Stoner Prog  
8-17 Gourmand Blossoming from the Grave   Death  
8-17 Hateful Agony Plastic Culture Pestilence Violent Creek Thrash  
8-17 Images of Eden* Soulrise Pavement Heavy  
8-17 Innumerable Forms Punishment in Flesh Profound Lore    
8-17 Kyprian's Circle Noitatulen Vartija Silver Horn Black 1999
8-17 Moonspell  Lisboa Under the Spell Napalm Melodic 3 Disc set
8-17 Parasite Inc. Dead and Alive Reaper Melodic  
8-17 Rebel Wizard Voluptuous Worship Prosthetic Heavy Black  
8-17 Shame Yourself Driving Force Metal Scrap   E.P.
8-17 Sulaco The Prize Translation Loss Death Grind  
8-17 Tragedy of Mine Tenebris Out of Line  Core  
8-17 Trappist Ancient Brewing Tactics Relapse    
8-18 Aspired Infliction The Undying   Melodic Core  
8-18 Infernal Symphony Tapestry of Torment   Avant  
8-18 Olden The Mountain's Allure   Melodic Death  
8-18 Omega Point Isolation   Melodic Black  
8-18 Prezir As Rats Devour Lions   Black  
8-18 Project 131 Dark Planet   Groove  
8-18 Wolfsschrei Rise Dead Ember Black Devastation Black  
8-20 Crawl Rituals Transcending Obscurity Death  
8-20 Neoplassis Abomination Programmed E.P Independent Brutal Death Metal bandcamp
8-21 Asterism Ignition TJC Heavy  
8-21 Boethiah Celestial Rotten Life Death E.P.
8-21 Bride Snake Eyes Retroactive    
8-21 Bog Wizard Campaign   Stoner E.P.
8-21 Circadian Pulse Elements of Existence   Prog  
8-21 Command Sturmangriff I G Farben Black 2004
8-21 Deliverance River Disturbance Retroactive Speed Thrash Ind 1994
8-21 Deracinated Adoration of Decaying Cariion   Death  
8-21 Immortal Bird Live At Migration   Crust Live E.P.
8-21 Karkosa Harvest of the Adept   Extreme E.P.
8-21 Opositor Steppe Climax Mysteries   Extreme  
8-21 Terrible Claw Sickening Annihilation   Death Thrash  
8-21 Vials of Wrath Atsraxia      
8-22 Wild Sin piedad Fighter Heavy Power  
8-23 Cast The Stone* Empyrean Atrophy Agonia   All Star line up
8-24 Ancestors Suspended in Reflection Pelagic Prog Doom  
8-24 Crack The Sky* Living in Reverse Loud & Proud Prog  
8-24 Dark Millennium* Where Oceans Collide Napalm Melodic   
8-24 Diabolos Dust The Reaper Returns Massacre Heavy  
8-24 Druadan Forest The Lost Dimension Wolfspell Epic Black 2017
8-24 Eunomia The Chronicles of Eunomia Part 1 Pride & Joy Sym Heavy  
8-24 Foscor Les  Irreals Versions Seaspon of Mist Atmo  
8-24 Furze The Preseance... Polytriad EXP  
8-24 Hoplezz Stories of a War Long Forgotten Massacre Melodic  
8-24 Lords of the Trident* Shadows from the Past Junko Johnson Power  
8-24 Mantar The Modern Act of Setting Ablaze Nuclear Blast    
8-24 Mass Madness Angry N' Raw Metal Race  Thrash Death  
8-24 Mob Rules* Beast Reborn  Napalm  Power  
8-24 Moonspell* Wolfheart 1995 Napalm Melodic  
8-24 Non-Point X      
8-24 Nothing Dance on the Blacktop Relapse    
8-24 Sarcofago The Worst Thrash Greyhaze 1996
8-24 Subtype Zero The Astral Awakening Seeing Red    
8-24 Tysondog Four Track E.P. Skol NWOBHM 1985
8-25 Daubuz Des Zwerges Fluch Naturmacht Black E.P.
8-25 Lords of the Trident* Shadows from the Past   Heavy  
8-25 Noen Hater oss S/T   Black  
8-27 Carbide Spiral Termination IEG Thrash  
8-27 Dominia Melancholy   Melodic Goth E.P. 
8-27 Eminence Minds Apart   Death Thrash Groove E.P.
