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Roman Kostrzewski

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5-5 Left to Die Tour in July
4-19 June July Tour With Rings of Saturn
4-18 June July Tour With The Melvins
4-17 Shaptone Records Update
4-17 Frontiers Records Update
4-15 Metal Archives Update
4-12 Hypocrisy live in May
4-12 The Aristocrats live in July
4-12 Greta Van Fleet Tour in August
4-12 Robert Plant Tour
4-12 Elder Live in August
4-11 Gwar live in June
4-10 August Burns Red  Tour in August
4-7 Terror Live in May
4-6 Infected Rain Tour
4-4 Veil Of Maya live in May
4-4 Primitive Man Tour
4-2 As I Lay Dying Tour Dates
4-2 Weedeater Tour in April/ May
4-1 VoiVod  Tour in June
4-1 Behemoth and Arch Enemy
3-3- Black Label Society Live
3-31 Deer Hunter Live in April
3-31 AFM Records Update
3-29 Allegaeon Tour in June
3-25 June Tour with Anvil
3-22 May Tour with Origin
3-22 Carcass Tour in May
3-22 Bewitcher Tour in April
3-12 Thank You Scientist Tour in June
3-11 Leprous Tour in March
3-7 Opeth and Mastodon Live
3-8 Death Nexus Fest
3-7 Napalm Records Update
3-4 My June Tour with Thy Art is Murder
3-3 My Tour with Municipal Waste
2-26 Monolord Tour in March
2-17 June Tour with Windhand
2-15 Omnium Gatherum Tour in  February
2-13  2021 Top Albums of 2021
2-13 April May Tour Devastation of the Nation
2-13 May June Tour with Rivers of Nihil
2-13 Obituary Tour In March/ April
2-12 Dark Tranquility Tour in February
2-11 Origin Tour in May
2-10 Cognitive Tour in April
2-1 Updated Metalfest Page
2-1 Gojira and Def Tones in April- May
1-28 Riverside Tour in April
1-23 Animals as Leaders Tour in April
1-16 Ragefest Tour Dates in March/ April
1-16 Feb - March  Tour with Underoath
1-15 March Tour Featuring Wake
1-12 Megadeth Live in April - May
1-12 March April Tour with Dragonforce
1-11 April May Tour with Amorphis
1-7 Igorrr Tour Date
1-6 Meshuggah Tour in Feb- March
1-5 Wednesday 13 Tour Dates
1-5 Dream Theater Tour Dates
1-3 March- April Tour With The Darkness
12-31 Jan Feb Tour  Burial in the Sky
12-30- Lorna Shore Added to the page
12-27 March Tour with Overkill and Prong
12-25 Feb March Tour with Soulfly
12-19 Feb March Tour with Steve Vai
12-19 Feb - March tour with Nile
12-19 Feb - March tour with Cannibal Corpse
12-19 Feb - March tour with The Sword
12-19 Obituary Tour in January
12-18 Mayhem and Waain Live
12-16 Uncle Acid live in March/ April
12-16 End Tour in March
12-16 February/ March Tour with Zombi
12-16 Code Orange Tour in April
12-15 John 5 live in April/ May
12-14 February Tour with  Cattle Decapitation  12-10 Immolation February Tout
12-9 Jan Feb tour with Fit for an Autopsy
12-5 Jan/ Feb Tour with August Burns Red
12-5 March April Tour with Sepultura
10-10 Nuclear Blast Update
Helloween – Incendium Online
9-5 2022 Release page
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1-15 Agonia 


The Harbinger
Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Evil Chuck
Quorthon from Bathory
Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum
Gary Driscoll
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Paul Samson and Chris Aylmer
Dio and Mr. Columbus
Jared Anderson
The Guitar Emperor
Scott Clendenin
David Gold

Nattdal B Jonas Lars Bergqvist 
 Broadcasting 50 plus Metal Genres for 35 Years.  
Next Live Broadcast  7-2  4pm Mst The Morbid One 
7-7  DJ Dimes live at 7Pm Mst

January 2016 L.P. Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
1-1 Dawn of the Dark Age The Six Elements Vol 4 Air Nemeton Black  
1-1 Dysnomia Proselyte   Thrash Death  
1-1 Gravehorn Seeds of  Life   Deathcore  
1-1 The Horn The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead Volume 15 Shaytan Ind Black  
1-1 Insision  Terminal Reckoning Sevared Death  
1-1 Lascar Absence- E.P.   Post Black  
1-1 Orbeth Mentalist   EXP  
1-1 Sungod The Food of the Gods -E.P. Vibrio Doom  
1-1 Torture Inc. Exterminating the Wretched   Death  
1-1 Witchhelm Jotunn - E.P.   Doom  
1-4 Corrupt Conspiracy Lettuce You Rat - E.P.   Heavy Thrash  
1-4 Chugga Ritual Liege Leech   Tharsh  
1-4 Crowhurst Human Capture - E.P.   Post Black Exp  
1-4 Dark Devotion Loss - E.P.   Melodic Extreme  
1-4 Devouring Humanity S/T Lord of the Sick Brutal Death  
1-4 Griffon Har HaKarmel Hass Weg Black  
1-4 Massdistraction Your Time   Thrash  
1-4 Tank Sturmpanzer   Heavy  
1-4 Tindalos Ancient Creatures -E.P.   Death  
1-5 Affliction Gate Dying Alone -E.P. Transcending Obscurity Death  
1-5 Blackhour Sins Remain   Heavy  
1-5 Farmhouse Odyssey S/T   Sym Prog  
1-5 Jan Vaporized Towns Narbentage Black  
1-5 Midnight Callings Pilgrims of the Black Hole Into Dungeons Black  
1-7 Buckethead Mirror Realms Bucketheadland Prog Pike 220
1-7 Highborne Descent   Atmo Black  
1-7  Human Ablaze Breathing Space _ E.P.   Deathcore  
1-7 Rauni Dodsvarger - E.P.   Black  
1-7 Skyless Aeons The Era of Famine - E.P.    Medlodic Exteme  
1-7 Temple of Evil The 7TH Awakening Death Hammer Black  
1-8 Amoretta Seventeen Seventy      
1-8 Brutus Murwgebeukt Willowtip Brutal Death  
1-8 Cauldron In Ruin The End Heavy  
1-8 Cloudscapse Voice of Reason Dead End Exit Prog Power  
1-8 Exmortis Ride Forth Prosthetic    
1-8 Fallujah Nomadic Unique Leader Tech Death  
1-8 Hag Fear of Man DNAWOT    
1-8 Ignite War Against You Century Media Pagan Black  
1-8 Invocation Spells Descendent the Black Throne Metal Command Black Thrash  
1-8 It Lies Within Paramount Luxor    
1-8 Jeff Hughell Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations   Prog  
1-8 Kampfar Profan Indie    
1-8 The Lion's Daughter Existence is Horror Season of Mist Prog Doom  
1-8  Moth Gatherer Earth is the Sky      
1-8 Nawather Wasted Yearsd M & O Prog  
1-8 Order of Elijah War At Heart Luxor    
1-8 Shotgun Justice State of Desolation Kerkraftritter Heavy  
1-8 Spreading Dread Age of Aquarius   Power Thrash  
1-8 Time To Bleed Die with Dignity   Death  
1-8 Venomous Concept Kick me Silly Season of Mist Hardcore Punk  
1-8 Vreid Solverv Indie Melodic Black  
1-9 Anima Tempo Caged in Memories   Prog  
1-9 Deadly Nights Descend Into Madness   Heavy  
1-9 Gore Zone Control Us - E.P.   Death  
1-9 Metal Castle III   Folk  
1-9 Raw Battalion of Demons MDD Death Crossover  
1-9 Sorem Legion of A Tennger Land Roh Jahat Black  
1-9 Wolves of Winter S/T   Stoner Doom  
1-10 Hordak Parde Casus Belli Musica Pagan  
1-10 Norhod Voices from the Ocean wormholedeath Sym  
1-10  Shadow of Intent Primordial   Melodic Deathcore  
1-11 Fifth to Infinity Omnipotent Transdimensional Soulfire   Extreme  
1-11 Grave Cross Nothing But the Night - E.P. Stormspell Heavy  
1-11 Hostium The Bloodwine of Satan Iron Bonehead Black  
1-11 Just Before Dawn The Dead and Those about to Die -E.P. Chaos Death  
1-11 Old Forest Dagian Avantgarde Black  
1-11 Naakhum Ecofascism   Amb Black  
1-11 Sol The Storm Bells Avantgarde Death Doom  
1-11 Utopia Mood Changes Anteo Prog  
1-11 Virvel Av Morkerhatet Metamorphisis   Black  
1-13 Deadly Sin (Sloth) Another Sin E.P.   Doom  
1-13 Girlzeroth Kingdom Warrior Platd Death  
1-13 Gort Pestiferous Worms Miasma Lupus Niger BLACK  
1-13 Holyarrow Oath of Allegiance Cold woods Epic Black  
1-13 Kadath A.M.M.D.   Melodic Death  
1-13 Lurking Fear Grim Tales in the Deadf of Night   Heavy  
1-13 Siaskel Haruwen Airen   Extreme  
1-14 Supressive Fire Bedlam   Extreme  
1-14 Reapers Riddle The End of Nigh   Heavy  
1-15 Aborted* Termination Redux E.P. Century Media Death  
1-15 Acerus The Clock of Mortality Lux Heavy  
1-15 Amoth Revenge Inverse Heavy Prog  
1-15 Anthracite Plus precieux-- 1987 No Remorse Heavy  
1-15 Arachnigod The Lucifer Affect   Black  
1-15 Augrimmer Moth and the Moon Nothern Silence Black  
1-15 Bloodiest S/T Relapse Post Doom  
1-15 Brainstorm Scary Creatures AFM Heavy  
1-15 Carnivorous Eyaculation Grotesque Inhuman  Extermination --2015 Ghastly Death  
1-15 Casualties of Cool* S/T    2014 Inside Out   Devin Townsend
