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Roman Kostrzewski

New Tours> 350 National Tours Listed in 2019

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5-5 Left to Die Tour in July
4-19 June July Tour With Rings of Saturn
4-18 June July Tour With The Melvins
4-17 Shaptone Records Update
4-17 Frontiers Records Update
4-15 Metal Archives Update
4-12 Hypocrisy live in May
4-12 The Aristocrats live in July
4-12 Greta Van Fleet Tour in August
4-12 Robert Plant Tour
4-12 Elder Live in August
4-11 Gwar live in June
4-10 August Burns Red  Tour in August
4-7 Terror Live in May
4-6 Infected Rain Tour
4-4 Veil Of Maya live in May
4-4 Primitive Man Tour
4-2 As I Lay Dying Tour Dates
4-2 Weedeater Tour in April/ May
4-1 VoiVod  Tour in June
4-1 Behemoth and Arch Enemy
3-3- Black Label Society Live
3-31 Deer Hunter Live in April
3-31 AFM Records Update
3-29 Allegaeon Tour in June
3-25 June Tour with Anvil
3-22 May Tour with Origin
3-22 Carcass Tour in May
3-22 Bewitcher Tour in April
3-12 Thank You Scientist Tour in June
3-11 Leprous Tour in March
3-7 Opeth and Mastodon Live
3-8 Death Nexus Fest
3-7 Napalm Records Update
3-4 My June Tour with Thy Art is Murder
3-3 My Tour with Municipal Waste
2-26 Monolord Tour in March
2-17 June Tour with Windhand
2-15 Omnium Gatherum Tour in  February
2-13  2021 Top Albums of 2021
2-13 April May Tour Devastation of the Nation
2-13 May June Tour with Rivers of Nihil
2-13 Obituary Tour In March/ April
2-12 Dark Tranquility Tour in February
2-11 Origin Tour in May
2-10 Cognitive Tour in April
2-1 Updated Metalfest Page
2-1 Gojira and Def Tones in April- May
1-28 Riverside Tour in April
1-23 Animals as Leaders Tour in April
1-16 Ragefest Tour Dates in March/ April
1-16 Feb - March  Tour with Underoath
1-15 March Tour Featuring Wake
1-12 Megadeth Live in April - May
1-12 March April Tour with Dragonforce
1-11 April May Tour with Amorphis
1-7 Igorrr Tour Date
1-6 Meshuggah Tour in Feb- March
1-5 Wednesday 13 Tour Dates
1-5 Dream Theater Tour Dates
1-3 March- April Tour With The Darkness
12-31 Jan Feb Tour  Burial in the Sky
12-30- Lorna Shore Added to the page
12-27 March Tour with Overkill and Prong
12-25 Feb March Tour with Soulfly
12-19 Feb March Tour with Steve Vai
12-19 Feb - March tour with Nile
12-19 Feb - March tour with Cannibal Corpse
12-19 Feb - March tour with The Sword
12-19 Obituary Tour in January
12-18 Mayhem and Waain Live
12-16 Uncle Acid live in March/ April
12-16 End Tour in March
12-16 February/ March Tour with Zombi
12-16 Code Orange Tour in April
12-15 John 5 live in April/ May
12-14 February Tour with  Cattle Decapitation  12-10 Immolation February Tout
12-9 Jan Feb tour with Fit for an Autopsy
12-5 Jan/ Feb Tour with August Burns Red
12-5 March April Tour with Sepultura
10-10 Nuclear Blast Update
Helloween – Incendium Online
9-5 2022 Release page
Until 2022 we will not update any of the tour or festival pages. 
8-17 Metal Blade Records Update
8-11 Tour Info Update
8-5 Napalm Records Update
7-22 Hall of Fame updated
7-21 About The Metal Authority updated
6-26 July and October Tour Page
6-19 Septmber Tour Page
5-21 North American Festival updates
4-27 The Passing of Lars Ratz
4-18 Inside Out Records Update
4-13 Napalm Records Update
3-28 Buckethead Pike  #96
3-19 Buckethead Pike #60
3-18 Prog Archives Update
3-15  Metal Blade Records Update
2-20 BNR Update
2-18 Metal Archives Update12-15 Passing of Chris Payette
10-15 2021 Release Page

9-20 Buckethead pike #279

9-10 All Metal Hall of Fame
8-18 Century Media Updates
8-16 New artist added to page
6-14 New Page
5-6 2020 Release Page
3-20 Willowtip Records Update
3-11 Buckethead Pike #53
2-17  Relapse Updates
1-1  Metalfest Page Updated
7-21 Nuclear Blast Updates

7-20 Frontiers Records Updates
5-5 Lion Music Updates
5-5 Album Release Dates
4-30 SPV Update
3-21 High Roller Records Updates
3-13 Relapse Records Update
3-12 Unique Leader Updates
2-17 Sliptrick Records Update
2-16 Profound Lore Updates
1-26 Willowtip Records Updates
1-6 Agonia Records Update
12-31 High Roller Records Updates
12-30 Cruz Del Sur Updates
12-23 Season of Mist Updates
12-16 SPV Updates
11-29 The Passing of Erik Lindmark
3-18 Buckethead pike #59 Ydrapoej

1-15 Agonia 


The Harbinger
Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Evil Chuck
Quorthon from Bathory
Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum
Gary Driscoll
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Paul Samson and Chris Aylmer
Dio and Mr. Columbus
Jared Anderson
The Guitar Emperor
Scott Clendenin
David Gold

Nattdal B Jonas Lars Bergqvist
Next Live Broadcast  New releases at noon 
6-27 Every Thursday 5-16 The Cattle Decapitator   9 PM Till Midnight
6-29 The Morbid One 4pm till Midnight every Metal Saturday Broadcast # 2145 
6-30 Sunday Live with the Necromancer Tribute to Fallen Metal Heroes Sunday Night at 10pm 
6-31  Technical Ecstasy Monday Nights   6PM MST
5- Tribute to Fallen Metal Heroes /Satan's Whorehouse 10pm 

 DJ Dimes live on  at 7PM MST


Latest News

Erik Lindmark

Metal Mentor, Deeds of Flesh mainman and founder of Unique Leader records Erik Lindmark has passed of away from Sclerosis on November 29th 2018 at the age of 46!

Richard Bateman

Richard Bateman passed away on September 5 2018 at the age of 50  from a heart attack. Richard was the bass playe rfor Gardy Loo, Unearthed and Nasty Savage. 

Nature Ganganbaigal

Nature Ganganbaigal songwriter, Multi Instrumentalist and throat singer of nomadic style rock act Tengger Cavalry passed away aty the age of 29 on June 13 2019. 

Andre Matos

On June 8th 2019 Former Singer / Keyboardist Andre Matos passed away at the age of 47 . Andre was a former member of Angra, Symfonia, Shaman, Viper, Virgo and a solo project. 

2019 Album Releases



Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
1-1 Altu Paganach Sleeping Under Alqualonde Tolkiean Black Folk  
1-1 Black Shine Die My Enemy Die   Black E.P.
1-1 Emperor Guillotine Chrononaut   Stoner  
1-1 Ermengrond Men Amongst Wolves   Atmo Post  
1-1 Gunther Weezul Join Us   Stoner  
1-1 Jaguar Desecrator Demon Destroyer Thrash Black  
1-1 Khaos Labyrinth The Cold Universe   Amb  
1-1 Kruger Co   Power Speed  
1-1 Marax Dance Within the Flames of Burning Fire   Sym Black E.P.
1-1 Meathook Crypts, Coffins, Corpses Unmatched Brutality    
1-1 Milopkl Panspermatic Eradication   Speed Thrash  
1-1 Moongates Guardian The Last Ship   Epic Atmo Black  
1-1 My Deathbed Mirrors of Depression I   Dep Black  
1-1 Orthostat Monolith of Time   Death  
1-1 Quercus Verferum   Fun Doom  
1-1 Red Bazar Things as They Appear   Prog  
1-1 Strigae I: Colision   Atmo Black  
1-1 The Sun Through A Telescope Hopeless Teenage Corpsepaint   Drone E.P.
1-1 Valiant Bastards Harbingers of Chaos   Heavy Thrash  
1-1 Undying Holy Believe   Melodic Death E.P.
1-1 Witches Hollow The Coven is Alive   Extreme  
1-2 Biogenesis Black Widow Roxx Prog Thrash  
1-2 Dom Lodo The Bastard   Stoner E.P.
1-2 Insan Banishment Divine   Prog Black  
1-2 Internal Chronicles Crimson Storm Guts & Blood  Black Doom  
1-2 Lightless Fed to the Lions   Black  
1-2 Minervium Eterno e Omega   Black E.P.
1-2 Mistveil Amnesia   Melodic  
1-2 Splitcraft Legacy of Truth   Heavy Power  
1-3 Brutaliza     Thrash Punk E.P.
1-3 Posesion Infernal Pact   Black Thrash  
1-3 Windhelm Lugubre   Amb Black  
1-4 Anomalism* Parasitic Spawn   Death E.P.
1-4 Cabra We Are Infinitus   Black  
1-4 Cadaverous Contingency Abolition   Death  
1-4 Callejon Hartgeld Im Club Century Media    
1-4 Dead Head The Feast Begins at Dawn Hammerheart Thrash Death 1991
1-4 Festerday iihtallhan Season of Mist Death  
1-4 Gravewurm Dread Night Funeral Empire Extreme  
1-4 Hobos Nell'era dell'apparenza Spikerot Melodic Core  
1-4 John Garcia and the Band of Gold* S/T Napalm Groove  
1-4 Leash Eye Blues, Brawls & Beverages   Southern  
1-4 Legion of the Damned Slaves of the Shadow Realm Napalm Death Thrash  
1-4 Mark Deutrom The Blue Bird Season of Mist    
1-4 Plague Years Unholy Infestation   Thrash Death  
1-4 Veldes Flameless   Atmo Black  
1-6 Cancelled Earth 002   Death E.P.
1-6 Dystert Natt  Oceans of Knives/ 40%/Me   Dep Black  
1-6 Lantern Lost Paragraphs Dark Descent Extreme  E.P.
1-6 Oblivions Kiss The Swallow and the Blue Bird   Gothic Doom  
1-6 Unmasked Behind the Mask   Melodic Death  
1-7 Amoderndeath S/T   Melodic Death  
1-7 Bloodsport Kurnite Attack Nightstrike Heavy Speed E.P.
1-7 Dictator Dysangelist Aesthetic Black Fun 2008
1-7 Extirpation A Damnation's Stairway Triumph of Death Black Thrash  
1-7 Metal Castle The Desolation of  Marmaduke   Folk  
1-7 Moulin Banel Le Ryth   Black E.P.
1-7 Oppression Le coeurplein de  Rage PH Black Punk  
1-7 Pale Hands of Cold Down in the Sewer We All Became Rats Karst Amb  
1-7 Public Grave Cadaverous Resurrection   Death  
1-7 Obed Marsh Dunwich   Black Doom  
1-7 (The True ) Veiled In Blinding Presence   Black  
1-8 Althea The Art of Trees   Prog Metal  
1-8 Dioivo II Darkwoods Melodic Black  
1-8 Murdock 13 Hunter   Heavy Instrumental  
1-8 Tytus Rain After Drought Fighter Heavy Hard  
1-9 Delivatessen Primal Cuts   Goregrind E.P.
1-9 Ethereal Sin Kauriyo King Sym Black  
1-9 Integrity All Death is Mine Williams Street Hardcore  
1-9 Jugra RAC untuk Nusantara HM Black  
1-9 Regnat Horrendum Dogs of Christ   Pagan Black  
1-9 Tanator Execution   Black Thrash E.P.
1-9 To Conceal the Horns Kun Luovun   Extreme E.P.
1-9 Xerion A essencia do Abismol   Black  
1-10 AEgewinn Baernan   Extreme E.P.
1-10 Gravkvade Gravlaska Avantgarde Black Doom  
1-10 Nyxborn Fatesblood   Heavy Prog  
1-10 Suicidal Psychosis Totengefluster   Dep Black  
1-10 Proclamus Death Thoughts Vision of God Death  
1-10 Spiritwood Cold Moon Blasphemies   Atmo Black  
1-10 Wolfmachine S/T Arcane Black  
1-11 Air Raid Demon Eye High Roller Heavy E.P.
1-11 Ancestral Legacy The Silent Frontier WVR Gothic Doom  
1-11 Archangel A.D. Warband   Thrash E.P.
1-11 At The Gates The Mirror Black Century Media Melodic E.P.
1-11 At The Gates With The Pantheons Century Media Melodic E.P.
1-11 Await the Desolation Age of Desperation   Death E.P.
1-11 Bloody Times On A Mission Heavy  
1-11 Born of Osiris The Simulation Sumerian Extreme  
1-11 Dying Flag Hyene de vie M & O Groove 2017
1-11 Ezra Brooks Visions of Power   Heavy  
1-11 Feasting Feentanz des Frost und Schnees   Black  
1-11 Ferndal Singularitaten Einheit EXP  
1-11 Intact State: Deprssion   Groove  
1-11 Jinjer Micro Napalm   E.P
1-11 La Morte Viene Dallo Sky over Giza Bloodrock Rock E.P.
1-11 Lilake Memory Lies   Exp  
1-11 Lost in Grey The Waste Land Reaper Sym  
1-11 Lumbar The First and Last Days of Unwelcome Argonauta Doom 2013
1-11 Mo'ynoq Dreaming in a Dead Language   Black  
1-11 Nailed to Obscurity Black Forest Nuclear Blast Melodic  
1-11 Nocny Kochanek Randka w    Heavy  
1-11 Powerwolf Metallum Nostrum Napalm Heavy  
1-11 Refusal Epitome of Void FDA Death  
1-11 Saqra's Cult The 9th King Amor Fati Black  
1-11 Soilwork Verkligheten Nuclear Blast Melodic  
1-11 Spectral Manifest The Nether   Extreme  
1-11 Spillage Blood of Angels Qumran Heavy Doom  
1-11 Vioblast Theater of Despair Hostile Thrash  
1-11 Volucrine Skywards   Melodic  
1-11 The Walrus Resists Son of Gehenna Send the Wood  Death  
1-11 Wolfhorde Hounds of Perdition Inverse Black Folk  
1-12 Metalurgia Paradigmas   Prog  
1-13 Tempus Dark El mal real   Black  
1-14 Chaosform Kill for Honor   Death Thrash E.P.
1-14 Devouror Slay For Satan Metalzone Extreme E.P.
1-14 Hysteria Anthems of Pain   Black  
1-14 Nightwing In My Eyes   Black 2004
1-14 Nightwing Under the Wings of Night   Black 2003
1-14 Penetrator Enjoy   Thrash E.P.
1-14 Powerful Owl Bits n Bobs   Sludge E.P.
1-14 Rahha Descension Ceremony   Black E.P.
1-14 Resin Witch Spiders and Flies   Doom  
1-14 Skjalf Transcendental   Atmo Black  
1-14 Wishdoomdark Blood of the Black God Dark East Doom Death  
1-15 Ahl Sina Troops of Pain   Folk  
1-15 Antiquus Scriptum Ahbra Khadabra Soundage Black Amb  
1-15 Barshasketh S/T WTC Black  
1-15 Cenotaphe Empyree Nuclear War Now! Black E.P.
1-15 The Cleaner and Mr. Filth's Van Murders The Cleaners got the Blues RJ Death  
1-15 Corretja Life Aggressively   Melodic Death  
1-15 Endymion Forever Lost   Sym Power E.P.
1-15 Macabro S/T   Death  
1-15 Malevolencia Black Communion Nebula Forest Black  
1-15 Necrutero Metallo   Extreme  
1-15 Shadowland Empty Horizon Soundage Atmo  
1-15 Sparkle Fire in Depth of Silence   Post Black  
1-15 Terminal Death S/T   Death Thrash E.P.
1-15 Zloslut Sahar Morbid Chapel Black  
1-16 Obsolete The Rumored Death of Atlas   Death Thrash  E.P.
1-16 Tunge Byrder An Ice Cold Warfare part:2   Black E.P.
1-17 Brought to the Water Complex   Atmo Post Black  
1-17 Haunt Mosiac Vision   Heavy E.P.
1-17 Hellraisers The Macabre Dance of the Keeper Vacula Black  
1-17 Michael Harris Orchestrate II Rage and Restraint Lion Prog  
1-17 Mortem  Demon Tales The Horde of Nebulah Death 1995
1-17 Nicolas Waldo Vital Elememnts Lion Prog  
1-17 Perpetual Die Primitive Anima Invocation   Death E.P.
1-17 Sinister Tradition Count Nastros   Black  
1-18 Altitudes & Attitude Get it Out Megaforce  Heavy  
1-18 Avathar Burgulu Gollums Treasures Epic Black  
1-18 Blurr Thrower Les Avatars du Vide   Atmo E.P.
1-18 The Cards S/T     Paul Quinn
1-18 Crematory Stench Grotesque Deformities Blood Harvist Death E.P.
1-18 Dawn of Ashes The Crypt Injection II Metropolis Ind Black  
1-18 Dust Bolt* Trapped In Chaos Napalm  Thrash  
1-18 Ectovoid Inner Death Blood Harvest Death E.P.
1-18 Epitima Thread Naturmacht Post Black  
1-18 Ewiheim Irrlichter Golden Church Goth  
1-18 Fever 333 Strength in Numbers 333rs' Roadrunner    
1-18 Flotsam And Jetsam* The End of Chaos AFM Power Thrash  
1-18 Fortress S/T High Roller Heavy E.P.
1-18 Furor Gallico Dusk of the Ages Scarlet Folk  
1-18 Gloryful Cult of Sedna Massacre Heavy  
1-18 Gorgon Elegy Dusktone Sym Melodic  
1-18 Hanormale Reborn in Butterfly Dusktone Ind Black  
1-18 Lahmia Resilience Scarlet Gothic Melodic  
1-18 Lemuria* The Hysterical Hunt Massacre Sym Black Folk  
1-18 Malevolent Creation The 13th Beast Century Media Death Thrash  
1-18 Magnum Live At Symphony Hall SPV Rock Live
1-18 Marc Durkee Remain in Status   Melodic  
1-18 Medeia Xenosis Playground Alt Death  
1-18 Metal Inquisitor Panopticon Massacre Heavy  
1-18 Musmahhu Reign of the Odious Iron Bonehead Death  
1-18 A Pale Horse Named Death* When the World Becomes Undone SPV   Sal Abruscato
1-18 Phlebotomized Deformatiom of Humanity Hammerheart Avant Garde  
1-18 Powergame Maquerade Iron Shield Heavy  
1-18 Raven Screaming Murder Death from Above SPV Heavy Live
1-18 Ride for Revenge Ageless Powers Arise Hells Headbangers EXP Black 2015
1-18 Rifftera Across the Acheron Inverse Melodic  
1-18 Sadisme Festering in Telepathic Communion Grey Matter Black  
1-18 Torque S/T  1996 Mascot   Phil Demmel 
1-18 Trollfest Norwegian Fairytales NoiseArt Folk  
1-18 Aligator Wine The Flying Carousal Century Media   E.P.
1-19 Burning Witches S/T and Bruning Alive Nuclear Blast Heavy 2017
1-19 The Mound Builders S/T Failure Stoner  
1-19 Horrisonous A Culinary Cacophony Memento Mori Death  
1-19 Iskhathron Visione   Black  
1-19 Pain Patters The Dawn Collective   Prog Death  
1-19 Raven Live in Aalborg Steamhammer NWOBHM Live
1-19 Ravenous Death Chapters of an Evil Transistion Memento Mori Death  
1-19 Vanguard II   Melodic  
1-19 Velian Godless   Melodic Goth  
1-19 Vermin Scourge Triumphant Savagery Deathcamp Extreme E.P.
1-20 Escapist The Nihilistic Doctrine   Black  
1-20 Defixion Tabelae Defixionis   Death E.P.
1-20 Hautakumpu Uuden aja aatto Corpse Torture Black E.P.
1-20 Intristare Vestiges I   Dep Amb  
1-20 Mar Pressed in the Earth   Sludge  
1-20 Mist The Essence of Negativity   Dep Black E.P.
1-20 The Ogre Entity   Prog Extreme  
1-20 Red Cain Kindred: Act I   Prog Groove  
1-20 Solemn Ceremony The Chamber   Doom E.P.
1-20 Sorgelig Devoted to Nothingness LFDMP Black E.P.
1-21 Chlad Chram bolesti   Doom E.P.
1-21 Hooisonous A Culinary Cacophony Memento Mori Death  
1-21 In Eternum Discover GS Goth Doom  
1-21 Infernarium Kadotuksen harmonia Helter Skelter Thrash  
1-21 Malum Crowned with the Serpents Helter Skelter Black 2015
1-21 Malum Night of the Luciferian Light Helter Skelter Black 2017
1-21 Negative Slug Inbreed Retard One Armed Man Doom E.P.
1-21 Noctambulist Atmospheres of Desolation Blood Harvest Extreme  
1-21 Nordor Caedis   Death  
1-21 Obskkvlt Blackarhats NP Death  
1-21 Oblivion S/T Unique Leader Tech Death  
1-21 Shadow Puncher All Glory to the King   Death  
1-21 Soulcide From Awakening to Extinction   Death  
1-21 Vessel of Iniquity Void of Infinite Horror Sentient Ruin Extreme Noise  
1-21 Vile Apparition Depravity Ordained Blood Harvest Death  
1-21 Warg Dark Tales   Melodic  
1-21 Wolven Chest of Inspiration   Melodic  
1-22 Carpe Diem Acustico   Sym Power E.P.
1-22 Extenatropsy Sitra   Death  
1-22 Gangrena S/T   Black  
1-22 Gates to the Abyss Sorcery of Melkor   Extreme  
1-22 Lampades Disident   Death  
1-22 Mortal Scepter Where Light Suffocates Xtreem Thrash  
1-22 Psychrophilia Longing   Dep Black  
1-22 Some Dead Bodies S/T   Deathcore  
1-22 Surtalog Schwerstrum   Prog Black E.P.
1-23 Avantasia More Moonglow Nuclear Blast Sym Power The Rock Hard E.P.
1-23 Helevorn Aamamata BadMoodMan Doom Goth  
1-23 Inferno Basado en hechos reales Necromance Thrash  
1-23 Syu Vorvados Warner Japan Heay Power  
1-23 War Eternal S/T Thanatology Death E.P.
1-24 Autumn Stacking Smoke Painted Bass Gothic  
1-24 Dr. Skull Wory Zover Hammer Heavy 1990
1-24 Dr. Skull Rools 4 Fools Hammer Heavy 1992
1-24 Dr. Skull Hersey Yolunda Hammer Heavy 1994
1-24 Dr. Skull Box Set Hammer Heavy Box Set
1-24 Mendel The Blood, The Sin and The Djinn   Prog E.P.
1-25 Altarage The Approaching Season of Mist Extreme  
1-25 Ancient Bards Origine Limb Sym Power  
1-25 Ars Magma Umbrea Lunar Ascension I Voidhanger    
1-25 Bashingsay Sadistic Scene or Brutality Rotten Death  
1-25 Bekmork Incantations of the Frigid North   Black E.P.
1-25 Bring Me The Horizon* Amo Columbia Hard Rock  
1-25 Carnal Forge* Gun to Mouth Salvation Vicusolum Thrash  
1-25 Convictors Atrocious Perdition Kernkraftritter Death  
1-25 Desecravity* Ananthema Willowtip Tech Death  
1-25 Diabol Boruta Czary Pure Steel Folk  
1-25 Dodsfall Doden shal ikke vente Osmose Black  
1-25 AEra The Craving Within ATMF Pagan  
1-25 Entoria Aschheim   Melodic Death  
1-25 Eresia Airesis Andromeda Relix Death Thrash E.P.
1-25 Evergrey* The Atlantic AFM Melodic Prog  
1-25 Fleurety Min tid skal komme Peaceville Prog Avant 1995
1-25 Foul Of Worms   Doom Death E.P.
1-25 Fusion Bomb Concrete Jungle Iron Shield Thrash  
1-25 Gorgon The Veil of Darkness Osmose Black  
1-25 Hecate Enthroned Embrace of the Godless Aeon M-Theory Extreme  
1-25 Hollow Leg Civilizations Argonauta Doom  
1-25 Incite* Built to Destroy Minus Head Thrash Groove  
1-25 Inferritvm RThe Grimoires Inverse Black  
1-25 Inglorious Ride to Nowhere      
1-25 In Hell Satanica Mundi Mystyk Extreme  
1-25 Insanity Alert* 666 Pack Season of Mist Thrash  
1-25 Jeff Hughell* Deprevation   Prog EXP  
1-25 Kane Roberts* The New Normal Frontiers    
1-25 Kataplexia The Rise of the Unknown Rotten Death  
1-25 King Diamond Songs for the Dead Metal Blade  One of a Kind DVD
1-25 King 810 Suicide King      
1-25 Malamorte Hell for All Rockshots    
1-25 Manilla Road Open The Gates High Rooler Heavy 1985
1-25 The Neal Morse Band The Great Adventure Radiant Prog  
1-25 Nightfyre From Fortune to Ruin The Charming Man Heavy  
1-25 Onfodt Dodsrikets kallelse Immortal Frost Black  
1-25 Perverticon Wounds of Divinity Iron Bonehead Black  
1-25 Rendered Helpless Suffer, Seraphim   Death  
1-25 Rotting Christ* The Heretics Season of Mist Dark Melodic  
1-25 The Sabbathian Latum Alterum Svart Doom  
1-25 Seed of the Sorcerer, Womb of the Witch Spell Book i   Doom Death E.P.
1-25 SDI Satan's Defloration Incorporated High Roller Speed 1986
1-25 SDI Sign of the Wicked High Roller Speed 1988
1-25 Slow IV- Mythologiae Code 666 Fun Doom  
1-25 Starbreaker Dysphoria Frontiers   Tony Harnell and Magnus Karlsson
1-25 Steel Engraved S/T Rock of Angels Heavy  
1-25 Steve Hackett At the Edge of Light Inside Out Prog  
1-25 Suffering Souls In Synergy Obscene Schwarzdorn Sym Black  
1-25 Swallow the Sun When a Shadow is Forced into Light Century Media Melodic  
1-25 Together to the Stars An Oblivion Above   Post Black  
1-25 Quiet Riot One Night in Milan Frontiers Hard Heavy Live
1-25 Ulvadalir ...of Death Eternal Iron Bonehead Black  
1-25 Window Ritual High Roller   1983
1-26 Depraver Suffering in the Coffin   Black Thrash E.P.
1-26 Imminent Reaper Walls of Death   Death Thrash  
1-26 Light Dweller Incandescent Crucifix Heavy Extreme  
1-26 Svartelder Pits Dusktone Black  
1-27 Demrphed Creation of a War Machine   Death  
1-28 Chainsaw Hill of Crosses Chainsaw Thrash  
1-28 Frenzy Blind Justice      
1-28 Inner Shrine Heroes   Goth  
1-28 Lichborne In Brightness Shadows Narcopeptica Black  
1-28 Regicide As Skin Turns to Flesh Metal Media Death E.P.
1-29 Circle's Line Reborn in Silence Sleazy Rider Heavy  
1-29 Eskapism De plantu naturae   Atmo Black E.P.
1-29 Maes Morrendo Corrosivo   Doom  
1-30 Celestial Wizard A Sinister Awakening   Heavy Power Viking  
1-30 Cenotaph Voluptuously Minced Drain Death  
1-30 Deadspace Dirge Talheim   Dep Black
1-30 Rostorchester Die Sonne und der Mond of Ketten Bergstoltz Black  
1-30 Stormhaven Liquid Imagery   Prog Death  
1-30 Vandor In the Land of Vandor     Power
1-31 Antipathic Humanimals Despise the Sun Death  
1-31 Asenheim Tristan Narbentage Pagan Black  
1-31 Burial The Forgotten Dismal Fate Doom Death  
1-31 Goatflesh Pilgrimage to Icon of Sin Cold Breath of Silence Extreme  
1-31 Hounds Warrior of the Sun Punishment 18 Heavy Power  
1-31 Life Suffers Defeat Never Ending   Melodic Core E.P.
1-31 Prehistoric Pigs Dai   Stoner  
1-31 Sleep Live at Third Man Records Third Man Records Doom Stoner Live 4 Disc
1-31 Tank Genocide Maussade   Black Noise E.P.
1-31 Target Deep Water Flames Australis Tech Death  
1-31 Toxik Attack Assassinos em Serie      
1-31 Tumulario Renace el crudo metal Solitude Black Thrash 2016
1-31 Wintergeist Kalte Fluten EER Black  

February Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
2-1 Astronoid S/T Blood Shoegaze  
2-1 Avhath The Avhath Rites   Post Black Crust E.P.
2-1 Avantasia Angels of Babylon Napalm Sym Melodic 2010
2-1 Avantasia The Mystery of Time Napalm Sym Melodic 2013
2-1 Avantasia The Scarcrow Napalm Sym Melodic 2008
2-1 Avantasia Wicked Synmphony Napalm Sym Melodic 2010
2-1 Avantasia Moonglow Nuclear Blast Sym Melodic  
2-1 Bloodmores The Seeds of Seasons   Death Thrash  
2-1 Chontaraz Speed the Bullet SAOL Prog Heavy  
2-1 Dark Soul Torment The Suffering   Groove  
2-1 Dieklute Planet Fear Cleopatra Ind Dino Cazares
2-1 Der Rote Milan Moritat UCD Black  
2-1 Dorre Fall River   Pysch Doom  
2-1 The Emerald Dawn Nocturne World's End Prog  
2-1 Erythrite Throne Crystal Tears of the Immortal Witch   Amb Black  
2-1 Graves  Liturgia da Blasfemia Iron Bonehead Black  
2-1 Gruesome Stuff Relish Teenage Giallo Grind Razorback Grind 2002
2-1 Igni This Must be Hell   Black  
2-1 Karfagen Echoes from Within Dragon Island Caerllysi Prog  
2-1 Knchna Habit to Exist   Grind  
2-1 Mastiff Plague   Doomcore  
2-1 Megascavenger Boneyard Symphony Selfmadegod Death  
2-1 Mind of Evil The Book of Eschaton   Epic Doom  
2-1 Morild Sa kom morket og to Indisciplinarian Atmo Black  
2-1 Moulderyawn A Dreamworlds Oeuvre   Amb Black  
2-1 Necropsy Defecation Flesh Gore Pieces of Cannibalistic   Death  
2-1 Optimist Vermachtris Beatendown Hardware Deathcore  
2-1 Ossuarium Living Tomb 20 Buck Spin Death  
2-1 Dynamation Paranormal Isolation   Death  
2-1 The Psychodox Resurgence   Doom  
2-1 Pensees Nocturnes Grand Guignol Orchestra   Avant  
2-1 Pulchra Morte Divina Autem et Aniles Ceremonial Doom Death  
2-1 Rabenwolf ....zu Staub      
2-1 Se Lusiferin Kannel Valtakunta   Atmo Black 2017
2-1 Siberian Live at Studio Undergound The Sign Prog Sludge Live
2-1 Soen Lotus Silver Lining Melodic  
2-1 Son ov Leviathan Luciferian Misanthrope   Extreme  
2-1 Spirit Ruiner Vol . 1 Subside Sludge E.P.
2-1 Svirnath Dalle rive del Curone Naturmacht Atmo   
2-1 Thonum Vrondor Ichor Pulverised Black  
2-1 Unendlich Thanatophobia Horror Pain Gore Death Black  
2-1 Within Temptation Resist Spinefarm Sym  
2-1 Yaldabaoth O Mito das Duas Balrogh Black  
2-1 Wintaar Till Eternity   Atmo Black  
2-1 Zohamah Speading My Ashes Redefining Darkness Doom Extreme  
2-2 Antecessor ExLibris   Thrash  
2-2 Destroyers of All The Vile Manifesto Mosher Prog Death  
2-2 Ebola III Zero Dimensional Black  
2-2 Lek The Eerie One Wolfspell Black E.P.
2-2 Norrsinnt Davahugg Wofspell Pagan Folk 2017
2-2 Tankograd Totalitarian Godz of War Doom  
2-2 Vehemence Par le sang vrese Antiq Black  
2-2 War Thrashed Bienvenido   Thrash  
2-3 Cuero Chancho Cromosomas   Goove  
2-3 Valkiria Epika   Epic Goth  
2-4 Aonikenk Lanza en mano Icarus Speed  
2-4 Atropine Death is Coming   Death  
2-4 Blackdeath Phantasmhassgorie Heidens Heart Black  
2-4 Chronicler Veiled in Infinite Illusions   Sym Melodic Power  
2-4 Gladje The Unwritten Chants of the Dying Light   Black  
2-4 Meslamtaea Niets en niemendal Heidens Heart Black  
2-4 Patan 6 Icarus Heavy  
2-4 Secretpath Dominatio Tempestatis Mask Dead Melodic Extreme  
2-5 Desire Cry at the Sky Heaven and Hell Heavy 1983
2-5 Desire Screamer on the Rocks Heaven and Hell Heavy  
2-5 Echoes of Eternity Ageless Massacre Prog  
2-5 Lord Divine Facing Chaos Fighter Power  
2-5 Vassal of Decadence Pariah   Death Thrash  
2-6 Blodskan La Bas Suicide  Black  
2-6 Cosmic Plunge Dealing with the Harvester   Doom Stoner  
2-6 Shadowolf Ombre Verso   Amb Black  
2-6 Vihan Messu Kahden Maailman   Black  
2-7 IL'Ithil On This Day We Were Reborn   Black  
2-7 Kingpin Prayers Won't Save You   Crossover E.P.
2-7 Mammot Faustian Invocation   Black E.P.
2-7 S.R.L. Hic Sunt Leones Rockshots Melodic  
2-7 The Lust You'll Never Be Mine   Goth E.P.
2-8 Agony Reigns Death From Within   Thrash E.P.
2-8 Barilari Infierock Popart Melodic Thrash  
2-8 Implements of Hell Sea of Necrophenomena Amputated Vein Death  
2-8 Anima Mortuum Goat Destruction Shattered Chain Black  
2-8 Beast in Black* From Hell with Love Nuclear Blast    
2-8 Bludgeon Hideous Malformations Through Incest   Gore E.P.
2-8 Blue Hummingbird on the Left Alt Tlachinolli Iron Bonehead Black  
2-8 6th Counted Murder  Individual Sliptrick Melodic  
2-8 Deserted Fear* Drowned By Humanity Century Media Death  
2-8 Devour the Fetus Traumatic Birth Delight Amoutated Vein Grind  
2-8 Downfall of Gaia* Ethic of Radical Finitude Metal Blade Atmo Post  
2-8 Drottnar Monolith Endtime Tech Black  
2-8 Electrocution Psychonolaty Goregore Tech Death  
2-8 Herman Frank Fight the Fear AFM   X- Accept
2-8 John Diva & The Rockets of Love "Mama Said Rock is Dead" SPV Rock  
2-8 Maestus Deliquesce Code666 Doom  
2-8 Misshapen Transcendence   Melodic Death E.P.
2-8 Najand In the Night for Revolution   Amb Black  
2-8 Negative Wall Gammagelu Black Doomba Doom E.P.
2-8 Night Hag Insemination Rites of the Succubus Horror Pain Gore Death Doom Death 2018
2-8 No Other God Take It By Storm Roxx Prog Power  
2-8 A Novelist Folie   Prog Death  
2-8 Our Survival Depend on Us Melting the Ice in the Hearts of Men Van Sludge  
2-8 Palmistry Behold!   Doom  
2-8 Raped By Pigs Mental Diseases Amputated Vein Death  
2-8 Rosy Vista* Unbelievable SPV Heavy  
2-8 Sarastus Enter the Necropolis   Black  
2-8 The Scars in Pneuma The Path of Seven Sorrows Promethean Fire Black  
2-8 Seer  Vol. 6 Artoffact Doom  
2-8 SkeleToon They Never Say Die Scarlet Power  
2-8 Thornbridge* Theatrical Masterpiece Massacre Power  
2-8 Toby Knapp* Blizzard Archer Moribund Rockers Prog Shred  
2-8 Tribe of Pazuzu Heretical Uprising   Extreme E.P.
2-8 Vircolac Masque Dark Descent Death  
2-8 Windswept* The Onlooker Season of Mist Black  
2-9 IV V I IV Kabus Legion Black  
2-9 A Greed Science The Goodwill of Man   Death  
2-9 Critical Defiance Misconception Unspeakable Axe Thrash  
2-9 Malignant Prity Through Putrefacation   Death  
2-9 Savage Necromancy S/T   Extreme E.P.
2-9 Proceus Maharaja Hitam Kelam Black  
2-10 C.I.A. Hippie Mind Control Special Purpose   Psych  
2-10 Malignitas Versunken im Morast   Raw Black  
2-10 Nartvind Mist Deviant Black  
2-10 Pubawara Aphorism   Melodic Death  
2-10 Steel Shock With Fire & Steel Alone  Heavy  
2-10 Temple of Demigod Onslaught of the Ancient Gods   Sym Extreme  
2-10 Zeugen der Leere Erinnerungen an Theia   Melodic Amb  
2-11 Against Myself Unity On Fire Sym  
2-11 Denis Shvarts Dreamology   Tech Death  
2-11 Grievance Em Lucefecit War Black  
2-11 In-Sight Enlightened by Shadows   Melodic Death  
2-11 Masque The Dead of Night No Remorse Heavy E.P.
2-11 Nattmara The Snctuary of Nature   Black E.P.
2-11 Necromantizer Songs of Blood and Devotion   Black E.P.
2-11 Symphodia     Heavy E.P.
2-11 Ysbryd Kraft   Black  
2-12 Angra Demana Triptych of Decay   Amb Black E.P.
2-12 Blatant Disarray Ebon Path Dirt Speed Thrash  
2-12 Cetus S/T Elderblood Raw Black  
2-12 Death Carrier The Drone Sessions   Drone Doom  
2-12 Declared Dead  Cosmic Plague   Black Thrash  
2-12 Exocriate Live 7" Horrible Death Death E.P.
2-12 Hellnite* Phantom Force Sliptrick Thrash  
2-12 Il Vuoto Vastness Hypnotic Dirge Drone Doom  
2-12 Kalanthes Grim Grey God   Melodic  
2-12 A Million Dead Birds Laughing To The Ether   Tech Grind  
2-12 Nokturnal Frost Night Terrors   Black  
2-12 Sacrificia Nostalgia   Amb Black  
2-12 Sepulchral Graveyard Repugnance   Death E.P.
2-12 The Wandering Ascetic Crimson Transcending Obscurity Extreme  
2-12 Worthlessness Negative Isolation   Death Doom  
2-13 Abyssous Smouldering Iron Bonehead Death 2013
2-13 Dissimulation Drakonas Mire Ledo Takas Black Thrash  
2-13 Dustborn MMXVIII   Sym Death E.P.
2-13 Fog Warrior A Painful Exit from a Beautiful Lie   Atmo Black  E.P.
2-13 Witchgoat Egregors of the Black Faith Morbid Skull Black Thrash  
2-14 Black Smoke Holy Reptilian Mother   Sludge  
2-14 Fangsylvania Blotorstig   Sym Extreme  
2-14 Kaunis Kuolemton Elama ei tarvit   Melodic E.P.
2-14 Morphinist Thousand Souls Unleashed   Atmo Post Black  
2-14 Terriory Reborn Sleazy Rider  Heay Thrash  
2-14 Tyrannic Exterminating Angel Seance Thrash Doom E.P.
2-14 Violet Cold kOsmik   Various  
2-14 Wyrmwoods Spirit & Teeth Inverse Atmo  
2-15 A Hero for the World West to East   Power  
2-15 Ad Patres A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments Xenokorp Death  
2-15 Afraid of Destiney S.I.G.H.S. Talheim Atmo  
2-15 Aleere Suicide in Solitude War Against Yourself Dep Black  
2-15 Al Gore Die Tangende des Grauens   Grind  
2-15 Archer Nation* Beneath The Dream Emp Thrash  
2-15 Aschergen  Untot Pure Underground Heavy  
2-15 Asphodelus Stygian Dreams Terror from Hell Doom Death  
2-15 Avantasia Moonglow NuclearBlast Sym  
2-15 Backstabber* Conspiracy Theorist   Death Thrash  
2-15 Black Mass Warlust Iron Shield Thrash  
2-15 Blood Libel Only One Way to Win our  Back Nations   Black E.P.
2-15 Blodhemn Mot ein evig ruin Soulseller Black  
2-15 Born of Pain True Love Beatdown Hardware Thrashcore  
2-15 Carved Thanatos Revalve Sym Death  
2-15 Ceifador Hell Reaper   Thrash  
2-15 Chainbreaker Lethal Desire Hells Headbangers Thrash Speed  
2-15 Death Worship End Times Nuclear War Now! Extreme E.P.
2-15 Despised Cruelty Lez padol Mara Black  
2-15 Diabolical Eclipse Inie  Extreme  
2-15 Disgruntled Anthropophagi Violently Expunged Lord of the sick  Death  
2-15 Encoffinized Chambers of Deprivation Maggot Stomp Grind  
2-15 Electric Mary Mother Listenable Stoner  
2-15 End of Silence* Sail to Sunset Wormholedeath    
2-15 Eva Can't Febbraio My Kingdom Melodic Tech E.P.
2-15 Feeble Forbidden Ritual Bandcamp Black  
2-15 From Crisis to Collapse The Seventh Tree Melodic Melodic  
2-15 Funeral Presence Achatius Sepulchral Black  
2-15 God Disease Drifting Towards Inevitable FDA Death  
2-15 Harkon Ruins of Gold   Heavy  E.P.
2-15 High Inquisitor Woe The Taint   Doom  
2-15 Hitwood Venus of my Dreams   Melodic Death E.P.
2-15 Holy Blood8 Voice of Blood Vision of God Extreme Folk  
2-15 Incestuuos Impregnation Gnashed Between Unholy  Jaws Lord Of Sick Death E.P.
2-15 In The Fire Volatile Beings Horror Pain Gore Death    
2-15 Joyless Euphoria* Dreaming in Ultraviolet Boersma Post Black  
2-15 Judgement Iron Rule   Crossover  
2-15 Kaamos Warriors* Ikuisen talven sarastus Inverse Dark  
2-15 Kaleikr Heart of Lead Debemur Morti Prog Extreme  
2-15 Kokophrolic Auditorium de rage   Death E.P.
2-15 Lordian Guard Demo 1986 High Roller Epic Heavy E.P.
2-15 Manilla Road The Deluge High Roller Heavy 1986
2-15 Meka  Ending My Life to Destroy Yours Redifining Darkness Black E.P.
2-15 Monarch* Sabbat Noir Profound Lore Doom 2010
2-15 The Munsens Unhanded Sailor Stoner  
2-15 Nagaarum Templom NGC Exp  
2-15 Nedakh Rape the False Witch   Black E.P.
2-15 Obturate The Bleeding Mask of Dread Bleed  Death  
2-15 Oldd Wvrms Codex Tenebris Cursed Monk Doom Death  
2-15 Plaag Ugh! MAR Black'n'Roll  
2-15 Peasants Barriers   Stoner  
2-15 Ravager Thrashletics Pure Steel Thrash  
2-15 Roast Dead Guts Bandcamp Goregrind E.P.
2-15 Rotting Christ The Heretics Season of Mist Melodic  
2-15 Sabhankra The Dream is Dead   Melodic Folk E.P.
2-15 Saor Forgotten Paths Avantgarde Atmo Folk  
2-15 Seedium Awake   Psych E.P.
2-15 Seeking Eternity S/T   Melodic E.P.
2-15 Servus Tenebris S/T Cvlminus Black E.P.
2-15 Setherial Nord Soulseller Black 1996
2-15 Shining Force By The Blood Bloodbought Heavy  
2-15 Signo Rojo End of Tether   Atmo Sludge E.P.
2-15 Skaeckoedlan Eorpe Fuzzorama Psych Stoner  
2-15 Skyglow Thousand Years of Terror Grotesque Sounds Prog Death  
2-15 Sordide Hier deja mort   Black  
2-15 Stian Nyquist The Forgotten Gate   Prog  
2-15 Steel Raiser Acciaio Iron Shield Heavy Power  
2-15 The Three Tremors* S/T Steel Cartel Heavy, Power Speed Conklin, Peck and Owens
2-15 Threatpoint Salvation   Groove  
2-15 Tigersclaw Force of Destiny 7hard Sym Power  
2-15 Trauma As the World Dies Pure Steel Power Speed  
2-15 Turbo Ostatrni wojownik Metal Mind Heavy Thrash  
2-15 Vanum Ageless Fire Napalm Black  
2-15 Wild Shadow S/T   Heavy E.P.
2-15 William J Tsamis Lordian Winds and Sea of Tranquility High Roller Epic Heavy Comp
2-16 Apostate At the Tomb of Sanity   Tech Death  
2-16 Brahmastra 12 th Planet   Black  
2-16 Carcolh Rising Sons of Saturn Emanes Doom 2018
2-16 Deleznable Dejar de existir Zero Dimensional Black  
2-16 Endless Floods Circle The Gold Bigout Doom  
2-16 Hellburst Mribund   Black Thrash E.P.
2-16 Hostlov Til sorg tar oss   Black  
2-16 Profundee Libidines Proces de sorcellerie Zero Dimensional Black  
2-16 Shores of Elysium Verminborne   Melodic Deathcore  
2-16 Sylvania Testigos Rock-CD Power  
2-16 Telumehtar The Well Hidden Marly Black  
2-16 Them Furious Days II   Melodic  
2-17 Demonic Inhabitants Kill Everybody and Destroy the World Eternal Darkness Death  
2-17 Desum Holdalkony   Extreme  
2-17 Diabolical Rites Litanies of the Lecherous   Black  
2-17 Frozen Dreams Voices of the Arctic Winter   Atmo Black  
2-17 Hexhorn Before The End Mara Thrash Death  
2-17 Lord Folin Beich Apathy   Raw Black  
2-17 Marco Di Stasio Extinction   Prog  
2-17 Mortal Kombat Decenija   Hardcore  
2-17 Satanize Demolition Ritual Altare Black  
2-17 Sebum Excess Production Public Ctstical Extraction Draining Rotten Foetus Grind  
2-18 Rifftera Across the Acheron Inverse  Melodic  
2-18 Uir Oenach Tailten Pest Atmo Black  
2-19 Dunkelnacht Empiter of Mediocracy Non Serviam Black  
2-19 Drawn and Quatered To Kill is Human Moribund Death 1999
2-19 Evil Conspiracy Evil Comes Sliptrick Power  
2-19 For Centuries Centuries of the Black Fire MAT Epic Doom E.P.
2-19  Killer of Gods Aliance of the Damned Extreme Souls Tech Death  
2-19 Lebensgefahr Moonsick   Doom Amb E.P.
2-19 Melancholy Branches and  Hooks   Prog Doom  
2-19 Onirophagus Endarkenment Xtreme Doom Death  
2-19 Satanic From Hell Dawning Septic Thrash Death  
2-19 Tartarus Hymn Remedy   Melodic  
2-19 Vanir Allfather Mighty Viking Folk  
2-20 Afterbleeding Paths of Decimation Sirius Death 2017
2-20 Copselium Fountain of Evil Mummified Atmo Doom  
2-20 Dark Manthra Morbid Chaos   Black  
2-20 Dark Seal Zeme naisich predku Murderous Music Pagan  
2-20 Doombringer Walpurgis Fires Nuclear War Now! Extreme  
2-20 Entrenched  Endless Occupation   Death Thrash  
2-20 Ethereal Darkness Smoke and Shadows   Melodic  
2-20 Evnen Act:II   Sym Death  
2-20 Isebel The Maleficent Correlation   Melodic Black  
2-20 Liquid Horizon Beyond Borders Record Jet Prog Metal  
2-20 Plague Throat Evolutionary Impasse Death E.P.  
2-20 Rise to Fall Into Zero   Groove  
2-20 Sheogorath The Feeble and the Worthless   Melodic Black  
2-20 Tormentor 666 Destroying the Holiness BAP Black  
2-20 Vorga Radiant Gloom   Black E.P.
2-20 Vvilderness Devour The Sun CBM Post Black  
2-21 Downcross Mysteries of Left Path   Extreme  
2-21 Iron Bastard Commanders of Hell IHDO Black Speed  
2-21 L.O.R.E. Gateways Narcoleptica Black  
2-21 Nornir Verdandi Northern Silence Black  
2-21 Ravia Entre   Power  
2-21 Sorathian Dawn Sun of the Deep   Extreme  
2-22 Abyssic High the Memory Osmose Sym Doom  
2-22 AEnimus* Dreamcatcher Nuclear Blast Prog core  
2-22 Antre Void Withered Hand Atmo Black  
2-22 Archer Bneath the Dream   Melodic Heavy  
2-22 Basilysk Emergence   Black  
2-22 Booze Control Forgotton Lands Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
2-22 Candlemass The Door of Doom Napalm Doom  
2-22 Can Bardd The Last Rain Northern Silence Epic Atmo  
2-22 Cold Colours Northernmost   Atmo Death Goth  
2-22 Continuum Designed Obsolescence Unique Leader Tech Death  
2-22 Damnation's Hammer Unseen Planets, Deadly Spheres Massacre Doom Death 2017
2-22 Dead Witches The Final Exorcism Heavy Psych Stoner  
2-22 Delain Hunter's Moon Napalm Sym  
2-22 Demon Head Hellfire Ocean Void Svart Doom  
2-22 Disgorge Demo 1995 Underated Death 1995
2-22 Dream Theater Distance over Time Inside Out Prog  
2-22 Feral Light Fear Rides a Shadow Init Black'n'Roll  
2-22 Gatekeeper Grey Maiden Cruz Del Sur Heavy E.P.
2-22 Grafvitner Venenum Scorpions Carnal Melodic  
2-22 Harmdaud Skarvor Art Gates Atmo  
2-22 Hiss from the Moat The Harrier M-Theory Extreme  
2-22 Imperia Flames of Eternity Massacre Sym  
2-22 Last In Line II Frontiers Heavy  
2-22 Light Force Mystical Thieves Soundmass Heavy 1989 Steve Rowe
2-22 Lysithea Star - Crossed Rain Without End Melodic  
2-22 Mortanius Till Death Do Us Part Rockshots Prog Power  
2-22 The Moth Gatherer Esoteric Oppression  Agonia    
2-22 Mortanius* Till Death Do Us Part Rock Shots Prog Power E.P.
2-22 Nasheim Jord och aska Northern Silence Black  
2-22 Oculum Dei Dreams of Desire and Torment   Blackened Death  
2-22 Opprobrium The Fallen Entities High Roller Thrash  
2-22 Ordos The End Moving Air Stoner  
2-22 Overkill The Wings of War  Nuclear Blast Thrash  
2-22 Pastor Brad Rock This World   Prog Shred  
2-22 Pounder Uncivilized Hells Headbangers Heavy  
2-22 Prion Aberrant Calamity Comotose Death  
2-22 Relics of Humanity Obscuration Willowtip Death E.P.
2-22 Rezet Deal With It! Metalville Thrash  
2-22 Rhapsody of Fire* The Eighth Mountain   Sym Power  
2-22 Reject the Sickness The New Chapter   Melodic Core E.P.
2-22 Riot Archives Volume 2  High Roller Heavy Comp
2-22 Rock Goddess This Time   NWOBHM  
2-22 Sanhedrin The Poisener Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
2-22 Slutrot Slaughtered Slut Stories   Death  
2-22 Spirits of Fire S/T Frontiers Heavy Super Group
2-22 Stormlord At the Gates of Utopia Scarlet   2001
2-22 Stormlord The Gorgon Cult Scarlet   2004
2-22 The Tempter Turpis Rex Napalm   Alex Wank
2-22 Time Symmetry Ghost   Prog  
2-22 Tora Tora Bastards of Beale   Rock  
2-22 Uncivilized Pounder Hells Headbangers Heavy All Star Line up
2-22 Wachenfeldt The Interpreter Threeman Death  
2-22 Walls Of Blood Omperium Metalville   Glen Drover
2-22 Waylander Eriu's Wheel Listenable Celtic Folk  
2-22 Werian Animist Eisenwald Black Doom  
2-22 West Bound Volume I Frontiers Hard Rock Chas West
2-22 The Wizard Full Moon in Scorpio High Roller    
2-22 Wolf Counsel Destination Void Endless Winter Doom  
2-23 400 Legado   Heavy Hard E.P.
2-23 Ababdoned by Light She Walked in Beauty   Black  
2-23 Ewgkeit* DISClose DTM EXP Black  
2-23 Isrike Wille Zur Macht Darker Than Black Black  
2-23 Lost Continent The Gang Plays Death Metal   Progcore  
2-23 Pandorium The Eye of the Beholder Roll the Bones Prog Thrash  
2-23 Sect Anathema Assault Black E.P.
2-23 Swamp Aim: Collapse Coyote Death  
2-23 Vale of Amonition Ancient, Evil & African   Prog Doom  
2-23 Within Chaos Visions in Darkness   Thrashcore E.P.
2-24 Autumn Stacking Smoke Painted Bass Gothic  
2-24 Getaway Van* S/T   Rock  
2-24 Metsatoll Katk kutsariks   Folk  
2-24 Valtari Origin Enigma   Melodic  
2-25 AEnigmatum S/T Headsplit Extreme  
2-25 Apes of God Procession of Death Death in Pieces Thrash Death E.P.
2-25 Eremit Carrier of Weight Transcending Obscurity Doom  
2-25 Illum Adora ... of Serpentine Forces Folter Black  
2-25 Lucifera La caceria de brujas Dunkelheit Thrash  
2-25 Malhkebre Satanic Resistance Lamech Black  
2-25 Pathologic Noise S/T Kill Again Death  
2-25 Saludie Viros Veramos   Folk  
2-25 Valle Crucis Iron & Blood Narcolyptica Black  
2-25 V/H/S/ Opus DCLXVI   Atmo Post  
2-26 Ad Nihil Coh   Doom  
2-26 Desrealizacion Ciutadella   Dep Amb E.P.
2-26 Faith of Gestalgt Inner Space   Black E.P.
2-26 Faith of Gestalgt Inner Space 2   Black E.P.
2-26 Hexivoid Disdain from a Burning Cosmos AHPN Black  
2-26 Horse Lung     Stoner  
2-26 Kala  Litany of Dissonant Souls RHHI Black  
2-26 Steelwings Back Sliptrick Heavy Hard  
2-26 Syrictus Anticosmia   Death  
2-26 Unholy Impurity Bone Worship   Black  
2-27 Burial Stone Lost History   Death E.P.
2-27 Gruzja I isc dalej Godz of War Black  
2-27 Pigs Blood A Flock Slaughtered Godz of War Death  
2-27 Warfist Grunberger Godz of War Black Thrash  
2-28 Ashes S/T Malignant Black  
2-28 Black Legion Rise of Impious Demonolatry Bestial Burst Black  
2-28 Bus Never Decide Riding Easy Heavy Doom  
2-28 Departure Chandelier Antichrist Rise to Power Nuclear War Now! Black  
2-28 Die Schwarze Sonne Sisalla Placenta Black  
2-28 Elitania Inri   Sym  
2-28 Experior Obscura Iter in Nebula Third-I-Rex Black  
2-28 Heretical Sect Rotting Cosmic Grief Vendetta Black E.P.
2-28 Legado de una Tragedia El secreto   Heavy Hard  
2-28 Lion Music Presents* Joseph Haydn Reworks   Classical Prog  
2-28 Malviant Prophetic Desecration Soman Heavy Thrash  
2-28 Murkryth Ozark Winter   Black  
2-28 Neo Noir Forbidden Chants of Spiritual Famine   Atmo  
2-28 Night's Blood Black Arts   Black Thrash  
2-28 Owls Wood Graves Citizenship of the Abyss Malignant Voices Crust  
2-28 Pesta Faith Bathed in Blood   Stoner  
2-28 Phobonoid La caduta di Phobos Avantgarde Ind Black Doom  
2-28 Predawn S/T Old Skull Doom E.P.
2-28 Unmen S/T   Thrash Grind E.P.
2-28 Wulkanaz S/T Helter Skelter Black  
2-28 Xarzebaal II   Black  


