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3-12 March April with Nightwish
3-11 2018  Album Release Dates
3-11 May tour with Skyburial
3-11 April May with Bloodshot Dawn
3-11 April Tour with Jinger
3-11 March Tour with Jyrki
3-9 May June with Combichrist
3-9 April May Tour with Morbid Angel
3-9 May June Tour with Hammerfall
3-4 April Tour with Good Tiger
3-4 May tour with Babymetal
3-4 May Tour with Ghost
3-4 June July tour with Black Dahlia Murder
3-4 April Tour with 3 Teeth
3-4 April May with Tesseract
3-4 May with Clutch
3-4 April May with Sons of Apollo
3-3 May Tour with Mutoid Man
3-2 May June Tour with Full of Hell
3-1 April with Center of Disease
2-23 May tour with Apocalyptica
2-23 May Tour with The Black Veil Brides
2-23 May tour with Miles Kennedy
2-22 May June Tor With Anvil
2-20 April May with Halestorm
2-18 May Tour with Obituary
2-14 April Tour with King's X
2-11 North American Festivals

2-8 Feb March April with UDO
2-8 April Tour with Sirenia
2-7 March Tour with Fozzy
2-5 June Juily Tour with Tesseract
2-5 March tour with Mayhem
2-5 May June with King Gizzard
2-5 May June tour Primus & Mastodon
2-5 March tour with Rings of Saturn
2-5 April May tour with Jonathan Davis

2-5 Febreary with Marillion
2-5 Feb March tour with Alterbeast
2-5 April May Tour with Carnifex
2-5 April May tour with Kobra and Lotus
2-5 April Tour with Dying Fetus
1-26 May/June Devastation of the Nation
1-26 March April tour with The Sword
1-24 May June tour with Slayer
1-20 March April tour with BTBAM
1-15 Agonia and Metal Blade Updates
1-14 May Tour With Bloodbath
1-14 May tour with Defeated Sanity
1-14 Feb March with McSabbath
1-14 March April tour with Royal Thunder
1-14  March April  tour with Primitive Man
1-13 March April with Michael Schenker
1-6 Feb March with Khemmis
12-27 March April The Contortionist
12-27 April May with Steven Wilson
12-27 April May with Alice in Chains
12-27 March Tour with STP
12-27 Feb March Motionless on White
12-11 April May Tour with Soulfly/ Nile
12-11 Feb March tour with Iced Earth
12-5 March April Tour Cradle of Filth
12-5 March April Tour Protest The Hero
12-3 March Tour with Watain


The Metal Authority Family
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Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Quorthon from Bathory

Metal Authority Live

At the age of 42 the musician and producer Fabiano Penna (Rebaelliun, Andralls,Ordher, among others) passed away on Feb 27th, 2018 from complications from an bacterial infection

