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Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017

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11-16 Feb with The Atlas Moth
11-16 December with Clutch / DTP
11-15 Nov Dec Tour with Hatebreed
11-14 2017  Album Release Dates
11-14 2018  Album Release Dates
11-14 January Tour with Red Fang
11-14 January Tour with Anti Flag
11-14 January Tour with Cognitive
11-12 Jan Feb Tour with BLS
11-12 Dec Tour with Day of Errors
11-1  Nov Dec tour with Bobaflex
11-1 December tour with Weltesser
11-1 November tour with Crowbar
11-1 2018 Havok Tour Dates
10-30 January Tour Social Repose
10-30 Feb Tour Kreator and Sabaton
10-24 Feb Tour with Enslaved
10-21 Oct Nov Dec Tour Bell Witch
10-16 Oct Nov Tour Genitorturers
10-15 Oct Tour Rivers of Nihil
10-9 North American Festivals
10-9 Nov Dec with Suicide Silence
10-9 In This Moment on tour
10-9 Nov Dec Tour with Trans Siberian Orc
10-9 Nov Tour with Children of Bodom
10-9 Oct Nov Tour with Dreadnought
10-9 Nov Dec Tour with Whitechapel
10-2 Oct Nov Tor with Black Dahlia Murder
9-30 Nov Dec Tour The Guitar Collective
9-20 Sept Oct Tout with 36 Crazyfist
9-16 Nov Dec tour with Belphegor
9-15 Oct Tour with Thor
8-30 Nov Tour Ne Obliviscaris
8-30 November Tour with Yaujta
8-17 November Tour Periphery
8-17 Oct Nov Dec Tour with GWAR
8-14 Oct Nov Dec Tour with Evanesence
8-5 Nov Tour with Thrice
8-5 Nov Dec tour with Trivium/ Arch Enemy
8-2 Nov Dec With Vinnie Moore

Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Quorthon from Bathory

Metal Authority Live  

July 2017

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
7-1 Kimberly Freeman Secret Lullabye Nebulost    
7-1 Ward XVI Hold Me Rock N Growl    
7-3 Cipotok Disasters of Sexual Deviation E.P.   Grind  
7-3 Demoniac Infected From an Obscurity Damned Extreme  
7-3 Disenbowel Act of Invocation E.P. Iron Bonehead Death  
7-3 Nadimac Besnilo   Crossover  
7-3 Nornahetta Synesthetic Pareidolia E.P.   Black  
7-3 Psycho Face Bipolar Music E.P.   Prog  
7-3 Tzelmoth Antithesis Cosmos EK Black  
7-4 Epaihminen VII   Atmo Black  
7-4 Hailshot Baptized in Sulpher   Doom  
7-4 Necrovaginal Prolapsing And the Maggots will devour their Corpses   Death  
7-4 Ordem Satanica Monte da Lua Signal Rex Black  
7-4 Pagan Witch S/T    E.P.   Black  
7-4 Prison of Mirrors Unstinted, Delirious, Convulsive Oaths   Black Doom E.P.
7-4 Russkaja Kosmopoliturbo   Folka  
7-4 Quiet Riot Road Rage Frontiers Hard Rock  
7-5 Magistina Saga Reingrimonation Starwave Sym Goth  
7-6 Epsilon Instinto de supervivencia   Thrash  
7-6 Kotebel Cosmology Musea Prog  
7-6 Ulfhednar Mortaliter   Crust  
7-7 VII Batallon de la Muerte Semper Patiae Servire Praesto Bellum Sacrum Records Black Metal  
7-7 Announce the Apocalypse Ruins    Thrash  
7-7 Apothesary Accept Loss Forever M-Theory Melodic  
7-7 Death SS Death of Steve Sylvester  1988 Shadow Kingdom Heavy Doom  
7-7 Eleine S/T   2015 Black Lodge Sym  
7-7 The Fallen Prophets Death Conquers Life  E.P.   Melodic Deathcore  
7-7 Kassad Faces Turn Away Hypnoctic Dirge Black  
7-7 All 41 Worlds Best Hope Frontiers    
7-7 Band Of Brothers* S/T Purple Pyramid Heavy Super Group
7-7 Beyond Grace Seekers   Death  
7-7 Blackevil The Ceremonial Fire F.D.A. Black Thrash  
7-7 Blind Guardian* Live Beyond the Spheres Nuclear Blast Power Prog  
7-7 Bliss of Flesh Empyrean Listenable Extreme  
7-7 Butcher Bestial fukkin Warmachine BDCR Speed  
7-7 Cemetery Urn S/T Hell Headbnangers Death  
7-7 Dead A Dirty Mind is a Joy Forever F.D.A. Grind  
7-7 Decapitated* Anticult Nuclear Blast Death Thrash  
7-7 Diminished 7 Bats  E.P.   Goth Rock  
7-7 Dreams of Agony A Forgotten Tale Rock CD Sym   
7-7 Earthling Spinning in the Void  Forcefield Thrash  
7-7 El Camino Cursed Congregation Night Tripper Stoner  
7-7 Ereb Altor* Ulfven Hammerheart Viking Black  
7-7 Excalion Dream Alive Scarlet Melodic Power  
7-7 Fetotomy Tomb of the Hideous   Extreme  
7-7 Haemophagus Stream of Shadows Selfmadegod Grind  
7-7 Heavens Fire* Playing with Fire Frontiers Prog  
7-7 Heresiarch Death Ordinance Dark Descent Extreme  
7-7 Impalers Cellar Dweller 540 Heavy Metal Punk  
7-7 Invocation Spells The Flame of Hate 2016 Suicide Black Thrash  
7-7 Lifeless* The Occult Mastery F.D.A. Death  
7-7 Limbonic Art* Spetre Abyss Spinefarm Black  
7-7 Mangler Dimensions of Terror Bandcamp Thrash Death  
7-7 Massive Assault Mortar F.D.A.  Death  
7-7 Melvins A Walk with Love & Death  Ipecac Exp  
7-7 Misanthrope Monarch Regress to the Saturine Chapter   Death Thrash  
7-7 M.O.D.* Busted Broke & America Megaforce Crossover  
7-7 Narbeleth* Indomitvs Folter Black  
7-7 Next to None Phases   Prog  
7-7 Nicumo Storm Arise Inverse Melodic Goth  
7-7 No Man's Throne Kingdom of Hysteria   Thrash  
7-7 Orden Ogan* Gunmen AFM Power  
7-7 Parasite Ejaculation Isolation  Amputated Vein Death  
7-7 Parsel Ingratos castigados  E.P.   Death  
7-7 Party Cannon Perverse Party Platter E.P. Gore House Death  
7-7 Perkulatory Chronic Caffeine Dependence   Death  
7-7 Pi Mezon* A Lone    Prog Bandcamp
7-7 Prevenge New Anatomy   Black  
7-7 River Black S/T Season of Mist   Super Group
7-7 Seer Vol. III &  IV Art of Propaganda Doom  
7-7 Sensor Motorik Anotomy of the Human Vasculature E.P. Valist Death  
7-7 Shroud Eater Strike the Sun STB Records Sludge/Doom  
7-7 Skelethal Of The Depth... Hells Headbangers Death  
7-7 Soulrest In Spite Independent Tech Death  
7-7 Stike Master U.F.T.M. Plat D records Thrash  
7-7 Svartsyn* In Death Agonia Black  
7-7 Tanakh Chemeleonic Bandcamp Doom Death  
7-7 Ten Gothica      
7-7 Time Shadow A World Beyond   Power  
7-7 Vomitron S/T  2006   Exp Remixed
7-7 Xaon* The Drift   Sym Death  
7-8 Buckethead Far Bucketheadland Prog Pike 266
7-8 Die Like Gentlemen Distinguished Company E.P.   Prog Doom  
7-8 Mason* Impervious   Thrash  
7-9 Ancestral Shadows  The Sorrows of Centuries Past 2016 Darker Than Black Black  
7-9 Antisemitex Pride of Silesia E.P. Darker then Black Death  
7-9 Basmu Witchblood   Black  
7-9 Funeris Dismal Shapes Silent Time Noise Fun Doom  
7-9 Golgotha Ritus Mortuus Est.   Black  
7-9 Next to None Phases EMP Prog  
7-9 Seventh Limbes   Post Black  
7-9 Smoke Mountain Smoke Mountain   Doom  
7-9 Stellarvorous Entity Dawn will not come for a Weak E.P.   Death  
7-9 Wolves Eyes Beneath the banner of Elders E.P. Darker Than Black Black  
7-10 Akatharsia No Generation Withour Corruption   Black  
7-10 Anyway Rival   1988 No Remorse Heavy  
7-10 Demon Eyes Out of Control 1990 No Remorse  Heavy  
7-10 Hard Venom Vampire Rising   Doom Death  
7-10 Mordenial The Plague   Melodic Death  
7-10 Silent Knight The Masterplan   Power  
7-10 Steingrab Mystik Soundage Atmo Black  
7-11 God Root* Salt And Root   Doom  
7-11 Sabbat The Dwelling 1996 Fallen Angel Black Thrash  
7-11 Totengott Doppelganger Extreme Exp  
7-12 Clarmorean Sounds from a Dying World Stormspell Epic Power  
7-12 Ed Guy Monuments Nuclear Blast Power DVD
7-12 Meathok Seed Embedded  1993 Earache Ind  
7-12 Mourning Souls Dia chuvosos Vol2   Noise E.P.
