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5-5 Left to Die Tour in July
4-19 June July Tour With Rings of Saturn
4-18 June July Tour With The Melvins
4-17 Shaptone Records Update
4-17 Frontiers Records Update
4-15 Metal Archives Update
4-12 Hypocrisy live in May
4-12 The Aristocrats live in July
4-12 Greta Van Fleet Tour in August
4-12 Robert Plant Tour
4-12 Elder Live in August
4-11 Gwar live in June
4-10 August Burns Red  Tour in August
4-7 Terror Live in May
4-6 Infected Rain Tour
4-4 Veil Of Maya live in May
4-4 Primitive Man Tour
4-2 As I Lay Dying Tour Dates
4-2 Weedeater Tour in April/ May
4-1 VoiVod  Tour in June
4-1 Behemoth and Arch Enemy
3-3- Black Label Society Live
3-31 Deer Hunter Live in April
3-31 AFM Records Update
3-29 Allegaeon Tour in June
3-25 June Tour with Anvil
3-22 May Tour with Origin
3-22 Carcass Tour in May
3-22 Bewitcher Tour in April
3-12 Thank You Scientist Tour in June
3-11 Leprous Tour in March
3-7 Opeth and Mastodon Live
3-8 Death Nexus Fest
3-7 Napalm Records Update
3-4 My June Tour with Thy Art is Murder
3-3 My Tour with Municipal Waste
2-26 Monolord Tour in March
2-17 June Tour with Windhand
2-15 Omnium Gatherum Tour in  February
2-13  2021 Top Albums of 2021
2-13 April May Tour Devastation of the Nation
2-13 May June Tour with Rivers of Nihil
2-13 Obituary Tour In March/ April
2-12 Dark Tranquility Tour in February
2-11 Origin Tour in May
2-10 Cognitive Tour in April
2-1 Updated Metalfest Page
2-1 Gojira and Def Tones in April- May
1-28 Riverside Tour in April
1-23 Animals as Leaders Tour in April
1-16 Ragefest Tour Dates in March/ April
1-16 Feb - March  Tour with Underoath
1-15 March Tour Featuring Wake
1-12 Megadeth Live in April - May
1-12 March April Tour with Dragonforce
1-11 April May Tour with Amorphis
1-7 Igorrr Tour Date
1-6 Meshuggah Tour in Feb- March
1-5 Wednesday 13 Tour Dates
1-5 Dream Theater Tour Dates
1-3 March- April Tour With The Darkness
12-31 Jan Feb Tour  Burial in the Sky
12-30- Lorna Shore Added to the page
12-27 March Tour with Overkill and Prong
12-25 Feb March Tour with Soulfly
12-19 Feb March Tour with Steve Vai
12-19 Feb - March tour with Nile
12-19 Feb - March tour with Cannibal Corpse
12-19 Feb - March tour with The Sword
12-19 Obituary Tour in January
12-18 Mayhem and Waain Live
12-16 Uncle Acid live in March/ April
12-16 End Tour in March
12-16 February/ March Tour with Zombi
12-16 Code Orange Tour in April
12-15 John 5 live in April/ May
12-14 February Tour with  Cattle Decapitation  12-10 Immolation February Tout
12-9 Jan Feb tour with Fit for an Autopsy
12-5 Jan/ Feb Tour with August Burns Red
12-5 March April Tour with Sepultura
10-10 Nuclear Blast Update
Helloween – Incendium Online
9-5 2022 Release page
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1-15 Agonia 


The Harbinger
Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Evil Chuck
Quorthon from Bathory
Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum
Gary Driscoll
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Paul Samson and Chris Aylmer
Dio and Mr. Columbus
Jared Anderson
The Guitar Emperor
Scott Clendenin
David Gold

Nattdal B Jonas Lars Bergqvist

July 2015 Album Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
7-1 Across the Abyss Silhouettes of a Perfect World Equatorial Storm Heavy  
7-1 Advent S/T Existencial Delerium Atmo Doom  
7-1 Alda Passage   Black  
7-1 Amiensus Ascension   Prog Black  
7-1 Bodybag Predominace of Insanity - E.P. Living Dead Society Death  
7-1 Carbid! Into the Steel Akasha Trad Power  
7-1 Calt Unrevelation   Black  
7-1 Consecrate Ceremonial Demo Impious Desecration Black  
7-1 Cuff Interstellar Deviance - E.P.   Grind  
7-1 Dawn of the Dark Age The Six Element vol 3 Fire   Black  
7-1 Diagnosis Sympathy For Disease DB Metal Death  
7-1 Edge of Haze Lights Decay -E.P.   Sym Prog  
7-1 Exiled Genesis The End of all Things   Black  
7-1 Fields of Iaru Of Darkness Born Serpents Eye Doom Black  
7-1 Godcider Zombie Christ Superstar Black Metal Cult Black  
7-1 Gravesite Horrofying Nightmares Xtreem Death  
7-1 Heathen S/T      
7-1 Infera Bruo* In Conjuration Bindrune Prog Black  
7-1 Jameson Raid Univited Guest   NWOBHM  
7-1 Kekal Multilateral   Avant Garde  
7-1 Last Joker Ulterior Motives Into the Limelight Power  
7-1 Massemord Dux Nobis Obscure Abhorrence Black  
7-1 Natur The Invitation Electic Assualt Heavy  
7-1 Neurotech Stigma  Record DK Sym Ind  
7-1 Order of Tyr Gravition Lifebombs Sound and Sorcery Sym Power  
7-1 Skinned Create Malevolence   Death  
7-1 South EP 2015   Heavy Doom  
7-1 The Spectacle Burn the Evidence Do For It Thrashcore  
7-2 Utvar Bespuca - E.P.   Atmo Black  
7-2 Abyssion Luonnon harmonia ja Vihrea Liekki Svart Black  
7-3 After All Rejection Overruled - E.P. CNR Thrash  
7-3  Chaos Magic S/T Frontiers    
7-3 Knight of the Round  Fat's Delusion   Groove Thrash  
7-3 Torture Slave Metal Fairytale Karthago Heavy Compilation
7-3 Vacivus Rite of Ascension - E.P. Goatprayer Death  
7-4 Paramite Diabolical Invocation Rotting Tape Grind  
7-4 Vulto Abissal Queen of the Dark Depths   Black  
7-6 Acania Fearless   Exp Death  
7-6 Appalachian Terror Unit We Don't need Them Profane Existence Thrash Crust  
7-6 Aspectra Aphelion - Perihelion   Extreme  
7-6 Bounty Hunter Bones ton Dust  -  E.P.      
