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Latest Updates

9-9 Sept Oct Nov Tour with Monolord
9-4 Sept Oct Tour with the Virgil Donati Band  9-3 Relapse Records Updates
9-3 September Tour with Ceremony
Nov Dec Tour with Morbid Angel
Alestorm Touring Canada in November
Nov Dec Tour with Cattle Decapitation
Sept Oct Beyond Creation / Fallujah
Oct Nov Tour with Rings of Saturn
December Tour with Dir En Grey
December Tour with Khemmis
Oct Nov Tour with 1349
2019 Tour with Steel Panther
8-20 Sept Tour with Pallbearer
8-19 Sept Oct with Amorphis and Anneke
8-15 Aug September Tour with Evergrey
8-14 Oct Nov Tour with Allegaeon
8-14 Oct Nov with Cannibal Corpse
8-8 November Tour with John 5
8-8 November Tour with Fit for an Autopsy
8-8 September Tour with Brant Bjork
8-8 Napalm Records Update
7-21 Nuclear Blast Updates

7-20 Frontiers Records Updates
7-19- Spt Oct Tour with Venom Prison
7-19 Oct Nov with Black Stone Cherry
7-16 Aug Sept Tour with Inter Arma
7-16 Nov Dec Tour with As I Lay Dying
7-11 July Tour with Wayfarer and Saor
7-8 Beyond Creation Tour Sept Oct
7-8 Obituary/ Abbath Tour Sept Oct
7-4 Soulfy in September
6-25 Sept Oct with Amon Amarth
6-25 Sept Oct Tour  with Clutch
6-25 Oct Nov Tour with Sabaton/ Hammerfall
6-19 Sept Oct With Despised Icon
6-19 Oct Nov with Municipal Waste
6-19 Periphery in Sept  Oct
6-19 SunnO In September
6-19 The Last Ten Seconds of Life  Tour
6-19 Rancid in September
6-15 Pagan Rebellion in August/ Sept
6-13 Sept Oct Tour with Immolation
6-12 Sept Oct Tour with Jinjer
6-5 Summer Slaughter in July August
6-4 Napalm Records Update
6-1 Sept Oct Tour with Baby Metal
6-1 July Aug Tour with Black Crown Initiate
5-29 July August with Killswitch Engage
5-26 Sept Oct Tour with Greta Van Fleet
5-25 Sept Oct Tour with Ghost
5-19 July August Tour with Torche
5-19 June Tour with Hellnite
5-19 September Tour with That One Guy
5-11 May June Tour with Ken Mode
5-9 New Years Day Tour June July
5-9 Decrepit Birth in July / August
5-9 July /August tour with COC and Crowbar 5-8 July Aug Tour with Bad Religion
5-5 Betraying The Martyrs Tour in July
5-5 Santuary touring in July
5-5 July Tour With Usnea Chrch
5-5 Lion Music Updates
5-5 Album Release Dates
5-4 Skinlab in August
5-1 Riverside Tour in May
4-30 Relapse Udates
4-30 SPV Update
4-27 Metalfest Page Updated
4-27 Septmber Tour with Fozzy
4-21 July August Tour with Baroness
4-21 May June Tour with All That Remains
4-21 Five Finger Deathpunch tour in July
4-10 Neurosis tour in August
4-10 Aug Sept Tour with Demons and Wizards
4-10 July August tour with Holy Grail
3-21 High Roller Records Updates
3-20 July August tour with Ted Nugent
3-13 Relapse Records Update
3-12 Unique Leader Updates
2-17 Sliptrick Records Update
2-16 Profound Lore Updates
2-14 June Tour with Mastodon
1-26 Willowtip Records Updates
1-6 Agonia Records Update
12-31 High Roller Records Updates
12-30 Cruz Del Sur Updates
12-30 Napalm Records Updates
12-25 Iron Maiden Tours Dates in August
12-23 Season of Mist Updates
12-18 Kiss Farewell Tour Dates
12-16 SPV Updates
12-13 Century Media Updates
11-29 The Passing of Erik Lindmark
3-18 Buckethead pike #59 Ydrapoej

1-15 Agonia and Metal Blade Updates


The Metal Authority Family
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Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Quorthon from Bathory

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Latest News

Nature Ganganbaigal

Nature Ganganbaigal songwriter, Multi Instrumentalist and throat singer of nomadic style rock act Tengger Cavalry passed away aty the age of 29 on June 13 2019. 

Erik Lindmark

Metal Mentor, Deeds of Flesh mainman and founder of Unique Leader records Erik Lindmark has passed of away from Sclerosis on November 29th 2018 at the age of 46!

Andre Matos

On June 8th 2019 Former Singer / Keyboardist Andre Matos passed away at the age of 47 . Andre was a former member of Angra, Symfonia, Shaman, Viper, Virgo and a solo project. 

Richard Bateman

Richard Bateman passed away on September 5 2018 at the age of 50  from a heart attack. Richard was the bass playe rfor Gardy Loo, Unearthed and Nasty Savage. 