2018 Release Dates


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
1-1 Abigor Hollenzwang Avantgarde Black  
1-1 Angantyr Foragt E.P. Northern Silence Black  
1-1 Bestialord  Law of the Burning   Doom  
1-1 Bolg Pague Vaccine Hass Weg Black  
1-1 Decemberance Inside Endless Winter Death Doom  
1-1 Demon Goat Elitist  E.P.   Black Doom  
1-1 Dowager Hymns for the Dead E.P.   Doom  
1-1 Gangrena Gasosa Gente Ruim   Crossover  
1-1 Henry Metal War In Heaven   Heavy  
1-1 Inquinamentum 8342   Black  
1-1 Ironic Punishment Division Trigger Warning   Doom  
1-1 Infestum Les Rites De Passage Lacerated Enemy Black  
1-1 Jassa Incarnation of a Higher Gnosis Fallen Empire Black  
1-1 Master Sword Shadow and Steel   Power  
1-1 Mortis Mutilati The Stench of  Death Naturmacht Black  
1-1 Roast Dead Monstrous Butchery   Gore Grind  
1-1 Terrorhammer In  the Name of Hell Deathrune Black Thrash  
1-1 Ylian World Fashion Sucks   Melodic  
1-1 Warthorn G.O.D. Envenomed Death Thrash  
1-2 Bron Where the Leaden Dawn Meets Iron Shores   Atmo Black  
1-2 Minneriket Anima Sola   Amb Black  
1-2 Moongate Guardian Leave the Nothern Mountains   Epic Black  
1-2 Violence Motordemon   Black Speed  
1-3 The Great Machine Respect na na  Doom  
1-3 Gunslinger Earthquake in E Minor 2008 Purple Pyramid Heavy  
1-3 Rancid Skull Catharsis   Thrash  
1-3 Spawn of Annililatiom Insurrection Brute Death  
1-3 Sulpher Seas Suzanne   Black  
1-3 Unholy Slough S/T Narcoleptica Doom  
1-4 Ousiodes Pymander   Power  
1-5 Cryptic Rising Old Wound E.P. Skyburnsblack Post  
1-5 Dagger Lust Siege Bondage   Extreme  
1-5 Deafened In Heaven   Doom  
1-5 Doom:VS Aeternum Vale  2006 Solitude Fun Doom Johan Ericson
1-5 Gorezia Vaginal Mutilation 2017 Narcoleptica Death  
1-5 Iduxion Mental Monopolio E.P.   Death Thrash  
1-5 Shining* X Varg Utan Flock Season of Mist Black  
1-5 Sinistro* Sangue Cassia Season of Mist Doom  
1-5 Substratum Permission to Rock Swords and Chains Heavy  
1-5 Watain* Trident Wolf Eclipse   Black  
1-5 Summoning* With Doom we Come Napalm  Black  
1-5 Weedpecker III Stickman Psy Doom  
1-6 Nocturne The Burning Silence Talheim Black  
1-6 Orphaned Land* Unsung Prophits and Dead Messiahs Century Media Melodic  
1-7 Mental Cruelty Purgatorium Rising Nemisis Deathcore  
1-8 Hellish God The Evil Emanations Everlasting Spew Death  
1-9 Evil Nerfal Bellum Est Pater Grimm Black  
1-9 Perfect Beings* Vier Inside Out Prog Sean Reinert
1-10 Barglar Suicide Cocktail E.P.  Cvlminus Heavy Black  
1-10 Cruentator Ain't War Hell   Thrash  
1-10 Djinn And Miskatonic Even God Must Die Transcending Obscurity Doom  
1-11 Feasting on Darkness Souls of Chaos   Prog Death  
1-11 Negator Grablegung   Black  
1-12 The 3rd Attempt Egocidal Dark Essence Black  
1-12 Audrey Horne * Blackout  Napalm    
1-12 Avatar* Avatar Country Eone    
1-12 Battle Tales The Ire of the Condemned Battle Tales Folk  
1-12 Bleeding Gods DODEKATHLON Nuclear Blast    
1-12 Bloodshot Dawn* Reanimation Hostile Media  Tech Death  
1-12 Boethiah Invocation of the Xenolith   Death  
1-12 C.O.C.* No Cross No Crown Nuclear Blast Doom  
1-12 Grave Spirit The Beast Unburdened by Flesh  E.P.      
1-12 Hamfero* Tamsins Likam Metal Blade    
1-12 Hell Bent S/T  E.P.   Crossover  
1-12 Heidevolk* Vuur van verzet Napalm Folk  
1-12 Joe Satriani* What Happens Next Legacy Prog  
1-12 Kayak* Seventeen Inside Out Prog Rock  
1-12 Kayleth Colossus Argonauta Stoner  
1-12 Khiral Chained Inverse Death Thrash  
1-12 Leaves Eyes* Sign of the Dragonhead AFM  Sym  
1-12 Ols Wolf Faustian Mass Divebomb Heavy  
1-12 Panphage Jord Nordvis Black  
1-12 Rotted Pestilent Tomb Head Split Death  
1-12 Scaphism Unutterable Horror's Horror Pain Gore Death Death  
1-12 Stormtrooper Pride Before A Fall 2016 High Roller NWOBHM  