7-6 Expenzer Kill the Conductor Czar of Crickets Thrash  
7-6 Hail Lawgiver - E.P. Deatgrip Extreme  
7-6 Old Iron King The Curse of the Crown   Thrash  
7-6 Svarta Sepultus A Sad Sadness Song Black  
7-7 Alkaloid* The Malkuth Grimoire Apostasy Prog Extreme  
7-7 Burning Point S/T AFM Power  
7-7 Diabolicum Ia Pazuzu Code 666 Ind Black  
7-7 Hyades Wolves are Getting Hungry Punishment 18 Power Thrash  
7-7 Iron Savior Live at the Final Frontier AFM Speed Power CD and DVD
7-7 Kemmis Absolution 20 buck spin Doom  
7-7 Milking The Goatmachine Goatgrind NoiseArt DeathGrind  
7-7 Moonlyght Return to Desolation Blast Head Prog  
7-7 Nuclear Formula of Anarchy Candlelight Thrash  
7-7 Party Cannon Bong Hit Hospitalisation Gore House Death/ Party Slam  
7-7 Viranesir Split wit Survival   Black  
7-8 Atomkrieg ... a fog roles in from te sea...   Black Speed  
7-8 Buckethead  Pike 153 -Whisper Track   Prog  
7-8 Claret Ash Te Cleansing   Black  
7-8 Fimbulvinter Ragnarok - E.P.   Black  
7-8 Magistina Saga Allium - E.P.   Sym Goth  
7-8 Screaming Symphony 211850 DIW Heavy  
7-8 Veligore Secret Cult Broken Bones Black  
7-9 Laudanum V- The Woods   Death Demo
7-9 On Top Topeless  -- E.P.   Heavy  
7-9 Turbocharged Militant Go Fuck Yourself Production Death/Thrash  
7-10 Between the Buried and Me* Coma Ecliptic Metalblade Prog Core  
7-10 Bone Gnawer Cannibal Crematorium Pulverised Extreme  
7-10 Burning Point  S/T AFM Melodic Power  
7-10 Cradle of Filth Hammer of the Witches Nuclear Blast Melodic   
7-10 Dark Hound Oceans - E.P. Rampent Struggle Prog Heavy  
7-10 Depths The Mortal Compass Deadboy  Deatcore  
7-10 DiMino Old Habiys Die Hard Frontiers   Frank DiMino
7-10 Discreation Procreation of the Wicked F.D.A. Death  
7-10 Dragonforce In The Line of Fire Metal Blade Prog Power DVD
7-10 Dysentery Fragments Comatose Death  
7-10 The Fateful Hour All We Leave Behind   Melodic  
7-10 Feridea Into A Dawn-  E.P.   Sym Power  
7-10 For All Eternity Metonia Facedown Core  
7-10 Glowsun* Beyond the Wall of Time Napalm Doom Prog  
7-10 Gorgoroth Instinctus Bestialis Soulseller Black  
7-10 Humangled Prodromes of a Flatline Bakerteam Death  
7-10 The Negation Memento Mori Kaotoxin Black  
7-10 Next To None* A Light In The Dark Inside Out Prog  
7-10 Iron Saviour Live at the Final Frontier AFM Speed Power DVD
7-10 Osmed Ultimate of Realms Ruination - E.P. Endless Torture Death  
7-10 Overkill Killbox 13 Vinyl Re- issue 2003   Thrash Vinyl
7-10 Pozytwka Wilcze Molgily   Heavy  
7-10 Shardborne Living Bridges Out on a Limb Prog  
7-10 Suspended Hollowed Minds   Thrash  
7-10 Svarte Wanderer Between Light and Dark Frozen Archives Epic Black  
7-10 Undergang D-L-A-S   Death  
7-10 Unleash the Archers* Time Stands Still Napalm Power Melodic  
7-10 Vardan Winter Woods Moribund Black  
7-10 Vesperia* The Iron Tempest - E.P.   Sym Folk Extreme  
7-10 Violent Temple Buio Profondo Doom Cult Doom  
7-10 Violentor Maniacs Go Fuck Yourself Production Thrash  
7-10 Vindictiv World of Fear Folk Prog  
7-11 Dalriada Mesek almok Regek Nail   Compilation
7-11 Klamm Ernte Seventh Star Black Folk  
7-12 Crusifire Garden of Fire   Melodic Heavy  
7-12 Fferyllt Achanterez Stygian Crypt Celtic Folk  
7-13 Al Azif Sombras Sobre Una Pared Calcinada Rock CD Death Thrash    
7-13 Apollo Ra Ra Parish   Power Demo
7-13 Deathwhite Solitary Martyr -- E.P.   Melodic Gothic  
7-13 Defect Designer* Ageing Accelerator Sleasy Rider Prog Extreme  
7-13 Frozen Ocean Snow Shall Hde   Atmo Black  
7-13 Gutalax Shit Happens Rotten Roll Rex Death Grind  
7-13 Harrow Fallow Fields  - E.P.   Black  
7-13 Incorporeal .ITY   Melodic  
7-13 Serrabulho Star Whores Rotten Roll Rex Grind  
7-13 Undercode Post- Apocalyptic Metal Warriors Heavy Power  
7-13 Veil of Deception Tearing up the Roots   Heavy Groove  
7-14 Demoncy Empire of the Fallen Angel Forever Plagued Black  
7-14 Immortal Bird Empress/ Abcess Broken Limbs Death  
7-14 Megatron Omega Apotheosis cryo chamber Amb  
7-14 Norylsk Catholic Dictatoship selfmadegod Grind  
7-14 Organ Dealer Visceral Infection Horror Pain Gore Death Grind  
7-14 Paul Wardingham The Human Affliction   Prog  
7-14 Zebras The City of the Sun      
7-15 Brand Demo 2015   Black  
7-15 Hatevomit Necrovomit - E.P. Symbol of Domination Extreme  
7-15 Immanent Human Reflection   Prog  
7-15 Moonknight Valinor   Black  
7-15 Mourned By Flies Far Beyond the Grave   Death  
7-15 Path Via Cultus --E.P.   Epic Black  
7-15 Volcano Melt Metallic Core Power Thrash  
7-17 Cybernetic Witch Cult Morlock Roch Groove Lizzard Doom  
7-17 Enertia Piece of the Factory Divebomb  Thrash  
7-17 Eradikator Edge of Humanity Thrash    
7-17 Funerary Starless Aeon Sentient Ruin Funeral Doom  
7-17 Hellbastard Feral Patac Thrash Punk  
7-17 Orchid  Sign of the Witch -- E.P. Nuclear Blast Doom  
7-17 Powerwolf* Blessed and Possessed Napalm Power  
7-17 Ragnaroek Dornig Trollzorn Folk Gothic  
7-17 Stilla Ensamhetens Andar Nordvis Black  
7-17 Throne of Molok Beat the Apocalypse Beyond Ind Black  
7-17 Wulfhook The Impaler Divebomb Heavy Power  
7-17 Xenosis Sowing the Seeds of  Destruction   Prog Death  
7-18 Alchemy Crystal   Eastern Glory Melodic Power  
7-18 Futherial Un Mondo Infinito wormholedeath Melodic  
7-18 Nattesorg From Rage to Fridom Holsen Black  
7-18 Nocra Seven Reasons to Die Agni AtmoBlack  
7-18 Torches in the Void Bones   Black  
7-18 Trojan rchaic Dinension Sepsis Death  
7-18 Ultha Pain Cleanses Every Doubt Ecocentric Black  
7-19 Akilkarsa Souls in Exile --E.P.   Extreme  
7-19 Flamedrop Thoughts on Fire   Melodic  
7-19 Prowler From The Shadows Slaney Heavy Thrash  
7-19 Seeds in Barren Fields Let the Earth be Silent after Ye   Extreme Crust  
7-20 Armonight Who We Really Are Ravenheart Gothic  
7-20 Besieged S/T  - E.P. Unspeakable Axe Death Thrash  
7-20 Corpse Grinder Persistence   Death  
7-21 Anti-Freeze Unholy Martyr --E.P.      