7-12 Never to Suffer Delilah   Black  
7-12 Unipolar Manic- Depressive Psychosis Distract, Demolish, Degrade   Psy Post  
7-13 Mouldered Chronology of  a Rotten Mind Stanath Death  
7-13 Torture Squad Far Beyond Existence Secret Service Death Thrash  
7-14 Wretch Bastards Born E.P.   Doom  
7-14 Blodclot!* Up In Arms Metal Blade Groove  
7-14 Bloody Hammers* The Horrific Case of Bloody Hammers Napalm Doom  
7-14 Boris Dear Sargent House Various  
7-14 Contaminated Final Man  Blood Harvest Death  
7-14 Dayseeker* Dreaming is Sinking   Spinefarm  
7-14 Destroyer of Light* Chambers of Horrors Heavy Friend Doom  
7-14 Dzo-Nga The Sachem's Tales Avantgarde Music Avant Garde Black Metal bandcamp
7-14 Enfold Darkness Adversary Omnipotent Artisan Era Extreme  
7-14 Execration* Return to the Void Metal Blade Death  
7-14 Frankenbok* Vicious, Lawless Rock Group Groove  
7-14 Integrity Howling, for the nightmare shall Consume Relapse Hardcore  
7-14 Last Bullet* 80-69-64  E.P.   Hard Rock  
7-14 Livid Beneath This Shroud , This Earth Erodes prosthetic Doom  
7-14 MetalBlack Taste of Infinity   Atmo Black  
7-14 Mindcult Lucifer's Dream Throne  Doom  
7-14 Nicumo Storms Arise Inverse Melodic Goth  
7-14 Obscurity* Streitmacht SMP Pagan Folk  
7-14 Odium As the World Turns Black MDD    
7-14 One Master Lycanthropic Burrowing Eternal Death Black  
7-14 Pyramid Theorem Element of Surprise   Prog  
7-14 Vesicant Shadows of Cleansing Iron  Iron Bonehead Extreme  
7-14 Wren* Auburn Rule Holy Roar Stoner  
7-15 Apostasy Ghost   Melodic Core  
7-15 Buckethead Thoracic Spine Collapser Bucketheadland Prog Pike 267
7-15  Demoniciduth Enemy of Satan Vision of God Extreme  
7-15 Impalatorium Dracul  E.P. Cvlminus Black  
7-15 Planet Eater Blackness From the Stars   Death  
7-15 Sadomystic Cauldron   Black  
7-15 White Oak Gekruiste paden E.P.   Black  
7-16 Demised* A Warm Place to Stay Wormholedeath Melodic  
7-16 Pathogen Ashes of Eternity Old Temple Death  
7-17 Encyrcle Burning Child  E.P.   Heavy Speed  
7-17 Entrench Through the Walls of Flesh I Hate Thrash  
7-17 Natrium Vertigo of Abjection Ultimate Masacre Death  
7-18 Intoxicated Blood Compulsive Violence Rotten Cemetary Grind  
7-18 Trigger* Cryogenesis Hellfire Melodic Prog  
7-19 Idolist S/T      
7-20 Buckethead Sonar Rainbow Bucketheadland Prog Pike 268
7-20 Kataxu Roots Thunder 2000 Wolfspell Sym Black  
7-21 As Paradise Falls* Digital Ruin Eclipse    
7-21 Auditory Armory Dark Matter      
7-21 Barbarian S/T   E.P. Hells Headbangers Speed Thrash  
7-21 Conclusion of an Age Captains and Kings Dr. Music    
7-21 Cytotoxin* Gammageddon Unique Leader Tech Death  
7-21 Decrepit Birth* Axis Mundi Agonia Death  
7-21 Ed Guy* Monuments   Heavy CD DVD
7-21 Eva Can't* Gravatum My Kingdom  Melodic Tech  
7-21 Galderia* Return of the Cosmic Men Massacre Power  
7-21 Horrific Your Worst Nightmare  2009 Hells Headbangers Death n Roll  
7-21 In This Moment Ritual Roadrunner    
7-21 INTRCPTR I Maic Bullet    
7-21 Pathology S/T Comatose Death  
7-21 Raptore Rage n Fever 2016 Witches Brew Heavy  
7-21 Sektarism La Mort De i'findela Daemon Worship Doom  
7-21 Shattered Sun* The Evolution of Anger Victory    
7-21 Skinflint Chief of the Ghost  2016 Pure Steel Heavy  
7-21 Sleep Token Two E.P. Independent Post-Rock/ Metal  
7-21 Soul Remnants* Ouroboros eOne Death  
7-21 Tau Cross Pillar of Fire Heavy  Crust  
7-21 Unisonic Live in Wacken EarMusic    
7-21 Whore of Bethlehem Extingiush The Light Black Market Extreme  
7-21 Wintersum* Forest Seasons Napalm Melodic Pagan  
7-22 Art Against Agony Russian Tales   Prog  
7-23 Apes of God Fuck Off!  E.P. Megarock Thrash Death  
7-23 Beyond the Dark Unspoken   Melodic Core  
7-23 Bison You Are Not the Ocean You Are The Patient Pelagic    
7-23 Celeserre The Wild   Exp  
7-25 Scalpel Methods of Delusion   Grind  
7-26 Blood Stained Child Tri Odyssey Radtone Melodic  
7-26 Mad:alarM Wake Up Call   Groove Core  
7-26 Phantom Excalive   Insulin Core  
7-26 The Privateer* The Goldsteen Lay Napalm Heavy Folk  
7-26 Temple of Void* Lords of Death Shadow Kingdom Doom Death  
7-26 Tyrant Wrath 1979      
7-28 Abhorrent Decimation* The Pardoner Prosthetic Death  
7-28 Adagio Life Zeta Nemesis Sym   
7-28 Aeraco* Baptized by Fire   Thrash Groove  
7-28 Afterbirth The Time Travellers Dilemma Unique Leader Death  
7-28 Black Fate        
7-28 Blazing Rust Armed to Exist   Heavy  
7-28 Blood Rainbow Upheaval   Death  
7-28 Byzantine* The Cicada Tree Metal Blade Melodic  
7-28 Dvne* Asheran Wasted State Prog Doom  
7-28 Esoctrilihum Mystic Echo from a Funeral Dimension I, Voidhanger Black  
7-28 False Hunger  E.P.   Black  
7-28 Fractured Spine* The Price of Retribution  E.P. Inverse Goth Doom  
7-28 Garoted  Abyssal Blood Sacrifices SCD Death  
7-28 Graveside Sinful ACCENSION 1993 GS Death  
7-28 Headcrusher Death Comes With Silence      
7-28 Hexenklad Spirit of the Stone   Black Folk  
7-28 Loviatar* S/T Prosthetic Doom  
7-28 Masterplan* Pumpkings AFM  Power  
7-28 Make Them Suffer Worlds Apart Rise Records Symphonic Deathcore  
7-28 Midnight Ghost Train* Cypress Avenue Napalm    
7-28 Nexul Paradigm of Chaos Hells Headbangers Black Death  
7-28 Nothern Plague Scorn the Idol Folter Extreme  
7-28 No Limited Spiral Into the Marinesnow WormHoleDeath Melodic  
7-28 Odroerir* Das Erbe Einheit Folk  
7-28 Prong Zero Days Steamhammer Thrash  
7-28 Rage* Season of the Black Nuclear Blast Heavy  
7-28 Rings of Saturn* Ultu Ultu Nuclear Blast Tech Death  
7-28 Sacred Reich Ignorance Metal Blade    
7-28 Soul Secret* Babel Pride & Joy Prog  
7-28 Suaka* Tiga Money Fire Exp Groove  
7-28 Urn The Burning Iron Bonehead Black Thrash  
7-29 Daemogog Ancient Extradigestional Rites Independent Experimental Death Metal bandcamp
7-29 Divinity Comprimised* Terminal   Prog  
7-29 Transport League* Twist and Shout at the Devil Rodeostar Doom  
7-29 Whalesong Disorder   Ind  
7-30 Akromusto Ventgard  2010   Black  
7-30 Bigot Interrupted Pregnancy Disfigired Death  
7-30 Demonshire Chapter:1 Rising DK Melodic  
7-30 Mortt Transendensi cvlminus Black  
7-30 MRTVI Negative Atonal Dissonance Transcending Obscurity Black  
7-30 Origin* Unparalleled Universe Agonia Tech Death  
7-30 Skeletal Spectre Unnatural Disasters   Death Doom  
7-31 Abnormal Inhumane Disgusting Cruelty of Homicide 2011 Swallow Vomit  Death  
7-31 Falloch* Prospice   Melodic  
7-31 Kotebel Cosmology   Prog  
7-31 Nethermancy Magick Halls of Ascension Helldprod Black  


August 2017

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
8-1 Deny The  Urge As Darkness Falls G.U.C. Death  
8-1 Horrid* Beyond the Dark Border Dunkelheit Death  
8-1 The Shadeless Emperor Ashbled Shores WormHoleDeath Epic Melodic  
8-1 Wild Witch The Offering Artorium Heavy  
8-4 Absolva Defiance Rocksector Heavy  
8-4 Accept* The Rise of Chaos Nuclear Blast Heavy  
8-4 Barbaric Horde Tainted Impurity   Black  
8-4 Burning Ground Last Day of Light   Heavy  
8-4 Centuries of Decay* S/T Echoes and Dust Melodic  
8-4 Chemicide The Act of Retaliation PRC Thrash  
8-4 Absolva Defiance Rocksector Heavy  
8-4 Marty Friedman* Wall of Sound  Prosthetic Prog  
8-4 Nuclear Warfare Empowered by Hate MDD Thrash  
8-4 Order Lex Amentiae Lisenable Extreme  
8-4 Psy:code* Morke Pavement    
8-4 Rex Brown * Smoke on This      
8-4 Seven Spires Solveig   Sym  
