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Roman Kostrzewski

New Tours> 350 National Tours Listed in 2019

Latest Updates

6-21 July Tour with Avatar
6-21 Clutch on Tour
6-21 Oceans of Slumber August Tour
6-18 Lacuna Coil Tour in September
6-17 Slipknot Tour in September
6-10 Apocalyptica Tour in September
6-10 Scorpions Tour in September
6-10 Bring the Horizon on Tour
6-10 Boris Live in August
6-10 Fozzy September Tour
6-10 Dear Hunter on Tour
6-10 Cloak Tour
6-10 Lamb of God And Killswitch Tour
6-9 Ghost in August
6-9 Oceano Tour in October
6-8 October tour with Accept
6-6 Creeping Death Tour in August
6-2 Weedeater July Tour
6-2 Molonolrd Libe in Julu
6-1 July August Tour with Red Fang
5-31 McSabbath in November
5-22 June Tour dates with Fallujah
5-15 Rockshots Records Update
5-5 Left to Die Tour in July
4-19 June July Tour With Rings of Saturn
4-18 June July Tour With The Melvins
4-17 Shaptone Records Update
4-17 Frontiers Records Update
4-15 Metal Archives Update
4-12 Hypocrisy live in May
4-12 The Aristocrats live in July
4-12 Greta Van Fleet Tour in August
4-12 Robert Plant Tour
4-12 Elder Live in August
4-11 Gwar live in June
4-10 August Burns Red  Tour in August
4-7 Terror Live in May
4-6 Infected Rain Tour
4-4 Veil Of Maya live in May
4-4 Primitive Man Tour
4-2 As I Lay Dying Tour Dates
4-2 Weedeater Tour in April/ May
4-1 VoiVod  Tour in June
4-1 Behemoth and Arch Enemy
3-3- Black Label Society Live
3-31 Deer Hunter Live in April
3-31 AFM Records Update
3-29 Allegaeon Tour in June
3-25 June Tour with Anvil
3-22 May Tour with Origin
3-22 Carcass Tour in May
3-22 Bewitcher Tour in April
3-12 Thank You Scientist Tour in June
3-11 Leprous Tour in March
3-7 Opeth and Mastodon Live
3-8 Death Nexus Fest
3-7 Napalm Records Update
3-4 My June Tour with Thy Art is Murder
3-3 My Tour with Municipal Waste
2-26 Monolord Tour in March
2-17 June Tour with Windhand
2-15 Omnium Gatherum Tour in  February
2-13  2021 Top Albums of 2021
2-13 April May Tour Devastation of the Nation
2-13 May June Tour with Rivers of Nihil
2-13 Obituary Tour In March/ April
10-10 Nuclear Blast Update
Helloween – Incendium Online
9-5 2022 Release page
Until 2022 we will not update any of the tour or festival pages. 
8-17 Metal Blade Records Update
8-11 Tour Info Update
8-5 Napalm Records Update
7-22 Hall of Fame updated
7-21 About The Metal Authority updated
5-21 North American Festival updates
4-27 The Passing of Lars Ratz
4-18 Inside Out Records Update
4-13 Napalm Records Update
3-28 Buckethead Pike  #96
3-19 Buckethead Pike #60
3-18 Prog Archives Update
3-15  Metal Blade Records Update
2-20 BNR Update
2-18 Metal Archives Update12-15 Passing of Chris Payette
10-15 2021 Release Page

9-20 Buckethead pike #279

9-10 All Metal Hall of Fame
8-18 Century Media Updates
8-16 New artist added to page
6-14 New Page
5-6 2020 Release Page
3-20 Willowtip Records Update
3-11 Buckethead Pike #53
2-17  Relapse Updates
1-1  Metalfest Page Updated
7-21 Nuclear Blast Updates

7-20 Frontiers Records Updates
5-5 Lion Music Updates
5-5 Album Release Dates
4-30 SPV Update
3-21 High Roller Records Updates
3-13 Relapse Records Update
3-12 Unique Leader Updates
2-17 Sliptrick Records Update
2-16 Profound Lore Updates
1-26 Willowtip Records Updates
1-6 Agonia Records Update
12-31 High Roller Records Updates
12-30 Cruz Del Sur Updates
12-23 Season of Mist Updates
12-16 SPV Updates
11-29 The Passing of Erik Lindmark
3-18 Buckethead pike #59 Ydrapoej

1-15 Agonia 


The Harbinger
Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Evil Chuck
Quorthon from Bathory
Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum
Gary Driscoll
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Paul Samson and Chris Aylmer
Dio and Mr. Columbus
Jared Anderson
The Guitar Emperor
Scott Clendenin
David Gold

Nattdal B Jonas Lars Bergqvist 
 Broadcasting 50 plus Metal Genres for 35 Years.  
Next Live Broadcast  
1-2  Technical Ecstasy 10 till Midnight   12-31 
 From 4pm till midnight Mst with The Morbid One
1-5  DJ Dimes live at 7Pm Mst

Latest News

New Supergroup Vuur featuring Anneke

Anneke Van Giersbergen (ex-THE GATHERING) - lead vocals
* Jord Otto (MY PROPANE, ex-REVAMP) - Guitar
* Ferry Duijsens - Guitar
* Johan Van Stratum (STREAM OF PASSION) - Bass
* Marcela Bovio (STREAM OF PASSION) – Vocals

Nitro Is back!

Jim Gillette, Michael Angelo Batio and Chris Adler have offically put Nitro back on the Metal map for 2017

Adam Sagan

Current Witherfall, Former Circle II Circle drummer Adam Sagan passed away on December 5 th after a battle with Cancer at the age of 36

Guitarist Mick Zane Passes away at he age of 57

Long Time Guitarist for the band Malice Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016 after a 2 year battle with a Brain Tumor .

July Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
7-1 Chelsea Grin Self-Inflicted Rise Records Deathcore  
7-1 Children of Seraph Warriors of Light   Power  
7-1 Circle of Contempt Structures for Creation   Progressive Deathcore  
7-1 Creinium Hallucinosis Inverse Tech Melodic  
7-1 Doro Strong And Proud Nuclear Blast Heavy  
7-1 Evership S/T   Prog  
7-1 Grond Worship the Kraken Xtreem Death  
7-1 Harvester Harmonic Ruptures Freak Flag Stoner  
7-1 High Fighter Scars & Croses   Sludge  
7-1 Homophobic Fecalpheliac Sadistic Thoughts of a Serial Killer Rotten Death  
7-1 In Sanity Ocean of Black   Melodic  
7-1 I Prevail Scars Fearless    
7-1 Lanfear The Code Inherited Pure Legend Prog Power  
7-1 Low Twelve Six Dark Star Heavy Groove  
7-1 Pequod False Divinity  E.P.   Thrash Core  
7-1 Spell Forest Amentia Drakkar Black  
7-1 Wolf Hoffmann* Headbangers Symphony Nuclear Blast Instumental  
7-2 Braindrill* Boundless Obscenity   Extreme  
7-3 Ashes in the Sky Relentless   Heavy  
7-3 Azmaroth Death Crowned King Desolation Records Groove Metal  
7-3 Onskt History of Horror  E.P.   Black Doom  
7-3 Thren Anotomy of Atheistic Satanism   Black  
7-4 Amorite Final Entropy - E.P.   Death  
7-4 Beneath the Storm Lucid Nightmare Argonauta Doom  
7-4 Evil Spirit Cauldron Messiah - 2014 Horror Doom  
7-4 Methra Acolyte  E.P. Battleground Doom  
7-5 Cancerous Womb It Came to This E.P. Rising Nemesis Deathgrind  
7-5 Frozen Impurity Phoenix DK Melodic  
7-5 Unflesh Transcendance to Eternal Obscurity Independent Blackened Death   
7-6 Horseburner Dead Seeds, Barren Soil DK Stoner  
7-6 Loudness Samsara Flight      
7-6 Saboter  Mankind is Damned Witches Brew Heavy  
7-6 Silent Planet Everything was Sound Solid State    
7-6 A Taste of Freedom Carved in our Dreams Brennus Heavy  
7-7 Alchemist Fear Business   Power Thrash  
7-7 Anicon Exegeses Avantgarde Black  
7-7 Dr. X Reborn   Heavy  
7-7 Hellvete Drowning the Past Harsh Black  
7-7 Nicrotek Cold Winter Wind Harsh Ind Dark  
7-7 Spellcaster Night Hides the World Prosthetic Heavy  
7-8 Asphalt Graves The New Primitive Vitriol Death Grind  
7-8 Astralion Outlaw Limb Melodic Power  
7-8 Athame With Cunning Fire and Adversarial Resolve Grimoire Black  
7-8 Big Buisiness Command Joyful Noise Heavy Sludge  
7-8 Bright Curse Before the Shore Hevisike Psych Doom  
7-8 Black Cult Cathedral of the Black Cult Another Side Black  
7-8 Boris Pink Sargent House    
7-8 Castle Welcome to the Graveyard Prosthetic Doom  
7-8 Cranial Engorgement Prelude to Horror Gore House Death  
7-8 Drakwald Riven Earth   PaganDeath  
7-8 Deadlock Hybris Napalm Melodic  
7-8 Defiled* Towards Inevitable Ruin Season of Mist Death  
7-8 Diabolizer Apokalypse Third Eye Temple Death  
7-8 Dust Bolt* Mass Confusion Napalm Thrash  
7-8 Etrusgrave Aita's Sentence Minotauro Epic  
7-8 Fates Warning* Theories of Flight Inside Out Prog  
7-8 Foghound The World Unseen Ripple    
7-8 Frameworks Smother Deathwish    
7-8 Grave Desecrator Dust to Lust Season of Mist Extreme  
7-8 Gone is Gone S/T Rise    
7-8 Illdisposed Grey Sky over Black Town Massacre    
7-8 Inter Arma* Paradise Gall Relapse Dark Doom  
7-8 Invent Animate Stillworld Tragic Hero Records Metalcore  
7-8 Kissin Dynamite* Generation Goodbye AFM Heavy  
7-8 Live Burial Forced Back to Life   Death Doom  
7-8 Lonewolf The Heathen Dawn Massacre Heavy Speed  
7-8 Monument of a Memory Catharsis      
7-8 My Dying Bride Thrash on Naked Limbs  E.P. Peaceville Death  
7-8 Oblivion Myth Inside the Mirror   Power Prog  
7-8 Rage* The Devil Strikes Again Nuclear Blast Heavy  
7-8 Semblant* Lunar Manifesto EMP Gothic  
7-8 Slaughterday Laws of theOccult FDA Death  
7-8 Spellcaster* Night Hides the World Prosthetic