March Releases


Date Artist Release Label  Genre Notes
3-1 Ahriman Osko   Black  
3-1 Annihilatus Death from Above Bestial Beast Black  
3-1 Bihargam Castaka   Black  
3-1 Black Omen Darkness is My Essence   Melodic Black E.P.
3-1 Bleed Someone Dry* Unorthodox Wormholedeath Prog Core  
3-1 Blood Ceremony Lolly Windows/ Heaven and Hell Rise Above Retro Doom E.P.
3-1 Blosse Nocturne   Black  
3-1 Chrome Waves A Grief Observed Disorder Post Black  
3-1 Climate of Fear* The Onset of Eternal Darkness DRAE Melodic Core  
3-1 Darkwater Human Ulterium Prog  
3-1 Devil Master Satan Spits on Children of Light Relapse Crust  
3-1 Demon Hunter Peace      
3-1 Demon Hunter War      
3-1 Der Weg Einer Freiheit Live in Berlin Season of Mist   Live
3-1 Fange Punir Throatruiner    
3-1 Hiranya Breathe Out       
3-1 In Flames I, The Mask Nuclear Blast Melodic  
3-1 Katechon Sanger fra Auschwitz Saturnal Extreme  
3-1 Kat & Roman Kostrzewski Popior   Thrash  
3-1 Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard Yn Ol I Annwyn Heavy New Sounds Psy Doom  
3-1 Mark Morton Anesthetic Spinefarm    
3-1 Merzbow Venereology Relapse Noise  
3-1 Mostly Autumn White Rainbow   Prog  
3-1 Overt Enemy Inception Confused Thrash E.P.
3-1 Perdition The Arrival   Sym Death  
3-1 Pissgrave Posthumous Humilation Profound Lore Death  
3-1 Red Cain* Kindred Act I   Melodic Prog  
3-1 Ron Keel Band Fight Like A Band EMP Hard  
3-1 Sacred Monster Worship the Weird   Stoner  
3-1 Saul* Aeons     E.P.
3-1 Scargod Krankheit Mensh 7hard Extreme Prog  
3-1 Sisters of Suffocation Humans are Broken Napalm Death  
3-1 Source* totality   Prog  
3-1 Queensryche The Verdict Century Media Prog  
3-1 Vous Autres Champ du sang   Black Slugde  
3-2 Abysmal Growls of Despair La Fort   Fun Doom  
3-2 Chine Like Vultures   Melodic E.P.
3-2 Gervurahel Un nuevo amanecer Uncreation Black  
3-2 Infernal Symphony Cease to Exist   Avant Garde  
3-2 Internment Chained to the Moon   Extreme  
3-2 Letharia Dietrich   Sym Power E.P.
3-2 Moonaadem Neantiste   Amb  
3-2 Ruins of the Past Alchemy of Sorrow - Gold   Sym Doom E.P.
3-2 Spoulus The Final Conclusion NGC Atmo Black  
3-2 Symfobia The Smog of Tomorrow Molix Sym  
3-2 UA Chaines d"Esclaves Witchcult Black  
3-2 Vimur Triumphant Master of Fates Boris Black  
3-2 Endless Genocide S/T   Death  
3-3 Alexander Palitsin Incubus Incorporeal   Prog Thrash 2011
3-3 Alpha Centauri Return of the Herakieds Eat Metal Epic Heavy E.P.
3-3 Anomaly Planet Storm   Death  E.P.
3-3 losicum Raging Living Stress Hormones Thrash  
3-3 ONO Cloaked Climax Concealed Transcending Obscurity EXP  
3-3 Ot Tymah S/T   Amb Folk Black  
3-3 PhoshorusXV Sonos a Tenebrae      
3-3 Sins of the Damned Striking the Bell of Death Shadow Kingdom Speed  
3-3  Sores S/T   Black  
3-3 Wake of the Blade The Flesh Ephemerel   Post Sludge E.P.
3-4 Black Anvil Miles STB Black Thrash  E.P.
3-4 Herbstnebel Inner Catharsis Pt.2   Atmo Black  
3-4 Herbstnebel Inner Catharsis Pt.2   Atmo Black  
3-4 Meadows End The Grand Antiquation Black Lion Melodic  
3-4 Repvblika The Insurgent Metal Realms Extreme  
3-4 Vita Imana Bosa Kaiowas Groove  
3-5 Abola  The Great Illusion   Death  
3-5 Aryman Czarne rytualy otchlani Hass Weg Black  
3-5 Awakening Sun Into the Light   Melodic  
3-5 Crimson Altar The Dwelling   Doom  
3-5 Forged in Black Descent of the Serpent Fighter Heavy Thrash  
3-5 Graven Crypt Tower Cathedral of a Deity Forgotten AHPN Doom Death  
3-5 The Haunting Green Natural Extinctions Hypnotic Dirge Post Doom  
3-5 Helgafell Landvaettir   Atmo Black  
3-5 Lucian the Wolfbearer Old Roots   Fun Doom  
3-5 Lunar Tomb Morning Attire   Stoner  
3-5 Mileth Catro Pregaries Soungage Pagan Folk  
3-5 Paroxysmal Buthering Amygdala   Death  
3-5 Semetales Salvajes Greend   Stoner  
3-5 Totalt Livsnekad Self is the Lowest Form   Dep Amb  
3-5 Whythre Stillborn World   Mel Death E.P.
3-6 Basmu Enshrined in Eternity   Black  
3-6 Black Kalmar Skull A Night of Silence   Post Rock  
3-6 Burning Rain Face the Music Avalon Heavy Hard  
3-6 Foul Body Autopsy The Unquiet Dead   Death  
3-6 Najash Viperaeon Hache de Hueso Extreme  
3-6 Neldoreth The Saints of Blasphemy Anti Death  
3-7 Anacreon Svedomi Avic Sym Goth  
3-7 Andeis Servants of the Cold Night LA Black  
3-7 Dogs with Jobs Payday Tales from the Pit Thrash 1993
3-8 Amalgam  Effect* Sketches   Prog  
3-8 Black Lung Ancients Ripple Psych Doom  
3-8 Bergraven Det framlidna minnet Nordvis EXP Black  
3-8 Berkowity* Wrld Gone to Shit   Horror Pain Gore Death  
3-8 Bloodspell  Cloaked in Burning Light Caligari Black  
3-9 Godless Sic Luceat Vacuum Ancient  Urn Death  E.P.
3-9 Brymir Wings of Fire Ranka Sym Melodic  
3-8 Children Of Bodom* Hexed Nuclear Blast Thrash  
3-8 Count Raven Mammons War I Hate Doom  
3-8 Damon Johnson Memoirs of an Uprising Double Dragon Hard Rock  
3-8 Doro Backstage to Heaven Nuclear Blast Heavy E.P.
3-8 Equipoise Demiurgus The Artisan Era Tech Prog Death  
3-8 Efreeti Man of Sand      
3-8 Eternity Opens Among the Lost   Prog Metal  
3-8 Fen Stone & Sea Eisenwald Atmo Post  
3-8 Hades Instrumental Things  1988-2012 Orphictone Power Thrash  
3-8 Hellnite* Midnight Terrors Sliptrick Heavy  
3-8 Holding Absence S/T Sharptone    
3-8 Iron Fire Beyond the Void Crime  Heavy Power  
3-8 Iron Hearse Your Turn in the Urn Snake Mountain Doom E.P.
3-8 Iron Savior Kill or Get Killed AFM Speed Power  
3-8 I.N.C. Trrible Things   Thrash  
3-8 Karbholz Herz & Verstand Metalville    
3-8 Kings Destroy Fantasma Nera Svart Doom  
3-8 Leather Glove Perpetual Animation Sentient Ruin Death Crust  
3-8 Malakhim II Iron Bonehead Black E.P.
3-8 Mago de Oz Ira Dei DRO Celtic Folk  
3-8 Misery Index* Rituals of Power Season of Mist Extreme  
3-8 Mustan Kuun Lapset Valo Inverse Dark  
3-8 Mystifier Protogoni Mavri Magiki Season of Mist Black  
3-8 Picture Books The Hands of Time Century Media    
3-8 Poh Hock Atma     E.P.
3-8 Pyracanda Two Sides of a Coin Divebomb Thrash 1990
3-8 The Raven Age Conspiracy Corvid   George Harris
3-8 Reverend Jack  S/T      
3-8 Scrawn Side By Side   Melodic Heavy  
3-8 Sinmara Hvisl Van  Black  
3-8 Stonecast I Earther Pitch Black Heavy Power  
3-8 Stone Leaders S/T Vanity Prog  
3-8 Temple of the Fuzz Witch S/T Seeing Red Doom  
3-8 Thormesis The Sixth MDD Black  
3-8 Tyr Hel Metal Blade Folk  
3-8 Varkan  S/T   Thrash Heavy  
3-9 Astral Silence Sagittarius A Transcedence Black Amb  
3-9 Betrayer S/T   Thrash  
3-9 Coldnight Lifeblood Zero Dimensional Black  
3-9 Gjendod Krigsdoger Hellthrasher Black  
3-9 Hrafnskald The Means of Barbarity   Black  
3-9 Justabeli Intense Heavy Clash   Extreme  
3-9 Supplices Alogie funebre   Black  
3-10 Cult of the Black Witch S/T Corpse Torture Black  
3-10 Flamen Furor Lunae Wolfspell Black  
3-10 Nattverd Skuggen   Black E.P.
3-10 Panzerwar Ulv og mann   Black  
3-10 Randon Trench Gods of Decimation DOOM Extreme E.P.
3-10 Sadness Rain   Dep Black  
3-10 Vergeblichkeit Corpus Eklipsis Narcoleptica Gothic Black  
3-10 Wolfshade Gates of Kamdahar   Heavy  
3-11 Black Therapy Echoes of Dying Memories Black Lion Melodic Death  
3-11 Bloodthirst I Am Part of That Power Pagan Thrash  
3-11 Ciconia Meraki      
3-11 Devil Beheaded Hex Baker   Black Heavy Thrash E.P.
3-11 Hannes Grossmann* Apophenia   Prog Extreme  
3-11 Heirs of the Void The Rites of Lucifer   Black Doom  
3-11 Nimerigar Massacre of the Savage   Death  
3-11 Warslaves Whips, Whips, Whips...   Black Speed E.P.
3-12 Bible of the Devil Feel It   Heavy  
3-12 Doomcult Life Must End Narcoleptica Doom 2018
3-12 Goliardeath Geologic Madness   Death E.P.
3-12 Marble Carrion Frozen Hell   Death  
3-12 No Wrong Issurrection   Thrash  
3-12 Penquin of Fire Casket Builder   Grind  
3-12 Psalms of Suicide Srvts ov th v Dmnsn   Dep Black  
3-12 Adyire Herald of Damnation   Black  
3-13 Frankie Caracci* Cellular Damascus   Prog E.P.
3-13 Gitrog Spectral Heraldry   Black  
3-13 Jupiter Zeus  Legends Never Die Zeno Sym Neo  
3-13 Krionik The Menace   Thrash  
3-13 Lifeless Form Tearing Open Graves   Black  
3-14 Essence of Datum Spellcrying Machine   Meloodic Tech  
3-14 Falgar I Was Welcomed by Death VM Neo Folk 2008
3-14 Gestapo 666 Black Gestapo Metal Out of Dungeon Black  
3-14 Hour of Thirteen A Kneel Within the Crypt   Heavy Doom E.P.
3-14 Ravenbanner ...and the Raven Sings our Glorious Past Out of the Dungeon Black 2008
3-14 Waster S/T Possessed Heavy Groove  
3-15 11 Paranoias Asterismal Ritual Doom  
3-15 Acid Death Primal Energies 7hard Prog Death Thrash  
3-15 Akasha Canticlesor the Sepulchral Deity Grey Matter Black  
3-15 Al Goregrind The Temple is Burning   Death  
3-15 All Hallow's Evil No Gods, Only Monsters   Melodic Death  
3-15 Ambrotos Cosmic Annulus Sleasy Rider Black  
3-15 Asthma Castle Mount Crushmore   Stoner  
3-15 Athica Decimation   Deathcore  
3-15 Axe Witch Pray For Metal Skol Heavy 1982
3-15 Beorn's Hall In His Granite Realm Naturmacht Black  
3-15 Blakken The Ascendancy of Evil   Extreme E.P.
3-15 Body Void You Will Know the Fear you Forced Upon Us Seeing Red Doom  
3-15 Burden Rage Cenit de la desgracia   Death Thrash  
3-15 Castrofate The Death Metal E.P. Cataclysmic Death Glen Drover
3-15 Contrarian* Their Worms Never Die Willowtip Prog Death  
3-15 Drawn into Descent The Endless Endeavor Avantgarde Atmo Black  
3-15 Enter VI Black Dolphin   Thrash  
3-15 Enisum Moth's Illusion Avantgarde Amb  
3-15 Erebos Heretic Black Sunset Death  
3-15 Eternal Odyssey Awakening EMP   Brent Smendley
3-15 Eugenic Death Under the Knife Heaven and Hell Thrash  
3-15 Ex Libris Ann- Chapter 2   Sym Goth E.P.
3-15 Eyes of the Living War on Dead More Dead Pavement Thrash  
3-15 Falce S/T M.A. Death Thrash  
3-15 Fallujah Undying Light Nuclear Blast Tech Death  
3-15 Faruln The Black Hole of the Soul Batttlesk'rs Black E.P.
3-15 Final Cut Jackhammer Art Gates Thrash  
3-15 Gallowbraid Ashen Eidolon Nothern Silence Melodic Folk 2010
3-15 Haeredium Ascension Art Gates Folk Power  
3-15 Her Worst Nightmare S/T   Grind  
3-15 Implement Bleeding Alone   Death  
3-15 Incandescence Ascension Return to Analog Black  
3-15 Inside War Conditions   Thrash E.P.
3-15 Invictus Burst the Curse   Heavy Power E.P.
3-15 Kever Primordial Offerings Dark Descent Death E.P.
3-15 Ligfaerd Den ildrode konge Vedetta Black  
3-15 Nattesorg Resist the Devil   Black  
3-15 Okkultist Reinventing Evil Alma Mater Death  
3-15 Omicida Defrauded Reign   Thrash  
3-15 Obsidian Shell Mooniversary      
3-15 Overkill* The Wings of War Nuclear Blast Thrash  
3-15 Oozing Wound High Anxiety Thrill Jockey Crossover  
3-15 Progress of Inhumanity Rotating Misery Meat 5000 Grind  
3-15 Noisem Cease to Exist 20 Buck Spin Grind  
3-15 Rise of Tyrants Abnormality in Structure   Death Groove  
3-15 Roman Rouzine Humans   Sym Neoclassical  
3-15 Rotted Remains The Butcher   Death E.P.
3-15 Sacrifice Apocalypse Inside Floga Thrash 1993
3-15 Severe Agony To All Vermins   Death  
3-15 Shadow of Desolation Rise of the Dethroned   Prog Death  
3-15 The Shiver* Adeline Wormholedeath    
3-15 Soulrot All Hail the False Kings VFOWP Death E.P.
3-15 Spiral Skies Cult Art of Propaganda Psy Doom E.P.
3-15 The Stone Kruna praha Mizantropeon  Black E.P.
3-15 Stormtroopers Katapusan Cvlminus Extreme E.P.
3-15 Superlynx New Moon Dark Essence Stoner Psy  
3-15 Thra The Gardens of Rot Camo Pants Extreme  
3-15 Triste Terre Grand oeuvre   Atmo Black  
3-15 Trvekvlt Black Mass   Psy Heavy Hard  
3-15 Twisted Tower Dire Wars in the Unknown No Remore  Power  
3-15 Venom Prison Samsara Prosthetic Death Hardcore  
3-15 Viper Theatre of Fate No Remorse Melodic Heavy Pop Punk 1989
3-15 Viper Soldiers of Sunrise No Remorse Melodic Heavy Pop Punk 1987
3-15 Wretch Man or Machine Pure Steel Power Thrash  
3-15 Woe A Violent Dread Vendetta Black E.P.
3-16 Acid Brigade Storming Into This Land Electric Funeral Thrash  
3-16 AKA Funeral The Endless Eye Songs for Satan Black  
3-16 Angry Again Ravage   Groove  
3-16 Booby Trap Stand Up and Fight Firecum Crossover  
3-16 Cara Neir Part III   Post Blackcore  
3-16 Catatrofy Zbojnicky tanec Support Underground Thrash 2015
3-16 High Reaper S/T Heavy Psych Doom  
3-16 Ibex Moon Past/ Evil Pest Black  
3-16 Lothric From a Decade of Permafrost   Melodic Black E.P.
3-16 Predatoria  Casting Shadows   Death  
3-16 Voodoo MMXIX   Heavy  
3-16 Weltering Pestiferous Bodily Disintegration Nine Dime Extreme Noise  
3-16 Xanthoma Mausolea   Doom Death 2003
3-17 Nagrom Ffoeg A Throne of Memory, A Crown of Loss   Black E.P.
3-17 Ultio Fera Brucia Black E.P.
3-18 Before I Die     Melodic Death  
3-18 Cafergot Brutal Punishment   Grind  
3-18 Dos Brujos  Origo   Doom E.P.
3-18 Eggs of Gomorrh Outpregnate KP Black E.P.
3-18 Exvoidxist The  God Flesh Damnation   Black  
3-18 Greenthumb There are Most Things Acid Cosmonaut Doom E.P.
3-18 A Monumental Black Statue Earth Totem II   Black  
3-18 Mu Cephei Mantras of the Uniformed Mind   Doom  
3-18 Ruins of Unlight In Nomine Draconis Worship Tapes Black  
3-18 Veritatem Solam Unholy Protrusions of Divinity   Melodic  
3-18 Witnesses To Disappear and to Be Nothing   Amb Electronic Melodic  
3-19 Bandit Stand and Deliver   Heavy Speed E.P.
3-19 BeUsToStop Overdose Reality Neat 5000 Grind  
3-19 Burst Bowel Sarconyan   Death  
3-19 Crafting the Conspiracy The Cosmic Key Part1   Deathcore  
3-19 Darkwoods My Betrothed  Heirs of the Northstar Kvlt Black 1995
3-19 Delirium Carnage Monstum Vel Prodigium Disembowl Death  
3-19 Novern Under the Aurora   Viking  
3-19 Trubsal Verfehlte Entsagung   Dep Black  
3-20 Bloodbound Rise of the Dragon AFM Heavy Power  
3-20 Dead Elephant Year of the Elephant   Sludge Doom  
3-20 Illimitable Dolor Leaden Light Transcending Obscurity Atmo Doom Death  
3-20 Master Boot Record INTERNET PROTOCOL Blood Ind  
3-20 Nalzer Vocant Profundum   Black  
3-20 Numinous S/T Northern Heritage Black  
3-20 Primal Gore World Gore Brutal Cave Death E.P.
3-20 Sickle of Dust In the Wake of the Night   Epic Atmo Black  
3-20 Skycrater Lothar's Soliloquy   Heavy  
3-20 Sykelig Englen  To Walk Among Death and Pestilence AHPN Dep Black  
3-20 Tennger Cavalry Northern Memory Napalm Exp  
3-21 Acid Sodomy Invokaatio   Black E.P.
3-21 Behind the Mask Utergang   Death  
3-21 Campo Nero SS Campo, Rosso      
3-21 Forsaken Legion Bloodline   Black  
3-21 Hermodr Forest Sky Wolfspell Atmo Black  
3-21 Is Another Side of Extistence Wolfspell Black  
3-21 Joe Stump Symphonic Onslaught Lion Prog Shred  
3-21 Lehm Abyss:Light   Doom Post  
3-21 Midnight Force  Restless Blade   Heavy 2016
3-21 No Point in Living Last Hopes Pest Dep Black  
3-21 Spherical Blue   Meolodic Extreme  
3-21 Suicidal Madness Degenerescence Wolfspell Dep Black  
3-21 Vulgore Crevices of Obscura PER Death  
3-22 S91* Along the Sacred Path Rockshots    
3-22 Accursed Spawn* The Virulent Haost PRC Death  
3-22 Aephanemer Prokopton Primeval Melodic Death  
3-22 Almost Honest Seiches and Sirens   Stoner  
3-22 Anatomy Organize the Organs Black Listed Power  
3-22 Ancestral Mourning S/T   Melodic Black  
3-22 Angel Black Black Heart Rockshots Heavy  
3-22 Appalling  Inverted Realm   Extreme  
3-22 Appearance of Nothing In Time For Darkness CD Escape Prog Metal  
3-22 Ashen Horde* Fallen Cathedrals Extreme Prog Black  
3-22 Ataraxie  Resignes Xenokorp Death Doom  
3-22 Avalanch El secreto   Melodic Power  
3-22 Battle Beast No More Hollywood Endings Nuclear Blast Heavy  
3-22 Bleeding Utopia Where the Light Comes to Die Black Lion Melodic Death  
3-22 Breathe Your Last Karma Bitch   Death  
3-22 Burning Rain Face the Music Frontiers Hard Rock  
3-22 Cellar Darling* The Spell Nuclear Blast Folk Anna Murphy
3-22 Clutch of Mammon Conijhur   Black Doom  
3-22 Thecodontion Jurassic Wooaaarrgh Extreme  
3-22 Desert Near the End Of Fire and Stars Total Metal Power Thrash  
3-22 Dim Aura The Triumphant Age of Death Saturnal Black  
3-22 Dominanz Let the Death Enter Mighty Ind Black  
3-22 Double Barrel Vasectomy S/T Mid West Brutality Death  
3-22 Draghkar* Eternal Abyss   Horror Pain Gore Death  
3-22 Dying Gorgeous Lies The Hunter the Prey Massacre Heavy Thrash  
3-22 The End Machine S/T Frontiers Hard Rock Dokken Members
3-22 Eternity's End Unyielding Ram It Down Prog Power  
3-22 The Flaying* Angry, Undead PRC Death  
3-22 Frozen Crown Crowned in Frost Scarlet Power  
3-22 Goatcraft Sulphurous Northern Bestiality Iron Bonehead Extreme  
3-22 Gomorrah S/T   Tech Death Groove  
3-22 Goresoerd Kain Nailboard DeathGroove  
3-22 Grave Violator Back to the Cult Reaper Black Thrash  
3-22 Grimskull The Return   Heavy E.P.
3-22 Heritage Remorse Code High Roller NWOBHM 1982
3-22 Imprecation Damnatio ad Bestias Dark Descent Death  
3-22 Insaniah Wolf River   Melodic Black  
3-22 Iron Griffin Curse of the Sky   Heavy  
3-22 Leo Jimenez Mesias Maldito    
3-22 Meridian Margin For Error Mighty Heavy  
3-22 Motley Crue The Dirt Soundtrack Eleven Seven Heavy Hard  
3-22 The Mute Gods Atheists and Believers Inside Out Prog  
3-22 Myrkgand* Old Mystical Tales Metal Bastard Melodic Folk  
3-22 Nixa Opus Tierra War Anthem Doom  
3-22 Nusquama Horizon ontheemt Eisenwald Black  
3-22 Obscure Infinity Into the Vortex of Obscurity F.D.A. Death  
3-22 Pestilent Death Chapters of Depravity Rotten Life Death  
3-22 Prostitute Disfigurement S/T Rising Nemesis Death  
3-22 Obsidian Sea Strangers Ripple  Doom  
3-22 Reign of Terror Revolution Through Violence   Death  
3-22 Schattenfall Melancholie des Seins Wolfspell Atmo Black  
3-22 Seren Ephemerous Bandcamp Tech Extreme E.P.
3-22 Shabti Trmbling and Shorn   Prog Death  
3-22 Sickness  Nidus Diablo Nuclear Abomination Extreme E.P.
3-22 Stained Blood Nyctospere Blood Fire Death Deathcore  
3-22 Stalker Powermad Napalm Speed E.P.
3-22 The Treatment Power Crazy Frontiers Hard Rock  
3-22 Trow Monochromacy   Black  
3-22 Truth Corroded Bloodlands Unique Leader Death  
3-22 Ultra Silvam The Spearwound Salvation Shadow Black  
3-22 Undead Prophecies Sempiternal Void Listenable Death  
3-22 Usurper Lord of the Permafrost Soulseller Death Thrash  
3-22 Valley of the Headless Of Madness Spawned   Death  
3-22 Vargsheim Sohne der Sonne MDD Black  
3-22 Vielikan Back to the Black Marsh   Prog Death  
3-22 Victimized Brain Destroyed   Thrash  
3-22 Vltimas* Something Wicked Marches In Season of Mist   David Vincent ,Rune and Flo
3-22 Windfaerer Solar PRC Extreme Folk  
3-22 Witherfall Vintage Century Media Prog Metal E.P.
3-22 Wowod Zemlya   Post Blackcore  
3-22 Corrupted Saint Burning in a Rotting World   Death Thrash  
3-22 Frosthelm Pyrrhic Revenger Black Thrash  
3-23 Algoz Profandador Vagando nas Sombras   Black Thrash  
3-23 Into the Arcane Sleepless We Lie, Thoughtless We Cry   Extreme Doom  
3-23 Lacktor Hambruna Vinilos Death Crust    
3-23 Nenna You Make my Day Lion Music Prog  
3-23 Reflecting the Light S/T   Atmo Post Black  
3-23 Shards of a Lost World Chaoskosmos SBMM Black  
3-23 Starless S/T Bandcamp Atmo Black  
3-24 Aasfresser Jagd SAP Black Viking  
3-24 Bloodborn Bleed the Weak   Death Thrash  
3-24 Carnage of Children Temple of Hate   Death Thrash  
3-24 Crimson River S/T   Heavy Thrash E.P.
3-24 High Spy The Code   Prog  
3-24 Hurakan Abominations of Aurokos Miasma Deathcore  
3-24 Normakk B  V-APTSX Sonic Transmitter Atmo Black E.P.
3-24 Reactor Attempting Against All Nations   Thrash  
3-24 Reactor Warlike Prophecies   Thrash E.P.
3-24 Satanic Hatred Devoured by the Black Sea   Black E.P.
3-24 Sinners Bleed Absolution War Anthem Tech Death  
3-24 Tranatopsy Of Life and Death   Death  
3-24 Umbah Heirarchy I,Viodhanger Av garde Ind Death  
3-24 Wolran Deheance Humaine   Black  
3-25 Alkymist Wreckage of the Ranging World   Black E.P.
3-25 The Choir of Vengeance S/T Chaos Black 1996
3-25 Interfectus Suffering Mutations PER Death  
3-25 MetalBlack Diamonds and  Emeralds   Atmo Black  
3-25 Nocturnal Witch A Thousand Pyres Evil Spell Black Thrash  
3-25 Purulence Autophagy   Death  
3-25 Soul's Chains Vis Ira Maeror   Gothic Black  
3-25 Unethical Human Experiments Grotesque Failure in Process, Unfit Individuals PER Death  
3-25 Urosepsis Malicious Malpractice   Death  
3-25 Valerine Desire DK Prog  
3-26 Barkdum Anti Human... Anti Life Depressive Illusions Black  
3-26 Ember 326: Spiritual Dialysis   Doom E.P.
3-26 Gorguts From Wisdom to Hate Punishment 18 Death 2001
3-26 Lord Dying Mysterium Tremedum eOne Sludge  
3-26 Mysticism Arcane Forest Rites   Black  
3-26 Utkena The Firmament's Hand   Black  
3-26 Utuk-Xul The Souls of Sathan Slava Satan Black  
3-26 Volt The Grand Deception   Death Thrash  
3-27 Age of Artemis Monomyth King  Melodic Power  
3-27 Ascension Fall Her Majesty Dethroned   Black  
3-27 Black Abyss The Devilish Creation MOMP Black  
3-27 La Janara Tenebra Black Widow Heavy Doom  
3-27 The Prophet Essence Soundage Melodic Death  
3-27 Scars from the Dead Room Vengeance   Dep Post Black 2016
3-27 Steingrab Manifestierte Alptraume   Atmo Black  
3-27 Blacvk Eden Dysstopia   Gothic  
3-28 The Black Sorcery Wolven Degrade Krucyfactor Extreme  
3-28 Driftglass World of Conversation Bandcamp Prog  
3-28 Frostveil Ephemeral Visions Dark Adversary Amb Black  
3-28 Mortido VI; Serial Killer Revelation Scars of Eternity Black  
3-28 Old Witch Cemetery Keepers of the Tritone Salute Doom E.P.
3-28 Vetrar Draugurinn Hinterlands Painted Bass Gothic  
3-28 Void Vator Stranded   Heavy E.P.
3-29 Anthem Nucleus Nuclear Blast Heavy  
3-29 Akrotheism Law of the Seven Deaths Osmose Black  
3-29 Applaud the Impaler Ov Apocalypse Incarnate Unique Leader Death  
3-29 Armagedda The Final War Approval Nordvis Black 2002
3-29 Arrival of Autumn Harbinger Nuclear Blast Thrashcore  
3-29 Avem* Meridiem Wormholedeath Alt  
3-29 The Black Moriah  Road Agents of the Blast Furnace Folter Black Thrash  
3-29 Bloodphemy In Cold Blood Black Lion Death  
3-29 Brutus* Nest Sargent House    
3-29 Dark Legacy The Rejects Black Vulture Sym Death  
3-29 Deha Cruel Words Naturmacht Various  
3-29 Devin Townsend* Empath Inside Out Prog   
3-29 Devourer Dawn of Extinction Iron Blood and Death Black  
3-29 Ellende Lebensnehmer Art of Propaganda Amb Post  
3-29 Enime Bleeding Out   Heavy Thrash  
3-29 Even Vast Warped Existence The Goatmancer Gothic  
3-29 Falaise A Place I Don't Belong To ATMF Post Black  
3-29 Flykt Charnel Heart Folter Black  
3-29 Forever Autumn Howls in the Forest at Dusk   Neo Folk  
3-29 Forever Still* Breathe in Colours Nuclear Blast    
3-29 Infinityum Alliance M&O Epic Pagan  
3-29 Lance King ReProgram Nightmare ProgPower  
3-29 Lee Mckinney Infinite Minds Sumerian Prog  
3-29 Lion Shepperd* III Universal Prog  
3-29 Magic Circle Departed Souls 20 Buck Spin Doom  
3-29 Malignacy Headless   Atmo Amb  
3-29 Manifestic Anonymous Souls Punishment 18 Prog Speed Thrash  
3-29 Mechanical God Creation The New Chapter The Goatmancer Tech Melodic Death  
3-29 Moon Tooth Crux Modern Static    
3-29 Mosh-Pit Justice Fighting The Poison Punishment 18 Thrash Power  
3-29 Musket Hawk Upside of Sick Unholy Anarchy Grind  
3-29 Nocturnal Hollow A Whisperof an Horrendous Soul Raw Skull Death  
3-29 Nordjevel Necrogenesis Osmose Black  
3-29 A New Revenge Enemies and Lovers Golden Robot   All Star Line Up
3-29 Nightrage Wolf to Man Despotz Melodic Death  
3-29 Obscuring Veil Fleshvoid to Naught I, Voidhanger Avant Black  
3-29 Orpheus Omega Wear Your Sins  EVP Melodic Death  
3-29 Oshiego The Book of Wonders Horror Pain Gore Death Death Thrash  
3-29 Pale Mannequin* Pattern in Parrallel   Prog  
3-29 Rage of Light Imploder Napalm Melodic Thrash  
3-29 Robert Glaser Break SPV Rock  
3-29 Skullsmasher Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery Selfmadegod Grindcore  
3-29 Sad Iron* ChapterII: The Deal Wormholedeath Heavy  
3-29 Strana Offiicina Law of the Jungle Jolly Roger Heavy  
3-29 Suzi Quatro No Control SPV Rock  
3-29 Tel Lowlife Aural Doom  
3-29 Tides of Sulpher Paralysis of Reason Sludgelord Sludge Death  
3-29 Thunderclap Inebriocean Finacial Ruin Doom  
3-29 Totaled Lament Profound Lore Blackcore  
3-29 Ultar Pantheon MMXIX Teple of Torturous Post Black  
3-29 WhiteChapel The Valley Metal Blade Deathcore  
3-29 Wizzerd S/T   Doom  
3-29 Yngwie Malmsteen* Blue Mascot Mascot Prog Heavy  
3-30 F45.2 Bromosis   Black E.P.
3-30 Axecuter Surrounded By Decay Inferno Heavy Speed Thrash  
3-30 Black Rock Arcane Remorseless Mythrone Heavy Black Speed  
3-30 D.A.D. Mil rostros   Groove Thrash  
3-30 Dwarrowdelf Of Dying Lights Flowing Downward Epic Black  
3-30 Immorior Ciel Noir Nahetal Post Black E.P.
3-30 Kerala Anagenesis   Prog Sludge  
3-30 Moira  Templum Gravibus   Death Groove  
3-30 Necromutilator Black Blood Agrgresion Terror From Hell Black Thrash  
3-30 Obscurity Tears Songs for a Black Winter GS Doom Death 2000
3-30 Obscurity Tears My Chemical State GS Doom Death 2009
3-30 Obscurity Tears Rise of God GS Doom Death 2018
3-30 Phoenix Again Friends of Spirit   Prog  
3-30 Progeny of Sun S/T iNVERSE    
3-30 Ravenpath The Raven's Wisdom   Sym Extreme  
3-30 Salvus Irtas Nail  Melodic Heavy  
3-30 Sloth Hammer Superbia Ira Acedia Cursed Monk Exp  
3-30 Throat Breach Hideous Desert Wastland Grind  
3-30 Warfaith Pint of Pills   Thrash  
3-31 Cumbeast Gore Zoo Rotten Roll Rex Death  
3-31 Greyhawk Ride Out Swords and Chains Heavy  
3-31 Grief Collector From Dissension to Avowal   Doom  
3-31 Hate Angel Chosen Ones   Blackened Thrash  E.P.
3-31 Latetitia in Holocaust Fauci tra Third Eye Rex Black  
3-31 Miseria Visage Ritualized   Sym Black  
3-31 Mutany Behind the Shadows   Heavy  
3-31 N N Faded   Atmo Dep E.P.
3-31 Noir  Into the Crypt   Prog Death Intrumental
3-31 Plagues of Rhyzyktus The Decimation of Ethereal Mendacity Salute Death  
3-31 Refusal Epitome of Void Great Dane Death  
3-31 Relapsed Egression   Melodic Death E.P.
3-31 Tormenta  Batismo Da Dor   Thrash  
3-31 Trup Krew diabla Dark Omens Black  
3-31 Vapor Hiemis   COD Pagan Black  
3-31 Victor Grffin Late for an Early Grave Stone Groove Heavy Doom 2005

April Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
4-1 Bloody Brothers Don't Break the Circle Deep Sheep Death  
4-1 Dripback Blessed with Less Than Nothing 4 Family Records Deathcore E.P.
4-1 Empheris The Return of Derelict Gods Old Temple Death Thrash  
4-1 Encephalic Brutality and Depravity Sevared Death  
4-1 Pokerface The Greatest Storm   Thrash  E.P.
4-1 Six Sins Till Sunday Masks   Southern Groove  
4-1 Stolen Lives Luciferuv Efekt   Thrash  
4-1 Svatan Blazing Winds of Transcendence Drakkar Black  
4-1 Temple Koludra Tooth and Nail Devil's Emissary Black Amb  
4-1 West of Hell Blood of the Infidel   Power Thrash  
4-1 Aphelion I   Extreme E.P.
4-2 Axsem Ciclos de atrocidad mental   Death  
4-2 Death Squad 88 United Nation   Black  
4-2 DRUX Herkeleth Our Ancient Future Black  
4-2 Germ Bomb Gist Sucked Out Metal Race Crossover  
4-2 Lungrot Skeletons on the Mesa   Stoner Doom  
4-2 Sargor Das Ende   Black  
4-2 Sovereign Night in Anthemoessa   Black E.P.
4-2 Storm of Souls Change Yourself   Thrash E.P
4-2 Taarna  Karisma Vortex   Black Amb  
4-2 Viuda Negra Al Final/ In the End Fighter Heavy  
4-3 Sadocid Mechanical Existence   Prog Thrash E.P.
4-3 Unkraft Our Treacherous Fathers Gateway Melodic Death  
4-4 Atorc Under the Ravens Banner   Folk  
4-4 Being "Alive" Is Beautiful Unfrieden   Dep Black  
4-4 Critical Extravasation Morbid Existence Redifining Darkness Tech Death Thrash E.P.
4-4 Demencia Mundial Bastarda Dias de inquisicion   Crossover  
4-4 Frust Recurring Dreams   Post Black  
4-4 Grim Earth Smoke Bloody Nugs   Sludge  
4-4 Hildr S/T   Epic Black Folk E.P.
4-4 Lucifuge Equilibrium   Black E.P.
4-4 Mord' A' Stigmata Dreams of Quiet Places Pagan Avant  
4-4 Petrale Crna draca   Black  
4-4 Serpent Seed Death and Decay Considerations Old Temple Extreme  
4-4 Suaka Suakatrocity   Exp E.P.
4-4 Systemhouse 33 End of Days   Thrash Groove  
4-4 Tony Tears 30th Anniversary Bloodrock Doom Prog E.P.
4-4 Toten Hex Nothing to Say   Sludge Doom  
4-4 Zodiac Starving for Flesh   Thrash Death  
4-5 1349 Dodskamp Season of Mist Black E.P.
4-5 Animal Drive Back to the Roots Frontiers Hard Rock E.P.
4-5 Anthropomorphia Merciless Savagery Metal Blade  Death  
4-5 Anu Nighthymns Wohrt Black 2016
4-5 Blinded Niewiosna   Prog Doom  
4-5 Blind Monarch What is Imposed Must be endured Black Bow Doom  
4-5 Caecus A Parting Current   Prog Tech Death  
4-5 Celophys Fried Chordata Robustfellow Stoner Doom  
4-5 Ceremony of Silence* Outis Willowtip    
4-5 Cereviscera S/T   Prog Thrash Death  
4-5 Cities of Mars The Horologist Ripple  Stoner Doom  
4-5 Clouds Dor II   Atmo Doom  
4-5 Conjurer Sigils   Sludge  
4-5 Corrosive Nourished by Blood   Death  
4-5 The Crescent Totuuden Ikuinen Haunted Zoo Black Prog  
4-5 Crowhurst III Prophecy Post Black  
4-5 Crown of Autumn Byzantine Horizons My Kingdom Melodic  
4-5 Cultic  High Command Eleventh Key  Death Doom  
4-5 Darchon   Mercenary Music Atmo Black  
4-5 DarkRise Circles of Failure Punishing Death  
4-5 Dead City Crown Rex Mortuus   Melodic Death E.P.
4-5 Decoherence S/T SRL Black E.P.
4-5 Eden El despertat   Power  
4-5 Enterprise Earth* Luciferous  eOne Progcore  
4-5 Esgaroth Forgotten   Black E.P.
4-5 Eluveitie* Ategnatos Nuclear Blast Folk  
4-5 Euphoria Nanotech   Thrash  
4-5 Exhumer Hostile Defiance Metal Blade Thrash  
4-5 Exxistence Phusis M&O Sym Goth  
4-5 Flame, Dear Flame The Milennial Heartbeat   Doom  
4-5 Forgotten Of Past and Passion Sleasy Rider Epic Doom Death  
4-5 Gloson Mara Black Lion Atmo Post E.P.
4-5 Godhead Machinery Aligned to the Grid Inverse Black  
4-5 Hellripper Black Arts and Alchemy Reaper Black Speed  
4-5 Jahresringe Entgleitende Leichtigkeit   Black E.P.
4-5 LA BATTERIA* II Penny Prog Rock  
4-5 Lightfold* Deathwalkers Pitch Black Prog Metal  
4-5 Lik Mass Funeral Evocation Metal Blade Death 2015
4-5 Necrodeath Defragments of Insane Scarlet Old School Extreme  
4-5 Obscura Qalma From the Sheol to the Apeiron Metal Scrap Extreme  
4-5 Oltretomba THe Horror Moribund Black  
4-5 Once Awake Inside the Storm Reaper Groovecore  
4-5 Ossian A Remenyhozo Hammer Heavy Power  
4-5 Parallel Minds Every Hour Wounds Pitch Black Prog Groove  
4-5 Periphery* Hail Stan   Progcore  
4-5 Primogenorum Ye Last Ordeal Lunar Apparitions Black E.P.
4-5 Red Moon Architect* Kuura Vinyl Division Melodic  
4-5 Reflector Turn Rock is Hell Sludge Doom  
4-5 Scythian Fate Matrimony in Madness   Heavy  
4-5 Seax Fallout Rituals Shadow Kingdom Speed  
4-5 Shrapnel Decade of Decimation Candlelight Thrash E.P.
4-5 Silverheart Destination   Power  
4-5 Solemn Vision* S/T   Prog Melodic  
4-5 Striborg Leave the World Behind Razed Soul Coldwave  
4-5 The Squares Early 8o's Demo's Strange Beautiful Music   Satriani's first band
4-5 Suffering Hour Dwell Blood Harvist Extreme E.P.
4-5 Sworn Enemy Gamechanger M-Theory Audio Hardcore  
4-5 Three Dead Fingers Breed of the Devil Bleeding Thrash  
4-5 Tormentor Bestial Supplicium Plus Quam Bestia M.U.S.I.C. Thrash Heavy  
4-5 Warchest Sentenced Since Conception Toxic Thrash  
4-5 Waste of Space Orchestra Synthesis Svart Psych  
4-5 Wormwitch Heaven That Dwells Within Prosthetic Crust  
4-5 Zeegang Dialectica Oceanus NCR Black  
4-6 Forkill The Sound of the Devil's Bell Darksun Thrash  
4-6 Hecktic Nous   Melodic Death  
4-6 Hellripper Black Arts and Alchemy Reaper Black Speed E.P.
4-7 A Dream of Poe The Wrath Uncrowned   Gothic Doom  
4-7 AEvangelist Revelations of the Devouring Void I, Voidhanger Extreme  
4-7 Asthenie Melancholia   Post Black  
4-7 Burning Saviours AD The Witches MRAM Doom Hard  
4-7 Demondeath Evil's Victory Conctreto Thrash  
4-7 Dominator et Sanctum Bringer of Chaos   Death  
4-7 Forbidden Temple A Tempest Through The Graves Gramschap Black E.P.
4-7 Horda Profana Beyond the Boundraries of Death Son of Hell Extreme  
4-7 Necrolord Burn with the Beast   Death  
4-7 Nullentropy The Singularity Recital   Extreme  
4-7 Red Sand Forsaken   Prog  
4-8 Active Arson Lucifer's Grail   Thrash  
4-8 Albor Greetings MCK Heavy Doom  
4-8 Among Cowards S/T   Death E.P.
4-8 Anthropophagite Assaulst of the Undead   Death  E.P.
4-8 Arjen Kad se slika iskrivi dovoljno Signal Rex Black  
4-8 Degredo A Noite Tempos Signal Rex Black  
4-8 Envorthril Through Mist and Steam   Black  
4-8 Eyelid Eater Dead Forest   Death Doom  
4-8 Eveline's Dust k. Giant Electric Pea Prog  
4-8 Exquisite Ending True Cult Hypocrites   Black E.P.
4-8 Hvit Ulv     Atmo Black Russian
4-8 Katekhism Subsequence   Death Thrash E.P.
4-8 Malokarpatan Cesta podzemnymi Sun & Moon Black E.P.
4-8 Pecado 7 Psalms 7 Sins   Death  
4-8 Pervy Perkin* Comedia : Inferno   Prog Metal  
4-8 Purulent Spermcanal Remains of Human Body Bizarre Leprous Goregrind E.P.
4-8 Vorstreus S/T Frost Giant Black E.P.
4-9 Appalachian Winter Winter Always Returns   Sym Black  
4-9 Blackmoon S/T   Black  
4-9 Constrained Ferocity Temple of the Damned   Grindcore E.P.
4-9 Dimensions Demoniarch   Black  
4-9 Hegeroth Degenerate   Melodic Black  
4-9 ID:Vision Plazmadkaos   Ind Extreme 2008
4-9 Melas Morion     Black  
4-9 Pestis Inferos Beyond The Veil of Light   Black Ukraine
4-9 Roots Entwined S/T   Atmo Black E.P.
4-9 Ruined Mind At Heart   Atmo Post black  
4-10 Abyssal Vacuum MMXVIII SAP Black  
4-10 Alerion Je vous Pest    
4-10 Arch Enemy Will To Power Satanath Thrash 2017
4-10 Catechon Legacy of Cain Narcoleptica Black  
4-10 Choronzonic Where Evil Dwells   Black E.P.
4-10 Condescension Hellbound   Extreme  
4-10 Deadspace Libido Dominanadi   Dep Black Goth  
4-10 Gram Vidaurgelmthul   Extreme E.P.
4-10 Hyerathica Revolution Now MS Heavy Power  
4-10 Inferno Nikdy nepokrteni Old Library Black 2006
4-10 K.A. Transfiguration   Death  
4-10 Leverage DeterminUs Avalon Heavy Power  
4-10 Nykuist The Malformation Veneno Negro Black  
4-10 Ork Bastards Warmongers of the Gloomy Lands GSP Thrash  
4-10 Pathless Land Light Years Collide   Prog Power E.P.
4-10 Psycho Face The Great Enemy   Prog  
4-10 Roots Entwine S/T   Atmo Black  
4-10 Toxic Megacolon S/T   Death Thrash E.P.
4-10 Umbrtka Nad propasti dne Old Library Atmo Black 2003
4-10 Umbrtka Liti podzimniho Old Library Atmo Black 2004
4-10 Vishurddha Addiction to Death and Anguish Black Solstice Death  
4-10 Yhdarl MORBUS   Drone Doom  
4-11 Esoteric   Season of Mist Doom  
4-11 Hrmulja S/T   Heavy Stoner  
4-11 None Damp Chill of Life Hypnotic Dirge Atmo Dep  
4-12 2 Wolves Our Fault Inverse Goth Doom  
4-12 Ages of Night The Five of Loneliness   Doom Goth  
4-12 Already Broken Abrosia   Prog Metal E.P.
4-12 Bigbusiness The Beast You Are Joyful Noise Stoner  
4-12 Black Magic Wizard's Spell Dark Descent Heavy 2014
4-12 Black River Humanoid Mystic Stoner  
4-12 Bloodjob Sick Concept Humanity   Death  
4-12 Communion Field of Ruin Somatic Stoner  
4-12 Cotard The Passage   Prog  
4-12 Crypt Crawler To The Grave   Death  
4-12 Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Mardom War Anthem Black  
4-12 Dark Suns Half Light souvenirs   Prog Metal E.P.
4-12 Deathfucker Devils Fist Trauma Death Thrash E.P.
4-12 Delirium Unkraft Black Sunset Pagan  
4-12 Diesear Blood Red Inferno eOne Melodic core  
4-12 Dismembered Carnage Blasphed Betrayel   Death  
4-12 Enthring Since Time Immemorial   Sym Death E.P.
4-12 Erebos A Flame That Pierces with a Deadly Cold Northern Silence Atmo Black  
4-12 The Far Meadow Foreign Land Bad Elephant Prog  
4-12 Fauna The Hunt Prophecy Amb Black 2007
4-12 Fauna Avifauna Prophecy Amb Black 2012
4-12 Felix Martin Caracas   Prog  
4-12 Final Coil* The World we Left Behind for Others Wormholedeath Melodic  
4-12 Gone Cosmic * Sideways in Time   Doom Rock  
4-12 Haimad The Return Northern Sllence Melodic Black  
4-12 Hamferd Odn Metal Balde Doom Death E.P.
4-12 Hath Of Rot and Ruin Willowtip Death  
4-12 Hel Falland Vorandi Einheirt Pagan  
4-12 Hypoxia Abhorrent Disease Selfmadegod Death Thrash  
4-12 Iced Earth Enter the Realm Nuclear Blast Power Demo 1989
4-12 Iced Earth The Glorious Burden Nuclear Blast   2004
4-12 Iced Earth Flaming Armageddon Nuclear Blast   2007
4-12 Iced Earth The Crucible of Man Nuclear Blast   2008
4-12 Inculter Fatal Visions Edged Circle Black Thrash  
4-12 Indepth The Endless Pursuit   Melodic Death  
4-12 Inter Arma* Sulphur English   Relapse  
4-12 Keldian Heaven's Gate Parris Power  
4-12 Ketzer* Cloud Colider Metal Blade Exp  
4-12 Korzo Inspire Lion Music Prog  
4-12 The Machinist* Confidmus in Morte Prosthetic Death Core  
4-12 Merrow Reading the Bones   Prog  
4-12 Mist of Misery Unalterable Black Lion  Sym Black  
4-12 Monkey 3* Sphere Napalm Prog  
4-12 Necrofili Immaculate Preconception   Death E.P.
4-12 Nekrasov Lust of Consciousness Prostheric Atmo Black  
4-12 Numenorean Adore Season Of Mist Post Black  
4-12 TheObelisk* Sideways in Time Kosmik Artifactz Doom  
4-12 Omenfilth Devour of the Seven Moons Eternal Death Black  
4-12 Protus Matar el Ego   Groove Thrash E.P.
4-12 Rip Start Through the Gates   Death E.P.
4-12 Sacrilegia The Triclavian Advert Invictus Black Thrash  
4-12 Sinneth Soul Death's Sensual Touch   Atmo Death E.P.
4-12 Skald in Veum Stridslysten Rottweiler Black  
4-12 Sludgehammer* Antechamber   Melodic Groove  
4-12 Solar Halos Coiled Light   Doom  
4-12 Solarus Darkest Days   Power  
4-12 Suffering Dusks While We Cross   Goth Doom  
4-12 Swallow The Sun Songs from the North I,II& III Satanath Melodic 2015
4-12 Tastefull Turmoil The Phantom Fear Inverse  Thrash  
4-12 Therios Vessel Corpse Flower Grind  
4-12 Through the Noise* Dualism Eclipse    
4-12 Thybreath My Own Hel Rock-CD Thrash  
4-12 Totalitarian Bloodlands Barren Void Extreme  
4-12 Triumph, Genus Po vrhu vzdy je New Era Black  
4-12 Troll* Legend Master Shadow Kingdom Stoner Doom  
4-12 Tronos Celestial Mechanics Century Media    
4-12 Valence Cognitive Dissidents   Prog Metal  
4-12 Waldgefluster Mondscheinsonaten Nordvis Black  
4-12 Xaon Solipsis Mighty  Sym Extreme  
4-12 Ypres Genus Vitosum   Sludge Post E.P.
4-13 Dabuz Monvmentvm Naturmacht Black  
4-13 Dabuz In Finstrer Teufe Naturmacht Black 2016
4-13 Dabuz Die Grubenmahre Naturmacht Black 2017
4-13 Devour the Unborn Liturgy of Irreverent Oblation Lord of the Sick Death  
4-13 Doomicidal Shadow of the Gallows   Doom  
4-13 Fejd Trolldom Black Lodge Folk 2016
4-13 Golgotha Human Crucifixion   Extreme E.P.
4-13 Hybrid Nightmares Obelisk   Prog Black E.P.
4-13 Neoandertals Neanderthal Parrallax   Exp  
4-13 Northwind Saga Mythlogical World   melodic Power E.P.
4-13 Pelican Midnight and Mescaline Southern lord Post Prog  
4-13 Saxon Thunerbolt the Singles Silver Lining NWOBHM Box Set
4-13 Sunn-O Life Metal Southern Lord Drone  
4-13 Tar Pit Tomb of Doom Narcoleptica Stoner Doom  
4-14 Coffin Surfer Emilian Raw Mania End of Silence Death'n'Roll E.P.
4-14 Exomnia Aftermath   Melodic Death E.P.
4-14 Process Mass Destruction S/T   Death E.P.
4-14 Putrefying Cadaverment Indiscriminate Butchery   Death  
4-14 Sanctuaire Echo 3 LRH Amb Black  
4-14 Winds of May To Exist Absortum Doom Gothic  
4-15 Abhorrent Affliction Forever Will He Reign Black Fortress Death  
4-15 Abnormal Sickness     Grind E.P.
4-15 Armagedon S/T   Heavy  
4-15 Bloodrush Quench   Stoner Groove  
4-15 Chaos Factory Horizon   Sym  
4-15 Gust in Grief   Cvlminis Fun Doom  
4-15 Inorganic Orion Nebula Exposure   Death  
4-15 Lucem From the Darkness, to the Hell Chaotic Noise Black  
4-15 Pedra S/T   Extreme E.P.