8-4 Shadowside Shades of Humanity Inner Wound Heavy Power  
8-4 Thor* Beyond the Pain Barrier Deadline Heavy  
8-4 World Trade* Unify Frontiers Prog  
8-7 Daxma The Head Which Becomes the Skull   Post / Doom  
8-7 Nostoc* Aevum   Prog Groove  
8-7 Sombriu Especto Errante   Black  
8-8 Avenger  Mir v haremu Hellsound Extreme  
8-8 Eternal Black Bleed the Days Obsidian Sky Doom  
8-8 Gutted Souls* The Illusions of Freedom Dharma Death  
8-8 Mirror Morionis Our Bereavement Season      
8-8 Svipdagr To Torment the Men War Black  
8-8 Vixen   Pavement Hard Rock  
8-9 Nihility Imprisoned Eternal Rage Deathcore  
8-10 Hirsh Gardener* My Brain Needs A Holiday Escape    
8-10 Last Rites Nemesis   Thrash Death  
8-11 IIVI Ghost Prelude to the end Wolfmond Black  
8-11 Abated Mass of Flesh Deathcrusher  2014   Deathcore  
8-11 All Out War Give us Extinction Organized Crime Crossover  
8-11 Anthropic S/T   E.P. Horror Pain Gore Death Grind  
8-11 Atriarch* Dead as Truth Relapse  Blackened Doom  
8-11 Blood of Seklusion Sevant of Chaos F.D.A. Death  
8-11 Cormorant* Diaspora Independent Melodic Folk bandcamp
8-11 Cosmic Eve Trance Slyvania   Psy Epic Doom  
8-11 Cranely Gardens House of Decay Independent Deathcore/ Metalcore bandcamp
8-11 Dawn of Disease* Ascension Gate Napalm Death  
8-11 Devil Electric S/T Kozmik Stoner  
8-11 Empyrean Throne Chaosborn   Extreme   
8-11 Exit Eden* Rhapsodies in Black Napalm Sym  
8-11 Gods of Fire* Terrifying Tales for Terrible Children Black Thirteen Heavy  
8-11 Gravdal Kadaverin Soulseller Black  
8-11 Incantation* Profane Nexus Relapse Death  
8-11  Khmer Large Sombra   Crust  
8-11 Lor In Forgotten Sleep   Epic Prog Folk  
8-11 The Lurking Fear Out of the Voiceless Grave      
8-11 Masterplan* Pumpkings AFM Power  
8-11 MSW Hell Lower Your Head Black Metal  
8-11 Necrophobic Pesta  E.P.   Prog Extrme  
8-11 NYN* Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt Vmbrella Prog Tech Death bandcamp
8-11 Olde Temple STB Doom  
8-11 Pyrrhon* What Passes for survival  Willowtip Tech Death  
8-11 Resonecia Spuren  E.P.   Sym Power  
8-11 Shooting Guns Flavour Country Riding Easy  Doom  
8-11 Subservience Forest of the Impaled Black Bow Core  
8-11 Venom Inc.* Ave Nuclear Blast Early Extreme X Venom Members
8-12 Eternian* Malleus Maleficarum   Melodic Power  
8-12 So Much for the Sun So Much for the Sun   Sludge  
8-13 The Desolate Transcendent Abomination   Melodic  
8-14 Desecresy The Mortal Horizon Xtreem Death  
8-14 Diktatur* La voie du sang Meloncholia Black  
8-14 Hollow Truth S/T E.P.   Thrash  
8-14 Human Nihility Biomass Adaption PER Death  
8-15 Death Yell Descent Into Hell Hells Headbangers Extreme  
8-15 Derthror Wailing After Death  2012 Cvminus Black  
8-15 Shepherd S/T E.P.   Stoner  
8-17 Qu Kangen Nih Antique  E.P. Metal Gear Death Death  
8-17 Ramihrdus Eternity Independent Atmospheric Black  
8-18 Grok Sacred Fire Without  E.P. Quest for fire Black  
8-18 Beneath Ephemeris Unique Leader Extreme  
8-18 Casket Robbery* The Ascension  E.P.      
8-18 Cloakroom* Time Well Relapse  Stoner Metal/ Shoegaze  
8-18 Dehukanize That Which is Sown Mortuus Death  
8-18 Eagleheart Reverse Scarlet Power  
8-18 Eluveitie* Evocation II Nuclear Blast Melodic Folk  
8-18 End of Green* Void Estate Napalm Dep Rock  
8-18 Eskapism Tales of Elder Forest SendustAtmo Atmo Black  
8-18 Exoskelett Collected Bones Hammerheart Black Thrash  
8-18 Funeralglade May the Funeral Begin E.P. Inverse    
8-18 Hellfire* Free Again   Heavy Speed  
8-18 The Hirsh Effekt* Eskapist Long Branch Exp  
8-18 Necrolytic Goat Converter Isolated Evolution   Dep Black Death  
8-18 Nemecic The Deathcantation Inverse Death Thrash  
8-18 On Top Top Dollar Horror Pain Gore Death    
8-18 Phylactery Necromancy Eunthroned Unskeakable Acts Death Thrash  
8-18 Proscrito El Calvario Iron Bonehead Doom Death  
8-18 Protosequence* Biophagous E.P.   Tech Death  
 8-18 Steven Wilson* To The Bone Caroline Prog  
8-18 Sons of Crom* The Black Tower Nordvis Epic Heavy  
8-18 Syndemic Annhilate The i  7Hard Melodic Death  
8-18 Thy Art is Murder* Dear Desolation Nuclear Blast Deathcore  
8-18 Transit Method* We Won't Get Out of here Alive Brutal Panda    
8-18 Totengefluester* In Nebel Pale Essence Sym Black  
8-18 Ulvedharr* Total War Scarlet Death Thrash  
8-18  Void Ritual Heretical Wisdom Throats Black  
8-18 Weed Demon Astrological  Passages   Doom  
8-18 Canyon of the Skull The Desert Winter   Doom  
8-19 Insidious One     Speed Thrash Death  
8-19 Khazaddum Plagues Upon  Arda   Death  
8-19 Utarm Crawling Altars   EXP  
8-20 Bound by the Grave Abuse of the Flesh   Death  
8-20 Ursinne Swim the Leviathan Transcending Obscurity Death  
8-21 Arcade Messiah Trilogy Independent Atmospheric Doom bandcamp
8-21 Battle Raider S/T Fighter Heavy  
8-21 Deathsrench Blood Moon Divination   Amb Black  
8-21 Hellhaim Slaves of Apocalypse   Heavy  
8-22 Bloodlust At the Devil's Left Hand C A R  Blackened Thrash  
8-22 Xanthochroid Of Earthe and Axen Part 1   Ext Prog  
8-23 Corrupt Moral Alter Eunoia Independent Grind, Punk, Sludge bandcamp
8-23 Eruption* Cloaks of Oblivion Spiritual Beast Thrash  
8-24 Dark Sonority Kaosrekviem  E.P.   Black  
8-24 Pagan Altar The Room of Shadows Temple of Mystery Doom  
8-25 Akercocke* Renaissance in Extremis Peaceville Melodic Extreme  
8-25 Alpha Tiger* S/T Steamhammer Power  
8-25 Attic Sanctimonious Van  Heavy  
8-25 Blues Funeral Awakening Independent Prog Doom  
8-25 Brendon Small* Galaktikon II: Become the Storm Megaforce    
8-25 Brick By Brick* Fast Break      
8-25 Chastain We Bleed Metal 17 Leviathan  Heavy Power  
8-25 Crafteon* Cosmic Reawakening   Black  
8-25 Dagoba  Black Nova Eagle Black Jive Epic Groove Ind  
8-25 Crimfall* Amain Metal Blade    
8-25 Eloy* The Vision, The Sword and the Pyre   Prog Rock  
8-25 Ewigkeit* Cosmic Man Svart Exp  
8-25 The Haunted* Strength By Numbers Century Media Thrash  
8-25 Howling Giant* Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2   Doom  
8-25 Inanimate Existence* Underneath A Melting Sky The Artisan Era Tech Death  
8-25 Jack Starr's Burning Starr* Stand Your Ground High Roller Heavy  
8-25 Kal-El Astrodoomeda Argonauta Stoner  
8-25 Ledge Cold Hard Concrete Translation Lost    
8-25 Leprous* Malina   Prog  
8-25 Leng Tch'e* Razorgrind Seasons of Mist Grind  
8-25 Mordatorium Obsessed With Death   Death  
8-25 Myrkgrav Takk og farvel 2016   Viking Folk  
8-25 Nocturnal Hollow The Nuances of Death   Death  
8-25 Paganizer Land of Weeping Souls Transcending Obscurity Death  
8-25 Portrait* Burn The World Metal Blade Heavy  
8-25 Rabid Bitch of the North Nothing But a Bitter Taste Hostile Media Heavy  
8-25 Sannet* So Numb Profound Lore    
8-25 Serious Black* It's... Magic AFM Melodic Power  
8-25 The Quill* Born from Fire Metalville    
8-25 Venomous Maximus No Warning Shadow Kingdom Heavy Doom  
8-25 Vicery S/T   2016 Narcolytica Death  
8-26 Awaiting Eternity* Soul Fire   Death  
8-26 Head in a Jar Take it to Far  E.P.   Thrash  
8-26 Hermodr Saknad  E.P.   Black  
8-26 Longbarrow Veneration Rites  E.P. Bandcamp Death Doom  
8-26 Nocturnal Mist Diabolical Baptism Seance  Black  
8-26 Samsara Circle The Dark Passenger      
8-26 Thrall's Ritual Tales of a Decaying Eooch   Melodic Power  
8-26 Trawler The Strong Man & the Sea   Southern Groove  