Heavy Speed

7-8 Trick or Treat Rabbit's Hill Part 2 Frontiers Power  
7-8 Q5 New World Order Frontiers Hard Heavy  
7-8 Wolverine Machina Viva Sensory Prog  
7-8 Monolithe Zeta Reticuli Debemur Morti Doom  
7-9 Morbid Creation Blasphemic Fantasies   Death  
7-10 1917 Implacable Utopia   Death  
7-10 Underling Bloodworship -2015   Post Black  
7-11 Words of Blood Az endemonaim Hammer Power  
7-13 Dream Void Deceptive Dreamscape Self-Released Technical Death Metal bandcamp


Fragile Hollow Entity   Gothic  
7-14 Ade Carthago Delenda Est. Xtreem Death Folk  
7-14 Constantinple Dieu La Rue   Black  
7-14 Nemesis Occulta To Shine, To Rebel Darkness Within Black  
7-15 Blood Red Throne* Union of Flesh and Machine Candlelight Death  
7-15 Coldworker Autumn Cold Dimension Prog  
7-15 MAKE Pilgrimage of Loathing Accident Prone Prog Doom  
7-15 Meek is Murder Was      
7-15 Psalm Zero Stranger to Violence Profound Lore    
7-15 Scour S/T Housecore    
7-15 Tides of Sulphur Extinction Curse Black Bow Doom Death  
7-15 Vow of Thorns* Farewell to the Sun   Atmo Black  
7-16 Accabbadora De Sanguni Tintu   Black  
7-16 Daimonos Intense Madness Voilent Extreme  
7-16 Omnipotent Hysteria Abbatoir of Slain Deities New Standard Elite Death  
7-16 Petrichorus Hawkraft   Pagan Black  
7-17 Possessor Dead By Dawn   Stoner Thrash  
7-17 She Beast Felch - E.P.   Doom  
7-18 Ashaena Calea Loud Rage  Pagan Black  
7-18 Redeye Revival Raise Hell, No Regrets  E.P.   Thrash  
7-18 Shah Beware  Re-issue 1989 Dark Symphonies Thrash  
7-21 Funeral Inception The Unbroken Legion Cerbrus Death  
7-21 Pestilent Purfatory of Punishment   Death  
7-22 Baptism The Devil's Fire Season of Mist    
7-22 The Black Crown Initiate* Selves We Cannot Forgive Eone Melodic  
7-22 Capsize A Reintroduction Equal Vision    
7-22 Centinex Doomsday Ritual Agonia Death  
7-22 The Dead Goats All of Them Witches Testimony Death  
7-22 Defeated Sanity* Disposal of the Dead   Death  
7-22 Demonbreed Where Gods Come To Die Testimony Death  
7-22 Denouncement Pyre Black Sun Unbound Hell's Headbangers Extreme  
7-22 Despised Icon* Beast  Nuclear Blast Deathcore  
7-22 Despite Synergi Eclipse Melodic  
7-22 Enigma Stars Misaligned Self-Released Technical Death Metal bandcamp
7-22 Farzad Golpayegani Seven   Prog  
7-22 Fimbultyr Niddikter Unexploded Black Viking  
7-22 Forevermore Integral Solid State Records Progressive Metalcore, Djent  
7-22 J.T. Ripper Depraved Echoes and Terrifying Horrors Iron Shield Speed Thrash  
7-22 Karmakanic* DOT Inside Out Prog  
7-22 Kissin Dynamite* Generation Goodbye AFM Hard  
7-22 Lethal Shock Evil Agression Witches Brew Heavy  
7-22 National Suicide Anotheround Scarlet Thrash  
7-22 Nuke S/T Hell Headbangers Speed  
7-22 Numenorean Home Season of Mist Post Black  
7-22 Periphery III Select Difficulty Sumerian Djent  
7-22 Profanatica The Curling Flame of Blasphemy Hell Headbangers Extreme  
7-22 Revocation Great is Our Sin Metal Blade Thrash  
7-22 Terra Tenebrosa Reverse       
7-22 Urobilinemia Wriggling Chrysalis   Goregrind  
7-22 Vanhelgd Temple of Phobos Dark Descent Death  
7-22 Witherscape* The Northern Sanctuary Century Media Melodic Dan Swano
7-23 Avataria New World Order Recordjet Gothic  
7-23 Old Graves Long Shadows Naturmacht Atmo Black  
7-23 Svirnath Il regno della natura Naturmach Atmo Black  
7-24 Luzbel El tiempo de odio   Heavy  
7-25 Carnal Tomb Rotten Remains   Death  
7-26 Orgasmo de Porco Struggle Within Laja Crossover  
7-27 Sarcasm Burial Dimension Dark Descent Death  
7-27 Windzor Accept the Foklore of Guardian's Flame   Melodic Heavy  
7-28 Beansidhe Mont      
7-28 Daedalvs Apotheosis EP Self-Released Tech Death/ Deathcore Bandcamp
7-28 Punished The Absent Self-Released Progressive Death Metal Bandcamp
7-28 Teotema S/T LXS Doom  
7-28 Terror Factor Everlasting Re-issue 1994 Ritual  Thrash  
7-28 Veldes Ember Breather   Atmo Black  
7-29 A.M.S.G. Hostis Universi Generis Profound Lore Black  
7-29 Armored Dawn* Power of the Warrior   Epic  
7-29 Avenger of Blood On Slaying Grounds   Speed Thrash  
7-29 Ekhymosis Paz con cadenas   Heavy Thrash  
7-29 Feign Aylas In The Night Atmo Black  
7-29 Ghoul Dungeon Bastards Tank Crimes Death Thrash  
7-29 Impure Consecration Succumb to Impurity Fire Blood Harvest Death  
7-29 Infant Annihilator The Elysian Grandeval   Technical Deathcore  
7-29 Infinite Density Recollapse of the Universe   Progressive Death Metal Members of Ne Obliviscaris
7-29 Jakub Tirco Introspection EP Self-Released Progressive Metal bandcamp
7-29 Jinger* King of Everything Napalm Core Exp  
7-29 Kohti Tuhoa Rutiinin Orja Southern Lord    
7-29 Lanfear Code Inherited Pure Legend Prog Power  
7-29 Lux Divina Walk Within the Riddle Einheit Pagan Black  
7-29 Pylon A Lament Roxx Doom  
7-29 Quinta Essentia Initiates of the Great  Work Deathgasm Extreme  
7-29 Ringworm Snake Church Relapse Thrash Core  
7-29 Salem Dark Days Pure Steel Rock  
7-29 September Mourning Volume 2 Sumerian    
7-29 Spirit Division No Rapture   Doom  
7-29 Timor et Tremor For Cold Shades Trollzorn Pagan Black  
7-29 A Tortured Soul On This Evil Night Pure Steel Heavy  
7-29 Valient Thor Old Salt Napalm    
7-29 Volcanic Black Flame - E.P. Evil Spell Black Thrash  
7-30 Arterial Atrophy* Into The Atrophy Horror Pain Gore Death Grindcore  
7-30 Dark Anenger The Beloved Bones   Power  
7-30 Novarium Onmicron   Melodic Sym  
7-30 Stoned God Discordant Divinity   Prog Death Groove  
7-31 A Diadem of Stars KIngdoms Bathed in Golden Light Pest Prod Atmo Black  
7-31 Andromeda The Kings E.A.R. Prog  
7-31 Decayed The Burning of Heaven Helldprod Black  
7-31 Wolfshade Solipsisme Pest Black  

August Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
8-1 Acicula Where Eden Once Lied Unholy Ghost Melodic  
8-1 Adhaia Desolacion   Melodic Thrash  
8-1 Aeranea The Fading Ones  -E.P.   Gothic Doom  
8-1 Mephistofeles Whore   Doom  
8-1 Mist of Misery Absence Black Lion Sym Black  
8-1 Paganfire The Executor is Back  E.P.   Thrash  
8-1 Paganizer On The Outskirts of Hades  -E.P.   Death  
8-1 Stormtide Wrath of an Empire Metal Hell Sym Folk  
8-1 Vukari Divination 1859 Black  
8-1 Woodrue Low On Luck   Sludge Stoner  
8-2 Falaise As Time Goes By   Atmo Black  
8-3 Hizaki Grace Project Rosario Warner Japan Inst Sym Power  
8-5 Ablze My Sorrow Black Apostacy Melodic  
8-5 Dead Nexus Bound By Flesh  - E.P.   Death Thrash  
8-5 Rie a.k.a. Suzaku Seven Seas Poppin Heavy  
8-5 Beneath The Storm Lucid Nightmare Argonauta Fun Doom  
8-5 Bloody Hammers* Lovely Sort of Death Napalm    
8-5 Carnifex* Slow Death Nuclear Blast DeathCore  
8-5 The Company Corvette Never Enough   Doom  
8-5 The David Cross Band Sign of the Crow      
8-5 Denominate Those Who Beheld the End Inverse    
8-5 Eat The Turnbuckle The Great American Bash Your Head In Horror Pain Gore Death    
8-5 Equipoise Birthing Homunculi EP Self-Released Bandcamp Progressive Tech Death

 ex Beyond Creation, Vale of Pnath

8-5 Goatmoon S/T - E.P.   Black Folk  
8-5 Hands of Thieves Feasting on Dark Intentions   Doom  
8-5 Islander Power Under Control      
8-5 Kambrium The Elder's Realm Noise Art Sym Melodic  
8-5 MaidaVale Tales of the Wicked West The Sign Records    
8-5 Necromancing the Stone* Jewel of the Vile Metal Blade    
8-5 Powerwolf Metal Mass Live   Power  
8-5 Russian Circles Guidance Sargent House    
8-5 Salem's Pot Pronounce This Riding Easy Doom  
8-5  Septic Flesh Revolution DNA - Re issue 1999 Season of Mist Sym Death  
8-5 Sinaenum* Echoes of the Tortured earMusic Black All Star Line Up
8-5 Temple Nightside The Hecatomb Iron Bonehead    
8-5 Zephya As The World Collapses Inverse Metalcore  
8-6 The Exiled Martyr Stagnant Waters Bleed Life Self-Released Progressive Deathcore bandcamp
8-6 Excellion Unsean    E.P.      
8-6 Excuse Goddess Injustice  -E.P.   Thrash  
8-6 Sick Feel Sick Society Cepa Melodic  
8-7 Jagal Slaughter  - E.P. daiva Death  
8-8 Gradma Obscure Grandma Necrocadaveric Vomit  - Re -Issue 2004 GNR Gore Grind  
8-8 Injected Sufferage Denial in the Grave Torment Extreme Souls Death Grindcore  
8-8 Manegarm Nattvasen Re-issue 2009  Black Lodge Black Folk  
8-10 Eleanor Celestial Nocturne Rubicon Gothic  
8-10 Hyponic     Doom  
8-12 Assigment Closing the Circle   Prog Power  
8-12 Decembre Noir* Forsaken Earth FDA Doom Death  
8-12 Demon Incarnate Darvaza FDA Heavy Doom  
8-12 Devil to Pay A Bend Through Space and Time Ripple Southern Sludge  
8-12 Equilibrium Armageddon Nuclear Blast Epic Folk  
8-12 Exiled on Earth Forces of Denial   Prog Thrash  
8-12 Helion Prime S/T Divebomb Power  
8-12 Lacrimas Profundere Hope is Here Oblivion Gothic Metal Rock  
8-12 Metal Allegiance* Fallen Heroes -E.P. Nuclear Blast Yhrash Groove  
8-12 Orphalis The Birth of Infinity Amputated Vein Black  
8-12 The Overmind The Anthropic Principle   Deathcore  
8-12 Precognitive Holocaust  Annotations Procreation of the Artificial Divinity Permeated Death  
8-12 Pineapple Thief Your Wilderness Kscope Prog  
8-12 The River Neva The Yoynich Manuscript      
8-12 Slug Shell The Agony of Perseverance   Thrash Groove  
8-12 Spirit Adrift Chained to Oblivion Prosthetic Doom  
8-12 Tarja* Shadow Self   Sym  
8-12 Vader Iron Times  - E.P. Nuclear Blast Death Thrash  
8-13 Crow's Claw Sountrack of the Fairy Tale   Power  
8-13 Iron Attack! Twilight Underworld   Prog Power  
8-15 Epic Death* Witchcraft   Death Thrash  
8-15 Marsh Dweller Weight of Sunlight Eihwaz Melodic Black  
8-16 Kalmankantaja Viimeinen Virsi Wolfspell Atmo Black  
8-16 Knives Out Left in the  Razor to Wrist    
8-16 Suicidal Madness Illusions Funestes Wolfspell Dep Black  
8-17 Viscerel Cadaverment Putrid Parasite Cereal - E.P. Valist Death  
8-18 Betwitcher S/T   Black Speed  
8-18 Oaken Heart Alluvium  - E.P.   Post  
8-19 Armory World Peace...  Cosmic War High Roller Speed  
8-19 Asenblut* Berserker AFM Pagan Black  
8-19 Beelzefuzz* The Righteous Bloom Restricted Release Doom  
8-19 Blood Incantation Starspawn Dark Descent    
8-19 Destroying the Devoid* Paramnesia Unique Leader Prog Death  
8-19 Gemini Syndrome Memento Mori Another Century    
8-18 Hellhammer Blood Insanity 1983 Century Media Early Extreme Pre Celtic Frost
8-19 Equilibrium Armegeddon   Epic Folk  
8-19 Mindscar What's Beyond the Light   Metalcore  
8-19 Sabaton* The Last Stand Nuclear Blast Epic  
8-19 Skeletonwitch The Aphotic Gloom - E.P.   Thrash  
8-19 Soilwork* Death Resonance Nuclear Blast Melodic  
8-19 Twilight Fauna  Fire of the Spirit   Atmo Black  
8-19 Winterstorm Cube of Infinity Noiseart Power Folk  
8-24 Cognizant Cognizant Self-Released Black, Death, Grind bandcamp
8-25 Maleceptor Chapter:2 RRR Death  
8-26 The Album Leaf Between Waves Relapse    
8-26 Angel Vivaldi The Speed of Dark: Revisited   Prog  
8-26 Coma Cluster Void Mind Cemeteries   Experimental Death Metal  
8-26 Cruzh S/T Frontiers Rock  
8-26 Darek Forest Beyond the Veil Cruz Del Sur Heavy Power  
8-26 Delain* Moonbathers Napalm Sym  
8-26 Die Like Gentleman The Quikining   Doom  
8-26 DGM* The Passage Frontiers Progpower  
8-26 Hellbringer Awakened From the Abyss High Roller Thrash Speed  
8-26 Helstar* Vampiro EMP Speed Power  
8-26 Human Compost From The Grave They Crawl Horror Pain Gore Death Goregrind  
8-26 Husbandry* Fera Aqualamb    
8-26 King Company One For the Road Frontiers Rock  
8-26 Lesbian* Hallucinogenesis   Prog Doom  
8-26 Medevil Conductor of Storms   Thrash  
8-26 Michael Sweet Bizarre      
8-26 Morphinist Terraforming   Atmo Black  
8-26 Palace Master of Universe Frontiers Melodic Rock  
8-26 Plini Handmade Cities Self-Released Instrumental Progressive  
8-26 Running Wild* Rapid Foray SPV Thrash  
8-26 Seventh Son Arc of  Infinity   +  
8-26 Sodom* Decision Day Napalm Thrash  
8-26 Solution.45* Nightmares in the Making Part 2 AFM Melodic  
8-26 Twelve Foot Ninja Oulier Volkanik    
8-26 Twilight Force Heroes of  the Mighty Maic Nuclear Blast    
8-26 Vicious Rumors* Concussion Protocol Napalm Heavy  
8-26 Worphipper Shadow Hymns Tee Pee Heavy  
8-31 Dissevered  Agonized Walls of Disseverment New Standard Elite Death  
8-31 Gargoyle Tabutakashi   Prog Thrash  
8-31 Heathen Bastard S/T   E.P.  2013   Doom  
8-31 Luz De Riada Cuentos y Fabulas Vol 3 AICA Prog  
8-31 My Darkest Time The Last   Gothic  
8-31 Putrified J Misery Re- issue 2010 Lord of Sick Death  
8-31 Unfathomable Ruination Finitude Sevared Death  

