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5-5 Left to Die Tour in July
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4-12 Hypocrisy live in May
4-12 The Aristocrats live in July
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4-12 Robert Plant Tour
4-12 Elder Live in August
4-11 Gwar live in June
4-10 August Burns Red  Tour in August
4-7 Terror Live in May
4-6 Infected Rain Tour
4-4 Veil Of Maya live in May
4-4 Primitive Man Tour
4-2 As I Lay Dying Tour Dates
4-2 Weedeater Tour in April/ May
4-1 VoiVod  Tour in June
4-1 Behemoth and Arch Enemy
3-3- Black Label Society Live
3-31 Deer Hunter Live in April
3-31 AFM Records Update
3-29 Allegaeon Tour in June
3-25 June Tour with Anvil
3-22 May Tour with Origin
3-22 Carcass Tour in May
3-22 Bewitcher Tour in April
3-12 Thank You Scientist Tour in June
3-11 Leprous Tour in March
3-7 Opeth and Mastodon Live
3-8 Death Nexus Fest
3-7 Napalm Records Update
3-4 My June Tour with Thy Art is Murder
3-3 My Tour with Municipal Waste
2-26 Monolord Tour in March
2-17 June Tour with Windhand
2-15 Omnium Gatherum Tour in  February
2-13  2021 Top Albums of 2021
2-13 April May Tour Devastation of the Nation
2-13 May June Tour with Rivers of Nihil
2-13 Obituary Tour In March/ April
2-12 Dark Tranquility Tour in February
2-11 Origin Tour in May
2-10 Cognitive Tour in April
2-1 Updated Metalfest Page
2-1 Gojira and Def Tones in April- May
1-28 Riverside Tour in April
1-23 Animals as Leaders Tour in April
1-16 Ragefest Tour Dates in March/ April
1-16 Feb - March  Tour with Underoath
1-15 March Tour Featuring Wake
1-12 Megadeth Live in April - May
1-12 March April Tour with Dragonforce
1-11 April May Tour with Amorphis
1-7 Igorrr Tour Date
1-6 Meshuggah Tour in Feb- March
1-5 Wednesday 13 Tour Dates
1-5 Dream Theater Tour Dates
1-3 March- April Tour With The Darkness
12-31 Jan Feb Tour  Burial in the Sky
12-30- Lorna Shore Added to the page
12-27 March Tour with Overkill and Prong
12-25 Feb March Tour with Soulfly
12-19 Feb March Tour with Steve Vai
12-19 Feb - March tour with Nile
12-19 Feb - March tour with Cannibal Corpse
12-19 Feb - March tour with The Sword
12-19 Obituary Tour in January
12-18 Mayhem and Waain Live
12-16 Uncle Acid live in March/ April
12-16 End Tour in March
12-16 February/ March Tour with Zombi
12-16 Code Orange Tour in April
12-15 John 5 live in April/ May
12-14 February Tour with  Cattle Decapitation  12-10 Immolation February Tout
12-9 Jan Feb tour with Fit for an Autopsy
12-5 Jan/ Feb Tour with August Burns Red
12-5 March April Tour with Sepultura
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Helloween – Incendium Online
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1-15 Agonia 


The Harbinger
Matt Wolfe Former Byzantine drummer
Eric Wagner
William Mecum
Paulo Turin
Lars-Göran Petrov
Rich Lipscomb
Passed away on 1-7-2020 The King of Drumming Neal Peart R.I.P.1-7 2020
Timi "Grabber" Hansen
Reed Mullin
Richard Brunelle

Tony Särkkä aka It

Peter Hobbs
Erik Lindmark
Earl Root
Dimebag and Peter
Ralph Santolla
Fabiano Penna
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Evil Chuck
Quorthon from Bathory
Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum
Gary Driscoll
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
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Dio and Mr. Columbus