8-26 Vorsed La Bestia   E.P.   Power Speed  
8-28 36 Crazy Fist Lanters Spinefarm    
8-28 Buckethead Coniunctio Bucketheadland Prog Pike 272
8-28 Heaven and Earth Hard to Kill Dropout  Heavy Speed  
8-28 Zorr Last Bastion of Black Imperial Might Pagan Infantry Black  
8-30 Bastardi Sombria Panacea  E.P. cvlminus Dep Black  
8-30 Crowley Nocturne      
8-30 Exocytosis Endogenous Organism  E.P.   EXP  
8-30 Intestinal Disgorge Sonic Shrapnel   Death Noise  
8-30 Miserium Ascension Nail Prog Metal  
8-30 Orationem Trve Holy Black Metal CMU  Black / White  
8-31 Antioch III: Wings and Warlocks   Heavy  
8-31 Ebola II Depressive Illusion Black  
8-31 The Father of Serpents Age of Damnation Satanath Gothic Doom  
8-31 In Somnia For the Harvest Via Nocturna Melodic Death  
8-31 Leucosis Liminal   Black  
8-31 Lifesigns Cardington   Prog  
8-31 Medebor* Dark Eternal Via Nocturn Goth  
8-31 Mist of Misery Shackles of Life  E.P. Black Lion Sym Black  
8-31 When Bitter Spring Sleeps Star- Thrown Pagan Flames Black  


Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
9-1 Across the Atlantic* Works in Progress Shaptone    
9-1 Alazka Phoenix Sharptone    
9-1 Alder Glade Spine of the World   Black  
9-1 Anubis Gate Covered in Black Nightmare Prog  
9-1 Ascending King Funeral of a Species Nosral Extreme  
9-1 Besatt Anticross   Black  
9-1 The Black Wizard What the Fuzz!   Stoner  
9-1 Blodarv Gast   Black  
9-1 Botanist Collective: The Shape of He to Come The Flenser Avant Garde Black bandcamp
9-1 Burial Choir Iconoclast  2016 Fallen Temple Fun Doom  
9-1 Clouds Destin E.P. Domestic Genocide Atmo Doom  
9-1 Contrive Slow Dissolve   Groovecore  
9-1 Coughdust Worldwrench Suicide Stoner Death  
9-1 Cryptic Rising Emergence   Post Black  
9-1 Dark Avenger* The Beloved Bones:Hell Shinigami Power  
9-1 Epica* The Solace System Nuclear Blast Sym  
9-1 Fireforce Annihilate the Evil  Limb Power  
9-1 From North* S/T Downfall Folk  
9-1 Great Vast Forest From the Dark Times to the Black Metal Legions   Black  
9-1 Guantanamo Party Program III No Sanctuary Post  
9-1 Gutslit Amputheatre Transcending Obscurity Death  
9-1 Hell is Other People Embrace   Post Black  
9-1 Hiroshima Taste of Death 1984 Svart Heavy  
9-1 Impalers The Celestial Dictator Thrash  
9-1 Inherithrone Revelacion Last Breath Death  
9-1 Lavidius Helisma   Groovecore  
9-1 Lepra Whom Aeons Tore Apart Drakkar Black  
9-1 Lethal Night Visions in the Night Stormspell Heavy  
9-1 Magenta Harvest ...And Then Came the Dust Apostasy Death  
9-1 Motorhead Under Cover   Grunge Rock Covers comp
9-1 Nemecic* The Deathcantation Inverse Death Thrash  
9-1 Nigajyo Janus Mother Sky Black  
9-1 Nino Helfrich* Hourglass   Prog  
9-1 Paradise Lost* Medusa  Nuclear Blast Melodic  
9-1 Red Mountains* Slow Wander Bandcamp Stoner  
9-1 Reptilian Illuminati Dark/ Light   Doom  
9-1 Rezet You Asked for It  E.P. Mighty Music Thrash  
9-1 River of Time Revival Art of the Night Thrash Heavy  
9-1 ROSETTA Utopioid      
9-1 Sator* Ordeal Argonauta Doom  
9-1 Scarlett Riot Regenerate Despotz    
9-1 Selbstmord Radical Declaration Darker Then Black Black  
9-1 Septic Flesh* Codex Omega Prosthetic Records Symphonic Death  
9-1 Shitshifter Pyre CD Maximum Heavy Hard  
9-1 Silius Hell Awakening Massacre Thrash Groove  
9-1 Stonhand        
9-1 Subterranean Masquerade* Vagabond Taklit Melodic  
9-1 The Number 12 Looks Like You Nuclear, Sad, Nuclear Silent Production Records Experimental  
9-1 Tony Macalpine Death of Roses   Prog  
9-1 Troldhaugen Idio Syncrasies The Birds Robe Exp Folk  
9-2 Aratic Secret Laws of Hell   Thrash  
9-2 Atorc Seven Tales of Swords and Ale   Folk  
9-2 Grond Howling from the Deep Assualt Death  
9-2 Monte Luna S/T   Psy Doom  
9-2 Watcher's Guard S/T   E.P.   Doom  
9-2 Manilla Road* T o Kill a King Golden core Epic Heavy  
9-4 Assacrentis Colossal Destruction Anesthetize Melodic Black  
9-4 Cardinals Folly Deranged Pagan Sons Nine Doom  
9-4 Ironborne Prophecies of Blood E.P.   Heavy  
9-4 Major Kong* Brace for Impact   Doom  
9-4 Symphonic Destiny The Fountain of Eternal Life SD Sym  
9-4 Tales of Gaia Hypernova Fighter  Power  
9-5 Blazon Stone Down in the Dark Stormspell Heavy Power Speed  
9-5 Nightstryke Power Shall Prevail DK Heavy  
9-5 Numenor Chronicles from the Realm Beyond Stormspell Exp  
9-6 Bakerville Opus Aeternum Repentless Heavy  
9-7 Introspectrum Vision Reflecting E.P.   Prog Power  
9-7 The Rinn Stories of the Green Fairy Sliptrick Power  
9-8 Ajena Everywhere and Nowhere   Prog Doom  
9-8 Another Distaction* Betting on Infinity      
9-8 Arch Enemy* Will To Power Century Media Records Melodic Death   
9-8 Astaroth Incarnate Omnipotence CDN Melodic  
9-8 Atrox Monocle Dark Essence Prog  
9-8 Binary Creed* A Battle Won Rockshots Prog Metal  
9-8 Cannibis Corpse* Left Hand Pass Seasons of Mist Death  
9-8 Cruella Vengeance is Mine 1989 Heaven And Hell Power Speed  
9-8 Darkfall At The End of Times MDD Melodic  
9-8 Debt to the Darkness Rebirth in Sacrifice E.P.   Groove  
9-8 Demon Eye Prophecies Soul Seller Heavy Doom  
9-8  Depths of Kronos From The Void   Melodic Death  
9-8 The Donner Party Pizza Patrol  E.P.   Crossover  
9-8 Fatuous Rump Propagation of the Foul Amputated Vein Death  
9-8 Force Majeure* The Rise of Starlit Fires Mighty  Melodic Power  
9-8 Glass Mind* Dodecaedro Rockshots    
9-8 The Great Discord The Rabbit Hole The Sign Prog  
9-8 Grift Arvet Nordvis Black  
9-8 Hateful Transgresssion* Meaningless E.P.   Extreme  
9-8 High Spirits Escape!  E.P.   Hard Rock   
9-8 Imperador Belial Morbid Rites 2013 Alexa Black  
9-8 Infest Addicted to Flesh Defying Danger Death Thrash  
9-8 Ironflame Lightning Strikes   Power  
9-8 Kami Sun Devour All  E.P. Bandcamp Doom Death  
9-8 Living Colour Shade Megaforce Rock Prog  
9-8 Manhunter Stay Dead Kannibal Stoner  
9-8 Mausoleum Gates* Into a Dark Divinity Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
9-8 Monarch Go Forth.... Slaughter   Thrash  
9-8 Necrometer The Measurement  E.P.   Exp  
9-8 Night Raft The World The Sign Heavy  
9-8 Ohio Slamboys You Won"t Last long in Ohio Ghastly Death  
9-8 Ossuary Insane Domonize the Flesh 1998 Blood Harvest  Death  
9-8 Psython Hatred Thrash    
9-8 Renegade* Thoughtless Journey   Power  
9-8 Sanhedrin A Funeral for the World   Heavy  
9-8 Thera Roya Masterful Universe E.P.   Post  
9-8 Threshold* Legend of Shires Nuclear Blast Prog  
9-8 Twelve Boar No Forgiveness   Heavy Doom  
9-8 Usnea Portals Into Futility Relapse  Doom  
9-8 Velalia Radiance   Prog Power  
9-8 Viikate Synkka Ventti  E.P.  Spinefarm    
9-12 Alpaca Carcosa  E.P.   Southern Sludge  
9-12 Black Death S/T   1984 Hells Headbangers Heavy  
9-13 Church of Void* S/T Argonauta Doom  
9-13 Elegiac Spiritual Turmoil  2016   Black  
9-13 Tri Mebius Counterclockwise Re-strope Melodic Heavy  
9-14 Gigan* Undulating of Rainbowbiotic Iridenscence Willowtip Progressive Death  
9-14 Purefilth Unhuman Forms Smelly Pieces Deathcore  
9-15 Ahill to Die Upon Via Artis Luxor Extreme  
9-15 Alltheniko Italian History Part VI Pure Steel Power Speed  
9-15 Anal Cockroach Hellspawn Death    
9-15 Arreat Summit The Impure Liturgy   Tech Death  
9-15 The Axis of Perdition The Ichneumon 2003 MNR Ind Black  
9-15 Battle Dagorath II Avantgarde Amb Black  
9-15 Belphegor* Totenritual   Extreme  
9-15 Biolence Violent Non Conformity Firecum Thrash Death  