September Releases

Date Band Releases Label Genre Notes
9-2 Assatta Spiraling into Oblivion   Doom  
9-2 Goblin Cock* Necronomidonkeykongimcon Joyful Noise Doom  
9-2 Far Beyond A Frozen Flame of Ice Aeterna Sym Goth  
9-2 Helms Alee Stillcide Sargent House    
9-2 Inquisition* Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Napalm Black  
9-2 Krieger Null Positiv Michael Robb    
9-2 Labirinto Gehenna Tratore    
9-2 Lord Agheros Nothing At All My Kingdom Amb Black  
9-2 Monkey3* Astra Stmmetry Napalm Prog  
9-2 Neurogenic Ouroboric Stagnation Self-Released Brutal Death Metal bandcamp
9-2 Slomatics* Future Echo Returns Black Bow Doom  
9-2 Twilight Force Heroes of Mighty Magic   Power  
9-5 Seventh Station Between Life and Dreams   Prog  
9-5 Sub Rosa* For This we Fought the Battle of Ages Profound Lore Doom  
9-7 Until Face Everlasting Transformation Slaptrick Melodic Death  
9-8 Black Funeral Ankou and the Death Fire Dark Adversary Amb Black  
9-8 Self Hatred Theia Solitude Atmo Doom  
9-9 Amphisbaena MMXVI---E.P. Iron Bonehead Extreme  
9-9 Breakdown of Sanity Coexistence   Progressive Metalcore  
9-9 Colosso Obnoxious Exp Death    
9-9 Cover Your Tracks Fever Dreams Epitaph    
9-9 The Dear Hunter* Act V Equal Vision Prog  
9-9 Devin Townsend Project* Transendence Inside Out Melodic Prog  
9-9 Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endavors The World is a Colder Place Now Self-Released Progressive Metal, Djent, Hardcore bandcamp
9-9 Evergrey* The Storm Within AFM Melodic Prog  
9-9 Falaise As TIME Goes By ATMF Atmo Black  
9-9 Lizard Professor Eccentricity Self-Released Experimental, Jazz-Fusion, Progressive bandcamp
9-9 Oddland Orgin Sensory    
9-9 Pain* Coming Home Nuclear Blast Ind  
9-9 Seious Black Mirrorworld AFM    
9-9 Stages of Decomposition Crawl Space Burial  Gore House Death  
9-9 Tardive Dyskinesia Harmonic Confusion Playhouse    
9-9 Witchhelm Dead Night of the Moon Fear Wyrmwood Doom  
9-9 Witch Ritual Rising Doom   E.P.   Doom  
9-11 Blackforce* Slaves to Reality   E.P.   Thrash  
9-11 Extensive Blaze Rotten Remnants   Thrash  
9-11 Machete Dildo As I Fuck Her I Gut Her - Re- issue 2007   Death  
9-11 Skizopatix A Volte ritorano   Thrash  
9-12 Arx Atrata Spiritus in Terra   Atmo Black  
9-12 In Obscurity Revealed Grim Fumes of Revelation -E.P. Blood Harvest Death  
9-12 Morbosatan The Lat Sacrifice  - E.P.   Thrash  
9-12 Obscure Sphinx Epitaphs   Doom  
9-13 Cage of Creation Into Nowhere Devoted Arts Exp Black  
9-15 Cerebral Fix Disasters of Reality Xtreem Crossover  
9-15 Mentor Guts, Graves and Blasphemy Arachnaphobia Black Punk  
9-15 Moanaa Passage Arachnaphobia Post Black  
9-15 State of Mine Devil in Disguise      
9-16 Ancient Back to the Land of the Dead Emp Black  
9-16 An Endless Sporadic Magic Machine   Prog  
9-16 Barishi Blood From the Lion's Mouth Season of Mist Prog  
9-16 Cariots of Gods* Ges Unsung      
9-16 Finsterforst Yolo E.P. Napalm Folk  
9-16 Inanimate Existence  Calling from a Dream Unique Leader Tech Death  
9-16 In The Woods* Strange in Stereo Debemer Melodic  
9-16 Iron Fire* Among the Dead Crime Power  
9-16 The Last Surrealist Naked Awarness   Exp Dep Black  
9-16 Nox Formulae The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy DarkDescent Black  
9-16 Penitence Onirique V.I.T.R.I.O.L. LADP Black  
9-16 Re-Armed The Era Of Precarity Saarni Death Thrash  
9-16 Sikth* Opacities Peaceville    
9-16 Sumerlands S/T Relapse Heavy  
9-16 Taiga* Sky   Atmo Black  
9-16 Tesseract* Errai  E.P. Kscope Prog  
9-16 Virvum Illuminance    Technical Death Metal  
9-16 Voodoo Terror Tribe* The Sun Shining Cold VTT    
9-16 Warfather The Grey Eminence Grey Haze Extreme Seven Tucker
9-17 SHOKRAN Exodus Self-Released