2019 Releases

July 2019

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
7-1 Dispyt Livsgladje   Black Crust E.P.
7-1 Erythrite Throne Eulogy for the Hangman   Amb Black E.P.
7-1 False Potent Gilead Black  
7-1 Fields of Elysium In Ancient Contemplation   Grind Tech  
7-1 Footprints in the Custard A New Low   Punk Metal  
7-1 Hellish War Wine of Gods   Heavy Power  
7-1 Jute Gyte Birefringerence   Exp Noise  
7-1 Kobald Masterpace Iron, Blood and Death Thrash  
7-1 Methrasheros Enemigos   Thrash Heavy Punk  
7-1 Orgiastic Perversion Ritual   Black  
7-1 Savagez New Dimensions Polymorph Tech Death  
7-1 Soiled by Blood Erit Sanguis Amoutated Vein Death  
7-1 Yellow Eyes Rare Field Ceing Gilead Black  
7-3 Black Overdrive All Evil   Stoner  
7-3 Blood Stained Child Amarteras Radtone Trance  
7-3 Jig-Ai* Entrails Tsunami Bizarre Leprous Goregrind  
7-4 Morbid Cross Diciples of the Goat   Thrash  
7-4 Warthrone Crown of the Apocalypse Ghostorm Extreme  
7-4 Witchbones We Haunt Ourselves   Black  
 7-5 Abbath Olve Eikemo Seson of Mist Black Thrash  
7-5 Bloodlust Leather, Steel & Hell   Black Thrash E.P.
7-5 Celestrail Grave Secular Flesh Iron Bonehead  Black  
7-5 Corpseflesh Rearranged with a 12 Gauge Unholy Ruins Death  
7-5 Fluids Exploitative Practices   Death  
7-5 Grimtone Morte in Vitam   Black  
7-5 Hex God Has no Name Transcending Obscurity Doom Death  
7-5 Immortal Bird* Thrive and Neglect 20 Buck Spin Black Sludge Crust  
7-5 Impure Satan's Eclipse Chaos Extreme  
7-5 Marburg Polemicist Wolfheist Tech Death 2016 E.P.
7-5 Massive Destruktion Mercnaries   Thrash  
7-5 Nad Sylvan The Regal Bastard Inside Out Prog  
7-5 NorthTale* Welcome to Paradise Nuclear Blast Heavy  
7-5 Pattern Seeking Animals S/T Inside Out    
7-5 Rod of Connection I f Might means Right   Crossover E.P.
7-5 Sanguine Eagle Storm Mysticism Profound Lore Black Amb  
7-5 Scumfuck S/T Chugcore Sym Slam Death  
7-5 Suicide Forest S/T AMM Atmo Dep  
7-5 Tort Void Addiction DM Sludge  
7-5 Tongue What do we Know Crawling Chaos Black  
7-5 Vacant Body S/T TDP Black E.P.
7-6 Anger Machine Trail of the Perrished   Thrash Groove  
7-6 Ecliptic Vision S/T   Death  
7-6 Foray Between Ocean As Serenity Drowns Miasma Deathcore  
7-6 Swan Valley Heights The Heavy Seed Fuzzorama Stoner Doom  
7-8 Hemisferio Anacronia Dying Vitims Power  
7-8 Spiker Heavy Metal Machine Dying Victims Heavy E.P.
7-9 Aeon Winds Stormveiled Advantagarde Atmo Black Amb  
7-10 Abhor Lascivious Dicterion   Black  
7-10 Akasha Consuming the Soul Death Kult Black E.P.
7-10 Dopehammer Spaced: The Final Bluntier   Slam Death  
7-10 God Sheped Devil Dark Fields   Groove Melodic   
7-10 Gyze  Asian Chaos Black Sheep Melodic Death  
7-10 Ilmatar Bonehead   Dep Black E.P
7-10 Leopardeath   Fores Tracks Melodic Death  
7-10 Necroratory III   Black  
7-10 Quiar La apologia fantasma   Black Gothic  
7-10 Slasher Katharsis GS Thrash  
7-11 Empyreal My Own Living Hell   Extreme  
7-11 Fixated on Annihilation To The Grave   Deathcore E.P.
7-11 Ktharsys Tras Las Huellas   Heavy Power  
7-11 Lycanthropus Blood & War   Black  
7-11 Mortar Walking Corpse Syndrome   Death  
7-11 Naska Huk Anthrazit Post Black 2017  E.P.
7-11 Offensive Metal to the Masses   Heavy Thrash E.P.
7-11 Sarfaust ....So Throw Me Inn the Dirge   Death Thrash E.P.
7-11 Tomorrow Brings New Blood Reborn   Groovecore E.P.
7-11 Voron Nonconformist   Melodic Ind Death  
7-12 Alghazanth Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity Woodcut Sym Black 1999
7-12 Alghazanth Subliminal Antenora Woodcut Sym Black 2000
7-12 Alghazanth Osiris Woodcut Sym Black 2001
7-12 Alghazanth The Polarity Axiom Woodcut Sym Black 2004
7-12 Alghazanth Wreath of Thevetat Woodcut Sym Black 2008
7-12 Auras Binary Garden Eone    
7-12 Batushka Hospodi Metal Blade Black  
7-12 Brutal Order Homo Homini Lupus Narcoleptica Thrash E.P.
7-12 Cazador Failure to Thrive   Sludge  
7-12 Cerberus Fire   Prog Groove  
7-12 Death SS Rock n Roll Armageddon High Roller   2018
7-12 Demiurgon The Oblivious Lure Everlasting Spew Death  
7-12 Disentomb The Decaying Light Unique Leader Death  
7-12 Disowning Human Cattle Xenokorp


7-12 Dok Wol* Wonders DK Prog E.P.
7-12 Dream Troll Second to None   Heavy Power  
7-12 Drive- By Bukkake Spunk -o-rama   Death Thrash  
7-12 Elder The Gold & Silver Sessions Blues Funeral Pysch Doom E.P.
7-12 Freighter The Den   Prog  
7-12 Haunter Sacramental Death I, Voidhanger Black Crust  
7-12 Hollow Haze Between Wild Landscapes and Deep Blue Seas Frontiers Prog  
7-12 Impavida Antipode Van Atmo Dep  
7-12 Luna S/T Solitude Sym Fun Doom  
7-12 Maelstrom Vale Silhouettes   Prog Death  
7-12 Metalian Vortex High Roller Heavy Speed  
7-12 Mind Key* MKIII Frontiers Prog  
7-12 Motive Fight the World Metal Devastation Thrash  
7-12 Necrofilth Love me like a Reptile Hells Headbangers Death Thrash Core E.P.
7-12 Pathetic Rat King TDP Death  
7-12 Ribspeader* Crawl and Slither Horror Pain Gore Death Melodic Extreme  
7-12 ShadowStrike Legends of Human Spirit   Power  
7-12 Sicfuk Diarrhea Duet Gore House Death  
7-12 Torche* Admission Relapse Stoner  
7-12 ...Under a Full Moon Our Riches Tridroid Black Doom  
7-12 Visionatica* Enigma Fire Frontiers Sym  
7-12 Wander Zyklus   Black  
7-12 Wrekking Machine Mechanistic Termination Divebomb Thrash 1992
7-13 Bad Frankenhausen Zwei;Die Rache   Heavy  
7-13 Emeral Aisles Early Aisles   Melodic Heavy  
7-13 Kairos Queen of the Hill Bleeding Music Heavy  
7-13 Pitchblack All Black   Melodic Core  
7-13 Shoot The Messiah Kill All Gods STM Death Thrash  
7-13 Svadifare Fortapte roetter Naturmacht Atmo Black  
7-14 Guttural Slug Plague of Filth Brutal Mind Slam Death  
7-14 Space Hamster The Ascent to Nothingness   Deathcore  
7-15 Abhor Infernus Status Quo   Black  
7-15 Arcade Messiah Hell By Default Bandcamp Post Prog E.P.
7-15 Black Shroud Death Culture   Extreme  
7-15 Bron Decay   Atmo Black  
7-15 Cadaver Vampire Corpus Book   Extreme E.P.
7-15 Celestial Swarm I, Catalcysm   Extreme E.P.
7-15 Circus Gore Cronicas Mutilated Death Grind  
7-15 Desmodus Rotundus Ravening Wolves Naorg Black Grind  
7-15 Ezov C.P.L.P.M. War Extreme E.P.
7-15 Faith ov Gestalgt Japanese Cvlminus Black Noise E.P.
7-15 Faustus Lipsia Carless Black E.P.
7-15 Midnight Conjuring The Zone   Thrash E.P.
7-15 No Point in Living Last Era   Dep Black E.P.
7-15 Ordeals Choose Death Stygian Death Doom E.P.
7-15 Palesloth Hallusensations   Sludge  
7-15 Steingrab Atlantis Soundage Atmo Black  
7-15 Uzumaki Spoken in Tongues   Death  
7-15 Vanquish End-Stage Society   Tech Death E.P.
7-15 Varang Nord Fire of the North Soundage Folk Viking 2014
7-16 Coherent Solitude The Void   Atmo Amb  
7-16 Empyria Divided Scrape Prog E.P.
7-16 Overwind     Power Prog E.P.
7-16 Zamiec Kostrica Svere Black  
7-17 Arkhon Infaustus Orthodoxyn Osmose Extreme  
7-17 Enforced At The Walls War Crossover  
7-17 Flesh Warfare Shadows of Time Narcolyptica Black Thrash  
7-17 Forest Final Frontier   Prog Sludge E.P.
7-17 Skylord Frostcraft