1-15 Cendra Metal Punk Xtreem Black Punk  
1-15 Constant Threat Between Death and Dreams   Death Thrash  
1-15 Crosshead Raising Hell - 1989 Cult Heavy  
1-15 Dissona* Paleopneumatic   Prog  
1-15 Dvalin Aus Dem Schatten   Folk  
1-15 Frozen Ocean The Prowness of Dormition -E.P. Apocalyptic Witchcraft Atmo Black  
1-15 Gomorrah* The Haruspex   Tech Death  
1-15 Khors The Flame of Eternity's Decline Re-issue 2005 Svarga Black  
1-15 Lycus* Chasm Relapse Doom  
1-15 Lunarsapian  A Slow Painful Life Blackened Death Amb Noise  
1-15 Mandroid Echostar Coral Throne Brickworks    
1-15 Manticore Congregation of the Wolf Swamp Doom Groove  
1-15 Morar Wahleim NWP Black  
1-15 Muckracker Karmageddon -2014   Southern Metal  
1-15 Nocturne S/T Unlight Prod Black  
1-15 Oppobrium Serpent Temptation Reissue1988 Relapse Thrash Incubus Re-issue
1-15 Rhapsody of Fire Into the Legend AFM Heavy  
1-15 Sacrocurse Destroying Chapels Hell Headbangers Extreme  
1-15 The Shine Rare Breed Century Media    
1-15 Spinebreaker Ice Grave Creator Death  
1-15 Steve Cone 2 of 3 Dilligaf Heavy  
1-15 Third Sovereign Perversion Swallowing Sanity TOI Death  
1-15 Tribulation Melancholia Century Media Melodic  
1-15 Varg* Das ende Aller Lgen Napalm Melodic Double Disc
1-15 Witchcraft* Nucleus Nuclear Blast Stoner  
1-16 Black Vice Rituals of the Anti Cosmic Doctrine Red River Family Black  
1-16 Hellcrust Kalamaut Armstrech Death  
1-16 Maestrick The Trick Side of  Some Songs Die Hard Prog Power  
1-16 Margg Naturmorta 2 Goetic Inst Black  
1-16 Pensees Nocturnes A  Boire a Manger   Avant Garde  
1-16 Sepultus Est En El Marmoreo GS Productions Fun Doom  
1-16 Rot Remains Evisceration of the Mind - E.P.   Death  
1-18 Mortuary Nothingless than Nothingless   Death  
1-18 Scream Maker Back Against the World   Heavy  
1-18 Show Me Wolves The World They Took Over   Prog Black Core  
1-18 Worth Dying For Chimaera   Melodic  
1-19 Angel Dust Into the Dark Past - 1986 No Remorse Speed Thrash  
1-19 Angel Dust To Dust You Will Decay -1988 No Remorse Speed Thrash  
1-19 Sunrise Absolute Clarity   Melodic Power Speed  
1-20 Final Chapter Legions of the Sun Underground Symphony Power  
1-20 Gonadectomy Reign of Disease - E.P. Rotten Death  
1-20 Last Decline Escape   Black  
1-20 Primeval Mass To Empyrean Thrones   Black  
1-21 Docker's Guild The Heisenberg Diaries Book A Lion Music Prog  
1-21 Marys Creek Infinity MTM Heavy  
1-22 Abbath* S/T   Seasons of Mist  
1-22 Agoraphobic Nosebleed* Arc Relapse Grind  
1-22 Angels Sword Rebels Beyond the Pale Underground Power Heavy  
1-22 Autopsy After the Cutting Peaceville Gore Box Set
 1-22 Borknagar* Winter Thrice Century Media Melodic  
1-22 Brutality Sea of Ignorance Repulsive Echo Death  
1-22 Burn the Mankind Beyond Mighty Music Tech Deathcore Marcos Moura
1-22 Chronos Zero Hollowlands - The Tears Path Part 1 Scarlet Prog  
1-22 Crusher Redemption   Thrash  
1-22 Cypercore Idenity spinup Melodic Extreme  
1-22 Dethrone Incinerate All Massacre Death Thrash  
1-22 Dodheimsgasrd Kronet til Konge - Re- issue -1995   Black  
1-22 Ehnahre Douve Kathexis Exp Doom  
1-22 Elvenking The Night of Nights AFM   DVD
1-22 Evil Drive The Land of the Dead Mighty  Melodic  
1-22  Forgotten Tomb III Love's Birial Ground Agonia Melodic  
1-22 Funeris Nocturnes for Grim Orchestra Silent Time Noise Fun Doom  
1-22 Genus Ordinis Dei The Middle Mighty Music Sym Death Core  
1-22 Grieved S/T Prosthetic Hardcore  
1-22 Hell in the Club Shadow of the Monster Red Pony Hard Rock  
1-22 Infernal Tenebra As Nations Fall Massacre Melodic Death  
1-22 Latitudes Old Sunlight Debemur Morti Post Inst  
1-22 Legenda Aurea Aeon   Sym Power  
1-22 Like Animals Feral- E.P.   Prog Core  
1-22 Manimal Trapped In The Shadows AFM Power Heavy  
1-22 Megadeth* Dystopia UMe Thrash  
1-22 The Mute Gods* Do Nothinf Till you Hear From Me Inside Out Prog Nick Beggs
1-22 OSV Time Zone   Prog  
1-22 Oxym Passing Through Gateways Cargo NWOBHM  
1-22 Rage My Way - E.P. Nuclear Blast Heavy  
1-22 Refusal We Rot Within FDA Death  
1-22 Sanktuary Winters Doom    Power Thrash  
1-22 Steven Wilson 4 1/2 Kscope Prog Rock  
1-22 Temple Below Dark Goddess -E.P. Iron Bonehead  Extreme  
1-22 Ulver Atgclvlsscap House of Mythology    
1-22 Vanagloria Vestigios de lo inhumano   Metalcore  
1-22 Widower The Unholy Oath- E.P.   Thrash  
1-22 Wolfhorde Towards the Gate of North Inverse Folk Black  
1-23 Sacrificed Alliance Withering Synergy   Melodic Death  
1-23 Sanguine Glacialis Pitch Black  Eevelgod Melodic  
1-25 Angerseed The Proclamation Nail Death  
1-25 Baphomet's Blood In Satan We Trust Iron Bonehead Speed  
1-25 Gomorrah* The Haruspex Test Your Metal Tech Death Groove  
1-25 Fault Lines Such is Life      
1-25 Motus Tenebrae Deathrising My Kingdom Gothic Doom  
1-25 Murdryck Antologi Mmxv   Black  
1-29 Avantasia* Ghostlights Nuclear Blast Prog  
1-29 Black Tusk* Pillars of Ash Relapse Doom  
1-29 Brimstone Coven* Black Magic Metal Blade Heavy Doom  
1-29 Chthe'ilist La Derneir Crepusucle Profound Lore Death  
1-29 Conan* Revengeace Napalm Doom  
1-29 Exumer The Raging Tides Metal Blade Thrash  
1-29 Forgotten Tears In Spite of Everything We are Triumphant Melodic Core  
1-29 Hollow Earth  Parting Remains - E.P. Good Fight Prog Doom  
1-29 Iconoclast Hallucination      
1-29 Ketzer Starless Metal Blade Extreme  
1-29 Lethal Steel Legion of the Night High Roller Heavy  
1-29 Manipulate Becoming Madness - E.P. Flatspot    
1-29 Memorain Duality of Man Rock of Angels Thrash Speed  
1-29 Nordic Union S/T Frontiers    
1-29 Ovtrenoir        
1-29 Polaris The Guilt and the Grief- EP Self-Released Progressive Metalcore EP
1-29 Primal Fear* The End is Here Frontiers Power  
1-29 Ressurection Kings S/T Frontiers    
1-29 Serpents Lair Circumambulating -2015 Hellthrashers Black  
1-29 Septagon Deadhead Syndicate Cruz Del Sur Speed  
1-29 Serenity* Codex Atlanticus Napalm Sym  
1-29 Spektr The Art to Disappear Agonia Ind Amb  
1-29 Throne of Heresy Antioch Sign Death  
1-29 Uxo S/T Repitilian    
1-29 Vorkreist Sacrifice-- E.P. Agonia Extreme  
1-29 Wrathrone Born Beneath   Death n Roll  
1-30 Infection Attack The Disaster Outcome Metal Ways Thrash  
1-31 Systemhouse 33 Regression   Thrash Groove  


Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
2-1 Divinity* The Immortalist Part 2 - E.P.   Prog Thrash  
2-1 Fuath I Neuropa Black  
2-1 Ostots Hil Argi Altare Black  
2-1 Primitiv Immortal and Vile   Death  
2-1 Snow Burial Victory in Ruin      
2-1 Unborn Suffer Nihilist Selfmadegod Death  
2-3 Dahakara Monologue Various Goods Exp Black  
2-5 Ad Vitam Stratosfear   Melodic  
2-5 Aggelos Mantos Purpureos- Re-issue 2012 Rottweiler Gothic  
2-5 Amoral InSequence IC Power  
2-5 Arrayan Path Chronicles of Light Pitch Black Epic Power  
2-5 Axel Rudi Pell Game of Sins Steamhammer Heavy  
2-5 Battle Dagorath Eternal Throne - Re issue 2008 Cold Dimensioms Black Amb  
2-5 Bifrost Mana Ewah E Prod Pagan Folk  
2-5 Billion Dollar Babies Chemical Gods   Hard Rock  
2-5 Brainstorm Scary Creatures AFM Power  
2-5 Deformatory Malediction CDN Tech Death  
2-5  Desolated The End bdhw Hardcore  
2-5 Dream Theater* The Astonishing Roadrunner Prog 2 cd set
2-5 Fleshgod Apocalypse* King Nuclear Blast Sym Extreme  
2-5 Frostbite Etching Obscurity Tmina Black  
2-5 Horrid Reborn in Sin - Re-issue 2002 Spew Death  
2-5 Ketzer* Starless Metal Blade Extreme  
2-5 King Goblin Crytozoology   Doom  
2-5 Obscura* Akroasis Relapse Tech Death  
2-5 Odyssey Voids   Inst Prog  
2-5 Nordjevel S/T Osmose Black  
2-5 Percussor Disturbing Reality Horror Pain Gore Death Death  
2-5 Product of Hate* Buried in Violence Napalm Groove  
2-5 Prong* X No Absolutes SPV Thrash  
2-5 Rhine* An Ousider Prog Sean Lang
2-5 Sealclubber Stoical Medusa Crush Prog Sludge  
2-5 Seven Sisters of Sleep* Ezekiel's Hags Relapse Doom  