1-12 Trespass Footprints in the Rock Mighty NWOBHM  
1-12 Upheaval Altar of Ash   Doom  
1-12 Vimana The Collapse E.P. Willowtip Tech Death  
1-12 White Wizzard Infernal Overdrive M-Theory Heavy  
1-13 Crash Syndrom Postmortem Solutioins to Mundane Issues Obliteration Goregrind  
1-13 Soulinpain Adversary Australis Death  
1-13 Utvar Ghosts  E.P. Metal Mayhem HQ Shoegaze  
1-13 Zulmet Satans Nunnor   Black  
1-14 Brutaliate S/T   Death  
1-14 Carrion King A Funeral Pyre  E.P.   Melodic Death  
1-14 Catervatim Serpent Sheperd   Death  
1-14 Device Godless  E.P.   Death Thrash  
1-14 Helroth I, Pagan 2016 Art of Night Pagan Folk  
1-14 Krzysztof Slowikowski Contra Guitar Playthrough   Prog  
1-14 Luna Azure Mythic Drama E.P.   Black  
1-14 Mercy's Dirge S/T  E.P.   Extreme  
1-14 Sardonic Wrath  A Journey of Ice   Exp  
1-15 Cloven Hoof The Definite Part 1 2008 Metal Nation Heavy  
1-15 Destructing Sequence An Agonizing Journey   Prog Extreme  
1-15 Edgeflame Beyond the Pale Carcass Narcoleptica Heavy Thrash  
1-15 Extinction of Mankind Storm of Resentment MCR Crust  
1-15 Geomancer Khatt Al-Raml Inverted Grim Mill Stoner  
1-15 Grajo Slowgod II Underground Gods Psy Doom  
1-15 Granatus Bellum Perpetua cvminus Black  
1-15 Higurd Egozentrik 2016 Wolfmound Black  
1-15 Labyrinth Entrance Monumental Bitterness      
1-15 Last Legion Musspellheims Gravel Extreme Viking  
1-15 Make A Change... Kill Yourself IV Cursed Amb  
1-15 Neter Inferus Satanath Death  
1-15 Rotting Kingdom S/T   E.P. Godz of War Doom Death  
1-15 Sabhankra From the Frozen Mounyains Metalism Melodic  
1-15 Wyrmwoods Earth Made Flesh Inverse Atmo  
1-16 Enbiluluguga Not a Black Metal Band Skull Dungeon Noise  
1-16 The Poodles Prisma Gain Hard  
1-16 Torvus Taurobolium   Dark Doom  
1-17 Devil on Earth Kill the Trends Kill Again Thrash  
1-17 Excantation A Somber Endeavor GS Fun Doom  
1-17 Lascar Crptospores E.P.   Post  
1-17 My Deathbed S/T   Depr Black  
1-19 Anvil* Pounding the Pavement Steamhammer Heavy Power  
1-19 Arkona* Khram Napalm Pagan Folk  
1-19 Black Label Society* Grimmest Hits eOne Southern Doom  
1-19 Dalriada Nyaruto Nails  Folk  
1-19 Dustin Behm* The Beyond  Rockshots Prog  
1-19 Evil Warriors Far From Reality   Extreme  
1-19 I Promised Once* Salvation Needful Things Core  
1-19 Inquisitor Stigmata Me, I'm in Misery Hammerheart Death Thrash  
1-19 Joe Perry and Friends Sweetzerland Manifesto Roman Rock  
1-19 Of Mice and Men Defy Rise    
1-19 Lechery We are all Born Evil Bleeding Music Heavy  
1-19 Magnum* Lost on the Road to Eternity SPV Hard Rock  
1-19 Meden Agan  Catharsis No Regrets Sym Goth  
1-19 Micheal Schenker Group Assault Attack 1982 Napalm Heavy  
1-19 Moonlight Nate Metal Mind Prog Goth  
1-19 Sonic Prophecy* Savage Gods  Rockshots    
1-19 Terror Universal* Make Them Bleed Minus Head    
1-19 Tragedian* Unholy Divine Ice Warrior Power Speed  
1-19 Unshine* Astrala Rockshots Post  
1-19 Walking Papers WP2 Load and Proud    
1-19 Yhdarl Loss I Voidhanger  Black Doom  
1-19 ZOM Nebulos E.P. Argonauta    
1-20 Gonoreas Minotaur Sonic Revolution Heavy  
1-20 Neckbreaker To Big To Fail E.P.   Thrash  
1-20 Paragon Collapse The Dawning Loud Rage Melodic  
1-20 Premarone Das Volk der Freiheit   Doom  
1-20 Project Pain Brothers in Blood   Thrash  
1-20 Rotheads Sewer Fiends Memento Mori Death Thrash  
1-20 Solar Demise Archaic War Narcoleptica Tech Death  
1-20 Sunwheel I Am The One h8 Crimes Black  
1-22 Apophys Devoratis Ultimate Massacre Death  
1-22 The Art of Mankind Distant Light   Melodic  
1-22 Black Reaper Celestial Decension Pest Melodic Black  
1-22 Ectoplasma Cavern of Foul Unbeings Memento Mori Death  
1-22 Fallen Utopia Disequilibrium Cursed Death  
1-22 Nest Metempsychosis   Doom  