7-21 Chris Caffery Your Heaven is Real Metalville    
7-21 Cromm Cruac Senecio Scarlet    
7-21 Fractal Generator Apotheosynthesis Archaic North Exp Extreme  
7-21 Dark Tribe The Modern Age   Power  
7-21 One Master Reclusive Blashemy Eternal Death Black  
7-21 Prisoner See the Scars Slanet Speed Thrash  
7-21 Sleep Terror Unihemispheria   Prog Death  
7-21 Tond Sine Nomine EST Hammer Bite Sym Folk Black Demo
7-21 Trapped Within Burning Machinery The Filth Element   Doom  
7-21 Yellowtooth Crushed by the Wheels of Progress   Doom  
7-22 Aanomm Dragging Hurtful Shame sadiXmo Black  
7-22 Anfel Icy World Crysella Sym Goth  
7-22 Dictator Moreover Imagination   Thrash  
7-22 Mephistopheles Devils on Metal Revitalized VAP Thrash Heavy  
7-24 Alustrium A Tunnel to Eden   Prog Death  
7-24 Borealis Purgatory AFM Melodic Power  
7-24 Awaken the Empire Aurora   Alt Heavy Rock  
7-24 Deadlife My Last Letter  --E.P.   Dep Black  
7-24 Death Angel The Bay Calls for Blood--Live Nuclear Blast Thrash  
7-24 Deathrite Revelations of Chaos Prosthetic Black  
7-24 Deauchery Fuck Humanity   Thrash  
7-24 Destruktor Opprobrium Hell Headbangers Extreme  
7-24 Doctor Doom This Seed we have Sown Ripple    
7-24 Doomentor The Second Ceremony --E.P. Messe Noire Doom  
7-24 Goat Torment Sermons to Death Amor Fati    
7-24 Gus G Brand New Revolution Century Media Heavy Prog  
7-24 Hope Drone* Cloak of Ash Relapse Atmo Black  
7-24 Indesinence III Profound Lore Doom Death  
7-24 Joe Satriani Shockwave Supernova Legacy Prog  
7-24 Karbholz Karma Metalville    
7-24 Kronos Arisen New Era Unique Leader Bru Death  
7-24 Lamb of God VII: Sturm Und Drang Epic Thrash  
7-24 Locrian* Infinite Dissolution Relapse    
7-24 Maniatico La maldicion de tu karma   Death Thrash  
7-24 Meatwound Addio Magic Bullet    
7-24 Midvinterblot Gryning - E.P.   Folk  
7-24 Orpheus Omega Partum Vita Mortem Kolony Melodic  
7-24 Roger Waters Amused to Death   Prog Rock Box Set
7-24 Sweet Cobra Earth Magic Bullet    
7-24 Symphony X Underworld Nuclear Blast Prog  
7-24 Tim Bowness* Stupid Things that Mean the World Inside Out Prog  
7-24 Tormenter Prophetic Deceiver- re-issue 2014   Thrash  
7-24 Trails This Ruined World   Groove Thrash  
7-24 The V Now or Never Frontiers    
7-24 Zandelle Perseverance Pure Steel Heavy  
7-26 Black Sun Ritual Unholy Attack - E.P. Black Noise Black Doom  
7-26 Lectern Fratricidal Concelebration Sliptrick Death  
7-26 Sacred Few Beyond the Iron Walls- Re-Issue 1985 Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
7-26 Skialykon Vestigio Naturmacht Atmo Black  
7-26 Spira MCMLXXIV Arcane Vision Black  
7-26 Strife Machine Esotricism --E.P.   Amb Black  
7-27 Garden of Sadness Tomorrow is a Black Void   Black  
7-28 Godhunter and Destroyer of  Light Endsville      
7-28 Nihilistic Legion The Hunt   Extreme  
7-28 Perversor Anticosmocrator Hell Headbangers Black Thrash  
7-28 Reduced Gradually Executed Dismembered Death  
7-28 The Return Night of the Carpathians Dppresive Illusion Black  
7-28 Isvind Gud   Black  
7-30 Antarcht Bastard Dawn - E.P.   Black  
7-30 Golden Bats Split --The Steady As She Goes   Doom  
7-30 Iron Kingdom Ride For Glory   Heavy  
7-31 Kataklysm* Of Ghost & Gods Nuclear Blast Thrash Death  
7-31 Midgard We Are the Destroyer   Melodic Death  
7-31 Russkaja Peace Love and Russian Roll Napalm    
7-31 Rygel Revolution Power Prog Melodic Heavy  
7-31 Teenage Time Killers Greatest Hits Vol 1 Rise    
7-31 Xandria* Fire Ash E.P. Napalm Sym  

August 2015 Releases

Date  Band Release Label Genre Notes
8-? Dreadnoght Bridging Realms   Prog  
8-1 Dawn of Chaos The Need to Feed UKEM Death  
8-1 Giza Migration   Atmo Doom  
8-1 Necropsy Buried in the Woods Xtreem  Death  
8-1 Ogotay Dead God's Prophet selfmadegod Death  
8-3 Crimson Sun* Towards the Sun      
8-4 Advaita Sun of Earth --E.P.   Post Black  
8-4 Dead to a Dying World Litany   Blackened Doom  
8-4 Djinn of Thujone The Suffering Realm   Melodic  
8-4 Fallen Angels* World in Decay  Cyberdyne Thrash  
8-4 False Flag Nest of Vipers -E.P.   Death Thrash  
8-4 From the Embrace Ghost at Sea -- E.P.   Melodic  
8-4 Hivelords Tapered Limbs of a Human Star Anthropic Doom  
8-4 Pissgrave Suicide Euphoria Profound Lore Death  
8-4 Siberian Meat Grinder S/T   Crossover  
8-4 Synapses Devoutness Cimeron Shade Death  
8-4 Undrask S/T  --E.P.   Melodic  
8-5 Axis No Man's Land - Re-issue 1988 No Remorse Heavy  
8-5 Valthus Remains of Memory -- E.P. Walkure Power  
8-6 Eye of Horus Infernal Calling   Death  
8-6 Maligno Mundo Ciego   Doom  
8-6 Religion Malediction The Rutuals of Invocation  Remains Child Mornahok Black  
8-6 Skeletal Remains Condemned to Misery Death    
8-6 St. Elmos Fire S/T Re-issue 1986 Pure Steel  Melodic  
8-6 Visceral Decay Implosion Psychosis Guttural Brutality Tech Death  
8-7 All Out War Dying Gods Organized Crime    
8-7 The Beginning At Last S/T      
8-7 Black Fast* Terms of Surrender EOne Prog Thrash  
8-7 Cattle Decapitation* The Anthropocene Extinction Metal Blade Death  
8-7 Chemicl Burn* Raining Anvils Megasonic Thrash  
8-7 Cianide Death, Doom and Destruction- Re-issue 1997 Hells Headbangers Death Doom  
8-7 Deiphago Into the Eye of Satan Hell Headbangers Extreme  
8-7 Enabler* Fail to Feel Safe Century Media    
8-7 Fear Factory* Genexus Nuclear Blast    
8-7 Devin Townsend Project Sky Blue- Re-issue 2014 Inside Out Prog  
8-7 Devin Townsend Project Dark Matters - Re-issue 2014 Inside Out Prog  
8-7 Gnaw Their Tongues Abyss of Longing Throats Candlelight Black  
8-7* Hibria* S/T Power Prog Prog Power  
8-7 InAeonia* Force Rise the Sun Prosthetic    
8-7 Istapp Frostbiten SMP Melodic Black  
8-7 Krakow Genesis - E.P. Dark Essence Stoner  
8-7  Krisiun* Forged in Fury Century Media Death  
8-7 Krotchripper Stalactite Cunt Shrine Necroptic Death  
8-7 Met-Stasis Paradox of Metonia Depraved Death  
8-7 Miss May I Deathless Rise Core  
8-7 Nachtgeschrei Staub Und Schatten Massacre Folk  
8-7 Noctum Until Then .... Until the End Metal Blade  Doom  
8-7 Red Sun Rising The Otherside Raor & Tie Alt Rock  
8-7 Seraph in Travail Bring Forth Death   Sym Extreme  
8-7 Skeletal Remains Condemned to Misery F.D.A. Death  
8-7 Weird Fate Cycle of  Naught Cold Dimensions Black  
8-8 Bankeray Liar Eastbreath Thrash  
8-8 Castillos de Cristal Fantastic Tales   Heavy Power  
8-8 Radogost Dziedzictwo Gor Art of the Night Folk  
8-8 Sapthuran Hildegicel Vanguard Black  
8-10 Lvx Caelis  The Watchers Lamech Black  
8-10 Thurm S/T   Black  
8-11 Battlecross* Rise To Power Metalblade Thrash  
8-11 Nozomu Wakais Destinia Anakdote of the Queens King Power  
8-11 Oxen The Vanishing      
8-13 Hammerhead The Sin Eater High Roller NWOBHM  
8-13 Psychic Dose  Satyrnalia   Doom  
8-14 Burial Vault Unity in Pluralism Apostasy Melodic  
8-14 Crimson Sun Towards the Light   Melodic Heavy  
8-14 Crown Natron Candlelight Doom  
8-14 Diabolus Arcanium Path of Ascension   Sym Black  