2-5 Striker* Stand in the Fire   Heavy  
2-5 Takashi  Kamikaze Killers - E.P.   Heavy  
2-5 Terji* S/T Tutl Prog  
2-5 Textures* Pheonotype Nuclear Blast Melodic  
2-5 Titaan Kadingir ATMF Black  
2-5 Voidcraeft     Black  
2-5 The Wakedead Gathering String of Black Lyre   Death  
2-6 Hexvessel* When we are Death Century Media    
2-6 Hyperion Seraphical Euphony Black Lion Records Death Metal/ Melodic Black bandcamp
2-6 Isaak Sermonize Small Stone Doom  
2-6 Svartby Elemental Tales Re-issue 2012 SAP Folk  
2-7 Gabriels Fist of the Seven Stars Vol 1 Diamond Ponds Heavy Prog  
2-9 Frenquency Drift Last Gentle Art of Music Prog  
2-9 Hands of Despair Bereft Deathbound Extreme Prog  
2-10 Cartoon Theory Planet Geisha Self-Released Experimental Prog  
2-10 Flummox Selcouth Records DK Prog Doom  
2-12 Abysse I Am the Wolf   EXP  
2-12 Amsvartner The Trollish Mirror E.P.   Black 1997
2-12 Apathy Noir Across Dark Waters   Exp  
2-12 Angelseed Crimson Dyed Angels Sliptrick Sym Power  
2-12 Atretic Intestine Trail of Entrails Coyote Death  
2-12 Auras Saturn Day  -E.P.   Rock  
2-12 Beyond the Black Lost in Forever Airforce1 Sym  
2-12 Bombs of Hades Death Mask Replica   Death Crust  
2-12 Cirith Gorgor* Visions of Exalted Lucifer Hammerheart Black  
2-12 Crossing Rubicon No Less Than Anything Pavement Heravy Hard Tock  
2-12 Ecferus Pangaea Voidhanger  Black  
2-12 Eight Bells Landless


2-12 Erkonauts I Did Something Bad Kaotoxin Prog  
2-12 Gehennah* To Loud to Live To Drunk To Die Metal Blade    
2-12 Holy Grail* Times of Pride and Peril Prosthetic Heavy  
2-12 Lost Society* Brain Dead   Thrash  
2-12 Low Flying Hawks Ko?fuku Magnetic    
2-12 Magrudergrind II Relapse    
2-12 Mindtech Edge of the World - E.P. Tri Tech Prog  
2-12 Mountain Tamer Mountain Tamer Argonauta    
2-12 Myrath Legacy Nightmare Prog   
2-12 Nightshade Predilections Marked Man Core  
2-12 OX-EN False Gods     Chris Seinbeck
2-12 Pogavranjen Jedva    Black  
2-12 Ravenshire The Cycle Never Ends Cruz Del Sur Heavy  
2-12 The Resisitance Coup De Grace earMusic Death  
2-12 Rotting Christ* Rituals Season of Mist Melodic Black  
2-12 Section A Wall of Silence Mausoleum Prog Metal  
2-12 Sins Of Omission Flesh in Yor Bones - Re-issue 2001 Dissonance Melodic  
2-12 SkeleToon The Curse of the Avenger Revalve Power  
2-12 Unbowed Dogma Records DK2 Melodic  
2-12 Urgehal* Aeons in Sodom Seasons of Mist Black  
2-12 Villainy Villainy II  Dim Listenable Black Thash Cust  
2-12 Within Destruction Void Self-Released Blackened Brutal Deathcore Bandcamp
2-12 Zephaniah Reforged Tribunal Power Heavy  
2-13 Pelgrim Ephemera      
2-15 Entropia UFonaut Arachnophobia Black Sludge  
2-15 Helion Pride S/T   Power  
2-18 War Inside S.U.T.U.R.E. Finisterian Extreme  
2-19 Abortos de Satan Pura Mugre   Thrash Death  
2-19 Adept* Sleepless Napalm    
2-19 After The Burial Big Deep Sumrian Prog Core  
2-19 Among the Prey Only for the Blinded Eyes Inverse Core  
2-19 Black Magic Fools Soul Collector   Folk  
2-19 Charm Designer Everlasting Inverse Gothic Doom  
2-19 Collision Satanic Surgery Bones Bridgade Grindcore  
2-19 Craving Wielder of Storms - E.P. Apostasy Melodic Celtic Folk  
2-19 Crying Steel On The Prowl and S/T-E.P. -1987 No Remorse Heavy DVD CD Includes E.P.
2-19 Delain Lunar Prelude - E.P. Napalm Sym  
2-19 Fleshgore Denial of the Scriptures Xtreem Trashcore  
2-19 Geddes Axe Aftermath Bullet NWOBHM Compilation
2-19 Ghost Bath* Moonlover Nuclear Blast Black  
2-19 Hardholz Herzinfarkt Massacre Heavy Speed  
2-19 Hemelbestormer Aether Debemur Morti Post Inst  
2-19 Hypno5e* Shores of the Abstract Line Pelagic    
2-19 Inglorious S/T Frontiers    
2-19 Last in Line* Heavy Crown  Frontiers Heavy  
2-19 Manic Scum Acidic Remains - E.P. 2014   Grindcore  
2-19 Millennium Caught in a Warzone   NWOBHM  
2-19 Mind Affliction Into the Void Metal Scap Records Extreme  
2-19 Morgue Supplier S/T Obscure Music Grindcore  
2-19 Myrath Legacy Verycords Prog  
2-19 Omnium Gatherum Grey Heavens Lifeforce Melodic  
2-19  Silence the Messenger  The Proclamation Standby Deathcore  
2-19 Sleepy Hollow Tales of Gods and Monsters Pure Steel Heavy Power  
2-19 Thornbridge What will Prevail Massacre Power  
2-20 Absenta Eel   Black  
2-20 Chaos Remains Roots - E.P.   Melodic Core  
2-20 God Syndrome Controverse Mazzar Melodic  
2-20 Insestinal Pandemic Today is the first day of the end of your Life   Death Grind  
2-20 Lebensnacht Raging Storm of Apocalypse Naturmacht Black  
2-20 Mefisto Vic Speed Thrash  
2-20 Valerian Stardust Revalation Interlude Melodic Power  
2-20 Wehrmacht Shark Attack -Re-issue  Dead Center Crossover  
2-22 When Nothing Remains* In Memoriam Solitude GothicDoom  
2-23 Nightkin Oath of Eludcidation   Melodic Extreme  
2-24 Timeless Necrotears The Outer Limits   Doom  
2-25 Strutural Disorder Distance Lion Prog  
2-26 Anthrax* For All Kings Megaforce Thrash  
2-26 Anvil* Anvil is Anvil   Heavy  
2-26 Black Cobra Imperium Simulacra Season of Mist Doom  
2-26 Bloodhound One Night of Blood Live at Masters AFM    
 2-26 Bombus* Repeat Until Death Century Media    
2-26 Broken Down The Other Shore Altsphere Ind Doom  
2-26 Buffalo Theory MTL* Scertic Knight- E.P.   Doom Thrash  
2-26 Crimson Moonlight Divine Darkness Endtime Sym Black  
2-26 Deathless Legacy The Gathering Scarlet Heavy  
2-26 Desolator Spawn of Misanthropy      
2-26 Destroyer 666 Wildfire Season of Mist Extreme  
2-26 Destructor Back in Bondage Pure Steel Thrash  
2-26 Entombed A.D.* Dead Dawn Century Media Thrash  
2-26 From Ashes to New  Day One Better Noise    
2-26 Greenleaf* Rise Above the Meadow Napalm Hard  
2-26 Headspace* All You Fear is Gone Inside Out Prog  
2-26 High Priest of Saturn Son of the Earth and Sky Svart Doom  
2-26 The Infernal Sea The Great Mortality   Black  
2-26 Melancholy St. Portal   Doom Goth  
2-26 Message to the Masses Means to an End Artery    
2-26 Mightiest Sinus Terra Cyclone Empire Melodic Black  
2-26 Morbus 666 Ignus Divine Moribund Black  
2-26 The New Black A Monster's Life AFM Southern Groove  
2-26 The New Roses   Napalm    
2-26 Now and Never II Mighty Heavy  
2-26 Ordinance The Ides of March   Prog Death  
2-26 Omnihility* Dominion of Misery Unique Leader Tech Death  
2-26 Omnium Gatherum* Frontiers Century Media Melodic  
2-26 Oranssi Pazuzu Varahtelija Svart Prog Exp  
2-26 Pylon Th' Eternal Wedding Band Re-issue 2006 Roxx Doom  
2-26 Redemption* The Art of Loss Metal Blade Prog  
2-26 Sarasin S/T Pure Steel Melodic Heavy  
2-26 Sinbreed Master Creator AFM Power  
2-26 Sinphobia Awaken Bakersteam Death Thrash Groove  
2-26 Skyrion The Edge   Prog Power  
2-26 Sleepers Guilt Kilesa Inner Strugles Prog Groove  
2-26 Spheron A Clockwork Universe Apostasy Death  
2-26 Spirit Adrift* Behind Beyond Prosthetic    
2-26 Sunburst Fragments of Creation Inner Wounds Prog  
2-26 Surtur Descendent of Time - 2015 Witches Brew Thrash   
2-26 Tarot Reflections Heavy Chains Heavy  
2-26 Todgelichter Rooms Supreme Chaos Avt Garde  
2-26 Total Hate Lifecrusher Eisenwald Black  
2-26 To The Rats & Wolves Neverland      
2-26 Twins Crew Veni Vidi vici Beyond the Storm Heavy  
2-26 The Unguided* Lust and Loathing Napalm Thrashcore  
2-26 Unhuman Disease De Templi Moribund Black  
2-26 Vanir* Aldar Rok Mighty Music Viking Folk  
2-26 VoiVod* Post Society  E.P. Century Media    
2-26 Votum :Ktonik: Inner Wounds Prog  
2-26 Wisdom Rise of the Wise Noise Art Power  
2-26 Zippo After Us Subsound Prog Doom  
2-27 Altarage Nihil Iron Bonehead Black  
2-27 Redwest Crimson Renegade   Heavy Southern  
2-29 Sorcier des Glaces North Galy Black  

March Releases


Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
3-1  Church of Misery* And Then There Were None Rise Above Doom  
3-1 Natanas Quiescence   Doom  
3-4 Abyssic A Winters Tale Osmose Doom Death  
3-4 Dream Death Dissemation Rise Above Thrash  