9-15 Caligul's Horse* In Contact Inside Out Prog  
9-15 The Contortionist* Clairvoyant eOne Progcore  
9-15 Cripper* Follow Me: Kill!   Metal Blade  
9-15 Demoniac Intemperance Witches Brew  Thrash  
9-15 Dead Horse The Beast that Comes   Crossover  
9-15 Doom Duo En valdsam   Psych Sludge  
9-15 Dyscarnate* With All There Might Unique Leader Death  
9-15 Electric Hellride Praedam Mighty  Groove  
9-15 Expain Pinching Nerves Bandcamp Prog Thrash  
9-15 Fateful Finality* Mankind Fastball Heavy Thrash  
9-15 Gods of Silence* Neverland Rock of Angels Power Heavy  
9-15 Ground I   Sludge  
9-15 Ensiferum* Two Paths Metal Blade Folk  
9-15 Expain Pinching Nerves   Thrash  
9-15 Hell in the Club See you on the Dark Side Frontiers Heavy Hard  
9-15 Hexx Wrath of the Reaper High Roller    
9-15 The Hole The Wrath   E.P. Necromance Death Thrash  
9-15 Human Mycosis Pile Pillow Pinkeye E.P. UKEM Death  
9-15 Infected Chaos Killing Creator Bret Hard Death  
9-15 Inferno Requiem* Nuwa Pest Black  
9-15 Inquisitor I A Sick, I Must Die  E.P. Hammertheart Death Thrash  
9-15 Is     Black  
9-15 Kee of Hearts S/TInto My Own Frontiers   Super Group
9-15 Kira Ancient Lies TWFB Extreme  
9-15 Krossfyre Burning Torches E.P. Hells Headbangrs Extreme  
9-15 Lethal Injektion Blinding Light Rufflife    
9-15 Lucid Dreaming The Chronicles Part 2  STF Power  
9-15 Mascharat S/T Seance Black  
9-15 Mechabull Mechabull Rises   Heavy  
9-15 Menin Lord of Pain E.P. Doom Stew Doom  
9-15 Midnight Hellion Condemned to Hell Witches Brew Heavy  
9-15 Morphosys The Saw is Family Witches Brew Death Thrash  
9-15 Mortal Ashes An Abhorrence   Death  
9-15 Muet Ye Canariae Hammerheart Black  
9-15 Myrkur Mareridt Relapse Goth  
9-15 Necrytis Countersighns ELOKL    
9-15 Neltharia Immortals del Norte Rock CD Power  
9-15 Persona Metamorphosis   Sym  
9-15 Puttorso Los Palos   Grind  
9-15 Rimortis Ozveny   Melodic Power  
9-15 Riot* Army of One  2006 Metal Blade Heavy  
9-15 Riot* Throught the Storm  2002 Metal Blade Heavy  
9-15 Sons of Sounds* Into The Sun  Eucalypdisc Prog  
9-15 Stass* Darkside Mighty Death  
9-15 Stielas Storhett* Curtain E.P. Wormholedeath Melodic  
9-15 Sublime Cadaveric Decompsition Raping Angels in Hell   Grind  
9-15 Swamp Ritual Sunchaser   Doom  
9-15 Sunwalter* Alien Hazzard Sliptrick Sym Power  
9-15 Three Eyes Left The Cult of Astraroth Argnauta Doom  
9-15 Tankard Eagles and Tankards Nuclear Blast Thrash  
9-15 Tidal Waves Previsor Underground Symphony Heavy Power  
9-15 Tremor Fractal   Extreme  
9-15 Tysnad Faval   Black  
9-15 Undercroft The Seventh Hex Morbid Skull  Death Thrash  
9-15 Unreal Terror The New Chapter Jolly Roger Heavy  
9-15 Vattnet * S/T Century Media Post  
9-15 Wayward Sons Ghost of Yet to Come Frontiers Hard Rock  
9-15 Zornheym Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns Non Servian Sym Extreme  
9-15 Zud A Wilderness Left Untamed   Black  
9-16 Haegen Immortal Lands   Folk  
9-16 Necrophile Awakening Those Oppressed Unholy Prophecies Death Thrash  
9-16 The Prophecy Origins Ascensions Doom Death  
9-16 Task Force Beer Meaning of Life   Groove Grind  
9-17 Mesmur S Solitude Fun Doom  
9-18 Canker Earthquake Xtreme Thrash Death  
9-20 Master Boot Record Interrupt Request Independent Experimental Metal bandcamp
9-21 Opposing Motion* Inertia Lion Prog  
9-21 Shroud Ritual Five Suns Independent Prog Black bandcamp
9-22 Acephalix Decreation   Death  
9-22 Archspire* Relentless Mutation Season of Mist Tech Death  
9-22 Dead is Dead Constraints of Time   Post  
9-22 El Diablo* Zero Hour   Metalville  
9-22 Cradle of Filth* Crytpriana Nuclear Blast Sym   
9-22 Ufomammut * 8 Neurot Doom  
9-22 Evil Invaders* Feed Me Violence Napalm  Speed  
9-22 Kaipa* Children of the Sounds Inside Out Prog  
9-22 Mastodon Cold Dark Place  E.P. Reprise    
9-22 Satyricon Deep Calleth Upon Deep      
9-22 Scherer, Batten Battle Zone Melodic Rock    
9-22 Sheidim Infamata E.P. I Voidhanger Extreme  
9-22 Sutrah Dunes Independent Prog Tech Death bandcamp
9-22 Trauma Comedy is Over  1996 Deformeathing Death  
9-22 With The Dead* Love From With the Dead Rise Above Doom  
9-22 Verge Process of Self Becoming I Voidhanger Black  
9-22 Wolves in the Throne Room Thrice Woven Artemisia Records Black Metal  
9-25 Bagual Nulla   Stoner  
9-25 Incursed Amalur   Viking Folk  
9-25 Ghash Goat Pest Atmo Black  
9-25 Krieg Sono Lo Scherno 2005 Inferna Black  
9-25 Pissing the Mainstream Perang Reprisal Grind  
9-25 Rage of Romance Thunderborn Steel Gallery Power  
9-26 Hellbros* Feed It      
9-26 5 Star Grave The Red Room Sliptrick  Melodic  
9-27 Bethor Anarcia Diaboli Miner Black  
9-27 Galneryus Ultimate Sacrifice Warner Neo Heavy  
9-27 Infitar* Rotation of the Sun Nemesis Death  
9-26 Nemesis Occulta  Temple of Desolation 2015   Black  
9-27 Lyzzard Savage Fighter Heavy  
9-27 Octaviagrace Polyhedra  E.P. Fores Trax Prog Power  
9-27 Profetus  Coronation of the Black Sun 2009 Weird Truth Fun Doom  
9-27 Scarlet Valse Reincarnate Starwave Symphonic Power  
9-28 Absu Barathrum 1993 Dark Symphonies Extreme  
9-28 Blood of the Lannisters Beheaded  E.P.   Crossover  
9-28 A Devil's Den* One Hallucination Under God Island Dive Prog  
9-28 Drawn Into Descent* S/T Immortal Frost Atmo Black  
9-28 Psychotool Toolista E.P. Independent Death Metal  
9-29 Act of Defiance* Old Scars, New Wounds Metal Blade Thrash  
9-29 Air Raid Across the Line High Roller  Heavy  
9-29 Antiversum Cosmos Comendti Invictus Extreme  
9-29 Archgoat* Eternal Damnation of Christ  E.P. Debemur Black  
9-29 Arckanum Den forstfodde Folter Black  
9-29 Arisen from Nothing* Broken  E.P.   Thrash  
9-29 Arkaik* Nemethia Unique Leader Tech Death  
9-29 Arroganz Primitiv F.D.A. Extreme  
9-29 Asagraum Potestas Magic kvlt Black  
9-29 Black Leather The New Liberty   Extreme  
9-29 Buried Realm* the Ichor Carcinoma      
9-29 Cities of Mars* Temporal Rift   Doom  
9-29 Coven The Advent  E.P.   Heavy  
9-29 Discreation* End of Days FDA Death  
9-29 Doxa* Lust for Wonder Awal Melodic Goth  
9-29 Drakkar* DiabolicalEmpithy Dooweet Power Speed  
9-29 Fabulae Dramatis* Solar Time's Dooweet Sym  
9-29 Fen Dustwalker  2013 Code666 Post  
9-29 For Giants Big Sky Independent Djent/ Groove bandcamp
9-29 Horrified Allure of the Fallen      
9-29 In Vain IV   Heavy Thrash Power  
9-29 Iron Gypsy E.P. 1984 No Remorse Heavy  
9-29 Jag Panzer* The Deviant Steamhammer Power  
9-29 Kadaver* Rough Times Nuclear Blast Hard Rock  
9-29 Kinasis Pariah   Death Thrash  
9-29 Kult Mogil Portentaque E.P. Pagan Death  
9-29 Loincloth Psalm of the Morbid Whore Southern Lord Prog  
9-29 Lucifer's Chalice* The Pact Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
9-29 Mistralth My Grief GS Goth Doom Death  
9-29 Monolord* Rust Ride Easy Doom  
9-29 Nailblank Envied Redifinning Darkness Extreme  
9-29 Nocturnal Rites Phoenix AFM Heavy  
9-29 Occasvs Nocturnal Majesty Dark Descent Black  
9-29 Paragon Belial Necrophobic Rituals Northern Fog Black  
9-29 Pourriture Forced and Destruction Extreme Souls Death  
9-29 Process of Guilt Black Earth  Division Doom  
9-29 Runespell Unhallowed Blood Oath Iron Bonehead Black  
9-29 Shrapnel* Raised on Decay Candlelight Thrash  
9-29 Sifting* Not From Here Eclipse Prog  
9-29 Slave One An Abstract  E.P. Dolorem Death  
9-29 Sombre Croisade Balancier  Pest Black  