8-14 Majestic Downfall ....When Dead My Kingdom Death Doom  
8-14 Soulfly* Archangel Nuclear Blast Thrash  
8-14 Weird Fate Cycle of Naught   Black  
8-15 Ancient Necropsy Sepulchral Profanation A-N Death  
8-15 Dalkhu Descend into Nothingness Satanath Black  
8-15 Delirium's Dawn Built Upon the Ruins of a Empire   Heavy  Thrash  
8-15 Fimbulvinter Ragnarok   Black  
8-15 Funeral Doom     Black  
8-15 Jotnarr Burn and Bury - E.P.   Black Crust  
8-15 Ksyatriya The Arduous Search for Freedom   Doom  
8-15 Monstractor Recycling Thrash Die Hard Southern Thrash  
8-15 Nashorn Echoes of War - E.P. Morbid Syndicate Death Doom  
8-15 Sucking Leech Common Sense   Grind
8-15 Terader Fear Sons Melodic    
8-15 Terror Cosmico Devorador De Suenos Concreto Stoner  
8-15 Tuchulcha The Fury of Culsu   Death  
8-15 Tyrant of Death Ion Legacy   EXP  
8-15 Vorfahkult Orden Sinistra - E.P.    Black  
8-15 Zodiac Stone Command -E.P. Heavy Chains Doom  
8-16 Crow's Claw Indigo Blue and Black Stout   Power  
8-16 Cruciform Atavism --Re Issue 1993 Infernal Devastation Death  
8-16 Vomit of Doom Obey of Darkness Satanath Black Thrash  
8-17 Bloody Mortir  Vandalisme Massal Playloud Grindcore  
8-17 Inkvisitor Doctrine of Damnation   Thrash Speed  
8-17 Necrodium Remnants Breaking Wheel Productions Death  
8-18 Serpentor Legiones Icarus Thrash  
8-18 U.D.O. Navy Metal Night AFM Heavy DVD
8-20 Alkonost Tales of Wanderings Beverina Folk Pagan Black Doom  
8-20 Ancient Spheres  In Conspiracy with the Night Satanath Black  
8-20 Beast maker You Must Sin - E.P.   Doom  
8-20 Blackwater Beyond the Swamp   Doom Hard Rock  
8-20 IL Vuoto Weakness Satanarsa Funeral Doom  
8-20 Inner Missing The Sentinel and the Murderer   Gothic  
8-20 Lanthanein Nucturnalgica - E.P.   Sym Gothic  
8-20 Seraphic Disgust Altarcunt Engulfed in Darkness Extreme  
8-20 Terror Strike S/T   Thrash  
8-20 Torturing Quietly Demo Genesis Merch    
8-20 Vortex of End Fvlgvr Lvx Terror Deadlight Extreme  
8-20 Whoretopsy Never Tear Us Apart Vicious Instinct Deathcore  
8-21 Act of Defiance* Birth and the Burial Metal Blade Thrash Chris Broderick Shawn Drover
8-21 Adversarial Death Endlss Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism Dark Descent Extreme  
8-21 Barrows Swine Race   Death  
8-21 Battlecross* Rise to Power MetalBlade Thrash  
8-21 Butcher Babies* Take it Like a Man Century Media Thrash  
8-21 Dark Sermon* The Oracle Eone Extreme  
8-21 Darktribe Dark Age Scarlet Power  
8-21 Dead Lord* Heads Held High Century Media    
8-21 Deketa In Death We Meet Ibex Moon Death Doom  
8-21 Disturbed Immortalized Reprise Hard Rock  
8-21 Extinction A.D. Faithkiller Good Fight Crossover  
8-21 From the Vastlands Blackhearts - E.P. Symbol of Domination Black  
8-21 Gamma Ray Heading for Tomorow - 25 Anniversary ear music Heavy  
8-21 Ghost B.C.* Meliora Loma Vista    
8-21 Hate Eternal* Infernus Seasons of Mist Death  
8-21 Kaledon Legend of the Forgotten Reign Chapter IV --Re Issue 2006 Scarlet Power  
8-21 The Murder of my Sweet Beth Out of Hell Frontiers Gothic  
8-21 Myrkur* M Relapse    
8-21 Nekro Drunkz Absolute Filth Moribund Grind Death Thrash  
8-21 Pentagram* Curious Volume Peaceville Doom  
8-21 Pop Evil Up eOne Rock  
8-21 Pridelander Knight of the Prideland --E.P.   Melodic Power  
8-21 Obscene Jester Citadels of Fire - Re issue 1990 Divebomb Power Thrash E.P.
8-21 Raise Hell Written in Blood Black Lodge Thrash  
8-21 Re-Armed Total Lack of Communication -- E.P.   Death Thrash  
8-21 Renaissance of Fools * Spring Metalville Prog Daniel Magdic
8-21 Royal Hunt* Devil's Dozen Frontiers    
8-21 Rivers of Nihil* Monarchy Metal Blade Tech Death  
8-21 Rotting Christ Lucifer over Athens Seasons of Mist Melodic Live
8-21 Scythian Hubris in Excersis Hells Headbangers Death Thrash  
8-21 Sextile A Thousand Hands Felte    
8-21 Spock's Beard The Oblivion Particle Inside Out Prog  
8-21 The Sword High Country Razor & Tie Stoner  
8-21 U.D.O. Navy Metal Nights- Live   Heavy Marinemusikkorps Nordsee
8-21 Unbreakable Hatred Ruins Unique Leader    
8-21 Wolfheart* Shadow World Spinefarm Melodic  
8-21 Wombbath Downfall Rising Dark Descent Death  
8-22 Angelore La Litanie Des Cendres   Atmo Doom  
8-22 Cavern Outsiders Grimoire    
8-22 Missa Mortvm Et Lux Perpetua Luceat eis Satanath Black  
8-25 Fuck the Facts* Desire Will Rot   Grind  
8-25 Plaguewielder* Chambers of Death Horor Pain Gore Death Atmo Doom  
8-28 Ahab* The Boats of Glen Carrig Napalm Doom  
8-28 Black Trip Shadowline Steamhammer Heavy  
8-28 Blood Division S/T - E.P. Metal Blade    
8-28 Crystal Gates A Quest for Life - E.P.   Sym Power  
8-28 Embassy of Silence Verisimilitude Inverse Prog Gothic  
8-28 Five Finge Death Puch Got Your Six   Hard  
8-28 Grim Vision War Agony Bastardized    
8-28 Meytal Alchemy Light Drop    
8-28 Motorhead* Bad Magic UDR    
8-28 Nile What Should not be Unearthed Nuclear Blast Death  
8-28 Pentagram Curious Volume Peaceville Doom  
8-28 Rifftera Pitch Black Inverse Alt Melodic  
8-28 Shadowkiller Until We Win the War Pure Steel Prog Power  
8-28 Simulacrum Sky Divided Inverse Prog  
8-28 Soilwork The Ride Majestic Nuclear Blast Melodic Thrash  
8-28 Tad Morose St. Demonius Despotz Power Heavy  
8-28 Utter Blackness Nimble Existence Issolated Cult Black  
8-28 V  for Violence The Book of V      
8-30 Mara S/T   Heavy Doom  
8-31 Hell On Once Upon A Chaos Ferrum Death  

September 2015 Album Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
9- Seven Steps to the Green Door Fetish Prog Promo Prog  
9-1 Bevar Sea Invoke The Bizarre The Mighty Riff Doom  
9-1 Clouds Taste Satanic Your Doom Has Come Kinda Like Music Doom  
9-1 Dysylumn Coceptarium   Prog Xtreme  
9-1 Engendro In The Throne of Chaos   Melodic Black  
9-1 Kralice Ygg huur Gilead Avant  Black  
9-1 Purtenance To Spread the Flames of Ancients Xtreem Death  
9-2 Drunemton Fullmoon Asbath- E.P. Grannus Pagan Black  
9-2 Inhuman Conquerors of the New World      
9-2 Plague Rider Paroxysm - E.P.   Tech Death Thrash  
9-4 Once Human* The Life I Remember earMusic   Logan Mader
9-4 Amorphis* The Red Cloud   Melodic  
9-4 Black Tongue Unconquerble Dark Century Media    
9-4 Chris Caffery* Your Heaven is Real Metalville Heavy  
9-4 Cruciamentum Charnel Passages Profound Lore Death  
9-4 Deer Hunter Act: IV    Rebirth in Reprise Equal Vision Prog  
9-4  Iron Maiden* The Book of Souls BMG Power Double Disc
9-4 Narbeleth Through Black & Remote Places   Black  
9-4 Once Human The Life I Remember Ear Music    
9-4 Riverside* Love Fear The Time Machine Inside Out Prog  
9-4 Stormcult Kaeck      
9-4  Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats The Night Creeper Rise Above    
9-5 Aornos Orior   Black  
9-5 Pedro Valle's Vharmland El Cielo De Los Guerreros Rock CD Heavy  
9-5 Xternity Expulsion Into Depth Record Jet Extreme  
9-5 Sangus Pedicabo Mundi -- E.P. Forzamorte Extreme Crust  