3-4 Hollow Leg Crowm Last Anthem Doom  
3-4 Inverloch* Distance - Collapse Relapse    
3-4 Karl Marks Life is Alright, Everybody Dies Exploding in Sound    
3-4 Mortiis The Great Deceiver MRI Ind Rock  
3-4 The New Keepers of The Water Tower* Inferal Machine   Prog  
3-4 Oceans of Slumber* Winter Century Media Prog  
3-4 Protector Cursed and coronated High Roller Thrash Death  
3-4 Resurrection The Complete Collection Century Media    
3-4 The Ripper* Experiment of Existence Dark Descent Death Thrash  
3-4 Rogash Malevolence War Anthem Death  
3-4 Slabdragger Rise of the Dawncrusher Holy Roar Doom  
3-4 Tragacanth Anthology of he East Load Rage Extreme  
3-4 Van Halst* World of Make Believe      
3-4 Vinterblot Realms of the Untold Nemeton Viking Death  
3-4 Wolvserpent* Aporia Kals Anata Relapse Doom  
3-4 Marte S/T   Doom  
3-6 Fegefeuer Anilmathie Nane   Atmo Black  
3-6 Vore IV   Black Noise  
3-7 Teitanfyre Anno MMXV   Black  
3-8 Pergale Antropologija Inferna Profundis Dep Black N Roll  
3-8 Show me a Dinosaur S/T   Shoegaze  
3-8 Time of Tales* Tales of Time    Folk  
3-10 Acidez Welcome to the 3rd Era Bam Bam Metal Punk  
3-10 Dakesis The New Dawn   Prog Power  
3-10 Evolucija Igra Pocinje   Gothic  
3-10 Fornix Sintomas de Auto destr      
3-10 Kalmankantaja Waldeinsamkeit   Dep Black  
3-10 Nostalgic Darkness Sexual Depression War Against Yourself Dep Black  
3-11 3 Doors Down Us and the Night Republic Rock  
3-11 Among Ruins No Light  Leaders Deathcore  
3-11 Aniqatia Luminous- E.P. Nefarious    
3-11 Anger As Art* Ad Mortem Festinamus Old School Thrash  
3-11 Auroch From Forgotten Worlds Profound Lore Extreme  
3-11 Corprophemia Abhorrogenesis CDN Death  
3-11 Draugnim* Vulturine Debemur  Morti Pagan  
3-11 Duality Elektro Prc Tech Ext  
3-11 Ereb Altor Blot Ilt Taut Cyclone Viking Black  
3-11 Fear Theories The Predator   Heavy  
3-11 Final Assualt Kick Your Brains Out - E.P.   Crossover  
3-11 Gadget* The Great Destroyer Relapse Grind  
3-11 Hollow Leg Crown   Doom  
3-11 Joel Grind* David Allen/ Joel Grind   Surf  
3-11 Killswitch Engage* Incarnate Roadrunner Melodic Thrash  
3-11 Master An Epiphany FDA Thrash Death  
3-11 Metalthrone Eucharimetal Rockshots Prog Power  
3-11 Methysos Folkloria   Folk  
3-11 Mithridatic Miserable Miracle Kaotoxin Extreme  
3-11 Mountain Witch Burning Witch This Charming Doom  
3-11 Nazghor Death's Withered Chants   Black  
3-11 Obsidian Kingdom A Year with no Summer Season of Mist Prog Extreme  
3-11 Polyphia Renaissance Equal Vision    
3-11 Six Reasons to Kill Rote Erde- E.P. Massacre Core  
3-11 Sorizon End of Entrapment -E.P.   Prog  
3-11 Syphilic  The Indicted States of America   Death  
3-11 Van Canto Voices of Fire earMusic Cappella  
3-11 Via Vengeance Harsh Conditions Battleground Prog Doom  
3-12 Crazer Znon   Death Thrash  
3-12 Hellspawn There has Nver been a Son of Me Old Temple Death  
3-13 Funeral Moth Transience Throne Fun Doom  
3-13 Xoresth Yeghanku   Drone Doom  
3-14 Natanas Decline   Black  
3-14 Nadja SV Broken Spine Doom  
3-15 Bestial Deform Leones Satanath  Death  
3-15 Oker Miedo - E.P.   Heavy  
3-15 Plateau Sigma Rituals Avantgarde Fun Doom  
3-17 Ravage Poseidon   Heavy Speed  
3-18 Accuser* The Forlorn Divide Metal Blade Thrash  
3-18 Alastor Waldmark Wrath of the Tyrants Black  
3-18 A Perfect Day The Deafening Silence Scarlet Hard  
3-18 Birth of Joy Get Well Long Branch Hard  
3-18 Black Shape of Nexus Carrier Exile on Mainstream Doom  
3-18 Blaze Bailey Infinite Entanglement   Power  
3-18 Castle Freak Human Hive - E.P.   Grindcore  
3-18 Cilver Not The End of the World eOne    
3-18 Circus Maximus* Havok Fearless ProG Power  
3-18 Conter World Experience Pulsar Haensel & Gretel Tech Prog  
3-18 Deathkings All That is Beautiful   Doom  
3-18 Decrepit Soul The Coming of War!  IronBonehead Extreme  
3-18 Dark Matter The Word Alive Fearless    
3-18 Destroyer of All Bleak Fragments Mosher Death Groove  
3-18 Eohum* Ealdfaeder - E.P. Mycelium Exp  
3-18 Funeral Whore Phantasm FDA Death  
3-18 Furor Architect The Invisible Trailblazer Groove  
3-18 Highrider Armageddon Rock  E.P. Sign Heavy  
3-18 Innerwish S/T Ulterium Power  
3-18 Korpse Unethical Rising Nemesis Death  
3-18 Lords of Black II Frontiers Heavy  
3-18 Mob Rules Tales from Beyond SPV Melodic Heavy  
3-18 Monolith Mountain Final Gate Psych Doom  
3-18 Necronomicon* Advent of the Human God Season of Mist Extreme  
3-18 Mystic Prophecy* War Brigage AFM Power  
3-18 Ninja Into The Fire - 2014   Heavy  
3-18 Nocturn Estranged Dimensions - Reissue 1991 Dark Symphonies Thrash Death  
3-18 North Light the Way Prosthetic Post Rock  
3-18 Paragon Hell Beyond Napalm Power Speed  
3-18 Rapheumets Well* The Exile   Sym Metal  
3-18  Royal Hunt Cargo Frontiers Melodic Prog Live
3-18 Snake Tongue Raptor's Breath      
3-18 Spektr The Art of Disapper Agonia Ind Amb  
3-18 The Temple Forevermorn I Hate Doom  
3-21 Immensity The Isolation Splendour   Atm Doom Death  
3-22 Artilley* Penalty By Perception Metal Blade Thrash  
3-22 Beastmaker* Lusus Naturae Doom Rise Above  
3-22 Vampires Everywhere* Ritual      
3-23 Cabra Negra I.N.T.I. Black Serpent Black Thrash  
3-24 Infrinn S/T Iron Bonehead Black  
3-25 American Head Charge* Tango Umbrella Napalm    
3-25 Amon Amarth* Jomsviking Metal Blade Pagan  
3-25 The Arbitrary Entropy- EP Self-Released Instrumental Progressive Metalcore Bandcamp
3-25 Awe Providentia Pulverised Black  
3-25 Black Rain Released UDR ?  
3-25 Blood Ceremony* Lord of Misrule Rise Above Retro  
3-25 Cobalt* Slow Forever Profound Lore Black  
3-25 Convulse Cycle of Revenge Svart Death  
3-25 Darkside Fear Hate and Corruption Punishing Records Death  
3-25 Eternity's End The Fire Within Power Prog Power Prog  
3-25 Hamatom Wir Sind Gott Rookies and Kings Groove  
3-25 Hammer Fight* Profound and Profane Napalm  Heavy  
3-25 Horrified Of Despair Stormspell Death  
3-25 Humm Sactuary Via Nocturna Black  
3-25 Judas Priest Battle Cry     Live
3-25 King Goat* Conduit   Doom  
3-25 Lody Kong* Dreams and Visions Mascot Thrash  
3-25 Map The Mind Attic Thoughts and Basement Talks Self Released Progressive Metalcore, Hardcore Bandcamp
3-25 Metal Church* XI Rat Pak Heavy  
3-25 Morito Ergo Sum  A Mournful Foreboding   Gothic Doom  
3-25 Mountain Man* Bloodlust e.p. Epic    
3-25 Nibiru Teloch  -E.P. Argonauta Psy Doom  
3-25 Organic Illusion The Linear Chaos SG Groove  
3-25 Phazm Scornful of Icons Osmose Death n Roll  
3-25 Ragnarok* Psychopathology Agonia Black  
3-25 Rorcal Creon Division Doom  
3-25  Rotten Sound Abuse to Suffer Season Of Mist Grind  
3-25 Sarke Bogefod Indie Black Thrash  
3-25 Spiritual Beggars* Sunrise to Sundown Inside Out Rock  
3-25 Split Heaven Death Rider Pure Steel Heavy Speed  
3-25 The Vision Bleak* The Kindred of the Sunset E.P. Prophecy Gothic  
3-25 VHS Screaming Mad Gore Horror Pain Gore Death Death Thrash  
3-25 Vredehammer Violator Indie  Extreme  
3-25 Walls of Jericho* No One Can Save You From Yourself Napalm Deathcore  
3-25 Wormed* Krigshu Season of Mist Death  
3-26 Brutal Brain Damage Bang Bang Theory   Grindcore  
3-27 Desolatae Fo Thy Decease   Doom  
3-29 Moros Nyx Revolution Street   Power Speed  
3-30 The Mercury Tree Permutations   Prog  
3-31 Advermix Pandeathmic Born of Chaos Thrash  
3-31 Buckethead Pike 235 View Master Bucketheadland Prog  
3-31 Buckethead Pike 236 The Astrodome Bucketheadland Prog  
3-31 Buckethead Pike 237 Catagory of Whereness Bucketheadland Prog  
3-31 Buckethead Pike238 Catepillar Bucketheadland Prog  
3-31 Buckethead Pike239  Sublunar Bucketheadland Prog  
3-31 Darkened Winter Upon the Ravens Call   Amb Black  
3-31 Death Fortress March of the Unyeildiing Fallen Empire Black  
3-31 Dominance XX The Rising Vengeance Sliptrick Death  
3-31 Ill Omen AE Thy Rift Nuclear War Now Black  
3-31 Internal Devourment Doomed By Disembowelment Vicious Instinct Death  