8-27 Hazamaveth Order and Chaos   Black Noise  
8-27 Inner Suffering Frigid   Dep Black  
8-27 Medalyon Visions Arkeyn Power 1995
8-27 Nachtlieder Lynx   Black  
8-27 Sadness Rain   Dep Black  
8-27 Vst The Beast Manifesto   Extreme  
8-28 Idle Hands Don't Waste Your Time Lone Fire Heavy Goth E.P
8-28 Nils Partrik Johansson* Evil Deluxe Metalville Heavy Power  
8-28 North of South* New Latitudes Rockshots Groove  
8-29 Igni The Pale Narcoleptica Black 2017
8-30 Concrete Age The Roots of the Concrete Age   Melodic  
8-30 Darkdeatheternus The Hell of Old Testament Cvlminus Black E.P.
8-30 Dehumanize Malum, Scelesto, Ferox CMUR Death  
8-30 Empty Life Distance Cvlminus Post Black  
8-30 Hellish The Spectre og Lonely Souls Unspeakable asct    
8-30 Nicrotek Mistery Land Cvlminus Atmo Black  
8-30 Theudho De roep van het woud Heidins Heart Pagan Black  
8-30 When Ashes are Rising The Light of a Thousand Sparks Mark My Words Core  
8-31 Act of Impalement Perdition Cult Unspeakable Acts Doom Death  
8-31 Alice Cooper A Paranormal Evening at the Olympia Paris earMusic Rock Live
8-31 Arabian Death Mask Mortuary Breath   Death  
8-31 Beyond The Black* Heart of the Hurricane Napalm Sym  
8-31 Black Mirrors* Look into the Black Mirror Napalm Retro  
8-31 The Breathing Process Samsara   Exp  
8-31 Cable Never Trust the Gemini Translation Loss Atmo Sludge 2003
8-31 Cast the Stone* Empyrean Atrophy E.P. Agonia Death  
8-31 Circus of Fools Rex Bleeding Nose Melodic  
8-31 Connate Exasperation Delusional Primacy Sleasy Rider Death  
8-31 Descent Towers  of  Grandiocity Redifining Darkness Death Core  
8-31 Gabriels* The Seven Stars Act:2 Rockshots Prog  
8-31 Gravewards Ruinous Ensoulment Unspeakable Axe Death  
8-31 Helion Prime Terror of the Cybernetic Monster AFM Power  
8-31 Insignium Infamie und Urgewalt Apostasy Extreme  
8-31 Iskald Innhostinga Napalm Melodic Black  
8-31 Jacky Vincent Life Imitating Art   Prog  
8-31 Ken Mode Loved Season of Mist    
8-31 Krakow Minus Karisma Stoner  
8-31 Omnium Gatherum* The Burning Cold Century Media Melodic  
8-31 Maligner Attraction to Annihilation Blood Harvest  Death Thrash  
8-31 Mamaleek Out of Time The Flesner EXP Black  
8-31 Mogwai Kin Rock Action Post Prog  
8-31 Palm To Live is to Die, To Die is to Live EVP Core  
8-31 Panzer Squad Ruins Testimony Thrash  
8-31 Pharaoh After the Fire Cruz Del Sur Power 2003
8-31 Raw The Persecute Heinous Brutal Mind Death  
8-31 Sear Bliss Letters from the Edge Napalm Atmo Black  
8-31 The Secret Lux Tenebris Southern Lord Extreme E.P.
8-31 Set Before Us* Vitae Eclipse Melodic Core  
8-31 Spirit Division Forgotten Planet   Stoner Doom  
8-31 Stillbirth Annihilation of Mankind Unique Leader Deathcore  
8-31 Throat Bareback Svart Noise  
8-31 Tornado* Commitment To Excellence Extreme Metal Thrash  
8-31 U.D.O. Steel Factory Napalm Heavy  
8-31 The Vintage Caravan Gateways Nuclear Blast Rock  
8-31 Wulfpack War Ain't Over! Violent Creek Thrash  

September Releases

Date Artist Release Label  Genre Notes
9-1 Cemetery Lights The Church on the Island Nuclear War Now Black E.P.
9-1 Cmyta   Soundage Pagan  
9-1 Dedth I am a Pinko   Grind  
9-1 Jahve Still, All Quiet War Against Youself Black  
9-1 Karmian Surgere et Cadere   Melodic Death  
9-1 Kommandant Blood Eel ATMF Extreme  
9-1 Madmans Espirit Conscientization of Unconsciouusness   Black Goth  
9-1 Mistress of the Dead Weeping Silence of the Dead GS Fun Doom 2006
9-1 Paid Charons Fare Mourn GS Fun Death Doom 2015 E.P.
9-1 Sex Messiah Eastern Cult Nuclear War Now Black Crossover  
9-1 Some Happy Thoughts Epiphanie War Against Yourself Dep Black 2017
9-2 Atomik The Fallout   Thrash  
9-2 Vetrarnott Scion Prog Black   E.P.