9-8 Graveslave Corpseborne --E.P.   Death  
9-8 Ancient Spell Forever in Hell   Heavy Doom  
9-8 Hellight Journey Trhrough Endless Storms Solitude Doom  
9-8 Pyramids on Mars* Echos Cosmic   Prog  
9-9 Avulsed Altar of Disembowelment E.P. Xtreem Death  
9-9 Kai Flood Ilmutus Surm SLL Black Thrash  
9-11 Black Majesty Cross of Thorns   Power  
9-11 Blashmachine Salvation   Extreme  
9-11 Chiral Night Sky   Black Doom  
9-11 The Gash Ausgedorrt   Black Thrash  
9-11 Grim Van Doom Grim Love Aural Attack Doom Sludge  
9-11 Goatpenis Apocalypse War Pagan War Extreme  
9-11 Hercyn Dust and Ages   Black Folk  
9-11 I Legion Pleiona   Metal Core  
9-11 Manipulation Ecstasy Satanath Death  
9-11 Mortal Ashes An Abhorrence   Death  
9-11 Nightfell Darkness Evermore 20 Buck Spin Extreme  
9-11 Sakrificer Desolate Darkness   Death Thrash  
9-11 Sardonis III Meteor City Doom  
9-11 Savage Master Black Hooves - E.P. High Roller Heavy  
9-11 Slayer Repentless Nuclear Blast Thrash  
9-11 Vogelfrey Sturm Und Klang Trllzorn Folk  
  Alfahanne Blod Eld Alfa      
9-12 Frade Negro The ttack of the Damned Kill Again Death  
9-18 Atreyu Long Live Spinefarm    
9-18 Beneath the Storm Devil's Village Argonauta Doom  
9-18 The Black Dahlia Murder*   Metal Blade Death  
9-18 Christian Mistress* To Your Death Relapse    
9-18 Creature Ride the Bullet Karthago Melodic Heavy  
9-18 Crossfaith Xeno Razor @ Tie Rock  
9-18 David Gilmore* Rattle That Lock   Rock  
9-18 Division Speed S/T      
9-18 Doomshine End is Worth Waiting For   Doom  
9-18 Gnosis The Third Eye Gate Nuclear War Now Extreme  
9-18 The Great Discord Echoes - E.P. Metal Blade    
9-18 Harlott* Proliferation Metal Blade Thrash  
9-18 Holy Death Triumph of  Evil  - Re-issue 96 Witching Hour Black  
9-18 Howls of Ebb Marrow Veil -- E.P.   Extreme  
9-18 Human Desolation Mind Grind Paradign   Melodic  
9-18 Kaiserreich Cuore Nero   Black  
9-18 Lars Mattsson Songs From A differant Room Lion Music Prog  
9-18 Leaves Eyes* KIng of Kings AFM Sym  
9-18 Macbeth Imperium Massacre Heavy  
9-18 Malevolent Creation Dead Man's Path Century Media Death  
9-18 Masters of Metal* From Worlds Beyond Metalville Progpower Agent Steel Members
9-18 Metal Allegiance* S/T Nuclear Blast    
9-18 Mindless Self Indulgence* Pink 1990-1997 Metropolis   The Lost Album
9-18 My Dying Bride* Feel the Misery Peaceville Doom  
9-18 Nomad Teramorph - E.P. Witching Hour Death  
9-18 Non Opus Dei Diabel Witching Hour Black  
9-18 Of Feather and Bone Embrce the Wretched Flesh Good Fight    
9-18 One Machine The Final Cull     Steve Smyth
9-18 Operation Mindcrime* The Key Frontiers    
9-18 Orkan Livlaus   Black Thrash  
9-18 Rito Profanatorio Grimorios Dunkelheit Extreme  
9-18 Saxorior Saksen Einheit Melodic Black  
9-18 Scale The Summit V Prosthetic Prog  
9-18 Serial Bucher Brute Force Lobotomy Unique Leader Death  
9-18 Seven Witches* The Way and the Wicked      
9-18 Stratovarius Eternal   Melodic Heavy  
9-18 Vallorch Until Our Tale is Told Nemeton Folk  
9-18 Vanlade Rage of the Gods Metalizer Power  
9-18 Windhand* Grief's Infernal Flower Relapse Doom  
9-21 Dean Cascione Shred Crusade   Prog  
9-21 Praise the Flame Manifest Rebellion Memeto Mori Death Thrash  
9-22 Horna Hengen Tulet W.T.C. Black  
9-22 Satan Atom by Atom Listenable Heavy  
9-22 Shrine of Insanabilis Disciples of the Void   Black  
9-22 Windfaerer Tenebrosum   Black Folk  
9-25 Abhorrent Decimation Miasmic Mutation Cold Birth Death  
9-25 Arcane Order Cult of None   Melodic  
9-25 Alda Passage Bindrune Black  
9-25 A Sound of Thunder Tales from the Dedside Mad Neptune Heavy  
9-25 Blackbreath Slaves Beyond Death Southern Lord    
9-25 Blood Christbait-  Re-issue -1992 Vic Early Exteme  
9-25 Bloodstrike In Death We Rot Redifining  Darkness Death  
9-25 Bloodway Mapping he Moment  with the logic of Dreams   Prog Black  
9-25 The Bottle Doom Lazy Band Lost'n Drunk Emanes Doom  
9-25 Coffins Craving to Eternal Slumber   Doom Death  
9-25 Dark Buddha Rising Inversum Neurot Doom  
9-25 De Profundis Kingdom of the Blind I, Voidhanger Prog Extreme  
9-25 Dead Letter Circus Aesthesis      
9-25 Division Speed S/T   Thrash  
9-25 Echoes of Yul The Healing   Doom  
9-25 Fluisteraars Luwte Eisenwald Black  
9-25 Gloryhammer* Space 199: Rise of the Chaos Wizeds Napalm Sym Power  
9-25 Graveyard* Innocence & Decadence Nuclear Blast Stoner  
9-25 The Hanging Garden Blackout Whiteout Lifeforce Melodic  
9-25 Last Sacrament On the Possible Preserved   Death  
9-25 Manegarm Urminnes havd Napalm Viking   
9-25 Mord' A'Stigmata Our Hearts Slow Down Pagan Post Black  
9-25 Parkwar Drive IRE Epitaph    
9-25 Stormgrey Pray Crawl Suffer Vic Death Thrash
9-25 Vampire* Cimmerian Shade- E.P. Century Media Melodic  
9-25 Walking Copse Syndrome Human Delusion   Ind Extreme  
9-26 Light of Candle Close the Circle Dreamix Power  
9-27 Valkenrag Twilight of Blood and Flesh Art of Night Melodic  
9-28 Despair Decay Beyond Humanity - Re issue 1990 Punishment 18 Tech Thrash  
9-28 Horizons Edge Heavenly Realms   Power  
9-28 Lilyum October's Call   Black  
9-28 Vehemence Assiege ATMF Black  
9-29 Alien Syndrome 777 Outer Avantgarde AVante Black  
9-29 Behold! The Monolith Architects of the Void Artic Forest Doom  
9-30 Lentera Light of the Universe - Re- issue 2010 Interlude Speed Power  
9-30 Silence of the Old Man Under the Grey Sky - E.P. Pest Post Black  
9-30 Tundra The Burning Fanatism Avantgarde Black  

October Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
10 Evenstate Inside IP Prog  
10-1 Divine Weep Tears of the Ages   Power  
10-1 Heron DYZU Armus Black  
10-1 Lux Ferre Excaetio Lux Veritatis Altare Black  
10-1 Ravens Creed Ravens Krieg Xtreem Death  
10-1 Repulsive Dissection Church of the Five Precious Wounds sevared Tech Death  
10-1 Stellar Master Elite III : Eternalism Essentail Purification Black Doom  
10-2 Aethernaeum Naturmystik Einheit Folk Black  
10-2 Children of Bodom* I Worship Chaos  Nuclear Blast Thrash CD- DVD
10-2 Death Dealer Hllowd Ground SMG Power  
10-2 Denner- Shermann* Satan's Tomb Metal Blade   Snowy Shaw and Sean Peck
10-2 Dragonheart Battle Sanctuary Pitch Black Power  
10-2 Eis  Bannstein Lupus Lounge Black  
10-2 Eagles of Death Metal Zipper Down Ume    
10-2 Fates Warning* Pleasant Shade of Grey - Re- Issue 1997 Metal Blade Prog  
10-2 Hammercult* Built for War SPV    
10-2 Kylesa Exhausting Fire      
10-2 Queensryche* Condition Human Century Media Prog Power  
10-2 Resurrecturis Nazienda Mighty Death  
10-2 Sevendust Kill the Flaw   Rock  
10-2 Speedtrap Straight Shooter   Heavy Speed  
10-2 W.A.S.P.* Golgotha   Heavy  
10-2 Wild Throne* Harvest of Darkness Roadrummer    
10-3 Coil Commemorate Enslave Maxima Moralia Sovraumanita Land of Fog Black  
10-6 Ouroboros Emanations      
10-6 Heart of A Coward Deliverance Century Media    
10-7 Die Chocking III The Compound Grindcore  
10-7 Saints of Death S'T --E.P.   Thrash  