3-31 InAllSenses Chechmate -E.P. My Kingdom Groove  
3-31 Kringa Through the Tombs of Ethereal Wombs    Black  
3-31 Martyr You are Next Into the Limelight Heavy  
3-31 Shodan Protocol of Dying Defence  Tech Death  
3-31 Styxian Industries Zero, Void, Nullified Satanath Ind Black  

April Releases

Date Band Album Label Genre Notes
4-1 The Algorithm Bruye Force FiXT Exp  
4-1 Almanac Tsar Nuclear Blast  Sym Power  
4-1 The Bendal Interlude Reign of the Unblinking Eye Black Bow Southern Groove  
4-1 Cheerlead Concubine T I I D   Grind  
4-1 Detente Decline Re -issue 2010 Xtreeme  Death Thrash  
4-1 Doro Love's Gone to Hell - E,P, Nuclear Blast Heavy  
4-1 Embalmer Emanations from the Crypt Heal Headbangers Death  
4-1 Entheos The Infinite Nothing Artery    
4-1 Erra Hourglass Sumerian    
4-1 The Fog Perpetual Blackness   Doom  
4-1 Ghosthill I.C.E.   Power  
4-1 Graves At Sea* The Curse That Is Relapse Doom  
4-1 Hiranya Breathe In Autoediado Core  
4-1 Human Fortress Thieves of the Night AFM Epic Power  
4-1  In Dying Arms Original Sin Tragic Hero Records Deathcore  
4-1 Krigsgrav Waves of Degradation Bindrune Melodic Black  
4-1 Leo Jimenez La Factoria Art Gates Heavy  
4-1 Mean Machine Bastardized Mean Machine   Heavy Speed  
4-1 Mike and the Melvins Three Men and a Baby Sub Pop    
4-1 Moonsorrow* The Age of Gods Century Media    
4-1 Novembre* URSA Peaceville Melodic  
4-1 Path of Destiny* Dreams in Splendid Black Apostasy Sym Extreme  
4-1 Philadelphia Warlord Philly Heavy  
4-1 Schizo Rotten Spiral Punishment 18 Black Thrash  
4-1 Slice the Cake Odyssey to the West Self-Released Progressive Deathcore  
4-1 Somnus Aeturnus Exulansis Epidemic Doom Gothic  
4-1 Soto Divak   Hard  
4-1 Thermit Saints   Heavy Thrash  
4-1 Thunderstone Apocalypse Again AFM Power  
4-1 Vetten Aparat STK   Folk  
4-1 Victorian Whore Dogs Afternoonified Hibernacula Sludge  
4-2 Depicting Abysm Passage Naturmacht Atmo Black  
4-2 Fenrir Loki's Slaughter   Thrash Power  
4-2 Frozen Mist The Tenalach Prophecy   Black  
4-2 Silver Machine III   Heavy  
4-3 Humanus Hostia Destined to Die   Dark Black  
4-3 Ohol Yeg Humanize   Black  
4-4 Cabeza De Caballo Dolmenn   Doom  
4-4 Godless Angel The Conjuring of Four Bandcamp Death Groove  
4-4 Lost Brethren* Cosmological Constant Cd Baby Tech Death  
4-4 Negative Voice Cold Redrafted Inverse Melodic Black  
4-4 Pulpo Negro El Arte De Matar   Southern Stoner  
4-4 Sledge Midnight Crisis Casino Atomic Burn Thrash  
4-5 Humanity's Last Breath Detestor Self-Released Downtempo/ Beatdown  
4-5 Warhammer Visual Antagonism Brutal Infection Death  
4-6 Betula To the Fearless, Mercyless, Immortal Ones Barbatos Black  
4-6 Guns of Barisal S/Y Thunderforge Prog Doom  
4-6 Lobo Alma   Doom  
4-6 Necrosic Putrid Decimation - E.P. Nuclear War Now! Death  
4-6 Of The Cold Hal hart I din sjal - E.P. Bandcamp Melodic Heavy  
4-6 Santimony Unholy Five Thunderforge Death n Roll  
4-7 Putrid Lair Cult Whisperer   Extreme  
4-7 Rendered Helpless Unstoppable Parasites   Death  
4-7 Repulsive Death Putrid Acts of Depravity   Grindcore  
4-7 Saint Astray Abyss Dark Tunes Melodic Dark  
4-7 Satrias Doomsday Prophecy   Melodic Death  
4-8 All Hail the Yeti Screams from a Black Wilderness Minus Head Heavy Southern  
4-8 Asgrauw Krater   Black  
4-8 Cult of Luna Mariner Indie Doom  
4-8 Deftones Gore Reprise Records Alternative Metal  
4-8 Desaster* The Oath of an Iron Ritual Metal Blade Black Thrash  
4-8 Elvaron Ghost of a Blood Tie Fany'ai'zic Prog Thrash  
4-8 Erra Drift Sumerian    
4-8 Heretic's Dreams Floating State of Mind Sliptrick    
4-8 Ihashn* Arktis Candlelight Melodic  
4-8 The Samurai of Prog Lost and Found   Prog  
4-8 Sourvein* Aquatic Occult Metal Blade    
4-8 Zakk Wylde Book of Shadows 2 eOne    
4-8 Zhrine Unortheta Season of Mist Experimental Black Metal  
4-9 3rd Machine Quantified Self Into the Limelight Ind  
4-9 Burning Hatred Carnage Vic Death  
4-9 Fjoergyn Terra Satanica - E.P. Trollzorn Epic Avant Garde  
4-9 Imperium Infernalis Imago Dei   Black  
4-9 Monolith Nexus   Core  
4-9 Pollux Oddisey - E.P.   Thrash Speed  
4-9 Sidhe Contenbrat   Melodic  
4-9 Sunless Rise Re-revealed   Melodic  
4-10 Blacksoul Seraphim The Persecution Hymns - E.P.   Goth Doom  
4-10 Mortal Combat Besprekorna Pobeda   Heavy HardCore  
4-10 Suffer in Paradise This Dead is World Endless Winter Doom  
4-10 Temtris Enter the Asylum Battlegod Heavy  
4-11 Back to R'Lyeh The McMurdo Expedition   Avant  
4-11 Blodspor Only Sheep Cry Wolf Negative Vibe Extreme  
4-11 Endless River Sundered Time   Prog Doom  
4-11 Killer Khan Global Killer   Heavy  
4-11 Plague Porter Don't Le t The m Breathe   Avant  
4-11 Sunnata Zorya   Stoner  
4-12 Beholder Reflections Razorline Power Thrash  
4-12 Rising Dark A World in Ruin White Tower Thrash  
4-12 Talamyus Honour is our Code, Death is our Reward Deathbound Melodic Thrash  
4-12 Thrinos Sorrow of Mortality      
4-12 Undead Viking Mafia* No Trails for Traitors   Southern  
4-12 UR Sunt Lacrimae Rerum Gorpubelatze Black  
4-13 Amenaza E.P.   Thrash  
4-13 Bretheren Crusades I   Extreme Folk  
4-13 Laxsid Sanam - E.P.   Black  
4-13 Ludicrous The Stoic Ideal   Ind Death  
4-13 Ride For Reveange The Horrendous Yearning Bestial Burst Extreme  
4-14 Cirrha Niva Out of the Freakshow Parnassus Prog Gothic  
4-14 Corpse Knife Obsession With Disimbowled Human Pieces Salute  Extreme  
4-14  Eterna Rovina Metamorfosi Sifr Atmo Black  
4-14 Ex Animo Neverday Metal Scrap Gothic  
4-14 Faces of Cain Along Corpse Roads   Melodic  
4-14 Hollow Mirror Corrupt Socialism   Core  
4-14 Nyctohilia Forever Bonded in Suffering   Atmo Black  
4-14 Walken Revel in Abandon   Hardcore  
4-14 Wolsom A Near Life Experience Punishment 18 Thrash  
4-15 Ace Frehley Origins Vol.1 eOne Hard Rock  
4-15 Alkerdeek Lede ConSouling Black Sludge  
4-15 Alloces Absence of Light E.P.   Black  
4-15 Barbarian Cult of the Empty Grave Hell Headbangers Speed Black Thrash  
4-15 Biological Ensalvement Hemotoxin Dark Descent Prog Death Thrash  
4-15 Crematory Monument SPV Gothic Ind  
4-15 Death Lullaby Wormz      
4-15 Decimated Humans Dismantling the Decomposed Entity Ghastly Death  
4-15 Dies Irae Pathways Tragic Hero    
4-15 Elgibbor Revenger of Blood   Black  
4-15 Emphasis Revival Underground Symphony Sym Power  
4-15 Excruiation c rust Worm Hole Death Death Thrash Doom  
4-15 Game Over Crimes Against Reality Scarlet Thrash  
4-15 Goatess Purgatory Under New Management Svart Doom  
4-15 Imperial Triumphant Inceste -E.P. RDR Black  
4-15 Inactive Messiah Dark Masterpiece Growl Melodic Extreme  
4-15 Izegrim The Ferryman's  End Listenable Thrash Death  
4-15 The King Must Die Murder all Doubt   Thrash  
4-15 Kivimetsan Druidi The Lost Captains- E.P. Century Media Sym Folk  
4-15 Lita Ford Time Capsule SPV Rock  
4-15 Mantar* Ode to the Flame Nuclear Blast Black  
4-15 Murder Made God Enslaved Comatose Tech   Death        
4-15 Narcotic Greed Fatal- Re-issue 1994 Divebomb Thrash  
4-15 Necrot The Labyrinth Tankcrimes Death  
4-15 Nidhoggr Ragnarok Lake of Fire Black  
4-15 Night My Heaven Night Darkside   Sym Melodic  
4-15 Nucleus Sentient Dark Descent Death  
4-15 Otep* Generation Doom Napalm Core  
4-15 Pervy Perkin Totem   Prog  
4-15 Skjult Within the Flesh Cvlminus Black  
4-15 Solipsist The Zennith Passage Unique Leader Extreme  
4-15 Stare at the Clouds This Clear Divide   Progressive Post-Metal  
4-15 Tchort Erotic Gothic Naroctic Spasm Folvork Black  
4-15 Tiles Pretending 2 Run Laser's Edge Prog  
4-15 The Room Colored Charlatan The Veil That Conceals Subliminal Groove Records Progressive Deathcore/ Metalcore  
4-15 Treat Ghost of Graceland AFM    
4-15 Wild Ways Into the Wild      
4-15  The Zenith Passage* Solipsist Unique Leader Tech Death  
4-16 Cloven Hoof Eye of the Sun Re-issue 2004 High Roller Heavy  
4-16 Svoid Stormiong Voices of Inner Devotion Sun and Moon Black  