9-29 Syn Ze Sase Tri Zaul  Mos Code666 Black  
9-29 Tetrarch Freak   Core  
9-29 Thygrim* Vermachtnis Trollzorn Black  
9-29 Unsane Sterilize   Noise Rock  
9-29 Vogelfrey In Ekstase Metalville Folk  
9-29 Worm Evocation of the Black Marsh Iron Bonehead Black  
9-30 Anger of God Day of Wrath 1996   Extreme  
9-30 Beyond the Flesh ....and Then there was Nothing Fleshmetal Melodic Death  
9-30 Cheap Moonshine Cheap Moonshine S/T Independent Psychedelic Doom bandcamp
9-30 God Anger Silence    2000   Black Doom  
9-30 Hyperion Seraphical Euphony 2016 Black Lion Melodic  
9-30 Lost in Desolation Mourning II Talheim Atmo Black  
9-30 Maquahuitl Teocalli of the Sacred War Darker Than Black Black  
9-30 Nekrohowl Epitome of Morbid E.P.   Death  
9-30 Rutsa Rauha Ja  E.P.   Grind Sludge  
9-30 Saltus Jam Jest Samon! Battle Hymn Extreme  
9-30 Scarlet Moon When the God is Falling Asleep   Sym Black  
9-30 Wings of Dahak Unholy Wings Via Noturna    
9-30 WVRM Can you Hear the Wind Howl E.P. To Live A lie Grind  

October Releases


 Date Artist Release  Label Genre Notes
10-1 Dehydrated Ressurection Immortal Souls Death  
10-1 Iron Pike II Independent Doom bandcamp
10-1 Isle of Avalon Of Tulgey Wood and the Table Round   Power  
10-1 Osculum Infame Eras Abissais NTO Extreme  
10-1 Circus Nebula S/T Andromeda Relix Heavy  
10-3 Volcana Goddess of Flame   Heavy Doom  
10-4 Dry Bones* Father Figure Delayed Gratifacation    
10-5 Corruption Spleen Metal Mind Doom From Poland
10-6 Antarkis Ildlaante Agonia    
10-6 August Burns Red Phantom Anthem Fearless Core  
10-6 Autograph Get up off your Ass EMP Rock  
10-6 Avenger Depraved in Black E.P. 1985 Pure Steel Heavy Pre RAGE
10-6 Black Dahlia Murder Nightbringers Metal Blade  Death  
10-6 CTULU Cultus in Tenebris Static Tension Black  
10-6 Crackhouse Be No One, Be Nothing Argonauta Sludge  
10-6 Daylight Dies Dismantling Devotion Candlelight Melodic Re issues
10-6 Daylight Dies A Frail Becomming Candlelight   Re issues
10-6 Daylight Dies Lost to the Living Candlelight   Re issues
10-6 Decatur* Badder then Brooklyn   Thrash  
10-6 Dreadnought A Wake in Sacred Wave   Doom  
10-6 Fireball Ministry Remember the Story Cleopatra Hard Rock  
10-6 Gravity Noir Apthia Core  
10-6 Haemorrhage We Are the Gore Relapse  Death  
10-6 Insurrection* Extraction   Extreme  
10-6 Inverted Serenity As Spectres Wither   Death  
10-6 Mason* Impervious   Thrash  
10-6  My Ticket Home* Un Real Spinefarm    
10-6 Omotia* A Ruined Oak Tofu Carnage Prog Doom  
10-6 Owlcrusher S/T   Doom  
10-6 Panzer Fatal Command Nuclear Blast Heavy Thrash  
10-6 Primitive Man Caustic Relapse  Black Doom/ Noise  
10-6 The Ongoing Concept Places Solid State Core  
10-6 Sin Isomer* Burst into Isomer Nexus Power Heavy  
10-6 Speed Limit Anywhere We Dare Pure Rock Heavy  
10-6 Tierra Santa Quinto Elemento MRSL Heavy Power  
10-7 Dark Waters End  Submersion      
10-10 Lydia Can't Breathe Tastes New      
10-10 Spectral Voice Eroded Corridors of  Unbeing Dark Descent Death Doom  
10-11 Joyeless Euphoria S/T Anthrazit Post Black  
10-11 Powerquest Loords of Tommorow Inner Wound Power  
10-12 Odradek Room* A Man of Silt Hypnotic Dirge Exp  
10-12 Slutet Jihad E.P.   Exp Black  
10-13 Altarage Endinghent Season of Mist Black Metal/ Drone  
10-13 Atala* Labyrinth of Ashmedai Salt of the Earth Prog Doom  
10-13 Bigfoot The Fear Frontiers Hard Rock  
10-13 Claim the Throne On Desolate Plains   Melodic Death Folk  
10-13 Coffin Carousel* Btween Death & Darkness Eclipse Punk  
10-13 Deos* In Nomine Romae   Pagan  
10-13 Enslaved* E Nuclear Blast Melodic  
10-13 Exhumed* Death Revenge Relapse Gore Metal  
10-13 Fatal Opera The Eleventh Hour 1997 Divebomb Prog Thrash  
10-13 Firebreather* S/T Suicide  Doom  
10-13 Gloam Death is Just the Beginning E.P. Blood Harvest Black Doom  
10-13 Gothminister The Other Side AFM    
10-13 Hallas Excerts from a Future Past Sign    
10-13 Highborne Visions of Retribution Necro Atmo Black  
10-13 Honeymoon Disease* Part Human, Mostly Beast The Sign    
10-13 Kroh Pyres  E.P. Devizes Doom  
10-13 Maleceptor Chapter 2 The Flesh Harvest Death  
10-13 Marvel At The Sunshine Factory The Sign    
10-13 Megalith Grave From Effigies   Black  
10-13 Minotauro Apocalyptic Sense 7 Hard Power  
10-13 My Children My Bride* Viscious World Eone Core  
10-13 Narcotic Wasteland* Delirium Tremens Megaforce/ MRI Death ex Nile -Dallas Wade
10-13 Nekroholocaust Hymns of  Ruthless Pestilence Brutal Mind Death  
10-13 No Warning* Torture Culture Last Gang Thrash  
10-13 Osyron* Kingsbane   Prog  
10-13 Phantom 5 Play to Win Frontiers    
10-13 Revolution Saints Light in the Dark Frontiers    
10-13 R.I.P.* Street Reaper Riding Easy Doom  
10-13 Rites of Daath Hexing Graves Godz of War Doom Death  
10-13 Samael* Hegemony Napalm Melodic  
10-13 Sarke* Viige Urh Indie Black Thrash  
10-13 Savage Master Creature of the Flame E.P. Skol Heavy  
10-13 Scourge Roam in Pugatory Ghastly Deathcore  
10-13 Sound Storm* Vertigo Rockshots Prog  
10-13 Sparzanza Announcing the End Spinefarm Stoner  
10-13 Soyuz Bear Black Phlegm Bandcamp Doom  
10-13 The Spirit Sounds From the Vortex Eternal Echoes Extreme  
10-13 Stick to your Guns True View Pure Noise    
10-13 Through the Eyes of the Dead* Disomus Eone Deathcore  
10-13 Twingiant Blood Fued Argonauta Stoner  
10-13 Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats* Vol 1 Rise Above    
10-13 The Walking Dead Orchestra* Resurrect Unique Leader Extreme  
10-13 Warcall* Invaders Plan B    
10-14 Cranial Carnage Abhorrence Immortal Souls Death  
10-14 Kyoji Yamamoto Voice of the Wind  Timless Heavy Shred  
10-14 Venom Prison* Animus Prosthetic    
10-15 Eccentric Pendulum Tellurian Concepts E.P.   Thrashcore  
10-15 Itneveth Tales of Legends of Wolves Base Pagan  
10-15 Psychotic Defilement Designed to Die PER Death  
10-15 Xipe Totec Axomimitl Defox Death  
10-16 Cryostasium Starbound E.P.   Ind Black  
10-16 Nightosaur Future Songs E.P.   Heavy Hard  
10-17 Ivan Miladinov Soul Finder E.P. Club Inferno Melodic  
10-17 Kortofertos The Scorched Book   Sym  
10-17 Mellow Humanantipathy   Deathcore  
10-17 Radiation The Gift of Doom Witches Brew Thrash Death  
10-17 Reign of Vengeance The Final Aeon for all Humans E.P.   Death  
10-17 Trenchgrinder Peace if Forfeit   Death  
10-17 Tulsadoom /Hellrazors   Witches Brew Thrash Split
10-17 Until Death Overtakes Me* Flow of Infinity Nulll Fun Doom  
10-17 Xanthochroid* Of Erthe and Axem Part 2 Erthe and Axem Epic Melodic  
10-18 Dirty Grave Evil Desire   Doom  
10-18 Pastore Phoenix Rising   Heavy  
10-18 Wreck-Defy Fragments of Anger   Thrash  
10-19 Aeternal The Cnscious Machine   Thrash Death  
10-19 Kartikeya Samudtra Grailight Exp  
10-20 Amenra Mass VI Neurot Doom Core  
10-20 Amplified Memory Vas Hermecticum Sliptrick  Melodic Death  
10-20 Andras Reminisenzen Einheit Pagan  
10-20 Apathy The Path Way   Black  
10-20 Bell Witch* Mirror Reaper Profound Lore Doom  
10-20 Bloodred Hourglass Heal RK Melodic Thrash  
10-20 Burning Darkness The Angel of Light   Melodic Black  
10-20 Celeste Infidele   Post Core  
10-20 Cyhra* Letters to Myself Spinefarm    
10-20 Daemusinem Thy Ungodly Defiance Willowtip  Extreme  
10-20 Deadfreight of Soul Totured Puppets kernkraftritter Melodic Core  
10-20 Deathrattle Volition   Groove  
