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The Harbinger
Kyle Obergfell AKA The Iron Man
James Harvey
Kirk Arrington
Jim Durkin
Josua Lander Madsen
Tim Aymar
Majk Moti
Dave Sherman
Stuart Anstis
Ted Kirkpatrick with the King

Roman Kostrzewski

Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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The Guitar Emperor

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Latest News

Lee Kerslake passes away.

Former Uriah Heep and Ozzy drummer Lee Kerslake has lost his battle with cancer and passed away at the age of  73.

Sean Malone

Cynic Bass player Sean Malone passed away at the age of 50 on 12-9-2020.

Chris Payette

 Former After The Flood, Onward  and curent bass player for Forced Religion Chris Payette passed away on December 12th at the age of 49.

The King has died

In his prime Eddie was simply the best. He lost his battle with Oral cancer on 10-6-2020

July Releases 

Date Artist Release Label  Genre Notes
7-1 Blood Stronghold Spectres of Blood NCR Black  
7-1 Castigator Impressions From the Abyss Bound by the Modern Age Melodic Death Thrash  
7-1 Kaz Horie Eye of the Core   Prog Shred  
7-1 Levendleed Algehele Malaise      
7-1 Obscure Relic First Black Commuion CD Black  
7-1 Scars The V8 Sessions (Vol.01)   Thrash E.P.
7-1 Torrefy Life is Bad   Thrash  
7-1 Unblessed Murdering Hope   Extreme  
7-2 Bloodshot Stay in the Dark Carless Death  
7-3 Black Funeral Scourge of Lamashtu Iron Bonehead Black Dark Amb  
7-3 Bob Katsionis Amadeus Street Warrior/ a 16-Bit Fictional Game   Prog Shred  
7-3 Boris NO   Various E.P.
7-3 Mora Prokaza By Chance Season of Mist Black  
7-3 Northern Crown In A Pallid Shadow   Epic Doom  
7-4 Kruelty Immortal Nightmare Deathsky Death Doom Core  
7-5 Atlantean Sorrow 2020 Narcoleptica Atmo Balck Death  
7-5 Skeletal Bitterness and Burning Hatred Death in Pieces Death  
7-6 Alien Queen Matriarch Blackend Death Doom Death  
7-6 Rise of Death Doom Spirit  Emanation Godz of War Death Doom  
7-6 Uerberos Stand over Your Grave GOW Death  
7-7 Crowley Evil Bride Dropout Heavy Speed  
7-7 Crucifixion Vomit Blasphemy War MTD Extreme E.P.
7-7 Decrepid Endless Sea of Graves Xtreem Death  
7-7 Eternal Rot Cadaverine Godz of War Doom Death 2017
7-7 Idle Hands Don't Waste Your Time Eisenwald Heavy Goth E.P.
7-7 Kosmogoria Enthrone the Gods   Melodic Death Folk  
7-7 Mercyless The Mother of All Plagues* Xenokorp Death Thrash  
7-7 On Thorns I Lay Threnos Satanath Death Doom Goth  
7-7 RanCoffin Epourvantable   Crust  
7-7 Sleestak Aeon   Psych Doom  
7-7 Strangle Nation Failed Vehement Crossover  
7-8 Black Tide Evil Monsters of Mars : Soundtrack   Exp  
7-8 Planetshine In the Arms of Darkness Scared of Eternity Atmo Black Amb  
7-9 Lion Trouble in Angel City Bd Reputation Heavy Hard 1989
7-9 Tiknazirin Ecclesia Sodomiticum   Extreme  
7-9 VII Batallón de la Muerte Semper Patriae   Black  
7-10 Alizarin The Last Semblance*   Melodic  
7-10 Assemble the Chariots The Celestials   Djent Core E.P.
7-10 Bryan Eckermann The 7th Sin   Melodic  
7-10 Dawn of Ashes The Antino Artoffact Ind Melodic Black  
7-10 Deliquesce Engineered Frality Life After Death Death  
7-10 Devastator Baptised in Blasphemy Clobber Black Thrash  
7-10 Ensiferum Thalassic  Metal Blade Folk  
7-10 Eremitrist Eremit Narcoleptica Sludge Doom  
7-10 Fortè Stranger than Fiction Divebomb Power Thrash 1992
7-10 Inter Arma Garbers Days Revisited Relapse Post Sludge  
7-10 Kiko Loureiro Open Source Victor Prog Megadeth
7-10 Laetitia in Holocaust Heritage Nifhel Black  
7-10 Land of Fog Morbid Enigmas Sulpher Epic Black  
7-10 Meridian Dawn The Fever Syndrome   Melodic Death  
7-10 Moribund Mantras Golden Void   Doom  
7-10 Osyron Foundations*   Prog  
7-10 Rebel Wizard Magical Mystical Indifference Prosthetic Black Heavy  
7-10 Saints of Death* Ascend to the Throne      
7-10 Silent Shadows Transistions ASR Melodic 1999
7-10 Vision Divine Stream of Consciousness Scarlet Power Prog 2004
7-10 Vision Divine The Perfect Machine Scarlet Power Prog 2005
7-10 Vision Divine The 25th Hour Scarlet Power Prog 2007
7-10 Voivod The End of Dormancy Century Media Prog Thrash E.P.
7-12 Daevidus Beyond   Prog Rock Metal  
7-12 Evilcult At The Darkest Night   Speed Black Thrash  
7-12 Mussorgski In Harmony with the Universe Morbid Madness Black Ind Amb 1995
7-13 Formaldehyde Cemetery Devourment   Death E.P.
7-13 The Lust Honest   Goth  
7-13 Sangre Maldita Suicidio Roel Dark Goth  
7-13 Soulers Broken Life   Drone Doom Stoner  
7-13 Watain Sworn to the Dark Black Hearts Black 2007
7-15 Divine Side !! System Failure!!   Thrash  
7-15 Intestinal Disgorge The Depths of Madness Meat 5000 Death Noise  
7-15 Natterfrost Blood & Vomit The Black Black 2004
7-15 Skullpture Reborn in Decay Narcoleptica Death  
7-15 Tuunbaq Graves of Ice Gates of the Silver Key Death Grind  
7-16 Depressiona Insonia: I   Black Ind  
7-16 Miea Chaos and Perfection Slovak Army Prog Stoner  
7-16 Obsidian Hooves Sovereignty   Death E.P.
7-17 Andracca A Sermon in the Universal Language of Suffering   Black E.P.
7-17 Arcanum Mortifer Eternal Worship   Black 2018
7-17 Ascendency Birth of an Eternal Empire Iron Bonehead Extreme E.P.
7-17 Battle Dagorath Abyss Horizons Axantgarde Black Amb  
7-17 Black Hate Altalith Dusktone Extreme  
7-17 Bonestorm The Emptiness of Life GR Death  
7-17 Dark Sarah Grim* Napalm Sym  
7-17 Deathnoisefrequency Horrid Dirge*   Melodic Doom  
7-17 Desecrate Kingdom Wormholedeath Melodic Death  
7-17 Destruction Born to Thrash Nuclear Blast Thrash Live
7-17 Dethlehem Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon   Epic Melodic Death  
7-17 Domination Black Judgement IV Pride & Joy Sym Poer Goth  
7-17 Embr 1823 New Heavy Stoner Doom  
7-17 Eremit Desert of Ghouls Transcending Obscurity Doom  
7-17 Evil Whiplash Ancient Magical Spells EPR Black Thrash  
7-17 Herxheim Incised Arrival I, Voidhanger Extreme  
7-17 Inhalement Eternally Stoned Horror Pain Gore Death Death E.P.
7-17 In Vertigo Sex, Love and Chaos* Rockshots Hard  
7-17 Jet Jaguar Endless Nights Pride & Joy Heavy Speed  
7-17 Kommand Terrorscape Maggot Stomp Death  
7-17 Lonely Robot* Feelings are Good Inside Out Prog  
7-17 Khtoniik Cerviiks Æequizoiikum Iron Bonehead Extreme  
7-17 LIK Avgrundpoetens Flamma   Black Metal/ Rock  
7-17 Luciferianometh Sivtas   Black  
7-17 Mean Streak Eye of the Storm El Puerto Power  
7-17 Moonlight Desires At The Movies* Infamous Butcher Hard  
7-17 Morto Subsistencia   Dep Black  
7-17 Mystras Castles Conquered and Reclaimed I, Voidhanger Black  
7-17 Nekus Death Nova upon the Barren Harvist   Extreme E.P.
7-17 Noctilium Inglorium   Black  
7-17 Numbered with the Transgressors Odious Memoirs of a Malignant Entity CHP Death  
7-17 Olli Kivelä Artur Rex    Melodic Death  
7-17 Primal Fear Metal Commando* Nuclear Blast Heavy Power  
7-17 Riket Ofärder Scarecrow Death E.P.
7-17 Rumahoy Time II: Party Napalm Folk  
7-17 Serene Dark Enantiodromia*   Sym Black  
7-17 Thyrant Katabasis Indie Melodic Groove  
7-17 Tooms The Orb Offers Massive Signals Cursed Monk Sludge  
7-17 U.D.O. We Are One AFM Heavy  
7-17 Väki Kuolleen maan omaksi Redefining Darkness Black  
7-17 Wilderun Veil of Imagination Century Media Melodic 2019
7-18 Abatuar Mortandad Dunkelheit Extreme  
7-18 Beyond Chaos Memories from Last December   Death  
7-19 Carrion Vael* God Killer Horrort Pain Gore Death Death  
7-20 Star Devourer Arrival Cult of Osiris Black Amb  
7-21 Fides Inversa Historia Nocturna WTC Black  
7-21 I Am Liquor 20(4)20   Stoner Doom Heavy E.P.
7-21 Ice War Defender, Destroyer Fighter Heavy Speed  
7-22 Benighted Soul Cluster B SP Sym  
7-22 Deadtrees Worldview Pest Atmo Black E.P.
7-22 Drop of Hearts Stargazers   Melodic  
7-22 Planeswalker The Forever Serpent*      
7-23 Rückwater Supernova Inverse Stoner  
7-24 Ahtme Mephitic Unique Leader Tech Death  
7-24 Ancient Rites Blasfemia Eternal Soulseller Exp 1996
7-24 Angband IV Pure Underground Power Prog  
7-24 Angel A Woman's Diary  Chapter II Massacre Sym  
7-24 Ayr The Dark   Black  
7-24 Bastard Priest .........Vengeance of the Damned   Death E.P.
7-24 Blazing Rust Line of Danger Pure Steel Heavy  
7-24 Buried Realm Embodiment of the Divine*   Melodic  
7-24 Cleansing Dark Current   Core E.P.
7-24 Cov3r   Inside Out Prog Supergroup
7-24 Defeated Sanity The Sanguinary Impetus* Willowtip Tech Death  
7-24 Denominate Isochron Inverse Prog Death  
7-24 Empress Premonition   Doom Sludge Post  
7-24 Frozen Crown Crowned in Frost Scarlet Power 2019
7-24 Frozen Crown The Fallen King Scarlet Power 2018
7-24 Gaerea Limbo* Season of Mist Black  
7-24 Gemotshagen Ode Naturae   Pagan Folk  
7-24 Gösta Berlings Saga Konkret Musik* Inside Out Exp  
7-24 In Mourning Monolith Agonia Melodic Doom 2010
7-24 Judicator Let There Be Nothing Prosthetic Power  
7-24 Keys of Orthanc Unfinished Conquest Naturmacht Atmo Black  
7-24 Let Us Prey Vitues of the Vicious M-Theory Core  
7-24 Morse/ Portnoy/ George* Cover to Cover Inside Out Prog Rock 3 Discs
7-24 Night In Gales Dawnlight Garden Apostasy Melodic Death  
7-24 Osyron Foundations*   Prog Metal  
7-24 Rise Above Dead Ulro Shove Post Doom  
7-24 Satanica Ressurection of the Devil's Spirit Iron Shield Power Speed  
7-24 Spirit Possession S/T Profound Lore Black  
7-24 Stonebirds Collapse and Fail Ripple Stoner Doom  
7-24 Temple of Dread World Sacrifice Testimony Death  
7-24 Valkyrie Fear Relapse Heavy Doom  
7-24 Volturyon Xenogenesis Vicisolum Death  
7-25 Black Communion Miasmic Monstrosity Dunkelheit Extreme  
7-25 Dagor Bragollach Cosmogony of Yggdrasil AAP Melodic  
7-25 Dimensions Black Portal   Black  
7-25 Dos Brujos Views on Change and Flow   Sludge Doom  
7-25 Forest Whispers Zamiec   Black  
7-25 Hexivoid The Beckoning of Celestial  Tendrils Morning Star Black  
7-25 Maquahuitl At the Altar of Mictlampa   Black  
7-25 Revel in Flesh Emissary of all Plagues Cyclone Death 2006
7-27 Cardiac Arrest The Day That Death Prevailed Memento Mori Death  
7-27 Draghkar At the Crossroads of Infinity Unspeakable Axe Death  
7-27 Soulrot Victims of Spiritual Warfare Memento Mori Death  
7-27 Valgrind Condemnation Memento Mori Death  
7-27 Woorms Twitching, as they Prey Sludgelord Sludge  
7-28 Horde Casket Melted Together PER Death  
7-29 Death Vomit Dominion over Creation Demented Mind Death  
7-29 Steve Blower The Prophecy IX Heavy  
7-29 Timoratus My life in a Mediocre Metal Band   Extreme Various  
7-29 Unlucky Morpheus Unfinished   Power  
7-30 Buckethead Unexpected Journey Buckethead Various  
7-31 Alcatrazz Born Innocent Silver Lining Heavy Melodic  
7-31 Church of the Dead S/T   Death  
7-31 Cystic Incineration Rites   Death Thrash E.P.
7-31 Disavowed Revocation of the Fallen Brutal Mind Death  
7-31 Draconis Anthems for and Eternal Battle Brutal  Death  
7-31 Dun Ringill Liberty of Death Argonauta Doom Folk  
7-31 High Spirits Hard to Stop High Roller Hard Rock Heavy  
7-31 Imperial Triumphant Alphaville* Century Media Exp  
7-31 Insight Neura Austrailis Heavy Speed  
7-31 Kamerata  Zuid Let the Light in     Anneke
7-31 Katalepsy Terra Mortuus* Unique Leader Tech Death  
7-31 Lionheart Thine is the Kingdom* Metalville Hard Rock  
7-31 Reverorum ib Malacht Vad ar Inte sju   Black Amb  
7-31 Winter Nights S/T*   Melodic Extreme  