4-17 Blue Sky Theory Cassandra Rockdom    
4-18 Malevolentia Rupublique Epictural Sym Black  
4-20 Backdawn I Shall Burn Your Empire   Thrash Groove  
4-20 Wall of the Fallen Vantablack- EP Self-Released Progressive Metalcore EP
4-21 Beastwars The Death of all Things Destroy Stoner  
4-21 The Commander in Chief I Am   Heavy Hard  
4-21 Ferium Behind the Black Eyes   Core  
4-22 Babymetal Metal Resistance      
4-22 Circle Unbroken Vincere Painted Bass    
4-22 Dark Haunters To Persevere is Diabolical Revalve Sym Extreme  
4-22 Darkness Divided S/T Victory    
4-22 Diamond Head S/T   Hard Rock  
4-22 Dominhate Emissaries Lavadome Death  
4-22 Dopomsday Ceremony Black Heart Greyhaze Black  
4-22 Earth Ascending Sprouts      
4-22 Horde of Drauger In Death, We are Legend   Melodic  
4-22 Elephant Tree S/T Magnetic Doom  
4-22 Howlsof Ebb Curses Impasse I Voidhanger Extreme  
4-22 Knifeworld Bottled out of Eden Inside Out Prog  
4-22 Messanger Therodies Inside Out    
4-22 Reptilian Perennial Void Edged Circle Death  
4-22 Savage Master With Whips and Chains Metal Blade Heavy  
4-22 Sedulus The Sleepers Awaken   Stoner  
4-22 Scorpions Return to Forever Century Media Hard Rock Box Set
4-22 Sorcier des Glaces Moonlight in Total Darkness- Re-issue 2006 Galy Black  
4-22 Texas Hippie Coalition Dark Side of Black Carved Records Southern Groove  
4-22 This Ending* Garden of Death Apostasy Melodic  
4-22 Vibrion Bacterya Xtreem  Death  
4-22 Wolfhowl The Purity of Mother Nature  E.P. War Black  
4-22 Zealotry The Last Witness Lavadome Death  
4-22 Elmsfire Hour of the Wolf Massacre Heavy Melodic  
4-23 Levitation Hex Cohension Avant Prog    
4-23 Mortal Terror Creating Destruction   Death Thrash  
4-23 Svarta Lethargie   Black  
4-24 Kamara Kahden Maailman   Thrash Groove  
4-25 Hedonist The Collapse   Stoner Thrash  
4-25 Homicidal Raptus ErotomaniacHallucinosis      
4-25 Necroshine From The Darkest Hate   Extreme  
4-25 Quercus Heart With Bread Solitude Doom  
4-25 Woslom A Near Life Experience Punishment 18 Thrash  
4-28 Autokrator The Obedience of Authority   Death Doom  
4-28 Bloody Blashemy Total Death Destruction Via Nocturna Black  
4-28 Orden Ogan Book of Ogan AFM Power Folk Box Set
4-29 Abnormality Mechanisms of Omniscience Metal Blade Tech Death  
4-29 Bellgrave Panzerherz   Hard Rock  
4-29 Brain Damage Downfall   Prog Thrash  
4-29 Dexter Ward RendezousWith Destiney No Remorse Heavy  
4-29 Engraved Darkness Diabolical Scriptures - Re-issue 2015   Extreme  
4-29 Fallujah Dreamless   Tech Death  
4-29 Germ Escape Prophecy Shoegaze  
4-29 Gorevent Dull Punishnent Bloodcurdling Enterprise Death  
4-29 Haken* Affinity Inside Out Prog  
4-29 Jesus Chrusler Supercar  35 Supersonic SPV Death n Roll  
4-29 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard* Nonagon Infinity ATO Heavy Doom  
4-29 Like Rats II Southern Lord Core  
4-29 Long Distance Callling* Trips Inside Out Prog  
4-29 Lord Mantis NTW - E.P. New Destiney Black Sludge  
4-29 Mandroid Echostar Corral Throne Brick works Prog  
4-29 Massive Destination Somewhere      
4-29 Midnight Eternal S/T Inner Wounds    
4-29 Minotaur Beast Of Nations - E.P. High Roller Thrash  
4-29 Mistur* In Memoriam Dark Essence Black  
4-29 Nemesea* Uprise Napalm Sym  
4-29 Nocturnal Hollow Deathless and Fleshless Concreto Death  
4-29 Painted Wives* Obsessed with the End Century Media    
4-29 Plebeian Grandstand False Highs, True Lows Throatruiner EXP  
4-29 Purson* Desire's Magick Theatre Spinefarm Retro  
4-29 Pyramido Vatten   Doom  
4-29 Ravenia Beyond the Walls of Death Inner Wounds Sym  
4-29 Salem Dark Days Pure Steel NWOBHM  
4-29 Schammasch* Triangle Prosthetic Melodic  
4-29 Tremonti Dust Fret 12    
4-29 Universal Mind Project The Jaguar Priest Inner Wound Prop Power  
4-29 Verdun The Eternal Drift's Canticles Head Doom  
4-29 Visions of Atlantis* Old ROutes Nes Waters Napalm Sym  
4-29 Wretched End* In These Woods, From Trees to Mountains Indie Extreme  
4-29 Wytch Hazel Prelude Bad Omen Hard Heavy  

May Album Release Dates

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
  Innate Concept* Suset in Our Eyes   Prog  
5-1 Bloodrain V: Adora Satan Volh Black  
5-1 Isolert No Hope , No Light Ogmios Underground Black  
5-1 Michael Angelo Batio / Black Hornets Soul in Sight M.A.C.E. Prog  
5-1 Misanthropia Omerta Snakebite Melodic Black  
5-1 Ungod Bewitched by Sins and Lust Final Gate Black  
5-2 Cadaveric Fumes Dimensions Obscure  -E.P.   Death  
5-2 Gravity Rain Artifacts of Balance Records DK Melodic Prog  
5-2 Lucifericon Brimstone Altar - E.P. Invictus Death  
5-2 The Morningside Yellow Badmoonman Melodic  
5-3 Barren Heir Tired Turns   Doom  
5-3 Dead Hills Gateway   Black  
5-3 October Tide Winged Waltz Agonia Melodic  
5-3 Ast Fraktale Vendetta Black  
5-4 Scythia Lineage   Prog Folk  
5-4 Sithu Aye Set Course For Andromeda Self-Released Instrumental Progressive  
5-5 Astral Path An Oath to the Void Advantgarde Atmo Black  
5-5 Enoid* Exile Aux Cofins Des Tourments Satanath Extreme  
5-5 Hypothesis Origin Inverse  Melodic  
5-5 Necromorph Under the Flag  FDA Grind  
5-5 Oaks of Bethel   EEE Black Drone  
5-5 Plasma Dreadful Desecration RRR Grind  
5-5 Rectal Smegma Gnork RRR Death  
5-5 Stigmatuary Decimation of Psyche Rottrevore Death  
5-6 A Constant Storm Storm Alive   Atmo Black  
5-6 Beastmaker* Lusus Naturae Rise Above Doom  
5-6 Cardiac Sangrar hasta Tenacity Groove  
5-6 Coffin Dust Everything is Dead Unholy Anarchy Crossover  
5-6 Cyphonism Obsidian Nothingness DK2 Death  
5-6 Eldamar The Force of  the Ancient Land Northern Silence Atmo Black  
5-6 Firtan Innerwelt   -E.P. Northern Silence Pagan Black  
5-6 The Foreshadowing Seven Heads Ten Horns Cyclone Gothic Doom  
5-6 Funeralis Lvmimis Serpent   Black  
5-6 Holy Dragons Civilzator Pitch Black Heavy  
5-6 Ibridoma December SG Heavy  
5-6 Inclemency S/T Northern SIlence Atmo Black  
5-6 Inferior Red Beast   Thrash  
5-6 Maleficence Realms of Mortifacation E.P. Blood Harvest Black Thrash  
5-6 Musket Hawk Desolate Unholy  Anarchy Grind  
5-6 The Order Rock n Rumble Massacre Heavy Melodic  
5-6 Osseltion Digital/Primordial SG Death  
5-6 Polar Reveal No Cure No Savior Prosthetic Hardcore  
5-6 Sacramental Blood Ternion Demonarchy Ghastly Death  
5-6 Slaughter to Prevail Chapters of Misery  E.P. Summerian Deathcore  
5-6 Spider Kittens Ark of Octofelis Rugland Doom  
5-6 Sun Worship Pale Down Golden Antenna Black  
5-6 Vidargangr A World that has to be Opposed War Anthem Black  
5-7 Hugh Munin All Hail Odin   Viking  
5-8 Crow's Claw Seven Wonders of the Lotus Land   Power Inst  
5-9 Primitai Night Brings Insanity   Heavy Thrash  
5-10 Formless Eon   TechDeath  
5-12 Morphium The Blackout Mass Gothic Death  
5-12 Silent Moriah Wise Murders and Natural Evil - E.P.   Thrash Doom  
5-13 Apocalypse S/T  -Re-issue1988 Divebomb Speed Thrash  
5-13 Apocalypse Faithless - Re issue 1993 Divebomb Speed Thrash  
5-13 Arise In Chaos Terminal Cognition EPM Groove  
5-13 Avatar Feathers and Flesh Eone    
5-13 Black Absinthe* Early Signs of Denial   Punk Metal  
5-13 Blakk Old Blood Greed Clavis Black  
5-13 Blackseason Aesthetics of a Wedding   Post Black  
5-13 Burn Blue Sky Godzimoth - E.P.   Doom  
5-13 Darkestrah Turan Osmose Epic Black  
5-13 Dalriada Forras Nail Folk  
5-13 Destruction* Under Attack Nuclear Blast Thrash  
5-13 Devildriver* Trust No One      
5-13 Devoider The Inaccessible Pool of Void   Black Thrash  
5-13 Discharge* End of Days Nuclear Blast Hardcore Thrash  
5-13 Embreach The World that we have Lost Birds Don't Fly Melodic  
5-13 Eternal Khan Lost in the Night of Ages   Black Doom  
5-13 Fragore Asylum Murdered Music Thrash Death  
5-13 Gorguts Pleiades' Dust Season of Mist Death  
5-13 Grand Magus Sword Songs Nuclear Blast Metal  
5-13 Grimus Athems of Gehenna   Deathcore  