Melodic Black  
7-17 Toture Ascendacy 1307 D.E.M.O.S   Death  
7-18 Hoth Lord of the Netherworld Belzegore Black  
7-18 Imago Imperii Fate of a King Lion Sym Power  
7-18 Target X Reborn   Heavy Power  
7-18 Xentrix Bury The Pain Spiritual Beast Thrash  
7-19 Abounding When Sought   Prog Extreme  
7-19 A Hero for the World The Lion King Rock Opera   Power  
7-19 Ambalat Thrash Metal 48 Interlude Thrash  
7-19 Aphrodite Lust and War Fighter Speed  
7-19 Boatman's Toll The Fat is in the Fire Seeing Red Death Sludge  
7-19 Brocelian Guardians of Brocelande Massacre Sym  
7-19 Bushwacker A Fistful of Poison   Prog  
7-19 Buzzherd Culling the Herd   Doom E.P.
7-19 Cancer Ballcutter Peaceville Death Thrash E.P.
7-19 Cult of Extinction Ritual in the Absolute Absence of Light Iron Bonehead Extreme  
7-19 Elektric Mistress S/T   Doom E.P.
7-19 Falls of Rauros Pattern of Mythology   Black Thrash  
7-19 For the Fallen Chapter IV   Death Black Thrash  
7-19 Grave Dust Pale Hand Cyrpt of thw Wizard Death  
7-19 Keitzer Where the Light Ends F.D.A. Deathgrind  
7-19 Lingua Ignota Caligula Profound Lore EXP  
7-19 Lost In Darkness Acanto BDD Doom Death E.P.
7-19 Lucifer's Dungeon Within Vast Abyss Sepulchral Silence Black Amb  
7-19 Machine Head Live at Dynamo 1997 Dynamo Concerts Thrash Live
7-19 Man Daitorgul Gosk e Vidzera T Black  
7-19 Mesfitis Despair   Black E.P.
7-19 Mind of Fury The Fire RFL Heavy  
7-19 Panic Seeds of Hate WYLN Thrash Death Demo  1987
7-19 Panic Rotten Church WYLN Thrash Death 1987
7-19 Refore Social Failure Support Underground Thrash E.P.
7-19 Rogga Johansson Entrance to the Otherwise Transcending Obscurity Death  
7-19 Sabaton* Great War Nuclear Blast Epic  
7-19 Sectesy Jesus Christ Superlunch Metal Age  Death E.P.
7-19 Seelenschnitt Innenwelten   Amb Black  
7-19 Skyelig Englen This Hollow Land Clobber Dep Black  
7-19 Scott Stapp The Space Between the Shadows Napalm Rock  
7-19 Tomb Mold Planetary Claitovoyance 20 Buck Spin Death  
7-19 Valis Ablaze Render SPV   Long Branch Records
7-19 Vagrant The Rise of Norn Black Lion Epic Melodic  
7-19 Vomit Angel Imprint of Extinction Iron Bonehead Deathgrind  
7-19 Wormed Metaportal Season of Mist Death E.P.
7-20 Acid Fuzz Factory The Shadow   Stoner Doom  
7-20 Brache Spengverdicthung   Dep Post E.P.
7-20 Breath of Wind Magic of Nature   Atmo Black  
7-20 Darkult S/T   Black Thrash  
7-20 Devil's Hill It Doesn't Matter Which Way to Go   Thrash E.P.
7-20 Edison's Children The Disturbance Field Self Prog  
7-20 Finist S/T   Power Folk E.P.
7-20 Funeral Woods Ashes of the New Age   Black E.P.
7-20 Furfur Leclat du passe   Black  
7-20 Gjallarhorn The Black Tower   Black E.P.
7-20 Haters Vultos   Death E.P.
7-20 Iniquitous Deeds Incessant Hallucinayions Lifeless Charm Tech Death  
7-20 I.N.R.I. Abyssmal Apparitions Industialisis Ind Black  
7-20 Legend  From the Fjords Cult Metal Classics Epic Heavy Prog 1979
7-20 Malo de Dentro Euthanasia Drop D Core  
7-20 Mechanization S/T   Thrash Groove  
7-20 Silence Thereafter Hollow   Atmo Post E.P.
7-21 Death Path Summoning the Beast   Death  
7-21 Sadael Weirdest projection   Fun Doom Death  
7-21 Serpentinus Ice, Wind,  Dark    Extreme  
7-21 Soulless Unreachable   Atmo Black  
7-21 Teutoburg Forest Voltigeurs   Black Exp  
7-21 Temple of Abraxas Temples Forlorn Forbidden Black  
7-21 Tenebrae Oboriuntur Fallax   Sym Black  
7-21 Trinityria Hvitetrone Come and Worship Nosral Black  
7-22 Ravens Get it in Your Head No Regrets Hard Heavy 1984
7-23 Algaroth The Life Beneath   Extreme Groove E.P.
7-23 Desecresy Towards Nebulae Xtreem Death  
7-23 Monarch of Blood Execution   Melodic Black E.P.
7-23 P3D1TVM Romantic Fecal Dinner   Slam Core  
7-23 Varanger Dark Traditions   Melodic Pagan  
7-24 As I May *  My Own Creation Rockshots    
7-24 Beyond Deth The Age of Darkness Wolfheist Black Thrash  
7-24 Carillon Absent Presence   Speed Prog  
7-24 Dead Eye Spider Thrill of the City Blue Butterfly Melodic Heavy  
7-24 Exa Ignitr   Thrash  E.P.
7-24 The Hands Resist Him Stone Hands   Sludge Doom  
7-24 In Autumnus Scrupulosity   Atmo Black  
7-24 Strakhness Hemorrhage of Reality   Black Doom  E.P.
7-24 Tyrada  Adaryt   Heavy Thrash  
7-24 Wirbelwind  Noble Catastrophe Repentless Melodic Death  
7-24 WitchCliff Rust   Doom  
7-25 Absolution Denied S/T Green Revolution Meloic Death  
7-25 Control the Storm Forevermore   Power  
7-25 Imperador Belial Curse of Belial Mara Black  
7-25 Kommand Savage Overkill Metal on Metal Black Thrash  
7-25 Morke Melancholia   Gothic Sym X-Sins of thy Beloved
7-25 Odica Guerra la paz   Heavy  
7-25 Reign in Slumber It Never Left   Extreme E.P.
7-25 Risen Prophecy Voices from the Dust Metal on Metal Thrash Power  
7-25 Runewacht Gjallar erschallt Nothern Fog Black  
7-25 Shade of Deep Water Death's Threshhold Dunkelheight Fun Doom  
7-25 Space God Ritual The Unknown Wants You Dead! Metal on Metal Doom  
7-25 Vermin Scourge Triumphant  Savagery True Parasite Extreme E.P.
7-26 Adrestia* The Wrath of Euphrates Wormholedeath    
7-26 All Out War Crawl Among the Filth Unbeaten Crossover  
7-26 Blackhelm Dark Clouds of the Inferno   Melodic Extreme  
7-26 Cable Take the Stairs to Hell Translation Loss Atmo Sludge  
7-26 Carnal Tomb Abhorrent Veneration Testimony Death  
7-26 Cherubs Immaculada High Relapse Noise Rock  
7-26 Curse of Denial Coming for Your Soul Redefining Darkness Extreme  
7-26 Daxma* Ruiins Upon Ruins Blues Funeral Post Doom  
7-26 Devil Worshipper Godforsaken   Black E.P.
7-26 Disastrous Murmur Santo Subito Metal Bastard Death  
7-26 Elixir The Remedy Hear no Evil NWOBHM Box Set
7-26 Faithsedge Bleed for Passion Scarlet Heavy Prog  
7-26 Forlorn Hope Over the Hills   Heavy Power  
7-26 Gravehammer Primordial Principles Caligari Extreme Doom  
7-26 Hatriot From Days Unto Darkness Massacre Thrash  
7-26 Hellscream Hate Machine Pure Steel Power  
7-26 Illyrian The Entity , Unknown   Thrash  
7-26 Lacrimas Profundere Bleeding the Stars Oblivion Gothic  
7-26 Langsuir Dirgha Belasungkawa Legion Extreme  
7-26 Mad Dog Grotesque and Inexorable Red Handed Stoner Doom  
7-26 The Negative Bias Narcrissus Rising ATMF Atmo Amb  
7-26 Nevel Leven Babylon Doom Cult Atmo Dep  
7-26 Possessor Gravelands APF Stoner  
7-26 Rhapsody  Zero Gravity Nuclear Blast Sym Power Turilli/ Lione
7-26 Samson Bright Lights  Hear No Evil NWOBHM Box Set
7-26 Sinheresy Out of Connection Scarlet Sym Heavy  
7-26 Solace of the Void S/T CDN Black  
7-26 Surya Solastalgia Argonauta Post Doom  
7-26 Varden The Wish of Weeping Moribund Black  
7-26 Vectom Speed Revolution High Roller Speed 1985
7-26 Vectom Rules of Mystery High Roller Speed 1986
7-26 Vesication Total Fecall Horror Pain Gore Death Death Grind  
7-26 VHS We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs Horror Pain Gore Death Grind  
7-26 Wormwood Nattarvet Black Lodge Melodic Black  
7-27 Astenie Melancholia Anthrazit Post Black  
7-27 Dark October* Aura Bandcamp Melodic Black  
7-27 Goblinsmoker Toad, Toked, Live   Sludge Doom E.P.
7-27 Haive Mieli massa Eisenwald Black Folk 2007
7-27 Mournful Cries Bad Taste   Heavy Doom  
7-27 Rotten Hate Stabbing the Masses Australis Death Crust  
7-27 Stormrider What Lies Within   Heavy E.P.
7-27 Suicidal Ideation Devotion to Nihilism   Black  
7-28 Bernallium Project Chapter II   Heavy  
7-28 James Ridder Milestone   Heavy Shred  
7-28 Mountain Dust* Seven Storms   Southern Doom  
7-29 Fog on Titan Bornless   Black E.P.
7-29 Melkor Infernum Nox Rock-CD Heavy  
7-29 Nur Run Nurrun   Black  
7-29 Reverie Noire Winter Requiem   Atmo Post  
7-30 Antartandes Illvsio Australis Black  
7-30 Armageddon Death Squad Necrosmose Great Dane Death  
7-30 Carnal Abhorrence Gormandizing Ruture Reality Fade Death Slam  
7-30 Deathwinter Veneration Nekromantra Black  
7-30 Delirium Tremens The Artifact of Global Disease Brutal Mind Death  
7-30 Desert Fortune Favors the Brave   Power  
7-30 Helhesten Vanquisher of Darkness   Heavy Power E.P.
7-30 Khazhad Dum Khasma   Extreme  
7-30 Triguna Candied Lemons Jerry Berry Prog Death  
7-30 Turret In The Shadows Hellfire Heavy E.P.
7-30 Violence Chaos and Sex   Black Speed E.P.
7-31 Allomancer Polarizer   Heavy Thrash  
7-31 Eternal Suffering Beyond the Threshold of Twilight Third I Rex Sym Black E.P.
7-31 FalseGod Religiocide Thrashirts Death  
7-31 Gravatus Et Omnis    Black Amb  
7-31 Grogus  Four Kings   Sludge  
7-31 Kvelond Chaotica   Prog Black  
7-31 Lord Wind The Forest is my Kingdom Warheart Darkwave Folk  
7-31 Nunslaughter Antichrist Hell Prod  Death E.P.
7-31 Pandemmy Reflections & Rebellions Gallery Death Thrash 2013
7-31 Ralmador Hjos del mal   Black Doom  
7-31 Shadow's Far Ninety Nine Stonepath Melodic Death Thrash  
7-31 Tales of Blood Stuffing the Graveyard Pathologically Explicit Death  
7-31 Violent Execution Erupcion   Crossover  