August 2020 

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
8-1 Barbarity The Zymosis Coyote Death Grind  
8-1 Disconnect Towards Peace   Ind Doom  
8-1 Mortum Atlantean Ouroboros   Black  
8-2 Pick Axe Preacher  Extinction Theory     Thrash
8-3 Infernal Ascension Rebirth   Thrash 2018
8-3 Mirai Makkura NK Black E.P.
8-3 Sadness Atna Avantgarde Prog Post E.P.
8-3 Tezza F. The Guardian Rises II   Prog Power E.P.
8-6 Gutrectomy Slaughter of the Innocence Rising Nemisis Slam Deathcore  
8-6 Hecate In Nomine Artem Blackium   Black  
8-6 Megascavenger Sons in the Key of Madness Xtreem Death  
8-6 Natura Aeternum Will-o'-the Wisp   Amb  
8-6 Von Branden Scherben Greyfall Exp 2007
8-7 Astriferous The Lowe Level of  Senience   Death E.P.
8-7 Avatar  Hunter Gatherer eOne Metal  
8-7 Batushka Raskol Witching Hour Black E.P.
8-7 Black Crown Initiate Violent Portraits* Century Media Melodic  
8-7 Burn Ritual The Void   Stoner Doom  
8-7 Concrete Free us from Existence Blood Blast    
8-7  Deep Purple Whoosh! earMUSIC Rock  
8-7 Faceless Burial Speciation Dark Descent Extreme  
8-7 Harakiri for the Sky Arson Spera Post Black 2018
8-7 In Hearts Wake Kaliyuga UNFD    
8-7 Entartung Maleficae Artes Dunkelheit Black  
8-7 Messiah Fatal Grotesque Symbols High Roller Death Thrash E.P.
8-7 Misery Signls Ultraviolet      
8-7 Obsecration Onward the Mystic Paths of the Dead Witching Hour Death  
8-7 Onslaught Generation Antichrist* AFM Thrash  
8-7 Orbit Culture Nija Seek & Strike Death Groove  
8-7 Perverse Rites Witchslutaunt Evil Damnatio Black Tharsh E.P.
8-7 Ravened From the Depths Jono    
8-7 Scars Predatory Brutal Thrash  
8-7 Selbst Relatos de angustia Debemur Morti Black  
8-7 Selenseas The Outer Limits* Rockshots Heavy  
8-7 Steve Von Till No Wilderness Deep Enough Neurot Acoustic Folk  
8-7 Texas Murder Crew Everyone's Last Breath Comatose Death  
8-7 Temple Nightside Pillars of Damnation Iron Bonehead Extreme  
8-7 Vassafor To The Death Iron Bonehead Extreme  
8-7 Wor Prisoners* Bungalo Groove  
8-8 Sibireal Blood Cover Sky Grimm Black  
8-10 Seer of the Void Revenant Made of Stone Doom  
8-10 Totally Lost Cause Original Sin Heaven and Hell Heavy Hard 1991
8-10 Totally Lost Cause Serious Trouble Heaven and Hell Heavy Hard 1993
8-11 Arrogant Destruktor No Fucking Mercy VWP Black  
8-11 Borderline S/T   Dep Black E.P.
8-12 Alone in the Mist In Chains of Torment More Hate Atmo Doom  
8-12 SlugWeed Stages   Sludge Stoner Doom E.P.
8-12 Within Destruction Yokai   Daethcore  
8-13 Anonymus Chapter Chaos Begins   Thrash 2006
8-13 Ash Slater UnManifest   Prog Metal  
8-13 Desolate Dreams Coalescence   Prog Metal  
8-13 The Devil's Swamp Swamp Beast Careless Stoner Doom 2018
8-13 Lyonen This Is Lyonen*   Heavy Speed  
8-13 Mesarthim Planet Nine   Atmo Black Trance E.P.
8-14 Acerus The Tetiary Rite LIP Heavy  
8-14 Black Satellite Void      
8-14 Chastain For Those Who Dare Divebomb Heavy Power 1990
8-14 DeathCave Smoking Mountain SRR Doom Sludge  
8-14 Decoherence Unitarity SRL Black  
8-14 The Devil's Swamp Swamp Beast Careless Stoner Doom 2018
8-14 Expendiency Disobedience RNR Death  
8-14 Fange Poigne   Sludge E.P.
8-14 Genophobic Perversion Rabid Purification   Goregrind E.P.
8-14 Haunt Flashback Church Heavy  
8-14 Ingested Where Only Gods my Tread* Unique Leader Slam Deathcore  
8-14 Kamelot I Am the Empire: Line from 013* Napalm Prog Melodic Live
8-14 Mosh Pit Justice The Fifth of Doom Iron Shield Thrash Power  
8-14 Nug Aler Ego Willowtip Prog Post  
8-14 Ov Shadows I djavulens avbild Black Market Black  
8-14 Paganizer Bullets Reign   Death E.P.
8-14 Primitive Man Immersion * Relapse Sludge Doom Noise  
8-14 Terra Atlantica Age of Stream Pride & Joy Power  
8-14 Ton Ashes Where they Stood Ungodly Ruins Death  
8-14 Virus Evilution Apocalypse Combat Thrash  
8-14 Visceral Violation Carnival Cannibal Horror Pain Gore Death Death  
8-14 Votox  I.X.X.I. CDN Death  
8-14 Warkings Revenge* Napalm Power  
8-15 666 666 Nuclear War Now Black Heavy  
8-15 Angel Dust Into the Dark Past HRR Speed Thrash 1986
8-15 Angel Dust To Dust you will Decay HRR Speed Thrash 1988
8-15 Angel Dust Demo HRR Speed Thrash 1985
8-15 Apostasy The Unknown Path   Black Thrash E.P.
8-15 Blasphemous Putrefaction Prelude to Perversion Dunkelheit Death  
8-15 Chanid In Hoc Signo Vinces Black Vault Black E.P.
8-15 Chrome Ghost Married. Buried.    Post Doom E.P.
8-15 Denis Shvarts Resurgent   Prog Tech Death  
8-15 Great Cold Emptiness Death Gifted Bouquet   Atmo Fun Doom  
8-15 Horde Casket Melted Together Sevared Death  
8-15 Lost in the Shadows Post Mortem Old Records Black  
8-15 Pagan Rites Absurd End to the World Iron Blood and Death Black Thrash  
8-15 Siege Column Darkside Legions Nuclear War Now Death  
8-15 Suicide Emotions A New Dawn Pest Dep Black  
8-15 Traumatic Noise Abyss of the Masses Putrid Tomb Death  
8-16 Necrofucker Vomit of Sepulchers, Vomit of Ancestors   Death 2019
8-16 Pharmacist Medical Renditions of Grinding Discompsition BLP Deathgrind  
8-17 Crust ...and a Dirge Becomes an Anthem Great Dane Doom Death Sludge  
8-18 Arsonists of Lucifer Prophecy of Hate VWP Black  
8-18 Bella Dosis T.E.P. Self Mutilation Dep Black  
8-18 Deimler Zero One   Death E.P.
8-18 Midgard Tales of Kreia Sliptick Viking Folk  
8-18 Saturn's Husk The Conduit   Sludge Doom  
8-18 Silver Knife Unyielding / Unseeing Armor Fati Post Black  
8-18 Suicidal Years H.O.P.E. Self Mutilation Dep Black E.P.
8-19 Arida Vortex Riders of Steel Spiritual Beast Power  
8-19 Crimson Wind Beyond the Gates Underground Symphony Sym Power  
8-19 Glemsel Unavngivet Vendetta Black E.P.
8-19 Grand Finale Quantum Moment Repentless Sym Power  
8-19 Insalubrity Salacious Putrescent Psycopathy New Standard Elite Death  
8-19 Purnama Lioness Slovak Metal Army Death 2017
8-19 Putrescent Seepage Dead and Demented New Standard Elite Death  
8-19 Strangulation Display of Escalated Perversion New Standard Elite Death  
8-20 Burnt Offering   Casus Belli Black  
8-20 Goat Tyrant Into the Greater Chasm Fallen Temple Black, Thrash, Death  
8-21 Ages Uncrown Black Lodge Melodic Black  
8-21 Ars Magna Umbrae Apotheosis I Void Hanger Dep Black  
8-21 Assignment Reflections Massacre Prog Power  
8-21 Cattle Decapitation Vinyl Re- Issues Metal Blade Death Vinyl Re- Issues
8-21 Cytotoxin Nuklearth Unique Leader Tech Death  
8-21 Expander Neuropunk Boostergang Profound Lore Crossover  
8-21 Flame Ignis Spiritus   Black Thrash  
8-21 Homicide Left for Dead*   Thrash  
8-21 Humanvoid Absurd End of the World Noble Demon Prog Sym  
8-21 Mad Max Stromchild Rising* Steamhammer Heavy Hard  
8-21 Incantation Vile Divinities* Relapse Death Thrash  
8-21 Jesus Wept Apartheid Redux Life after Death Deathcore  
8-21 Master Charger Origin of Lugubrious Stoned Rocka Soom  
8-21 Mercyless The Mother of all Plagues XenoKorp Death Thrash  
8-21 Precambrian Tectonics Primitive Reaction Black  
8-21 Pyramid Theorem Beyond the Exosphere   Prog Metal  
8-21 Railhazer Where Sky and Mountain Speak   Stoner  
8-21 Reasons Behind Project M.I.S.T. Scarlet Sym Power  
8-21 Repulsive Vision Necrovictology   Death  
8-21 Shezmu A travers les lambeaux   Death  
8-21 The Tangent Auto Reconnaissnce* Inside Out Prog Rock  
8-21 Stoned Jesus First Communion Napalm Doom Stoner 2010
8-21 Toxik Death Sepulchral Demons High Roller Black Thrash  
8-21 Unholy Vampyric Slaughter The World Trapped in Vampyric Sway   Black  
8-21 Unleash the Archers Abyss Napalm Melodic Power  
8-21 Veonity Sorrows Scarlet Power  
8-21 Verikyyneleet Ilman I Voidhanger Black  
8-21 Vicious Rumors Celebration Decay* Steamhammer Heavy Power Groove  
8-21 Vision Divine 9 Degress West of the Moon Scarlet Melodic Prog 2006
8-21 Voracious Scourge In Death* Massacre Death  
8-21 Winterhearth Riverbed Empire Still Heavy Black Thrash  
8-21 Buckethead Division is the Devil's Playground Bucketheadland Prog Pike 277
8-24 Devotion A Sight of the Essence   Black  
8-24 Eskapism Reminiscence   Atmo Black E.P.
8-24 Exortta Last Called... Vision of God Sym Black Doom  
8-24 Garth Arum The Fireflowers Tale Darkness Within Sym Death  
8-24 Hourwill Afterhours   Prog E.P.
8-24 Thirsty Demon Unconscious Suicide   Thrash Death  
8-25 Buckethead Skeleton Keys Bucketheadland Prog Pike 279
8-25 Ritual of Flesh S/T   DeathGrind  
8-25 Sanctum of Solitude Devious Depths of Witchcraft   Black E.P.
8-25 Seacularia Gate of Human Balance Hammer of Damnation Black  
8-25 Ulven Death Rites Upon A Winged Crusade Morbid Chapel Black E.P.
8-26 Mary's Blood Re> Animator TJC Power  
8-26 Serum 114 Kopfuebe Ins Nichts* SPV    
8-26 Tokyo Blade Dark Revolution Rubicon NWOBHM  
8-27 Human Serpent The Gradual Immersion of Nihlism The Scars of Millions Black 2014
8-27 Cavern Powdered   Prog Sludge Thrash  
8-27 Cultis Profano Accursed Possession Debemur Morti Black  
8-27 Dreams of Avalon Beyond the Dream Metalville    
8-27 From The Depth Moments* Rockshots Melodic Prog  
8-27 Necrot Mortal Tank Crimes Death  
8-27 Ovnev Transpiration Naturmacht Atmo Black  
8-27 Panzerfaust The Son of Perdition Chapter: 2 Eisenwald Black  
8-27 Revenge Triumph, Genocide . Antichrist Osmose Extreme 2003
8-27 Sigh Scorn Defeat Peaceville Exp 1993
8-28 Begrafven Dodsriket   Black  
8-28 Diamond Rexx Psychward Pavement Heavy  
8-28 Entropy Force Convergence*   Thrash  
8-28 Human Impurity Bingkai Sejarah BLW Death  
8-28 Manticora To Live to Kiill to Live Vicisolum Prog Power  
8-28 Nuclear Warfare Lobotomy MDD Thrash  
8-28 Ominous Scriptures The Fall of the Celestial Throne Willowtip Death  
8-28 Pig Destroyer The Octagonal Stairway Relapse Grind E.P.
8-28 Poema Arcanvs   Transcending Obscurity Doom Death  
8-28 The Projectionist Under the Cruel Glow of Terror Moribund Black  
8-28 Silius Worship to Extiction Rock of Angels Thrash Groove  
8-28 Soulcaster Maelstrom of Death Dying Victims Heavy E.P.
8-28 Spirit of Rebellion Time for Global Refusal PRC Extreme  
8-28 Svederna Härd Carnal Black  
8-28 SVNTH Springin the Blue Transcending Post  
8-28 Ulver Flowers of Evil* House of Mythology Exp  
8-28 Unhuman Disease Dalla  Moribund Black 2012
8-28 Válvera Cycle of Disaster Brutal  Thrash Heavy  
8-28 Vanishing Point Dead Elysium AFM Melodic Prog  
8-28 Venomous Concept Politics Versus the Erection Season of Mist Hardcore  
8-29 Necrofaith Sermon I: True Satanic Black Art   Black  
8-30 Prosanctus Inferi Hypnotic Blood Art Nuclear War Now Extreme  