10-20 Earthside Witch Gun E.P. Totem Cat Doom  
10-20 Endseeker* Flesh Hammer Prophecy F.D.A. Death  
10-20 Europe Walk This Earth Hell and Back Hard Rock  
10-20 Exarsis New War Order MDD Thrash  
10-20 Eximperituserqethzebibsip W22-46   Tech Death  
10-20 Forsaken Pentateuch Mighty Music Epic Doom  
10-20 The Fright* Canto V      
10-20 Gorement The Ending Quest 1994 Century Media Death  
10-20 GWAR* Blood of the Gods Metal Blade Heavy  
10-20 Hanging Garden I Am Become   Melodic  
10-20 The Hate Colony Ascending Mighty Core  
10-20 Heir Au Peuple de labime LADIO Black Sludge  
10-20 In Search of the Sun* Virgin Funk Monster Spinefarm    
10-20 Iron Monkey* 9-13   Doom  
10-20 Kadaverdisciplin Death Supremacy Hammerkeart Black  
10-20 Lostair Ab Jubilaeum Revalve Thrash  
10-20 Master of Diguise Alpha / Omega Limb  Power Speed  
10-20 Matan S.A. Parte III Icarus Death  
10-20 Midnight Sweet Death and Ecstasy Hells Headbangers Black Speed  
10-20 Neurospoiler Second Sight Dissonance Heavy  
10-20 Nightghoul Dungeon Metal Ripper Grim Winds Records Speed Metal/ Punk bandcamp
10-20 Night Viper Exterminator Listenable Heavy  
10-20 Ophis* The Dismal Circle F.D.A. Death Doom  
10-20 Oz Transistion State Heavy AFM  
10-20 Pervertor Perveted Tales Headless Horseman Extreme  
10-20 Pyrolatrous Teneral   Melodic Extreme  
10-20 Repugnant Epitome of Darkness 2006 Soulseller Death Thrash  
10-20 Sons of Apollo* Psychotic Symphony Inside Out   Supergroup
10-20 Sorcerer* The Crowning of the Fire King Metal Blade    
10-20 Temnein* White Stained Inferno Massacre Melodic  
10-20 Thakandar Sterbende Erde Einheit Extreme  
10-20 Then Comes Silence* Blood Nuclear Blast Exp  
10-20 Throane Plus une main Debemur Black  
10-20 Trivium* The Sin and Sentence Roadrunner Melodic Thrash  
10-20 Tuskar Arianrhod Riff Rock Doom  
10-20 Voice The Storm Massacre Melodic Power  
10-20 Voltumna Dodecapoli Sleazy Rider Death  
10-20 VRIL The Shadow Sun and the Black Sun Dark Adversary Black  
10-20 Vuur* In This Moment we are Free Inside Out Prog Anneke
10-20 Wobbler* From Silence to Somewhere Karisma Prog  
10-20 Wormwood Mooncurse Translation Loss Doom  
10-20 Yanomano Neither Man nor Beast Iommium Sludge  
10-20 Yellow Eyes ImmersionTrench Reverie Gilread  Black  
10-21 Ice Age Breaking the Ice GMR    
10-21 Nervcast Locked and Loaded      
10-21 Swamp Temple Sump Tinning Independent Raw Black  bandcamp
10-22 Coldrise* A New World Arise Escape    
10-22 Concerto Moon* Tears of Messiah Kutsusa Neo Classical  
10-22 Ne Obliviscaris* URN   Exp  
10-23 Thy Serpent's Cult Supremacy of Chaos ordoMCM Death  
10-25 Can of Worms Nuclear Thrasher Great Dane Thrash Death  
10-25 Chainsaw The Last Crusade Metal Mind Melodic Heavy  
10-25 LoveBites* Awakining from Abyss Sliptrick Heavy Power  
10-25 Milennium Awakening   NWOBHM  
10-25 Muireterium Ode to the Nature Independent Atmospheric Black


10-26 Mendel Universal Omega Independent Prog Metal/ Neo-Classical  
10-26 Natvre's Early Cvlts Argento Black  
10-26 Agusa S/T The Lasers Edge    
10-26 Dreamgrave Monuments E.P.   Melodic  
10-27 All Pigs Must Die Hostage Animal Southern Lord  Hardcore  
10-27 Angel Nation* Aeon Inner Wounds   Leaves Eyes vocalist
10-27 Appice* Sinister SPV   The Appice brothers
10-27 Cainan Dawn* F.O.H.A.T. Osmose Black  
10-27 Complete Failure Crossburner      
10-27 Cryptic Fog Staring Through the Veil Blood Harvest Melodic Extreme  
10-27 Cursed Moon Rite of Darkness Hells Headbangers    
10-27 Delain* A Decade of Delain Napalm Sym Live at Paradiso
10-27 Devangelic Phlegethon Comatose Death  
10-27 Dr. Living Dead Cosmic Conqueror   Century Media  
10-27 Endur American Parasite Sumarian   Spencer Sotelo
10-27 Evertale The Great Brotherwar Noise art Power  
10-27 Fleurety The White Death Peaceville Prog Avant  
10-27 Honeymoon Disease Part Human Mostly Beast Sign    
10-27 The Limbs Sleep E.P. Equal Vision    
10-27 Metalite Heroes in Time Inner Wound  Melodic  
10-27 Not Over Yet* Axioms of Life      
10-27 Noturnall* 9   Prog  
10-27 Offensive Ground Nightmare King Distrosound    
10-27 Premiata Forneria Marconi Emotional Tattoos Inside Out Progressivo  
10-27 Savage Messiah Hands of Fate Century Media Power Thrash  
10-27 Serenity* Lionheart Napalm Sym  
10-27 Ten Years How to Live      
10-27 Terror Chamber Terror Chamber E.P. Independent Death/ Hardcore bancamp
10-27 Torchia Of Curse and Grief Concord Melodic  
10-27 Trunk Trunk E.P. Independent Stoner Doom bandcamp
10-27 Twice the Sun The Vermillion Door Independent Psych Heavy Metal bandcamp
10-27 Vvon Dogma I* Communion E.P.   Exp Prog Unexpect Bass Player
10-27 Wargrinder Tank Tread Doctrine Independent Death/ Black bandcamp
10-27 Winds of Plague* Blood of My Enemy   Deathcore  
10-27 Within Silience Return from Shadows Ulterium Power  
10-27 Wolfshead Leaden Rockshots Heavy Doom  
10-27 Wojczech/ Krupskaya   7 Degrees Extreme Split
10-28 DyingGiant Dying Giant E.P. Independent Groove Metal bandcamp
10-28 Forgotton Tomb* We Owe you Nothing Agonia Melodic  
10-29 Anima Damnata Nefariuos Godz of War Extreme  
10-29 Syrus Tales of War Prog Power    
10-30 Blackning Eyes in the Mirror E.P.   Thrash  
10-30 Communic* Where Echoes Gather AFM Melodic  
10-30 Perverse Dependence* Gruesome Forms of Distorted Libido 2009 Lord of Sick Gore  
10-31 Acid Witch Evil sound Screamers Hells Headbangers Doom Death  
10-31 Autumns Eyes Ending Life Slowly   Melodic Death  
10-31 Clouds Taste Satanic* The Glitter of Infinite Hell   Doom Instumental
10-31 Evil Knight Donde yacen Canometal Thrash  
10-31 Goat of Mendes Hagzussa Witches Brew Heavy Pagan  
10-31 Inconcessus Lux Lucis The Crowning Quietus Invictus Black  
10-31 Kalibos* HexA Darkest Age Doom  
10-31 Nicrotek Think About Nothing 2015   Amb  
10-31 Pink Mass Necrosexual   Grind Crust  
10-31 Red Scalp Lost Ghosts   Doom  
10-31 Sacred Son S/T   Black  
10-31 Watain Nuclear Alchemy E.P.   Extreme  
10-31 Weed Priest Consummate Cursed Monk Doom  


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
11-1 Bergrizen Der unsterblich Purity Through Fire Black  
11-1 Helloween Sweet Seductions Victor Power Speed Comp
11-1 Lostregos Lendas Baxio Darkwoods Pagan Black  
11-1 Nemere Vermezo   Black  
11-1 No Point in Living The Cold Night   Dep Black  
11-1 Otehi Garden of God Hellbones  Doom  
11-1 Overdose Conscience 1987 Cogumelo Power Thrash  
11-2 Batushka* Litourgiya 2016 Metal Blade Black  
11-2 Black Capicorn Omega ssr Doom  
11-2 Matablos Until Time Has Lost all Meaning   Melodic  
11-2 Viggenblot Autumn Leaf Blue Freya Melodic  
11-3 Adimiron Et Liber Eris Indie Prog Thrash  
11-3 Annihilator* For the Demented Neverland Thrash  
11-3 Blaze of Perdition* Conscious Darkness Agonia Black  
11-3 Bloodway A Fragile Riddle I Voidhanger Prog Black  
11-3 Cannibal Corpse* Red Before Black Metal Blade Gore  
11-3 Code Under the Subgleam E.P. Apocalyptic Witchcraft Prog Post Rock  
11-3 Converge* The Dusk in Us Independent Metalcore  
11-3 Devlsy Private Suite  AYMF Post Black  
11-3 Egonaut The Omega Mighty  Heavy  
11-3 Enzo and the Glory Ensemble* In the Name of the Son   Sym Prog  
11-3 Evertale The Great Brotherwar Noise  Power  
11-3 Folkstone Ossidiana Universal Magic Folk  
11-3 F.K.U. 1981   Thrash  
11-3 Gorgonea Prima Brownfields Metal Gate Ind Black  
11-3 Kawir 2017 Iron Bonehead Pagan  