1-22 Rapture Paroxsym of Hate Memento Mori Death Thrash  
1-24 Arden Shin Gi Tai Hyperspace Hard Rock  
1-24 Asterism The Season Vol. 2 Tokuma Heavy Instrumental
1-24 Crossfaith Wipeout   E.P. Sony Core  
1-24 Eskhaton Omegalitheos Lavadome Death  
1-24 Nephrectomy No Lives Matter Amputated Vein Death  
1-24 Psilocbin The Marsh Chapel Experiment E.P Mindstrike Doom  
1-24 River of Souls The Nihilist  E.P.   Deathj Doom  
1-24 Severed Limbs Sores Galore Ablaze Death  
1-24 Menore Until we Die Inverse    
1-25 Blasfemia Nocturnal Astral Visions   Black Thrash  
1-25 The Creatures from the Tomb The Terryfying Menace RRR Grind  
1-25 Hail Conjurer Dreams of Serpent BB Black  
1-26 Abysmal Grief Blashema Secta Sun and Moon Doom  
1-26 Accuser Time For Silence Metalblade Groove Thrash  
1-26 Agrimonia Awaken Southern Lord  Crust  
1-26 Aisuragua In Morte Verita Hidden Marley Dep Black  
1-26 Alastor ... The Dark Tower War  Black Thrash  
1-26 Anguish Magna Est High Roller Doom  
1-26 Bedlam Pasung Horror Pain Gore Death Doom  
1-26 Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa Black Coffee Mascot    
1-26 Bind Torture Kill Visceres Wooaaarg Grind  
1-26 Burdens Within   Pavement    
1-26 Children of the Reptile The End    Heavy  
1-26 Communion The Communion Hells Headbangers Black  
1-26 Cynabare Unre In the Cremation Ground Regain Death  
1-26 The Dead Centuries* Race Against Time Bandcamp Prog  
1-26 Faal Desolate Grief Van Death Doom  
1-26 First Offence S/T  1988   Heavy  
1-26 Grethor Damnatio Memoriea Edgewwod Arsenal Extreme  
1-26 Hamatom Bestie Napalm    
1-26 Hooded Menace* Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed Season of Mist Extreme  
1-26 Howling Sycamore* S/T Prosthetic   Supergroup
1-26  Lione / Conti S/T     Supergroup
1-26 Loudness* Rise to Glory earMusic Heavy  
1-26 Machine Head* Catharsis Nuclear Blast Groove  
1-26 Mammoth Grinder Cosmic Crypt Relapse Hardcore  
1-26 Mephisto  S/T  1988 Karthago Speed Heavy  
1-26 Mike Leponds Silent Assassins* Pawn of Prophecy Frontiers    
1-26 Monarque Lys noir  2013 Eisenwald Black   
1-26 Mr. Plow Maintain Radio Silence   Stoner  
1-26 Ocean of Grief Nightfall's Lament Rain Without End Melodic  
1-26 Phill Campbell and the Bastard Sons* Age of Absurdity Nuclear Blast    
1-26 Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals* Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue Housecore    
1-26 Portal* ION  Profound Lore Exp Death  
1-26 Rebellion  A Targedy in Steel Part II Massacre Heavy  
1-26 Saint Tragedy Prolonging the Agony Pavement    
1-26 Spirytus Silence of the Raven E.P.   Power  
1-26 Storm of Particles Gaea Hypothesis   Melodic Death  
1-26 Taken by the Tide Revenge   Prog Core  
1-26 Testament  The Gathering 1999 Napalm Thrash  
1-26 Testament Demonic   1997 Napalm Thrash  
1-26 Testament Live at the Fillmore 1995 Napalm Thrash  
1-26 Testament First Strike and Still Deadly  2001 Napalm Thrash  
1-26 Therion* Beloved Antichrist      
1-26 Tribulation* Down Below Century Media Melodic  
1-26 Thor Electric Eyes Deadline Heavy Hard Rock  
1-26 Untervoid S/T  E.P. Osmose Black  
1-26 Vantablack Warship* Abrasive Pulmonic Speak   Tharsh Death  
1-26 Vargrav Netherstorm Werewolf Black  
1-26 Victorius Dinosaur Warfare Massacre Power  
1-26 Vinide The Beginning Scene Inverse Sym  
1-27 Adavant* The Unyieding   Epic Folk  
1-27 El Patron The Alliance KC Death  
1-27 Powerstroke Omissa Bret Hard Thrash Groove  
1-29 Bulletbelt Nine Centuries Headless Horsemen Black Thrash  
1-29 Funeral Winds Sinister Creed    Black  
1-29 Harmpit Pschowarriors of Jupiter Sleen and Clerch Thrash  
1-30  Dark Archive Cultivate Our Blood On Aeon  E.P. Inverse    
1-31 Gloomy Embody Abysmal Dypression Pt.1: The Cave   Amb Black  

February Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
2-1 Signs of Omnicide Era of Omniscience Inherited Suffering Deathcore  
2-2 Disembowel Plauges and Ancient Rites 2017 Iron Bonehead Death  
2-2 Dream Troll The Witch's  Curse E.P.   Heavy  
2-2 Genocide Pact Order of Torment Relapse Death  
2-2 Hautajaisyo Matkalla kohti Inverse Death Thrash  
2-2 Jack 13's Panzercrow Unplugged of the Dead Inverse Inverse  
2-2 King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard* Polygondwanaland Blood Prog Exp  
2-2 In Vain Currents Indie Prog Extreme  
2-2 Long Distance Calling* Boundless Inside Out Prog  
2-2 Revenge Spitting Fire Iron Shield Heavy Speed  
2-2 Saxon* Thunderbolt Militia Guard NWOBHM  
2-2 Season of the Wolf Last Act of Defiance   Prog Heavy  
2-2 Turbonegro Rocknroll Machine      
2-2 W.A.S.P.* Re- Idolized Napalm Heavy  
2-3 Reaper's Revenge Virtual Impulse Recordjet Heavy  
2-3 Vespera Imago   Ind Goth  
2-4 Siechtum ...durch die Augen Depressive Illusion Black  
2-5 Horroraiser Impatenaris Narcolyptica Trad Heavy  
2-5 Prevenge Void Caller   Black  
2-7 Anialator Rise to Supremacy Xreem Thrash  
2-7 Grimmer Vanadrottning Despotz Folk Viking  
2-7 Harrower Remebrance 2016 Anthrazint Post Black  
2-7 Living Altar Scythes Toward Psyche GP Extreme  
2-8  Birdflesh Night of the Ultimate Mosh 2002 Everlasting Spew Grind  
2-8 Fuel Eater Soberian Kinship   Stoner  
2-8 Golgothan Remains Peverse Offerings to the Void   Death  
2-8 Mortuus Umbra Omnipraesent E.P.   Black  
2-8 Rumahoy* The Triumph of Piracy Napalm Folk  
2-8 The Ugly Thanatology Vicisolum Black  
2-9 The Atlas Moth* Coma Noir Prosthetic    
2-9 Atomwinter Catacombs Trollzorn Death  
2-9 Cresent The Order of  Amenti Listenable Extreme  
2-9 Crucifyre Post Vocanic Black Pulverized Death  
2-9 Empyrean Eclipse* Perdition   Death  
2-9 Eternal Valley The Falling Light Heavy Gloom Black  
2-9 Frozen Crown The Fallen King Scarlet Power  
2-9 Harms Way* Posthuman Metal Blade Doom  
2-9 Ignition Guided by the Waves Roll the Bones Power  
2-9 King Witch Under the Mountain Listenable    
2-9 Legend of the Seagullmen S/T Dine Alone   Supergroup
2-9 Mithridatic He Who Lies Underneath Xenokorp Extreme Live
2-9 Monolithe Nebula Septem   Fun Doom  
2-9 Necromantia IV: Malice 2000 Osmose Black  
2-9 Necromantia The Sounds of Lucifer Storming Heaven 2007 Osmose Black  
2-9 Paara Riitti Vicisolum Black  
2-9 Pissed Regardless Feed the Birds E.P. CDR Crossover  
2-9 Primal Rite Dirge os Escapism E.P. Revelation Crossover  
2-9 Rotting Christ The Call E.P. Peaceville Melodic  
2-9 Rumahoy* The Triumph of Piracy Napalm Folk  
2-9 Slow* V Oceans Code 666 Doom  
2-9 Throneless Cycles Black Bow Doom  
2-9 Tyrranicide God Save the Scene 1989   Thrash  
2-9 Vanguard X Mortem* Amberosia Noir Sym Extreme  
2-9 Visigoth* Conqueror's Oath Metal Blade Power  
2-9 Voodoo Circle Raised on Rock AFM Hard Rock  
2-9 Waal Congitations E.P.   Black  
2-10 AEnimus The Final Warning   Heavy Thrash  
2-10 Cryptic Grave S/T   E.P. 2017 Great Dane Death  
2-10 Gone Awry 100 Days, 100 Years E.P  Independent Melodic Metalcore bandcamp
2-10 Grafjammer Schalm & Schabauw   Black  
2-10 Northrough The Last Warrior Narcoleptica Melodic Viking  
2-10 Order to Ruin Return to Ceyrior VII   Melodic Death  
2-10 Vvilderness Devour the Sun   Post  
2-11 Pitchblack All or Nothing Narcoleptica Melodic Core  
2-11 Primal Cult Perennial Fire   Melodic Black  
2-11 Trick or Treat Re-Animated   Power  
2-12 Wintaar Northernmight   Atmo Black  
2-13 Denied Freedom of Speech Sliptrick Thrash Heavy  
2-14 Anal Cockroach Doomkeeper   Death  
2-14 Arc Storm Voyage of the Rage  King Neoclassical  
2-14 Buried In Pieces Seperated E.P. Underrated Deathcore  
2-14 Dependentium Narttu   Black  
2-14 Genocide Method Forged in Death   Melodic Death  
2-14 Hell Fire Hellfire E.P.   Power  
2-14 In the Name of the Dead Chaotic Psychosis   Death Groove  
2-14 Kill Athena Ravaging all Within Sickness Tech Death  
2-14 Nevrome Perversion...   Black  
2-14 OPROPOS Infestation Demo Independent Raw Black  
2-14 Perpetrator Altered Beast Carverna Thrash  
2-15 Alone in the Mist Useless Narcoleptica Atmo Black  
2-15 Lebowskii* Liquidators Music  Thrash  
2-15 Neptune Land of Northern  Cult Media Classic Heavy  
2-15 Phantom Corporation Cause and  Effect   Crust  
2-16 Angra* Omni earMusic Melodic Prog  
2-16 Asenblut Legenden  E.P. AFM Pagan  
2-16 Coffin Torture Dismal Planet   Doom  
2-16 Cryptivore Unseen Divinity 2017  E.P. Blood Harvest Grind  
2-16 Cypecore The Alliance Cargo Melodic Death  
2-16 Decomposer Hard 2 Kill Independent Thrash/ Crust Punk bandcamp
2-16 Escape the Fate I Am Human  Better Noise Core  
2-16 Ethan Brosh Conspiracy Magna Carta Prog  
2-16 Heavatar* Opus II earMusic Power  
2-16 Huntsmen* American Scrap Prosthetic    
2-16 Kvelel Long May they Haunt Us Hidden Marley Black  
2-16 Letters from the Colony* Vignette Nuclear Blast Core  
2-16 Miracle The Strife of Love in a Dream Relapse    
2-16 Nate Bohnet* Therpeutic Destruction      
2-16 NovaReign Legends M-Theory Prog Power  
2-16 Nuclear Chaos Unite  E.P.   Melodic Core  
2-16 Painted Doll*   Tee Pee   Chris Reifert  Dave Hill
2-16 Ritual Widow 1983 High Roller NWOBHM  
2-16 Overhung* Moving Ahead Test Your Metal Hard Rock  
2-16 Windhand / Satan's Satyrs Split Relapse Doom  
2-16 Sainted Sinners* Back with a Vengeance El Puerto   David  Reece
2-16 The Fall Weird Tales Independent Doom bandcamp
2-16 Thaurorod Coast of Gold Drakkar Prog Power  