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
9-1 Fatal Castration Diversed Paradigm of Lunacy   Death  
9-1 Magnanimus Impure Ways Beyond Shadows Old Temple Death  
9-1 Pagan Impaler Salem Life after Death Black Thrash E.P.
9-1 Samael Passage   Exp 1996
9-1 Throneum Organic Death Old Temple Extreme 2016
9-1 Victims of Internal Decay S/T   Death 1993
9-2 Architectral Genocide Cordyceptic Anthropomorph Comatose Death  
9-4 Airforce Strike Hard Pitch Black Heavy  
9-4 Antares Portal Violent Nebula Amb Black E.P.
9-4 Black Sun Silent Enemy Rockshots Power E.P.
9-4 Czar Gore en Regalia   Prog Metal  
9-4 Boris The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 3 Fangs Anal Satan Various 2006
9-4 Cannibal Accident Shotgun Selfie   Death Grind E.P.
9-4 Cult of Lilith Mara* Metal Blade Death  
9-4 Dead Lord Surrender Century Media    
9-4 Deathvoid Terrace   Black  
9-4 Demon Goat Messenger of Doom   Black Doom E.P.
9-4 Desolator Sermon of Apathy Black Lion Death  
9-4 Desource Ambition*   Rockshots E.P.
9-4 Eshtadur From the Abyss   Melodic Death  
9-4 Eskimo Callboy MMXX Century Media    
9-4 Foretoken Ruin Prosthetic Sym Melodic Death  
9-4 The Glorious Dead Into Lifeless Shrines   Death  
9-4 Had S/T Dark Descent Death E.P.
9-4 Haunt Triumph   Heavy  
9-4 Hell in the Club Hell of Fame Frontiers Heavy Hard  
9-4 Idolatria Tetrabestiarchy Signal Rex Black  
9-4 Meslataea Geketend in de schaduw van het leven   Black  
9-4 No Point In Living Heartbeat   Dep Black  
9-4 Noumena Anima Haunted Zoo Melodic Death  
9-4 Oceans of Slumber S/T* Century Media Melodic Doom  
9-4 Old Nick The Night of the Ambush   Black Dungeon Synth  
9-4 Odoacer There the Vultures will  Gather Church Road Atmo Depr  
9-4 Perfect Plan Time for a Miracle* Frontiers    
9-4 The Pineapple Thief Versions of the Truth* Kscope New Prog  
9-4 Rising Steel Fight Them All Frontiers Power  
9-4 Serum 114 Im Zeichen der Zeit* Napalm    
9-4 South of No North Phagocity   Groove  
9-4 Stryper Even the Devil Believes* Frontiers Heavy  
9-4 Ultha Floors of Heaven Vendetta Black E.P.
9-4 Sumokem Prajnaparadha Handshake Stoner Doom  
9-4 The Sunrise Brand New Disorder* WormHoleDeath    
9-4 Wings of Destiney Ballads* WormHoleDeath Power  
9-4 Zenobia VI   Heavy Power  
9-7 Revolting Dreadful Pleasures Careless Death  
9-8 Abysmal Growls of Despair Eternity Lies Blackened   Fun Doom Drone  
9-8 Blood Stronghold Spectresof Bloodshed   Black  
9-8 Frozen Ocean The Moon of Subterranea   Atmo amb electronic Drone  
9-8 Raventale Planetatium II Ashen Dominion Black Doom  
9-8 Slund Slund 'Em All   Sludge Grind  
9-9 Korgull the Exterminator Sharpen your Spikes Xtreem Thrash Black  
9-9 Lebensnacht Nature Hymns Part 1:Winter   Black Amb  
9-10 Anarkhon Phantasmagorical Personifacation   Death  
9-10 Buckethead Once Upon a Distant Plane* Bucketheadland Prog Pike 283
9-10 Killer Shock Waves Classic Speed Heavy 1984
9-10 Leviathan Formorkelse NCR Black  
9-10 Reign of Erebus De Morte Aeterna UKEM Black  
9-10 Sale Freux Le Dernier corbeau   Black  
9-10 Van Camp Too Wild To Tame Classic Heavy 1988
9-11 Aborted Fetus Pyramids of Damnation Comatose Death  
9-11 Æther Realm Tarot Napalm Melodic Folk 2017
9-11 Angelmaker S/T   Deathcore  
9-11 Agonizer Halo II Haive Melodic Heavy E.P.
9-11 Apollyon Built For Sin   Speed Black Thrash  
9-11 Asenheim Der Geist des Waldes   Pagan Black  
9-11 Calarock Surrender of Die   Folk  
9-11 Canedy Warrior Sleaszy Rider Heavy Hard  
9-11 Cenotafio Larvae Blood Harvest Extreme  
9-11 Crown of Glory Ad Infinitum Fastball Melodic Heavy  
9-11 Dark Rites The Dark Hymns Brutal Melodic Death  
9-11 Darkened Kingdom of Decay Edged Circle Death  
9-11 The Death Wheelers Divine Filth Riding Easy Stoner  
9-11 Demolizer Thrashmageddon Mighty Thrash  
9-11 Dephosphorus Sublimation SelfMadeGod Extreme  
9-11 Dispersion Ore   Post Black E.P.
9-11 Epica The Quantum Enigma Nuclear Blast Symphonic B Sides
9-11 Ihsahn Pharos Candleight Melodic E.P.
9-11 Isiulusions I  -  Follow the Flow MDD Black  
9-11 Jupiterian Protosapien Transcending Obscurity Sludge Death Doom  
9-11 Kopfwerk Tri   Exp Shred E.P.
9-11 Kunstzone Exit Babylon   Ind Death  
9-11 Lifvsleda Det besegrade Shadow Black  
9-11 Mad Sin Unbreakable Century Media    
9-11 Messiah Fracmont High Roller Death Thrash  
9-11 Mortis Mutilati The Fate of Flight 800   Black  
9-11 Neuromoral Dissonance My Wisdom My Grief Amputated Vein Death  
9-11 Night High Tides The Sign Hard Heavy  
9-11 Ordinance In Purge There is no Remission Sinister Flame Black  
9-11 Pale Hands of Cold Sisyphean Despondency   Black Amb  
9-11 Pagan Rites Survival of the Antichrist Nation Take this Torch Black Thrash  
9-11 Proselytism Blood of the Deceivers   Black Thrash  
9-11 Theotoxin Fragment   Extreme  
9-11 The Progressive Soul Collective Sonic Birth* Metalville Prog All Star Line Up
9-11 Regardless of Me  Black Flowers Blossom Boersma Melodic Goth  
9-11 Saor Aura Season of Mist Atmo Folk 2014
9-11 Skeletal Remains The Entombment* Century Media Death  
9-11 Slit Your Gods Dogmatic Conviction of Human Decrepitude Comatose Death E.P.
9-11 Soulwound The Suffering Inverse Thrash  
9-11 Spectrum of Delusion Neoconception Artisan Era Tech Death  
9-11 Svaskalver     Folk Russia
9-11 Tomorrow's Rain Hollow Art of Propaganda Death Goth  
9-11 Tano Romano Librarse y exisitr   Heavy  
9-11 Vahalla Bound Force of Violence   Black Noise  
9-11 Void Rot Descending Pillars Everlasting Spew Death Doom  
9-11 Voluptas Towards the Great White Nothing Metal Gate EXP  
9-11 Winter's Verge The Ballad of James Tig Pride & Joy Power  
9-13 Human Barbecue Bloodstained Altars   Slam Death  
9-14 Chaostar S/T Circle Exp 2000
9-14 Haunt Flashback   Heavy  
9-14 Höwler No More Circus!   Heavy Thrash  
9-14 Novarium Stain of a Soul   Melodic Sym Goth E.P.
9-15 Hilotz Aske   Thrash  
9-15 Intellect Devourer Demons of the Skull Caligari Tech Death  
9-15 Metal Destroyer Doctrinas & Rituals Careless Thrash 2015
9-15 Novae Militiae Topheth Goathorned Black  
9-18 Ancst Summits of Despondency Lifeforce Black Crust Drone  
9-18 Ande Het gebeente   Atmo Black  
9-18 AraPacis Deja Hard   Prog Doom E.P.
9-18 Carnation Where Death Lies Season of Mist Death  
9-18 China White Run For Cover Skol NWOBHM 1984
9-18 Derek Sherinian The Phoenix* Inside Out Prog  
9-18 The Devil's Heir Rex Mortuus   Thrash  
9-18 Dynfari Mykurs Code 666 Atmo Black  
9-18 Evil Revenge of Iron and Thunder Out of the Dungeon Black 1998
9-18 Evoke Seeds of Death Pulverized Black Thrash  
9-18 Fight the Fight Deliverence Metal Blade    
9-18 Fires in the Distance Echoes From Deep November Prosthetic Melodic Doom Death  
9-18 Finntroll Vredesvävd* Century Media Folk  
9-18 Heathen Empire of the Blind Nuclear Blast Tech Speed Thrash  
9-18 Hiidenhauta Rivin Inverse Melodic Black  
9-18 Hostia Carnivore Carnival   Death Grind  
9-18 The Infernal Sea Negotium Crucis AWR Black  
9-18 Krosis Mount of Sacrifice Unique Leader Prog Deathcore  
9-18 The Last Reign Evolution   Melodic Thrash  
9-18 Lost in Emptiness Regrets and Sorrow   Dep Black E.P.
9-18 Maahes Reincarnation MDD Black  
9-18 Maul Deity Demise Redifining Darkness Death E.P.
9-18 Maze of Terror Ready to Kill PRC Thrash 2016
9-18 Memories of Old The Zeramin Game Limb Sym Power  
9-18 Morokh Serpent's Nest   Sludgecore E.P.
9-18 Naisian Metal   Atmo Sludge  
9-18 Napalm Death Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism* Century Media Grind Death  
9-18 Nero Argento Circles* Rockshots    
9-18 Now or Never III Mighty Heavy  
9-18 Offset Bent Benevolence Horror Pain Gore Death Death Crust E.P.
9-18 Pathetic The Pestilence Born of  Unclean Acts   Death E.P.
9-18 Perversor Psicomoro   Black Thrash  
9-18 Plague Years Circle of Darkness eOne Thrash Death  
9-18 The Psychdox 1010   Ind Goth Doom  
9-18 Ragehammer Into Certain Death Pagan Black Thrash  
9-18 Raven Metal City* Steamhammer NWOBHM  
9-18 Raven Throne Viartannie   Atmo Black  
9-18 Rupskallex Resistance   Melodic Death  
9-18 Sadistic Embodiment Blood Spell* CDN Death  
9-18 Sagarah Mnr ero cha RUMPF Death Doom  
9-18 Sår Exsitential Crisis   Dep Black E.P.
9-18 Sinsid Enter the Gates Pitch Black Heavy  
9-18 Steel Hammer Rise of the Dragon   Heavy  
9-18 Sunken Livslede Vendetta Atmo Black  
9-18 Towards III   Fun Doom  
9-18 Varden Dark and Desolate March   Black  
9-18 Varg Zeichen* Napalm Melodic  
9-18 Wail Civilization Maximus WormHoleDeath Heavy Hard  
9-18 The White Swan Nocturnal Transmission   Sludge Doom E.P.
9-18 Whore of Bethlehem Upon Judas' Throne Redefining Brutality Extreme 2014
9-20 Defecto Duality Black Lodge Prog  
9-21 Bongtower Last Summer Days   Stoner Doom  
9-21 Forest of the Renounced Autumn Disorder   Dep Black  
9-21 Nattesorg Living By Faith APP Black  
9-22 13th Temple Sol Mortuus   Black Doom  
9-22 Pyreficativm Erotognosticism   Black  
9-23 Loudness Soldier of Fortune Warner Heavy 1989
9-25 Ayreon Transitus* Music Theories Prog   
9-25 Chrome Waves Where We Live Disorder Post Black  
9-25 Kataklysm Unconquered  Nuclear Blast Death Thrash  
9-25 Lik Misanthropic Breed Metal Blade    
9-25 Alpha Wolf A Quiet Place to Die* Sharptone Hardcore  
9-25 Daven Someone Behind the Door   Sym Black E.P.
9-25 Def Tones Ohms* Warner Heavy Rock  
9-25 Drugoth Militaristic Division of Chaos   Black Crust E.P.
9-25 Elmsfire Wings of Reckoning Jet Melodic Heavy  
9-25 Grotesque Ceremonium Sanctum Neckbreaker Death  
9-25 Hecate Enthroned Virulent Rapture M-Theory Extreme 2013
9-25 H2Ocean The Horned Goddess* WormHoleDeath    
9-25 Illuminated Minerva Enigma Adamatine   Prog  
9-25 Infesticide Envenoming Wounds Blood Harvest Death  
9-25 Kat The Last Convoy Pure Steel Thrash  
9-25 Mindwars The Fourth Turning Dissonance Thrash  
9-25 Nasty Menace Century Media    
9-25 The Ocean Phanerozoic II Metal Blade Progcore  
9-25 REALIZE Machine Violence Relapse Ind  
9-25 The Reticent The Oubliette* Heaven& Hell Prog  
9-25 Scream3Days Rhesus Negative* WormHoleDeath    
9-25 Shotgun Rodeo Double Barrel Vengeance Mighty Heavy Groove  
9-25 Skyborne Reveries Utterly Away NP Atmo Post Black  
9-25 Torch Reignited* Metalville Heavy  
9-25 Transcendence Towards Obscurities Beyond Blood Harvest Death Thrash  
9-25 Uada Djinn* Eisenwald Melodic Black  
9-25 Under the Oak Ripped up by the Roots* WormHoleDeath    
9-26 Coffins Buried Death Fallen Angels Doom Death 2008
9-26 Dogbane Neptune's Ballroom Heaven and Hell Heavy Doom E.P.
9-26 Hateful Set Forever on Me Transcending Obscurity Tech Death  
9-26 IA Initiation   Prog  
9-26 Timeless Necrotears The Last Days of Planet Jurzikum   Black Doom  
9-26 Merged in Abyss I Am the Universe   Extreme E.P.
9-27 Mysthicon Silva- Oculis - Corvi Witching Hour Extreme  
9-28 Nemesis Warrior Queen Burn Doom E.P.
9-28 Sammas' Equinox Tulikhrat Signal Rex Black  
9-28 Second to Sun Leviathan   Post Black Groove  
9-29 Into Oblivion Winds of Serpentine Hessian Firms Extreme E.P.
9-30 Carrasco Armageddon CD Speed Thrash 2011
9-30 Drahg S/T CD Crust  
9-30 Harpago Paraiso Perdido CD Heavy Speed  
9-30 Häxenzijrkell Die Nachtseite   Black  
9-30 Horde of Hel Doden nalkas Blooddawn Black  
9-30 Kropos Worldly Depraved Miasma Death E.P.
9-30 Movarbru Sob o Dominio CD Black  
9-30 MSW Obliviosus Gilead Doom  
9-30 Night League S/T Skullcrack Heavy  
9-30 Orion Mysterivm Iron Blood and Death Thrash Death  
9-30 Rerthro The Bird's Song Cold Woods Extreme  
9-30 Sceptic Unbeliever's Script Szataniec Tech Death 2003
9-30 Serpent Colomn Kathodos Mystiskaos Avant Black  
9-30 Slugathor Circle of Death Drakkar Death 2005
9-30 Stormtroopers Pagsulong   Extreme E.P.
9-30 Temple of Decay Last Manifestation of Life Wolfmond Extreme  
9-30 Those Who Bring with Torture Dark Chapters   Death  
9-30 Vaginal Anomalies Violent Devotion   Death Grind  
9-30 Vardan Dark and Desolated March   Black  
9-30 Until My Funerals Began Traitor GS Fun Doom  
9-30 Dead Sun Waterlands CD Death  