Groove Metal, Progressive

9-20 Candelabrum Necrotelepathy   Black  
9-20 Disfinite Godmode  E.P. Blackened Death Death  
9-20 Alux Somniphobia   E.P.   Sym Folk  
9-20 Riffle 'Til Death   Thrash  
9-20 Seven Sins* Due Diaboli et Apocalypse   Sym Extreme  
9-20 Stheno Liberty Crawls  in Waste Everydayhate Grind crust  
9-22 Azel's Mountain Gora Milczenia Werewolf Pagan Black  
9-22 Deep Sun* Race Against Time   Sym  
9-22 Mental Apraxia Against Human Manipulation Coyote Death  
9-22 SickMorgue Surgical Mutation Coyote Death  
9-22 Veldraveth Malformations of God Evil's Black  
9-23 Allegaeon* Proponent for Sentience Metal Blade    
9-23 Almah* E.V.O   Melodic Prog  
9-23 Bhavachakra S/T   Prog Black  
9-23 Carnophage Monument Unique Leader Tech Death  
9-23 Charred Walls of the Damned Creatures Watching over the Dead Metal Blade Heavy  
9-23 Cry of Dawn S/T Frontiers   Göran Edman
9-23 Dysrhythmia* The Veil of Control Profound Lore Prog  
9-23 Enslaved Vikinglgr Veldi     Reissue     First Release
9-23 Forest Wars* Worship and Slaughter   Doom Core  
9-23 Giraffe Tongue Orchestra Broken Lines Party Smasher   Super Group
9-23 Grim Reaper Walking Through the Shadows Dissonance Heavy Steve Grimmett
9-23 Hellbound Stories SG Thrash Groove  
9-23 Holeum Negative Abyss Lifeforce    
9-23 Icy Steel Through the Ashes   Heavy  
9-23 In Flames Sounds from the Heart of Gothenburg   Meloodic CD-DVD
9-23 Insomnium* Winter's Gate Century Media Melodic  
9-23 Kansas* The Prelude Implicit Inside Out Prog  
9-23 Komatsu Recipe for Murder One Argonauta Stoner  
9-23 Monte Pittman* Inverted Grasp of Balance Metal Blade Heavy  
9-23 Neurosis* Fires Within Fires Neurot Doom  
9-23 Operation Mindcrime* Ressurection Frontiers Prog Metal  
9-23 Raven Eye* Nova Frontiers Rock  
9-23 Ruptured Birth Transmutant CDN Death  
9-23 Sahg Memento Mori Indie Doom  
9-23 Seventh Wonder   Frontiers Prog  
9-23 Trap Them Crown Feral Prosthetic Grind  
9-23 True Window Avvolgere Relapse Doom  
9-23 Usurpress The Regal Tribe Agonia Doom EXP  
9-23 Vola Inmazes Mascot Prog  
9-23 Veonity Into the Void Sliptick    
9-26 From the Vastland Chamrosh Immortal Frost Black  
9-27 Badmotorfinger Heroes  E.P. Logic Hard Heavy  
9-27 Clouds Taste Satanic Dawn of the Satanic Age Kinda Like Music Doom  
9-27 Glass Hammer Valkyrie Sound Resources    
9-27 Zombie Hate Brigade Rotting Recollections   Death Grind  
9-28 Balance Interruption Door 218 Satanath Black  
9-28 Orion Child Into the Deepest Bane of Hope   Power  
9-28 Sadistic Surrounded By Evil   E.P.   Death  
9-29 Jerzy Antczak String Theory Lynx Prog  
9-30 Wife Standard Nature  -E.P. Profound Lore    
9-30 Alcest Kodama Prophecy Records Post-Metal/ Shoegaze  
9-30 Asphyx*   Century Media Doom Death  
9-30 Auras* Heliospectrum Self-Released Progcore  
9-30 Brain Tentacles S/T Relapse    
9-30 Brant Bjork* Tao of the Devil Napalm    
9-30 Edensong Years in the Garden Years Lasers Edge    
9-30 Evil Invaders* In For the Kill  E.P. Napalm    
9-30 Epica The Holographic Principle Nuclear Blast Sym  
9-30 Famous Last Words The Incubus Revival    
9-30 Okkultokrati Raspberry Dawn Southern Lord Black Crust  
9-30 Opeth Sorceress Nuclear Blast Prog  
9-30 Noctem Haeresis Prosthetic Extreme  
9-30 Phil Rudd Head Job  RPM Hard Rock  
9-30 Skalmold* VogguvisurYggdrasils Napalm Viking Folk  
9-30 Suicidal Tendencies* World Gone Mad Suicidal Crossover  
9-30 Survive RR7349 Relapse    
9-30 Total Violence Violence is a way of Life Killer Metal Thrash  
9-30 Truckfighters* V Century Media    
9-30 Vagus Nerve Viscerel     Doc Coyle
9-30 Veil Burner The Obscene Rite Self-Released Blackened Death, Ambient, Industiral bandcamp
9-30 Winterfylleth* The Dark Hereafter Candlelight Records Black Metal  
9-30 Yeti on Horseback The Great Dying Medusa Crush Doom  

October 2016 Album Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
10-1 Iraconji Global Genocide      
10-3 Decomposed Wither Chaos    
10-3 Naat S/T Argonauta Post  
10-4 Carved Kyrie Eleison Revalve Sym Death  
10-4 Face the Bog Ego Death   Doom  
10-4 Forlet Sires Journey Towards Ruin Cruel Bones Atmo Black  
10-4 Inflikted  Sineater  -E.P. Wormholedeath Thrash  
10-4 Rebel The Wild Hunt Underground Power Heavy  
10-4 Stalwart Tectonics Fono Death  
10-4 Windmills by the Ocean The Gahste   - E.P. Manatus Atmo Sludge  
10-5 Alkonost* Nechn   Exp  
10-5 Neverlight Horizon Dead God Effigies   Death  
10-5 Ortega Sacred States Con Souling Doom  
10-5  Spirit of the Forest A Void into the Fields of Silence Scum  Atmo Black  
10-5 Sordide Fuir La Lumiere Avantgarde Black  
10-7 Crystal Ball Deja Voodoo Massacre Melodic Power  
10-7 Dayshell Nexus Spinefarm    
10-7 Desert Near the End Desert Near the End Total Metal Power Thrash  
10-7 End My Sorrow Of Ghostly Echoes Art Gates Gothic  
10-7 Gatecreeper*   Relapse Doom  
10-7 Gojira Terra Incognita - Re Issue 2001 Listenable Prog Groove  
10-7 Hanging Garden* Hereafter E.P. Lifeforce Melodic  
10-7 Illyrian* Round 2 Fight   Thrash  
10-7 John Wesley* A Way You'll Never Be Inside Out Prog  
10-7 Kyng* Breathe in the Water Razor and Tie Retro  
10-7 Malignancy Malignant Future- EP Willowtip Records Grindcore, Tech Death  
10-7 Mercyless Pathetic Divinity Kaotoxin Death Thrash  
10-7 Meshuggah* The Voilent Sleep of Reason Nuclear Blast Djent  
10-7 Mouth of the Architect Path of Eight Translation Loss Records Post-Metal/Rock  
10-7 Sermonia Pahuuden Aanet Svart Psy Doom  
10-7 Space Chaser Dead Sun Rising This Charming Man Thrash  
10-7 Sonata Arctica The Ninth Hour Nuclear Blast Power  
10-7 Tactus Bending Light   Prog  
10-7 Take Over and Destroy S/T Prosthetic    
10-7 Watchtower Concepts of Math : Book One  -E.P. Prosthetic Prog Thrash  
10-9 Agatus The Etenalist Hells Headbangers Heavy Black  
10-10 Suma The Order of Things Argonauta Doom  
10-10 Varego Epoch Argonauta Doom  