4-15 PhosphorusXV Gathering Under a Ancient Starlight   Black  
4-15 Pronoia Mimesis Narcoleptica Djent  
4-15 Remete Into Endless Night Cold Ways Atmo Black  
4-15 Sangue Culs Nuclear War Now Death  
4-15 Stvannyr Valley of Shadows   Atmo Post Black  
4-15 Throne of Evil Orator   Black  
4-15 True Widom Towards Cvlminus Melodic Goth  
4-16 Aeolian Winds Epicedium   Exp  
4-16 Norman Shores De l'ombre surgit Ossuaire Black  
4-16 Sinful Crucify The Universe   Sym Black  
4-16 Totengott The Abyss Xtreem Fun Doom  
4-16 Tsjuster Swarte Heap   Black E.P.
4-16 The Watcher Kaosaura   Black  
4-16 Will of the Awakened Your Own God   Melodic Death E.P.
4-17 Legion  Rising Rock Company Heavy Hard  
4-17 Martelo Negro Pathenogenesis      
4-17 Mesarthim  Ghost Condensate   Atmo Black  
4-17 Naamah In The Shadows of the Nightfall   Dep Black  
4-17 Pagan Altar Demo Temple of Mystery NWOBHM Doom 1982
4-17 Pagan Altar Volume 1 Temple of Mystery NWOBHM Doom 1988
4-17 Pagan Altar Lord of Hypocrisy Temple of Mystery NWOBHM Doom 2004
4-17 Pagan Altar Judgement of the Dead Temple of Mystery NWOBHM Doom 1982
4-17 Postmortem Fetal Extrusion Dooms Day The End of Humanity   Death E.P.
4-17 Serpent Sun S/T   Black E.P.
4-17 Zephyra Fall, Rise, Conquer Inverse Core  
4-18 Cauldron Burial Armanti d'oltertomba   Extreme  
4-18 Doomcave Inferno   Black E.P.
4-18 Dratna An Cath (The Battle)   Celtic Black  
4-18 Everest Queen Dead Eden   Sludge  
4-18 King of Tyrus Form & Void   Melodic Groove  
4-18 Mephorash Shem Ha Mephorash Shadow  Black  
4-18 Mist Profundidades   Black E.P.
4-18 Steamgenerator Black as Coal   Heavy Doom E.P.
4-19 After the Burial Evergreen Sumerian Progcore  
4-19 Allegaeon Apoptosis Metal Blade Death  
4-19 Altar of Oblivion The Seven Spirirts Shadow Kingdom Heavy Doom  
4-19 Archaic Decapitator The Apothecary   Melodic Death  
4-19 Atlas Pain Tales of the Pathfinder Scarlet Epic Folk  
4-19 Black Sites Exile Hoove Child Heavy Prog  
4-19 Cerebral Engorgement Cerebral Chronicles   Gore Grind  
4-19 The Chris Rolling Squad* Spitfire Wormholedeath    
4-19 Cosmic Putrefaction At the Threshold of the Gereatest Chasm i Voidhanger    
4-19 Dead to a Dying World Elegy Profound Lore Dark  
4-19 Dawn of Demise Into the Depths of Veracity Unique Leader Death  
4-19 Deathtomb Moonless Night Sacraments Iron Bonehead Extreme  
4-19 Embludgeonment Barn Burner Comatose Death  
4-19 EndName Eva Slowburn Prog Doom  
4-19 False Gods The Serpent and the Ladder   Doom Sludge  
4-19 Forgjord Ilmesykset Werewolf Black  
4-19 Fractal Universe Rhizomes of Insanity Metal Blade Prog Tech Death  
4-19 Gods Forsaken Smells of Death Soulseller Death  
4-19 Grand Magus Wolf God Nuclear Blast Heavy Doom  
4-19 Hate Inclination Grand Wormwood   Death  
4-19 Heavy as Texas S/T Cruchy Western   Exhorder Members
4-19 Helloween Gambling with the Devil Nuclear Blast Power Speed 2007
4-19 Incantation Mortal Throne of the Nazarene Relapse Death 1994
4-19 Jordan Rudess Wired for Madness Mascot Prog  
4-19 I'Acephale S/T Eisenwald Black Ritual  
4-19 Mork Det svarte juv Peaceville  Black  
4-19 Nachts Frau Brinkmann   Black E.P.
4-19 Sabbath Assembly* A Letter of Red Svart Retro Doom  
4-19 Thorondir Des Wanders Mar Trollzorn Viking Black  
4-19 United Progressive Fraternity Planetary Overload Part 1 Giant Electric Pea Prog  
4-19 Usurpation Of Rot And Ruin Willowtip Extreme  
4-19 Vitrol Chrysalis Iron Bonehead    
4-19 Walking Corpse* S/T Horror Pain Gore Death Extreme  
4-20 Ancalagon Noctopoth   Melodic Black  
4-20 Arturica Hijos De Albion   Power E.P.
4-20 Blood Wolf S/T   Thrash  
4-20 Blutfeld Kingdom of Mine   Epic Death E.P.
4-20 Corpse Forest Wandering Dead Man   Black  
4-20 Darklord Diabolical Onslaught Gedebe Extreme Doom  
4-20 Dethrone the Corruption Sintrophia   Melodic Core  
4-20 Dimetilcadmio Rest, But not in Peace sadiXmo Extreme  
4-20 Divine Treachery Never Ending Cycle of Suffering   Death Thrash  
4-20 Exaltatio Diaboli Enantiodromania   Black  
4-20 Flagelum Adalid de Vincita   Groove Thrash E.P.
4-20 Himura Alerta biologica Hecamtombe Deathgrind  
4-20 Horsehunter S/T Magnetic Eye Stoner  
4-20 Ibex Angel Order I, O HHR Black  
4-20 Internal Rot Hack Session Blastafuck Grind  
4-20 Kraton Unto Arcadia   Death  
4-20 Kradmar 1000 Cuts Lifeless Dust   Doom  
4-20 Oath Div. 666 Apocalypse Division Bandcamp Death  
4-20 Obscurea Dimension From Dream to Dust   Melodic Death  
4-20 Oreida S/T Harvest of Death Black  
4-20 Sors Detestabilis Deprive yourself of your Life   Doom Black  
4-20 Without Light The Dread Gospels   Sludge Doom  
4-21 Ancestral Lore Behind the Night Horizon   Epic Black  
4-21 Devorator   Final Agony Black  
4-21 Diamonos In the Name of....   Extreme  
4-21 Diamoth Exibition of Reality   Black Crust  
4-21 Grave Siesta Voidward Spin   Doom Sludge  
4-21 Julma Neven tuska   Black  
4-21 Wizard /  Sahhar Serverity of Horns   Sym Black  
4-22 Armor of God Warrior of Light   Heavy Power E.P.
4-22 Cephalic Mugre Sars Infected Dog   Death Grind 2014
4-22 Debrained S/T   Death  E.P.
4-22 Elffor DRA SAD III   Sym Black Amb  
4-22 Filtheater Blight of Sempiternal Putrefaction Memento Mori Death  
4-22 King of Tyrus Form and Void   Melodic Groove  
4-22 Legionary Spiritual Walfare   Death Thrash E.P.
4-22 Magoth Anti Terrestrial Black Metal   Black 2017
4-22 Mercy's Dirge Live, Rae and Restless Loud Rage Shadow Kingdom  
4-22 Pikaath's Dark Chronicles Dark Chronicles   Black  
4-22 Narshadden Black Armada   Black  
4-22 Sunroad Heatstroke Roxx Prog  
4-22 Track Explta el cielo   Heavy  
4-22 Witchtrial S/T   Heavy Speed  
4-23 Agon Hollowed Lake   Avant Garde  
4-23 Diunal Asura Demons Schattenkult Extreme Doom  
4-23 Fatal Curse Breaking the Trance      
4-23 Hostile Faith Mortal Signs...  To Death Thanatology Thrash Death E.P.
4-23 The Last Kneel Praeterhuman Schattenkult Black  
4-23 Luce d'Inverno Ljetzan MSAD Atmo Black  
4-23 Murgarath Efemerides   Black E.P.
4-23 Siaskel Xo' on Hauk Sho'on Schattenkult Extreme  
4-23 Urantia Innerverse II   Power E.P.
4-23 Vigilance Enter the Endless Abyss Dying Victims Black Heavy  
4-24 Archenterum ...ainsi fut abime Facthedral's Hall Black Thrash  
4-24 Marco Di Stasio Dragon Battle   Prog  
4-24 Mementory Declaration of War Rebirth of Metal Death  
4-24 Minority Sound Toxin Metalgate Electronic Ind  
4-24 Papilio Effectus Trickster Repentless Prog E.P.
4-24 Trwoga Trwoga Black Death Black  
4-24 Warrior Path S/T Rubicon Heavy Power  
4-25 Altar Defecation Anno Domini   Black E.P.
4-25 Cockoo's Nest Tales of Human Being   Post Black  
4-25 Doomas Portal   Melodic E.P.
4-25 Elegiac Thirst for vengeance   Black  
4-25 Facing Fear Ana Jansen Roadie Heavy  
4-25 Harsh Death Very Heavy Very Doom   Doom  
4-25 KafkaRex S/T Narcoleptica Stoner  
4-25 Lodo Sol y Sombra   Sludge  
4-25 Lumberjack Commando Chapter III   Southern  
4-25 Misanthropy Path of Ashes On Fire Death Thrash  
4-25 Old Whiskey River Bury Me in Leather   Extreme  
4-25 Sonne der Gerechtigkeit Lowenherz   Black  
4-25 Thy Dying Light Cold in Death Death Kvlt Black E.P.
4-25 Whisky Ritual Black Metal Ultras Folter Black-n-Roll  
4-26 Alan Parsons The Secret Frontiers Prog Rock  
4-26 Archons Buried Underneath the Lies   Melodic Death  
4-26 Ars Nocturna Epsilon Narcoleptica Melodic Extreme  
4-26 Astral Doors Worship or Die Metalville Heavy Power  
4-26 Asylum Pyre No.4 M&O Prog Power  
4-26 Attika When Heroes Fall Pure Steel Heavy Power  
4-26 Avandra Descender Blood Prog  
4-26 Awaken I Am The Beauty of Tragedy Victory   E.P.
4-26 Axenstar End of All Hope Ram It Down Power  
4-26 Bat Axestasy Hells Headbangers Heavy Speed E.P.
4-26 Belzebubs* Pantheon of the Nightmare Gods Century Media Melodic Death  
4-26 Blazon Stone Hymns of Triumph      
4-26 Blyh Awake to Emptiness The Crawling Chaos Black  
4-26 Burial Relinquished Souls Redifining Darkness Death 1993
4-26 Cartagods The Monster in Me Darkside Prog Power  
4-26 Cathartic Demise* S/T     E.P.
4-26 Chevalier Destiny Calls Gates of Hell Heavy Speed  
4-26 Cirith Gorgor Sovereign Hammerheart Black  
4-26 The Damned Things Cells Nuclear Blast   Supergroup
4-26 Dark Heresy Abstract Principle Taken to Their Logical Extremes Svart Avant Garde 1995
4-26 Dawn of Demise Into the Depths of Veracity Unique Leader Death  
4-26 Decrepit Birth Polarity Agonia Death 2010
4-26 Deep Sun Das Erbe der Welt Massacre Sym  
4-26 De Lirium's Order Singularity Inverse Tech Death  
4-26 DisGusted Geist Reign of Enthrellment Fucking Doom Death Doom  
4-26 Dwell in Solitude The End of Sorrow   Atmo Dep  
4-26 Enforcer* Zenith Nuclear Blast Heavy Speed  
4-26 Entity* Atonement Pavement    
4-26 Eschenbach My Tribe SPV    
4-26 Fortune II Frontiers Melodic Hard Rock  
4-26 Ghoulunatics Move Along   Groove Death  
4-26 Helheim Rignir Dark Essence Viking Black  
4-26 Helms Alee* Noctiluca Sargent House    
4-26 Hoodoo Ritual S/T Ozium Stoner Doom  
4-26 Issfenn Mordwand   Black  
4-26 Istapp The Insidious Star Trollzork Melodic Black  
4-26 Jim Peterik & World Stage Winds of Change Frontiers Melodic Rock  
4-26 Ketos  First Strike Hostile Media Thrash Core  
4-26 Leechfeast Village Creep Vendetta Sludge Doom  
4-26 Leverage Determinus Frontiers Rock  
4-26 Lodo Sol y Sombra   Inst Sludge  
4-26 Lucifer's Friend Black Moon  Cherry Red Heavy Prog  
4-26 The Lumberjack Feedback Mere Mortals Deadlight Doom Sludge  
4-26 Manegarm* Fornaldarsagor Napalm Viking Folk Extreme  
4-26 Marianas Rest Ruins Inverse Melodic  
4-26 Mass Still Chained Pride & Joy Heavy  
4-26 Metall Metal Fire Iron Shield Heavy Power  
4-26 Michael Thompson Band Love and Beyond Frontiers Prog  
4-26 Midnight Priest Aggressive Hauntings Metal on Metal Heavy  
4-26 Minenfeld The Great Adventure Fucking Kill Death  
4-26 Mortum Macabre Incenses Folkvangr Black E.P.
4-26 Murg  Stravan Nordvis Black  
4-26 New Years Day Unbreakable Red    
4-26 The Nightmare Stage When The Curtain Closes Pure Steel Prog Power  
4-26 Night Screamer Dead of Night   Heavy  
4-26 Norsemen Bloodlust Time to Kill Death  
4-26 Oceanwake Lights Flashing in Mute Scenery Lifeforce Post Melodic  
4-26 Ossuaire Prmiers Chants Supulchral Black  
4-26 Paragon Controlled Demolition Massacre Power Speed  
4-26 Poil Sus Dur et doux Prog  
4-26 Population Control Harsh R      
4-26 Profanation Into Cascades of Blood and Burning Soil Hostile Media Death Grind  
4-26 Protector  Summon the Hordes High Roller Thrash Death  
4-26 Qantice The Anastoria Pride & Joy Sym Power  
4-26 Ravenous Eat the Fallen Feast Beast Power  
4-26 Release Hallucination Imperfection of Imaginary Number   Sym Prog  
4-26 Revel In Flesh Manifested Darkness War Anthems Death  
4-26 the Sheglapes Back 'n'Forth Black Listed Power  
4-26 Sinnrs* Profound Extreme Music    
4-26 Smoulder Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring Cruz Del Sur Epic Heavy Doom  
4-26 Steel Prophet The God Machine Rock of Angels Power  
4-26 Taken Unchained   Power  
4-26 Tank Re-Ignition Rubicon    
4-26 Tanagra* Meridiem   Prog Power  
4-26 Ten Opera Omnia Frontiers Hard Rock  
4-26 Thor Hammer of Justice Deadline Heavy Hard Power  
4-26 Varaha A Passage for Lost Years Prosthetic Post Doom Goth  
4-26 Vargrav Reign in Supreme Darkness Werewolf Black  
4-26 Vaura Sables Profound Lore Post Black  
4-26 The Well Death and Consolation RidingEasy Psy Doom  
4-26 Winterlkyla Forgftad   Atmo Black  
4-26 Zaum  Divination Listenable Psy Doom  
4-27 Barloventos Ritual   Folk Power  
4-27 Drugoth Necrotic Rituals   Black Crust E.P.
4-27 Hunter S/T   Heavy  
4-27 Isgalder The Red Wanderer Naturmacht Black  
4-27 Morbid Terror Dethroning the Prince of Power   Black  
4-27 Schatten Leere   Dep Black n Roll  
4-27 Surpuissance Devastation   Heavy  
4-28 Archivist* Triumvirate Bandcamp Post Black  
4-28 Cryoshock Cold Front Rising   Death Thrash E.P.
4-28 Deus Mortem Kosmocide Teeratur Possessions Black  
4-28 Eternal Blight Descendence Forever   Atmo Black  
4-28 Free as Birds Poisonous Wonderland   Power E.P.
4-28 Hymn Above Traumatic Emotion Nullus   Melodic Deathcore  
4-28 La Poule Noire Mallevs Maleficarvm   Black  
4-28 Necrofobia Membership   Thrash  
4-28 Sound Factory Carolina Ninth Romancer   Power  
4-29 Eroica Blind Observer   Heavy  
4-29 Eternal Fall Under the Mind's Sheet TFTPR Doom Death  
4-29 Ghouls of the Graveyard Curse the Cathedral   Thrash  
4-29 Spectre Curse the Cathedral   Thrash  
4-30 Antonello Giliberto The Strategy of Chaos      
4-30 Ash Slasher S/T      
4-30 Black Tribe Martial Idustrial Metet   EXP  
4-30 Bloodlust Black Mass Iron Blood & Death Speed  
4-30 Carnal Lecherous Acts of Hedonism   Death  
4-30 Clouds Taste Satanic Evil Eye   Doom  
4-30 Crawling Manifest Lords of War      
4-30 Deiphago I,the Devil Hells Headbangers Extreme  
4-30 Embrace Your Punishment Nameless King Miasma Deathcore  
4-30 Fight Till Death Tales of Torture   Death Groove Thrash  
4-30 Inglorian Revisiting Tomorrow   Sym Power E.P.
4-30 Kalmakantaja Kaski Wolfspell Atmo  
4-30 Korzo Advancing in Circles   Post  
4-30 Lord Fallen Idols Dominus Power Heavy  
4-30 Neige et Noiceur Interstallar Enigimatic Throne Avantgarde Amb  
4-30 Piarevaracien Nad Krajem Bras Crush the Desert Folk Black  
4-30 Pseudodementia   Cvlminus Atmo Amb  
4-30 Ptoma Life Inhuman Homicide Goregrind  
4-30 Seraph in Travail Lest They Feed Upon Your Soul   Sym Extreme  

