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Roman Kostrzewski

New Tours> 350 National Tours Listed in 2019

Latest Updates

6-21 July Tour with Avatar
6-21 Clutch on Tour
6-21 Oceans of Slumber August Tour
6-18 Lacuna Coil Tour in September
6-17 Slipknot Tour in September
6-10 Apocalyptica Tour in September
6-10 Scorpions Tour in September
6-10 Bring the Horizon on Tour
6-10 Boris Live in August
6-10 Fozzy September Tour
6-10 Dear Hunter on Tour
6-10 Cloak Tour
6-10 Lamb of God And Killswitch Tour
6-9 Ghost in August
6-9 Oceano Tour in October
6-8 October tour with Accept
6-6 Creeping Death Tour in August
6-2 Weedeater July Tour
6-2 Molonolrd Libe in Julu
6-1 July August Tour with Red Fang
5-31 McSabbath in November
5-22 June Tour dates with Fallujah
5-15 Rockshots Records Update
5-5 Left to Die Tour in July
4-19 June July Tour With Rings of Saturn
4-18 June July Tour With The Melvins
4-17 Shaptone Records Update
4-17 Frontiers Records Update
4-15 Metal Archives Update
4-12 Hypocrisy live in May
4-12 The Aristocrats live in July
4-12 Greta Van Fleet Tour in August
4-12 Robert Plant Tour
4-12 Elder Live in August
4-11 Gwar live in June
4-10 August Burns Red  Tour in August
4-7 Terror Live in May
4-6 Infected Rain Tour
4-4 Veil Of Maya live in May
4-4 Primitive Man Tour
4-2 As I Lay Dying Tour Dates
4-2 Weedeater Tour in April/ May
4-1 VoiVod  Tour in June
4-1 Behemoth and Arch Enemy
3-3- Black Label Society Live
3-31 Deer Hunter Live in April
3-31 AFM Records Update
3-29 Allegaeon Tour in June
3-25 June Tour with Anvil
3-22 May Tour with Origin
3-22 Carcass Tour in May
3-22 Bewitcher Tour in April
3-12 Thank You Scientist Tour in June
3-11 Leprous Tour in March
3-7 Opeth and Mastodon Live
3-8 Death Nexus Fest
3-7 Napalm Records Update
3-4 My June Tour with Thy Art is Murder
3-3 My Tour with Municipal Waste
2-26 Monolord Tour in March
2-17 June Tour with Windhand
2-15 Omnium Gatherum Tour in  February
2-13  2021 Top Albums of 2021
2-13 April May Tour Devastation of the Nation
2-13 May June Tour with Rivers of Nihil
2-13 Obituary Tour In March/ April
10-10 Nuclear Blast Update
Helloween – Incendium Online
9-5 2022 Release page
Until 2022 we will not update any of the tour or festival pages. 
8-17 Metal Blade Records Update
8-11 Tour Info Update
8-5 Napalm Records Update
7-22 Hall of Fame updated
7-21 About The Metal Authority updated
5-21 North American Festival updates
4-27 The Passing of Lars Ratz
4-18 Inside Out Records Update
4-13 Napalm Records Update
3-28 Buckethead Pike  #96
3-19 Buckethead Pike #60
3-18 Prog Archives Update
3-15  Metal Blade Records Update
2-20 BNR Update
2-18 Metal Archives Update12-15 Passing of Chris Payette
10-15 2021 Release Page

9-20 Buckethead pike #279

9-10 All Metal Hall of Fame
8-18 Century Media Updates
8-16 New artist added to page
6-14 New Page
5-6 2020 Release Page
3-20 Willowtip Records Update
3-11 Buckethead Pike #53
2-17  Relapse Updates
1-1  Metalfest Page Updated
7-21 Nuclear Blast Updates

7-20 Frontiers Records Updates
5-5 Lion Music Updates
5-5 Album Release Dates
4-30 SPV Update
3-21 High Roller Records Updates
3-13 Relapse Records Update
3-12 Unique Leader Updates
2-17 Sliptrick Records Update
2-16 Profound Lore Updates
1-26 Willowtip Records Updates
1-6 Agonia Records Update
12-31 High Roller Records Updates
12-30 Cruz Del Sur Updates
12-23 Season of Mist Updates
12-16 SPV Updates
11-29 The Passing of Erik Lindmark
3-18 Buckethead pike #59 Ydrapoej

1-15 Agonia 


The Harbinger
Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Evil Chuck
Quorthon from Bathory
Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum
Gary Driscoll
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Paul Samson and Chris Aylmer
Dio and Mr. Columbus
Jared Anderson
The Guitar Emperor
Scott Clendenin
David Gold

Nattdal B Jonas Lars Bergqvist 
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6 -29 Noon Featured new releases  
6 -29 DJ Dimes live at 7Pm Mst
6-  From 4pm till midnight Mst with The Morbid One
6- Sunday Night Live
6- Technical Ecstasy with the Necromancer

Latest News

X - Black Sabbath Keyboardist passes away

Longtime Quartz and Black Sabbath  keyboardist Geoff Nicholls passed away on January 28th after battling lung cancer at the age of 68.

Tony Särkkä  aka It

Black Metal Legend Tony Särkkä was found dead on February 14 2017 at the age of 45. Cause of death has not been released.

Paul O'Neill

Thursday, April 06,
TAMPA, Florida --
Paul O'Neill, who founded the progressive metal band Trans-Siberian Orchestra, has died at 61.  Renna Reddick tells The Associated Press that O'Neill was found dead in his room by hotel staff at a Tampa Embassy Suites late Wednesday afternoon. She says there were no obvious signs of foul play, and a medical examiner is working to determine an official cause.

Drummer Bill Tolley passes away at the age of 42

INERNAL BLEEDING drummer and veteran FDNY firefighter Bill Tolley passed away Thursday, April 20th after falling five stories from a rooftop while battling a two-alarm apartment fire in Queens, New York.


DVD and Live  

January 2017 Release Dates


Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
1-1 Brain  Spasm Toxic Monstrosities   Goregrind  
1-1 Insulters Metal Still Means Danger Unholy Prophecies Black Thrash  
1-1 The Replicate A Selfish Dream  E.P.      
1-1 Skycrater Tale of the Frozen Valley Independent Power Metal  
1-2 Dumal The Lesser God   Black  
1-3 Aversion to Mankind Aversion and Hopelessness   Atmo Black  
1-3 Draugul* Winterspell PK Viking Black  
1-5 Golden Dawn Early Obscurity Part   E.P. Non Serviam Melodic Black  
1-5 Nosvyr II Witchcult Black  
1-5 Sodom Shrill Cries, Angel Dies Steamhammer Thrash Box Set
1-6 Chasing Safety Nomad Outerloop    
1-6 Endless Floods II   Doom  
1-6 Gone is Gone* Echolocation Rise Hard Rock Vocalist/ Bass player of Mastodon
1-6  Mordskog XIII Werewolf Black  
1-6 Nightwish Vehicle of Spirit Nuclear Blast  Sym Blu Ray
1-6 Primordius* Genetic Devastation   Death  
1-6 Skeptic* Worship the End Independent Tech Death bandcamp
1-6 Swarm of Eyes We Go to War With The Weapons we Have Humanemic Death Thrash  
1-6 Wargasm Suicide Squad   - E.P.   Thrash  
1-7 Ande Het gebeente   Black  
1-7 Blizzard Hateful Hymns of a Endless Winter Southern Plague Black  
1-7 Hurlement La Mort Sera Bell   Heavy  
1-7 Lizzard Wizzard Total War Power Bastard   Stoner  
1-7 Wraithe Alone and Unvolved   Dep Black  
1-8 Sinatras Drowned Logic II  Logic Death n Roll  
1-9 Arkhitekt* Oxidation Blackened Death Doom  
1-9 Enemy Remains Trust No One -- E.P.   Groove  
1-9 Imperium Infernalis Imago Dei SP Black  
1-9 Laster Ons Vrige Fatum Dunkelheit Atmo Black  
1-9 Mangog* Mangog Awakens Argonauta Doom  
1-9 Maze of Sothoth Soull Demise Everlasting Spew Death  
1-9 Succorbenoth The Spiral unto Uncertainty   Black  
1-9  Vrag Exile Schattenkult Black  
1-10 Damnation The Prophet Revenge HK Death  
1-10 Glass Mind* Dodecaedro   Prog  
1-10 Isomnaiax Misanthropunk   Amb  
1-10 Ruin S/T Loneravn Melodic Death  
1-10 Selfexile Retrospective 10 Years No Tomorrow Death N Roll  
1-11 Afterblood Blood Art Triptych  E.P.   Death Thrash  
1-11 Tideless Eclipsed Blood Horizon E.P.   Shoegaze  
1-12 Feasting on Darkness The Black Cloud   Prog Death  
1-13 Accept Restless and Wild Live Nuclear Blast Heavy  
1-13 Ambivalence* Hyena's Breath PRC Death  
1-13 Altu Paganach Under the Ground   Black Folk  
1-13 Arca        
1-13 Beyond the Black Lost in Forever  -2016 UDR Symphonic  
1-13 Black Anvils As Was Relapse    
1-13 Blood Feast The Future State of Wicked Hell Headbangers Thrash  
1-13 Brutal Unrest* Trinitas Hammerheart  Death  
1-13 Chrysalis Reminder      
1-13 Cnoc An Tursa* The Forty Five Candlelight Black Folk  
1-13 Code Orange Forever Roadrunner Doom  
1-13 Condenados The Tree of Death Shadow kingdom    
1-13 Cyclone Temple I Hate Therefore I Am  Re -Issue 1991 Divebomb Thrash  
1-13 Demonic Death Judge Seaweed Suicide Stoner  
1-13 Devation Giants Shunu Melodic Death  
1-13 Devoured Flesh Welcome to Camp Blood   Death  
1-13 Draugsol Volada Land Signal Rex  Black  
1-13 Drearyym Precursions   Melodic Death  
1-13 The Drip The Haunting Fear of Ineviltability Relapse Crust  
1-13 Egon Swharz In The Mouth Madness   Doom  
1-13 Ethmebb La Quete   Epic Prog Death  
1-13 Fides Inversa RTite of Inverse Incarnation WTM Black  
1-13 From Insde The New Era  From Inside    
1-13 Frostreich Join the Wind GO Post Black  
1-13 Gotthard Silver Musikvertried Heavy  
1-13 Grave Digger* Healed By Metal Napalm Power  
1-13 Hammer King King Is Risisng Cruz Del  Sur Heavy  
1-13 Hellcraft Apotheosis of War Gore House Death  
1-13 Highborne The Dusk of Solitude Necro Atmo Black  
1-13 Immolation Vinyl Releases      
1-13 Jupiter Hollow* Odyessey - E.P.   Prog  
1-13 Keitzer Ascension FDA Death Grind  
1-13 Lancer Mastery Nuclear Blast  Power Speed  
1-13 Lord Virgo Blackborne Souls No Remorse Doom  
1-13 Mystic Prophecy Vengeange  Re-issue 2001 Massacre Power  
1-13 Necromancy Ancient  2   Death Thrash  
1-13 Nocny Zdrajcy Metalu handtoband Power  
1-13 Pain of Salvation In The Paaing Light of Day Inside Out Prog  
1-13 Quiksand Dream Beheading Tyrants Cruz Del Sur Epic Heavy  
1-13 Reality Slap Limitless War    
1-13 Sepultura* Machine Messiah Nuclear Blast Thrash  
1-13 Spectral Artic Sunrise CCP Black Viking Power  
1-13 Son In Curse Trivnviratvm   Death  
1-13 Suppressive Five Nature of War Lost Apperition Black Thrash  
1-13 Toke* Fifty Ton Nug Horrorpaingoredeath Death  
1-13 Valfreya* Promised Land   Folk  
1-13 Victorius Heart of a Phoenix Massacre Power  
1-13 Warpath* Bullets for a Desert Session Massacre Thrash  
1-13 Wolfchant* Bloodwinter Noise Art Pagan Folk  
1-13 Shaarimoth Temple of  the Adversarial Fire WTC Death  
1-13 Silent Knight The Angel Reborn  -E.P.   Power  
1-13 Doom's Day The Whore PRC Doom Punk  
1-13 Lo-Pan In Tensions  -E.P. Aqualamb Stoner  
1-14 Heavens Fall For in Darkness we are Never Alone   E.P.   Black  
1-15 Balfor Black Serpent Rising  - E.P. Drakkar Melodic  
1-15 Beyond of Desolation Mile - E.P. Cvlminus Post Black  
1-15 Endlife Lost in Blinding Lights   Dep Black  
1-15 Maldoror In Saturn Mystique  2000 Nothern Darkness Black  
1-15 Nasty Surgeons* Exhumation Reqiuem Xtreem Grind Death  
1-15 Neige Et Noirceur 2009 Kunstauch Drone Doom  
1-15 Self- Inflicted Violence A Perception of Matter and Energy - 2009 Kunst Post  
1-15 W Frostland Cvlminus Atmo Black  
1-15 W Winterwomb Cvlminus Atmo Black  
1-16 Dopelord* Children of the Haze   Doom  
1-16 Inferno Genetica Humana Necromance Thrash  
1-16 Impalers Styx Demon : Th Master of Death Crime Thrash  
1-16 Sweeping Death Astoria i Groove Prog Thrash  
1-17 Acrania The Beginning of the End   2013 Unique Leader Deathcore  
1-17 Analepsy Atrocities from Beyond Rising Nemisis Death  
1-17 Blunt Shovel Get in the Ground   Death  
1-17 Morta Skuld Wounds Deeper then Time Peaceville    
1-17 Need Hegaimas: A Song for Freedom   Prog  
1-17 Odd Logic Effigy   Prog  
1-17 Sicada Exursion Prog Death Tharsh    
1-17 Yggdrassil* All Shall Burn Art Gates Melodic Viking  
1-19 Daemonicium Through Time And Death   2004   Sym Black  
1-19 Wulkanaz Paralys Regain  Black  
1-20 Al Atkins Reloaded Gonzo Heavy  
1-20 As Lions Selfish Age Better Noise   Austin Dickinson
1-20 Aversion Crown* Xenocide Nuclear Blast    
1-20 Bestial Whore Pentegram Perversions   Black Thrash  
1-20 Black Invocation Chaos- Triumph- A New Beginning   Black  
1-20 Blashemer S/T   Death  
1-20 Emptiness * Not for Music Season of Mist Extreme  
1-20 Enemy Remains* No Faith in Humanity   Groove  
1-20 Endalok Ur   E.P. Signal Rex Black  
1-20 Firewind* Immortals Century Media Heavy  
1-20 Flight of Sleipnir* Skadi ET Doom  
1-20 Gaia Metal El Jardin Kontakt Prog  
1-20 Gotthard Silver G Records Hard Rock  
1-20 Haggatha V Chocking Hazard Doom  
1-20 Heisenberg The Empire Buisness Amputated Vein Death  
1-20 Helheim* LandawarijaR Dark Essence Black  
1-20  Infernal Angels Ars Goetiia My Kingdom Melodic Black  
1-20 Omnisight* Powers of One -E.P.   Prog  
1-20 Phobiatic* S/T Bret Hard Tech Death  
1-20 Rude* Remnants FDA Death  
1-20 Samskaras Asunder E.P. Independent Blackened Death Metal EP Bandcamp
1-20 Starset Vessels Razor & Tie    
1-20 Sunterra Reborn  E.P. NRT Gothic  
1-20 Terrifier* Weapons of Thrash Destruction Test Your Metal Thrash  
1-20 Vipassi Sunyata  E.P. Season of Mist Ext Prog  
1-21 Aella   CD Maximun Heavy  
1-21 Tenebree Infinito Honor De Existo   Black  
1-21 Tree House Burning Ledger Independent Metalcore  
1-22 Simulacre "La Jaiba" E.P. Independent Blackened Death Metal EP. Bandcamp
1-23 Infamovs Under the Seals of Death Memento Mori Death  
1-23 Mangled Torsos Drawings of the Dead  1994 Memento Mori Death  
1-23 Shattered Skies Auxilium // Vol 1 E.P. Independent Progressive Metal EP
1-23 Turia Dede Kondre HN Atmo Black  
1-25 Aborym Shifting Negative!!! Agonia Exp  
1-25 Catacumba Kratos   2010   Black  
1-25 Deserted Fear* Dead Shores Rising Century Media Thrash  
1-25 The Horn Volume Seven   Ind  Black  
1-25 Infester To The Depths, In Degradation-- 1994 Moribind Death  
1-26 Effrontery Seven Years   Death  
1-26 Zombie Frogs Multiply E.P. Independent Progressive Metal EP. Bandcamp
1-27 Acranius Reign of Terror Rising Nemesis Records Brutal Death, Slam  
1-27 Akoma* Revangels Massacre Sym Goth  
1-27 Annihilator Triple Threat UDR Thrash  
1-27 Au Champ Des Morts Dans La Joie Debemur Black  
1-27 Beheaded* Beast Incarnate Unique Leader Death  
1-27 Boris the Blade* Warpath Siege Deathcore  
1-27 Empyrean Throne Chaosbourne   Tech Extreme  
1-27 Eschaton Ultimum Exitium   Extreme  
1-27 Hey Satan S/T Cold Smoke    
1-27 Set and Setting Reflectionless   Atmospheric Black  
1-27 Taake* Noregs Vaapen Dark Essence Black  
1-27 Glare at the Sun Soil Lifeforce    
1-27 The Great Old Ones* EOD Season of Mist Post  
1-27 Hour Of Penance* Cast the First Stone Prosthetic Death  
1-27 Hybrid Sheep Hail to the Beast Tenacity Records Melodic Death  
1-27 John Garcia* The Coyote that Speaks in Tongues Napalm Acoustic  
1-27 Kreator* Gods of Violence Nuclear Blast Thrash  
1-27 Krokus Big Rocks   Heavy Rock  
1-27 Mortality For Whom the Bomb Tolls Spinup Thrash  
1-27 Mosaic Old Man's Wyntar ET Black  
1-27 The Murder of My Sweet* Echoes of the Aftermath Gothic Frontiers  
1-27 Mustan Kuun Lapset* Satto Inverse Dark  
1-27 Stephen Percy Smash   Rock  
1-27 Syron Vanes Chaos From a Distance Mighty Heavy  
1-27 Twiztid The Continuous Evilution of Life ?'s Magik Ninja    
1-27 Undrask Battle Through Time   Melodic Death  
1-27 Valkeat* S/T Redhouse Folk  
1-27 Vanishing Point* Embrace the Silence AFM Power  
 1-27 Xandria* Theater of Dimensions Napalm Sym  
1-28 Everfrost Appetite for Candlelight  - E.P.   Sym Power  
1-30 Absinthropy Vigilante's  Doctrine   Dep Black  
1-30 Aminion Lost E.P.   Black  
1-30 Buckethead Pike 247  Rivers in the Sea Bucketheadland Prog  
1-30 Chugga Ritual Mayhemis  E.P.   Thrash  
1-30 Crrifragium Beasts of the Temple of Satan Invictus Extreme  
1-30  Grace No Heaven No Hell RHHI Post Black  
1-30 Eternal Chapion The Armor of Ire No Remorse Epic  
1-30 Haxxen Loch Ness Rising Hell Headbangers Black  
1-30 Minneriket From the Vein's of a nearly Dead Boy   Black  
1-30 Sadroom Triste Independent Atmo Black  
1-30 Seven Kingdoms Decennium Nightmare Power Thrash  
1-31 Cult of Sorrow Ascension   Heavy Doom  
1-30 The Evil Dead Earth Inferno Witches Brew  Death Thrash  
1-31 Exocrine Ascension Great Dane Tech Death  
1-31 Maleceptor Chapter 2 The Flesh Harvest Rotten Roll Rex Death  
1-31 Tumorboy Damaged System Witches Brew  Thrash  
1-31 We Are the New Black Assent E.P. Independent Progressive Metalcore EP. Bandcamp


Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
2-1 Darkened Spawn The Fortress Dawn Independent Black  
2-1 Darkened Winter Dark Age Warfare Independent Black Amb  
2-1 Rotten Age Up[adek Swiatrols Hell is Here Black  
2-1 Thiago Bianchi's* Arena Metalille Heavy  
2-2 Cerebral Edema Torture and Dismemberment Sadist Death  
2-2 Dreamfallin Vain Ressurection Independent Melodic Core  
2-2 Warseid A New Land Soundage Sym Folk  
2-3 Ann My Guard Ourania Rock N' Growl     
2-3 Anteus Silent Agony   Heavy Prog  
2-2 In Thousand Lakes Death Train Xtreem Melodic Death  
2-3 Mort Aux Gueux Beuverie   Black  
2-3 Black Star Riders* Heavy Fire Nuclear Blast Hard Rock  
2-3 Haken Aquarius  2010 Inside Out Prog  
2-3 Haken Visions   2011 Inside Out Prog  
2-3 Horisont About Time Century Media    
2-3 IC Rex Tulen jumalat   Black  
2-3 Iron Reagan Crosover Ministry Relapse Crossover  
2-3 Ritualization Sacraments Iron Bonehead Blackened Death  
2-2 Soen Lykaia UDR Melodic Prog  
2-3 Vanishing Point Tangle in Dream   Re-issue 2000 AFM Melodic Prog  
2-5 Exocrine Ascension Great Dane Records Tech Death bandcamp
2-5 Hadal Maw* Olm EVP Music Tech Death  
2-6 Strange Broue  Seance   Doom  
2-8 Profanatica Profanatitas De Domonatia  - 2007 Hell Headbangers Extreme  
2-8 Serenity in Murder The Eclipse   Sym  
2-9 Cerimonial Sacred Eternity Begins Tonight Vision of God Sym Black  
2-9 Moaning Silence Fragrances From Yesterday  E.P.   Gothic Doom  
2-10 Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy* Mixed Messages   Alt  
2-10 Aeternam* Ruins of Empire   Sym Folk Extrem  
2-10 Ancestral Master of Fate   Power  
2-10 Arkana Code Brutal Conflict   Death  
2-10 Carnal Decay* You Owe You Pay Risisng Nemisis Death  
2-10 Cranial Dark Towers, Bright Lights Moment of Collapse Atmo  
2-10 Cranial Engorgment Horrific Existenece Gore House Death  
2-10 Dead Witches* Ouija Heavy Psych Stoner  
2-10 Degradation Revalation in Blood  1994 Divebomb Prog Thrash  
2-10 Deivos Endemic Divine Selfmadegod Tech Death  
2-10 Dreadful Demons Revenge Spinnup Groove Thrash  
2-10 Excruciator Fighting for Evil Divebomb Heavy Speed  
2-10 First Blood Rules Pure Noise    
2-10 Hellias Eight Cardinl Sins Zion Thrash  
2-10 Hesperia Ceasar ( Roma Vol 1) Sleaszy Ride Records Atmospheric Pagan Black  
2-10 I AM Life Through Torment Independent Deathcore  
2-10 Kassad Faces Turn Away   Black  
2-10 Knight Area* Heaven and Beyond Butler Prog  
2-10 Lelantos Akrasia Loneravm Atmo Doom  
2-10 Lorn Arrayed Claws  -E.P. I Voidhanger Black  
2-10 Miozan Surrender Denied      
2-10 Mors Principium Est.* Embers of a Dying World AFM Melodic  
2-10 Mutiny Withen Origins Buddy Walker Melodic  
2-10 Nailed to Obscurity King Delusion Apostasy Melodic  
2-10 Nidingr* The High Heat Licks Against Heaven Season of Mist Black  
2-10 Nine Covens  Thy Unknown Servants E.P. Candlelight Black  
2-10 Omega Blast S/T   Heavy Thrash  
2-10  Once Human* Evolution earMusic    
2-10 Plainride Return of the Jackalope Ripple    
2-10 Primal Attack Heartless Opressor Hell XIS Thrash Groove  
2-10 Retrospective Re:Search   Prog  
2-10 Ritual Lair Mother of misery and all Repugnance  E.P. Godz of War Black  
2-10 Sargatanas The Enlightenment  --1999 Old Temple Extreme  
2-10 Skeletal Dreadful Life Inverse Death  
2-10 Thicket Tides of Pestilence   Thrash  
2-10 Thormesis Trummerfarben MDD Pagan Black  
2-10 Witherfall* Nocturnes and Requiems   Prog Power  
2-10 Weltesser* Crestfallen Prosthetic Doom  
2-10 Wiegedood De Doden Hebben Het Goed II Consouling Sounds Black  
2-11 Insanity Cult Of Despair and Self Destruction Ogmios Black  
2-11 Tethra Like Crows from the Earth Sliptrick Death Doom  
2-12 Perverted Ceremony Sabbat of Behezael Nuclear War Now Extreme  
2-12 Restos Humanos Restos Humanos   Grind  
2-12 Within Destruction* Void  Rising Nemesis Tech Death  
2-13 Gloson Grimen   Atmo Post  
2-13 Raptor King Dinocalypse  E.P.   Sludge  
2-14  Embrace the Silence Where Darkness Swallows the Sun Fono Doom Death  
2-14 Engulfed Engulfed in Obscurity Hellthrasher Death  
2-14 Pestifer Execration Diatribes lavadome Death  
2-14 Verheerer Archar  EP 2015 Vendetta Black  
2-15 Alex Anderson Tree of Life Candyrat Prog   
2-15 Diablop Panzer   Black  
2-15 Virulent Gestation Snuff Hysteria PE Grind  
2-17 Agony by Default Genocide for Survival Independent Death/ Deathcore  
2-17 All Else Fails The Forever Lie Suicidal Bride    
2-17 Battle Beast* Bringer of Pain Nuclear Blast Heavy  
2-17 Benighted Necrobreed Season of Mist Extreme  
2-17 Black Sites* In Monochrome Mascot Rock  
2-17  Crystal Viper* Queen of the Witches AFM Heavy  
2-17 Cultes des Ghoules Coven Hell Headbangers Black  
2-17 Edenbridge* The Great Momentum SPV Sym  
2-17 Frowning Extinct Black Lion Doom  
2-17 Horseneck Heavy Trip Innovater    
2-17 Hymn* Perish Svart Doom  
2-17 Invasion Destroyer of Mankind   Thrash Death  
2-17 Ithilien Shaping the Soul wormholedeath Folkcore  
2-17 Lorna Shore* Flesh Coffin Cooking Viynl Deathcore  
2-17 Methane The Devil's Own Darkstar Groove  
2-17 Mord 'A' Stigmata Hope  