10-9 Monster Magnet* Cobras and Fire( Mastermind Redux 2010) Napalm    
10-9 Snail  Feral  Small Stone  Doom  
10-10 Asgard To A Golden Age Transcending Death  
10-12 Wrath Sins Contempt over the Stormfall Autoeditado Prog Thrash  
10-13 Vreid Solverv      
10-14 Vomit Infestation- E.P.   Death  
10-15 Arca Hadian The Prophecy Underground Symphony Melodic Power  
10-15 Energy of Elements 03:00 Dehuman Rise Underground Symphony Power  
10-15 Enfeeble Momentum of Tranquility iMusician Melodic Thrash  
10-15 Ironic Reversl Dysgenic- E.P.   Death  
10-15 Nabaath Common Graves Noizr Black  
10-15 Propaganda The Mask of Sanity Brute Death  
10-15 Ride for Revenge Ageless Powers Arise Bestial Birth Extreme  
10-15 Signs of Evil Black Throne of Blood Infernal Arts Black  
10-15 Tranquilizer Des Endes Anfang   Melodic  
10-15 Unwanted Existence Silhouettes of a Mental Disorder   Fun Doom  
10-15 Black Tide Chasing Shadows Inerscope Core  
10-16 Christian Death The Root of all Evilution Season of Mist    
10-16 Circle to Circle Reign of Darkness Earmusic Power  
10-16 Counting Days Liberated Sounds Mascot Core  
10-16 Cult of Occult Five Degrees of Insanity Deadlight  Doom  
10-16 Cult Leader Lightless Walk Deatwish inc    
10-16 Dead Temple Cult of Acid   Heavy Doom  
10-16 Depression Die Dunkle Dimension Splatter Zombie Death Grind  
10-16 Den Saakaldte All Hail Pessimism Soulseller Black  
10-16 Evertrapped* Under the Deep Hellstorm Melodic  
10-16 Gamma Ray Sigh No More - Re- Issue 1991   Power Speed  
10-16 Grave * Out of Respect for the Dead Century Media Melodic Thrash  
10-16 Gorod* Maze of Recycled Lives Unique Leader Extreme  
10-16 Hell On  Once Upon A Chaos Ferrum Death  
10-16 Ivanhoe 7 Days Massacre Prog  
10-16 Joel Hoekstra's 13 Dying to Live Frontiers    
10-16 Killing Joke* Pylon Spinefarm    
10-16 Lik Mss Funeral Evoction War Anthem Death  
10-16 Masterplan Keep Your Dreams Alive!!!!! AFM Heavy CD and DVD
10-16 Mortal Torment Clever Redemption Gore House Death  
10-16 Nonexist Throne of Scars Mighty Melodic    
10-16 Port Noir Neon Century Media    
10-16 Rebellion Wyrd Bio Ful Araed-- The History of Saxons Massacre Heavy  
10-16 Sadist* Hyaena Scarlet Prog Death  
10-16 Saxon* Battering Ram UDR NWOBHM  
10-16 So Hideous Laurestine Prosthetic Post Black  
10-16 Stryper* Fallen      
10-16 Tarja Ave Maria- En Plein Air earMusic Sym  
10-16 Temple of Baal * Mysterium Agonia Extreme  
10-16 VI   De Praestigiis Angelorum Agonia Black  
10-16 Voodoo Hill Waterfall Frontiers Prog  
10-16 With the Dead* S/T Rise Above Doom Electric Wizard members and Lee Dorian
10-16 Zombi * Shape Shifter Relapse Prog Doom  
10-17 A Drop of Joker My Re: Route   Melodic  
10-17 Buckethead Pike 192 - 15 Days till Hellowwen- Grotesques Bucketheadland Prog  
10-17 Chalice and Crown Confessions   Heavy  
10-18 Enshine Singularity   Melodic  
10-18 Upon Shadows  Between the Southern Cross and the Northern Star   Black Gothic  
10-18 Void of Sleep New World Order Aural Doom  
10-19 Wastage Slave to the System Sliptrick    
10-20 Apparatus S/T Lavadome Avant EXP  
10-22 Drowning Horse Sheltering Sky Art As Catharsis Doom  
10-22 Shinedown Threat to Survival Atlantic Rock  
10-23 Absolva Never A Good Dy to Die Rocksector Heavy  
10-23 Amberian Dawn* Innuendo Napalm Sym  
10-23 Aosoth IV - E.P. Agonia Black  
10-23 Born of Osiris Soul Sphere      
10-23 Corpse Grinder Perpetual Purgatory Kill Again Death  
10-23 Corpse Molester Cult Benidictus Pervericus Apostasy Death  
10-23 Corrections House Know how to Carry a Whip Neurot Exp Doom  
10-23 Dawn Hawk S/T  - Re Issue  1990 Karthago Heavy  
10-23 Earthside A Dream in Static Bushwhack LLC    
10-23 Grave Digger* Exhumation: The Early Years Napalm Heavy  
10-23 Joe Stump The Dark Lord Rises Lion Music Inst Prog  
10-23 Lowburn Doomsayer      
10-23 The Ocean Collective / Mono Transcendental E.P. Pelagic    
10-23 Millarium First Blood Running Haensel and Gretel Heavy  
10-23 Morbid Vomit Doctrine of Violence Ranka Kustnnus Death  
10-23 Nightfell* Darkness Evermore 20 Buck Spin Death  
10-23 Odetosun The Dark Dunes of Titan   Prog Extreme  
10-23 Onirik Casket Drem Venertion Iron Bonehead Black  
10-23 Shining* International Black Jazz Society Spinefarm Black Jazz  
10-23 Ureas The Black Heart Album Locomotive Power  
10-23 Vehemence Forward  Without Motion Battleground Death  
10-23 Vhol Deeper than Sky Profound Lore Black Crust  
10-23 Vinnie Moore Aerial Vision Scrapnel Heavy  
10-23 Weeping Silence Opus IV Oblivion Massacre Gothic  
10-23 Infected Omnipotence Spawning a Dystopian Breed Death    
10-25 Seges Findere Massacre Supremacista Elegy Extreme  
10-26 Crimson Dawn At The Cemetery Gates- E.P.   Doom  
10-26 Fungus Predatory Harvest Ultimate Massacre Death  
10-26 Invokation Ascending From Aons Passed CCP Death  
10-26 Scala Merclli New Reirth Art Gtes Power Heavy  
10-27 Tester Gier Muzyka  Spook Crossover  
10-28 Chainsaw Castration Embryonic Necrophagy II - E.P. Slamchester Deathcore  
10-29 Destroying the Devoid   Unique Leader Prog Death Craig Peters
10-30 77 Nothing Gonna Stop Us  Century Media Hard Rock  
10-30 Abigail Williams* The Accuser Candlelight Black  
10-30 Abhorrent Deformity Entity Of Malevolence Comatose Extreme  
10-30 Arkaik Lucid Dawn Unique Leader Death  
10-30 Avatarium The Girl with the Raven Mask Metalville Doom  
10-30 Bedowyn Blood of the Fall   Heavy Doom  
10-30 Cage Ancient Evil SMG Power  
10-30 Caligula's Horse* Bloom  Inside Out Prog  
10-30 Canyon of the Skull S/T   Doom  
10-30 Certo Porcos Odio -666 Greyhaze    
10-30 Death Sweats War Baby Bummer    
10-30 Def Leppard S/T Mailboat Rock  
10-30 Draconian* Sovran Napalm Melodic  
10-30 Gamma Bomb Untouchable Glory AFM Thrash  
10-30 Grey Heaven Fall Black Wisdom Aesthetics of Devastation Extreme  
10-39 Gore Aberration Pathologic Noise Grehaze    
10-30 Hatchet* Fear Beyond Lunacy The End Thrash  
10-30 Hooded Menace* Darkness Drips Forth Relapse    
10-30 Horrendous Anareta Dark Descent Extreme  
10-30 Kerion Cloudriders Part II Technowars Inner Wound Sym  
10-30 Lunar Mantra Genesis -- E.P.   Black Amb  
10-30 Mansion Altar Sermon - E.P. Svart Heavy Doom  
10-30 Mass Graves Among the Serpents      
10-30 Matriarchs Scandalous Jointz Eulogy    
10-30 Millennial Reign Carry the Fire Ulterium Melodic Power  
10-30 Panopticon Autumn Eternal Nordvis Black Folk  
10-30 Perihelion Zeng Apathia Avant Pos Black  
10-30 Punisher Battle of Grace Kurong Tech Tharsh  
10-30 Satan* Atom by Atom Listenable NWOBHM  
10-30 Skindred* Volume Napalm    
10-30 Subsignal The Becons of Somewhere Sometime Golden Core Prog  
10-30 Sun Worship Elder Giants Golden Antenna Black  
10-30 Twitching Tongues* Disharmony   Thrash  
10-30 Verjnuarmu 1808   Melodic  
10-30 Viseral Throne Those who have Fallen Beyond the Grace of God - E.P. Comatose Death  
10-30 Waken Eyes Exodus Ulterium Prog  


Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
11-2 Chthonic Cult I Am the Scourge of Eternity   Extreme  
11-3 Serpent Lair Circumambulating The Stillborn   Black  
11-4 Reverence Gods of War Razar Ice Power  
11-5 Sergeant Thunderhoof Ride of the Hoof   Doom  
11-6 Armoros Pieces-  Re-issue 1998 High Roller Thrash  
11-6 Body Farm Battle Breed Cyclone Empire   Death  
11-6 Chastain We Bleed Metal Leviathan Heavy  
11-6 Devil You Know* They Bleed Red Nuclear Blast    
11-6 Eldritch Underlying Issues Scarlet Prog Power  
11-6 Extreme Noise Terror S/T Willowtip Grindcore  
11-6 Grumo Fallimento   Grind  
11-6 Invoker Aeon Non Seviam Melodic  
11-6 Killson In Limbo Rock of Angels    
11-6 Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall Kingdom of Rock Frontiers Heavy  
11-6 Mammouth Storm* Fornjot Napalm Doom  
11-6 Novelists Souvenirs Metalville    
11-6 Phase Reverse Youniverse III Rock of Angels    
11-6 Vanden Plas Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld Part 2 Frontiers Prog  
11-6 Vastum Hole Below 20 Buck Spin Death  
11-6 Witchsorrow  No Light, No Sorrow   Doom  
11-7 Gold  No Image Profound Lore   X- Devil's Blood
11-8 Hallowed Hands S/T Blue Bedroom Prog Post Black  
11-10 Corrosive Carcass Forsaken Lands Xtreem Death  
11-10 Pneuma Hagion III   Extreme  
11-10 Sons of Providence A Conscious End to Suffering   Doom  
11-11 Act of Worship Dominate Eradicate   Extreme  
11-11 Exquisite Pus Risen From the Void Xtreem Death  
11-11 Exterminas Dichotomy Satanath Black  
11-11 Goblin Hovel Blood mong the Leaves nd Water   Folk Doom  
11-11 Isegrim Rutjan Koski Black    
11-11 Khaotika The Flame Unleashed   Gothic  
11-11 Raglaia Creation Across Music Heavy  
11-11 Tangorodrim Defunct Pluto Doomentia Black  
11-11 Thaeon Mind Descent Firstborn Chaos Melodic  
11-13 Aeteros Riot of the Forgotten   Melodic  
11-13 Asylum Pyre Spirited Away Massacre Prog Power  
11-13 Bauda Sporelights Temple of Torturous Post  Folk  
11-13 Bode Presto Mystic Massacre BP Black  
11-13 Cerebric Turmoil Neural Net Meltdown Amputated Vein Tech Death  
11-13 Childrain Matheria Madito Melodic  
11-13 Deville Make it Belong to Us Smallstone Stoner  
11-13 Doom Tiger The Grippe   Doom  
11-13 Far West Battlefront Status Cross   Melodic Core  
11-13 Fireland The Time Traveler   Power  
11-13 Girlschool* Guilty As Sin UDR NWOBHM  
11-13 Ghost Machinery Evil Undertow Pure Legend Power  
11-13 Gloriam Dei The Covenant   Melodic Power  
11-13 Grave Pleasures Dreamcrash Metal Blade Rock  
11-13 Hegemon The Heirarch Season of Mist Black  
11-13 Jupiterian Aphotic Black Hole Doom  
11-13 Kalabanganz Xumandakapoclypse Black N Roll   Black n Roll  
11-13 Lythronax The Architect   Deathcore  
11-13 Mago de Oz Finisterra Opera Rock DRO Celtic  
11-13 Marius Danielsen's Legend of the Valley of Doom Crime Sym  
11-13 Megaton Destroyer of Worlds   Stoner  
11-13 Mirror S/T Metal Blade Heavy  
11-13 Mist of Nihil A Faint Aurora   Melodic  
11-13 Mortal Scepter As Time Sharpens the Sentence- E.P. Unspeakable Axe Thrash  
11-13 Mynded Dead End Paradise Sonic Revolution Thrash  
11-13 Neurotech Evasive  DK Sym Ind  
11-13 Nightfear Drums Of War Rock CD Heavy  
11-13 Obscure Oracle In Death We Trust - E.P.   Prog Death  
11-13 Otargos Xeno Kaos Kaotoxin Black  
11-13 Revenge Behold Total Rejection Season of Mist    
11-13 Revocation Summon the Spawn Metal Blade Thrash  
11-13 Revolted Masses Age of Descent Inverse Prog Extreme  
11-13 Reject The Sickness Chains of Solitude Mighty Core  
11-13 Sacred Few Beyond the Iron Walls -- 1985 Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
11-13 Sacrilege Behind the Realms of Madness - Reissue 1985 Relapse Crust  
11-13 Suntorn Symbiotic Polarity Ghastley Death  
11-13 Suotana Frostrealm   Melodic  
11-13 Swallow the Sun* Songs from the North I,II anb III Century Media Melodic  
11-13 Trans Siberin Orchestra* Letters from the Lbyrinth Lava Sym  
11-13 Varathron Confessionlal of the Black Penitents - E.P. Agonia Black  
11-13 Traitor Venomizer Violent Creek Thrash  
11-13 VHOD Dreamcleaver   Doom  
11-13 Zenith Reunion Enthrpy Violent Journey Heavy  
11-14 Camus Senderos de Libertad   Power  
11-14 Condition Red Tommorow Never Knows Lion Music Prog  
11-15 Inglorious Eternal Chaos Via Nocturna Black  
11-15 Mystery* Delusion Rain Unicorn Prog  
11-15 Our Oceans     Prog Exivious Members
11-15 Power of Mirantic The Conscience- Re Issue 2011 Interlude Sym  
11-15 Underling Bloodworship   Post Black  
11-15 Zloslut UTSNS Dark Chants Black  
11-17 Wifebeater Misogynist Evil Spell Heavy Speed  
11-17 Parius Saturnine   Melodic  
11-19 Selene The Forgotten   Symphonic  
11-20 All Them Witches Dying Surfer Meets His Maker New West  Heavy  
11-20 Awe Providentia Pulverized Black  
11-20 Dark Moor Project X Scarlet Power  
11-20 Dimesland Psychogenic Atrophy Crucial Blast Prog  
11-20 Diviner Fallen Empires Ulterium Heavy  
11-20 Dodsferd Waste of Life Moribund Black  
11-20 Dragony Shadowplay Limb Melodic Power  
11-20 Ephyra Along the Path Bakerteam Folk  
11-20 Firespawn* Shadows Realms   Death  
11-20 Hiems Cold Void Journer Moribund Black  
11-20 Imperia Tears of Silence Massacre Sym Gothic  
11-20 Phantsma The Deviant Hearts   Atmo Black  
11-20 Sekoria Im Reich Der Schatten Kernkraftritter Epic Black  
11-20 Signum Regis Chapter IV The Reckoning Ulterium Prog Power  
11-20 Solution .45* Nightmares AFM Melodic Thrash  
11-20 Turbid North* Eyes Alive   Death Groove  
11-20 Vingulmork Chiaroscuro Crime Thrash  
11-20 Wilt* Moving Monoliths Bindrune Black  
11-20 WOWS Aion      
11-27 Adrenechrome* Tales of the Adrenechrome   Stoner Thrash  
11-27 Broken Fate Bridge Between Massacre Melodic  
11-27 A Dark Orbit Inverted Basick    
11-27 Despite Exile Disperse Lifeforce    
11-27 Diavolos You Lived, You Die Hell Headbangers Death  
11-27 Enisum Arpitanian Lands   Black Amb  
11-27 Funeral Mantra Afterglow   Doom  
11-27 Furze Baphomet Wade   Exp Black  
11-27 Powers From Hell Devil's Whorehouse Hells Headbangers Black Speed  
11-27 Satan's Satyrs Don't Deliver uS Bad Omen Heavy Punk  
11-27 Saffire For the Greater Good Inner Wound Prog  
11-27 Serocs And When the Sky was Opened Comatose Tech Death  
11-27 Weeping Birth The Crushed Harmony Apathia Extreme  
11-27 Whiskey Ritual Blow with the Devil Art of Propanganda Black n Roll  
11-30 The A.X.E. Project Stories from the Lost Realm Part 2 Art Gates Gothic  
11-30 Demonic Slaughter Dark Paths to Catharsis Hass Weg Black  
11-30 Reviled Hateful and Blooshed Hateful Mind Death  
11-30 Lucifer's Fall Fuck you We're Lucifer"s Fall--E.P. Hammerheart Doom  
11-30 Morkesagn Where The Darkness Never Ends   Black  
11-30 Surge Assualt Lust and Misery Earthquake Terror Black Thrash  
11-30 Womb Deception Through Your Lies Solitude Atm Doom  


 Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
12-1 Despite My Deepest Fears Selfish Generation --E.P.      