2-16 Thobbe Englund* The Draining of Vergelmer Lion Heavy  
2-16 Verikalpa Taistelutahto Inverse    
2-16 Visions of Atlantis* Deep & The Dark Napalm Sym  
2-17 Apes of God Misanthropy RGR Thrash Death  
2-17 Bob Katsionis Prognosis & Synopsis   Prog  
2-17 Feeding the Wolves Shallow E.P. Independent Melodic Metalcore  
2-17 Second Strike Destiny Never Dies E.P. Independent Hard Rock/Heavy Metal bandcamp
2-17 Surgery Absorbing Roots Support Underground Death  
2-17 Walk in Darkness* Welcome to the New World   Gothic  
2-18 XCII Press Repeat Anesthetize avant-garde  
2-18 Absention Ascending to Desolate Colossal Force Death  
2-18 Chevalier Chapitre II  E.P.   Heavy Speed  
2-18 Eye of Purgatory The Rotting Enigma Iron Blood and Death Death  
2-18 Nyctophilia Darkness Calls Upon Me Omen 18 Black  
2-18 Roraima Wahari Kuawai E.P. Depressive Illusions Atmo Black  
2-18 Tragedy Kereta Jenazah Lies the Seed E.P. 2013 Rotten Death  
2-19 Splatterpuss Labyrinths of  Dark Energy Vicious Instinct Death  
2-20 Arkheth 12 Winter Moons Comes the Witches Brew Transcending Obscurity Black  
2-20 Imperial Age* The Legacy of Atlantis Adulrunu Sym  
2-20 Killcode The Answer   Hard Rock  
2-20 Mother Turtle Zea Mice   Prog  
2-21 Candle The Keeper's Curse Fighter Heavy  
2-21 Deathless The Sounds of the New World 2003 GS Melodic  
2-21 Skjult Progenies ov Light Satanath Black  
2-21 Thousand Eyes Day of Salvation Spiritual Beast Melodic Death  
2-22 Aqen Meditation astrale EDP Atmo Black  
2-22 Buckethead Fourneau Cosmique Bucketheadland Prog Pike 274
2-22 Destroyer 666 Call of the Wild E.P. Season of Mist Black Thrash  
2-22 George Bellas* Colonizing the Stars   Inst Prog  
2-22 Putrid Blood   Nocturne Thrash  
2-22 Rapture Futile- 1999 Alone Melodic  
2-22 Rapture Songs for the Withering  - 2002 Alone Melodic  
2-22 Rapture Silent Stage -2005 Alone Melodic  
2-23 Adrastea Pathetic Bluemoon E,P, Black Listed Power  
2-23 Alcyona Trailblazer Pride and Joy Sym  
2-23 Alterbeast Feast Unique Leader Tech Death  
2-23 Apostle of Solitude* From Gold to Ash Cruz del sur    
2-23 Armoured Dawn* Barbarians in Black AFM Power  
2-23 Arrow Diary of a Soldier E.P. 1986 Karthago Melodic Heavy Metal  
2-23 Avslut Deceptis Osmose  Black  
2-23 Bhleg Solarmegin Nordvis Black  
2-23 Deliverance The Subversive Kind Roxx Speed Thrash Ind Big D
2-23 Blackwulf Sinister Sides Ripple  Doom  
2-23 Cabal* Mark  of Rot Long Branch    
2-23 Chris Bay* Chasing the Sun SPV   Freedom Call vocalist
2-23 Conjurer Mire Holy Roar Doom  
2-23 Chronic Hate The Worst Form of Life Via Nocturna Death  
2-23 Cultus Profano* Sacrament Obscurus Dedemur Morti Black  
2-23 Cruthu The Angle of Eternity 2017 The Church Within Psy Doom  
2-23 Dead Empires Designed to Disappear   Prog Sludge  
2-23 Deathwhite For a Black Tomorrow 2017 Season of Mist Melodic Goth  
3-23 Deep River Acolytes The Hour of Tral Via Nocturna Heavy Doom  
3-23 Demonomancy Poisened Atonement Invictus Extreme  
2-23 Dimmu Borgir Interdimensional Summit 7' Nuclear Blast Sym Black  
2-23 Dukes of the Orient* S/T Heavy Hard Frontiers John Payne and Erik Norlander
2-23 ELeine Until the End Black Lodge Sym  
2-23 Escotrilihum Pandaemorthium I  Voidhanger Black  
2-23 Fight the Fight* S/T Metal Blade    
2-23 Funerary Bell Undead Revalations Saturnal Black  
2-23 Harakiri for the Sky Arson Art of Propaganda Post Black  
2-23 Hammr Unholy Destruction Hell Headbangers Black Crust  
2-23 Huntsmen* American Scrap Prosthetic    
 2-23 Infernal Legion Under the cloven hood Moribund Death  
2-23 Insect Art* Marrow Hymns Profound Lore Inst Prog  
2-23 Kaoteon Damnatio Memotiae   Extreme  
2-23 The Lead Again  E.P. Roxx Crossover  
2-23 Maladie ...Of Harm and Salvation Apostasy Black Prog  
2-23 Megahertz Offiziell Komet Napalm    
2-23 Necropanther Eyes of Blue   Melodic Death  
2-23 Necrophobic   Century Media    
2-23 Necrosexual* Necrosexual Rites      
2-23 Old Mother Hell * S/T Cruz del Sur Doom  
2-23 Oryx Stolen Absolution   Doom  
2-23 Ostura The Room Universal Sym Power  
2-23 Poem Unique Vicisolum    
2-23 Provocater Satan, Chaos, Blood & Terror Moribund Black  
2-23 Sacred Leather Ultimate Force Cruz del Sur Heavy Thrash  
2-23 Samurai of Prog Archiviarum   Prog  
2-23 Sebastien Act of Creation Pride & Joy Melodic Power  
2-23 Seyminhol Ophelian Fields Lion Melodic Prog  
2-23 Shakma House of Possession Duplicate Thrash  
2-23 Spartan Warrior* Hell to Pay Pure Steel  NWOBHM  
2-23 Squeler Behind Close Doors Pride & Joy Heavy  
2-23 Salem Attrition Dissonance Hard  
2-23 Tengger Cavalry* Cian Bi Napalm    
2-23 Thy Antichrist* Wrath of the Beast Napalm Black  
2-23 Troll S/T  2016 Shadow Kingdom Doom  
2-23 Tyrant Legions of the Dead 1985 Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
2-23 Tyrant Too Late to Pray 1987 Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
2-23 Tyrant King of Kings  1996 Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
2-23 Usurpress Interregnum Agonia Death Sludge  
2-23 Venus Mountains Black Snake Volcano Heavy   
2-23 Wake  Misery Rites Translation Loss Grind  
2-23 We Have the Moon* Till the Morning Comes Rockshots Core  
2-23  We Sell the Dead Heaven Doesn't want you and Hell is Full Earmusic   Super Group
2-25 Aeonless Cosmic Batlefield Acclaim Black Doom  
2-25 Vidland  Ancestot's Age 2009 GS Viking  
2-26 CodeRed Dominions of Our Deceitul Beliefs 2013 Loud Rage Death  
2-28 Hibria Moving Ground King Power Speed  
2-28 No Point in Living I'm Alive   Dep Black  
2-28 Vader Dark Age Witching Hour Death Thrash  