9-2 Vultures Vengeance Lyrids Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
9-3 Anguish Force Chapter 7 Dawn of Sadness Heavy Thrash  
9-3 AstorVoltaires La quintaesencia Slow Burn Melodic Doom  
9-3 Codex Ignominia   Death  
9-3 Prader The Ways of Violence   Thrash  
9-3 Slaamaskin M   Heavy Hard  
9-3 Winfaerer Alma Advantgarde Black Folk  
9-4 Rosslyn Soul in Santuary Sliptrick Heavy  
9-5 Ennui End of the Circle Non Serviam Fun Doom  
9-6 Drain The Impurity Perdition out of the Orbit More Hate Death  
9-7 Ancient Svartalvheim Soulseller Black 1994
9-7 Archaobeast Manifesting the Antichrist Horror Pain Gore Death Death E.P.
9-7 Brent Barker* S/T   Prog E.P.
9-7 The Blessed Remember Soundmass Extreme 2016
9-7 Cauldron* New Gods Napalm Heavy  
9-7 Clutch Book of Bad Decisions Napalm    
9-7 Cronaxia Collapsing the Outer Structure Lusitanian Death  
9-7 Dead Hand Reborn of Dead Hand Divine Mother Sludge  
9-7 Forn Rites if Despair Gilead Doom  
9-7 Downpour Truth in Suffering     Shadow fall and X Unearth
9-7 Hatesphere Kapitalismen Scarlet Death Thrash E.P.
9-7 Infera Bruo Cerement Prosthetic Prog Black  
9-7 Inferia Dicstroyer   Grind E.P.
9-7 Kamatsu A New Horizon Argonausta Stoner  
9-7 Kingcrow The Persistence Sensory Prog  
9-7 Krisiun* Scourge of the Enthroned Century Media Death  
9-7 Korpiklaani* Kulkija Nuclear Blast Folk  
9-7 Manimal Purgatorio AFM Power Heavy  
9-7 Metal Allegiance* Volume II Power Drunk Majesty Nuclear Blast Thrash  
9-7 Monstrosity* Passage of Existence Metal Blade Death  
9-7 Morne To the Night Unknown Armageddon Post  
9-7 Nimaeth From Shadow to Flesh Malpermesita Extreme  
9-7 Owl Nights in Distortion Temple of Toturous Doom Amb  
9-7 Pig Destroyer* Head Cage Relapse    
9-7 Satan* Cruel Magic Metal Blade NWOBHM  
9-7 Skyharbor Sunshine Dust eOne Prog  
9-7 Stoned Jesus Pilgrims Napalm Doom  
9-7 Siege of Power Warning Blast Metal Blade Death All Star Line-Up
9-7 The Skull  The Endless Road Turns Tee Pee Doom x Trouble members
9-7 Soldier The Sleeping of Reason Maldito Southern Thrash  
9-7 Suicidal Tendencies Still Cyco Punk After all these Years Suicidal Crossover  
9-7 Tantara Sum of Forces Indie  Thrash  
9-7 Temptation's Wings Savage Tales    Doom live at the Grey Eagle
9-7 Theatre of Tragedy Storm AFM Gothic 2006
9-7 The White Swan Touch Taste Destroy     Mercedes Lander
9-7 Tygers of Pan Tang Wild Cat Music On CD NWOBHM 1980
9-7 With All My Hate Dehumanized Depths Amputated Vein Death  
9-7 Ortus Where Shadows Gather Worship Tapes Black  
9-7 Spectrum Mortis קדוש Bla​ckseed Death E.P.
9-8 Conorted Mind Tome New Standard E Death E.P.
9-9 Wartime Volume II   Doom  
9-10 Magmakammer Mindtripper   Psych Doom  
9-10 P.H.O.B.O.S. Phlogiston Transcending Obscurity Ind Doom  
9-11 Judas Iscariot To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding Red Stream Black 2002
9-11 Yarrow Rebirth   Stoner Doom  
9-12 Legacy Oblivion Narcoleptica Power Thrash  
9-13 Survive Immortal Warriors Rebel Thrash Deathcore  
9-14 Arkhan S/T   Death  
9-14 Gerry Paul Nestler Mama's Child     Philm
9-14 Conan Existential Viod Guaridan   Doom  
9-14 DC4* Atomic Highway HighVolMusic   Super Group
9-14 Deicide Overture of Blasphemy Century Media Death  
9-14 Dream Child Death do we Meet Again Frontiers   All Star Line Up
9-14 Grave Digger The Living Dead Napalm Heavy  
9-14 Hitman* The Offering   Stoner Thrash E.P.