August 2019

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
8-1 Bauda Brvjo   Post Folk  
8-1 Dismembered Carnage Blasphemed Betrayal Careless Death  
8-1 Gruulvoqh The Eternal Traveller GS Fun Doom  
8-1 Highborne Mirage of Remorse   Atmo Black E.P.
8-1 Inhuman Deprivation Cannibalistic Extiction PER Death  
8-1 Invigorate Sanctity the Last of Misery PER Death  
8-1 In Somnis The Memory You've Become GS Atmo  
8-1 Lord Fallen Idols Dominus Heavy Power  
8-1 Norikum As Nauseam   Melodic Death Thrash  
8-1 Seid Ulv Urtod Void Black  
8-2 Carnifex* World War 10 Nuclear Blast Deathcore  
8-2 Cerebus From Beyond the Vault Door Heaven and Hell Heavy Power  
8-2 Cro-Mags Don't Give In Victory Crossover E.P.
8-2 Damnation Defaced The Devour Apostasy Melodic  
8-2 Deceitome Flux of Ruin Redefining Darkness Death E.P.
8-2 Desolation Screams of the Undead I Hate Death  
8-2 Egor Lappo Azimuth   Prog  
8-2 Evil United Serpent Combat Heavy Thrash  
8-2 Excuse Prophets from the Occultic Cosmos Shadow Kingdom Thrash  
8-2 Finsterforst* Zerfall Napalm Folk  
8-2 Freedom of Fear Nocturnal Gates EVP Melodic Death  
8-2 Hulder Embraced by Darkness Mysts Stygian Black Hand Black E.P.
8-2 Levania Episode 0 Sliptrick Gothic E.P.
8-2 Mylingar Doda sjalar Amor Fati Extreme  
8-2 Narnia From Darkness to Light   Neoclassical Power  
8-2 North Tale* Welcome to Paradise Nuclear Blast Power  
8-2 The Offering* Home Napalm Prog  
8-2 Pagan Curse Evil Revelation   Black  
8-2 Riot V Live in Japan 2018 AFM Heavy Power Live
8-2 The Rite The Broken Fires Iron Bonehead Black Doom  
8-2 Sacrilege The Court of the Insane Pure Steel NWOBHM  
8-2 Saxon  The Eagle has Landed 40 Silver lining NWOBHM Live
8-2 Sulferon Here be the Demons SNP Black  
8-2 Sons of Famine As Razors Gnaw Horror Pain Gore Death Extreme  
8-2 Total Hate Throne Behind a Black Veil Eisenwald Black  
8-2 Umbah Seeding the Multiverse   Exp  
8-2 Ungfell Totbringaere Eisenwald Black  
8-2 Volt Beat Rewind Replay Rebound Napalm Rock  
8-2 Wretched Hve HIVE Seeing Red Thrash Groove  
8-3 1000 Yard Stare Benthic   Sludge Doom  
8-3 Eradikator Obscura Divebomb Thrash  
8-3 Grima Will of the Primordial Naturmacht Atmo Black  
8-3 Hamatom  Maskenball Napalm Groove  
8-4 Cranial Contamination Engineered Human Obsolescence  Reality Fade Death E.P.
8-4 Eyelid Eater Modern Times   Inst Doom  
8-5 Bleak Flesh ...and Save Us from Silence   Prog Tech  
8-5 Cancerbero Reconquering the Throne of Death Veins full of Wrath Death  
8-5 The Howling Wind Shadow Tentacles Profound Lore Black  
8-5 Messiah in the Abyss Dying Sunset   Black  
8-5 Nattesorg Walk before the living Nosral Black  
8-5 Psycho Face Before I Wake Up   Prog  
8-6 Brian Mailard Stabilized   Prog  
8-6 Moriandum Realms of Shadows   Black Folk  
8-6 Overruled Hybris Back from the Grave Heavy Speed  
8-6 Sarastus The Deceased Dwell in Darkness The Malicious Intent Black E.P.
8-6 Subduer Cornered   Extreme Noise E.P.
8-7 Imago Mortis Images from the Shady Galery Tales from the Pit Doom 1998
8-7 PhosphorusXV Corruptu Sanguis   Black  
8-7 Blood Red Soul River of Melancholy BRS Sym Goth  
8-7 Uur Uur   Doom  
8-7 Warskull May the Vultires Eat Me Wood and Bone Atmo  
8-8 Chephereon Necromancy Forever Dead Black Thrash  
8-8 El Jefazo Simbiosis Necio Stoner  
8-8 Fin Bulgaria Bulgarian Thrash Psihar Crossover  
8-8 Fireslaughter Mofar   Exp  
8-8 Hanging Garden Blood Mountain   Death E.P.
8-8 Marco Di Stasio Riverside   Prog Heavy  
8-8 Raging Fury Grotesque Masked  Krusher Jackhammer Thrash  
8-8 Retournelle   Narcoleptica Gothic  
8-8 SIXforNinE* Parallel Universe Eclipse Alt Metal Fotis Benardo
8-8 Warningfog True , False and Random Triangle Infernal Grindcore  
8-9   SDSS JO333 +0651 Amputated Vein Death  
8-9 Anna Pest The Ocean Calls Me Home   Exp  
8-9 Besvarjelsen Frost Blues Funeral Pysch  
8-9 Endless Voyage X Opaque Acephale Winter Doom Black  
8-9 Crossing Rubicon Seeing Red Imminence Heavy Hard  
8-9 Dead Samaritan Shadows Casket Death Thrash E.P.
8-9 Destruction Born to Prish Napalm Thrash  
8-9 Dreams of Nightmares Dark Shadows   Melodic Groove  
8-9 Hemina Night Echoes   Prog  
8-9 Horseburner The Thief Ripple Stoner  
8-9 Lord Gore Scalpels for Blind Surgeons Everlasting Spew Grindcore  
8-9  The Offerings* HOME Century Media Extreme  
8-9 Ortus Forgotten Memories NP Black E.P.
8-9 Overt Enemy Possession Confused Thrash E.P.
8-9 Pathology Reborn to Kill Pavement Death  
8-9 Phobia Generation Coward Willowtip Grind  
8-9 Roxy Blue Frontiers    
8-9 Salvaticus Ordo Naturalis Nocturnal Reign Black  
8-9 Soleil Moon* Warrior Frontiers Rock  
8-9 Solitary XXV Doc Thrash E.P.
8-9 Spread Eagel Subway to the Stars Frontiers    
8-9 Stappado Exigit Sincerae Devotionis Comatose Death  
8-9 Suicidal Angels Years of Agression Napalm Thrash  
8-9 Trench Warfare Hatred Prayer Transcending Obscurity Extreme  
8-9 Unprocessed* Artificial Void Long Branch Prog  
8-9 Unruly Child Big Blue World Frontiers    
8-9 White Fog Temple of Sorrow Bearded Dragon Sym Black  
8-9 Witch Cross Fighting Back High Roller Heavy 1983 1985
8-10 Blackwater Burial The Prison of Belief   Prog Death  
8-10 Celestial Flame Unholy Essence   Sym Power  
8-10 Sleep Terror Abreaction   Prog Death  
8-11 Dark Skull Funeral Wraith   Black E.P.
8-11 NTIZKVM Genocidal Supremacist Iron Front Extreme  
8-11 Praesagium A Traves   Black  
8-12 Iron Age The Sleeping Eye Tee Pee Crossover 2009
8-12 Iron Attack! Red Justice   Prog Power  
8-12 Jormungand Beautiful Riot   Sym E.P.
8-12 Putrid Evocation Blackness Enshroud Burning Coffin Death 2013
8-13 Cremator La isla del diablo   Heavy Thrash  
8-13 Kannabinoid 3 Golem Stoner  
8-13 Sick to the Back Teeth Mythology   Various  
8-14 Ancient Flame Tyrant Blood Morbid Chapel Black  
8-14 Elkir S/T   Folk  
8-14 Hatehordes Darkest Age of Sorcery VN Black  
8-14 Progeny Dance with the Devil   Doom  
8-14 Rem Poklade   Black E.P.
8-15 Cursed Scrolls Kthonios Cvlminus Black E.P.
6-15 Darker Mysteria Ceremonia   Black  
8-15 Deadspace The Grand disillusionment   Dep Black  
8-15 Der Tod und die Landsknechte Sohne BT Black E.P.
8-15 Gorebringer A Craving for Flesh Gates of the Seventh Key Melodic Death  
8-15 Lor Battle of Winter Night AA Black  
8-16 Abysmal Lord Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal Hells Headbangers Extreme  
8-16 Anticosm Call of the Void   Death Thrash  
8-16 Bastard Grave Diorama of Human Suffering   Death  
8-16 Deadwood Lake Immortalised in Death UKEM Melodic  
8-16 Devourment* Obscene Majesty Relapse Death  
8-16 Dialith Extinction Six   Sym Power  
8-16 Diocletian Amongst the Flames of  a Burning God Profound Lore Extreme  
8-16 Funeral Oration Eliphas Love Avantgarde Black  
8-16 1349 S/T Season of Mist Black  
8-16 Hellvetron Trident of Tartaraen Gateways Iron Bonehead Death Doom  
8-16 Killswitch Engage Atonement Metal Blade Thrashcore  
8-16 Malignant Eternal Tarnet Soulseller Ind Black 1995
8-16 The Murder Capital* When I Have Fears Human Season Psych Doom  
8-16 Nevain  Hidden   Atmo Doom  
8-16 Picture Wings Pure Steel Heavy  
8-16 Red Razor The Revolution Continues   Thrash  