2-17 Morta Skuld *Wounds Deeper then Time Peaceville    
2-17 Nemesis Sopor MMXL   Black  
2-17 The Ossuary Post Mortem Blues Supreme Chaos Heavy Doom  
2-17 Pandemonium Nihilist Old Temple Extreme  
2-17 Sunlights Bane The Blackest Volume Innerstrength    
2-17 Solus Deus* The Plague THC    
2-17 Tim Bowness* Lost in the Ghost Light Inside Out Prog  
2-17 Thera Roya Stone and Skin   Post  
2-17 Xibala Diablo, Con Amor. Adios E.P. Independent Death Metal, Doom EP
2-18 Author Lopun Alku Naturmacht Black  
2-18 Thera Roya Stone & Skin   Post  
2-19 Ancstm Furnace  E.P.   exp  
2-19 Overkill* The Grinding Wheel Nuclear Blast Thrash  
2-19 White Death S/T Werewolf Black  
2-20 Arabian Death Mask Grim Realities   Death  
2-20 Burial Sun S/T  2011   Black  
2-20 Coffin Shade In the Darkness I Shall Dwell   E.P.   Depressive Black  
2-20  Dreaming Dead* Funeral Twilight Hammerheart Melodic Death  
2-20 Dying Suffocation In the Darkness of the Lost Forest SFP Doom Death  
2-20 K.F.R. Scriptures of Death   Black  
2-20 Krzysztof Slowikowski Mega Man And Bass Guitar Playthrough   Prog  
2-20 Marche Funebre Into the arms of Darkness Shiver Doom Death  
2-20 Nordjevel Krigsmakt   E.P. Osmose  Black  
2-20 Phosphore Blanc Modern World Obliterator   Extreme  
2-20 Pure Wrath Ascetic Eventide   Atmospheric Black  
2-20 Voin Grim Tyrants of Entombed Agony  E.P. Wolfmond Atmospheric Black  
2-10 Walkure S/T Hass Weg Black  
2-21 Expendiency Sadistic Murder Extreme Souls Death  
2-21 Triguna Gratify Severed Hearts Jerry Berry Prog Death  
2-22 Asofy* Nessun Luogo   Blck Doom  
2-22 Caffa Mental Enslavement  E.P.   Death Doom  
2-22 Eyes of the Living* War on Dead S.L.A.M.    
2-22 Manetheren The End Avantgarde Black  
2-22 Mastectomy Hell on Earth Rotten  Death  
2-22 Mordum And What is the Truth? Support Underground Tech Death  
2-23 Archivist Constuct   Atmo Black  
2-23 Catastophic Evolution Road to Dismemberment RRR Death  
2-24 Antropomorphia* Sermon Ov Wrath Metal Blade Thrash Death  
2-24 Arduini / Balich Dawn of Ages Cruz Del Sur Progressive Doom  
2-24 Armored Saint Carpe Noctum Live 2015 Metal Blade Heavy Live DVD
2-24 Axxis Retrolution Phonotracks Meklodic Heavy  
2-24 Backyard Babies Live at Cirkus Gain Hard Rock Live DVD
2-24 Bathsheba* Servus Svart Doom  
2-24 Blackened Symphony* S/T Aret Gates Melodic Black/Death  
2-24 Bloodbound* War of Dragons AFM Power  
2-24 Born of Osiris* The Eternal Reign - E.P. Sumerian    
2-24 Crystal Fairy* S/T Ipecac Exp Doom Super Group
2-24 Dead of Night In Search of  Ancient Magic   Sym  
2-24 Disperse* Foreword Season of Mist Prog  
2-14 Eveth* Entelequia   Power  
2-24 Ex Deo* The Immortal Wars Napalm Pagan  
2-24 Fairytale Battlestar Rising Art Gates Heavy  
2-24 Felix Martin* Mechanical Nations   Prog  
2-24 Goatmoon Stella Polaris werewolf Black Folk  
2-24 Gjendod Nedstigning Hellthrasher Black  
2-24 Hark* Machinations Season of Mist    
2-24 Hetroertzen* Uprisisng of the Fallen  Listenable Black  
2-24 Immolation* Atonement Nuclear Blast Death  
2-24 King Woman* Created in the Image of Suffering Relapse Records Drone Doom  
2-24 The Mute Gods* Tardigrades will Inherit the Earth Inside Out Prog  
2-24 Ophicvs Machine Gun Reaper   Heavy Black  
2-24 Persefone Aathma Vicisolum Extreme Prog  
2-24 Place Vendome Close to the Sun Frontiers   Michael Kiske
2-24 Power Trip* Nightmare Logic   Crossover  
2-24 Pyogenesis A Kingdom to Disappear AFM Gothic Metal, Alt Rock  
2-24 Reaping Asmodeia* Impuritize Prosthetic Extreme  
2-24 Rebel Wizard Triumph of Gloom  Re-issue Prosthetic Black/Heavy Metal  
2-24 Sanctuary Inception Century Media    
2-24 Siberian Through Ages of Sleep The Sign Prog Doom  
2-24 Six Feet Under Torment Metal Blade Gore  
2-24 Skogen Eld    2012   Black  
2-24 So This is Suffering* Place of the Pessimist Unique Leader Extreme  
2-24 Status Quo The Vinyl Collection 1981 to 1996 UMC Rock 10 Albums
2-24 Stamina* System of Power Pride and Joy Prog  
2-24 Suicide Silence* S/T Nuclear Blast Deathcore, Nu Metal  
2-24 Sunless Erraca Independent Dissonant Death Metal bandcamp
2-24 Temple Abattoir Cacoangelion   E.P.   Black  
2-24 Trollfest* Helluva Noise Art Folk  
2-24 Unruly Children Can't Go Home Frontiers    
2-24 Unearthly Trance* Stalking the Ghost Relapse Doom  
2-24 Vena Sera Dead Souls E.P. Independent Progressive Melodic bandcamp
2-24 Vendetta* The 5th Massacre Thrash  
2-24 Wan Way To Hell Carnal Black  
2-24 Warlust Morbid Execution Undercover Black Thrash  
2-24 Zeal and Ardor Devil is Fine MVKA    
2-25 Daedric Tales The Divine Menace   Sym Power  
2-27 Night Spirit* Eclipse      
2-28 Nova Collective* The Further Side Metal Blade Prog Super Group
2-28 Varmia Z mar twych Via Nocturna Black Folk  

March Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
3-1 Alluring* S/T CSR Doom  
3-1 Angelwarrior Ace Vengeance of Steel   Heavy  
3-1 Atra Bilis Hate Antipathy and Deathcvlt   Black  
3-1 Bear Mace Buthering The Colossus   Death  
3-1 Carboncoke Forgotten Mankind   Thrash  
3-1 Cataleptic Forward  Archaic Melodic Doom  
3-1 Cryptic Brood Brain Eater Xtreme Doom Death  
3-1 Ebola II Depressive Illusion Raw Black  
3-1 Epilog Whispers in the Darkness   Hard Heavy  
3-1 From Flesh Putrefacation   Sym Melodic  
3-1 Gorthaur Om Cmaqueb   Black  
3-1 Grimlet* Theia Raising Legends Prog Death  
3-1 Keiser* The Succubus   Black  
3-1 Killharmonic Hymns of the Apocalypse Armstrentch Prog Death  
3-1 Madness of Sorrow N.W.O. The Beginning      
3-1 Mord'a'Stigmata* Hope Pagan Black  
3-1 Plagues The Great Dark Devotion   Black  
3-1 Purgatorium Still in Search   Melocic  
3-1 Norrskold Withering Virtue Rexius Folk/Black Metal  
3-1 Quadrus Entropia   Sym Prog  
3-1  Revenge Division The Grey Eminence Metalgate Melocid Core  
3-1 Screamking* Tyranny of the Sea   Heavy Power  
3-1 The Senseless The Buried Life   Grind  
3-1 Skitarg Los Pulkerz Per Rinaldo Thrash Black  
3-1 Striborg A Procession of  Lost Souls Razed Soul Amb  Black  
3-1 The Sun Through a Telescope Black Hole Smile   Drone Doom  
3-1 White Ward Furtility Report  Debemur Morti Post  
3-1 Witchstone Mortal Fear of Infinity   Psy Doom  
3-1 Ymir's Blood S/T  E.P.   Viking  
3-2 David Maxim Micic Who Bit the Moon Bilo Recordings Progressive Metal bandcamp
3-2 Vidland Hauter Savet 2016 Black Lion Black Viking 2nd Press
3-3 Ancara Garden of Chains Concorde Heavy  
3-3 Bare Infinity* The Butterfly Raiser   Melodic  
3-3 Black Mirrors E.P. Napalm    
3-3 Blaze Bailey Endure and Survive Blaze Bailey Power  
3-3 Cirith Gorgor* Di Ben Dode Hant  E.P.   Black  
3-3 Cold Fell Irwell   Atmospheric Black  
3-3 Cloak of Altering I Reached for the Light that Drowned in your Mouth   Avant Black  
3-3 Creeping Fear Onward to Apocalypse Dolorem Death  
3-3 Danko Jones Wild Cat AFM Records Rock  
3-3 The Day of the Beast* The Ultimate Creamation Pyre Horror Pain Gore Death Death  
3-3 Desecrate the Faith* Unholy Infestation Comatose Death  
3-3 Dethonator S/T Killer MetalL  Melodic Thrash  
3-3 Disharmony Goddamn the Sun Iron Bonehead Extreme  
3-3 Dread Sovereign* For Doom the Bells Tolls Van Doom  
3-3 Elpyrosis Asphyxiating Devotion Memento Mori Death  
3-3 Emmure* Look at Yourself Sharptone Deathcore  
3-3 Gorephilia* Severed Monolith Dark Descent Death  
3-3 Goya Harvester of Bongloads Opoponox Stoner  
3-3 Grave Huffer Your Fault Reality Impaired Thrash Grind  
3-3 Hollow Leg* Murder  E.P. Argonauta Doom  
3-3 Junius Fantastic  -E.P.   Post  
3-3 Karion; Irse! Ruination Svart    
3-3 Light of the Morning Star Nocta Iron Bonehead Gothic  
3-3 Lux Perpetua* The Curse of  the Iron King   Power  
3-3 Maat Monuments Will Enslave Aural Attack Death  
3-3 Mordbrand Wilt Carnal Death  
3-3 Mother Sloth Moon Omen Argonauta Doom  
3-3 Nord Alpha Inverse    
3-3 Nornir Urd   E.P. Nothern Silence Black  
3-3 Rozamov This Mortal road Battleground Doom  
3-4 Repulsive Vision Look Past the Gore and see the Art Mighty Death  
3-3 Sauron* The Baltic Fog Witching Hour Black  
3-3 She Must Burn Grimoire Artery Core  
3-3 Skeletoon Ticking Clock   Power  
3-3  Skulled Eat Thrash   Thrash  
3-3 Solitary The Diseased Heart of Society UKEM Thrash  
3-3 Svart Crown Abreaction Century Media Extreme  
3-3 Svartstorm     Melodic Death  
3-3  Tomb Mold Primordial Malignity Blood Harvest Death  
3-3 Within the Ruins* Halfway Human Eone Deatcore  
3-3 Wolfheart* Tyhjjs Spinefarm Melodic  
3-3 Wormwood Wounds from a Bleeding Heart Non Servian Melodic Black  
3-4 Cage of Creation III    E.P. DAP EXP Black  
3-4 Cancer Terminal E.P.  2016   Dep Black  
3-4 Impaled Nazarene Morbid Fate  E.P. Osmose Black  
3-4 Memoriam For the Fallen Nuclear Blast   Bolt Thrower and Benediction Members
3-5 Ghostmourn Eternal   - E.P.   Black  
3-5 Nox Vorago Al Chem   Sym Extreme  
3-5 Tanatron S/T   Death  
3-6 Prevail in Darkness Damnation  E.P.   Melodic Death  
3-10 Atlas Pain* What The Oak Left Scarlet Epic Folk  
3-10 Black Cilice Banished From Time  Iron Bonehead Black  
3-10 Black Map In Droves eOne    
3-10 Blacktop Mojo Burn the Ships Cuhmon    
3-10 Evocation* The Shadow Archetype Metal Blade Melodic Death  
3-10 Glass Mind* Dodecaedro   Prog  
3-10 In The Company of Serpents Ain - Soph aUR   Doom  
3-10 Cellador* Off of the Grid Scarlet Power  
3-10 Condemned* His Divine Shadow Unique Leader Death  
3-10 Conjoctive In the Moth of the Devil Tenacity    
3-10 Damnation Plan Reality Illusion Coroner  Melodic Death  
3-10 Darkest Hour Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora Southern Lord Records Metalcore  
3-10 Deathwhite For A Black Tomorrow   Black Metal  
3-10 Front Beast Third Scourge from Darkness Iron Bonehead Black Metal  
3-10 Forgjord UHRIPUU Werewolf Records Black Metal  
3-10 Ghastly Sound S/T    E.P. Magnetic Eye    
3-10 Ghost Avenue Impact Pitch Black Heavy  
3-10 Havok* Conformicide Century Media Thrash  
3-10 Jagged Vision Death is this World Retro Stoner  
3-10 John 5* Season of the Witch   Prog  
3-10  Lunar Shadow Far From The Light Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
3-10 Majesty Rebels Noise Art Heavy Power  
3-10 Meltdown Answers Wormholedeath    
3-10 Mothership Hugh Strangeness Ripple Stoner  
3-10 Nesara Nexus E.P. Independent Progressive Post-Metal bandcamp
3-10 Nova Collective* The Further Side Metal Blade Progressive Rock/Metal, Jazz Supergroup
3-10 Painful Pride Lost Memories No Remorse Heavy  
3-10 Ph Eternal Hayden Svart    
3-10 Pillorian* Obsidian Arc Eisenwald Black  
3-10 Ravenger Eradicate Annihilate Exterminate Iron Sheild Thrash  
3-10 Sail Slumbersong hibernacula    
3-10 Saille Gnosis Code666 Sym Black  
3-10 Satan Worship I'm the Devil Iron Shield Black Thrash  
3-10 Synaptik Justify & Reason Heart of Steel Prog Thrash  
3-10 Thrash Bombz Master of the Dead Iron Shield Thrash  
3-10 Thorbjorn Englund Sold My Soul Lion Prog  
3-10  Wound Engrained FDA Death  
3-11 Charlie's Frontier Fun Town In Dust We Trust KNT Southern Metal  
3-11 Trilateral Elliptic Orbits Independent Progressive Death Metal bandcamp
3-13 Consummation Ritual Severence Invictus Black  
3-13 Doomocracy Visions of Creatures of Imagination Steel Gallery Doom  
3-13 Fit For An Autopsy The Great Collapse Good Fight Music Deathcore  
3-13 Mahakala The Second Fall   Doom  
3-13 Sacrement of Impurity The Purest of Sins   Black  
3-13 Smile Empty Soul Rarities MRAfia    
3-14 Aeons of Silence Transcendence of Spiritual Lifeforms  E.P.   Melodic  
3-14 Cauldron Regnum- Phobos Darkness Within Black  
3-14 Cult of Fire E.P. Beyond Eyes Epic Black  
3-14 Cut-Up* Wherver They May Rot Metal Blade Death  
3-14 Iapetus The Long Road Home Independent Ambient Progressive Death bandcamp
3-14 Malignance Architects of Oblivion DK Black  
3-15 7 Sins The Dream's Alive   Heavy  
3-15 Bridear Rise  E.P. BAKU-ON Core  
3-15 Demonic Ressurection Dashavata Demonstealer  Prog Death  
3-15 Deiquisitor Sword of Pestilence Ancient Darkness Death  
3-15 Harvest Gulgaltha Altars of Devotion Nuclear War Now Extreme  
3-15 Panikk Discarded Existence XtreemMusic Thrash  
3-15 Silentio Mortis In Umbrae Mortis  Doom  
3-15 Terrorcult Bak From the Ashes   Death Thrash  
3-17 Aevum* Dischronia Maple Metal Symphonic  
3-17 Alunah* Solennial Svart Doom  
3-17 Allochiria Throes Art of Propaganda Sludge  
3-17 Angel Martyr Black Book: Chapter One Iron Shield Heavy Speed  
3-17 Anomalie Visions Art of Propanganda Post Black  
3-17 Ascended Dead Abhorrent Manifestation Invictus Death  
3-17 Ashes of Moon Melting Away  E.P. Wormholedeath Melodic Death  
3-17 Assimalation The Laws of Power   Death Thrash  
3-17 Black Miasma II: Morphsosis Dark Descent Death  
3-17 Crimson Thorn E.P.   Amb Black  
3-17 Devastator The Throne Belongs to Us Kernkraftritter Death  
3-17 Dodecahedron Kwintessens Seasons of Mist Black Avant  
3-17 Dusius Memory of Man Extreme Music Viking Folk  
3-17 Entartung Baptised into Faith of Lust WTC Black  
3-17 Eternal Fear Killing Time   Heavy Stoner  
3-17 Fit for an Autopsy* The Great Collapse eOne Death Core  
3-17 King of Asgard Taudr Troll music Melodic Viking  
3-17 KXM S/T Rat Pak Hard Rock Korn, Kings X and  Dokken Members
3-17 Lantern II :morphosis Dark Descent Extreme  
3-17  Obituary* S/T Relapse Thrash  
3-17 Pulse* II: Morphosis Dark Descent Extreme  
3-17 The Raven Age Darkness Will Rise BMG Melodic Groove  
3-17 Regulus Quadralith Off Yer Rocka Stoner  
3-17 Replacire* Do Not Deviate Season of Mist Tech Death  
3-17 Sarvant Serial Killer's   Thrash  
3-17 Sceamers Hell Machine High Roller  Heavy  
3-17 Serpent of Eden The False Existence  E.P. Blue Spoon Black  
3-17 Signum Regis Decennium Primum   Prog Power  
3-17 Telekinetic Yeti Abominable Independent Doom Metal  
3-17 Tormentor alization   Thrash  
3-17 Vangough* Warpaint Nightmare Prog  
3-17 Venenum* Trance of Death Sepucheral Voice Death Bandcamp
3-17 Vorlon False Sense of Security   Extreme  
3-17 Scythra Human Cespool   Death  
3-18 Heaven's Scum Beyond Human Footsteps   Death  
3-18 Mage Green Witch Hunter Doom  
3-18 Rimthurs Gravskrift Ketzer Black  
3-18 Without Waves* Lunar Prosthetic    
3-18 Waterland Signs of Freedom Independent  Melodic Power Metal  
3-18 Wild Freedom Set the Night on Fire Fish Factory Heavy  
3-18 Woe Hope Attrition Vendetta Black  
3-18 WOM Psychedelic Noir   Black  
3-18 Deadlife Where Life Ends   Dep Black  
3-18 Womit Angel Impaling Force of Satan Inverse Black Thrash Punk  
3-19 Dodsengel Interequinox Debemur Morti Black  
3-19 Vatican March of the Kings Pure Steel Heavy  
3-20 Acrimonious Eleven Dragons WTC Black  
3-20 Dead Nihilism   Black  
3-20 Haemophagus Stream of Shadows selfmadegod Death Grind  
3-20 Kalmankantaja Demonwoods   Atmo Black  
3-20 Night Demon E.P. Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
3-20 Otus 7.83Hz  -2016 Argonauta Doom  
3-21 Craving Stones* Land Mines Smash Mouth    
3-22 Doom Doom IV Illegal Soul   1992 13th Real Prog Thrash  
3-22 Hadal* Painful Shadow Sliptrick Death Doom  
3-22 Huldrekall What Else Will Fade?   Dep Black  
3-23 Acid Force Atrocity for the Lust Support Underground Thrash  
3-23 Northlane Mesmer UNFD Progcore  
3-23 Morta Skuld* Wound's Deeper then Time Peaceville Death  
3-24 Art of Anarchy The Madness Century Media    
3-24 Blood Divisions* Cardinal One Metal Blade Covers Supergroup
3-24  Bonfire Byte the Bullet UDR Rock  
3-24 CRNKSHFT* E.P.   Alt  
3-24  Cut Up* Wherever They May Rot Metal Blade    
3-24 Defiency The Dawn Of Consciousness pathia Melodic  
3-24 Eclipse* Monumentum Frontiers    
3-24 Grog Ablutionary Rituals Murder Grindcore  
3-24 Hammerdrone Dark Harvest Independent Melodic Death bandcamp
3-24 Heart Attack The Resilince   Thrash  
3-24 Helioss* Antumbra Apathia Sym Black  
3-24 Hypnos The Whitecrow Einheit Death  
3-24 Locust Leaves Subtler Kind od Light I Voidhanger Exp Prog  
3-24 Me and the Man* Songs of Love and Death Cooking Vinyl   Nergal of Behemoth
3-24 Mindshare Unholy Rush Resist Hardcore Groove  
3-24 Obscure Infinity Dawn of Winter 2010 FDA Death  
3-24 One Desire S/T Frontiers    
3-24 Pallbearer* Heartless Nuclear Blast Doom  
3-34 Patria Magma Adversia Soulseller Black  
3-24 Saille Gnosis Code 666 Sym Black  
3-24 Scordatura Self CreatedAbyss Gore House Death  
3-24 Sloth Herder No Pity, No Sunrise Grimoire Records Experimental Black Metal  
3-24 Slugdge The Cosmic Cornacopia Willowtip Black Sludge  
3-24 Steel Panther Lower the Bar Open E Music Glam Metal  
3-24 Steve Hackett The Night Siren Inside Out Prog  
3-24 Stormhammer* Welcome to the End Massacre Power  
3-24 Venereal Baptism Devient Castigation Liturgy Osmose Black  
3-24 Yakuza* Amount to Nothing War Crimes    
3-25 Bokassa Divide and Conquer Indigoboom    
3-25 Dying Fetus 5 album re issue's  Relapse Death  
3-27 Bloodsoaked Frost Image  1993   Death  
3-27 Calliophis Cor Serpentis Solitude Doom Death  
3-27 Devotion S/T     2016   Black  
3-27 Fate Unburied* Logos Sliptrick Prog Metal  
3-27 Hate La Sangre Del Tiempo    2003 Ragnorok Thrash  Groove  
3-27 Holocaust The Nightcomers  1981 Metal Nation  Heavy  
3-27 Niels Vejlyt Concerto Lion Prog Shred  
3-27 Rhegency* Invisible Blood   Heavy  
3-28 Hyban Draco Stroms of Desolation Winter Demons Black  
3-29 Blessed Curse Beware of  Night  E.P. M-Theory Thrash  
3-29 Breed of Darkness Call of Siren   Heavy Power  
3-29 Grauzeit Symbiose   Dep Black  
3-29 Gyze Nothern  Hell Song Virgin Melodic Death  
3-29 Impavidus Eradication of  Mankind  E.P.   Groove Death  
3-30 Azelisassath Total Desecration of Existence   Black  
3-30 Dark Matter* Wood Lane   Doom  
3-30  Medico Peste  E.P. WTC Black  
3-31 Arch Enemy As the Stage Burn! Century Media Thrash Live
3-31 Antoine Dufour Back & Forth Candyrat Prog  
3-31 Bereft* Lands Prosthetic Post Black  
3-31 Birth of Depravity From Obscure Domains Dismembered Death  
3-31 Claymorean Sounds from A Dying World Stormspell Epic Heavy  
3-31 Crimson Dawn* Chronicles of  an Undead Hunter Punishment 18 Doom  
3-31 Dawn of Winter* In the Valley of Tears Doom Massacre Doom  
3-31 Diabolical Messiah Demonic Weapon Against the Sacred Dark Descent Death  
3-31 Dissonance Look to Forget  E.P. Dark Symphonies Tech Death Compilation
3-31 Drudkh* The Great Cold Steppe Season of Mist Black  
3-31 Endezzma The Arcane Abyss Pulverised Black  
3-31 Fragile Vastness Perception   Prog  
3-31 Glasswork* Fear and Trembling Rock Izar Prog  
3-31 Gruesome Fragments of Psyche E.P. Relapse Records Death Metal FFO Death
3-31 In Chasms Deep As the Wicked Burn Below   Deathcore  
3-31 In. Si. Dia Denso Inganno Punishment 18 Thrash  
3-31 Kaunis Kuolematon Vappaus Haminian Melodic  
3-31 Killing Age Devil's Child   Groove  
3-31 Last Leaf Down Bright wide Colder Lifeforce    
3-31 Mandator Intial Velocity  1988   Speed Thrash  
3-31 Mantar The Spell   E.P Nuclear Blast Doom  
3-31 Mastodon* Emperor of Sand Reprise Melodic Doom  
3-31 Milking the Goatmachine S/T Naplam Grind  
3-31 Moderix Antiteos Cvlminus Extreme  
3-31 Moonloop Devocean Listenable Melodic  
3-31 Morast Ancestral Void Totemmusik Exp  
3-31 Nebula Disrupt Libations of Omnipotence  E.P.   Prog Extreme  
3-31 Necroblood  Collapse of the Human Race   Extreme  
3-31 Nightrage* Venomous Despotz Melodic  
3-31 OHHMS* The Fool Holy Roar Post Doom  
3-31 Ordoxe Towards Eternity Horror  Pain Gore Death Black  
3-31 Regulate Life* Obliteration of the Self Truthseeker Death  
3-31 The Ritualist Hells Doom Eternal  E.P.   Doom  
3-31 Sad Dolls Blood of a Kind Trisol Gothic  
3-31 Saturn Beyond Spectra Rise Above    
3-31 Sinner* Tequila Sunrise AFM Power  
3-31 Slagmaur Thill Smitts Terror Osmose Avant Black  
3-31 The Artificials Heart Tragic Hero Records Progressive Metalcore Ex- Erra guitarist
3-31 Telepathy* Tempest   Post  
3-31 Tiger Junkies Green Tea or Die  2013 Bandcamp Crossover  
3-31 Trance Loser Fights Back Rock port Heavy Hard Rock  
3-31 Tyranex Death Roll GMR Thrash  
3-31 Vacivus Nuclear Chaos  E.P.   Death  
3-31 Warbringer* Woe to the Vanquised Naplalm Thrash  
3-31 Windswept* The Great Cold Steppe Season Of Mist Black  

April Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
4-1 Gorod Kiss the Freak E.P. Unique Leader Tech Death  
4-1 He Films the Clouds As I Live and Breathe Independent Ambient Progcore  
4-1 Holocausto War Metal Massacre E.P. 2016   Crossover  
4-1 Mourners Lament* We All be Given Hammerheart    
4-1 Vanum Burning Arrow Profound Lore Black  
4-3 Bleak Fleash Overcoming Reality  E.P.   Tech Death  
4-3 Flux Conduct Yetzer Hara Independent Progcore Monuments guitarist solo project
4-4 Dominia Stabat Mater fono Melodic Goth  
4-4 Inferno Gnosis Kardias WTC Black  
4-4 Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith Overture of Destruction King Neo Classical Shred  
4-4 Primal Age A Silent Wound Deadlight Core  
4-4 Rose Rose The Final Sign for Creatures Bang your Head Crossover  
4-4 Ruins of Elysium Seeds of Chaos and Serenity   Symphonic  
4-4 The Sarcophagus Beyond This Worl's Illusion Satanath Black  
4-4 Scatha Take the Risk   Heavy Thrash  
4-5 A Lie Nation Begin Hate  E.P. Inverse Melodic Black  
4-5 Hyaena Existence Independent Progcore bandcamp
4-5 Katharos XII Negativity Loud Rage  Black  
4-5 No Fuck Walls of Flesh Murdher Death Thrash  
4-5 Slagduster* Deadweight Waterlow Audio Prog Core  
4-6 Abduction To Further Dreams of Failure Infirna Profundus Black  
4-6 Defy The Tide Soteria  E.P. CB Melodic Prog  
4-6 Jesters of Destiny* The Sorrows that refused to Drown Ektro Psy Heavy  
4-7 Althea Memories Have no Name   Prog  
4-7 Amken Theater of the Absurd No Remorse Thrash  
4-7 Anewrage Lifre Related Symptoms Scarlet    
4-7 Arthemis* Bllood- Fury- Domination Scarlet Power Heavy Thrash  
4-7 Avelion Illusion of Transparency Revalve Melodic Power  
4-7 Azarath* In Extremis Agonia Death  
4-7 VII Batallon de la Muerte Semper Patriae Servire Praesto   Black  
4-7 Beastcraft Nocturnal Reverance  E.P. Pulverized Black  
4-7 Beastcraft* The Infernal Gospels of  Primitive Devil Worship Pulverized Black  
4-7 Beyond Description The Robotized World Punishment 18 Crossover  
4-7 Burial Oath Beyond the Vail of Shadowlands Bandcamp Black  
4-7 Comaniac Instruction for Destruction   Thrash  
4-7 Crackhouse S/T  E.P. Argonauta Sludge  
4-7 The Crawling Anatomy of  Loss Grindscene Death Doom  
4-7 Curse the Sun* Isolator Ripple Stoner  
4-7 Deep Purple Infinite Earmusic Rock  
4-7 Demon Head* Thunder on the Fields Smokked Doom  
4-7 The Doomsday Kingdom* S/T Nuclear Blast Doom  
4-7 Dragony Lord of the Hunt  E.P. Limb Melodic Power  
4-7 Dust In Mind Oblivion   Ind Melodic Death  
4-7 Falling in Reverse Coming Home Epitaph Metalcore/Post Hardcore  
4-7 Falls of Rauros Vigilance Thrill Jockey Black Folk  
4-7 Feel Ruin To The Concrete Drifts I Voidhanger Black Doom  
4-7 The Flatliners* Inviting Light Rise    
4-7 Fuoco Fatuo* Blackwater Profound Lore Death  
4-7 Ghost Horizon The Erotics of Disgust Tridriod Atmo Black  
4-7 Goath Luciferian Goath Van Xtreme  
4-7 The Lightbringer Heptanity   Melodic Black Power  
4-7 Metall Metal Heads Iron Shield Heavy  
4-7 Nervochaos Nyctophilia Cogumelo Death  
4-7 The Obsessed* Sacred Relapse Doom  
4-7 Possesion Exorkizein Invictus Extreme  
4-7 Reflection Bleed Babylon Pitch Black Epic Heavy  
4-7 Royal Thunder* Wick   Retro  
4-7 Show of Bedlem Transfiguration Prc Post Doom  
4-7 Sigil* Kingdom of the Grave Horror Pain Gore Death Melodic Thrash  
4-7 Sinheresy* Domino Bakerteam Sym Melidic Heavy  
4-7 Silence Equals Death* End Times Eulogy Groove  
4-7 Spitefuel Second to None MDD Heavy  
4-7 Sunless Sky Doppelganger Pure Steel Power  
4-7  Trial Motherless Metal Blade  Heavy  
4-7 Ulver The Assassination of Julius Cease House of Mythology EXP  
4-7 Valborg* Endstrand Lupus Prog Doom Death  
4-7 Virulent Depravity* Fruit of the Poisoned Tree Artisan Era Records Tech Death bandcamp
4-7 The Void Nullified Razed Soul  Black  
4-7 Woodhawk* Beyond the Sun   Stoner  
4-8 Defleshed and Gutted The Prophecy in the Entrails Lord of Sick Death  
4-8 Eon Purgatory Inherited   Groove  
4-8 Hexis Tando Ashanti Init Hardcore  
4-8 Nott Disfacimento Razed Soul Productions Black Metal  
4-8 Weeping Shores S/T   E.P. Dullest Doom Death  
4-10 Decrepit Throne Traitor's Gate   Extreme  
4-10 Ended Five Eyes Sliptrick    
4-10 Newspaperflyhunting Wastelands   Prog  
4-10 Warcrab Scars of Aeons   2016 Transcending Obscurity Doom Death  
4-11 Arc Of Ascent Realms of Metaphysical   Doom  
4-11 Parusie In Silence   1995 Raw Skull Death  
4-12 Alphoenix Final Crusades Walkure Melodic Core  
4-12 Chronosphere Red n Roll Punishment 18 Thrash  
4-12 Dragunov Korolev   Instrument Post  
4-12 Funeralium Of Throes and Blight Weird Truth Doom  
4-12 Steelfall The Event Horizon DK    
4-13 Devilgroth Landschaft NC Black  
4-13 Funeral Tears Beyond the Horizon Satanath Fun Doom  
4-13 Monarch* Ghost   EXP  
4-13 Oranssi Pazuzu Muukalainen Puhuu  2009 Svart EXP  
4-13 Oranssi Pazuzu Farmakologinen  E.P. Svart EXP  
4-14 All Hell The Great Alchemist Prosthetic Crossover  
4-14 Altar of Betelgeuze* Among The Ruins Transcending Obscurity Doom  
4-14 Armoured Knight Prophecy of Tomorrow  2016 Bandcamp Heavy Speed  
4-14 Basement Torture Killings There'es Something About Beryl Arcane Death Grind  
4-14 Blood Feast The Future State Of Wicked Hells Headbangers Thrash  
4-14 Buckshot Facelift Ulcer Island Paragon    
4-14 Corpus Diavolis Atra Lumen ATMF Extreme  
4-14 Corroded* Deafcon Zero Despotz Heavy Thrash  
4-14 Craven Idol The Shackels of Mammom Dark Descent Black Thrash  
4-14 Deathawaits Solve Coagula Sliptick Deathcore  
4-14 Dynfari* The Four Doors of the Mind Aural Atmo Black  
4-14 Enterprise Earth* Embodiment Stay Sick Prog Core  
4-14 Epi-Demic Malformed Conscience Horror Pain Gore Death Crossover  
4-14 Exploded You are Already Dead   E.P.   Thrash  
4-14 Hellripper Coagulating Darkness   Black Speed  
4-14 Helwell* Behind The Demons Eyes High Roller Prog Doom  
4-14 Heron DYZU  2015 War Against Yourself Black  
4-14 Hexer Cosmic Doom Ritual Vendetta Stoner  
4-14 Inchiuvatu Via Luci   E.P. Inch Sym Black Folk  
4-14 Indian Nightmare Taking Back the Land Iron Shield Speed Punk  
4-14 Infernal Majesty No God  High Roller Thrash  
4-14 Insatiable Ouroborus No One Ever Wins   Black  
4-14 Lacerta S/T CDN Death  
4-14 Lich King The Omniclasm   Thrash  
4-14 L'ira del Baccano Paradox Hourglass Subsound Psych Doom  
4-14 Longhouse II: Vanishing   Doom  
4-14 Metatrone La Mano Potente   2006 Rockshots Prog Power  
4-14 Mostly Autumn* Sight of Day   Prog  
4-14 Naudiz Wulfsasa Kunja Iron Bonehead Black  
4-14 Necrowretch* Satanic Slavery Season of Mist Extreme  
4-14 Nightbringer* Terra Damnata Season of Mist Black  
4-14 Ninjapsy* Spuken   Exp  
4-14 Novembers Doom* Hamartia The End Melodic  
4-14 Of Fire Death Do Us All   Death N Roll  
4-14 Pyriphlegethon The Murky Black Eternal Night Iron Bonehead Black  
4-14 Quadrus Entropia Independent Prog Symphonic Metal  
4-14 Sacred Warrior Master's  Command  1989 Roxx Melodic Prog  
4-14 Sadness Rose / Lavender Distant Voices Dep Black  
4-14 Sailing to  Nowhere Lost In Time Undergroung Symphony Melodic Power  
4-14 The Shores of Null* Black Drapes of Tommorow Candlelight Melodic Power  
4-14 The Riven Black Bird   E.P.       
4-14 Vaiya Remnant Light  2014 Norvis Amb Black  
4-14 Valgrind Seal of Phobos   E.P. Everlasting Spew Death  
4-14 Valiant A  M oribund Destiney   Epic Black  
4-14 Voltax No RetreatYou Surrender Iron Shield Heavy  
4-14 We Ride Empowering Life Victory    
4-14 Widows Oh Deer God UMC  Stoner  
4-14 X. Kernel Face the Truth   Melodic Core  
4-15 Akerbeltz Satanic Blackseed Black  
4-15 Chaos Cascade Grotesque Inflictions of  Infernal Agony Bestial Burst Extreme  
4-15 Dante's Theory Amut  E.P.   Deathcore  
4-15 Death Noize Fullmoon Fury Ritual   Black Crust  
4-15 Graveyard of Souls Pequenos Endless Winter Doom Death  
4-15 Hvosch Thornsmoat  2016 War Against Yourself Post Black  
4-15 Nihilation A Misanthrope's Guiide to the Planet   Prog Black  
4-15 Ostium In Nomine Mentis  2016   Dep Black  
4-15 Remak We All Came From Wombs   Prog  
4-15 Sjaelekval Dodsfaerd  2016   Black  