10-12 Chromatic Point     Prog Metal Fusion  
10-12 Crystal Myth Digital Dreams  1988 Re-issue   Power  
10-12 Melding Plague Cataclysm Archives   Ind Black  
10-12 Nashgul Carcava Selfmadegod Grind  
10-12 Octaviagrace Outward Resonance   Prog Power  
10-13 Tortorum* Rotten, Dead, Forgotten W.T.C. Black  
10-14 Anciients* Voice of the Void Self-Released Progressive Metal/Rock bandcamp
10-14 Cirith Ungol Paradise Lost - Re- issue 1991 Metal Blade Heavy Doom  
10-14 Darkthrone* Artic Thunder Peaceville Old School Black  
10-14 Deathwish Demon Preacher Reissue- 1988 Disonance Thrash  
10-14 Deathwish At The Edge of Damnation -1987 Disonance Thrash  
10-14 Hardline        
10-14 Hamerex Traitor   Heavy  
10-14 Iron Mask Diablolica AFM Power  
10-14 Hobbs Angel of Death Heaven Bled Hell's Headbangers Thrash  
10-14 Kai Hansen XXX-Three Decades of Metal ear Power  
10-14 Kayser IV : Beyond the Reef of Sanity Listenable Thrash  
10-14 Kee Marcello Scailing Up Frontiers Rock  
10-14 Reapter Cymatics   Thrash  
10-14 Red Fang* Only Ghost Relapse Doom  
10-14 Tyketto* Reach Frontiers    
10-14 Venom Prison* Animus Prosthetic Deathcore  
10-14 Wormot Voices  E.P. Earache Black Crust  
10-17 Blackdust S/T   Doom  
10-17 Booby Trap Overloaded Firecum Crossover  
10-17 Detoxed Modern Slavery Send the Wood Melodic  
10-17 Monolith Wielder S/T Argonauta Doom  
10-17 N.K.V.D. Totalitarian Industrial Oppression   Ind Black  
10-17 Prevail War Will Reign Prime Death  
10-18 Incandescence Les teneBRES Death Bound  Black  
10-20 Killing Addiction Shores of Oblivion  -E.P. Xtreem Death  
10-20 Nexus What We Were- What We Are- What We Will Be Unsigned Experimental Progressive Metal Free on Bandbamp
10-20 Nuclear Devastation Inferno Wolves of Hades Extreme Crust  
10-21 Amarathe* Maximalism      
10-21 Auroch* Mute Books Profound Lore Blackened Death  
10-21 Autopsy* Skullgrinder Peaceville Death  
10-21 Destrage* A Means to an End Metal Blade    
10-21 Fire Garden Far and Near   Prog  
10-21 Iron Whip Absence of White SAF    
10-21 Khemmis* Hunted 20 Buck Spin Doom  
10-21 Korn The Serenity of Suffering      
10-21 Mithras* On Strange Loops Willowtip Exp Extreme  
10-21 Nekromantix A Symphony of Wolf Tones and Ghost Notes Epitaph    
10-21 Pelander* Time Nuclear Blast Prog  
10-21 Sacred Steel* Heavy Metal Sacrifice Cruz del sur Power  
10-21 Until The Uprising* Out of Time   Prog Core  
10-21 Wardruna* Runaljod By Norse Folk  
10-23 Art of Simplicity When Fabbles have a bitter taste   Prog  
10-23 Subscaria Aftewrath   Melodic Death  
10-24 Jadis No Fear od Looking Down   Prog  
10-24 Thanatopsis Your Demise - E.P.   Death Thrash  
10-24 Torture of Hypocrisy RBMK  1000   Tech Thrash  
10-24 Zaum Eidolon      
10-25 Malignant Tumour The Metallist Records Dk Heavy Crust  
10-25 Wardrum Awakening Steel Gallery Heavy  
10-26 D Wonderland Savior CJ Gothic Sym  
10-26 False Eternity End of Eternity Loud Rage Melodic  
10-26 Mary's Blood Fate Victor Power  
10-26 Horizon of the Mute Trobar Clus   Doom  
10-26 VMO Casastrophic Anonymous   EXP Black  
10-26 Woebegone Obscured S/T  - E.P.   Doom Death  
10-27 Chiral Gazing Light Eternity   Black  
10-28 4th Circle Elements Dark Tunes Sym Gothic  
10-28 Abduction Une Ombre FDE Extreme  
10-28 Albez Duz* Wings of Tzinacan Listenable Doom Gothic  
10-28 Anaal Nathrakh* The Whole of the Law Metal Blade Ind Black  
10-28 Burial Hordes Extinction -E.P.   Black  
10-28 Car Bomb* Meta   Ext Core  
10-28 Cognitive* Birthing the Deformity Unique Leader Tech Death  
10-28  Crowbar* The Serpent Only Lies   Doom  
10-28 Fatal Arrival A Loner's Tale   Heavy  
10-28 Herejia Despierta Santo Grial Heavy  
10-28 Incarceration Catharsis FDA Death  
10-28 Korrosiah The Specter M.O. Prog Thrash  
10-28 Obake Draugr Rare Noise EXP Doom  
10-28 Skewered Deathmethyltryptamine Goe House    
10-28 Debackliner* S/T   Heavy  
10-28 Dee Snider We Are The One's Red River Rock  
10-28 Dehumanized Beyond the Mind Comatose Death  
10-28 Deranged Struck by a Murderous Surge      
10-28 Dope* Blood Money Part 1 Eone    
10-28 Helmet Dead to the World ear Music    
10-28 Infernal Majesty None Shall Defy Re-issue 1987 High Roller Thrash  
10-28 Inner Sanctum Metric Genesis   Melodic  
10-28 Krypts* Remnants of Expansion Dark Descent Death  
10-28 Madder Mortem Red in Tooth and Claw Dark Essence    
10-28 Niva Atmospherical      
10-28 Noveria Forsaken Scarlet Prog Power  
10-28 Obituary Ten Thousand Ways to Die  E.P. Relapse Thrash Death  
10-28 Principality of Hell Sulfur & Bane Osmose Black Thrash  
10-28 Quartz Fear no Evil High Roller NWOBHM  
10-28 Serpentine Dominion   Metal Blade Thrash  
10-28 Speedwhore On the Verge of Dysfunction Witches Brew Black Thrash  
10-28 Stagewar Killing Fast   Thrash  
10-28 Testament Brotherhood of the Snake Nuclear Blast Thrash  
10-28 Theocracy Ghost Ship Ulterium Epic Power Prog  
10-28 Tower* S/T The End    
10-28 Ulcerate* Shrine of Paralysis Relapse Black  
10-28 Vermin Womb Decline   Extreme  
10-28 Zix Tides of the Final Wr  Pure Steel Heavy  
10-29 Gross Ex Machina Voice of an Inaudible Hum- E.P. Independent Experimental Math Progressive  
10-29 Year of the Cobra the Shadows Below   Psyc Doom  
10-30 Ruby The Hatchet Ouroboros   Stoner  
10-31 Blazon Stone Ready for Boarding- E.P.   Heavy Speed  
10-31 Children of Perdition S/T   Melodic Death  
10-31 Elizabethan Walpurga Walpurgisnacht   Heavy Black  
10-31 Glacier ST   1985 Axe Killer Heavy  
10-31 Ion Britton Eat Metal -E.P. 1986 Cult Classic Heavy  
10-31 Junior Bruce Endless Descent A389 Stoner  
10-31 King Hiss Mastosaurus Dirtbad Stoner  
10-31 Sunndrug Exit Wounds Mind Over Matter    
10-31 Uburen Fra Doden Fodes   Black Viking  
10-31 Void Medication Cult Utter the tongue of the Dead Hell Headbangers Black  
10-31 Vornth Black Pyres Iron Tyrant Black Thrash  
10-31 Witchwood Handful of Stars Jolly Roger Prog  