9-14 Infernal Coil Within a World Forgotten Profound Lore Grind  
9-14 Monster Truck True Rockers Mascot    
9-14 Ominous Eclipse* Sinister   Melodic  
9-14 Once Human Stage of Evolution Naplam Thrash  
9-14 Putridity Mental Prolapse Induces Necrophilism Willowtip Death 2007
9-14 Pyrexia Unholy Requiem Unique Leader Death  
9-14 Thunderbolt Hydraulic The Best of Intensions   Hard  
9-14 Treat Tunguska Frontiers    
9-14 Tribulation Nightbound Century Media  Melodic E.P.
9-14 Tghe Unity* Rise SPV Power  
9-14 Uriah Heep Living the Dream Frontiers Rock  
9-15 Apprentice The Strength of Morality   Melodic  
9-15 Crucible of Hate Dark Metamorphosis   Melodic  
9-15 Deathslaughter Ressurection Claneto Exp E.P.
9-15 Dysylumn Occultation   Prog Extreme  
9-15 Fullminator Crackattack   Crossover  
9-15 Geryon Astomatous Bandcamp Avant Garde E.P.
9-15 M.C.C. Apokatastasis Februus Black  
9-15 Morrigan Z U   Thrash Death E.P.
9-15 Murena Extinguish   Black Doom E.P.
9-15 Nott Vestigium Mortis Obscvrys Black E.P.
9-15 Razo Deathless   Death Thrash  
9-15 Schawehmacht Halal Black   Black  
9-15 Sorcier des Glaces S/T   Black  
9-15 SpaceMetal Shroud   Stoner  
9-15 Sun Won't Rise Not Here, Not Now Bandcamp Crust  
9-17 Barren Canyon World of  Wounds Advantagarde Atmo Black  
9-17 Dalkhu Lamentations and Ardent Fire      
9-17 Invocation The Mastery of the Unseen Iron Bonehead Extreme  
9-17 The Lust Dear Diary   Gothic  
9-17 Over Facing Transcendence   Atmo Black  
9-17 Wardance Heaven is for Sale Dying Victems Power Speed 1990
9-18 Apophis Virulent Host   Melodic Death  
9-18 Sabbat Evoke Black Thrash Bandcamp 1991
9-18 Sabbat En venom Black Thrash Bandcamp 1992
9-19  Dark Mirror ov Tragedy The Lord of Shadows Radtone Exp  
9-19 Oak Ash & Thorn May Every Altar Linger   

Pagan Folk

9-19 Unlucky Morpheus Change of Generation Canned Power  
9-20 Abraham Grindcore Aberrante   Grind  
9-20 Benighted in Sodom Carrier of Poison Apples I, Voidhanger Black  
9-20 Blood and Thunder The Necromancer's Cantos   Melodic  
9-20 Ash of Ashes Down the White Waters   Pagan Epic  
9-20 Eternal Forest The Majesty of Human Suffering Share Your Pain Black E.P.
9-20 Madder Mortem* Marrow   Sym Prog  
9-20 Necrolatry Drink Yah Beer and Play PlayStation   Extreme  
9-20 Nephrolith Remains Bandcamp Black E.P. 
9-20 Tetramorph Locusta   Melodic  
9-20 The Three Tremors S/T     Spergroup
9-20 The Unabomber Files The Enemy of my Enemy is my best friend   Groove E.P.
9-20 Zerber Hart -Fest! Narcoleptica EXP 2003
9-21 Aborted* Terror Vision Century Media Death  
9-21 Abysmal Torment The Misanthrope Willowtip Death  
9-21 Betzefer* Entertain You Force of Habit Metalville Core  
9-21 Black Majesty Children of the Abyss Pride & Joy Power  
9-21 Cosmic Void Ritual Grotesque Infections of Planetary Divine Iron Bonehead Death E.P.