8-16 Repent Condemned to Fail High Roller Thrash  
8-16 Septic Flesh In The Flesh Part 1 Season of Mist Sym Extreme Box Set
8-16 Shadow of Intent Melancholy   Melodic Core  
8-16 Shock Narcotic I Have Seen the Future and it doesn't Work Housecore Grind All Star Line Up
8-16 The Sleer  Vigil   Black Doom  
8-16 Sophist* Betrothal To The Stone   Black  
8-16 Twilight Force Dawn of the Dragon Nuclear Blast Sym Power  
8-16 Wraith Absolute Power   Black Speed Punk  
8-17 Blackthorn's Blood DeusLo Vult Narbentage Black  
8-18 Fire for Effect Artillery Unleashed Agonia Death All Star Line Up
8-18 Lunarscathe Radiance   Melodic Extreme  
8-18 Mavorim Aasfresser Purity Through Fire Black Amb  
8-19 Acheronthia Styx Dimension   Melodic Death  
8-19 Hefaistova Lyra Preludy Slovak Metal Army Thrash  
8-19 Magma Dragon Total Party Kill   Sym Power  
8-19 Neptrecus Ars Galica Purity Through Fire Black  
8-20 Arsheric Final Colision Sliptrick Gothic  
8-20 Blackmoon S/T Narcoleptica Black  
8-20 Sorcery Necessary Excess of Violence Xtreem Death  
8-21 AK-11 Rituals of an Occult War Frozen Blood Black  
8-21 Kringa Feast Upon the Gleam TP Black  
8-21 Shadow Warrior Reyurn of the Shadow Warrior Spritual Beast Heavy  
8-23 Amanita Virosa Orginal Plague Inverse Melodic Death  
8-23 Ancestral Shadows Wolven Mysteries of Ancient Lore   Black  
8-23 Astralium Land of Eternal Dreams Rockshots Sym  
8-23 The Black Wizard Reflections   Stoner  
8-23 Book of Wyrms Reythologizer Twin Earth Stoner  
8-23 Cemican In Ohtli Teoyohtica   Prog Power Folk  
8-23 Ceremony In tthe Spirit World Now Relapse Post Pun Rock  
8-23 Domination Inc. Memoir Napalm Thrash  
8-23 Eternal Storm* Come the Tide Transcending Obscurity Melodic Death  
8-23 Eternity Opens Blackest Gem   Prog Metal E.P.
8-23 Equilibrium* Renegades Nuclear Blast Epic Folk  
8-23 Frantic Amber Bellatrix GMR Melodic Death  
8-23 Freedom Call* M.E.T.A.L. Steamhammer Power  
8-23 Funeral Oration Eliphas Love Avantgarde Black  
8-23 Gurthang  Ascension Immortal Frost Black  
8-23 Hagzissa They Ride Along Iron Bonehead Black  
8-23 Hellhorse Hydra Napalm Groove Stoner  
8-23 Helvetets Port From Life to Death High Roller Heavy  
8-23 The Holeum Sublime Emptiness Lifeforce Post  
8-23 Illdisposed* Reveal Your Soul for the Dead Massacre Melodic Groove  
8-23 Ivory Tower Stronger Massacre Power Prog  
8-23 Merlin The Mortal The Company Doom  
8-23 Scimitar Shadows of Man   Pagan Thrash  
8-23 Shiver of Frontier Can you see the World? Black Listed Melodic Power  
8-23 8KIDS Bluten Naplam Post  
8-23 Soheil Al Fard In The Reflection of the Approaching Tide   Melodic Death  
8-23 VAK Loud Wind Indie Prog Sludge   
8-23 Wrvth* No Rising Sun Unique Leader Tech Death  
8-24 Andras Reliquien SBMM Pagan    
8-24 Dark Side Upadek   Melodic Core E.P.
8-24 Flagelum Adalid de Vincita   Groove Thrash E.P.
8-24 Gorezone Implexaeon Rising Nemesis Death  
8-25 Domination   HA Melodic Power  
8-25 Molecular Fragmentation Recurrence PER Death  
8-26 Antichrist Siege Machine Schism Machine SBH Extreme  
8-26 Drunemeton Return to Old Europe DST Pagan  
8-26 Maineeaxe Shout it Out Classic NWOBHM 1984
8-26 Maineeaxe Going for the Gold Classic NWOBHM 1985
8-26 O.D.R.A. Herod BSFD Post Hardcore  
8-26 Slaughbbath Alchemical Warfare Hells Headbangers Black  
8-26 Wardomized .....a Heated Exchange Sudden Strike Death Grind  
8-27 Errance I   Atmo Black  
8-27 Hellbomb Darkness Grinds Within More Hate Crust  
8-27 Julian Lehmann Keeper of the Wild   Folk  
8-27 Warcrab Damned in Endless Night Transcendiing Obscurity Death Sludge  
8-28 Majak The Heral   Black Thrash  
8-29 Cultura Tres  La Cruz del Seis   Sludge E.P.
8-29 ErrorGod Ballad of Torture Bandcamp Death  
8-29 Inner Suffering Nothing   Dep Black  
8-29 Sic Zone A-Rise Bret Hard Death Thrash  
8-29 Strangulation Violence in Degraded Mindset Bandcamp Death E.P.
8-29 Syndrom Einsamkeit Gottesvemic Wolfmound Noise  
8-29 Tyrant of Death Superior Firepower   Exp  
8-29 Vvilderness Devour the Sun   Post Black 2017
8-30 Alchemical Wake Cassiopea   Drone  
8-30 Aludra Mass Stellar Graves   Black  
8-30 Bottomfeeder S/T Born Dead Black Crust E.P.
8-30 Cathedraline Kosmonolith The Liquid Sin Atmo Black  
8-30 Crimson Moon Mors Vincit Debemur Morti Black  
8-30 Culted Vespertina Synaxis Season Of Mist Black Doom E.P.
8-30 The Curse of Millhaven Thresholds 1054 Melodic Core  
8-30 Elvenking Reader of the Ruins AFM Melodic Folk  
8-30 Enemy of Creation Victims of the Cross Camo Pants Thrashcore  
8-30 Entombed A.D. Bowels of Earth Century Media Melodic  
8-30 Essence of Datum Spellcrying Machine Season of Mist Melodic Tech  
8-30 The Fifth Alliance The Depth of the Darkness   Post Core  
8-30 Gallows Pole This Is Rock BGG Prog Melodic Rock  
8-30 Geistaz'ika Trolddomssejd Af Black  
8-30 Hämaton Maskenball Columbia Groove  
8-30 Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion Parallel Life Glassville Prog  
8-30 Hope Drone Void Lustre Relapse Post  
8-30 Imperium Dekadenz* When we are Forgotten Napalm Black  
8-30 Im Tode The Unfound Graves Narcoleptica Melodic Extreme  
8-30 Infant Meat Shield Lunacy Vidar Death Thrash  
8-30 Insurrection Circles of Despair Big Bad Wolf Melodic  
8-30 Isole Dystopia Napalm Melodic  
8-30 LIK Bersvärtade strofer Nordvis Black 2005
8-30 LIK Nordvis Black 2003
8-30 LIK Lekamen Nordvis Black 2007
8-30 Livløst Cold Skin Downfall Black  
8-30 Multiatred Ingested Filth Redifining Darkness Death E.P.
8-30 Mystagogue And the Darkness was cast out into the Wilderness Vendetta Black  
8-30 Necronautical Apotheosis Candlelight Black  
8-30 Noceur The Hunger   Exp  
8-30 Northern Genocide Genesis Vol.666 Inverse Ind Melodic  
8-30 Orm Ir Indisciplinairian Melodic  
8-30 Pandemonium Monuments of Tragedy Black Lodge Melodic  
8-30 Phobiatic Contempt for Decay Record Jet Tech Death  
8-30 Proven Always on the Attack 1054 Thrash Groove  
8-30 Sadokist Necrodual Dimension Funeral Storms Hells Headbangers Black Thrash  
8-30 Saint Deamon Ghost Ram It Down Power  
8-30 Sempiternal Dusk Cenotaph of Defectuous Creation Dark Descent Death  
8-30 Synteleia Ending of the Unknown Path Hells Headbangers Black  
8-30 Tarja In The Raw earMUSIC Sym  
8-30 Temple of Dread Blood Craving Mantras Testimony Death  
8-30 Tenebrae in Pepetuum Anorexia Obscura Debemur Morti Black  
8-30 Tool Fear Inoculum RCA Prog  
8-30  Transport League A Million Volt Mighty    
8-30 Unmensh Scorn Immortal Frost Black  
8-30 Unscarred Brutality Reborn   Thrash  
8-30 The Virulent Sentence to Death   Death Thrash  
8-30 Witch Vomit Buried Deep in a Bottomless Grave 20 Buck Spin Death  
8-31 Facelift Deformation Cybernetic Organism Realityfade Death  
8-31 Keys of Orthanc A Battle in the Dark Lands of the Eye Naturmacht Atmo Black  
8-31 Marco Minnemann My Sister CD Baby Prog  
8-31 Mutilation of Human Persecution PER Death  
8-31 Putrid Womb Slam Induced Priapism Rotten Death E.P.
8-31 Stillbirth Back to the Stone Age   Deathcore  
8-31 Weight of Emptiness Conquering the Deep Cycle Australis Melodic Doom  
8-31 Willow Ash S/T Bandcamp Stoner  

September Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
9-1 Grailight Sic Luceat Lux!!! Soundage Sym Extreme  
9-1 Lothric Adversarial Light Twin Victim Melodic Black  
9-1 Mørkt Tre Necrofolk Darker Than Black Black E.P.
9-1 Nyctophilia Bezden Wolfspell Atmo Dep  
9-1 The Ritual Aura Velothi   Tech Death  
9-2 Acheronian Scar Gate into the Abyss   Sym Extreme  
9-2 Barkasth Hear My Void Ashen Domain Black  
9-2 Black Star Riders Another State of Grace Napalm Rock  
9-2 Ezkaton Sheen and Misery Ashen Dominion Atmo Dep  
9-2 Gratzug Zeitgeist Hammerbund Black  
9-2 Ice Howl Potraits of Eternity   Heavy Doom E.P.
9-2 Kemakil Play Your Shards Right   Thrash E.P.
9-2 Mortuary The Sapiens Order XenoKorp Death E.P.
9-2 Muspellzheimr Hyldest til trolddom Lunar Black 2015
9-2 Shades of Sorrow Paradox Sliptrick Prog Metal  
9-3 Contrabandist No Songs Here   Groove  E.P.
9-3 Metatron Romelin   Sym Epic   
9-3 Night Resident S/T Moon Rapture Heavy Doom  
9-3 Umbral Filth Iter   Extreme  
9-4 Even Flow Mother   Prog  
9-4 Heavy Lord Chained to the  World Solitude Stoner  
9-4 Hog Slammer Death Metal from the Ghetto Chainsaw Gutfuck Death Slam E.P.
9-4 Noen hater oss Bastarder   Black  
9-4 Pervertum Obscurum Funeral Storms   Death  
9-4 Transgresion Hjos e hijas Inriri Speed Thrash  
9-5 Alcoholocaust Necro Apocalipse Bestial Hell Prod Black Thrash  
9-5 Ancient Empire Wings of the Fallen   Heavy  
9-5 Beyond the Labyrinth Brand New Saint Freya Heavy  
9-5 Kalanthes Soul Chamber Narcoleptica Melodic Extreme  
9-5 Nihil Human Decay Old Black 2017
9-5 Strident March of Plague Punishment 18 Thrash  
9-5 Undergang Unfrivillig Dark Descent Death E.P.
9-6 Arcane Frost Dragged into the Void   Black E.P.
9-6 Black Cilice Transfixion of  Spirits Iron Bonehead Black  
9-6 Cropsy Maniac* Carnage Horror Pain Gore Death    
9-6 Dead Head Dream Deceiver Hammerheart Thrash Death 1995
9-6 Deathroll A Sick Life STF Black  
9-6 Disillusion* The Liberation Prophecy Melodic   
9-6 Divided Multitude Faceless Aggressor Ram It Down Prog  
9-6 Ethereal Riffian Legends Robustfellow Stoner  
9-6 Everfrost Winterider Rockshots Sym Power  
9-6 Foscor Els Season of Mist Dark Prog  
9-6 Juliet Ruin* Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos   Thrash  
9-6 Kayo Dot Blasphemy Prohecy Exp  
9-6 Madder Moertem Mercury Dark Essence   1999
9-6 Noekk Walzing in Obscurity Prophecy Prog Doom  
9-6 Omophagia 646965 Unique Leader Death  
9-6 Pantanum Geographical Animals   Stoner  
9-6 Ramihrdus Midsummer's Twilight   Atmo Amb  
9-6 5Rand Dark Mother Time to Kill Melodic  
9-6 Rise Twain S/T Inside Out    
9-6 Runespell  Voice of Opprobrium Iron Bonehead Black  
9-6 Slutvomit Copulation of Cloven Hooves Invictus  Extreme  
9-6 Soul of Anubis The Last Journey Seeing Red Prog Thrash  
9-6 Surface of the Sun* Panacea   Alt  
9-6 Transport League A Million Vol Scream Mighty Doom  
9-6 Totensucht Trace of a Cosmic Journey Wolfmond Black  
9-6 Ufomammut XX Doom Doom Box Set
9-6 Vokonis Grasping Time The Sign Stoner Doom  
9-6 Weltfremd Nachwelt   Post  
9-7 Cemetery Lights The Underworld Nuclear War Now Black  
9-7 Dark God Cremation of the Saint TPMP Death Thrash  
9-7 One Hour Hell Voidwalker Vicisolum Thrash Death  
9-8 Steel Snake First Contact Narcoleptica E.P. Heavy
9-8 Suicidal Angels Years of Aggression Napalm Thrash  
9-9 Anifernyen Augur ESW Melodic Extreme  
9-9 Arnaut Pavle S/T Myst Black  
9-9 Blunt Splitter Cannabyss   Doom  
9-9 Boslide Nazisti da operetta   Exp  
9-9 Corpsehammer Metal de la muerta Bestial Invasion Extreme  
9-9 Cthulhuss Cthulhu Cult Old Temple Stoner Doom  
9-9 Esoraroth At The Behest of the Vampire   Black E.P.
9-9 Man Made Origin State of Nature   Prog Extreme 2009
9-9 Raventale Morphine Dead Gardens Ashen Dominion Black Doom  
9-9 Switchblade S/T Bandcamp Sludge 2009
9-9 Qayin Regis Doctrine Blackseed Extreme  
9-9 Zebulon Kosted Never Return Again Hammerkrieg Exp  
9-10 Deadlife A Moment of Silence   Dep Black E.P.
9-10 Destructor Sonic Bullet Reaper Power Thrash 2003
9-10 Kokophrolic Akata   Death Grind E.P.
9-10 Luzbel Retorno o la obscuridad Sade Heavy  
9-10 Sangre Maltida Pandemonium Roel Gothic Dark  
9-10 Sons of Providence Adaptations:MMXIX   Gothic Stoner E.P.
9-10 Sur Austru Meteahna timpurilor Advantgarde Atmo  Folk Death  
9-11 Abythic Conjuring the Obscure Xtreem Death  
9-11 Bitru Demons walk Away      
9-11 Grand Belial's Key A Witness to the Regicide W.T.C. Black 1996
9-11 Kirchenbrand Antihumanismus Terror Black  
9-11 Sedna The Man Behind the Sun Spikerot Sludge  
9-11 Wigrid Enfremdungsmoment BNHP Black  
9-11 Wings of Dahak Death at Your Side   Black Doom E.P.
9-12 The Dream and the Nightmare Andromeda   Melodic Death E.P.
9-12 Fallen Voices L' esperance   Atmo Dep E.P.