Date Band Album Label Genre Notes
11 S.A. Adams* A Murder of Crows   Heavy  
11-3 Desolate Dreams Inevitability Independent Instrumental Progressive Metal  
11-3 Exist Immortal Breathe Primordial Records Progressive Metalcore  
11-4 Binary Creed A Battle Won Rockshots Power Prog  
11-4 Burial In The Sky Persistence of Thought Torn Flesh Records Progressive Tech Death  
11-4 Carved* Kyrie Eleison Revalve Sym Death  
11-4 Civil War* The Last Full Measure Napalm Epic  
11-4 Crippled Black Phoenix* Bronze Season of Mist    
11-4 Dark Tanquility* Atoma Century Media Melodic  
11-4 Djevel* Norske Ritualer Aftermath Black  
11-4 Graham Bonnet Band The Book Frontiers Rock  
11-4 Glen Hughes* Resonate Frontiers    
11-4 Hammerfall* Built To Last Napalm Power  
11-4 Leaves Eyes* Fires in the North - E.P. Napalm Sym  
11-4 Legion War Beast      
11-4 Lost World Order Tyrants Ragnorok Thrash Death  
11-4 Sick of it All When the Smoke Clears Century Media  Hardcore  
11-4 Vader* Empire Nuclear Blast Death  
11-4 Zaum* Eidolon IHate Psych Doom  
11-9 Degraey Chrysalis      
11-10  Aggression Fragmented Spirit Devils Xtreem Thrash  
11-10 Arkan Kelem Overpowered Melodic Death  
11-10 Rotten Light No One will Care if you Kill Yourself  -E.P.   Black  
11-10 Rundra Enemy of Duality Transcending Obscurity Black Folk  
11-10 Xoth Invasion of the Tentacube   Extreme  
11-11 11 Paranoias Reliquary for a Dreamed of World      
11-11 Aeternitas* House of Usher Massacre Goth Sym  
11-11 Animals As Leaders* The Madness of Many Prosthetic Prog  
11-11 Face of Oblivion Cataclsmic Desolation Comatose Death  
11-11 Gaerea S/T -E.P.   Black  
11-11 In Flames* Battles   Melodic  
11-11 Karg Weltenasche Art of Propaganda Amb Black  
11-11 Nadja Stone is not Hit by the Sun Nor Carved with a Knife Gizeh    
11-11 Ravencult* Force of Profanation Metalblade    
11-11 Resolution 9 Res 9 Mascot Rock X Triumph Members
11-11 The Ritual Aura Taether Lacerated Enemy Records Technical Death Metal  
11-11 Ruins Undercurrent Listenable Black  
11-11 Ruinous Graves of Ceaseless Death Dark Descent Death  
11-11 Saor* Genesis Self-Released Atmospheric Black, Folk, Post-Metal bandcamp
11-11 The Neal Morse Band The Similitude of Dreams Radiant Prog  
11-11  Setentia Darkness Transcend Blood Prog Death  
11-11 Superjoint Ritual * Caught up in the Gears of Application Housecore Thrash  
11-11 Sirenia* Dim Days of Dolor Napalm sym  
11-11 Trees of Eternity Hour of the Nightingale Svart  Doom  
11-13 Uncured* Spontaneous Generation   Prog  
11-14 Apollo Papathanasio Waterdevils Global Mus    
11-14 Firia KML Pagan Black  
11-14 Ossuary Anex Mutilation Through Prayer Lord of Sick Death  
11-14 Excel The Jokes on You- 1989 Southern Lord Crossover  
11-14 Akyrviron Harmony's Bastion   Sym Epic Pwer Folk  
11-15 Dusk Embrace Reawakening Melodic Death    
11-16 Dire Hatred Unholy Blood  - E.P.   Thrash Groove  
11-16 Divine Wind Reunion -E.P. Unlimited Melodic Power Speed  
11-16 Drone Hunter Welcome to the Hole   Stoner  
11-16 Freedom Call* Master of Light   Power  
11-16 Leaves Eyes* Fires in the North  E.P. AFM Sym  
11-16 Sieghetnar Dystymie Kristabullblut Amb Black  
11-16 Words of Farewell A Quiet World  AFM Melodic Death  
11-17 Nebulae Come Sweat It Is not the the Night  that Cvers You   Post  
11-17 Suicide Deaf Mute   Death  
11-18 Blacklist V Kscope Prog Seven Wilson and Aviv Geffen
11-18 Book of Sorrow Apokryphos  -E.P. Nihil Art Goth Black  
11-18 Dark Sarah The Puzzle Inner Wound    
11-18 Darkness The Gasoline Solution High Roller Thrash  
11-18 Dawn of Dementia Immolation of Avernis Independent Technical Death Metal  
11-18 De La Tierra* II Sony   Andreas Kisser
11-18 Devilment* II : The Mephisto Walttzes Nuclear Blast   Dani Filth
11-18 Enbound The Blackened Heart  Inner Wound Power  
11-18 Ion Dissonance* Cast The First Stone Good Fight Prog Core  
11-18 Khaospath For The Devil Speaks the Truth   Black  
11-18 Lucifer's Friend To Late for Hate   Prog Hard  
11-18 Maschine* Naturalis Inside Out    
11-18  Metallica* Hardwired   Thrash  
11-18 Papathanasio Waterdevils Escape    
11-18 Pohjoisen Soturit Oksat Pois Ja Osa Latyuksista      
11-18 Protest the Hero* Pacific Myth Razor & Tie Prog Core  
11-18 Sirens of Sumeria Omelas Imminance    
11-18 Sixx A.M. Prayers for the Blessed Eleven Seven Rock  
11-18 Soulburn* Earthless Pagan Spirit Century Media Old School Black  
11-21 Eight Sins Sepents TGH    
11-21 Gravespawn Inexorable  -E.P.   Black  
11-21 Ordog The Grand Wall MFL Doom Death  
11-21 The Musens Abbey Rose  -E.P.   Stoner  
11-21 Paul Wardingham Spiritual Machines Enigmatic Prog  
11-22 Lacerated and Carbonized Nacrohell Eternal Hatred Death  
11-22 Tridentifer Left to Rot DK Death  
11-23 Gevaudan Litost   Doom  
11-24 Skelteria Damned and Loving It Taco Supreme Thrash  
11-25 Aenaon Hypnosophy Aural Exp Prog Black  
11-25 Ave Tenebrae* Tandis que Less   Extreme  
11-25 Azaghal* Helvetin Evil Horde Black  
11-25 Beasto Blanco S/T Rat Pak   Chuck Garric
11-25 Burning Point* The Blaze AFM    
11-25 Cokegoat Drugs and Animals Stoner    
11-25 Death Requisite Revisitation Rottweiler Melodic Death  
11-25 Eiswerk Kameraden Des Todes Art Gates Exp Pagan  
11-25 Eye of Horus Obsidian - E.P.   Death  
11-25 Fetid Zombie Epicedia Transcending Obscurity Death  
11-25 The Doomsday Kingdom* Never Machine E.P. Nuclear Blast   Leif Edling
11-25 Morning Dwell The Guardian of Time Doolittle Group Power  
11-25 October 31 Metal Massacre 31 Hells Headbangers Heavy  
11-25 ONI* Ironhorse Metal Blade    
11-25 Quiksand Dream * Beheading Tyrants Cruz Del Sur    
11-25 Red Cain * Dead Aeon Requiem   Prog  
11-25 Root* Return from Oblivion Agonia Black  
11-25 Ruinous Graves of Ceaseless Death Dark Descent Death  
11-25 Scorched Echoes of Dismemberment Unspeakable Acts Death  
11-25 Sister* Stand Up, Forward ,March Metal Blade Sleaze  
11-25 Snaggletooth A tribute to Lemmy*        
11-25 Suffer Yourself Ectoplasm Cimmerian Shade Doom Death  
11-25 Thy Shade The Last Goodbye Massaacre Sym  
11-25 Vioblast Conflict Susperia Thrash  
11-25 Witchery* In His Infernal Majesty's Service Century  Media Thrash  
11-26 Demonic Kingdom The Demon Tapes   Melodic Death  
11-27 Bloody Times The Fire of Immortality   Heavy  
11-27 Dark Messiah* S/T    E.P.   Groove  
11-28 Astral Winter Forest of Silence Imoortal Frost Meld Black  
11-28 Lughnasadlh La Force* Por La Gloria Y El Honor PVR Power  
11-28 Obzidian Obliteration Process Rock Sector Prog Extreme  
11-28 Wormhole Genesis Lacerated Enemy Records Brutal Death Metal bandcamp
11-29 Apraxia Hymn of Dark Forest --1998 COD Pagan Black  
11-29 Aureole  Aurora Borealis Fallen Empire Atmo Black  
11-30 Antilife Life Is Pain Throats Prod Dep Black  
11-30 Derhead Via   Ins Avant Black  
11-30 Dom Dracul Devil Dedication Sun and Moon Black  
11-30 Karmacipher Neroracle Independent Blackened Death Metal  
11-30  Killin' Kind Dying Earth Underground Symphony Heavy  
11-30 Morbid Panzer Only the Total Death  E.P.   Thrash Black  
11-30 Panteon Quasar Thou Shalt Kill Black  
11-30 Skywings Wings Wind Studio Medras Power  
11-30 Temperance The Earth Embraces us All Scarlet Melodic Heavy  
11-30 W Wintetgale   Atmo Black  
11-30 Wintercold Demonic Possession   Black Doom  
11-30 With Ink instead of Blood Ars Goetia Digital Evil Atmo Deathcore  