4-16 The Forbidden Ritual Tearfrost E.P. Independent Melodic Black FFO- Opeth and Ihsahn
4-17 The Projectionist Exalted   Black  
4-18 Dethrone the Corrupted Sephirot   E.P.   Melodic Death  
4-18 Drowning Deeper No Light  Ahead  2015 SIFR Dep Black  
4-18 Gnosis Occultus Return to the Ancient Cult Self Mutilation  Black  
4-18 Revenant Dead Heroes Without Villians   Groove  
4-18 Sacrificia Infanticidium Scars of Eternity Atmo Black  
4-18 Sanity Theorist Ferrofliud Quiksand      
4-18 Tersha Druglord  E.P.   Thrash  
4-18 Turdus Eremita S/T   Black Doom  
4-18 Varden Alone Under a Dying Earth Moribund Black  
4-18 When Ashes are Rising Of Earth and Men   Deathcore  
4-20 Year of the Rat Hell Bent Resist    
4-21 Adrenaline Rush S/T Frontiers    
4-21 Artificial Brain* Infared Horizons Profound Lore    
4-21 Blood Feast The Future State of Wicked Hell Headbangers Thrash  
4-21 Cathedral of Light Slaughter the Heretics   Black  
4-21 Celestial Grave Pvtrefactio  E.P. Iron Bonehead Black  
4-21 Cloven Hoof* Who Mourns for the Morning Star High Roller NWOBHM  
4-21 Coltsblood* Ascending into Shimmering Darkness Spinefarm    
4-21 Cursus* S/T Artificial Head Stoner  
4-21 Cyclone Temple Into Glorious Battle Scarlet Power  
4-21 Disbelief The Symbol of Death Listenable Death  
4-21 The Ditch and the Delta Hives in Decline   Sludge  
4-21 Doctor Cyclops Local Dogs World of Sound Doom  
4-21 Ingurgitating Oblivion Vision Wallows in Symphonies of Light Willowtip Records Dissonant Death Metal bandcamp
4-21 Farsot Failure Lupus Lounge Black  
4-21 Ferndal* S/T Einheit Black  
4-21 Gates of Ishtar At Dusk and Forever  1998 Century Media Melodic Death  
4-21 Ghost Bath* Starmourner Nuclear Blast Black  
4-21 Green Meteor* Consumed By a Dying Sun Argonauta    
4-21 Foreseen Grave Danger 20 Buck Spin Crossover  
4-21 Harlott* Extinction Metal Blade Thrash  
4-21 Jotnar Connected/ Condemned Massacre Melodic Death  
4-21 Junkyard High Water Acetate    
4-21 Labyrinth* Architecture of God Frontiers Prog Power  
4-21 Les Discrets Predateurs Prophecy    
4-21 Lonely Robot* The Big Dream Inside Out  Prog  
4-21 Masachist The Sect Witching Hour Death  
4-21 Moonbow War Bear Ripple Stoner  
4-21 Mortor Burn up the Dead CDN Death Thrash  
4-21 Nicrotek The Astral Gate   Black  
4-21 Night Demon* Darkness Remains Steamhammer Heavy  
4-21 Nothing Left Destroy and Rebuild  E.P. Facedown    
4-21 Porta Daemonium Serpent of Chaos Iron, Bood and Death Death  
4-21 Prayers of Sanity Face  of the Unknown   Thrash  
4-21 Profanity The Art of Sickness Apostasy Death  
4-21 Resurgency No Worlds... FDA Death  
4-21 Uneven Structure* La Partition Long Branch Records    
4-21 Vampire With Primeval Force Century Media Black  
4-21 Varg* Gotterdammerung  E.P. Napalm Pagan  
4-21 Vhaldemar Fight to the End  2002   Power  
4-21 Vhaldemar I Made My Own Hell  2003   Power  
4-21 Vomit Remnents* Hyper Groove Brutality Unique Leader Death  
4-22 The Claypool Lennon Delirium E.P.   Exp  
4-23 Bufihimat I Independent Techgrind/ Math Metal  
4-23 Filthy Rich Preacher Vol. 2   Ind  
4-24 Evoke Thy Lords Lifestories Solitude Doom Death  
4-24 Martyrdoom Grievius Psychosis Memento Mori Death Doom  
4-24 Morbid Flesh Rites of the Mangled Unholy Death  
4-24 Ruin Drown in Blood   Death  
4-25 Helengard Firebird Kauan music Black  
4-25 Helsott The Healer   E.P. M-Theory Folk/ Thrash  
4-25 Mevil Nekrotica Asylum Fear Soundage Dep Black  
4-25 Nemus Wald - Mensch   Atmo Black  
4-26 Aphasia Ever Lsting Blue   Melodic  
4-26 The Hallowed Catharsis Solar Cremation  E.P.   Deathcore  
4-27 Death Rides A Horse More God Than Man Dead Bangers Stoner Heavy  
4-27 Vita Imana EL M4L Kaioswas Groove  
4-27 Cult of Erinyes Tiberrivs aural Black  
4-28 Abomnium A Hollow Path UKEM Extreme  
4-28 Aborted Fetus The Art of Violent Torture Comatose Death  
4-28 Aethere Adrift Tragic Hero Records Tech Death/ Deathcore  
4-28 All That Remains* Madness Razor & Tie Core  
4-28 American Standards Anti-Melody      
4-28 Ayreon* The Source Music Theories Prog  
4-28 Barathrum Fanatiko   Black  
4-28 Between the Buried and Me* Coma Ecliptic live Metal Blade Progcore Live CD and DVD
4-28 Bottom Psychofilia Deformeathing Groove  
4-28 Cadaver Disposal Transforatio Mundi NEP Death  
4-28 Cariosus Saturnine Depths   E.P.   Melodic  
4-28 Cirith Ungol* Book of the Dead  - Re issue Metal Blade Old School  
4-28 Condor Unstoppable Power HIROL Black Thrash  
4-28 Corpus Christi Delusion Folter Black  
4-28 Critical Solution* Barbara the Witch   Heavy Thrash  
4-28 Cult of Eibon Lycan Twilight Sorcery  E.P. Iron Bonehead Black  
4-28 Dead We Won't Let You Sleep We empty rooms    
4-28 Dimmu Borgir* Forces of the Northern Light Nuclear Blast Sym Black Live
4-28 Droid Terrestrial Mutation Nightbreaker Prog Speed Thrash  
4-28 Elephant Bell Gate of Dawn Independent Stoner Metal/ Rock  
4-28 Emphasis Black, Mother Earth      
4-28 Fetocide Reckoning Dystopia Independent Death Metal  
4-28 Field Broken  E.P.   Doom  
4-28 Fin Arrows of a Dying Age Folter Black  
4-28 Firespawn* The Reprobate Century Media Death Super Group
4-28 Harpyie Anima Metalville Heavy Folk  
4-28 He Is Legend* Few Spinefarm Records Alternative Metal  
4-28 Helsott* The Healer E.P. M-Theory Folk Metal/ Thrash  
4-28 Hideous Divinity* Adveniens Unique Leader Death  
4-28 Iberia Much Higher Than A Hope Discosette Heavy  
4-28 Indemnity Bloody Minded Bullet Headed Art Gate Records Thrash Metal  
4-28 Jonne* Kallohonka Playground  Folk  
4-28 Life of Agony A Place Where there's no Pain Napalm Alt  
4-28 Lock-Up* Demonization Listenable Thrash  
4-28 Looking For An Answer Dios Carne Willowtip Grindcore  
4-28 Mammoth Mammoth* Mount the Mountain Napalm    
4-28 Noumena Myrrys Haunted Zoo Melodic Death  
4-28 Prometheus Consumed in Flames Katoptron Black  
4-28 Pyramaze Contingent inner Wounds Power  
4-28 Resist the Ocean Heart of an Oak   Core  
4-28 Sarcasm Within the Sphere Dark Descent Death  
4-28 Seide Beyond the Fallacy M & O Music Black/Dark Metal  
4-28 Shadow of Intent Reclaimer Independent Symphonic/Tech Death  
4-28 Sinlust Sea Black M&O Black  
4-28 Skyclad* Foreward Into The Past Listenable Folk  
4-28 Steeldriver The Last of the Dragon   Power  
4-28 Tethys Whispers of Creation E.P Independent Tech Death E.P
4-28 Ultra Vomit Panzer Surprise! Verychords    
4-28 Until Rain Inure Sensory Records Progressive Metal  
4-28 Valle Crucis Valle Crucis E.P. Independent Black Metal E.P
4-28 Veldes The Biterness Prophecy   Atmo Black  
4-28 Vandroya Beyond the Human Mind Inner Wound Heavy Prog  
4-28 Wolfbridgade Run With The Hunted Southern Lord    
4-29 Cavemaster Sob o Abismo Fat Sound Black  
4-29 The Great Machine Love   EXP  
4-29 Havukruunu Kelle Surur soi Naturmacht Pagan Black  
4-29 Karne Symposium of Torments Epictural Black  
4-29 Mongol Warrior Spirit  E.P.   Melodic Folk  
4-30 Archgoat The Light Devouring Darkness  2009 Moribund Extreme  
4-30 Assualt The Fallen Reich Transcending Obscurity Melodic Death  
4-30 Deus Otiosus Opposer Great Dane Death Thrash  
4-30 Demonic Temple Chalice of Nectar Darkness Putrid Cult Black  
4-30 Dodsferd Another Two of your Scars and the World is Dead  E.P.  2010 Moribund Black  
4-30 Extinction The Monarch Slaves Unholy Fire Thrash  
4-30 Facade Loathe   Doom Death  
4-30 Gas Chambers Marches of a Triumphan War Cvminus Black  
4-30 Granatus Ego Svm Dominvs E.P. Cvlminus Black  
4-30 Granatus Mea Potestus  Victoriae Cvlminus Black  
4-30 Heidnir Thunder and Lightning and Ancient Predictions   Pagan Folk  
4-30 Impending Annihilation Delirium Tremens   Tech Death  
4-30 Imperial Dusk The Book of Morbid Tales From a Darkened Past  2008 Vision of God Black  
4-30 Kvasir's Blood Aloft on winds of the Ancients   2016   Black  
4-30 Lycanthrope Evil Essence   E.P.     Death Doom  
4-30 Nazxul Iconoclast  2009 Moribind  Black  
4-30 Nostrum Internal Tomb   Death Doom  
4-30 Odraedir Legends of the Dark Times   Pagan Folk  
4-30 Shibalba Psychostasis Agonia    
4-30 Suns of Sorath Flowers for the Lily   Black Prog  
4-30 Trove EP Independent Jazz Metal\ Prog  

May Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
5-1 Bleed Again Momentum Sliptrick Core  
5-1 Death on Fire Lazerwulf Demos      
5-1 Distillator Summoning The Malicious Empire  Thrash  
5-1 Grim Vespers  2013 Christian Metal Underground Black  
5-1 Gurt Skullossus When Planets Collide Sludge  
5-1 Monarch Woods The Ichorite's Plague Independent Melodic Death Metal  
5-1 Oniku Way to Live   Goregrind  
5-1 Sinforce Salvation Avenue Spinup Heavy Power  
5-1 Skinlepsy* Dissolved    Thrash  
5-1 Temple of Void Lords of Death Shadow Kingdom Records Blackened Doom  
5-1 Zmrok Achiara Possession Black  
5-2 Aldenfield* Light of Day chp Prog  
5-2  Eruption Cloaks of Oblivion Xtreme Thrash  
5-2 Lantlos Melting Sun Prophecy Records Post-Metal/ Shoegaze  
5-2  Mudbath Brine Pool Grains of Sand  Doom  
5-3 Biomechanical The Empire of the Worlds   2005 Earache Prog Groove  
5-3 Devourment Butcher the Weak Unleash the Carnivore Unique Leader Death  
5-3 Excalibur Humo negro Fighter Heavy  
5-3 Leng Tch'e Hypomanic  2010 Bandcamp Grind  
5-3 Mistigma Omega Mortis   E.P. Redefining Brutality Death  
5-3 Nagaarum Homo Maleficus Grimm Dark Doom  
5-3 Necrovaginal Prolapsing   Death  
5-4 Reptilian Civilia It's Important Tha Reptilians Don't Exist   Deatcore  
5-5 Andy James* Exodus  Urban Yeti Heavy Prog  
5-5 Appalling Secrets of the Adept   Extreme  
5-5 Arakara Shadow of Violence   Thrash  
5-5 Buckethead Poseidon Pike 264 Bucketheadland Prog  
5-5 Burning Shadows* Truth in Legend   Power  
5-5 Call of Charon Long Forgotten Memories All Life Ends Core  
5-5 Cerebral Extinction Necro Parasite Anomaly Amputated Vein Death  
5-5 Cloak Succumb The Flenser Extreme  
5-5 Dementia Recuperate From Reality 1996 Heaven and Hell Thrash  
5-5 Dezperadoz Call of the Wild Drakkar Southern Thrash  
5-5 Drug Honey Cloak of Skies Transcending Obscurity EXP  
5-5 Forgotten Woods As the Wolves Gather 1994 ATMF Black  
5-5 Gathering Darkness The Heat of a Dying Sun Grotesque Death  
5-5 ghUSa Oswedeme White Square Death  
5-5 Gravil No More Foregiveness   Melodic Death  
5-5 Hate* Tremendum Napalm Death  
5-5 Helker* Firesoul AFM Heavy  
5-5 Infinitas* Civitas Interitus   Heavy Folk  
5-5 Integral* Resilience Ghastly Tech Death  
5-5 Kingdom of Giants All the Hell You've Got to Spare InVogue    
5-5 Kynesis Pandora Argonauta Post  
5-5 Mind Riot Come Undone   E.P. Godhead     
5-5 Morfin Cosumed By Evil FDA  Death  
5-5 Netherbird The Ghost Collector  2008 Black Lodge Black  
5-5 Nythis Dis    E.P. Atticus Winch Black  
5-5 Oxbow* Thin Black Duke Hydra Head Doom  
5-5 Scrotoctomy Born to Eviscerate Gore House Death  
5-5 Seven Kingdoms* Decennium Napalm Sym  
5-5 Slagduster* Deadweight Waterlow Audio Post Core  
5-5 Slaghter to Prevail Miserty Sermon Sumerian    
5-5 Slowdrive Slowdrive Dead Oceans    
5-5 Spoil Engine Stormsleeper   Melodic Core  
5-5 Superscream* The Engine Cries Send the Wood Prog  
5-5 Tennger Cavalry* Die on my Ride   Melodic Folk  
5-5 Viscera/// 3 Unquiet Hardcore  
5-5 Weregoat Pestilential Rites Vault of Dried Bones Extreme  
5-5 Wolfpakk* Wolves Reign AFM Heavy Check out the line up
5-7 Lucifer's Dungeon The Dark Army Raises Arising Amb Black  
5-9  Linkin Park One More Light Warner Alt  
5-10 Clawhamer Diabolical DK Doom  
5-10 Herewulf Heathen Spring   Amb Black  
5-10 Holy Blood* Glory to the Heroes  E.P. Vision of God  Folkextreme  
5-10 Jupiter Tears of the Sun   Neo Classical  
5-10 Mirrors of Obsidian From one Form   Prog Groove  
5-10 Nice to Eat You The New Age of Violation Independent Alternative Metalcore  
5-10 Opus Diabloli Black Light of Destruction Satanath Black  
5-11 Darkenhold Memoria Sylvarum   Black  
5-11 Green Yeti Desert Show   Doom  
5-12 Antrpofagus Methods of Ressurection Through Eviseration Comatose Death  
5-12 Apocalyse Orchestra The End is Nigh   Folk Doom  
5-12 Descartes a Kant Victums of Love Propaganda Cleopatra    
5-12 The Ditch and the Delta Hives in Decline   Sludge  
5-12 Earth Electric Vol 1 Solar Season of Mist Stoner Rune Eriksen
5-12 Echotime Side   Prog  
5-12 Excess The Fatal Touch 1990 No Remorse Heavy  
5-12 Excess Melting Point  1986 No Remorse Heavy  
5-12 Excommunion Thronosis Dark Descent Death  
5-12 Fractal Universe Engram of Decline Kolony Tech Prog Death  
5-12 Gideon Cold Equal Vision    
5-12 God Dethroned* The World Ablaze Metal Blade Death Thrash  
5-12 Harem Scream United Frontiers    
5-12 Hibagon Polyposmic   Inst Doom  
5-12 Inglorious II Frontiers    
5-12 John Frum A Stirring in the Noos Relapse Records Progressive Death Metal Supergroup
5-12 Kobra and Lotus* Prevail I Napalm Heavy  
5-12 Oversense The Storyteller Dr. Music Melodic Power  
5-12 Pigeon Lake Barriers Fall   Doom  
5-12 The Ruins of Beverast Exuvia Van Doom  
5-12 Seide Beyond The Fallacy M&O Black  
5-12 Sinorma Love Loke...   Groove  
5-12 Summoner* Beyond the Realm of Light Magnetic Light Doom  
5-12 Until Rain Inure Sensory Prog  
5-12 Warrent Loud Harder Faster Frontiers Rock  
5-12 Wormwitch* Strike Mortal Soil Prosthetic    
5-12 Zombie Lake The Dawn of Horror Iron Shield Thrash  
5-13 Desire for Sorrow Visions  MetalGate Melodic Black  
5-13 Mountains Crave As We Were When We Were Not Avantgarde Black  
5-13 Plague Throat The Human Paradox Transcending Obscurity Death  
5-13 Primordium Old Gods Rising  Death  
5-13 Pure J'aurais du   Raw Black  
5-13 Rise and Shine In The Shadows Freedom Doom  
5-15 Aetheric  Serpents Beneath the Shrine   Melodic Death  
5-15 Alstadt Rest These Woods of Solitude Vision of God Black  
5-15 Barglar Suicide Cocktail  E.P. Cvlminus Black  
5-15 Coprobaptized Cunthunter Perseveration  Reality Fade Grind  
5-15 Hitchhike Tequila!   E.P.   1988 No Remorse Heavy  
5-15 Incontinence Prey For Us   Death  
5-15 Interminable Corruptions Xenodimensional Conflux   Death  
5-15 Sarco La energia del Universo Cvlminus Melodic Black  
5-15 Somnium Nox* TYerra Inanis   Atmo Black  
5-15 T.O.R.N.A.P.A.R.T. Pathology  E.P. Cvlminus Thrash Death EXP  
5-15 T.O.R.N.A.P.A.R.T. Pathogenic Selfishness Cvlminus Thrash Death EXP  
5-15 T.O.R.N.A.P.A.R.T. Mental Necrotism Cvlminus Thrash Death EXP  
5-15 T.O.R.N.A.P.A.R.T. E.P. Cvlminus Thrash Death EXP  
5-16 Abysal Theogony Spectroshpere Death  
5-16 AlNamrood Enkar Shaytan Black Folk  
5-16 Expander Endless Computer Nuclear War Now! Crossover  
5-16 Nargaroth* Era of Threnody Inter Arma Black  
5-17 Ascended Dead Abhorrent Dead Dark Descent Death  
5-17 Cult of Erinyes Tiberivs Code 666 Black  
5-17 Krusader Angus  2012 Marque Heavy Power  
5-17 Satanize Death Mass Execution  E.P. Larval Black  
5-17 Telekinetic Yeti* Abominable   Doom  
5-17 The Third Eye Rapist Deathtrip Transendence  E.P.   Extreme  
5-17 Vrag Remete   Black  
5-18 Karkaos Children of the Void   Melodic Core  
5-19 F41.0 Burde   Atmo Black  
5-19 3 Teeth* shutdown.exe OMF    
5-19 Soul Demise Thin Red Line Apostasy Melodic Death  
5-19 Amiensus* All Paths Lead to Death Apathia Prog Black  
5-19 Amon Amarth Vinyl Collection Metal Blade Pagan  
5-19 Au-Dessus End of a Chapter Ladiop Black  
5-19 Beastmaker* Inside the Skull Rise Above Doom  
5-19 Below* Upon A Pale Horse Metal Blade Doom  
5-19 Beneath the Divine* The Wicked Ressurection Fast Trucker  Stoner  
5-19 Black Hawk The End of the World Pure Underground  Heavy  
5-19 Blackosh Rvouci Vichry  E.P.   Black  
5-19 The Bleeding Rise of Absolution   Death Thrash  
5-19 Church of Lies S/T   Doom  
5-19 Custard A Realm of Tales Pure Steel Power  
5-19 Dodsengel Interequinox Debemur Morti    
5-19 Duel Witchbanger Heavy Psych Sounds Doom  
5-19 Dustrider* Event Horizon Argonauta    
5-19 Enslaved Roadburn Live By Norse Melodic  
5-19 Fractul Generator Apotheosynthesis 2015   Everlasting Spew Exp  
5-19 Godhunter Codex Nacro   E.P.   Thrash  
5-19 Harvestman* Music for Megaliths Neurot Folk Doom  
5-19 Kalopsia Angelplague Horror Pain Gore Death Death  
5-19 Katatonia Great Cold Distance live Peaceville Melodic  
5-19 Loss* Horizonless Profound Lore Doom Metal  
5-19 Malevolence Self Supremacy   Core  
5-19 Mastercastle* Wine of Heaven Scarlet  Power  
5-19 Nephilim's Howl Through the Marrow of Human Suffering I Voidhanger Black Doom  
5-19 The Night Flight Orchestra* Amber Galactic Nuclear Blast   Super Group
5-19 Oceano Revalation Sumerian    
5-19 Rikard Sjoblom's Gungfly* On Her Journey to the Sun Inside Out Prog  
5-19 Rock Goddess It's More Than Rock n Roll      
5-19 Salt For Knives     Melodic Death  
5-19 Scale the Summit* In A World Of Fear   Prog  
5-19 Sektarism La Morte De I Infidele   Doom  
5-19 Simplefast Apocalypse   Heavy  
5-19 Taberah Sinner's Lament  Rocket Power Heavy  
5-19 Three Teeth Shutdown       
5-19 Unbowed Through Undless Tides   Melodic Black  
5-19 Voyager* Ghost Mile Lav Prog  
5-20 Emyn Muil* Elenion Ancalima   Pagan  
5-20 Masacre Legendeath  E.P.   Death  
5-20 Nemesis Atrocity Unleashed   Thrash  
5-20 Plagis Blood and Chaos SIFR Black  
5-20 Primal Creation Demockracy   Thrash  
5-20 Shivered Journey to Fade   Goth Rock  
5-21 Inner Rotten Pissed off Mind   Hardcore  
5-21 Jormungandr* Cernonnos   Viking  
5-22 Ancient Elm Floods of Winter  E.P.   Heavy  
5-22 Gathering Darkness The Heart of a Dying Sun Necromance Death  
5-22 La Skala de Richter* Facta Non Verba Art Gates Prog  
5-22 Soulstalker Descent to Abaddon Xtreem Death  
5-22 Veilgath Shrine of the Dead   Black  
5-23 Todesstrafe The Northern Hammer Returns We are at War Black  
5-24 Hexhammer S/T Filthy Rat Crossover  
5-24 Sculptures     Extreme  
5-24 Soijl* On the Sun Sets on Life Solitude  Death  
5-25 Blackout The Horse Riding Easy Stoner Doom  
5-25 Caoimhin The Age of Wolves Black Lion Atmo Black  
5-25 Soulspell The Second Big Bang Inner Wound Melodic Power  
5-25 Tahazu Black Prophecies Witchcult Black  
5-25 Voids of Vomit Ritval Expiation   Death  
5-25 Worselder Paradigms Lost Sliptrick    
5-26 Abuse Nothing Is Safe Comatose Grind  
5-26 A Hero for the World West to East Part  1      
5-26  Alestorm* No Grave But The Sea Napalm Pirate   
5-26 Avatarium* Hurricanes and Halos Nuclear Blast Doom  
5-26 Below The Sun* Alien World Temple Of Tort Melodic  
5-26 Biogenesis* A Decadence Divine Roxx  Prog Thrash  
5-26 Burning Witches S/T Nuclear Blast Heavy Power  
5-26 Canvas Black Destructive Hed Mentality   Prog Death  
5-26 Carnac Times Undone Sliptrick Prog Death  
5-26 Church of Lies S/T   Stoner  
5-26 Clovn Hoof S/T  1984 NWOBHM High Roller  
5-26 Confessor Condemned -1991 Bandcamp Prog Doom  
5-26 Cydemind* Erosion   Prog  
5-26 Days of Grace Logos 7 Hard  Thrashcore             
5-26 Danzig* Black Laden Crown Nuclear Blast Hard  
5-26 Discord* Dirty Machine Zombie Shark    
5-26 Divinity* The Immortalist Candlelight Prog Thrash  
5-26 Dragonforce* Reaching Into Infinity   Prog Power  
5-26 Dream Evil* Six Century Media Heavy Power  
5-26 Do Astral Death/Birth   Doom  
5-26 Emyn Muil* Elenion Ancalima Northern Silence Epic Black  
5-26 Endless Voyage X Those Whom Time Forgot  E.P.   Black Doom  
5-26 Figure of Six Welcome to the Freakshow Bleeding Nose Core  
5-26 Jaguar Power Games  1983 Dissonance NWOBHM  
5-26 Jordablod Upon My Cremation Pyre Iron Bonehead  Black  
5-26 Kaledon* Emperor of the Darkness Sleasy Rider Power  
5-26 Kanflikt Za  volju,da kryvi  E.P   Melodic  
5-26 Khashm Asmodeus Rising  Iron Bonehead Black  
5-26 Kyle Morrison* PianoMetal KMR Prog  
5-26 Legonnaire Dawn of Genisis Gates of Hell Heavy  
5-26 Lo Ruhamah Anointing   Extreme  
5-26 Lost Dreams Exhale Massacre Melodic Death  
5-26 Lost Shade Hegau oomoxx Viking  
5-26 Malet Grace* Malsanity   Heavy Prog  
5-26 Meadows Il risveglio smithsfoodgroup Deathcore  
5-26 Nad Sylvan* The Bride Said No Inside Out Prog  
5-26 Narwhal Tusk My Absolution Musica Symphonic  
5-26 Narthraal Screaming from the Grave Inverse Death  
5-26 Norska* Too Many Winters Brutal Panda Doom YOB Members
5-26 Old Season Beyond the Black Pure Steel Epic Heavy  
5-26 Post Pulse Halls of Damned      
5-26 Nocte Obducta Totholz MDD Avant Garde Black  
5-26 Norse The Divine Light of a New Sun Transcending Obscurity Extreme  
5-26 Perpetual Fire Bleeding Hands Sleasy Rider Power  
5-26 Ravage* Return of the Spectral Rider   Power Speed  
5-26 Ravensire Tyrant's Dictum Witches Brew Heavy  
5-26 Rapheumets Well* Enders Doors   Extreme  
5-26 Red Moon Architect* Return of the Black Butterflies Inverse  Melodic  
5-26 Rhapsody of Fire* Legendart Years AFM Sym Power  
5-26 Sarea Black at Heart   Melodic Core  
5-26 Smackfactor* Use Once and Destroy   Tech Groove  
5-26 Solstafir* Berdreyminn Season of Mist Post  
5-26 Suffering Hour In Passing Ascension Blood Harvest Extreme  
5-26 Sunken* Departure  Triton's Orbit Atmo Black  
5-26 Toxicon Circling   Groove  
5-26 Trinity Site After the Sun   Melodic Death  
5-26 Trippy Wicked $ the Cosmic Children of the Knight Lost Songs Superhot Doom  
5-26 Triverse Massacre Hades   E.P.   Death Thrash  
5-26 Undead Vision Modern Slave Conatus Thrash Death  
5-26 United Zombie Nations Contorsion Non Stop Thrash  
5-26 Vendetta Go and Live... Stay and Die Massacre Thrash Live
5-26 W.I.L.D. Purgatorius Overpowered Thrash Death  
5-26 Wind Rose Stonehymn Inner Wounds Prog Power  
5-26 Wrecker S/T   Death Thrash  
5-26 Zematary We Will Rise   Heavy  
5-27 Ahvawe Dirty Motherfuckers E.P.   Black Thrash  
5-27 Centurion Extinction   Death  
5-27 Christ Dismembered S/T   Black  
5-27 Sorrow Plagues Homecoming Infectious Sounds Atmo Black  
5-31 Acherontas* Amarta WTC Black  
5-31 Naer Mataron Lucitherion Witching Hour  Black  
5-31 Zifir Kingdom of Nothing Duplicate Black  


June Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
  The Samurai of Prog On We Sail   Prog  
6-1 Avoid The Light Spleen  2015 War Against Yourself Post Black  
6-1 Heathen Beast $cam Transcending Obscurity Black  
6-1 Horrid Beyond the Dark Border Dunkelheit Death  
6-2 Adrenaline Mob* We The People Century Media Hard Rock  
6-2 Aegror Dead Man's Diary STF Extreme  
6-2 Ancient Doom Void Unending Punishment 18 Thrash  
6-2 Barrows Obsidion      
6-2 Dark Matter Secret Perfect World Creation The Artisan Era Tech Death/ Prog  
6-2 Dead Asylum Death Always Wins   Death Thrash  
6-2 Deity* S/T   Death  
6-2 The Ferrymen* S/T Frontiers    
6-2 Jorn * Life on the Death Road Frontiers Heavy  
6-2 The Light Years Erase Wormholedeath    
6-2 Mean Streak Blind Faith Rock of Angels Power  
6-2 Obey the Brave Mad Seasom Epitaph    
6-2 Running Death DressAge Punishment 18 Thrash  
6-2 Satanchrist First Agianst  the Wall   Crust  
6-2 Sikth* The Future in Whose Eyes? Snapper Music Progcore  
6-2 Scream 3 Days Kolers 666 Punishment 18 Melodic Death  
6-2 Tankard One Foot in the Grave Nuclear Blast  Thrash  
6-2  Tengger Cavalry* Die on My Ride   Folk Exp  
6-2 Unleash The Archers* Apex Napalm Melodic Death  
6-2 Vallenfyre* For Those Who Fear Him Century Media   Super Group
6-2 Volur* Ancestors Prophecy Folk Doom  
6-2 Wednesday 13* Condolences Nuclear Blast    
6-3 Aure La Muerte se olvido   Melodic  
6-3 Avsky Malignant   2008 Moribund Black  
6-3 Benthic Realm S/T   E.P.   Doom  
6-3 Croc Noir Nuit  E.P. Bandcamp Black  
6-3 Engendro In The Throne of Chaos   Melodic Black  
6-3 Green Druid Ashen Blood   Doom  
6-3 Reliever Evolve   Melodic Death  
6-3 Spocaine Solar Fuzz  E.P.   Stoner  
6-3 Time Rift Cold Future  E.P.   Heavy Hard  
6-3 Urangst Homo Novus  E.P.   Amb Black  
6-3 Voilet Cold Defn  E.P.   EXP  
6-3 Wailing of Relief Los Vacios   Depressive Post  
6-3 Within the Fall Beyond the Gate E.P.   Death Doom  
6-4 Witchburn The Roots of  Darkness and Evil   Black  
6-5 Antidemon Demoncidio  1999 Vision of God Grind  
6-5 Descend into Despair Synaptic Veil Loud Rage Fun Doom  
6-5 Exanimatvm Dispers Et Tormentvm  2016 Dunkelheit Death  
6-5 Fetal Decay Your Enemy is You 2006 Coyote Death  
6-5 Purulent Jacuzzi Stench of  the Drowned Carrion Coyote Grind  
6-5 Sebst S/T Sun and Night Black  
6-5 Wolfsgrey You Don't Hurt Me Sun and Moon  Black  
6-6 Adrift for Days A Sleepless Grey Art of Catharsis Doom  
6-6 Corpse Light Mother of  God  Angry Love Doom  
6-6 Darkstorm The Oath Of Fire Putrid Cult Black  
6-6 Klabautamann Smaragd   Black Folk  
6-6 Solegnium S.C.A.R.S. Limited Blasting Death  
6-6 Zebulon Kosted You Have no Race, You Have no Culture Hammerkrieg Exp  
6-7 Aether Realm Tarot Primitive Ways Melodic Folk  
6-7 Ghost Toast Out of this World Inverse    
6-7 Seventh Circle Voluntary Torture Soaked in Torment Extreme  
6-9 A Flourishing Scourge* S/T Begotten Prog Extreme  
6-9 Anathema* The Optimist Kscope Melodic Prog  
6-9  Antichrist  Sinful Birth I Hate  Thrash  
6-9 The Arbitrary Identity E.P. Independent Instrumental Prog Metal bandcamp 
6-9 Cult  of Tiberivs Tiberivs Code666 Black  
6-9  Dawn of Ashes Daemonolatry Metropolis Black  
6-9 Dead Head Swine Plague Hammerheart Thrash  
6-9 Death Squad Driving Blind 1993 WYLN Thrash Speed  
6-9 Death Squad Split You at the Seams  1991 WYLN Thrash Speed  
6-9 Displeased Disfigurment Origin of Abhorrence CDN Death  
6-9 Divine Element Thaurachs of  Borsu I Voidhanger Melodic Extreme  
6-9 Endocranial In Presence of Total Absemce Amputated Vein Death  
6-9 Enragement Burned Barren Bloodstained Inverse    
6-9 Exist* So True So Bound Prosthetic    
6-9 Fetal Disgorge8 Mass Female Degregation Gore House Death  
6-9 Foscor Les Irreals Visions Season Of Mist Dark Prog  
6-9 Human Barbecue Basement Butchery  E.P. Ghastly Death  
6-9 Kolac Zauvek crni  2016 Hidden Marley Black  
6-9 Kreator First 4 Albums Noise Thrash 2CD
6-9 Logic of Denial8 Aftermath Comatose Death  
6-9 Maim Omaments of Severity Soulseller Death Gore  
6-9 Malamorte Satan Goes to Heaven to Destroy the Kingdom of God Pure Steel Black  
6-9 Merrimack* Omegaphilia Season of Mist Black  
6-9 Necrot Blood Offerings Tankcrimes Death  
6-9 Nuclear Oath* Toxic Playground   Thrash  
6-9 Occvlta Night Without End Dying Victims Black Doom  
6-9 Reencarnacion Visiones Terrenales 2000   Black Thrash  
6-9 Schammasch* The Maldoror Chants Prosthetic Melodic  
6-9 Space Witch Arcanum HeviSike Doom  
6-9 Solbrud Vemod Indisi Black  
6-9 Suicidal Causticity The Human Touch Ghastly Death  
6-9 Suffocation* ... Of the Dark Light Nuclear Blast Death  
6-9 Svartsyn* In Death Agonia Black  
6-9 Thirteenth Sun Stardust Aural    
6-9 Triumvir Foul Spiritual Bloodshed Invictus Black  
6-9 Twelve Noon* Saints and Sinners Eclipse Alt Metal  
6-9 Valor Arrogance: The Fall Pitch Black Power  
6-9 Vigilance Hammer of Satan's Reveange Dying Victims Heavy Black  
6-9 Volumes Different Animals Fearless Records Progcore/ Nu Metal  
6-9 Walpyrgus* Walpyrgus  Nights Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
6-9 White Skull* Will of the Stong Dragonheart Power  
6-9 The White Swan The White E.P.   Doom  
6-10 Chaos All Against All Transcending Obscurity Thrash  
6-12 Seed of Sorrow World Impaled  E.P. Hollier then Thou Deathcore  
6-13 Krolok Flying Above Ancient Ruins   Atmo Black  
6-14 Auric First & Last   E.P.   Post  
6-14 Chevauchee Phrenolepsia Narcoleptica Black  
6-14 Dzo-nga The Sachem's Tales Avantgarde Atmo Black  
6-15 Abandoned by Light Melancholia   Dep Black  
6-15 Anthriel* Transcendence Lion Prog  
6-15 Claymorean Sounds from a Dying World Stormspell Epic Heavy  
6-15 Dig Me No Grave Immemorial Satanath Death  
6-15 Imperivm* Rome Burns Virus Power  
6-15 Lunatii Elimino Lifeless Dep Black  
6-15 Nicrotek The Seven Seas Cvlminus Atmo Black  
6-16 Chiral Gazing Light Eternal  2016   Atmo Black  
6-16 Coffeinne Circle of Time Fighter  Heavy Power  
6-16 Abominable Purtridity In the End of Human Existence   2007 Unique Leader Death  
6-16 Bermuda Nepenthe Urban Yeti Records Djent, Mathcore  
6-16 Bestia Arcana Holokauston Dark Descent Black  
6-16 Blaze of Sorrow Astri Eisenwald    
6-16 Carach Angren* Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten Season of Mist Black  
6-16 Cenotaph Perverse Dehumanized Dysfuctions Hammer Muzik Death  
6-16 Chaplin's Dream* Genesis   Prog  
6-16 Chon* Homey Sumerian Prog  
6-16 Cognizant S/T   Grind  
6-16 Croward The Great Beyond  Frog Queen Melodic Death  
6-16 Currents The Place I Feel Safest Sharptone    
6-16 Duskmourn* O f Shadow and Flame   Epic Folk Death  
6-16 Elegy of Madness* New Era Wormholedeath Prog Goth  
6-16 Enragement Burned, Barren, Bloodstained Inverse Death  
6-16 Entrails* World Inferno Metal Blade Death  
6-16 Eoront Another Realm Code 666 Atmo Black  
6-16 Freezing Blood Baal  E.P. Old Temple  Black  
6-16 Iced Earth* Incorruptible   Power  
6-16 Igorrr* Savage Sinusoid Metal Blade EXP  
6-16 Impertuous Ritual* Blight upon Martyred Sentience Profound Lore Extreme  
6-16 Infinity Hybris New Era Black  
6-16 In Tormentata Quiete Finestatico My Kingdom Avant Rock  
6-16 Invocation Spells The Flame of Hate 2016 Hells Headbangers Black Thrash  
6-16 Magister The Art of Changes   Melodic  
6-16 Matter Monstifera Prison Bizzare Gods Talon Black  
6-16 Messiah Force The Last Day 1987 No Remorse Speed Power  
6-16 Mirrored in Secrecy Solution Echozone Gothic  
6-16 Necroheresy Asylum SODP Death Thrash  
6-16 Perpetual Rage Empress of the Cold Stars Inverse Heavy  
6-16 Ponce Pilate Les Enfants -1985 No Remorse  Heavy  
6-16 Ray Suhy Fulmination CER    
6-16 Sky Architect* Nomad FREIA Prog  
6-16 The Summoned Sessions   Death  
6-16 Tombs The Grand Annihilation Metal Blade    
6-16 Wizard* Fallen Kings Massacre Power  
6-16 Wovoka Marks/Traces Palegic Doom  
6-17 Astarium Drum- Ghoul SODP Sym Black  
6-17 Discroyd The Mob Law   Heavy Thrash  
6-17 Intig Modfalld   E.P.   Dep Black  
6-17 Incarnator Argumentum   Prog Extreme  
6-17 Meteora Our Paradise   Sym  
6-17 Radien Maa   2016   E.P. Bandcamp Sludge  
6-17 Scargod* Stay in Track! Noisehead Prog Extreme  
6-17 Utmarken Forfallstid   Folk  
6-10 Abominate Croncias de la atrocidad Concreto Death  
6-19 Abonation The Mortal World Rottrevore Death  
6-19 Dawn of Dementia Immolation of Avernis 2016   Tech Death  
6-19 Diocletian Doom Cult  2009 Invictus Extreme  
6-19 Clutch of Mammon Make Your World  E.P.   Doom Black  
6-19 Codex Obscura Miira   Deathcore  
6-19 Morpheus Tales II   Exp  
6-19 Rendered Helpless Entities of Transdimensional Emergence   Death  
6-19 Requiem for Oblivion Burning Nation   Prog Death  
6-19 The Sun Explodes* We Are of These Walls Independent Progcore, Rock bandcamp
6-20 Agonia Blackvomit Cosmosatanic Wisdom Symbol of Domination Black  
6-20 Ashcloud Kingdom of the Daned Xtreem Death  
6-20 The Downfall to Hell Unusual Ways to Dismember the Spiritual Halo 2016 Sliptrick  Exp  
6-20 Egypt Craack and Lines Valley of Kings Doomentia  
6-20 Essence of Daturn Nevermore   Melodic Tech Death  
6-20 Sasquatch* Maneuvers Mad Oak Stoner  
6-20 Vitne Jupiter Relectric    
6-20 Anthem Engraved UMJ Heavy  
6-21 Kashgar S/T   Extreme  
6-21 Licho Podnoszenie Malignant Black  
6-23 American Violate and Control SRL Noise  
6-23 Ars Magna Umbrae Through Lunar Gateways  E.P. Hellthraher Atmo Black  
6-23 Beltez Exiled, Punished, Rejected....      
6-23 Bison B.C.* You are not the Ocean you are the Patient Palegic Stoner  
6-23 Broken Hope* Mutilated and Assimilated Century Media Death  
6-23 The Chant* Approacher  E.P. Lifeforce    
6-23 Diesel King #GoFuckYourself  E.P APF Sludge  
6-23 Deathbreaker Disconnect Facedown    
6-23 Desultory Through Arching Aeons Pulverized Death N Roll  
6-23 Dying Fetus* Wrong One to Fuck With Relapse Death  
6-23 Father Defouled Desolate Gods Dark Descent Death  
6-23 Goatwhore* Vengeful Ascension Metal Blade Thrash Death  
6-23 Helslave Divination   E.P. Black Market Melodic  
6-23 In Human Form Opening the Eye by the Death of the I 2016   Prog Death  
6-23 Insatia* Phoenix Aflame Pitch Black Power  
6-23 The Interbeing* Among the Amorphous Long Branch    
6-23 King Gizzard ND the Lizzard Wizard's* Murder of the Universe ATO    
6-23 Granada Sincronizado Symbol of Domination Groove Thrash  
6-23 Kylesa* Live at Maida Vale Studio      E.P. Season of Mist Prog Doom  
6-23 Jyrki 69 Helsinki Vampire Cleopatra    
6-23 Lion Soul* Welcome Storm Limb  Power  
6-23 The Monolith Deathcult* Versus 1 Hammerheart Extreme  
6-23 Montazeri The Uprising     Ripper Owens
6-23 Municipal Waste* Slime and Punishment Nuclear Blast Thrash  
6-23 My Regime* Derranged Patterns Scarlet Thrash  
6-23 Neurotech The Catalyst   Sym Ind  
6-23 Neverlight Nova Red   Prog Goth  
6-23 Pristine* Ninja Nuclear Blast Retro Doom  
6-23 Powerflo S/T New Damage   Supergroup
6-23 Selene The Raveges of Time   Sym  
6-23 Scarz Within Abandon All Hope  E.P.   Heavy  
6-23 Tyrannosorcerss Shattering Lights Creation Tofu Carnage Black  
6-23 Undergang Misantropologi Dark Descent Death  
6-23 Wildspeaker Spreading Adder Prosthetic Black Sludge  
6-24 Bog Unshriven   Post  
6-25 Dwimor Tales From Nowhere   Black Folk  
6-25 Rimruna Der Hatz enronnen   Black  
6-25 Vulpus Certitude   Atmo Post  
6-26 Abstract Void Into the Blue Independent Atmo Black/ Blackgaze  
6-26 Abstraction Nightmare  E.P.   Prog Power  
6-26 Blodiga Skald Ruhn Soundage Folk  
6-26 Cult of Horns Chapter 1 Domination Symbol of Domination Extreme  
6-26 Evadne* A Mother Named Death Solitude  Melodic  
6-27 Humanity Zero Withered in Isolation Satanath Death  
6-27 Madrost The Essence of  Time Matches no Flesh   Death Thrash  
6-27 Resistance Metal Machine   Power Thrash  
6-28 Amaguq Occult Rituals of Anthopaphagous   Black  
6-28 Delirium Soul Delirio Rock CD Heavy  
6-28 Zurvan Gorge of Blood Satanath Black  
6-29 Dawn Patrol Chemical Lobotomy E.P.   Thrash  
6-29 Gorepot A Friend with Weed is a Friend Indeed Brutal Mind  Grind  
6-29 Vertherbral Regeneration Satanath Death  
6-30 The Acacia Strain* Gravebloom Rise Deathcore  
6-30 Cellar Darling* This is the Sound Nuclear Blast    
6-30 Don Barnes Ride The Storm   Melodic Rock  
6-30 Helfir Human Defeat      
6-30 In The Presence of Wolves Of two Minds: Stages 1 and 2      
6-30 Prison of Mirrors Unstinted  E.P.    Atmo Doom  
6-30 The Soundbyte Solitary IV Code 666 Amb  
6-30 Tuesday The Sky* Drift Century Media EXP  
6-30 Vintersorg* Till Fjalls del II Naplam Folk  
6-30 Ye Banished Privateers First Night Back in Port Napalm