9-12 Grevia Misophonic Lethal Scissor Grindcore E.P.
9-12 Incantation of Cadaver Mutilation In the Name of Pain   Black  
9-12 Return of the Soul Interlacing of Worlds   Melodic Prog  
9-12 Wormreich Feeding the Ouroboros Black Flame Black E.P.
9-13 Atlantean Kodex The Course of  Empire Van Epic Heavy Doom  
9-13 Baest Venenum Century Media Death  
9-13 Blackrain Dying Breed Napalm Rock  
9-13 Blood Red Throne Fit to Kill Mighty Death  
9-13 Brant Bjork Jalamanta Napalm Doom  
9-13 Bryan Beller Scenes From the Flood   Prog  
9-13 Come Back From the Dead The Rise of the Blind Ones Transcending Obscurity Death  
9-13 Crypt Sermon The Ruins of Fading Light Dark Descent Epic Doom  
9-13 Darkend Spiritual Resonance Dark Essence Sym Black  
9-13 The Defiants Zokusho Frontiers Prog  
9-13 Devilish Impressions Postmortem Whispering Crows Non Serviam Sym Extreme  
9-13 Disiple Love Letter Kill Shot   Nu  
9-13 (Echo) Below the Cover of Clouds Solitude Melodic  
9-13 Endseeker The Harvest Metal Blade Death  
9-13 Eschaton Death Obsession Unique Leader Tech Death  
9-13 Eternity To Become the Grreat  Beast Soulseller Black  
9-13 Formicarius Rending the Veil of Flesh Schwarzdorn Black  
9-13 Infant Annihilator The Battle of Yaldabaoth   Deathcore  
9-13 Masters of Ceremony Sascha Paeth's Frontiers Sym Prog  
9-13 Mithridatic Tetanos mystique Xenokorp Extreme  
9-13 Nightfell A Sanity Deranged 20 Buck Spin Extreme  
9-13 Ram The Throne Within Metal Blade Heavy  
9-13 Sascha Paeth's Masters of Ceremony* Signs of Wings Frontiers Melodic Power  
9-13 Sinner Santa Muerte AFM Heavy  
9-13 Total Despair Perfect Life Form Creation Ungodly Ruins Death  
9-13 Void King Barren Dominion Off of Record Doom  
9-13 Viseral Disgorge Slithering Evisceration Agonia Death  
9-13 Wasted Electrified Denomination Heavy  
9-13 Weeping Shores False Confession I Voidhanger Death Doom  
9-13 Woundvac The Road Ahead Corpse Flower Grindcore  
9-14 Ange de la Mort Unscrupulous Misattributions   Black  
9-14 The Awakening Daemonswords   Death 1999
9-14 The Awakening The Age of Storm   Death 2000
9-14 The Awakening Countdown to Misanthropy   Death 2005
9-14 Batyushka Anocton   Black Russia
9-14 Dunkell Reiter Slaves of Terror EBM Thrash  
9-14 Six Feet Under Haunted Satanath Gore 1995
9-14 Unborn Salivate Paraphilia P2 Death  
9-14 Wintercrown Northern Lights Cult Osiris Extreme  
9-15 Armagedom Em Lenta Dec CD Crossover  
9-15 Bestia Karusodalane   Extreme  
9-15 Darklon Rise From Death Eat Metal Epic Power  
9-15 Dos Bujos Zeitgeist   Sludge  
9-15 Heruka Turning to Dust Narcoleptica Sym Black  
9-15 Paediatrician Halequin Fetus Sirius Deathgrind  
9-16 Anima Barroca Inri   Melodic Prog  
9-16 Graveside Sinful Accenssion GS Death 1993
9-16 Rotting Christ Aealo Satanath Melodic 2010
9-16 Rotting Christ Theogonia Satanath Melodic 2007
9-16 Sieged Mind Emptiness GS Melodic Death 1996
9-16 Succubus Destiny GS Tech Death 1995
9-18 Bodhisattva Nara atita kurta tatra Extinctionist Black E.P.
9-18 Negative Slug Apeshit/ Browsing... One Armed Man Doom  
9-19 Dark Wizard Close in the Dark Metal Warrior Heavy  
9-19 Vanity Alive Samsara   Intr Prog E.P.
9-20 The Agonist* Orphans Napalm Melodic  
9-20 Ancient Moon Benedictus Diabolica Iron Bonehead Black Amb  
9-20 And Hell Followed With Chimerical Reality Hollowed Deathcore E.P.
9-20 Antigone's Fate Zum Horizont Northern Silence Atmo Dep  
9-20 As I Lay Dying Shaped By Fire Nuclear Blast Core  
9-20 Chemicide Inequality prc Thrash  
9-20 Coffins Beyond the Circular Demise Relapse Death Doom  
9-20 Cult of Sorrow Invocation of the Lucifer Black Doomda Doom Heavy  
9-20 Dawnbreaker Total Depravity Vision of God Extreme  
9-20 Detraktor Grinder Violent Creek Thrash  
9-20 Exhorder* Mourn the Southern Skies Nuclear Blast Thrash  
9-20 Graveyard Hold Back the Dawn War Anthem Death  
9-20 Great Cold Emptiness Death Gifted a Bouquet Flowing Downward Atmo  
9-20 Kadaver For the Dead Travel Nuclear Blast    
9-20 Kobra and Lotus Evolution Napalm Heavy  
9-20 Kosmos L'envol   Black  
9-20 Incardine Seeds of Doom Bone  Death  
9-20 Michael Schenker Fest Revelation Nuclear Blast Heavy Hard  
9-20 Monolord* No Comfort Relapse Stoner Doom  
9-20 Murder Made God Endless Return Unique Leader Death  
9-20 Soul of Steel Rebirth Revalve Power  
9-20 Valkria No Darkness No Light   Epic Goth  
9-20 White Ward Love Exchange Failure Debemur Morti Exp  
9-23 Beyond Forgiveness Live to Tell the Story Sliptrick Sym Goth  
9-27 Dragonforce Extreme Power Metal earMUSIC Power Prog  
9-27 Freakings Rise of Violence   Thrash  
9-27 Netherbird  Into the Vast Uncharted Eisenwald   Fredrik Andersson
9-27 Opeth In Caude Venenum Moderbolaget Prog  
9-27 Pyramido Fem The Sign Sludge  
9-28 Steel Panther Heavy Metal Rules   Heavy  

October Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
10-1 Sitar Metal Sitar Metal Bandcamp Sitar Metal  
10-4 Angel Risen Cleopatra Hard Rock  
10-4 Cell God of the Nether Realm No Clean Singing Black  
10-4 Exhumed Horror Relapse Gore  
10-4 Flying Colors Third Degree Mascot Prog  
10-4 Gatecreeper Deserted   Relapse Death  
10-4  Insomnium* Heart Like A Grave Century Media Melodic  
10-4 Iron Kingdom On the Hunt   Heavy  
10-9 Vanden Plas The Ghost Xperiment Frontiers Prog  
10-11 Bent Knee You Know What they Mean Inside Out Prog  
10-11 The Ferrymen A New Evil Frontiers Power  
10-11 Eclipse Paradigm Frontiers Prog  
10-11 Kadavar For the Dead Travel Fast Nuclear Blast    
10-11 Profanatica Eucharist In Ruin Season of Mist Black  
10-11 Unleash the Archers Explorers      
10-18 Alterbridge Walk The Sky Napalm Rock  
10-18 Black Mastiff Loser Delusions Grand Hand Hard  
10-18 Mayhem Out From the Dark Napalm Black  
10-18 Ray Elder What the Water Wants Inside Out Prog  
10-18 Rufused War Music Napalm    
10-18 Zonal Wrecked Relapse    
10-25 Alcest Spiritual Instinct Nuclear Blast Post  
10-25 Fit For an Autopsy The Sea of Tragic Beast Nuclear Blast Deathcore  
10-25 The Great Old Ones Cosmicism Napalm    
10-25 Leprous Pitfalls Inside Out Prog  

November Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
11-1 Une Misere Sermon Nuclear Blast    
11-8 Edge of Paradise Universe Frontiers    
11-8 The Flower Kings Waiting for Miracles Inside Out Prog  
11-8 Hideous Divinity Simulacrum Century Media  Death  
11-8 Mortuary The Autophagous Reign XenoKorp Death  
11-8 Quiet Riot Hollywood Cowboys Frontiers Heavy Hard  
11-15 Denner's Inferno In Amber Mighty    
11-15 Despised Icon Purgatory Nuclear Blast Deathcore  
11-22 Unfathomable Ruination Enraged and Unbound Willowtip Death  

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