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
10-1 Ixion L'adieu aux etoiles   Atmo Doom  
10-1 Protokult Transcending the Ruins*   Folk  
10-1 Rezn Chaotic Divine   Psych Doom  
10-1 Zarabanda Moon Unseen Forest  Patriot   Black  
10-2 Amaranthe Manifest* Sym Nuclear Blast  
10-2 Amiensus Abreaction* Transcending Prog Black  
10-2 Anaal Nathrakh Endarkenment* Metal Blade Sountrack to Hell  
10-2 Arroganz Morsus Supreme Chaos Extreme  
10-2 Bliss of Flesh Tyrant Listenable Extreme  
10-2 Brave the Cold Scarcity Mission Two   Mitch Harris Dirk Verbeuren
10-2 Concrete Age Spirituality   Thrash Power Melodic Death  
10-2 Corey Taylor CMFT Roadrunner Hard Rock  
10-2 Derelesimo Occulere Inexorable Revelacion   Black  
10-2 Enslaved Utgard* Nuclear Blast Prog Viking Melodic  
10-2 Iron Angel Emerald Eyes Mighty Power Speed Thrash  
10-2 Isengard Varjevndogn Peaceville Folk  
10-2 King Mothership The Ritual Century Media    
10-2 Lamp of Murmuur Heir of  Ecliptical Romanticism   Black  
10-2 King Mothership The Ritual eOne    
10-2 Nachtblut Vanitas* Napalm Goth  
10-2 Nightmare Aeternam AFM Heavy Power  
10-2 OHM Rune Gargantuas* Death Mountain Doom  
10-2 Sarcoptes Plague Hymn Transcending Obscurity Black E.P.
10-2 Six Feet Under Nightmares of the Decomposed* Metal Blade Death Gore Thrash  
10-2 Skyless Aeons Drain the Sun*   Melodic  
10-2 Tallah Matriphagy Earache    
10-2 Trident North Non Serviam Extreme  
10-4 Buckethead The Sea Remembers it's Own Bucketheadland Prog Pike 281
10-4 Buckethead Toys R Us Tantrums Bucketheadland Prog Pike 282
10-5 Helion Prime Question Everything*   Power  
10-6 Blood of Angels Failure of Faith* Sliptrick Melodic Death  
10-7 The Outliers Dissipating Eternity Wormholedeath    
10-8 Necrolord The Twilighted Minds   Death E.P.
10-9 Arkheron Thodol Rituals of the Sovereign Heart   Atmo Black  
10-9 Baume Auot approche   Post Black  
10-9 Death Angel Under Pressure* Nuclear Blast Thrash E.P.
10-9 Disrupted Pure Death De nihil Death  
10-9 DGM Tragic Seperation* Frontiers Prog Power  
10-9 Dysylumn Cosmogonie Signal Rex Prog Extreme  
10-9 Every Hour Kills Re:Awaken* Perfect Filth Melodic  
10-9 Eye of the Destroyer The Wolf you Feed*   Deathcore E.P.
10-9 Fortress Under Siege Atlantis Rock of Angels Prog Metal  
10-9 Furnace Dark Vistas Soulseller Death  
10-9 Gianluce Ferro Cosmic Dead Ringer SG Prog  
10-9 Hellripper The Affair of the Poisons Peaceville Black Speed  
10-9 Hexer Realm of the Feathered Serpent TCCR Doom Sludge  
10-9 In Cauda Venenum G.O.H.E LADIOP Post Black  
10-9 Incinerate Sacrilegivm Comatose Death Gore  
10-9 Invernoir The Void and the Unbearable Loss   Goth Doom  
10-9 Inferi Of Sunless Realms The Artisan Era Melodic Tech Death E.P.
10-9 Ion of Chois reHUManize Revalve Prog  
10-9 Johansson & Speckmann The Germs of Circumstance Soulseller Death  
10-9 King Parrot Holed Up in the Lair Agonia Thrash Grind E.P.
10-9 Kira Peccatum et Blasphemia Ossuary Extreme  
10-9 Luke Fortini T o Speach* Lion Prog  
10-9 Mexican Ape Lord Survival Cannibalism Unable Melodic Heavy Thrash  
10-9 Odium Humani Generis Przeedzien   Black  
10-9 Primal Scream NYC Volume 1 Divebomb Thrash 1987
10-9 Necrophobic Dawn of the Damned* Century Media Extreme  
10-9 Purification Perfect Doctrine   Doom  
10-9 Radiant Knife The Ghost   Prog Sludge E.P.
10-9 Reason The Divine Rest Nail Melodic Death Doom  
10-9 Reign of Erebus De Morte Aeterna Infernum Black  
10-9 Repuked Dawn of Reintoxication Soulseller Death  
10-9 R.I.P. Dead End Riding Easy Doom  
10-9 Rise To The Sky Death Will Not Keep Us Apart GS Atmo Doom  
10-9 Salam's Childe The Sin that Saves You*      
10-9 Sanctuary Into the Mirror Black Century Media Heavy Power Prog 1990 2 CD set
10-9 Sinner's Blood The Mirror Star Frontiers Melodic  
10-9 Sühnopfer Hic Regnant Debemur Meloodic Black  
10-9 Teramaze I Wonder   Prog Metal Rock  
10-9 Trail of Blood Closer to God Kernkraftritter Melodic Thrash  
10-9 Troops of Doom The Rise of Heresy* Blood Blast   Jairo Guedz
10-9 Uncle Slam Say Uncle Divebomb Crossover 1988
10-9 The Unguided Father Shadow* Napalm Melodic Groove  
10-9 Wreck-Defy Powers That Be Punishment 18 Thrash  
10-9 Yatra All is Lost   Stoner Doom  
10-10 Drengskapur Was der Morast    Black  
10-10 Iron Attack! Perfume of Sile   Prog Power  
10-10 Nahemoth Aht Cold Breath and Silence Black  
10-10 Sil Khannaz Intravena tantrika   Melodic Thrash  
10-11 Vessel of Light Thy Serpent Rise Nomad Eel Doom  
10-13 Alleyway After Dark Sliptrick Speed Punk  
10-13 Arsebreed Butch Brutal Minds Death  
10-13 Griverion The Call of the Noose Vacula Dep Black  
10-13 Maes Morrendo Profundo   Doom  
10-13 Bathe A Field Guide to Dead Birds Sludgelord Doom Sludge  
10-13 Tomorrow's Rain Hollow AOR Death Doom Gothic Hebrew Version
10-14 Cadaver Putrefacto Ritual de exsanguinacion   Death  
10-15 Atrexial Gargantuan Base  Extreme  
10-15 Constant Nausea Niech bedzie Narcoleptica Black  
10-15 Sickle of Dust To the Shores of Sunrise Flowing Downward Epic Atmo  
10-15 Sviatobor Secrets of the Land   Pagan Black Amb  
10-16 Act of Creation The UnceAllis zzLostrtain Light MDD Death Thrash  
10-16 Aphonic Thenody The Great Hatred Transcending Obscurity Fun Doom  