May Releases

Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
5-1 Amiensus Restoration Beverina Prog Black  
5-1 Bleeding Ignorance Image and Likeness Coyote Death  
5-1 Chernota When My Blood Runs Cold Black Black  
5-1 Coil Commemorate Enslave The Unavoidable   Black  
5-1 Dark Desires Old Evil   Black  
5-1 Elephant Watchtower The Church is at Fault   Prog Death  
5-1 Esoteric Dreams Death Oven   Death E.P.
5-1 Haissem Demontone   Melodic Black  
5-1 Huis Abandoned Unicorn Prog  
5-1 In Memoriam Riffs In Time of Dying   Prog Thrashcore  
5-1 Iron Flesh Forged Faith Bleeding Epictural Death  
5-1 Korzo* Advancing in Circles Talhiem Thrash  
5-1 Lethargus Origen   Heavy Power  
5-1 Lordchain Civil War   Heavy Hard  
5-1 Murdyck Fodelsen   Black  
5-1 Norden Z popiolow krwi Beverina Viking  
5-1 Ordinul Negru Lifeless Loud Rage Black  
5-1 Radamanthys Another Dimension      
5-1 Rocka Rolas Celtic Kings Underground Power Speed 2018
5-1 SDreamExplorers Ephemeral II   Melodic Death  
5-1 Serrucho Atumbabieta   Deathgrind  
5-1 Slaghead Lesser Workings Volume I   Sludge E.P.
5-1 Syphilis Coronary Artery Bypass Crafting Coyote Death  
5-1 Verwustung Gospel ov Fury Handful of Hate Thrash  
5-1 Violentor Putrid Stench Inferno Thrash  
5-1 Wolf Blood II   Stoner Doom  
5-2 Carneross Religion es muerte Narcoleptica Thrash  
5-2 Marvradoxa Nightmorrow Hypnotic Dirge Atmo Black  
5-2 Turin Turambar Czas braku wojny      
5-3 Amon Amarth* Berserker Metal Blade Pagan  
5-3 Angrenost Where only Shadows Vacula Black  
5-3 Artificial Fear Death By Machines   Heavy  
5-3 Asomvel World Shaker Heavy Psych Heavy  
5-3 At The Dawn The Battle to Come Underground Symphony Power  
5-3 Bad Religion Age of Unreason Epitaph Punk  
5-3 Beyond the Black Heart of a Hurricane Napalm Sym 2018
5-3 Bjorn Riis A Storm is Coming Karisma Prog  
5-3 Blood Harvest Parasitic Slavery Comatose  Death  
5-3 Critical Defiance Misconception Pub Metal Shop Thrash  
5-3 Crust The Promised Land RUMF Sludge  From Russia
5-3 Dislocater Plague of Man   Heavy Thrash  
5-3 Dizzy Mystics* Wanderlost   Prog  
5-3 Edithe O Deoradhain   Black  
5-3 Endmember Lifeterror   Death Sludge  
5-3 Farewell Dark Days of Depression   Dep Black  
5-3 Gost Skull Century Media    
5-3 Infernale Alpha Maldito Groove Death  
5-3 Invictta Halls of Extinction   Melodic Thrash  
5-3 Jack Slammer S/T Nuclear Blast    
5-3 Kampfar Ofidians Manifest Indie Pagan  
5-3 Karmatik Unlimited Energy Hellstorm Prog Melodic  
5-3 Kashchey Intacta   Psych 2018
5-3 Lamb of God Ashes in the Wake   Groove Thrash 2004
5-3 Lord Vicar The Black Powder The Church Within Doom  
5-3 Midnight Bullet Into the Fire Inverse Groove Heavy  
5-3 Munarheim Willens & Frei   Sym Folk   
5-3 Myrath Shehili earMUSIC Prog Folk  
5-3 NightVermin Internecine   Black E.P.
5-3 Origin Abiogenesis Agonia Tech Death  
5-3 Out of Hand Icons of Apathy   Thrash Death E.P.
5-3 Osiah* Kingdom Of Lies Unique Leader Deathcore  
5-3 Pa Vesh En Cryptic Rites of Necromancy Iron Bonehead Black  
5-3 Pectora Untaken Mighty Heavy    
5-3 Priming Pressure Last Odyssey   Melodic Death  
5-3 Ringworm Death Becomes my Voice Relapse    
5-3 Rustless Awakening Buil2kill Heavy  
5-3 Ruthless Evil Within Pure Steel Power  
5-3 Sabire Gates Ajar   Heavy E.P.
5-3 Sarcasm Syndrome  The Darkness   Doom  
5-3 Sagrav Kingdom of Chaos   Thrash Heavy  
5-3 Skaldic Curse  Devourer AWR Prog Black 2013
5-3 Sol Sistere Extinguished Cold Light Hammerheart Atmo Black  
5-3 Stellar Master Elite Hologram Temple UCD Black Doom  
5-3 Storm of Evil GraveStone   Extreme  
5-3 Surra Virou Brasil   Crossover E.P.
5-3 Sxuperion Endless Spiritual Embodiment Bloody Mountain Extreme  
5-3 Thronehammer Usurper of the Oaken Throne The Church Within Doom  
5-3 Two Tales of Woe BloodWood   Sludge Doom E.P.
5-3 The Wildhearts Renaissance Men   Rock  
5-3 Wisdom Without Worship Odd & Even   Death Grind E.P.
5-4 Agnostic Priest Final Stand   Speed  
5-4 Arboretum Il medico della peste AHPN Melodic Death  
5-4 Crypter S/T   Death  
5-4 Death Plague Christ Luciferian   Death  
5-4 Im Tode The Unfound Graves   Melodic Extreme  
5-4 Incinerator Concept of Cruelty Raw Skull Death  
5-4 Nihil Invocation Strange Ones Voicing Sorrow in my Dreams   Black  
5-4 N'Zwaa Maha Kali   Black Doom Noise  
5-4 Sneg Remnants of Life   Dep Black E.P.
5-4 Stillness L'uomo che creava la nuvole   Atmo Black E.P.
5-4 The Underlying Field The Arc; the Parallax   Melodic Black  
5-5 Alexander Layer Fenrir   Prog Power  
5-5 Ars Moriendi  La solitude du Pieux Archaic Atmo Black  
5-5 At Home In Hell Self Identified Deity   Ind Thrash Core  
5-5 Flykt Charnel Heart Folter Black  
5-5 Iron Attack! 1   Prog Power  
5-5 Igni This Must Be Hell Narcoleptica Black  
5-5 Jared Black Dare to Martyr   Death  
5-5 Old Night A Fractur in the Human Soul Rain Without End Doom  
5-5 Psychic Dose Gateway to Annwn Narcoleptica Psych  
5-5 Tottal Tomming Schtogg skive   Grindcore  
5-6 Backyard Cannibalism Born in Blood   Gore Grind Slam E.P.
5-6 Excarnate S/T   Deathcore E.P.
5-6 Ferriterium La Dernier Livre Epictural Black  
5-6 Ignis The Black Magus   Atmo Black  
5-6 Images of Violence Revenants Corpse Gristle Death Grind  
5-6 Indykush On The Grill   Groove Thrash  
5-6 Inner Suffering Romanticized Suicide   Dep Black E.P.
5-6 Keys of Solomon Through the Mist Of Time   Prog Black  
5-6 Monasterium Church of Bomes Nine Epic Doom  
5-6 Praeternatura Nightside of Heaven   Black  
5-6 Tempers Creature Sogur Wolfmound Dep Amb  
5-6 Umbral Filth Melancolia Nasza   Extreme E.P.
5-7 Aeon Bridge Event Horizon II   Speed Thrash  
5-7 Brought to the Water Oblivion   Atmo Post Black E.P.
5-7 Buckethead Sigil Soundtrack Bucketheadland Prog  
5-7 Disobedient NeoAntichrist   Black  
5-7 Espirit Errone Un Jour Apres Share Your Pain Black  
5-7  Firmament Nightside  Valkyries   Atmo Amb  
5-7 The Howling Void Bleak and Everlasting Avantgarde Sym Fun Doom  
5-7 Malphas Malevolent keep of the Sorcerer   Melodic Black  
5-7 Nocturna The Gates of Peirah   Melodic Extreme  
5-7 Nyss Depayser Avantgarde Exp  
5-7 Oxymorya Save Your Mind Bandcamp Sym Metal  
5-7 Relento Pessimismo   Black  
5-7 Sparkle Delight in Vain   Fun Doom  
5-7 Uhtcearu Madness & Creation   Melodic Black  
5-7 Windthrow Treacherous Beckoning   Black  
5-8 Exequia Human Control Kymatic Tulpa Thrash Death  
5-9 Agnosy When Daylight Reveals the Torture   Crust  
5-9 Barghest The Pious   Extreme E.P.
5-9 Borborygmus A Series of Traumatic Events   Goregrind E.P.
5-9 Continuum Revolution Metaphysique     Prog
5-9 Igni This Must Be Hell   Black  
5-9 Lars Eric Mattsson Into the Unknown Lion Music Prog  
5-9 Rebirth of Pain Evolution to Extinction Narcoleptica Grindcore  
5-9 Scrawl Infernal Terror   Black E.P.
5-9 Sorry... Failure Years of Neglect Apathy Sure Your Pain Dep Black E.P.
5-9 Zad Followers of Tann   Doom Black  
5-10 Abnormality* Sociopathic Metal Blade Death  
5-10 Ades Numen War Another Side  Sym Extreme  
5-10 Aeon Zen Inveritas   Prog Metal  
5-10 Age of the Wolf Ouroboris Traces Aural Stoner  
5-10 Albez Duz* Enigmatic Rites Listenable Doom Goth  
5-10 Algrid Funeral Winter's Furor   Black  
5-10 Alma Matter The Luciferian Tales   Melodic Black  
5-10 Angron Necronolith   Death E.P.
5-10 Arch/ Matheos* Sympathetic Metal Blade Prog  
5-10 American Sharks* 11:11 The End Stoner  
5-10 Aphotic Contrivance Brutalitrpolis   Mrelodic Extreme E.P.
5-10 Aphyxion Void Prime Melodic Death  
5-10 Apoptosis Gutrectomy Eugenics of Terrestrial Existence Brutal Mind Death  
5-10 Bewitcher Under the Witching Cross Shadow Kingdom Black Speed  
5-10 Black Seal Sati   Psych E.P.
5-10 Bright Curse Time of the Healer Ripple Psych  
5-10 Calamity Kairos   Thrash  
5-10 Dreadnought Emegence Profound Lore Doom  
5-10 Doomstress Sleep Among the Dead Ripple  Stoner Doom  
5-10 Eridu Lugalbanda   Melodic Extreme  
5-10 Enemy Design Rebirth   Melodic Death  
5-10 Extrema* Headbanging Forever Rockshots Groove Thrash  
5-10 Gerogot Cruelty Vomit of Hatred Brutal Minds Death 2016
5-10 Handful of Hate Adversus Code 666 Black  
5-10 Hypercan Dictated Indetity Brutal Minds Death E.P.
5-10 Idle Hands Mana Eisenwald Heavy GothRock  
5-10 In Aevum Agere Canto III Metal On Metal Power Doom  
5-10 Inanimate Existence Clockwork The Artisan Era Prog Tech Death  
5-10 Isfjall Endalaus Vetrar Nott   Atmo Amb  
5-10 Jaded Black Dare to Marty   Death  
5-10 Kingbeast Straps of Wrath Black Sunset Black Thrash  
5-10 Legacy of Silence Our Forests Sing Volcano Folk  
5-10 LiceXXX Roadkill Season of Mist Avant Black Shining Members
5-10 Lowest Creature Sacriegious Pain Code 666 Black  
5-10 Magnesium Forging the Armory   Power  
5-10 Maniac Abductor Casualities of Causality Inverse  Thrash  
5-10 Martydod Hexhammaren Century Media Crust  
5-10 Mental Cruelty Inferis Unique Leader Deathcore  
5-10 Mortals Path Feast of Maggots   Death  
5-10 Nibiru Salbrox Ritual Psych  
5-10 No Decet Trash Man in the City   Crossover  
5-10 Ophiocordyceps Delusional Infestation   Death  
5-10 Ornamentos del Miedo Este no Es Tu Hogar Solitude Atmo Funr Doom  
5-10 Port Noir* The New Routine Inside Out    
5-10 Possessed* Revalations of Oblivion Nuclear Blast Death Thrash  
5-10 Pulver King Under the Sand Gates of Hell Heavy  
5-10 Sacral Night Acient Remains Metal on Metal Heavy Death  
5-10 Skull Crusher Tormented   Death  
5-10 Spirit Adrift* Divided by Darkness 29 Buck Spin Doom  
5-10 Structure Violence S/T   Groove Thrash E.P.
5-10 Suhnopher Hic Regnant Bordonii Debemur Morti Melodic Black  
5-10 Supertzar S/T   Stoner Doom  
5-10 Suspiral Chasm   Extreme  
5-10 Tennger Cavalry Northern Memory (Vol) 2 Bandcamp EXP E.P.
5-10 TIR Metal Shock   Heavy  
5-10 Trinity Site Xenos   Melodic Death E.P.
5-10 Ungoliantha The Howl in the Waste   Black E.P.
5-10 Volahn El Tigre Del Sur CN Black  
5-10 Vultures Vengeance The Knightlore Gates of Hell Heavy  
5-10 War Curse Eradication      
5-10 Warforged I ; Voice   Extreme  
5-10 W.A.S.P. The Last Command Madfish Heavy 1985
5-10 W.A.S.P. Inside the Electric Circus Madfish Heavy 1986
5-10 W.A.S.P. Helldorado Madfish Heavy 1999
5-10 When Death Replaces Life S/T   Death E.P.
5-11 Bloodstained Ressurection Promo MMXIX   Black E.P.
5-11 Celestial Shadows Rassilin   EXP Black  
5-11 Guerra Total Cthulhu Zombies Hidden Marley Extreme  
5-11 Los Antigous Oro paralas Naves   Stoner  
5-11 Regress Void Dreamer Narcoleptica Sludge Doom E.P.
5-11 Thou Shell of Death Witchery Talheim Atmo Black  
5-11 Ulver Drone Activity House of Mythology Exp  
5-11 Uten Hap Eyes Cult of Osiris   E.P.
5-11 Wings of Decay Crossroads   Heavy  
5-12 In the Burial Lamentations   Tech Extreme  
5-12 Jaded Black Dare to Martyr   Death  
5-12 Tartharia Nourished by Decay Crash Extreme  
5-12 Tash Death Through Madness   Melodic Extreme  
5-12 Trust Your Heart Siegfried   Heavy Power  
5-12 Udor Sickened by the World   Crust  
5-13 Jotnarr Jotnarr Vetala Crust  
5-13 Kubera Inhaerens   Tech Death  
5-13 Since The Death A Gift to My God Vision of God Extreme  
5-13 Temple of Perdition Homage to the Dead Visions of God Black  
5-14 Demon Goat Botrot   Black Doom  
5-14 DipygusDeathooze Caligari   Death  
5-14 Dispnea Incitement To Self Destruction   Dep Black E.P.
5-15 Ezox One Last Breath   Melodic Core  
5-14 Kryour Where Treasures are Nothing    Melodic Deathcore  
5-14 Psyclosarin Archive of Chaos   Groove Death E.P.
5-14 Salvacion Keep Up the Fire Heaven and Hell Heavy Hard  
5-14 Star Devourer Contact   Black Amb  
5-15 Arcanorum Astrum   Soundage Sym Black E.P.
5-15 Ash Slasher Ash Slasher Vol 2   Black Punk  
5-15 Blackthorn Classical Compilation   Sym Goth E.P.
5-15 Bla Lotus Hogtid Melodic Revolution Prog  
5-15 Dancyr Spread Your Wings   Heavy  
5-15 Demon Insane Asylum Destroy   Black E.P.
5-15 Errorgeist Twelve Monkeys   Ind Scott Fuller
5-15 Furia Paulista Elite Cvlminus Black E.P.
5-15 Granatus Veni, Vidi, Vic! Cvlminus Black  
5-15 Infest Under the Sign of Legion Defying Danger Death Thrash E.P.
5-15 Morferus Argentina psiopata   Death  
5-15 Mordbrand Doden/Efter Doden   Death E.P.
5-15 Necromante The Magickal Presence of Occult Forces Black Hearts Black  
5-15 Sepolcro Amorphous Mass Unholy Domain Death  
5-15 Spell of Torment His Tempting Ritual Wolfspell Extreme  
5-15 Tracriomy Cephalopodic Transmutual Contamination Lord of the Sick Death  
5-16 Halo of Catastrophe Dreams of Glory Heavy Power    
5-16 Legacy of Cain Paralelo XI   Groove Thrash  
5-16 Stench of Profit Human Discount   Grindcore E.P.
5-16 Vereor Nox S/T Earth and  Sky Sym Extreme  
5-17 Absolver Self Offering   Black Noise E.P.
5-17 Amulet The Ineviltable War Dissonance Heavy  
5-17 Aseethe Throes Thrill Jockey Drone Doom  
5-17 Avatar The King live in Paris eOne    
5-17 Bethlehem Lebe Dich Leer Prophcy Exp  
5-17 Black Horizon Dark Light Pure Steel Heavy  
5-17 Blaze Out Instinct Blood Fire Death Groove Heavy  
5-17 Calyx Vientos Arcaicos Iron Bonehead Black  
5-17 ChapelFlames Uaigheanna Gan   Black  
5-17 Crazy Lixx Forever Wild Frontiers Hard Rock  
5-17 Defixion Tabella Defixionis Xtreem Death E.P.
5-17 Depraved Murder Manifestation Comatose Death  
5-17 Duel Valley of Shadows   Psych Stoner  
5-17 Emerald Restless Souls Rock of Angels Heavy  
5-17 Encoffination We Proclaim Your Ddeath  O' Lord Selfmadegod Doom Death  