9-21 Cruadalach Raised By Wolves 7hard Records Melodic Folk Groove  
9-21 Dead Letter Circus S/T Rise Prog  
9-21 Deep Memories Rebuilding the Future   Melodic  
9-21 Diplegia Adject Failure   Dep Black  
9-21 Dischord Corruption of Innocence PRC Thrash  
9-21 Dragonlord Dominion Spinefarm Black Eric Peterson
9-21 Ghost Ship Octavius Delirium   Prog Metal  
9-21 Gnosis The Offering of Seven Terror from Hell Extreme  
9-21 Hardcore Superstar You Can't Kill my Rock n Roll Gain    
9-21 Hell City Flesh & Bones Painted Bass Hard Heavy  
9-21 Horseman Of Hope, Freedom and  Future Massacre Thrashcore  
9-21 Iomair* S/T Infamous Butcher    
9-21 Joe Bonamassa Redemption J&R    
9-21 Kotiteolisus Valtatie 666 JK Rock  
9-21 Laptev's Epidemia   Moroz Power  
9-21 Locus Titanic Furnus Never Pretend Another Side Goth Doom  
9-21 The Mayan* Dhyana Nuclear Blast Sym Mark Jansan
9-21 Mellevon Covet   Ind Melodic  
9-21 Nashville Pussy* Pleased to Eat You earMUSIC Rock  
9-21 Obsidian Wake the Virus   Death  
9-21 Prognosis Definition   Prog Death  
9-21 Psychic Dose Malefecium Volume 1   Stoner Doom  
9-21 Saarkoth Jera Morning Star Melodic  
9-21 Sage* Anno Domini 1573 Rockshots Heavy  
9-21 Secrati Devoted, Demons and Mavericks WormHoleDeath Black  
9-21 Sumac Love in Shadow Disc Jockey Atmo  
9-21 Survival Instinct I Am The Night PRC Thrash  
9-21 Vessel of Light Woodshed Argonauta Doom  
9-21 Voi Vod* The Wake Century Media Sci-fi  
9-21 Whoretopsy Take My Breath Away   Deathcore  
9-22 Aphylon Existence   Power  
9-22 Bastardizer Dawn of Domination Undercover Black Thrash  
9-22 Bestial Devastator Until Death Occurs... Desacration of Souls Black Thrash  
9-22 Demon of the Fall A Step Away from the Light   Prog Metal  
9-22 Embra Abjection   Black  
9-22 Famyne S/T   Doom  
9-22 Krigsgrav Leave No Path to Follow   Shoegaze  
9-22 Obselete Mankind Dystopian Heuristics PRC Death  
9-22 Zombria A Portal  in Flames   Melodic Extreme  
9-23 All My Sins Pra sila- Vukov totem Saturnal Black  
9-23 Boar Worship Balance of Terror   Death Doom  
9-23 Cultes des Ghoules Sinister   Black  
9-23 Graveborne 1918 Wolfspell Black  
9-23 Mourning by Morning S/T Wolfspell Black  
9-23 Neurpsy Surpassing Rational Comprehension   Death  
9-23 Nyctophilia Ad Noctem et Tenebrae   Atmo Black  
9-23 Runesgard Dreaning Spire Wolfspell Sym Black E.P.
9-23 Selbsthass Stille   Black  
9-24 Azaghal Valo pohjoisesta Immortal Frost Black  
9-24 Daagh EP Wolfspell Atmo Black  
9-25 Oak Pantheon From a Whisper   Atmo 2012
9-26 Dir En Grey Insulated World Firewall div.    
9-26 Monolyth A Bitter End / A Brave New World   Power Thrash  
9-26 Megaton Leviathan Mage Blood Drone Doom  
9-27 Dead to a Dying World S/T Alerta Crust 2011
9-27 Elyose Reconnexion   Ind Gothic  
9-27 Hangman's Chair Banlieue Triste Doom Spinefarm  
9-28 Anaal Nathrakh* A New Kind of Horror Metal Blade Soundtrack from hell  
9-28 Beartooth Disease Red Bull    
9-28 Black Sabbath Going Through Changes     Book
9-28 Dynazty Firesign AFM Rock  
9-28 A Forest of Stars Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes Prophecy Psy Black  
9-28 Four Seconds Ago The Vacancy   Electro Amb Periphery Members
9-28 Gory Blister 1991 .Bloodstained Mighty Tech Death  
9-28 Hacavitz Grimmagia Moribund Extreme  
9-28 Helrunar Vanitas Vanitatvm Prophecy Pagan Black  
9-28 Immortal Guardian Age of Revolution M-Theory Prog Power  
9-28 Leader of Down Cascade Into Chaos Cleopatra Heavy  
9-28 Necronomicon Unleashed Bastards El Puerto Extreme  
9-28 Negacy Escape from Paradise Massacre Power / Heavy  
9-28 Vadrin Two Carrion Talismans Blood Harvest Black  
9-28 Vulcain Vinyle Season of Mist    
9-28 Once Human Stage of Evolution earMUSIC Melodic Thrash Live
9-28 Onkel Tom S/T SPV   Angelripper
9-28 Revocation The Outer Ones Metal Blade Death Thrash  
9-28 Riverside Wasteland Inside Out Prog  
9-28 Sodom Bier Ernst SPV Early Extreme  
9-28 Stratovarius Enigma: Intermission 2 earMusic Melodic Power  
9-28 Vreid Lifehunger Season of Mist Black n Roll  
9-28 Wolfheart* Constellation of the Black Light Napalm Melodic  
9-30 Aihos Ikuisuuden suojaan Blood Harvest Black 2013
9-30 Buried in a Womb Epigenetic Vulnerabilities Sepulchral Silence Crust  
9-30 Diagonal de Sangre Canibal deseo Putid Tomb Extreme  
9-30 IEON Across the Sphere of IEON   Black  
9-30 Inside the Flame Colors of Death   Groove  
9-30 Kragkh     Black Belarus
9-30 Lord Bardiche Raise the Blade   Heavy Speed  
9-30 Necandi Homines Black Hole Vacula Black Doom  
9-30 Oak 5 Albums Occultum Atmo Black Box Set
9-30 Oak Nebula Occultum Atmo Black  
9-30 Ramage Inc.  Under The Skin   Atmo Prog Rock  
9-30 Rise to Fall Into Zero   Melodic Groove  
9-30 Willow Ash Witches   Stoner E.P.

October Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
10-1 The Unholy Dance with Shadows Scylding Heavy Doom  
10-5 Behemoth* I Loved You at Your Darkest Mystic Extreme  
10-5 The Brew* Art of Persuation Naplalm    
10-5 Deathhammer Chained to Hell Hell Headbangers Thrash  
10-5 Hammer King Pos      
10-5 High on Fire* Electric Messiah eOne Doom  
10-5 Lucifericon Al-Khem-Me Invictus Death  
10-5 Mongul The Return Sliptrick Melodic Folk  
10-5 Monuments Phronesis Century Media Prog  
10-5 Mutilated By Zombies Scripts of Anguish Bandcamp Death  
10-5 Nuclear Revenge Let the Tyrants Rise Evil Spell Black Thrash  
10-5 One Tail, One Head Worlds Open, Worlds Collide Terratur Black  
10-5 Piah Mater* The Wandering Daughter Code 666 Prog Death  
10-5 Rock Goddess This Time Bite you to Death Heavy Hard  
10-5 Steve Hackett Broken Skies Inside Out Prog 1984 - 2006
10-5 Ultha The Inextricable Wandering Century Media  Black  
10-5 Unholy Baptism Volume I: The Bonds of Sevitude   Black  
10-5 VCID Jettatura Les Acturnus Black & Roll  
10-5 Windhand* Eternal Return Relapse Doom  
10-5 Wrath Rage Combat Thrash  
10-7 Agressor By Any Means Necessary Skol Heavy 1992
10-7 Deep Underground Relapse   Melodic    
10-7 Fable Wisdom Narcoleptica Epic Folk  
10-7 HomSelvareg Rinascita Throats Black  
10-7 Moonlight Drowns Destiny and the Aftermath   Atmo Black  
10-7 Varnok VRNK   Thrash E.P.
10-8 ichor God of Thunder God of War Seance Black  
10-8 Ketha Magnaminus   EXP Tech E.P.
10-8 Krith Nazgul Minas Morgul Cold Woods  Black  
10-8  Summoning Death The House That Screamed Chaos  Death  
10-10 Aphasia Mirage 2018 Bit Organization Melodic Heavy E.P.
10-10 Choria Black Secret Beyond of Nature LBP Atmo Black  
10-10 Chthonic Battlefields of Asura      
10-10 Dream Master Volume 6 LLC Heavy Power  
10-10 DungeonHammer Infernal Moon Me Saco Black Thrash  
10-10 Saber Tiger Obscure Diversity Edge Tracks  Power Prog  
10-10 Thomrukh Goc GS Avant Doom  
10-10 TJ Ken Blood Eclipse   Prog  
10-10 Valkyria Tierra Hostl Fighter Heavy Power  
10-10 Voros Malignancy   Groove Death E.P.
10-10 Warskull Lost From the Herd Wood and Bone Atmo Black E.P.
10-11 Imperdor Belial Curse of Belial Blood Crown Black  
10-11 Nocturnal Art Postmortem Narcoleptica Extreme  
10-12 Absu Barathrum Osmose Death Tharsh 1993
10-12 Aeternus* Heathen Dark Essence    
10-12 Agrypnie Grenzgaenger Supreme Chaos Post Black Prog  
10-12 Akitsa Credo Profound Lore  Black  
10-12 Antenora Horrors   Tech Death  
10-12 Apex* Mycelia Eclipse Djent  
10-12 Benighted Dogs Always Bite Harder Than There Master Season of Mist Extreme E.P.