Powerclashing Maximalism*   Melodic  
10-16 Benediction Scriptures* Nuclear Blast Extreme  
10-16 Bihargram Ove Tenebrae Snow Wolf Black  
10-16 Calyces Impule to Soar      
10-16 Chaos Divine Legacies   Prog Metal  
10-16 False Gods No Symmetry... Only Delusion Seeing Red Doom Sludge  
10-16 Falset We Follow or Lead the Way     Chance Labrie
10-16 Grim Reaper Ride Hellbilly back to Underground WormHoleDeath    
10-16 Infera Bruo Rites of the Nameless Prosthetic Prog Black  
10-16 Kraken Duumvirate The Stars Below , the Seas Above Silent Future Exp  
10-16 Lord Almighty Wither   Prog Black  
10-16 The Myopia Condition Event Horizon*   Prog Death  
10-16 Netherblade Reborn Dark Hammer Legion Thrash  
10-16 Nightstryke Storm of Steel Skol Heavy  
10-16 Kingdom of Giants Passenger Sharptone    
10-16 Plague Years Circle of Darkness   Thrash  
10-16 Pure Reason Revolution The Dark Third* Inside Out Prog  
10-16 Sons of Otis Isolation* Totem Cat Doom  
10-16 Spirit Adrift Enlightened in Eternity* Century Media Doom  
10-16 Stalker Black Majic Terror* Napalm Thrash  
10-16 Star Insight Across the Galaxy Inverse Melodic Sym Power  
10-18 Paerdition Kirottu olkoon Narcoleptica Black  
10-20 Coffin Rot A  Monument of the Dead   Death  
10-20 Erebos  Upon the Northern Shores   Atmo Black  
10-21 Father Befouled Morbid Destitution   Death 2010
10-21 Marty Friedman Tokyo Jukebox 3 Avex Prog  
10-21 Mors Pricipium Est. Seven Avalon Melodic  
10-21 Nattersorg Reconciliation   Black  
10-22 Gutsnagged Residental Butchery   Death E.P.
10-22 Incognosci A Biography of Madness Extreme Sound Death  
10-22 Invincible Force Decomposed Sacramentum Dark Descent Extreme  
10-22 Mistheria Dreams Lion Prog Shred  
10-22 Nuclear Munitions Pure Chaos   Thrash E.P.
10-22 Resist the Thought The Gift of Sacrifice Worn Down Deathcore  
10-22 Tantal   Sleaszy Rider Goth Rock Core Russia
10-23 Anthea Illusion*   Prog E.P.
10-23 Armored Saint Punching the Sky Metal Blade Heavy  
10-23 Black Fate Ithaca* Rockshots Prog Power  
10-23 The Black Queen Killer be Killed   Electro Greg Puciato
10-23 Celestial Season The Secret Teachings Burning World Stoner Doom  
10-23 Coexistence Collateral Dimension Transcending Obscurity Prog Death  
10-23 Dehuman Reign Descending Upon the Oblivious FDA Death  
10-23 Devin Townsend Order of Magnitude Inside Out Exp Empath Live
10-23 Jakko M Jakszyk Secrets & Lies* Century Media Prog  
10-23 Kafziel Ephemeral   Prog Intrumental  
10-23 Krannium Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity Gore House Death Slam  
10-23 Leaves Eyes The Last Viking AFM Sym  
10-23 Mörk Gryning Hinsides Vrebe Season of Mist Black  
10-23 Noosed Rise   Sludge Death E.P.
10-23 Pallbearer Forgotten Days* Nuclear Blast Doom  
10-23 Red Moon Architect Emptiness Weighs the Most Noble Demon Melodic  
10-23 Solitary The Truth Behind The Lies* Metalville Thrash  
10-23 Soul Secret Blue Light Cage   Prog Metal  
10-23 Steve Blower The Prophecy   Heavy  
10-23 Thin Lizzy Rock Legends Universal Rock Box Set
10-23 Umbra Vitae Shadow of Life Deathwish Death  
10-23 Undeath Lesions of a Different Kind* Prosthetic Death  
10-25 Molecular Fragmentation Unparalleled Fatal Collapse PER Death  
10-25 Scatology Secretion Submerged in Glacial Ruin PER Death  
10-27 Atheos Words of Eroding Worlds Nifhel Tech Death  
10-27 Darzamat A Philosopher at the End of the Universe Tunecore Sym Black Goth  
10-27 Depressive Mode Equilibrium GS Fun Doom  
10-27 Holocasusto War Metal BatismoDe Fogo   Black Thrash  
10-27 Moon Labyrinth End of Existence   Black  
10-27 Monstrous Dawnsleeper CD Death  
10-27 Six Degress of Separation Old Dogs Metal Gate Thrash  
10-28 Begrabnis Izanaena   Fun Doom  
10-28 Gjaldur Nachtreich Astral Nightmare Black  
10-28 Helion Pride Question Everything Ward Power  
10-28 Negative or Nothing Drowned Careless Dep Black  
10-28 Olhava Ladoga   Atmo Post Black  
10-28 Tusenårseken Svält   Black  
10-29 Stream of Blood Erløsung   Black  
10-30 Azaghal Perkeleen Luoma Moribund Black 2004
10-30 Autopsy Live in Chicago Peaceville Death Thrash Live
10-30 Bestial Mockery Gospel of the Insane Osmose Black Thrash 2006
10-30 Bliss of Flesh Tyrant Listenable Extreme  
10-30 Carcass Dispecable Nuclear Blast Extreme E.P.
10-30 Convulse Deathstar Transcending Obscurity Death  
10-30 Curimus  Garden of Eden Inverse Death Thrash  
10-30 Cynabare Urne Obsidian Daggers Regain Death  
10-30 Draconian Under a Godless Veil* Napalm Melodic  
10-30 The Flower Kings Island* Inside Out Prog Rock  
10-30 Glacier The Passing of Time No Remorse Heavy Power  
10-30 Hypnos The Blackcrow   Death  
10-30 Insidious Disease After Death Nuclear Blast Gore Death All Star Line Up
10-30 Malicious Deranged Hexes Invitus Death  
10-30 Mr. Bungle The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo Ipecac Exp  
10-30 Revolution Within Chaos   Thrash Groove   
10-30 Sarcator S/T Redifining Darkness Black Thrash  
10-30 Scardust Strangers M-Theory Prog Metal  
10-30 Stalker Black Majik Terror Napalm Speed  
10-30 Sun of Grey Outerworld   Stoner Doom  
10-30 John Petrucci Terminal Velocity Sound Mind Prog  
10-30 Uriah Heep Fifty Years in Rock BMG Hard Rock 50 Year box set
10-30 Visions of Atlantis A Symphonic Journey Napalm Sym live
10-30 Wildways Anna Warner    
10-31 Panzerwar Warlord   Black  
10-31 Sergeant Thunderhoof Delicate Sound of Thuderhoof