5-13 Horrisonous The Plague Doctors - E.P.   Death  
5-13 Kimura Kintsukuroi  E.P.   Groove  
5-13 Kratos Arlechino   Gothic  
5-13 Marauder Bullethead Pitch Black Records Epic Heavy  
5-13 Nullingroots Take Care Maa Post Black  
5-13 Phobocosm Bringer of Drought Dark Descent Death  
5-13 Planet of Zeus Loyal to the Pack Ihaveadrum Southern Stoner  
5-13 Saratoga Morir en el Bien Maldito Power Traditional  
5-13 Savage Master With Whips and Chains High Roller Heavy  
5-13 Sinnery Feast of Fools Pitch Black Thrash  
5-13 Soilid Into the Ruins MDD Melodic Groove  
5-13 Sons of Sounds In the Circle of the Universe Fastball Prog  
5-13 Skeptic Sence Mind Versus Soul Divebomb    
5-13 Sylvaine Wistful Season of Mist    
5-13 Ted Poley Beyond the Fade Frontiers    
5-13 Tides from Nebula Safehaven Long Branch Prog  
5-13 Thranenkind King Apathy Lifeforce Shoegaze  
5-13 Through The Rotting Generation Depressive Illusion Black  
5-13 Toska S/T - E.P. 2015 Eihaz Black  
5-13 Veil of Mist Disenchantment   Sym Prog  
5-13 Vektor Terminal Redux Earache Prog Thrash  
5-13 Wings Denied Voyager Self-Released Progressive Metalcore bandcamp
5-15 Epidemia Leprocomio Satanath Death  
5-15 Ingrain Aembers - E.P.   2015 Pest Post Black  
5-15 Killer of Gods Mental Retardation Force   Death  
5-15 Kurgaal Fidem in Lucifer PWDR Black  
5-15 Mindwarp A Cold Black Day  Great Dane Death  
5-15 Ousiodes Angel   Power  
5-15 Sorcery Garden of Bones Xtreem Death  
5-20 Celestial Ruin* Pandora - E.P.   Sym  
5-16 Aeuphoria Aethernal Velum Magik Art Tech Death  
5-16 Die Schwarze Sonne DUDM   Black   
5-16 Edu Falaschi* Moonlight Test Your Metal    
5-16 Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus Madness Incarnate Symbol of Domination Amb Black  
5-16 Oak Pantheon In Pieces   Atmo Black  
5-16 The Pete Flesh Deathtrip Svartnad Pulverized Death  
5-16 Wastland Riders Speed Rock n Roll   Black Speed  
5-17 Evil Reborn Throne of Insanity Satanath Death  
5-17 Forklift Elevator Killer Self Logic  Thrash Groove  
5-17 Kvelartak* Nattesferd Earache    
5-17 Stone Machine Electric Sollictus Es Veritatem   Stoner  
5-18 Demonic Obedience Nocturnal Hymns to the Fallen Satanath Extreme  
5-18 Hydra Vein After The Dream Re -Issue 1989 Dark Symphonies Thrash  
5-18 Sirius Roar Qualia   Melodic Speed  
5-19 Eversin Flagellum Dei - E.P.   Power Thrash  
5-19 Evil Masquerade The Outcast Dark Minstral Melodic Heavy  
5-20 Assassin Combat Cathedral Steamhammer Thrash  
5-20 Dawn of Ash Theophany Metropolis Ind  
5-20 Doomcult End All Life   Doom  
5-20 Horizon of the Mute S/T  E.P.   Doom  
5-20 True Black Dawn Come the Colorless Dawn World Terror Black  
5-20 Enthean Priests of Annihilation   Prog Extreme  
5-20 First Fragment Dasein Unique Leader Tech Death  
5-20 Flotsam and Jetsam S/T AFM Power Thrash  
5-20 Fyrnask Forn Van Black  
5-20 Gamma Ray Insanity and Genius Earmusic    
5-20 Gamma Ray Lust  And Love Earmusic Power  
5-20 Ggu:ll Dwaling Van Drone  
5-20 God Enslavement Cosuming The Divine Bret Hard Death  
5-20 Grave Miasma Endless Pilgrimage  E.P. Profound Lore Extreme  
5-20 Grusome Dimensions of Horror - E.P. Relapse Thrash  
5-20 Helhorse S/T Spinefarm Stoner Groove  
5-20 Hortus Animae There's no Santuary Azermedoth Prog Black  
5-20 Hypersponic Existentia Revalve Power Melodic  
5-20 In Mourning* Afterglow   Doom  
5-20 Iron Savior Titancraft AFM Heavy  
5-20 Kamalot Where I Reign   Prog Power Best of the Noise Years
5-20 Katatonia* The Fall of Hearts   Melodic  
5-20 Paralysis You Can't Win  E.P.   Crossover  
5-20 Perihelion Hold  E.P. Arathia Avant Black  
5-20 Sanzu Heavy over the Home   Deathcore  
5-20 Scar the Sun In Flood +xe Gothic Doom  
5-20 Schwarzer Engel Gotterfunken Trisol Sym Gothic  
5-20 Sinner No Place in Heaven   Heavy Power Best of the Noise Years
5-20 Stairway Power and Glory   Heavy  
5-20 Stonewall Noise Orchestra The Machine, The Devil & the Dope Steamhammer Stoner  
5-20 Schalltot Max,Watt   Thrash Groove  
5-20 Stratovarius Best Of Earmusic Melodic Power Best Of
5-20 Subliminal Fear Escape From Leviathan Inverse Melodic  
5-20 Suidakra Realm of the Odoric  AFM Melodic Folk  
5-20 Teloch Thus Darkness Spake Saturnal Black  
5-20 Terrorway Second Hard Boiled Thrash Groove  
5-20 Tomstoned II Svart Doom  
5-20 Warfect Scavengers Cyclone Empire Thrash  
5-20 Winterhorde Maestro Vicisolum Melodic Black  
5-20 Wormfood L'envers Apathia Gothic Avant Garde  
5-21 Mortal Peril The Legacy of  War   Thrash  
5-22 Thy Worshiper Klechdy Arachnophobia Extreme Folk  
5-22 Trollgasm Play Folk or Die - E.P.   Pagan Folk  
5-22 (Echo) Head First into Shadows Badmoodman Melodic  
5-25 Electric Taurus Riders   Stoner Doom  
5-25 In Twilight's Embrace Trembling E.P. Arachnophobia Death  
5-25 Ulcer Heading Below Arachnophobia Death  
5-25 Vidian A Piece of the End - E.P. Arachnophobia Exp Death  
5-27 Architects All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us Epitaph Records Metalcore  
5-27 Behexen Poisonous Path Thrill Jockey Black  
5-27 Big Big Train* Folklore   Prog  
5-27 Darkenstrah Turan Osmose Epic Black  
5-27 Deathstorm Blood Beneath the Crypts High Roller Thrash  
5-27 Gutter Instinct* Age of the Fanatics Prosthetic Death  
5-27 Headless Melt the Ice Away Mighty Prog  
5-27 The Jelly Jam Prophit Music Theories Prog  
5-27 Katalepsy Gravenous Hour Unique Leader Death Groove  
5-27 Lacuna Coil Delirium - E.P. Century Media Sym  
5-27 Mistur In Memoriam  Dark Essence Viking BLACK  
5-27 Motorheaqd Clean Your Clock UDR Heavy Grundge Live
5-27 Mortillery* Shapeshifter Napalm Thrash  
5-27 Mycah Diamond in the Rough Hellaphonoic    
5-27 Omen Hammer Damage Pure Steel  Power  
5-27 The Order of Israfel* Red Robes Napalm Doom  
5-27 Paul Gilbert I Can Destroy Pronghorn Prog  
5-27 Running Wild Riding the Storm Best of 1983 to 1995     Noise Years
5-27 Six Feet Under Graveyard Classics IV Metal Blade Gore  
5-27 Suicide Angels Division of Blood Noise art Thrash  
5-27 Unbeing Ceres   Prog  
5-27 Withered Grief Relic Season of Mist Extreme  
5-27 Without Mercy* Mouichido -E.P.   Extreme  
5-30 Abhorrent Dogs Story  I   Sym Black  
5-30 Akromusto Songs of Bronze Cylminis Black  
5-30 Dakma Passageways to Deana 2015 Godz of War Extreme  
5-30 Druidas Ecos del Norte Art Gates Power  
5-30 Furious Zoo Sex Stories Brenus Rock  
5-30 Ghost Warfare Dusk Reloaded Art Gates Sym Goth  
5-30 Grim Comet God is Dead , Let's  Eat him Art Gates Doom Rock  
5-30 Ixtab La Diosa Cylminis Dep Black  
5-30 Master's Hammer Formulae Jihosound Exp Black  
5-30 Mussorgski Creatio Cosmicam Bestiae Godz of War Black Amb  
5-30 Oath Mustan Liekin Veljeskunta Immortal Frost Black  
5-30 Setekh Specrtal Lights Cylminis Atmo Black  
5-30 Visions Shake the Earth DK2 Extreme  
5-31 Ancient Empire Other World Stormspell Heavy  
5-31 Betrayal Infinite Circles Transcending Death  
5-31 Caecus The  Funeral  Garden   Tech Death  
5-31 Impaler of Pest Warlords of Death Tribulacion Black  
5-31 Rikets Avarter  E.P. Scarecrow    


Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
6-1 Ashcloud Children of the Chainsaw Xtreem Death  
6-1 Kvalvaag Malum Dusktone Death  
6-3 Blizzen Genesis Reversed High Roller  Heavy Speed  
6-3 Brymir Slayer of Gods Ranka Sym Pagan  
6-3 Candlemass Death Thy Lover E.P. Napalm Doom Mats Leven
6-3 Cardinals Folly Holocaust of  Ecstasy and Freedom Shadow Kingdom Doom  
6-3 The Claypool Lennon Delirium Monolith of Phobos ATO    
6-3 Combichrist This id Where Death Begins Out of Line    
6-3 Cough* Still They Prey Relapse Doom  
6-3 Dan Reed Network Fight Another Day Frontiers Rock  
6-3 Dark Funeral* Where Shadows Forever Reign Century Media Extreme  
6-3 Exorcist Nightmare Theatre Re-issue 1986   Speed  
6-3 Feared Reborn iMusician Death Thrash  
6-3 First Signal One Step  Over the Line Frontiers    
6-3 Four By Fate* Relentless The End    
6-3 Gevurah Hallelujah! Profound Lore Black  