10-12 Beyond Creation* Algorythm Season of Mist Tech Death  
10-12 Black Alice Sons of Steel rooArt Heavy 1988
10-12 Blitzkrieg Sins and Greed High Roller NWOBHM 2005
10-12 Bong Cauldron Tyke APF Doom E.P.
10-12 Burn Down Eden Liberticidal KernKraftRitter Melodic Death  
10-12 City of Thieves Beast Reality Frontiers Rock  
10-12 Crazy Lixx Loud Minority Frontiers Rock  
10-12 Creye S/T Frontiers    
10-12 The Crown Zombiefied! Metal Blade Thrash E.P.
10-12 Cursus Bellum Ex Nihlo Nihil Fit Downfall  Death  
10-12 Darkness First Class Violence Massacre Thrash  
10-12 Deadbird III : The Forest Within the Tree 20 Buck Spin  Sludge Doom  
10-12 D.D. Verni Barricade Mighty   Overkill Bassist
10-12 Eosphoros S/T Iron Bonehead Black  
10-12 Gamma Bomb Speed Between the Lines AFM Thrash  
10-12 Gathering Darkness The Inexorable End   Death  
10-12 God's Army Demoncracy Rock of Angels Heavy  
10-12 Gosta Berlings Saga* ET EX Inside Out    
10-12 Helsott Slave and Gods M-Theory Extreme Folk  
10-12 House of Atreus From the Madness of Ixion Iron Bonehead Death  
10-12 Impellitteri The Nature of the Beast Frontiers Heavy Shred  
10-12 Iron Reagan Dark Days Ahead Pop Wig Crossover E.P.
10-12 Khandra There is no division outside Existence Redifining Darkness Black E.P.
10-12 King Buffalo* Longing to be the Mountain Stickman Doom  
10-12 Kunstzone Solarborn   Ind Death  
10-12 Lorien Sny Moje   Gothic  
10-12 Mycelia* Apex      
10-12 Nazareth Tattooed on my Brain Frontiers Rock  
10-12 Norilsk Weepers of the Land Hypnotic Dirge Post  
10-12 Northern Crown S/T   Epic Doom  
10-12 Ocean Districts Doomtowns   Post  
10-12 The Odious Construct Shrine of the Obscene The Artisan Era Melodic E.P.
10-12 Outer Heaven Realms of Eternal Decay Relapse Doom Death Core  
10-12 Promethee Convalescence Lifeforce Melodic Core  
10-12 Rodent Epoch Rodenlord Saturnal Black  
10-12 Rose Tattoo Scarred for Live 1980-1982   Rock 5 disc collection
10-12 Seventh Wonder Tiara Frontiers Prog  
10-12 Shezmu Breaching the Tomb Iron Bone Head Death E.P.
10-12 Skalmold* Sorgir Napalm Viking Folk  
10-12 Stam1na Taival Sakara Prog Heavy Thrash  
10-12 Tank Sturpanzer Dissonance Heavy  
10-12 Terrorizer* Caustic Attack The End  Death Grind  
10-12 Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Wasteland Rise Above    
10-12 Vanhelgd Doimos Sanktuarium Pulverized Death  
10-12 Vermithrax Imperium Draconus Divebomb Power Thrash  
10-13 Credic Agora Green Zone Melodic Death  
10-13 Crysalys Moonlight Encounter   Sym Core E.P.
10-13 Dewfall Hermeticus Naturmacht Extreme  
10-13 Suburban Terrorist Inhuman Breed Immortal Souls Deathcore  
10-14 Insidious Squelching Penetration Writhing in Darkness Lord of  the Sick Death  
10-14 Ironflame Times of Splendor and Sorrow Divebomb Heavy Power  
10-14 Karma Rassa Vesna.... snova vesna Soundage Atmo Prog  
10-14 Paganland From Carpathian Land Svarga Pagan Black  
10-15 Heir Apparent The View from Below No Remorse Heavy Power Prog  
10-16 Exxxekutioner Death Sentence Ulthar Thrash  
10-17 Six of Swords Regime Decay Death E.P.  