11-3 Lustre Still Innocence Nordvis Atmo Amb  
11-3 Mayhem Live in Jessheim Peaceville Black  
11-3 Moonspell* 1755 Napalm Melodic  
11-3 Morbosidad Corona de  epidemia Nuclear War Now Extreme  
11-3 Night of Suicide Broken   Doom  
11-3 Niviane* The Druid King Pitch Black  Power  
11-3 Nomasta House of the Tiger King   Sludge  
11-3 Opium Warlords Droner Svart Drone Doom  
11-3 Ram* Rod Metal Blade    
11-3 Roadrash Thunder in Paradise   Speed  
11-3 Septic Mutagen Megalith E.P. Bandcamp Death Grind  
11-3 Signs of the Swarm* The disfigutement of Existence Unique Leader Extreme  
11-3 Sleeping Romance* Alba Napalm Sym  
11-3 Scour Red E.P.     Supergroup
11-3 Souldrinker War is Coming El Puerto Melodic Goove  
11-3 Soulgate Slave   Prog Thrash Death  
11-3 Stormbringer Born a Dying Breed  Attic Heavy Stoner  
11-3 Talv Entering a Timeless Winter A sad sadness Atmo Black  
11-3 Tetragrammacide Primal Iron Bonehead Extreme Noise  
11-3 Throne of Heresy Decameron The Sign Death  
11-3 Vinoristi Elaman herra E.P.   Crust  
11-4 Gort A Morte Ad Mortem E.P.   Black  
11-5 Eliza Battle Field   Heavy  
11-6 Cadaver Putrefacto La mald   Death Gore  
11-6 Blodskut Forgotten Remains Schanttenkult Black  
11-6 Hypothemia Veins 20 Insikt Post  
11-6 Hypothemia Khold Insikt Post  
11-7 A Pale December The Shrine of Primal Fire   Atmo Amb  
11-7 Hornwood Fell My Body, My Time Avantgarde Black  
11-7 Vhalhemar Against All Kings  Fighter Power  
11-8 Anthem Anthem 1985 King Heavy  
11-8 Anthem Tightrope 1986 King Heavy  
11-8 Anthem Bound to Break 1987 King  Heavy  
11-8 Anthem Gypsy Ways 1988 King Heavy  
11-8 Anthem Hunting Time 1989 King Heavy  
11-8 Anthem No Smoke Without Fire 1990 King Heavy  
11-8 Anthem Domestic Booty 1992 King Heavy  
11-8 Ramihrdus Eternity Anthrazit Atmo Amb  
11-10 Amberian Dawn* Darkness of Eternity Napalm Neoclassical  
11-10 Asthenia Nucleation   Shoegaze  
11-10 Babylon  A.D. Revelation A.D. Frontiers    
11-10 Chaosbringer Turn into Ruins Independent Death Metal bandcamp
11-10 Chronus S/T Elleson     
11-10 Cloak The Venomous Depths Season of Mist Black and Roll  
11-10 The Dark Element S/T Frontiers Sym Anette Olzon
11-10 Dark Embrace The Call of the Wolves 7hard Gothic Doom  
11-10 Devilpriest Devil Inspired Chants Pagan Extreme  
11-10 Edge of Haze Deluge   Prog Sym Doom  
11-10 Entheos* Dark Future  Spinefarm Prog Core  
11-10 The Erkonauts* I Shall Forgive Indie Prog Sybreed Members
11-10 Frantic Amber Burning Insight 2015 GMR Melodic Death  
11-10 From Oceans to Autumn Leave Me Here Clearer Sky Recording Post Metal/ Rock bandcamp
11-10 Impureza La Caida De Tonatiuh Season of Mist Death Exp  
11-10 Jeff Scott Soto Retribution Frontiers    
11-10 Misery Revel in Blashemy 1997 Dark Symphonies Death  
11-10 Nekrasov The Mirror Prosthetic Black Noise  
11-10 Pink Cream 69 Headstrong Frontiers Hard Rock  
11-10 Sweet and Lynch Unified Frontiers Hard Rock  
11-10 Threat Signal Misconnect      
11-10 Throne of Heresy Decameron The Sign Death  
11-10 Sinsaenum Ashes   E.P. earMusic Extreme  
11-10 Steve Walsh Black Butterflies Escape    
11-10 Subsidence Potrait of Pain 1995 Dark Symphonies Death Thrash  
11-10 Under the Church Supernatural Punishment Talheim Dep Black Goth  
11-10 The Unguided  And the Battle Royale Napalm    
11-10 Werian Lunar Cult Society Independent Black/ Doom bandcamp
11-10 Witchery I Am Legion Century Media Thrash  
11-11 Fieldy Basically   Jazz Fusion Korns Bassist
11-11 Primal Fear Best of Fear Frontiers Power Comp
11-12 Deadspace The Liquid Sky      
11-15 Alastor Blood on Satan's Claw E.P. Twin Earth Psy Doom  
11-15 Antipope* Denail/ Survival   EXP  
11-15 Catapult the Dead A Universal Emptiness Doom Stew Post  
11-15 Eternity Frozen for Centuries  E.P. Celtic Fog  Black  
11-15 Jupiterian Terraforming Independent Doom/ Sludge bandcamp
11-15 Nattkaos Avtandning   Dep Black  
11-15 Scarlet Peace Into the Minds Labyrinth 2004 Bandcamp Gothic Doom  
11-16 Black March Praeludium Exterminii   Black Thrash  
11-16 Hypergiant* Father Sky   Prog Stoner  
11-17 Ancient Wisdom* 33 Argonauta    
11-17 Aosoth* V: The Inside Scriptures Agonia Black  
11-17 Arrayan Path Dawn of Aquarius Pitch Black Epic Power  
11-17 Ataravie L'etre et le nausee Weird Truth Fun Death Doom  
11-17 Atoll* Fallout Frenzy Gore House Death  
11-17 Cavalera Conspiracy* Psychosis Napalm Thrash  
11-17 Conan* Man is Myth Naplam Doom Early Demos
11-17 Dim7 Bats II  E.P.   Goth  
11-17 Electric Wizard* Wizard Bloody Wizard Spinefarm Doom  
11-17 The Body & Full of Hell Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light Profound Lore Records Grindcore/ Noise collaboration
11-17 Game Over* Claiming Supremancy Scarlet Thrash  
11-17 Godflesh Post Self      
11-17 Gruesome Fate Repugnance Disseration of Necrosis Sound of White Noise Death  
11-17 Iron Maiden* The Book of Souls Live Chapter Sanctuary NWOBHM  
11-17 Ketha 0 Hours Starlight selfmadegod Exp  
11-17 The Killerhertz A Mirror's Portrait Dr. Music    
11-17 Kino Picture Inside Out Prog  
11-17 Monolith Cult* Gospel of Despair Transcending Doom  
11-17 No Return* The Curse Within Mighty Death Thrash  
11-17 Nullingroots Into the Grey Prosthetic Shoegaze  
11-17 Oblivion The Path Towards.... Unique Leader Death  
11-17 Sar Isatum* Shurpu   Black  
11-17 Stalker Shadow of the Sword Napalm Speed  
11-17 Tarja* From Spirits and Ghosts Earmusic Sym  
11-17 Virgil & Steve Howe Nexus Inside Out Prog  
11-19 Folkodia Battle of the Milvian Bridge Stygian Crypt Folk  
11-20 Countess Into Battle Heidens Hart Records Pagan Black bandcamp
11-24 Cardiant Mirrors Inverse  Power  
11-24 Nordheim* RapThor   Pagan  
11-24 Pyramaze Melancholy Beast 2004 Inner Wounds Power  
11-24 Sorxe Matter & Void Prosthetic Melodic  
11-24 Steel Panther Lower the Bar Bitchin   Hard Rock  
11-24 Steve Moore Mayhem Soundtrack Relapse    
11-25 Visions of the Night Supreme Act of War Butchered Extreme  
11-27 Abominate Diseased E.P. Independent Death/ Thrash bandcamp


Date        Artist Release Label Genre Notes
12- Rebaelliun Bringer of War (The Last Stand)  E.P. Hammerheart Death  
12-1 The Faceless In Becomming A Ghost   Melodic Extreme  
12-1 Morbid Angel Kingdoms Disdained   Death  
12-1 Obsession Scarred For Life 1986 Inner Wound Power Heavy  
12-1 Obsession The Martial Law E.P. 1983 Inner Wound Power Heavy  
12-1 Obsession Methods of Madness 1987 Inner Wound Power Heavy  
12-1 Operation Mindcrime The New Reality Frontiers Heavy  
12-1 Samael Blood Ritual 1992 Century Media    
12-1 Scars of Solitude Deformation Inverse Heavy Melodic  
12-1 Wolfhorde The Great Old One's E.P.  Inverse Black Folk  
12-4 Doomortalis Splendor... Them Gloominess Chaos Doom Death  
12-6 Diablo Swing Orchestra Pacifisticuffs Candelight Exp  
12-8 Blitzkrieg Reign of Fire E.P. Mighty NWOBHM  
12-8 Feared Svart   Death  
12-8 Sadauk A New Dawn New Legend Gothic  
12-8 YOB The Great Cessasion Relapse Doom  
12-8 Wildestarr Beyond The Rain  Scarlet    
12-10 The Dear Hunter All is as All Should Be E.P. Cave And Canary Prog  
12-16 Asking Alexandria The Fifth One Summerian Core  
12-15 Evil Spirit The Imageless Mirror Independent Doom  bandcamp
12-15 The Flower Kings A Kingdom of Colours Inside Out Prog Box Set
12-15 Inner Hate Reborn Through Hate Independent Death/ Thrash bandcamp
12-15 Obscure Burial S/T Invictus Extreme