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Nattdal B Jonas Lars Bergqvist


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July album release date's

Date Band Release Label Type Notes
7-1 Dawn of a Dark Age Dawn of a Dark Age Independent Black  
7-1 Death Vomit Gutted by Horrors Xtreem Death  
7-1 Drunk Dad Ripper Killer      
7-1 Electric Citizen Sateen Easyrider    
7-1 Eternal Oblivion* Human Fields Horror Pain Gore Death Death Thrash  
7-1 Everytime I Die From Parts Unknown Epitaph Hardcore  
7-1 Save the Clock Tower Wastleland Bullet Tooth    
7-1 Sylvatica Evil Seeds Independent Folk  
7-1 Unbeing* Raptus/ E.P.   Prog  
7-1 Unfathomable Ruination Idiosyncratic Sevared Brutal Death  
7-4 Origin* Omnipresent  Nuclear Blast Tech Death  
7-4 Abigail's Ghost Unmastered/ E.P. Aesperus Prog  
7-4 Sonic Syndicate S/T Nuclear Blast Modern  
7-4 Steel Prophet* Omniscient Cruz Del Sur Power  
7-4 Tarja* Left in the Darl earMusic Symphonic Live
7-8 68* In Humor & Sadness Eone    
7-8 Amberian Dawn* Magic Forest Napalm Symphonic  
7-8 Athanatos Unholy Union Iron Bonehead Extreme  
7-8 Connoisseur Stoner Justics/ E.P. Independent Punk Sludge  
7-8 Chelsea Grin Ashes to Ashes Razor & Tie Core  
7-8 Conquering Dystopia* S/T Century Media Prog Jeff Loomis, Alex Webster, Alex Rudlinger
7-8 Corruption Devil's Share Metal Mind Doom  
7-8 Distorted Harmony Chain Reation Independent Prog  
7-8 English Dogs The Thing with Two Heads Candlelight Crossover Punk  
7-5\8 Exordium Mors The Apotheosis of Death Hells Vomit Extreme  
7-8 Goatwhore* Constricting Rage Metal Blade    
7-8 Hand Guns Life Lessons Pure Noise    
7-8 Hard Riot Blackened Heart Pitch Black    
7-8 Hate Division Order of the Enslaved Blast Head Deathgrind  
7-8 Hell Groovehammer Prosthetic Crossover  
7-8 Hollywood Monsters Big Trouble Mausoleum    
7-8 Ion Vein S/T Mortal Music Prog Power  
7-8 Islander Violence and Destruction Victory Alternative  
7-8 Judas Priest Redeemer of Souls Epic Heavy Power  
7-8 Lawrence's Creation Drop Zone Horror pain gore death Prog  
7-8 Ministry Last Tangle in Paris/ Live   Industrial  
7-8 Monuments* The Amanuensis Century Media Core  
7-8 Mortals* Cursed to see the Future Relapse Sludge punk   
7-8 Motionless in White Reincarnate Fearless    
7-8 My Iron Lung Relief Pure Noise    
7-8 Origin* Omnipresent Nuclear Blast Tech Death  
7-8 Otherwise Darker Side of the Moon Century Media Rock  
7-8 Pelican Arktica Oblique Prog  
7-8 The Relapse Symphony * Shadows Standby Core  
7-8 Rude Total Recall FDA Death  
7-8 Scars of Tomorrow Failed Transmissions Artery Core  
7-8 Serdce* Timelessness Blood Music Prog Death  
7-8 Starset Transmissions Razor& Tie    
7-8 Stigmhate Zodacare Od Zodameranu Bakerteam Black  
7-8 Ultramantis Black* S/T Relapse    
7-8 Valley of the Sun Electric Talonsof the Thunderhawk Red Stoner Rock  
7-8 Vintersorg* Naturbal Napalm Folk  
7-8 Ted Nugent Shut Up and Jam Frontier Rock  
7-8 Terminal Death Demo Shadow Kingdom Death  
7-8  Tim Bowness* Abandoned Dancehall Dreams Inside Out Prog  
7-8 Veni Domine Light Massacre    
7-8 Wolves in the Throne Room Celestite Artemisia Black  
7-8 Wolvhammer Clawing into the Black Sun Profound Lore Black Punk  
7-8 Zone Zero The Lost Legacy Shadow Kingdom    
7-11 Steel Porphet Omniscient Cruz Del Sur Power  
7-13 Calling all Astronauts Hands Up Who Wants to Die?      