5-17 Eye of the Destoyer Baptized in Pain      
5-17 Father Befouled Holy Rotten Blood Dark Descent Death E.P.
5-17 First Signal Line of Fire Frontiers Melodic Rock  
5-17 Floating Worlds Battleship Oceania Pride & Joy Melodic  
5-17 Fractures & Outlines* Defenseless      
5-17 Full of Hell Weeping Choir Relapse Death Grind Noise  
5-17 Grimgotts Dragons of Ages   Sym Power  
5-17 Haunt If Icarus Could Fly Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
5`17 Heavy Load Death or Glory No Remorse   1982
5-17 Hunt the Witch Strange Gods   Stoner  
5-17 Iria Pagan Terror   Extreme  
5-17 Kalanthes Soul Chamber   Melodic Extreme  
5-17 Loudness Live in Tokyo earMUSIC Heavy 2 disc set
5-17 Lo-Pan Subtle Aqualamb Stoner  
5-17 Mary Rose Resnicen svet One  Hard Heavy  
5-17 Mother Iron Horse The Lesser Key Electric Valley Stoner  
5-17 Morokh Kna Zero Hero Sludge  
5-17 Mystik S/T I Hate Heavy Speed  
5-17 Necrosexual The Gory Hole Overture in F#   Crossover  
5-17 Nokturnal Frost Night Terrors Narcoleptica Black  
5-17 October Tide* In Splendor Below Agonia Melodic  
5-17 Odinfist Let the Gods Decide   Power Thrash  
5-17 Olathia* Snake Charmer   Metalcore  
5-17 Paladin Ascension Prosthetic Power Thrash  
5-17 Paul Gilbert* Behold Electric Guitar   Prog  
5-17 Psychotool Rotten Paradise Black Sunset Melodic  
5-17 Pythia The Solace of Ancient Earth   Sym Power  
5-17 Rammstein Deutschland      
5-17 Restless Spirits S/T Frontiers Melodic Rock  
5-17 Riot City Burn the Night No Remore Heavy  
5-17 Saint Vitus* S/T


5-17 Savage Messiah Demons Century Media Thrash Power  
5-17 Selefice I Met A God   Melodic E.P.
5-17 Solicitor EP 2019 Swords and Chains Heavy Thrash E.P.
5-17 Starkill* Gravity   Sym Extreme  
5-17 Sathamel Horror Vacui   Extreme  
5-17 Step in Fluid Back in Business


5-17 Summoner's Circle* Become None Pavement Melodic Doom  
5-17 Terrible Headache Der rote Baron   Death Thrash  
5-17 Temptation's Wings The Path   Stoner E.P.
5-17 Tulus Pure Black Energy Soulseller Black 1996
5-17 Valborg Glorification of Pain Lupus Prog Doom Death 2009
5-17 Valborg Crown Of Sorrow Lupus Prog Doom Death 2010
5-17 Valborg Barbarian Lupus Prog Doom Death 2011
5-17 Valborg Nekrodepression Lupus Prog Doom Death 2012
5-17 Valborg Romantik Lupus Prog Doom Death 2015
5-17 Valborg Urknall Lupus Prog Doom Death Box Set
5-17 Vale of Pnath Accurced Willotip  Tech Death E.P.
5-17 Viikate Kuu kaakon Yla Ranka Rautalanka  
5-17 Worshipper Light in the Wire Tee Pee Heavy  
5-17 Wyzdom Through the Lokking Glass Heaven and Hell Melodic Heavy 1987
5-17 Zarpa Viento divino Pure Steel  Heavy  
5-17 A/Oratos Epignosis   Melodic Black E.P.
5-18 Ares Kingdom By the Light of Their Destruction Nuclear War Now! Thrash Death  
5-18 Dark Plague Be More or Fade Away   Black  
5-18 Deletere Theovorator Sepulchral Black  
5-18 Fallen Legion* Downfall CD Baby    
5-18 Mustakettu Reformed Honest Men   Folk  
5-18 Ny Mynd Crystalize   Melodic Death E.P.
5-18 Scylla Nascency Depressive Illusion Black  
5-18 Shunyata Revere   Stoner Post E.P.
5-18 Storm Seeker Beneath in the Cold  Aeterna Folk  
5-18 These Wounds The Pale Grey   Dep Amb  
5-18 The Tirith A Leap Into the Dark   Prog Metal  
5-18 Torment the Skies Impure Death Voice Death  
5-18 Volkmort Battle Desolation   Death Doom  
5-19 Beastwood The Long Road to Ho   Southern E.P.
5-19 Entrapment Imminent Violent Death Dawnbreed Death  
5-19 Fern The Fact S/T   Prog Thrash  
5-19 Frosted Undergrowth Shadows of Ascending Darkness   Black  
5-19 Gohrgone In Oculis   Extreme  
5-19 The Great Machine Greatistits   Psych Doom  
5-19 Mornedhel Quenta Moriquendi   Sym Black E.P.
5-19 Preternatural Statical   Melodic  2007
5-19 Preternatural Cryophobia   Melodic 2010
5-19 Siphoner The Aching Sky   Black  
5-19 Tanun Scales of the Dragon   Black  E.P.
5-19 Tyrmfar Renewal Through Purification MTAF Melodic Black  
5-19 Witch Ritual Death: Beyond   Stoner  
5-20 Addict Against You All   Groove E.P.
5-20 Funeris The Exquisiteness of a Dreary Site Silent Time Noise Fun Doom  
5-20 Illidiance The Iconoclast Mazzar Electronic  
5-20 Incantations of Cadaver Mutilation Back for More   Black  
5-20 Kandala Majal Disaster Death Thrash  
5-20 Nihilisticon Behind a Mask Flowing Downward Melodic Black  
5-20 Sadness Circle of Veins Flowing Downward Dep Black  
5-20 Storm   ((II))   Southern Doom  
5-20 Mistralth But A Walking Shadow GS Gothic  
5-20 Nervochaos Ablaze Hammerheart Death  
5-20 Vaabnet Det Hellige Mod Mastermind Black Punk  
5-21 Atala The Bearer of Light Salt of the Earth Prog Stoner  
5-21 Athame The Burning Times   Black  
5-21 Circle of Witches Natural Born Sinners Sliptrick Heavy  
5-21 Divisiv Adharma   Gothic Heavy  
5-21 Hazarmaveth Requeim ov the Eternal Death   Black Noise  
5-21 I Gather Your Grief Dystopian Adharma Gothic Heavy  
5-21 IZZ Don't Panic Doone Prog Rock  
5-21 Panzerplague The Greatest Military Disaster   Thrash Black  
5-21 Reflection of Flesh Clearing the Mechanism   Groove Deathcore  
5-21 Trvth A Galvanizing Derivation   Atmo Dep  
5-21 Wargoatcult Apocryphal Canon   Black E.P.
5-21 Whipping the Clown Run Away and Hide Maldito Power Thrash  
5-21 Zombified Whom The Gods Notice They Destroy   Death  
5-22 Ark Royal Limited Edition E.P.   Power E.P.
5-22 Black Flame Necrogenesis Dusktone Extreme  
5-22 Concerto Moon Ouroboros Walkure Power Neoclassical  
5-22 Deduction of a Miscalculation Traels   Death  
5-22 Denunciation Garbage Burial   Death E.P.
5-22 Eartheater Spirit Ascend Bloodsoaked Stoner Doom  
5-22 Forelunar Sonorous Coulours of Dolour   Atmo Post Black  
5-22 Kandala Majal Disaster Death Thrash  
5-22 Knights of Round In the Light of Hope Repentless Power  
5-22 Lycantrophilia Metamorph   Melodic Black E.P.
5-23 Amputated Genitals Origin of Murder Sevared Death  
5-23 Elysium Labyrinth of Fallen Angels Lion Music Prog  
5-23 Incarnatus El reino de los dioses TP Black Thrash  
5-23 Mathias Holm Klarin Pictures of a Dream Lion Music Prog  
5-24 Abrahma In Time for the Last Rays of Light Small Stone Psych Doom  
5-24 Answer the Metal Centralia   Heavy  
5-24 Antagony Ashes   Deathcore  
5-24 Arch/ Matheos Winter Ethereal   Prog  
5-24 Aziza The Root of Demise   Southern  
5-24 Destroyer of Light Mors Aeterna Argonauta Doom  
5-24 Diamond Head The Coffin Train Silver Lining NWOBHM  
5-24 Earth Full Upon Her Burning Lips Sargent House Post Rock  
5-24 EnChanTya On Light and Wrath Inverse Melodic  
5-24 Esoctrilihum The Telluric Ashes of the O I Voidhanger Black  
5-24 Fleshgod Apocalypse Veleno Nuclear Blast Sym Death  
5-24 Genus Ordinis Dei* Nemesis Eclipse Sym Death  
5-24 Gladenfold When Gods Reaper Melodic  
5-24 The Glutton Eating Music Apollon Math Rock Prog  
5-24 Indian  By Ancient Force High Roller Tribal  
5-24 Karakorum Fables and Fairytales Tonzonen Psych Rock  
5-24 Lefutay Human Delusions Massacre Groove Thrash  
5-24 Lord Gore* The Resickened Orgy Horror Pain Gore Death    
5-24 Lvcifyre Sacrament Dark Descent E.P. E.P.
5-24 Neckbeard Deathcamp So Much for the Tolerant Left Prosthetic Noise  
5-24 Nocturnus AD Paradox Profound Lore Death  
5-24 Rendezvous Point Universal Chaos SPV Prog  
5-24 Reveal Overlord Wormholedeath Heavy Power  
5-24 Siamese Super Human SPV   Long Branch Records
5-24 SOTO* Origami Inside Out Prog  
5-24 Stormhammer Seven Seals Massacre Power  
5-24 Stormlord Far Scarlet Sym Black Power  
5-24 Tanaith In Another Time Metal Blade Heavy Hard  
5-24 Vale Burden of Sight Flenser Crust  
5-24 Widower Cataclysmic Sorcery Black Market Black Thrash  
5-24 Zonder / Wehrkamp If It's Real   CD Baby  
5-25 Hellraiser Heritage Thy Bare Tree Heavy Speed  
5-25 The Howling Eye Dying Sun Redux   Stoner Doom E.P.
5-25 Immortal Suffering Preyed Upon PER Death  
5-25 Look to Windward In Fantasy   Prog EXP  
5-25 Tanith In Another Time Metal Blade Hard  
5-24 Visigoth Bells of Awakening Metal Blade Heavy E.P.
5-25 Animus Meminisse Horret Facing the Light   Avant Garde E.P.
5-25 Banco del  Mutuo Soccorso*   Inside Out Prog  
5-25 Blodpest Necromantic Mysticism   Black E.P.
5-25 Crestfallen Queen Queen of Swords The Church Within Prog Doom  
5-25 Dira Mortis Euphoric Convulsions Defense Death  
5-25 Dishate Heraldic Archievement Grim Reaper Death Grind  
5-25 Distress Countdown to Obliteration   Death  E.P.
5-25 Estoner Tahm Golem Stoner Doom  
5-25 Grotesque Deity The Inert Wisdom   Death  E.P.
5-25 Intero Polluted Minds   Core  
5-25 Killer Screamgunn Genco Pura Heavy  
5-25 Sekhmet Reminiscence   Heavy  
5-25 Silent Winter The Circles of Hell Sonic Age Prog Power  
5-25 Subservience Ascending from the Abyss UKEM Death Thrashcore E.P.
5-25 Thanatophobia To Optimists, Despair of Death   Atmo Amb  
5-26 Death Carrier Extension to Nothing   Drone Doom E.P.
5-26 Temple of Demigod Onslaught of the Ancient Gods   Sym Extreme  
5-27 Black Imperium Christ fucking Wargasm   Extreme  
5-27 Dormabth Abtss Base Melodic E.P.
5-27 Fireland IV:Forged in Fire   Melodic Heavy  
5-27 The Gleam of Last Light Where Hearst Retutns   Post  
5-27 Hornwood Fell Damno Lumina Nocte Third I Rex Black  
5-27 Skorbutiks Archaeonecrosis Spew Death  
5-28 Catharsis   IronD Neoclassical E.P.
5-28 Cipher Reminiscenes   Melodic Death  
5-28 Empyrean Soliloquies of  the Lost   Sym  
5-28 Mordor Hogar Xtreem Thrash 1994
5-28 Numberer with the Transgressors Repulsive Subconcious Imhumation   Death  
5-28 Sekhmet Reminiscence   Heavy  
5-29 Entardecer Fomalhaut   Dep Black E.P.
5-29 Khaospath Gospel of the Serpent Tongue Wolfmond Black  
5-29 T.H.C. Moonshine   Southern Stoner  
5-30 Aborted Earth Cut The Chord   Grind  
5-30 Alcotopia It Hits the Spot Narcoleptica Speed Thrash  
5-30 Alkaloid Liquid Anatomy Satanath Prog Extreme 2018
5-31 Apostate At The Tomb of Sanity Lord of the Sick Tech Death  
5-30 Cold Bleeding Estrangement and Rest Cvlminus Black  
5-30 Decomposition of Entrails Abnormality Realityfade Death  
5-30 Evilterror Dynamite   Heavy Speed  
5-30 Fragments of Despair Broken Lost Mistakes   Heavy  
5-30 Manowar The Final Battle I   Power Trilogy
5-30 Sobre tus Cenizas Sin perdon   Core  
5-31 Acromizer Awakening   Thrash  
5-31 Amuleto de Calamidades The Homeless   Black  
5-31 Brats 1980  High Roller   Pre Mercyful Fate
5-31 Coma* Disorder Punishment 18 Thrash  
5-31 Concrete Funeral* Ultimun Judicium AMR Thrash  
5-31 Constantine Aftermath Rockshots Melodic Prog Shred  
5-31 Crimson Dawn In Strange Aeons Punishment 18 Doom  
5-31 Concilivm The Veiled Enigma Von Frost Death E.P.
5-31 D Aphelium Profetian Wolfspell Black  
5-31 Dark Messiah Echoes of War Drakkar Black  
5-31 Darkthrone Old Star Peaceville Old School Extreme  
5-31 Death Angel* Humancide Nuclear Blast Thrash  
5-31 Dissolution Insects and Interlopers   Death  
5-31 Deorc Absis The Nothingness Tranfiguration   Extreme E.P.
5-31 Edge of Reality In Static   Prog  
5-31 Elbow Deep* Bodily Fluids Horror Pain Gore Death    
5-31 Employed to Serve* Eternal Forward Motion Spinefarm Post   
5-31 Engine Driven Cultivators Insert Coin Punishment 18 Thrash  
5-31 Evil Angel Unholy Evil Metal Hells Headbangers Black Thrash  
5-31 Evohe Deus Sive Natura   Black  
5-31 Fulci Tropical Sun Time to Kill Death  
5-31 Funeral Storm Arcane Mysteries Hells Headbangers Black  
5-31 Gaahls Wyrd* GastiR- Ghosts Invited Season of Mist   Gaahl 
5-31 Hellish Grave Hell no Longer Waits Helldprod Black Speed  
5-31 Hidden Lapse* Dead Jester Rockshots Power Prog  
5-31 Infinity Awakening   Thrash Heavy  
5-31 Insanity Cult All Shall Return to Chaos Ogmios Black  
5-31 Interfectorment* Grotesquely Decay Brutal Minds  Death  
5-31 Janet Gardner Your Place in the Sun Pavement Heavy  
5-31 Kampfar Ofidians Manifest Napalm    
5-31 Kavara Weathered & Lost   Melodic Death  
5-31 K.F.R. L'Enfer Purity Through Fire Black  
5-31 K.F.R. Demonologue Purity Through Fire Black  
5-31 Krypts Cadaver Circulation Dark Descent Death  
5-31 Leathurbitch Into the Night High Roller Heavy Speed  
5-31 Legacy of Brutality Realm of Banished Gods Hecatomb Black Speed  
5-31 Lunatic Spirit II   Stoner  
5-31 Majesy of Revival Timeless Wormholedeath Prog Power  
5-31 Malum Legion Purity Through Fire Black  
5-31 Meuchelmord Waffentrager Purity Through Fire Black  
5-31 Midnight Descension Horns Upon the Haunted Throne   Black  
5-31 Nekroi Theoi Dead Gods Prosthetic Death  
5-31 Overthrow Within Suffering Vic Death Thrash 1990
5-31 Oxido Diez balas   Heavy  
5-31 Paul Masvidal Mythical Masvidalien    
5-31 Ruler Descent Into Hades Punishment 18 Heavy  
5-31 Sacred Sin Eye M God Lusitanian Extreme  
5-31 Silent Winter The Circles of Hell Silent Age Prog Power  
5-31 S.O.T.O.* Origami ( Black) Inside Out Prog  
5-31 Suicide Wraith An Eternal Wait for a Joy that Never Comes Blackened Death Black  
5-31 Thrash La Reine* La Foi   Thrash Power  
5-31 Towering Obscuring Manifestation Dolorem Death  
5-31 Traxter Rock'n Race No Life 'til Metal Heavy 1991
5-31 Tryglav* Night of Whispering Souls Rockshots Black  
5-31 Toxpack* Kampfer Napalm    
5-31 Ukryt Reka   Black E.P.
5-31 Until Rain Season V Rock of Angels Prog  
5-31 Vader Thy Messenger Nuclear Blast Death Thrash E.P.
5-31 Vaerbitt Tid A Pile of Graves    
5-31 Vananidr Road North Purity Through Fire Melodic Extreme  
5-31 Vortex of End Ardens Fvror Osmose Extreme  
5-31 Wings of Destiny Revalations Melodic Revolution Power  