12-1 Hammer Horde Fed to the Wolves Storm Surge Viking  
12-1 Reincarnation The Beginning of the End Xtreem Death  
12-1 Stielas Storhett Drownwards Wormholedeath Black  
12-3 Kvltist Catechesis WTC Black  
12-3 Sanzu Heavy over the Home   Deathcore  
12-4 Autopsy After The Cutting-  Compilation Peaceville Gore  
12-4 Divided Multitude S/T Indie Prog  
12-4 Ephyra Along the Path Bakersteam Folk  
12-4  Find Me Dark Angel Frontiers    
12-4 Ice Nine Killls Every Trick in the Book Fearless    
12-4 In Malice's Wake Light Upon The Wicked   Thrash  
12-4 Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson Terrorizing Telemarketing Metal Blade Comedy  
12-4 Khymera The Grand Design Frontiers Melodic Rock  
12-4 Power Theory Driven By Fear Pure Steel Heavy Power  
12-4 Psychotomy Antimonia Spew Death Thrash  
12-4 Ramleh Circular Time Crucial Blast    
12-4 Starblind Dying Son Pure Steel Heavy  
12-4 SUNN O))) Kannon Southern Lord Drone  
12-4 Vorna Ei valominua Seuraa Inverse Black Folk  
12-4 Withered Bones For the Ones I Love Blood and Ink    
12-7 Voltumna Disciplina Etrusca   Extreme  
12-8 Galneryus Under the Force of Courage   Neo Classic Power  
12-8 The NightFall Awakening      
12-9 Vellz Fire  Time to Revive   Heavy  
12-10 Sykelig Englen Hymn of the Dead Mjolnir Depressive Black  
12-11 Absesnt Minded Alight iMusician Doom  
12-11 Arcano Arconte Ultimum Moriens...   Black  
12-11 Antillia Ancient Forces Total Metal  Sym  
12-11 Black Velvet Band Pozoga Art of the Night Folk  
12-11 Blackwulf Oblivion Cycle Ripple Heavy Doom  
12-11 The Chronicles Project When Darkness Falls Power Prog Melodic Power  
12-11 Elizium S/T STF Doom  
12-11 Enterprise Earth Patient O Stay Sick    
12-11 Epic Death Witchcraft Bast Sym Extreme  
12-11 Graveshadow Nocturnal   Ressurection Mausoleum Symphonic  
12-11 Hanging Garden Blackout Whiteout Lifeforce Melodic  
12-11 The Hell Bruopia Prosthetic    
12-11 Instigator Bad Future -E.P. Gates of Hell Heavy Speed  
12-11 Kampfar Profan Indie Pagan  
12-11 Kind Rocket Science Ripple    
12-11 Lost Souls* Atlantis Apostasy tech Death  
12-11 Messenger Novastorm Massacre Speed  
12-11 Mortal Infinity Final Death Denied   Thrash  
12-11 Neuronia Under the Same Sky Dwaem Heavy Melodic  
12-11 Overlord SR Still Standing      
12-11 Overwind Level Complete Power Prog Heavy Prog  
12-11 The Mist Phantasmagoria -- Re-issue 1989 Greyhaze Thrash  
12-11 Scientist 101001100101      
12-11 Secrets Everything that Got Us Here Rise    
12-11 Sharky Sharky Super Awesome Mega Rock   Hard Rock  
12-11 Sons of Absolution The Beautiful Sin      
12-11 Spirits Way Deviod of Morality Godeater Death  
12-11 Spoken Breathe Again Artery    
12-11 Stone Healer He Who RIdes Immolated Horses   Prog Black  
12-11 Triddana* The Power & the Will Power Prog Folk Power  
12-11 Undawn Justice is... Melodic Groove    
12-11 Yellow Eyes Sick With Bloom Gilead    
12-12 Black Whispers Shades of Bleakness Satanath Dep Black  
12-12 Doom Machine Written In Stone   Heavy Doom  
12-12 Ellipse A' Nos Traitres Finisterian    
12-12 Froststarr Essenz   Black  
12-12 Narcotic To The Pyre   Death  
12-12 Pile Of Priests Void of Enlightenment   Death Tharsh  
12-12 Pyuria Cult of Vesalius RV Tech Death  
12-14 Morna Nuisance   Melodic  
12-14 Nidafjoll Endir   Sym Black  
12-14 Vader Future of the Past - Re-issue 1996 Witching Hour Death  
12-15 Acid Enema Misanthropic Visions Total Holocaust Black  
12-15 Ashen Horde Nine Plagues Mandol Prog Black  
12-15 Cyanosis Perpetuation of  Deggradation PER Death  
12-15 Lifestream Post Ecstatic Experience   Black  
12-15 Ordalie Mass of Perdition Engulfed in Darkness Death  
12-15 Raze Mankind's Heritage Susperia Thrash  
12-15 Stygmata A Test of Faith Tate Music Power  
12-16 Old Pagan Ogdrun Jarhar   Black  
12-17 DinUmbra Soul of a Galaxy Bestial Extreme Goth  
12-17 Sarcofago Die Hard Greyhaze Thrash Compilation
12-18 Baroness Purple Abraxen Doom  
12-18 Burn The Empire The Iconoclast --E.P.   Tech Death  
12-18 Dakhma Astiwihad   -E.P.   Extreme  
12-18 Hymenotomy's Some Necrophile Having Sex with Naked Autopied Bodie in the Morgue Extreme    
12-18 Jack Frost Melaina Chole Gloom Rock Gothic  
12-18 Monolithe Epsilpn Aurigae Debemur Morti Fun Doom  
12-20 Blackthorn Witch Cult Ternion SMR Extreme Goth  
12-20 Dimlight The Lost Chapters Sliptrick Dark Goth  
12-20 Thrashfire Vengeance of Fire Xtreem Thrash  
12-21 Bloodlash Rain - E.P. Inverse Prog Death  
12-21 Grim Ravine S/T - E.P.   Doom  
12-21 Shivers Addiction Choose Your Prison   Heavy  
12-24 Kult Mogil  Anxiety Never Descending Pagan  Death  
12-25 Gravewurm Doomed to Eternity Hell Headbangers Extreme  
12-26 Deprisofisty Winter Moon - Re-issue 2011 Depressive Illusions Black Doom  
12-26 Disregard Isolation   Death  
12-27 Axe Giant Skull Divorse - E.P.   Post Doom  
12-27 Jengloth S/T Brute Prod Grindcore  
12-27 Mattugur Moonwand - E.P.   Melodic  
12-27 Plague Into the Abyss - E.P. Dark Noiz Black  
12-28 Ghoulish Kalku Rotten Cemetary Death  
12-29 The Fading Till Life Do Us Part   Melodic  
12-30 Dendritic Arbor Sentient Village/ Obsolescent Garden   Black Noise  
12-30  Epitaph Seeming Salvation - Re - issue 1992 Dark Symphonies Death  
12-30 Fasiq Para Penjilat Korporasi Self Mind Thrash  
12-30 Gorepot In Pot We Trust Brutal Mind Death  
12-30 Mother Witch & Dead Water Ghost  Ruins of Faith Domestic Genocide Doom  
12-30 Undercroft Twisted Souls -Re-issue1995 Dark Symphonies Death Thrash  
12-30 Xibalba Itaes Ah Tza! - E.P. Nuclear War Now Black