7-13 SpaceWaster Whatever,Forever      
7-14  Livin Garden Bring it On DigMetalworld Thrash  
7-15 Anberlin Lowborn Tooth and Nail    
7-15 Ancient Altar S/T      
7-15 Angist Circle of  Suffering Abyss Death  
7-15 Betraying the Martyrs Phantom Sumerian    
7-15 Coffinborn Beneath the Cemetery/ E.P.      
7-15 Grave Digger Return of the Reaper Napalm  Power  
7-15 Hollow Mordrake   Melodic  
7-15 I The Breather The Reaper Sumerian Metalcore  
7-15 Korn The Paradigm   Hard Rock  
7-15 Novembers Doom* Bled White The End Melodic  
7-15 Rise Against The Black Market Interscope    
7-15 Suicide Silence You can't stop Me Nuclear Blast Deathcore  
7-15 Unaussprechlichen Kulten Baphomet Pan Shub   Death  
7-15 Volumes No Sleep INGROOVES    
7-15 Vuyvr Incinerated Gods Throatruner Black  
7-18 Age Of Artemis The Waing Hour Power Prog Melodic Power  
7-18 Amberian Dawn* Magic Forest Napalm    
7-18 Bowl  Ethereal S/T      
7-18 Blut As Nord / P.H.O.B.O.S Triunity Red    
7-18 Defilementory The Dismal Ascension Torture Music Death  
7-18 Keitzer Last Defence Fda Grindcore  
7-18 Monolithe Monolithe Zero Debemur Morti Doom  
7-21 Downset One Blood Hardcore Rap    
7-21 Exxxekutioner Fear the Priest/ E.P. Ulthar Thrash  
7-21 Nidsang Into the Womb of Desolving Flames Pulverized Black  
7-21 Vile Regression Empires Independent Deathcore  
7-22 Anberlin Lowborn Tooth and Nail    
7-22 Bastard Feast Osculum In Flame Season of Mist Exteme Sludge  
7-22 Corrupt Moral Altar   Season of Mist Grindcore  
7-22 Crown of Empire Resistence Rise    
7-22 The Dagger S/T Century Media Hard Rock Heavy Metal Fred Estby
7-22 Dog Fashion Disco Sweet Nothings Rotten    
7-22 Electric Funeral Total Funeral   Doom  
7-22 Empyrium Turn of the Tides Prophecy Dark Sym  
7-22 Entrails Ressurection from the Grave Metal Blade Death  Demo Collection
7-22 Fallujah* Flesh Prevails Unique Leader Tech Death Core  
7-22 Forevermore Telos Solid State    
7-22 Fozzy Do You want to Start a War Century Media Rock  
7-22 Hed Pe* Evolution Pavement Hardcore  
7-22 Ill Nino Till Death La Familia Victory    
7-22 King of Asgard* Karg Metal Blade Viking  
7-22 Knifeworld The Unravelling Inside Out    
7-22 Martydod* Elddop Southern Lord    
7-22  Midnight Masses* Departures Superball   Autry Fulbright and Jason Reece 
722 Monarch Sabracadver Profound Lore Doom  
7-22 Mutilation Rites Harbringer Prosthetic Extreme  
7-22 Norilsk Japetus   Doom  
7-22 Omnihility Deathscape of the Subconscious Unique Leader Tech Death  
7-22 Overkill* White Devil Armory Eone Thrash  
7-22 Rage Nucleaire Blackstar of Voilence Season of Mist Extreme  
7-22 Rough Boys Blood, Booze and Gasoline   Punk Thrash  
7-22 Schammasch Contradiction Prosthetic Black  
7-22 Silent Screams Hope for Now Artery Deathcore  
7-22 Varga  Return of Metal   Groove  
7-22 Yes Heaven & Earth Frontiers Prog Rock  
7-22 War of Ages Supreme Chaos Facedown    
7-22 We Have A Ghost We Have A Ghost      
7-22 Within the Ruins* Phenomen Eone Deathcore  
7-25 AOV Act of Violence Independent    
7-25 Disfiguring  Jenova Disfiguring  Jenova/ E.P.      