December 2016 Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
12-1 Scalpture Panzerdotrin Final Gates Death  
12-1 Stone Ship The Eye  - 2015 Feuer Doom  
12-1 Ultha Coverging Sins  E.P. Vendetta Black  
12-2 Alux Somniphobia  E.P.   Sym Folk  
12-2 Bethlehem* S/T Prophecy Exp  
12-2 Borracho Atacama Stoner    
12-2 Church of Disgust Veneration of Filth Memento Mori Death  
12-2 Crystal Lake* True North Artery Heavy  
12-2 Enuff Z'nuff's Clowns Lounge Frontiers Rock  
12-2 Eternal Idol The Unrevealed Frontiers   Fabio lione
12-2 Herman Frank The Devil Rides Out   Heavy  
12-2 Krullur Failure to Comply Horror Pain Gore Death    
12-2 Malacoda* Rituals Aeternas   Sym   
12-2 Metal Castle Mountai Blade    Folk  
12-2 The Minds Eye* Soundtrack Relase   Steve Moore
12-2 Naberus The Lost Reveries Eclipse Melodic  
12-2 Necrocoven Primordial Subjugation Memento Mori Death  
12-2  Worm Ouroboros* What Graceless Dawn Profound Lore    
12-2 Ranger* Speed and Violence UMO Speed  
12-2 Pentacle Ancient Death  - E.P.  --2001 Vic Death  
12-2 Sound System Vertigo Rock Shots Sym Power  
12-2 Steve Moore The Mond's Eye Relapse    
12-2 Titan Force S/T  - Re-issue 1989 High Roller Power Prog  
12-2 Titan Force Winers and Losers - Re-issue 1991 High Roller Prog Power  
12-2 Trivium Ember to Inferno Thrash    
12-2 Uncoffined Ceremonies of Morbidity      
12-4 Totten Korps Supreme Commanders of Darkness Apocalyptic Death  
12-6 Crimson Moon Oneironaut Dark Adversary Black  
12-8 Kratornas* Devoured by the Damnation Grathila Black Grind  
12-9 Albino Rhino Upholder   Stoner  
12-9 Austrles Tenebris Reflections of a Decadent Life Sunlight Black  
12-9  Crest Of Darkness Welcome The Dead My Kingdom Extreme  
12-9 Dead Cry Altar Nista Grind Life Death  
12-9 Defiant Time Isn't Healing   Power  
12-9 Dreamshade Vibrant Artery Melodic Death Core  
12-9 Dreamtale Seventhian Rock It Up Melodic Power  
12-9 Foetal Juice Masters of Absurdity Grindscene Death  
12-9 Grausig Di Belakang Garis Musuh Obscure Extreme  
12-9 Heart Avail* S/T - E.P.   Sym  
12-9 Luciferian Light Orchestra Black - E.P. Svart Psych Rock  
12-9 Mind of Evil The House  of the Raven   Epic Doom  
12-9 Nephilim Disciplined   Melodic Death  
12-9 Nightside Galce Grey Haven Re-issue 2014 Musica Sym Black  
12-9 Nowen Peace with Death    Death Thrash  
12-9 Sacrificio Gurra Eterna Iron Bonehead Black  
12-9 Shape of Despair* Alone of the Mist Season of Mist Atmo Doom  
12-9 Sithter Chaotic Fiend Bonten    
12-9 Skreamer King of Crows   Core  
12-9 Tarnkappe Winterwaker Hammerheart Black  
12-9 Teramobil* Magnitude of Thoughts Newcore Extreme Dominic Forest Lapointe
12-9 Terra* Mors Secunda Code 666 Black  
12-9 Thunder and Lightning The Ages Will Turn   Mepodic Power  
12-9 Toxica A E C Witches Brew Trash  
12-9 Ulver Riverhead House of Mytholgy EXP  
12-9 Venefixion Armorican Deathrites  -E.P. iron Bonehead Death  
12-10 Ad Cinerem Shadow of Doubt   Black Doom  
12-10 Blowden XII HKR Symphonic  
12-10 Dark Night* Day of the Dead Extreme Heavy Black  
12-10 Goat Worship Blood And Steel Xtreem Black  
12-10 Greater Gods Hymns of the Demonic Empire   Pysch Doom  
12-10 Ol' Time Moonshine The Apocalypse Trilogies Salt of the Earth Stoner  
12-12 Buckethead Hamdens Hollow Pike 242 Bucketheadland Prog  
12-12 Daedric Tales The Divine Menace   Sym Power  
12-12 Heavens Decay The Great Void Of Mystery Chaos Heavy  
12-12 Silent On Fifth Street* Embodied Cognition   Extreme  
12-12 Tengger Cavalry kAAn   Melodic Folk  
12-15  Aksaya Kepler Satanath Extreme  
12-15 Barglar AnarKism Cvlminus Black  
12-15 Demonseed Human Disposal Syndicate Lord of Sick Death  
12-15 Golgota Return to the Old Path  Vision of God Sym Black  
12-15 Klamath Echoes From the Valley   Black  
12-15 Spiritual Cloak Awaken   Doom  
12-15 Until Death Overtakes Me Ante Mortem Nulll Doom  
12-15 Visceral Decay Obsessive Pathology to eliminate the Scum Human Re-isuue 2012 GPB Death  
12-16 Antaeus Condemnation   Black  
12-16 Ash Borer* Irrepassable Gate Profound Lore Atmo Black  
12-16 Blood Tyrant Aristocracy of Twilight Iron Bonehead Black  
12-16 Bornholm* Primaeval Pantheos Massacre Black  
12-16 Call of the Void Are you Fucking Kidding Me Translation Lost    
12-16 Deathspell Omega The Synarchy of Molten Bones Season of Mist Avant Black  
12-16 Do Skonu  Hell Thou Shalt Kill Black  
12-16 Gnaw Their Tongues* Hymns for the Broken, Swollon and Silent Candlelight Black Noise  
12-16 Lux Divina Walk with the Riddle Einheit Pagan Black  
12-16 Murg Gudatall Nordvis Black  
12-16 Saor Guardians   Atmo Black  
12-16 The Ruins of Beverast Takitum Tootem Van Doom  
12-16 Youdash Astrophobia Death    
12-17 Atropina Poras Das Luxus Death    
12-17 Spacegoat Superstition   Doom  
12-18 Lucio Manca* An Ols Man's Sad Story   Heavy  
12-19 Angel 7 Hail to the King Vision of God Death Power Thrash  
12-19 Crypt of Silence Awareness Ephemera Solitude Doom Death  
12-20 Exhortation Ashland Messiah   Thrashcore  
12-20 Panzerfaust The Lucifer Principle  - E.P.   Black  
12-21 Appalachian Winter The Lake ANd the Mountain -E.P.   Sym Black  
12-21 Astraeus Virtuous   Prog DeathCore  
12-21 Blindman To The Light Walklure Heavy  
12-21 Demon Goat Endles Night  - E.P.   bLACK dOOM  
12-21 In The Shadows of Dust Messe Noire   Extreme  
12-21 Kres 40nocy grudnia Werewolf Dep Rock  
12-21 Lightcrusher Forest of  Unresolve  E.P.   Death Doom  
12-21 Midvinterblot Skymning   Folk  
12-21 Nattersorg Darkness Shall Pursue His Enemies   Black  
12-21 N'zwaa Let the Earth Rotate   Black Noise  
12-21 Oppressive Descent Death was the only Path we Knew Exile Black  
12-21 Prav Om Kalkine Namah Werewolf Black Doom  
12-21 Psychic Dose Myrkidr   Stoner  
12-21 Shotgunner* Feliz Navidad -  E.P.      
12-21 VII Batallon de la Muerte Semper   Black  
12-21 Zwishen Den Welten  Nexus  SDI Black  
12-22 Echelon The Brimestone Aggrandizement Transcending Obscurity Death  
12-22 Obalan De norrona Wolfspell Pagan  
12-22 Perenial Isolation Epiphanies of the Orphaned Light Darkwoods Atmo Black  
12-23 Dead Beating Meat With Full Force Inverse Death  
12-23 Grafvitnir Obeisance To A Witch Moon Daemon Worship Black  
12-23 Omnizide Nekroregime Carnal Extreme  
12-23 Nachzeit Sagoi natten  -E.P. Nordvis Black  
12-23 Pimea Metsa No Blood ,No Glory wormholedeath Viking Folk  
12-23 The Unguided Brotherhood E.P. Napalm Melodic Groove  
12-23 Words of Farewell A Quiet World AFM  Melodic  
12-24 Cowardice Without Condolence   Doom  
12-24 Evil Force Banging the Pentagram Witches Brew Thrash  
12-24 Goatblood Veneration of Armageddon Dunkelheit Extreme  
12-25 Arcano Arconte Morbida      
12-25 Apognosis Phase 6   Black  
12-25 Crucifuck Antidios   Thrash  
12-25 Death Worship Extermination Mass Nuclear War Now Extreme  
12-25 Dire Fate Where Undead Once Were   Doom  
12-25 Evil Forces Pest Plagues & Storms Satanath Black  
12-25 Infesticide Death's Forum Fatal Sade Death Thrash  
12-25 Paria Knochenkamp  E.P. WTC Black  
12-25 Sludge Bucket S/T   Doom  
12-25 Substratum S/T Swords And Chains Heavy  
12-25 Umbrarum Regni Gate I Lab 6 Doom  
12-26 Naer Mataron Discipline  Re-isue 2005 Black Lotus Black  
12-27 Dark Phantom Nation of Dogs   Death Thrash  
12-27 Melancholic Journey Existential Emptiness   Atmo Black  
12-27 Neurotech Symphonies   Sym Ind  
12-27 Plasmodium Entheognosis   Psy Extreme  
12-28 Fulgurum Czowiekskrywalzo Eastside Black  
12-29 Plasmodium Entheognosis Satatnath    
12-29 Unlucky Morpheus Black Pentagram   Power  
12-30 Batrakos Picasso   - E.P.   Black Noise  
12-30 Big End Bolt Killstruments & Deathpods Rising Nemisis Death  
12-30 Bleeder Ensayos con  Art Gates Death Grind  
12-30 Draxxis S/T   Power  
12-30 Glacier Frost A New Dawn Over Once Dark Lands   Black  
12-30 Hydra Solar Empire STF Symphonic  
12-30 Maggot Twat 8 Bit Apocaly  Re Release 2006   Death Grind  
12-30 Morphesia     Black  
12-30 Pantanum Volume 1  -2015   Doom  
12-30 Soothsayer At This Great Depth Transcending Obscurity Doom  
12-30 Zombie Assault!! Video Nasty   Death Grind  
12-31 Carpatus Malus Ascendant

Black Lion

12-31 Gurglectomy Seas of  Rotting Vomit    --2011 Ungodly Ruins Death  
12-31 Hymn Above Traumatic Emotion Ombra   Melodic Death Core  
12-31 Roush Namokopy   Thrash  
12-31 Vallum Insight   Post Black