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
6-1 Aether In Embers   Melodic Death  
6-1 Blasfernatorio Before the Alters of Death Nuclear Abomination Extreme  
6-1 Purification Destruction of the Wicked   Doom  
6-1 Midnight Descension Horns Upon a Haunted Throne   Black  
6-1 Swampheavy The New Flesh   Stoner Doom  
6-1 Ugly Betrayal   Sludge Doom  
6-2 Abismika Cinzas de Uma   Black  
6-2 Antheology Rusty By Faith Satanath Death E.P.
6-2 Avavago Tyrant Blood And Brutality Extreme  
6-2 Blackened Horizon Krachschwadron   Atmo Black E.P.
6-2 Blood Bath & Beyond Blood Sweat and Tears   Thrash  
6-2 Hellrazer Bonecrusher   Heavy  
6-2 Malleus Your Nightmare K & S NWOBHM  
6-2 Ritual Haze Gorgon Master   Stoner  
6-2 Sardonic Wrath Opposites Abstract   EXP  
6-2 Timeless Necrotears Bahlas Saddala   Black Doom  
6-2 Violes par les Cygnes I AHPN Black Noise  
6-3 Wormheart Wings of a Celestial   Black  
6-3 Black Crucifixtion Lightless Violent Chaos Seance Black Goth Doom  
6-4 Azufre Spell of Grave FT Black Doom E.P.
6-4 Depth of the Grave The Death of Everything, All at Once   Death Doom  
6-4 Grim Existence  Expansion of Reality FHED Deathcore E.P.
6-4 Pisser Breakiing Chains   Crossover E.P.
6-6 Annotations of an Autopsy World of Sludge   Deathcore E.P.
6-6 Comando Etilico Heavy Metal Reu   Heavy Thrash  
6-6 Daemoni Black Tyrant Goathorned Black  
6-6 Degrees of Truth Time Travel Artifact   Sym Prog  
6-6 Goat Thorn Infernale et Diabolicum HTP Dark Noise  
6-6 Gotholocaust Summa Perfectionis Ah Puh Black  
6-6 Hereza Death Metal Drunks Godz ov War Death  
6-6 Imperator Infernum Barbaric Surpremacy Warkult Black  
6-6 Kingdom Rotting Carcass Godz ov War Death  
6-6 Misanthropic Rage Towards the Greyscale Aphorysm Godz ov War Avant Garde  
6-6 Plasma Ethical Waste RRR Death Grind  
6-6 Qayin Regis Doctrine Black Seed Extreme  
6-6 Snogg Chhinnamasta   Black  
6-7 Alberto Rigoni* Prog Injection   Prog Thomas Lang
6-7 Alberto Rigoni* Evorevolution   Prog Marco Minnemann
6-7 Dspyre        
6-7 Distant Tryannotophia Unique Leader Death  
6-7 Diviner Realms of Time Ulterium    
6-7 Embrace the Disharmony De Rervm My Kingdom Prog Metal  
6-7 Enthroned Cold Black Suns Season of Mist Black  
6-7 Fetid Steeping Corporeal Mess 20 Buck Spin Death  
6-7 Firespawn Abominate Century Media Death All Star Line UP
6-7 Infernal Conjuration Infernale Metallum Mortis Iron Bonehead Death  
6-7 Lower 13 Restore the  Order Pure Steel Heavy Hard 2016
6-7 Majestica Above the Sky Nuclear Blast    
6-7 Motanka S/T Napalm Rock  
6-7 Mutilate Contagium Iron Bonehead Death  
6-7 Nebula Holy Shit HPS Stoner  
6-7  Nevalra Conjure the Storm M-Theory Melodic Extreme  
6-7 Perry Ferrell Kind Heaven BMG    
6-7 Peter Framton All Blues UMe Blues  
6-7 Ptraweed Green Jin Robustfellow Stoner  
6-7 The Rods Brotherhood of Metal Steamhammer Heavy  
6-7 Varg Wolfszeit II Napalm Pagan  
6-7 Vault Dweller Existence aa a Distance Horror Pain Gore Death Death Grind E.P.
6-7 Vulture Ghastly Waves and Battered Graves Metal Blade    
6-7 Wykan* Brigid: of the Night   Black Doom E.P.
6-7 Inhuman Nature S/T Injustice Thrashcore  
6-8 Flooded Tomb Compendium   Stoner E.P.
6-8 Klynt This is Revenge   Power Thrash E.P.
6-8 Panzerwar The Vinland Saga   Black  
6-8 Tessitura * Unearth the Underworld   Melodic Deathcore E.P.
6-9 Blakvers Nakaza   Melodic Core E.P.
6-9 Enbilulugugal We Hope you Fvkken Hate It New Resurgam Black Noise  
6-9 Exumados Death Metal RR Death Thrash E.P.
6-9 Leporid Chorus Particula   Prog Core  
6-9 Tundra The Darkining Sky   Black  
6-10 Atomizer Doom   Black  
6-10 Dead Mind Primitive Instinct Narcoleptica Tech Death  
6-10 Aeternal Requiem Rise   Power  
6-10 Revenant Marquis Polterngeyst Death Cvlt Black  
6-10 Yonder Temple of Eyes   Crust  
6-11 Doomsday Ante las Ruinas   Neoclassical  
6-11 Gravrose The Caretaker   Black  
6-11 Hubris Regency of Hungering Souls   Black  
6-11 Lauxnos Crushed By Waves Symbol of Domination Post  
6-11 Perventor Worshiping Evil Presences   Extreme E.P.
6-11 Plague Monks Black Plague Cult   Extreme  
6-11 Satanicos        
6-11 Teramaze* Are We Soldiers Mascot Prog Metal  
6-12 Dark Doom The Journey Marwoleath Melodic  
6-12 Giger Submit to Reality   Sludge Doom  
6-12 Gravehuffer Demon Face Stalingrad's Cross No Slip Thrash Grind  
6-12 Mary's Blood Confessions TJC Power  
6-12 Meridion Rise from the South Machalia Death  
6-12 Visionatica Enigma Fire Frontiers Sym  
6-12 Waldseel Visions of a Destructive Revelation NP Atmo Black  
6-13 Brood in Black Unholy Infernal Rites No Hope in Hell Black Thrash E.P.
6-13 Nocturnal Mist Marquis of Hell Seance Black  
6-13 Victims of Contagion Lamentations of the Fleash Bound Satanath Tech Death  
6-14 Abigorum Exaltatus Mechanism Satanath Black Doom  
6-14 Atlas Entity Beneath the Cosmic Silence   Prog Death  
6-14 Baroness Gold & Grey Abraxan Hymns Doom  
6-14 Beheaded Only Death Can Save You Agonia Death  
6-14 Beyond Infinity Welcome to Infinity Art Gates Melodic Deathcore  
6-14 Chaos Magic Furyborn Frontiers Sym Power  
6-14 Crom Dubh  Firebrands and Ashes Van Black  
6-14 DAMAGE S.F.P. S/T Rockshots    
6-14 Demir Demirkan Elysium in Ashes      
6-14 Domgard Rot   Black  
6-14 Dream Void Divinization   Tech Deathcore  
6-14 Freternia The Gathering Rock of Angels Power  
6-14 Frijgard Chapter Zero Art Gates Pagan   
6-14 Hate Aurid Gates of Veles Naplam Extreme  
6-14 Hell Bent Apocalyptic Lamentations Horror Pain Gore Death Crossover  
6-14 Infrared Back to the Warhouse   Thrash E.P.
6-14 Ingested Call of the Void Unique Leader Death E.P.
6-14 Irgalom Meditate   Extreme Doom  
6-14 Kat Without Looking Back Pure Steel  Thrash  
6-14 The Lord Weird Slough Feg New Organon Cruz Del Sur Doom  
6-14 Lunar Shadow The Smokeless Fires Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
6-14 Mayfair Frevel Pure Steel Prog Metal  
6-14 Merging Flare Revolt Regime Ram It Down Heavy Kasperi Heikkinen
6-14 Neal Morse Jesus Christ The Exorcist Frontiers Prog  
6-14 Nebula Orionis To Keep the Flame Burning CBM Post Black  
6-14 Nightqueen Seduction El Puerto Sym Power  
6-14 Nomadic Horizon Crushing Time   Prog  
6-14 No Self* Human Cyborg Relations  II Zombie Shark    
6-14 Nucleus Entity Unspeakable Axe Death  
6-14 Obscene Evisceration Despotism of Lust and Death Cyclopean Eye Death E.P.
6-14 The Occult Necropolis Redifining Darkness Crust  
6-14 Out of Order Facing the Ruin Black Sunset Power  
6-14 Panzerfaust The Suns of Perdition Eisenwald Black  
6-14 Pinkish Black Concept Unification Relapse Post  


6-14 The Pneumatic Transit Chordae Tendineae   Prog  
6-14 Power Fom Hell Profound Evil Presence High Roller Extreme  
6-14 Ravenshire A Stone Engraved in Red Cruz Del Sur    
6-14 Ripped to Shreds Demon Scripters Pulverised Death  
6-14 Sandness* Untamed Rockshots Hard  
6-14 Sadistic Ritual Visionaire Unspeakable Axe Thrash  
6-14 Starbynary Divina Commedia Art Gates Prog Power  
6-14 Slomatics Canyons Black Bow Black Slydge  
6-14 Steignyr Myths Through the Shadow of Freedom Art Gates Celtic  
6-14 Sweet Oblivion S/T Frontiers   Geoff Tate
6-14 Thank You Scientist Terraformer   Prog  
6-14 This Gift is a Curse A Throne of Ash Season of Mist Black Sludge Core  
6-14 Timo Tolkkis Avalon Return to Eden Frontiers Sym Power  
6-14 Winterwolf Lycanthropic Metal of Death Svart Death Thrash  
6-14 Worsen Cursed to Witness Life   Black  
6-15 Akromusto Closed Album Depressive Illusion Black  
6-15 Barbarity Keeper of Oblivion Careless Death  
6-15 Bleak Wind* Memories to Forget   Melodic  
6-15 Wrathnoise The Sound of Rage Narcoleprtica Death Thrash  
6-16 Punto Inflexion Romper cadernas   Death E.P.
6-16 Anal Vomit Gathering of the Putrid Demons Pub Metal  Extreme  
6-16 Gor Morgul Elohim Satanath Extreme  
6-16 Moorfall Molesting the Priest Profaner Black  
6-16 Phantom Witch Death as we know it    Thrash  
6-17 Embrional Evil Dead   Death  
6-17 Mighty Thor Ragnarok   Epic Power  
6-17 Unsu Darkest in the Sun   Death Grind  
6-17 Violent Dirge Elapse Pagan Tech Death 1993
6-18 Astwind Sigilo Nocturno   Amb Atmo  
6-18 Battle of Simaisma Modern Slavery   Black Doom E.P.
6-18 Human Equation The Human Universe   Prog Death  
6-18 Lamastu A Presentation of Horrors   Black  
6-18 Lyken21 Cyclical Insight   Heavy  
6-18 Molde The Messenger Satanath Black Doom  
6-18 White Death III   Atmo Black E.P.
6-19 Akantha Baptism in Psychical Analects Hammerheart Black  
6-19 Amaranthine Lament A Sense of Detachment   Amb Black  
6-19 Baradj Hunnar   EXP  
6-19 Goatskult Kinahmia   Black E.P.
6-19 Holocausto Diario de Guerra Nuclear Blast Now EXP  
6-19 Iato Ucronia Grimm Hardcore  
6-19 Omut     Folk E.P.
6-19 Palmistry Behold! Temple of Mystery Epic Doom E.P.
6-19 Rainer Landfermann Mein Wort   Avant Extreme  
6-19 Therapist Humanity Dies   Groove Thrash E.P.
6-19 White Boy and the Average Rat Band Love My Ride Heaven and Hell Heavy Hard  
6-20 Bestialord Black Mass Wedding Grimm Doom Death  
6-20 Iron Crown* Before the Void   Stoner Doom  
6-20 Invisible Miedo   Heavy Hard  
6-20 Murk Rider Exile of Shadows   Black  
6-21 HED P.E. Stampede   Pavement  
6-21 Abyssal A Beacon in the Husk Profound Lore Extreme Doom  
6-21 Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze Offering of Flesh and Gold Bandcamp Doom  
6-21 Critical Mess Man Made Machine Metalville  Death  
6-21 Eskapism Ancient  Songs of the Wind Wolfspell Atmo Black  
6-21 Fuming Mouth The Grand Descent      
6-21 Gygax High Fantasy Creator- Destructor Heavy Hard  
6-21 Howling Sycamore Seven Pathways to Annihilation Prosthetic Prog  
6-21 Kryptos Afterburner AFM Heavy Thrash  
6-21 Marco Ragni Oceans of Thought Melodic Revolution Prog  
6-21 The Meads of Asphodel Running Out of Time Doing Nothing Godreah Exp Black  
6-21 Memoriam Requiem for Mankind Nuclear Blast Melodic Death  
6-21 Moonlight Haze De Rerum Natura Scarlet Sym  
6-21 Organectomy Existential Disconnect Unique Leader Death  
6-21 Sekkusu Satyromania   Crossover  
6-21 Superstition The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation 20 Buck Spin Death  
6-21 Stworz Moj kraj nazywa sie Werewolf Pagan  
6-21 Torn from the Womb Medical Abattoir   Tech Death  
6-21 Valaraukar Demonian Abyssal Vision Iron Bonehead Black  
6-22 Elysium The Path of no Return   Thrash Groove  
6-22 Feradur Legion    Melodic  
6-22 Mortic  Beneath the Surface   Death  
6-22 Myopic Empire Road to Ruin   Doom  
6-23 Educated Scum Corrupt Grimm Grindcore  
6-23 Iras Mistr Jan/ Sahara Kladivo Heavy E.P.  1991
6-23 Needless Heresy   Extreme  
6-23 Skitzo Clas-sicks 3   Thrash E.P.
6-23 Sun 'n' Steel Wheel of Time    Melodic Heavy  
6-23 Tristengrav II Caligari Black  
6-24 Djinn-Ghul Exo Sin   Exp E.P.
6-24 Dustborn  MMXVIII Narcoleptica Sym Death E.P.
6-24 Hate Manifestris Herald of Triumph Helter Skelter Extreme E.P.
6-24 Herrschaft Le festin du lion Les Noi Electronic Ind  
6-24 Monarque Jusqu' la Mort Sepuchral Black E.P.
6-24 Placenta Powertfist Pandemic Cleanse Lacerated Enemy Death  
6-25 Abysmal Grief Mors Eleison Sun and Moon Doom E.P. 1998
6-25 Apparition Visible Deities   Speed Black E.P.
6-25 Black Communion Funeral Incantation   Extreme E.P.
6-25 Casket Rider Rebirth   Extreme E.P.
6-25 Centrilla In The Name of Nothing 233 Avant Garde  
6-25 Dismal Dream Legacy   Crossover E.P.
6-25 Eos Erethis S/T Krasta Black E.P.
6-25 Higher Anonymous   Heavy Groove E.P.
6-25 Kapala Termination Apex Dunkel Extreme E.P.
6-25 Opacia        
6-25 The Projectionist Visions from the Nighthag Part 2 ANR Blackl  
6-25 Salqiu Oranssi Mies   Avant Garde E.P.
6-25 Serpent ov Old Miskatonic Abysmal Path   Black  
6-25 Stille Volk Los Cants Pyrene   Celtic  
6-25 Stonevil Gargula   Epic Heavy  
6-25 Sulgogar Cannibal- Toon Machine Man Thrash Death  
6-25 Vredensdal Fealty of Diabolism Vintage Cult Black  
6-25 Undoer Survival is a Myth   Black E.P.
6-26 Bloody Hammers The Summoning Napalm Doom Hard  
6-26 Bloodred Hourglass* Godsend Out of Line Melodic  
6-26 Boris Tears  E.P. Trash Up! EXP  
6-26 Flooded Church  of Asmodeus The Willing Folowers of HIM Bestial Burst Black Noise  
6-26 Hail Conjurer Decadence Bestial Burst Black  
6-26 Moon Bog Stasis   Atmo Black E.P.
6-27 Sulgogar Cannibal -Toon Machine Man Thrash Death  
6-28 Axioma Crown Translation Lost Post Black  
6-28 Battle Tales Le Lejande   Folk E.P.
6-28 Birdflesh* Extreme Graveyard Tornado Everlasting Spew Grindcore  
6-28 Black Sheep State of Mind      
6-28 BlackStar Republic* Humanatti Zombie Shark Ind Rock  
6-28 Blestema Ecos morbundos OEP Black  
6-28 Body Stacker  Drinking Songs for the end of the World   Crossover  
6-28 Consecration Fragilium Solitude Doom Death  
6-28 Damin A Fine Game of Nil AW Death  
6-28 Descendency Generate the Genocide Horror Pain Gore Death Death Thrash  
6-28 Elusion Singularity Art Gates Goth Sym  
6-28 Eternal Breath World of Chaos Sliptrick Power  
6-28 The Gift Antenna Bad Elephant Sym Prog  
6-28 Havamal Tales from Yggdrasil Art Gates  Melodic Death  
6-28 Hawkeyes Last Light of Future Failure Helmet Lady Pysch Instr  
6-28 Heilung Futha Season of Mist Folk  
6-28 He Is Legend White Bat Spinefam    
6-28 Hellyeah 333     Vinnie's Swan Song
6-28 Immer Tears of Blood   Death n Roll  
6-28 Inhibitions With the Fullmoon Above my Head Satanath Sym Black  
6-28 Lunar Shadow The Smokeless Fires Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
6-28 Majesty Legends Napalm Power Prog  
6-28 Mosherz Tales from the Nighbutcher's House   Thrash  
6-28 Mysticism Black Return of the Bestial Flame      
6-28 THENIGHTTIMEPROJECT Pale Season Debemur Morti   All Star line up
6-28 The Noctambulant The Cold and Formless Deep Art Gates Melodic Black  
6-28 Nocturnall Breed We Only came for Violence Folter Death Thrash  
6-28 Of Fire Draparen Art Gates Death n Roll  
6-28 Regurgitation Tales of Necrophilia      
6-28 Seducer's Embrace Solidarity   Melodic  
6-28 Sickle of Dust In The Wake of the Night   Atmo Epic Black  
6-28 Sukkuba Woman = Man Coyote Goregrind  
6-28 Unholy Tenebris Blodorn Kult of Belial Black  
6-28 Victims The Horse and Sparrow Theory Relapse Hardcore  
6-28 Writtin in Torment Maledictus Dies Illa   Black  
6-30 Dreamskiller The Mind Trip of a Lunatic   Nu  
6-30 Traurigkeit Far Away from the Painless Life War Against Yourself Dep Black  
6-30 Vulvodynia Mob Justice Laserated Enemy Slam Deathcore