Pale Wizard

Psych Doom  



Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
11-1 Hell: On Scythian Stamm Hammerheart Thrash Death  
11-1 Oldeath Rise from Majestic Darkness   Black  
11-2 Godsend As The Shadows Fall Hammerheart Doom 1993
11-2 Massemond Blut des Nordens Barren Black  
11-2 Ordo Caper Aphorism of Baneful Arts   Death  
11-3 Ajera In Momentum Wofmound Black  
11-3 Beerdigungs Lauten Mental Grindcore Metal Race Grindcore 1994
11-3 Chastain Mystery of Illusion Divebomb Heavy Power 1985
11-3 Yaotl Mictlan Sagrads tierra del jaguar American Line Black Folk  
11-4 Chiral Hope   Atmo Black  
11-4 Countless Skies Glow Willowtip Melodic Death  
11-4 MetalBlack Neogod   Avant Amb  
11-4 Morpholith Null Dimensions Ozium Stoner Doom E.P.
11-5 Blaine Rohmer The Cradle of Stars   Atmo Goth  
11-5 Dark Moon Purify   Sym Death E.P.
11-5 Deaf Aid Precursors of Externmination Narcoleptica Thrash Death E.P.
11-5 Inner Suffering Condition of Mankind   Dep Black  
11-5 Lucid Dreaming The Chronicles Part:III STF Heavy  
11-5 Malemort Individualism, Narcissism, Hedonism Bad Moon Rising Sludge Doom 2017
11-5 Morgatory666 The Rotting Flesh   Death E.P.
11-5 Wytch Hazel  III: Pentecost Bad Omen Hard Heavy  
11-6 Belphegor Necrodaemon Nuclear Blast Black 2000
11-6 Beltzer A Grey Chill and a Whisper   Black  
11-6 Bloodsoaked Necrovoid Expelled Iron Bonehead Doom Death  
11-6 Dark Quaterer Pompei Cruz Del Sur Prog Metal  
11-6 Construct of Lethe Copsegod Everlasting Spew Death 2016
11-6 Darkenöld Arcanes & sortileges   Black  
11-6 Deluge Ægo Templo Metal Blade Black postcore  
11-6 Eoront Gods Have No Home   Atmo Black  
11-6 Eternal Champion Ravening Iron   Heavy  
11-6 Eternal Idol Renaissance Frontiers Sym  
11-6 Fates Warning Long Day Good Night Metal Blade Prog  
11-6 Forsaken Age Heavy Metal Nightmare Pure Steel  Heavy  
11-6 Froglord Amphiibian Ascemnding   Doom Sludge  
11-6 Gelkhammer The Sword of Gelfiser   Black  
11-6 GrimDad Dad Lives Matter   Black  
11-6 Guignol Noir Mantric Malediction Repose Black  
11-6 Hanging Fortress Darkness Devours Redifining Darkness Death  
11-6 Inhuman Contra   Goth  
11-6 Iohannes In the Cool Light of a Cold Sun   Prog Black E.P.
11-6 Intrinsic Maleficence Relapse T.T. Death E.P.
11-6 Jaded Star Realign Noble Demon Heavy Power  
11-6 Lightdweller Apparition   Extreme  
11-6 Lords of Black Alchemy of Souls  Frontiers Heavy Power  
11-6 Loudblast Manifesto Listenable Death  
11-6 Mountain Caller The Truthseeker New Heavy Sounds    
11-6 MRTVI Omniscient Hallucinatory Transcending Obscurity Black  
11-6 Neptune Northern Steel Melodic Passion Heavy  
11-6 Paganizer Bullets Reign Metal Bastard Death E.P.
11-6 Plasma Engulfed in Terror RRR Death Grindcore  
11-6 Pulchra Morte Ex Rosa Ceremonia Transcending Doom Death  
11-6 Reb Beach A View from the Inside Frontiers    
11-6 Sabrewulf Mala Suerte   Crust  
11-6 Shattered Hope Vespers Solitude Doom Death  
11-6 SÓLSTAFIR Endless Twilight of Codependent Love* Season of Mist Post Metal Rock  
11-6 Surma The Light Within* Metal Blade Sym   
11-6 Tarja From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas) earMUSIC Sym Live
11-6 Void Paradigm Ultime Pulsation Avantgarde Black  
11-6 Walk in Darkness On the road to Babylon   Sym Goth  
11-6 War Agenda Propaganda Great Dane Thrash  
11-6 Worthless Melancholic Rites   Death  
11-7 Anguish Sublime Maelstorm Silent Watcher Melodic  
11-7 Sardonic Witchery Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual   Black  
11-8 Necrolust Trauma   Black Italy
11-9 A Congregation of Horns Blasphemic Hellsorcery of the Necrogoat   Black  
11-9 Appalachian Winter Winter hewn   Sym Death  
11-9 Dommedag Marburg   Black  
11-9 Nucleart Anticristo Nuclear Raider from Hades   Extreme  
11-10 Kaligula Doctrination of Atismadha Brutal Mind Death  
11-10 Total Death Mar de aguas   Doom Death  
11-10 Warkvlt Deathhymn Sadist Black  
11-10 SVO   Metalism Heavy Hard Russia
11-11 Blindman Expansion Walkure Hard Heavy  
11-11 Isolert World of Ruins   Black  
11-11 Kosmonaut Tales from the Cosmic Highway   Doom Stoner  
11-11 Principium S/T   Heavy  
11-11 Shawn Witaker The Sickness Singularity   Death E.P.
11-12 Arditi Words Made of Stone   Ind Amb E.P.
11-12 Casket Slime They Sleep We Creep Sevared Death Thrash  
11-12 Conspiracy Assassins A Self Destructive Illusion   Melodic Death  
11-12 F29 F29   Groove Doom  
11-12 Holy Blood Waves ae Danncing Vision of God Folk Melodic 2005
11-13 Betrayel Offerings Divebomb Thrash  
11-13 Blackhorned The Rise of Naamah Narcoleptica Black Thrash  
11-13 Buckethead Dreamland Bucketheadland Prog Pike 280
11-13 Dark Buddha Rising Mathreyata Svart Psych Doom  
11-13 Death Dealer Conquered Lands   Power  
11-13 December Noir The Renaissance of Hope* Lifeforce Melodic Doom Death  
11-13 Dismal Quinta Essentia Dreamcell 11 Neoclassical Goth  
11-13 Emperor 4 albums 1 E.P. Re- Issue Candlelight Prog Black Catalog Reissue
11-13 Ecclesia De Ecclesiae Aural Doom  
11-13 Harlott Detritus of the Final Age Metal Blade Thrash  
11-13 In Malice's Wake The Blindness of Faith   Thrash  
11-13 Houkago Grind Time Bakyunsfield (Moe to the Gore)   Goregrind  
11-13 Lunatic Soul Through Shaded Woods* Kscope Prog  
11-13 Macabre Carnival of Killers* Nuclear Blast Murder Metal  
11-13 Maculator Witchcraft   Death  
11-13 Novarupta Marine Snow Suicide Black Sludge  
11-13 Nuclear Murder of Crows Black Lodge Thrash  
11-13 Of Feather and Bone Sulfuric Disintegration Profound Lore Death  
11-13 Puteraeon The Cthulhian Pulse   Death  
11-13 Pyramaze Epitaph AFM Power  
11-13 Realms of Chaos The Seed Downfall Death  
11-13 Soulburn Noa's D'ark Century Media Death Black Doom  
11-13 Thrudvanger Vegvisir Trollzorn Viking  
11-13 Time Rift Eternal Rock Dying Victims Heavy Hard  
11-13 Toderstriebe In the Vortex of Destructive Creations Obscurant Black  
11-13 Völur Death Cult Prophecy Amb Folk Doom  
11-13 Warfect Spetre of Devastation* Napalm Thrash  
11-13 Ymir S/T Werewolf Pagan Black  
11-14 Remnants of the Fallen All the Wounded are Broken   Core  
11-17 Monsanto Perfect Balance   Prog Metal  
11-18 Black Mold The Inheritance of Evil   Black Thrash  
11-18 Intolerance Laments from the Dripstone Cave   Death E.P.
11-18 Sodom A Handfull of Bullets Rock Hard Thrash E.P.
11-18 Shadow Warrior Cyberblade Ossuary Heavy  
11-18 Spectral Void Pain   Black  
11-18 Troll Tilbake til Trollberg   Black E.P.
11-19 Baphomilitia Goatmilitia   Extreme  
11-19 Hellthrasher En tinieblas   Thrash Black Speed  
11-19 Lunarscathe Accountacy   Melodic Extreme  
11-20 Goatpenis Decapitation Philosophy Nuclear War Now Extreme  
11-20 Aeternitas Haunted Minds WormHoleDeath Goth Sym  
11-20 Avandra Skylighting Layered Reality Prog  
11-20 Communic Hiding from the World * AFM Prog Power  
11-20 Contrarian Only Time will Tell Willowtip Death  
11-20 Corrosive ED Kernkraftritter Death  
11-20 Dark Psychosis The Edge of Nowhere* Moribund Black Thrash  
11-20 Dark Tranquility Moment* Century Media Melodic  
11-20 Dream Theater Distant Memories Live in London  Inside Out Prog Live
11-20 Eternal Champion Ravening Iron   Epic Heavy  
11-20 Fuck the Facts Pleine Noirceur* Noise Salvation Grindcore  
11-20 Horncrowned Rex Exterminii Ketzer Black  
11-20 Inquisition Black Mass for a Mass Grave* Agonia Black  
11-20 Killer be Killed Reluctant Hero* Nuclear Blast Groove Supergroup
11-20 King Ov Wyrms Lord Ov Thrones*   Extreme  
11-20 Lord Fist Wilderness of Hearts High Roller Heavy  
11-20 Odem Timeless Past Above* Moribund Extreme  
11-20 Octopus Kraft Null   Sludge Post  
11-20 Skelethal Unveiling the Threshold Hells Headbangers Death  
11-20 The Sombre Shapeless Misery   Doom Death  
11-20 Subterraen Rotten Human Kingdom Transcending Obscurity Black Doom  
11-20 Tombs Under the Sullen Skies Season of Mist Post Black  
11-20 Toxaemia Where Paths Divide   Death  
11-20 Without Mercy Seismic*      
11-20 My Lonely Sea Havok Goat Room Post Black  
11-21 Taur-im-Duinath The Burning Bridges   Black  
11-22 Goddessless A Giraffe in the Sky   Avant garde Death  
11-22 GumoManiacs Morbid Tales of Terror DGR Thrash  
11-22 Waterland Freedom   Melodic Power  
11-22 Atrocity Infencted and Early Demo's F.O.A.D. Death Grind 1990
11-22 Korpsesoturi Korpskrist Xtreem Death  
11-23 Azgarath Echoes from the Past France d Oil Black  
11-23 Oes Galiath Sous   Black  
11-23 Shaark Deathonation   Thrash  
11-24 Bis nte Ancestral Punishment Xtreem Doom  
11-24 Hellraizer Life After Death   Extreme  
11-24 Offensive Tribute to Metallica   Thrash E.P.
11-24 Slaughtbbath Alchemical Warfare Hells Headbangers Black 2019
11-25 Holocausto Diario de Guerra DA EXP  
11-25 Kramp Gods of Death Wrafchild Heavy  
11-25 Moeror The Ghost of Amour Propre Black Theta Black  
11-25 Nocturnal Damnation Nuclear Massacre of GoatKommando DA Extreme E.P.
11-25 Saints of Marie des Loups Funerailed de feu   Black  
11-25 Satanic Ripper Southern Black Spells Deaththrash Extreme 2014
11-25 Scalp Domestic Extremity   Deathcore E.P.
11-25 Tears of Tragedy Trinity   Sym Melodic  
11-25 Ondskapt Dödens evangelium Osmose Black 2005
11-26 Autumnblaze Welkin Shores Burning Argonauta Alt Metal  
11-26 Numbered with the Trangressors Tombless   Death  
11-26 Void Moon The Autumn Throne Sun & Moon Doom  
11-27 Alitor II Ragnarök Prog Thrash  
11-27 Anthenora Mirrors and Screens Punishment 18 Heavy Power  
11-27 Arrayan Path The Marble Gates to Apeiron Pitch Black Epic Power  
11-27 Azarath Saint Desecration* Agonia Black  
11-27 Bâ'a Deus qui non mentitur Osmose Black  
11-27 Black Death Cult Devil's Paradise Hells Headbangers Black Doom 2019
11-27 Black Pyre Winter Solstice   Black  
11-27 Byfist In the End Pure Steel Power  
11-27 Cadaver Edder & Bile Nuclear Blast Death  
11-27 Cell Press S/T*     E.P.
11-27 Corrupt Moral Altar Patiently Waiting for Wonderful Things   Sludgecore E.P.
11-27 Darkness Over and Out Massacre Thrash E.P.
11-27 Diamond Head Lightning Nations 2020 Silver Lining Hard  
11-27 Dodenkrocht The Dying All Auric Black  
11-27 Drowning the Light On Astral Wings of Wamphyric Shadows* Dark Adversary Black  
11-27 Eleine Dancing in Hell Black Lodge Sym  
11-27 E.N.D. A Grave Deceit Geenger Groove E.P.
11-27 Esgaroth Night of the Sanguine   Black  
11-27 Exarsis Sentenced to Life MDD Thrash  
11-27 Gjendød Angrep Hellthrasher Black  
11-27 Glorious Depravity Ageless Violence Translation Loss Death  
11-27 Höwler Fallen but not Forgotten PRC Heavy Thrash 2018
11-27 Iron Flesh Summoning the Putrid Geat Dane Death  
11-27 Jaded Heart Stand Your Ground Massacre Heavy Hard  
11-27 Kaunis Kuolematon Syttyköön   Melodic  
11-27 Keiser  Our Wretched Demise Non Serviam Black  
11-27 Lords of Trident Power Outage   Heavy  
11-27 Magoth Invictus Ferocious Black  
11-27 Mongrel's Cross Arcana, Scrying and Revelaton Hells Headbangers Thrash Black  
11-27 Mork Pesta Peaceville Black E.P.
11-27 Oreamnos Into the Night Bloody Mountain Extreme  
11-27 Ôros Kaù Imperii Templum Aries I Voidhanger Black  
11-27 Panychida Gabreta Aeterna   Pagan  
11-27 Plini Impulse Voices   Prog  
11-27 Psycroptic The Watcher of All Agonia Tech Death E.P.
11-27 Revolting The Shadow at the World's End Transcending Obscurity Death  
11-27 Scour The Black E.P. Nucleart Blast   E.P.
11-27 Shores of Null Beyond the Shores*   Melodic  
11-27 Siculicidium Az alamerules Sun & Moon Black  
11-27 Six Degrees No One is Innocent Rockshots Melodic  
11-27 Slaughterday Ancient Death Triumph F.D.A. Death  
11-27 Sodom Genesis XIX* Steamhammer Thrash  
11-27 Sombria Chirographon Dei Inverse Melodic  
11-27 Svartghast Perdition Dusktone Sym Black  
11-27 Sylent Storm The Fire Never Dies Stormspell Heavy  
11-27 Tammatoys Conflicts Apollon Prog Rock  
11-27 Terravore Vortex of Perishment Punishment 18 Thrash  
11-27 The Corona Lantern Certa Omnibus Hora Metalgate Doom Sludge  
11-27 Toblakai Puritans Hand   Black  
11-27 Trouble Manic Frustration Hammerheart Doom 1992
11-27 Ultimatium Virtuality Rockshots Prog  
11-27 Urfaust Teufelsgeist Van Atmo  
11-27 Varde Fedraminne Nordvis Black  
11-27 VHS Gore From Beyond the Stars   Thrash GrindCore  
11-27 Ceremonial Castings Salem 1692 Eisenwald Sym Extreme  
11-27 Within the Ruins Black Heart eOne    
11-27 Zebulon Kosted Torches Behind The Waterfall Hammerkrieg Exp  
11-28 Armed Cloud Torque MEY Prog Metal  
11-28 Buckethead Through the Looking Garden* Bucketheadland Prog Pike 284
11-28 Deveneror Malleus Philosophorum   Black  
11-28 Disinter Revelations from the Dark Past   Death Peru
11-28 Twisted Mist Orbios Music Death Folk  
11-30 Paganizer Dead Unburied Cianto Death 2002

December Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
12-1 Awrizis Gears of Fear   Death Thrash Groove  
12-1 Burning Cross Fall   Black  
12-1 Energema The Legend of Krampus Sublimity Power  
12-1 Funeralis Gateways to Esoteric Light   Black  
12-1 Matanza Grotesco Coyote Death Gore  
12-1 Picha A Cristo le vale Picha BZK Goregrind  
12-1 Shadows Ground Wanderer   Black  
12-1 Samuli Federley 9 Classics with 8 Strings Inverse Prog Shred  
12-1 Sepsism Purulent Decomposition Coyote Death 1998
12-1 Sophist Putrid Faction Niflhel Extreme  
12-1 Sterbefall Weg nach Nichtigkeit Dark East Post Doom Black 2014
12-2 Battalion Excessive Force   Thrash Heavy 1995
12-2 Grievance Nos Olhos da Coruja War Black  
12-3 The Advent Equation Remnants of Oblivion* Concerto Melodic  
12-3 Aquaria Alethea Metal Licks Sym Power  
12-3 Kaamos Warriors Kirous Inverse Black  
12-4 Ad Infinitum Chapter 1 Revisited Napalm Sym  
12-4 Angulust Carnal Rites   Black-n-Roll  
12-4 Asunojokei Wishes   Postcore E.P.
12-4 Battle Hag Celestial Tyrant   Stoner Doom  
12-4 Cryptodiria The Angel of History* eOne    
12-4 Badgered  Planet Absurdic Inverse Heavy Thrash  
12-4 Burning Palace Hollow   Tech Death  
12-4 Dawnwalker Ages   Post  
12-4 Deaheaven 10 Years Gone Sargent House Post Black Live
12-4 Dendera Pat Two: Reborn Into Darkness   Heavy  
12-4 Depravity Grand Malevolence Transcending Obscurity Death  
12-4 Descend to Acheron The Transcience of Flesh   Extreme E.P.
12-4 Enless Gloom Cadaver City   Death  
12-4 Gama Bomb Sea Savage* Prosthetic Thrash  
12-4 Genus Ordinis Dei Glare of Deliverance* Eclipse Sym Death Groove  
12-4 G.I.S.M. Detestation Relapse Hardcore Punk Heavy 1984
12-4 Green Driud At the Maw of Ruin Earache Stoner Doom  
12-4 Grievance Nos Olhos da coruja War Black  
12-4 Hyrgal Fin de regne   Black  
12-4 Iron Savior Skycrest AFM Speed Power  
12-4 Lapse Upon Shores of Atonement   Dep Black  
12-4 Majestica A Christmas Carol Nuclear Blast Power  
12-4 Magic Dance's Remnants Frontiers Hard Heavy  
12-4 Mutual Hostility Sacred Propaganda   Death E.P.
12-4 Opium Warlords NemButal Svart Drone Doom Avant  
12-4 Opperessve Descent Nocte Venari Witchand  Black E.P.
12-4 Persuader Necromancy Frontiers Power  
12-4 Powergame The Lockdown Tapes   Heavy E.P.
12-4 Product of Hate You Brought This War      
12-4 Profanity Fragments of Solace   Tech Death  
12-4 Sculptor Untold Secrets* Frontiers Melodic  
12-4 Show Me a Dinosaur Plantgazer   Black Post Shoegaze  
12-4 Stone Machine Electric The Inexplicable Vibrations of Frequencies Within the Cosmic Netherworld Desert Stoner Sludge  
12-4 Soilwork A Whisp of the Atlantic* Nuclear Blast Melodic E.P.
12-4 Srd Ognja Prerok On Parole Black  
12-4 Squealer Insanity Pride & Joy Heavy Power  
12-4 Tau Cross Messengers of Deception Heretical Crust  
12-4 TDW The Days the Clock Stopped   Prog Metal  
12-4 Valravn Prey   Black  
12-4 Vanden Plas The Ghost Xperiment : Illumination* Frontiers Prog  
12-4 Wheelfall A Specter of Haunting the World   Ind Post  
12-5 Hadal December Planet K Doom Death  
12-5 Impaler The Great Hereafter Vlad Speed  
12-6 Conceived  Tutup Lawang Sadist Death E.P.
12-6 Husets Natur The Lake is Gloomy Salute Atmo Black  
12-6 My Dying Bride Turn Loose the Swans Sym of Domination Doom 1993
12-6 Release  the Darkness Tragedy   Prog Death Groove  
12-7 Engulfed Vengeance of the Fallen Dark Descent Death E.P.
12-8 Arachnid S/T Alone Thrash  
12-8 Deus Mortem The Fiery Blood   Black  
12-8 Chaosdweller Bacteriel Lotus   Death Doom  
12-8 Horna Kuoleman kirjo WTC Black  
12-8 Malignus Morttvss Misantropia   Goregrind E.P.
12-8 Rosk Re:mnants Rosk Post Rock Folk  
12-9 Concerto Moon Rain Fire   Power Neoclassical  
12-9 Green Machine S/T Daymare Doom  
12-9 My Dying Bride 34-788% Complete Sym of Domination Doom 1998
12-9 Airborn Lizard Secrets - Part 2 Fighter Heavy Power  
12-10 Obsecration Oceanum Oblivione Supreme Death 2000
12-10 Eternal Madness Bongkar Batas Sadist Death 2000
12-10 Folterkammer Die Lederpredigit* Gilead Sym Black Ilya
12-10 Gargoyle S/T Cult Metal Heavy Power 1988
12-10 Jacob Rabin Crimson Epoch   Prog Metal  
12-10 Mesheen  A Matter of Time Cult Metal Heavy Prog 1999
12-10 Molten Chains Torment Enshrined Alone Heavy  
12-10 Quo Vadis S/T Old Temple Prog Death Thrash Poland 1991
12-10 Suffering Sights Existential Realism   Death  
12-10 Tuatha de Danann In Nomine Eireann   Celtic Folk  
12-10 Vulfehrie The Devouring Fire of Mortality Wolfmound Atmo Black  
12-11 Abvulabashy AtomikTriumphator Elite Drakkar Black  
12-11 Brave the Cold Scarcity Mission Two Death Grindcore  
12-11 Cardinal Wyrm Devotionals   Doom  
12-11 Cerulean Dawn The Octant Moons   Black  
12-11 Chalice Trembling Crown High Roller Melodic Heavy  
12-11 Crescent Lament Land of Lost   Melodic Sym Goth  
12-11 Cyrax Experiences* Wormholedeath    
12-11  Def Tones White Pony/ Black Stallion Reprise Warner Alt 2000
12-11 Deeds of Flesh Nucleus* Unique Leader Death  
12-11 Einvigi Sielulintu Inverse Folk Post  
12-11 Focal Dystonia Descending (in) Human Flesh Comatose Grindcore  
12-11 Fortid World Serpant Prophecy Black  
12-11 Heads for the Dead Into the Red Transcending Obscurity Death  
12-11 Heretical Sect Rapturous Flesh Consumned Gilead Media Black  
12-11 Imha Tarikat Sterneberster Lupus Black  
12-11 Light Field Reverie Another World   Atmo Doom  
12-11 The Magik Way Il Rinato My Kingdom Black Amb  
12-11 Mörk Gryning Tusenar har gatt HV Black 1995
12-11 Mörk Gryning Return Fire HV Black 1997
12-11 Mörk Gryning Maelstrom Chaos HV Black 2001
12-11 Mörk Gryning Pieces of Primal Exxpressionism HV Black 2003
12-11 Rock Boulevard I Got What you Want Metallic Blue Heavy 1990
12-11 Nocte Obducta Irrlicht Supreme Chaos Avant- Garde  
12-11 Satan's Fall Final Day High Roller Heavy Speed  
12-11 Six Foot Six End of All Scarlet Melodic Heavy  
12-11 Sunstorm The First Covenant Amputated Vein Deathcore  
12-11 Toxikull Cursed and Punished Dying Victims Heavy Thrash  
12-11 Yashira Fail to Be   Death Sludge Post  
12-12 Amon Sethis Part 0   Prog Metal  
12-12 Awaiting Eternity S/T*   Melodic Pagan  
12-12 Pile of Death Obliteration MMXIX Thrash Death  
12-12 Wintaar Our World is a Grave   Atmo Black  
12-13 Amnesian Trespass into Annihilation   Grindcore  