6-3 Grey Aura Waerachtighe Blood Music Atmo Post Black  
6-3 If These Trees Could Talk* The Bones of a Dying World Metal Blade Prog  
6-3 Heaven's Cry Outcast Prosthetic Prog  
6-3 HELLYEAH* Unden!able Eleven Seven Southern Groove  
6-3 Jorn* Heavy Rock Radio Frontiers Heavy  
6-3 Gallows Pole Doors of Perception   Hard Rock  
6-3 Lucifer's Hammer Beyond the Omen's Shdow Kingdom Heavy  
6-3 Melvins Basses Loaded Ipecac    
6-3 Poison Headache* Grey Skies Hardcore Metal Blade  
6-3 Poverty's No Crime* Spiral of Fear Metalville Prog  
6-3 Rebaelliun* Hell's Decrees Hammerheart Death  
6-3 Revolution Within Annihilation      
6-3 Sektemtum Panacea Osmose Black  
6-3 Virus Memento Collider Karisma Avant Rock  
6-3 The Vision Bleak The Unknown Prophecy Gothic  
6-3 Withem* The Unforgiving Road Frontiers Prog  
6-3 Yuth Forever* Reveal Prosthetic Core  
6-6 Dee Calhoun Rotgut Argonauta    
6-7 Archaic Decapitator Light of a Different Sun- EP Self-Released Melodic Death Metal  
6-8 Murasaki Quasar wowow Hard Rock Heavy Metal  
6-8 Undermine  S/T   Thrash  
6-9 Lightless Moor Hymn for the Fallen Wormholedeath Gothic Doom  
6-10 Adligate New Blood Old Chapter - 2015 Pure Steel Death Groove  
6-10 ADX Non Serviam Verychords Heavy Speed  
6-10 After All Waves of Annhilation Noise Art Thrash  
6-10 Alkonost Pycaka  E.P. Soundage Folk  
6-10 Astronoid Air Self-Released Shoegaze Black Metal bandcamp
6-10 Bat Wings of Chains Hell's Headbangers Heavy Speed  
6-10 Crimson Fire Fireborn Pitch Black Power  
6-10 Concrete Mascara Perennial Disappointment Malignant    
6-10 Despair Beyond All Reason - Re issue 1992 Divebomb Tech Thrash  
6-10 D.R.I. But Wait.... There's More!!!  E.P. Beer City Crossover  
6-10 Ghoulgotha To Starve the Cross Dark Descent Death Doom  
6-10 Gozu Revival Ripple    
6-10 In Mourning Afterglow Agonia Melodic  
6-10 Five Minutes of Hate Explanation of Failure   Melodic  
6-10 Glorior Belli Sundown Agonia Southern Black  
6-10 Heave Blood and Die S/T Blues for the Red Sun Doom  
6-10 Know Your Nemesis Break the Chain Wormholedeath    
6-10 Monument Hair of the Dog Rock of Angels Heavy  
6-10 Rival Sons Hollow Bones Earache Hard Rock  
6-10 Scorpion Child Acid Roulette Nuclear Blast    
6-10 Sic Zone Re - Evilution   Death Thrash  
6-10 Sleep of Monsters II : Poisen Garden      
6-10 Souls of Diotima The Sorceress Revaels - Atlantis   Prog Power  
6-10 Toxic Rose Total Tranquility City of Light  Glam Heavy  
6-10  Vale of Pnath* II Willowtip Tech Death  
6-10 Zirakzigil Worldburner- Re-issue Prosthetic Prog  
6-12 Metalwings Fallen Angel in the Hell   Sym  
6-13 Acheronte Ancient Furies Satanath Black  
6-13 Hypersonic Existentia Revalve Meloodic Heavy  
6-13 Sewercide Immortalized in Suffering Unspeakable Axe Death Thrash  
6-13 Subterranean Disposition Contagiuum and the Landscapes of Failure      
6-13 Sylvaine Sylvaine      
6-13 Thranenkind King Apathy Lifeforce    
6-15  Aversion to Mankind Ways to no existence   Black  
6-15 Death I  Am S/T THC Death  
6-15 Derdain Revolution Era Univeral Power  
6-15 Dusk Chapel Ascension Magik Art Extreme  
6-15 Great Master Lion and Queen Underground Symphony Power  
6-15 Grotesque Ceremonium Demonic Inquisition Satanath Death  
6-15 Kayotik Enslaved to Chaos The Orchid Death  
6-15 Mardelas Mardelas 2 Nexus Trad Power  
6-15 Ribspreader Suicide Gate Xtreem Death  
6-15 Sarsbante Poisonous Legacy Southern Mind    
6-15 Tenebrarum Alta Magia - Re issue 1994 American Line Extreme  
6-15 Timeless Necrotears Zeljka   Black Doom  
6-16 16 Stitches Tribultion   Prog  
6-16 Coldblood Indescribable Satanath Death  
6-16 Macabra ?to the Bone Morbid Visions Death  
6-16 Stormvold IV  Kataklismo Xtreem Extreme  
6-17 Art of Deception Shattered Delusions Crime Melodic Death  
6-17 Beldam Still the Wretched Linger Horror Pain Gore Death Doom  
6-17 Cepheide Respire  E.P.   Atmo Black  
6-17 Deceptionist* Initializing Unique Leader Tech Death  
6-17 A Devil's Din Skylight Island Dive    
6-17 Emperor of Myself In Search of  Light Dark Emperor Atmo Black/Gothic  
6-17 Envinya The Harvester  STF Melodic Heavy  
6-17 Hammercult Legends Never Die - E.P. Steamhammer Death Thrash  
6-17 Helleborus* The Carnal Sabbath Black Palgue Extreme  
6-17 Invidiosus Guided Towards The Inevitable TTT Death  
6-17 Gojira Magma Roadrunner    
6-17 Kausalgia Dreamquest Saarni Atmo Black  
6-17 Lords of Cemetery Citipati Great Dane Death  
6-17 Manilla Road Underground  E.P. High Roller Epic Heavy  
6-17 Monument Hair of the Dog High Roller Heavy Speed  
6-17 Netherlands Virttual Arcade Prosthetic Exp  
6-17 Stitched Up Heart Never Alone Another Record    
6-17 Thrawsunblat Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings Ignifera Melodic Black Folk  
6-17 Unlocking The Truth Chaos      
6-17 Wayfarer Deathless Tundra Prosthetic Black  
6-17  Whispered Metsuntan: Songs of the Void Redhouse Finland Melodic  
6-17 Winterhymn Blood &  Shadow Soundage Folk  
6-18 Berserker Dark Worlds Collide   Sym Folk  
6-18 Defuntos A Eterna Danca   Doom  
6-18 Exanimatvm Dispersae et  Tormentvm   Death  
6-18 Frozen Sword S/T   Epic Heavy  
6-18 Grey Wolf Glorious Death   Heavy  
6-18 Hexxus Tunguska   Doom  
6-18 Raw Ensemble Suffer Well   Thrash  
6-18  Victimized Born Corrupt   Tharsh  
6-19 Dormant Ordeal We Had it Coming   Death  
6-19 Just Before Dawn The Ghost  of the Eastern Front   Death  
6-19 Symbiosis Inertia Self-Released Progressive Metal, Djent bandcamp
6-20 Cloak ST-  E.P. Boris Black Rock  
6-20 Exaltatio Diaboli Credo   Black  
6-20 Fecundation Congenital Deformity E.P.   Tech Death  
6-20 Heimleiden Mysterium Winterwolf Black  
6-20  Lord Agheros Nothing At All My Kingdom Amb Black  
6-21 Aegeon Devouring the Sun Elegy Black  
6-21 Deadlife Porphyria Wolfpack Dep Black  
6-21 Lords of the Druken Pirates Loaded to the Gunwales   Folk  
6-21 Shed the Skin Harrowing Hell Headbangers Death  
6-21 Stworz Na trzy strony slonca Werewolf Pagan  
6-21 Vacuus Eternal Continuum   Prog Death  
6-22 Alldrig Introspective Existentialism   Post Black  
6-22 My Material Season Desire in the Black Material  E.P.   Melodic Death  
6-24 Ancient Myth Aberration PT Fastball Sym  
6-24 Apothesary* Sensory Overload M Theory Audio Melodic  
6-24 Astronoid Air Blood    
6-24 Be'lakor* Withering Strands Napalm Melodic  
6-24 Black Fucking Cancer S/T Osmose Black  
6-24 Dark Suns Everchild Prophecy Prog  
6-24 Dawn of Disease* Worship the Grave Napalm Death  
6-24 Demon Bitch Hellfriends Skol Heavy  
6-24 Denner / Shermann* Masters of Evil Metal Blade   Mercyful Fate and Cage Members 
6-24 Ecclesiast S/T Sancrosanct    
6-24 Elm Street Knock ' Em Out With A Metal Fist Massacre Heavy  
6-24 Front Iron Overkill Iron Bonehead Black Death   
6-24 Internal Suffering* Cyclonic Void of Power Unique Leader Tech Death  
6-24 Kayo Dot Plastic House On Base Of Sky Flenser EXP  
6-24 MGT Volumes      
6-24 Monsterworks Black Swan Annihilation Casket Thrash  
6-24 Paradox Pangea AFM Power Thrash Speed  
6-24 Stuck Mojo Here Comes the Infadels   Mojo Metal  
6-24 Svarttjern Dodsskrik Soulseller Black  
6-24 Throttlerod Turncoat Small Stone Stoner  
6-24 Volur Disir Prophecy Amb Folk Doom  
6-24 Wicked World Wicked World      
6-24 Whitechapel Mark of the Blade Metal Blade Deathcore  
6-25 Blaakyum Line Of Fear   Eastern Folk  
6-26 XCII Enlighten   Prog Atmo  
6-28 Shataan Weigh of the Wolf Iron Bonehead Black  
6-29 Liquid Graveyard By Nature So Perverse   Prog Death  
6-29 Neurosis El Alamein  -E.P.   Death Thrash  
6-30 Anti-Freeze Trash Assault cvlminis Exp  
6-30 Countess Fires of Destiny   Black  
6-30 Embloodyment The One Before the Last   Death Gore  
6-30 Karnak Seti The Distance That made us  Cold Melodic Tharsh    
6-30 Krajiny Hmly Na koncic ciest Art of Night Pagan Black  
6-30 Project Silence Slave to the Machine Sliptrick Ind Electronic