March 2018

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
3-1 The Dawn Useless Innovation E.P.   Heavy  
3-1 Purest of Pain* Solipsis   Thrash  
3-1 Sleep in Heads* On  The Air Prog Sphere Prog  
3-2 Amzera S/T  E.P.   Thrash Death  
3-2 Andrew W.K. Music isn't Worth Living For      
3-2 Angst Ghost of the Timeless Void Lifeforce    
3-2 Divine Realm Nordicity Independent Prog Metalcore instrumental
3-2 Ignore the Sign* A Line to Cross    Rock  
3-2 Ilsa Corpse Fortress Relapse Crust  
3-2 Iron Reagan / Gatekeeper   Relapse   Split
3-2 Kill Ritual All Men Shall Fall Dissonance Thrash  
3-2 Michael Schenker Fest Resurrection Nuclear Blast Hard Rock  
3-2 Night In Gales Last Sunsets Lifeforce Melodic  
3-2 Oceans of Slumber* The Banished Heart Century Media Melodic  
3-2 Road to Jerusalem S/T Vicisolum    
3-2 Slugdge Esoteric Malacology Willowtip Doom  
3-2 Towards Atlantis Lights  Dust of Aeons Transcending Obscurity Doom Death  
3-2 Voidhanger Dark Days of the Soul Agonia Death Thrash  
3-2 Wishing Well Rat Race Inverse    
3-3 Atrea Vetosus Apricity Immortal Frost Melodic Black  
3-4 Apolion No History to Tell E.P. Bandcamp Black  
3-4 Big Bread Panterafar Beyonddriven   Death  
3-4 Deep Agony TrES-2b   Black Doom  
3-4 Insolence In the Depths of Despair E.P. HK Black  
3-4 Skull Cruser The Darkside of Humanity 1996   Death  
3-4 Terrestrial Hospice Universal Hate Speech E.P. Shadow  Black  
3-4 Timeless Kingdom Fear, Hate, Depression   Black Doom  
3-5 Abominations Summoning Death   Death  
3-5 9th Entity Wraiths of the Serpent's Throne   Extreme  
3-5 Aklash Where the Ocean Meets the Sky Infernum Black  
3-5 Besathett The Taste of Blood E.P.   Dep Black  
3-5 Crowley Whisper of the Evil   1986 ELL Heavy Speed  
3-5 Fisc Too Hot for Love1987 No Remorse Heavy  
3-5 Heretic Cult Redeemer Kelevsma Iron Bonehead Black  
3-5 LSDoom L.A. Riots   EXP  
3-5 Necros Benedictos Ermo   Melodic Black  
3-5 Trna Earthcult Elusive Post Black  
3-5 Wolftooth S/T Blackseed Heavy Doom  
3-7 Stormthrash Systematic Annihilation Ragnarok Thrash  
3-7 Vile Creature Cast of Static & Smoke Halo of Flies Doom  
3-8 Cacotopia Centuries of Bloodshed   Black  
3-8 Falset Here We Are E.P Independent Prog Metal  
3-8 Killing Addiction Omega 1993 Xtreme Death  
3-9 Afsky Sorg Vendetta Dep Black  
3-9 The Antichrist Pax Moriendi Iron Bonehead Doom Death  
3-9 Blood Mental Conflicts 1994 RRR Death  
3-9 Between the Buried and Me Automata Sumerian Prog Core  
3-9 Burning Saviours Death Transubstans Doom  
3-9 Chivo Waiting for so Long   Stoner  
3-9 Coram Lethe In Absence Buil2Kill Prog Death  
3-9 Corrupt Moral Altar Eunoia      
3-9 Distruzione Inumana E.P. Jolly Roger Death  
3-9 Drowse Cold Air The Flenser    
3-9 Drudkh Im Season of Mist Black  
3-9 Blue Barrel Easy Rider E.P.   Southern Doom  
3-9 Byyrth Echoes from the Seven Caves of Blood Iron Bonehead Black  
3-9 Eigenlicht Self Annihilating Consciousness I,Voidhanger Black  
3-9 Greystone Canyon* While the Wheels Still Turn Rockshots Heavy  
3-9 Hangman's Chair Banlieur Triste Musicfearsatan Stoner  
3-9 Haunt Luminous Eyes 2017 E.P. Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
3-9 Jimi Hendrix Both Sides of the Sky Legacy Rock 10 never Released Tracks
3-9 Judas Priest* Firepower Epic  Heavy  
3-9 Krosis* Solem Vatem Unique Leader Extreme  
3-9 Miles Kennedy Year of the Tiger Napalm    
3-9 Myra FCK VLK Acuity Melodic  
3-9 Necrodeath The Age of Dead Christ Scarlet Black Thrash  
3-9 Pestilence* Hadeon Hammerheart Prog Thrash  
3-9 Rongeur An Asphyxiating Embrace Displin Post  
3-9 Strychnia Into the Catacombs   Death Thrash  
3-9 Suicidal Tendencies * Get Your Fight On E.P.   Crossover  
3-9 Tax The Heat Change Yor Position Nuclear Blast    
3-9 Them Moose Rush Don't Pick Your Noise Independent Prog Metal  
3-9 Twitching Tongues Gaining Purpose through Passionate Hate Metal Blade Doom core  
3-9 VOJD The Outer Ocean High Roller Heavy  
3-9 The Watchers Black Abyss Ripple Doom Supergroup
3-9 Whipstriker Merciless Artillery Hells Headbangers Heavy Speed  
3-10 Chaos Invocation Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond WTC Black  
3-12 Spectral  Neural Correlates of Hate Loud Rage Prog Death  
3-13 Instrumental (Adj.) Reductio ad Absurdum E.P. Independent Prog  
3-13 Saber Tiger Bystander Effect Sliptrick    
3-14 Erancnoir Frostfallen  