12-13 Burkhartsvinter Mordbrand   Black  
12-13 Thy Catafalque Naiv Season of Mist Avant Garde  
12-13 Crimson Carnage Another Meaning of Life   Melodic Death  
12-13 Misanthropik Torment Purtification   Extreme  
12-14 Akhlys Melinoe Debemur Morti Black  
12-14 Angel 7 White Metal   Death Power Thrash  
12-14 Benighted Illusion Corrupt and Destroy Narcoleptica Dark Doom  
12-14 Cloven Hoof S/T Classic Metal NWOBHM 1984
12-14 Contrstic  Mamun   Death Grind  
12-14 Performed Moronia Slovak Army Thrash  
12-15 Deliverance Deliverance Retroactive Speed Thrash Ind 1989
12-15 Deliverance What a Joke Retroactive Speed Thrash Ind 1991
12-15 Dormanth Complete Downfall Xtreem Melodic  
12-15 Drama Noir Princess Airam Drakkar Atmo Extreme 2018
12-15 Faust Krol moru i perla   Death Thrash 2000
12-15 Human Obliteration Definition of Insanity Narcoleptica Death E.P.
12-15 Inhuman Depravity Consequences of a Atrocious Past   Death  
12-15 Letargo The Powers of Genetic Manipulators Australis Melodic Death  
12-15 Montuln Arquetipo Australis Melodic Black  
12-15 Necnon Mortuss Valky   Extreme  
12-15 Templo Negro Eclipsando Nekrolust Black  
12-15 Three Eyes Left Legione   Stoner Doom  
12-16 Emphasis Spiral of Time   Sym Power E.P.
12-16 Sorrowful Knight Trough Pain and Glory   Sym Power  
12-16 Mind Enforcer Brainwashed Narcoleptica Dark Thrash  
12-16 Shinigami No Yuujin Where Nothing Gathers   Black  
12-17 Alexander Oden Chapter Zero   Prog Death  
12-17 Draconis Necromantorvm A Macabre Dance is Goverened by Night Moths   Black Amb Noise  
12-17 Externatropsy Kâo   Death  
12-17 Gaia Epicus Seventh Rising   Power  
12-17 Im Tode Under Portents Black Narcoleptica Black E.P.
12-18 Alcest Ecailles de lune Prophecy Black 2010
12-18 An Ocean of Light Vestigios de melancolia   Post  
12-18 Averted Silenced WormHoleDeath   E.P.
12-18 Briton Rites Occulte Fantastique   Doom  
12-18 Black Sadhu What is Real?* Cursed Monk Stoner Doom  
12-18 Cattle Decapitation Human Jerky Three One G Death 1999
12-18 Detonator e as Musas do Metal Metal Metalino   Folk  
12-18 Divinity Intervention   Meloidic  
12-18 Dos Brujos Terra The Swamp Sludge Doom  
12-18 Grafjammer De zoute Kwel Folter  Black  
12-18 Grayceon Mothers Weavers Vulture Translation Loss Prog  
12-18 The Horned Goddess H2OCEAN WormHoleDeath Goove Thrash  
12-18 Iced Earth 30 Year Anniversary Century Media Power Heavy 1990
12-18 Infirmum Walls of Sorrow WormHoleDeath Doom  
12-18 Injector Hunt of the Rawhead Art Gates Thrash  
12-18 Jack Frost The Great Dying   Gothic Doom E.P.
12-18 The Kings Head S/T WormHoleDeath    
12-18 Misterer Under Attack   Groove Thrash  
12-18 Mortal Terror Bite of the Underdog   Death Thrash  
12-18 Myrholt Retterting   Black  
12-18 Netherlife The Edge of Existence   Melodic  
12-18 Old Growth Mossweaver Supreme Chaos Atmo Black  
12-18 Oracle Sun Machine Man   PowerProg  
12-18 Pillory Scourge upon Humanity Unique Leader Death  
12-18 Return to Void Infinite Silence   Prog Metal  
12-18 Royal Hunt Dystopia North Point Melodic Prog  
12-18 SlugWeed Stunned Gives Impressions   Stoner Doom E.P.
12-18 Stormhunter Ready For Boarding   Power E.P.
12-18 Suicide Forest Is Freedom Wolfmound Dep Black E.P.
12-18 Theragon Where the Story Begin Art Gates Power  
12-18 Usurpator Spear of Psychosis Dead Seed Black Doom E.P.
12-18 Vrenth Baptism Death Rotted Life Death  
12-18 Wombbath Tales of Madness Transcending Obscurity Death  
12-19 Lord Ketil Cult of the Elder Ones   Black  
12-19 Tenebrae Oboriuntur Black Hysteria   Sym Black  
12-20 In Chasms Deep The Wind and Her Lament   Black  
12-20 Jumpscare Don't Close your Eyes   Melodic  
12-21 Asgard  Cachticka Nuclear War Now Black 1995
12-21 Chaos Reign Corporate Scapgoat   Groove  
12-21 Damnable Inperdition Godz of War Death Grind 1996
12-21 LaColpa Post Tenebras Lux   Sludge Doom Noise  
12-22 Cuntectomy EyeFuckingHateYou   Grind Noise E.P.
12-22 Dinenthal Hell   Black  
12-23 Abandoned Mortuary Neither Height or Depth Abran Death Grind  
12-23 Chainsaw Torture CrueltyUnbound   Goregrind E.P.
12-23 The Exit Wound Ghosts   Prog Melodic Death  
12-23 Kraken Humana KMM Heavy Hard  
12-23 Messiah in the Abyss Necromanticae   Black  
12-23 Mirahklet  Miracles   Folk  
12-23 Nocratai Set Off on the Journey of your Death   Ind Black  
12-23 Spectral Dance Desecrator of Hallowed Grounds   Black  
12-23 Vitalij Kuprij Progression Lion Prog  
12-24 Arawn Odkazy doby   Melodic Death  
12-24 Court of Beast S/T Evil Gnome Doom  
12-24 Suffering ChaosSatanas   Black 2014
12-24 Vis Mystica Lux Et Veritas*      
12-25 Corpsefucking Art A Puzzle of Flesh     1999
12-25 Corrupted Saint Mutilated Before the Masses   Death Thrash  
12-25 Dira Mortis Ancient Breath of Forgotton Misanthropy SelfMadeGod Death  
12-25 Evil Possessed by Evil Nuclear War Now! Black Thrash  
12-25 Hate Forest Hour of the Centaur Osmose Black Amb  
12-25 Magnus Scarlet Slaughterer Mil Death Thrash 1989
12-25 Medenera Argento GS Atmo Black  
12-25 Mørk Materie In Nomine Diablo AXM Black  
12-25 Soulers Evil Eternal   Drone Doom Stoner  
12-25 Tenebro Liberaci dal  male   Death E.P.
12-25 Within Destruction Yokai   Deathcore  
12-29 Ancestral Cantico O Caminhodos Rebelados Black Hearts Hearts E.P.
12-29 Cartilage Gore-met   Death Grind E.P.
12-29 Dusk The Hermit   Ind Black  
12-29 Hellish Breed Archives of Decay Dark Attic Extreme  
12-29 Lightning Strikes Across the Sky  Lida   Black  
12-29 Prime Mover Under the Penubra   Black  
12-30 Cemetery Dwell Cold Visions of Nether Redifining Darkness Death  
12-30 Gastorrexis Paradise of the Flies Lord of the Sick Death  
12-30 Triumph EdictIron Ascendancy Inhuman Assault Black  
12-30 Rotting Christ Non Serviam Satanath   1994
12-30 Shuulak Rubedo   Heavy  
12-30 Strider The Unfallen   Heavy Power  
12-31 Aetherea Look into my Eyes MS Sym E.P.
12-31 Chamber of Bones Warmth of Life   Extreme  
12-31 Deduction os a Miscalculation Selfcentered Art   Death  
12-31 Hadez Aquelarre Black Legion Extreme 1993
12-31 Inferis One Last Time   Heavy Power E.P.
12-31 Infernal Cathedral Sunrise over the Killing Fields   Black  
12-31 Kyrios Saturnal Chambers DK Extreme  
12-31 NekroChaparro Marxismus Satanik   Black E.P.
12-31 Tribunal Kill Your Guts   Death E.P.
12-31 Unfaced Nielicowani   Prog Metal