10-19 Amaranthe* Helix Spinefarm Sym  
10-19 Andy James Arrival Urban Yeti Prog  
10-19 Apneica Tra rocce e cortecce GS Post  
10-19 Erosion  Maximum Suffering Hydra Head   Baptists and 3 Inches of Blood Members
10-19 Castle Deal Thy Fate Ripple Heavy Doom  
10-19 Final Breath* Of Death and Sin Metalville    
10-19 Gosta Berlings Saga* Et Ex Inside Out Prog  
10-19 Hatesphere Reduced to Flesh Scarlet Death Thrash  
10-19 Internal Bleeding Corrupting Influence Unique Leader Death  
10-19 Malacoda Restless Dreams Rockshots    
10-19 Marty Friedman One Bad M.F. Prosthetic Prog Live
10-19 Northward S/T Nuclear Blast   Nightwish and Pagans Mind 
10-19 Shining* Animal Spinefarm Black Jazz  
10-19 Soulfly Ritual Nuclear Blast Groove Thrash  
10-19 Sumeru Summon Destroyer Wrmholedeath Doom  
10-19 Tezcatlipoca Tlayohualtlapelani Iron Bonehead Black Folk  
10-19 Thrawsunblat Great Brunswick Forest   Melodic Folk  
10-26 Bloodbath Grand Morbid Funeral Melodic Extreme Peaceville  
10-26 The Browning Geist Spinefarm    
10-26 Devour the Day The Censor Razor & Tie    
10-26 Fifth Angel The Third Secret Nuclear Blast    
10-26 Hate Eternal Upon Desolate Sands Season of Mist Death  
10-26 Helloween Starlight Noise Heavy Speed Noise Records Collection
10-26 Henry Derek Elis  The Devil is my Friend     Henry Derek Bonner
10-26 Moore Blues for Gary A Tribute to Gary Moore earMusic   Tribute to Gary Moore
10-26 Nothgard* Malady  X Metal Blade Melodic Death  
10-26 Rapheumets Well* The Elder's Anthology Test Your Metal Death  
10-26 Sirenea* Arcane Astral Aeons Napalm Sym  
10-26 Striker* Play to Win Record Breaking Hard Heavy  
10-26 Them* Manor of the Se7en Gables SPV    
10-26 Unleashed* The Hunt for White Christ Napalm Pagan Thrash  
10-26 Warrel Dane Shadow Work Century Media   His Final Recordings
10-29 Haken* Vector Inside Out Prog  

November 2018

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
11-2 Arsis Visitant Agonia Death  
11-2 Cancer Shadow Gripped Peaceville Thrash  
11-2 Hank Von Hell Egomania Sony   X Turbonegro
11-2 Opeth Garden of Titans Nuclear Blast Melodic Prog Live
11-2 Sick of it All The Sleeping Giant      
11-2 Witherfall A Prelude to Sorrow   Prog Metal  
11-5 Owl Company* Iris Eclipse Alt  
11-8 Fractal Cypher Prelude to an Impending Outcome   Prog  
11-9 Burning Witches Hexenhammer Nuclear Blast    
11-9 David Reece Resilent Heart Mighty   Accept
11-9 Dire Peril* The Extraterrestrial Compendium Divebomb Prog  
11-9 Evoken Hypnagogia Profound Lore Melodic Doom  
11-9 Flat Earth None for One Drakkar   X Amorphis and Him Members
11-9 Greenleaf Hear the Rivers Napalm Doom  
11-9 Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland Rock Legacy 50th Anniversary
11-9 Lucifer's Child The Order Agonia   Rotting Christ Nightfall Members
11-9 Nordic Union Second Comming Srl    
11-9 Owl Company Iris Eclipse    
11-9 Red Dragon Cartel Patina Frontiers Hard Heavy  
11-9 Reece Resilient Heart Might Heavy X Accept singer
11-9 Rikard Sjoblom's Gungfly* Friendship Inside Out Prog  
11-9 Sadist Spellbound Scarlet Prog Death  
11-9 Ted Nugent The Music Made me Do It   Rock  
11-16 Anneke Van Giersbergen Symphonized     25 Years Live
11-16 Artillery The Face of Fear Metal Blade Thrash  
11-16 Nita Strauss Controlled Chaos Sumerian    
11-16 P.O.D. Circles Mascot Rock  
11-16 Sigh Heir to Despair Candlelight EXP  
11-16 Skull Pit S/T Metal Blade   Exumer/ Church of Misery
11-16 Smashing Pumpkins Shinny and oh so Bright : Vol 1 Napalm Alt  
11-16 Warkings Rebty Napalm Melodic Heavy  
11-23 Electric Boys The Ghost Wand Mighty Rock  
11-23 Virgin Steele Seven Devils Moonshine SPV Power  
11-28 Master Vindictive Miscreant Transcending Obscurity Death Thrash  
11-30 Crome Division One Last Ride Nuclear Blast Black n Roll  
11-30 Meshuggah 1989 to 1998 5 Releses Nuclear Blast Djent Vinyl Re Issues

December Releases 2018

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
12-7 Jason Becker Triumphant Hearts Mascot Prog  
12-14 Within Temptation Resist Universal Sym