Amb Black

3-14 Frowning Funeral Impressions 2014 GSP Fun Doom  
3-14 Goatblood Adoration of Blasphemy and War Dunkelheit Extreme  
3-14 Sick to the Back Teeth Dowsing   EXP  
3-15 Grave Upheaval   Nuclear War Now Death  
3-15 Marijannah* Till Marijannah      
3-15 RazorRape Stripped to Kill RRR Death Grind  
3-15 Rites of Thy Degringolade The Blade Philosophical Nuclear War Now Extreme  
3-15 Sojourner The Shadowed Road Advantageards Exp  
3-16 The Crown Cobra Speed Venom Metal Blade Melodic Death  
3-16  Earthless Black Heaven Nuclear Blast    
3-16 Green Druid Ashen Blood Earache Doom  
3-16 Earthless Black Heaven Nuclear Blast    
3-16 Hiidenhauta 1695 Inverse Melodic Black  
3-16 Little Caeser Eaight Golden Robot Hard Rock  
3-16  Monotheist* Scourge Prosthetic Prog Death  
3-16 Northhammer* Storm Caller   Pagan Folk  
3-16 Preludio Ancestral Oblivion   Sym Power  
3-16 Rikard Sjoblom Gungfly Rumbling Box Inside Out Prog Box set 2006 to 2016
3-16 Rivers of Nihil Where Owl's know my name Indie Extreme  
3-16 Stormwolf Howling Wolf 7Hard Heavy  
3-16 Susperia The Lyricist Agonia Melodic  
3-23 Auri S/T Nuclear Blast    
3-23 Izegrim Beheaded by Trust E.P.   Death Thrash  
3-23 Of Feather and Bone Bestial Hymns of Perversion Profound Lore Death  
3-23 Memoriam The Silent Vigil Nuclear Blast    
3-23 Monster Magnet Mindfucker Napalm Heavy Rock  
3-23 Mournful Congregation The Incubus of Karma 20 Buck Spin    
3-23 Nocturnal Hollow The Nuances of Death   Death  
3-23 Kino Radio Voltaire Inside Out Prog  
3-23 Rotting Christ Their Greatest Spells Season of Mist Melodic 2 disc Comp
3-23 W.E.T. Earthrage Frontiers   Supergroup
3-23 Will Haven* Muerte Minus Head    
3-28 Owane Yeah Whatever Independent Prog  
3-30 Ayreon All Albums Mascot Sym Re issue's 
3-30 Barren Earth A Comple of Cages Century Media Melodic  
3-30 Convocation Scars Across Everlasting Spew Records Black Doom bandcamp
3-30 Light the Torch Revival   Century Media  
3-30 Mark Rizzo Rotation Combat Prog  
3-30 Napalm Death Coded Smears and more Uncommon Slurs Century Media    Compilation
3-30 Primordial Exile Amongst the Ruins Metal Blade Celtic Melodic  
3-30 Wuw* Rein Ne Nous Sera Epargne Prosthetic Prog  

April 2018

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
4-3 IATT ST. Vitus Dance   Extreme  
4-4 Lecherous Nocturne Occultaclysmic Willowtip    
4-6 Caliban Elements Century Media    
4-6 Human Barbecue Cannbalistic Flesh Harvest Amputated Vein Death  
4-6 Kalmah Pal Spinefarm    
4-6 Kamelot The Shadow Theory Napalm Melodic Prog  
4-6 Mors Subita Into the Pitch Black Inverse Death Thrash  
4-6 My Silent Wake There Was Death Minotauro Goth Death  
4-6 Orbit Culture Redfog E.P. Independent Core  
4-6 Paddy and the Rats Riot City Outlaws Napalm    
4-6 Zeke Hellbender Relapse    
4-13 Crematory Oblivion      
4-13 The Dali Thundering Concept Savages Apathia Records Mathcore, Prog, Djent bandcamp
4-13 Psychoid Thrash Impact Music Thrash  
4-13 RLYR Actual Existence The Flenser    
4-13 Rotten Sound Suffer to Abuse E.P. Season of Mist Grind  
4-13 Scientist BARBELITH Independent Sludge/ Experimental bandcamp
4-13 Skeletal Remains Devouring Morality Dark Descent Death  
4-20 Ails The Unraveling The Flenser    
4-20  Black Stone Cherry Family Mascot Rock  
4-20 Gus G Fearless AFM Prog  
4-20 Inferi Revenant The Artisan Era Melodic Tech Death bandcamp
4-20 Issa Run with the Back Frontiers    
4-20 Melvins Pinkus Abortion Technician Ipecac Melvins  
4-20 Poly-Math House of Wisdom Independent Prog/Mathrock  
4-20 Stryper God Damn Evil      
4-27 Demonical Chaos Manifesto Agonia Death  
4-27 Dylan Carlson Conquistador Sargent House Doom/ Drone  
4-27 God is an Astonaut Epitaph Napalm Intrumental Rock  
4-27 Hawthorne Heights Bad Frequencies Pure Noise Records Metalcore  
4-27 Ingested The Level Above Human Unique Leader Death  
4-27 Kobra and Lotus Prevail 2 Napalm Heavy  
4-27 LLNN Deads Pelagic Records Hardcore/ Doom  
4-27 Riot V Armor of Light Nuclear Blast Heavy  
4-27 Skindred Big Tings Napalm    
4-27 Toundra Home  Inside Out    
4-27 Varathron Patriarchs of Evil Agonia Epic Black  
4-27 Violation Wound With Man in Charge Peaceville   Chris Reifert
4-27 Wolf King Loyal to the Soil   Prosthetic  

May 2018

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
5-4 Dimmu Borgir Eonian Nuclear Blast Sym Black  
5-4 Ihsahn Amr Candlelight/ Spinefarm Melodic  
5-4 Shinedown Attension Attension Atlantic Rock  
5-11 Organnectomy Domain of the Wretched Unique Leader Extreme  
5-11  Skinless Savagery Relapse Death  
5-11 Soft Kill Savior Profound Lore    
5-18 Acherontis Faustain Ethos   Agonia  
5-18 Alkaloid Liquid Anatomy Season of Mist Prog Extreme  
5-18 At The Gates To Drink from Night Itself Century Media Melodic Death  
5-18 Ghost 1983 to 1988 Bone Hard Rock Dan Swano's first project
5-18 Obliterate Impending Death Unique Leader Death  
5-18 Nocturnal Graves Titan Season of Mist Death  
5-25 Dave Airey One of a Kind  earMUSIC    
5-25 Lordi Sexorcism AFM    
5-25 Midnattsol The Aftermath Napalm Sym  
5-25 Spock's Beard Noise Floor   Prog  

June 2018

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
6-6 The Gazette Ninth   J-Rock/Metal