7-25 Ichabod Crane Day of Reckoning Pure Steel Death Thrash  
7-25 Origin Of Zed Origin Of Zed Aural Attack Thrash Death  
7-25 Suidakra Emprise to Avalon/ Re-issue 2002 AFM Folk  
7-25 Taatsi Amidst the Trees Forever Plauged Black  
7-26 Mongol Chosen by Tengri Independent Melodic Folk  
7-26 Srednep Silence/ E.P. Psycllown    
7-28 Voodoo Gods Renaissance of Retribution   Death Corpsegrinder, Alex Voodoo, Seth Van De Loo
7-29 AdelitasWay Stuck      
7-29 Demonic Resurrection Demon King   Extreme  
7-29 I Omega Transients   Prog  
7-29 Invidiosus Malignant Universe   Death  
7-29 Long Distance Calling Nighthawk E.P.   Prog  
7-29  Motorhead Aftershock/ Re-ssue UDR Hard Rock  
7-29 Night By Night Nxn Sun Hill Neo Thrash  
7-29 Planethard Now Scarlet Melodic Rock  
7-29 S.O.S. Strength and Conditioning      
7-29 Unbreakable Knockout Dark Star Rock  
7-29 Theory of a Deadman saVarges Roadrunner    


Date Band Release Label Type Notes
? Heartist  Skeletons Roadrunner    
8-1 Cemetary Fog Towards the Gates Iron Bonehead ?  
8-1 Gnosis of the Witch E.P. Iron Bonehead Black  
8-1 Kaine The Waystone Independent Heavy  
8-1 Star Insight Messera Inverse Melodic Power  
8-4 Einherjer Nidstrong      
8-5 Alestorm* Sunset on the Golden Age Napalm Power Folk  
8-5 Belphegor* Conjuring the Dead Nuclear Blast Extreme  
8-5 Big Bad Cloud Lessons in Fuck You 2      
8-5 Black Trip Goin Under Prosthetic Heavy  
8-5 Bolzer Soma/ E.P Invictus Extreme  
8-5 Blues Pills S/T Nuclear Blast Blues Rock  
8-5 Brimstone Coven* S/T Metalblade Stoner  
8-5 Capture the Crown Reign of Terror Artery    
8-5 Columns Please Explode Relapse Deathcore  
8-5 The Darkest Hour S/T Sumerian Thrash Core  
8-5 Eluveitie* Origins Nuclear Blast Folk  
8-5 Entombed A.D. Back to the Front Century Media   L.G. Petrov
8-5 Godsmack 1000hp Spinefarm    
8-5 Hercyn All this Suffering is not Enough   Black Folk  
8-5 Holy Tongues Weak People      
8-5 John Garcia*  S/T Napalm Hard Rock  
8-5 Kix Rock your Face Off Loud and Proud Rock  
8-5 Mastodon Remission- Re-issue Relapse    
8-5 Mouth of the South Struggle Well Facedown    
8-5 Mutilated Veterans Necro Crust Warhead/E.P. Hellheadbangers Deathcrust  
8-5 Natchmystium World We Left Behind Century Media Narc Black  
8-5 Pathology Throne of  Reign   Death  
8-5 Saturn Ascending ( Live in Space) Rise Above    
8-5 Spiral Shades Hypnosis Sessions Riding Easy    
8-5 To Set Ablaze The Life we Lead Autumn +Colour    
8-5 Varden Enjoy the Deep Sadness Moribund Black  
8-5 Wovenwar* S/T Metal Blade Core  
8-6 Abysmal Lord Storms of Unholy Black Mass Hells Headbangers Extreme  
8-6 Provoke Destroy Vulture Indianola    
8-8 Emil Bulls Sacrifice to Venus AFM    
8-8 Protokult* No Beer in Heaven   Prog Folk  
8-8 Shaved Women Just Death      
8-10 Freedom and Pain S/T      
8-12 Blackwitch Pudding Covered in Pudding Vol 1 Independent Doom  
8-12 Diskord Oscillations Independent Death  
8-12 Dying Out Flame Shiva Rudrasyakam Xtreem Death  
8-12 Ending Quest Summoning FDA Death  
8-12 Evil United Honored by Fire MVD   Jason McMaster, T.C.Connally, John Valenzuala and Don Van Stavern
8-12 Fractured Spine Memoirs of a Shattered Mind Inverse Gothic Death  
8-12 Funerary Starless Aeon      
8-12 Grifter The Return of the Bearded Brethren 1-800 Prime CD    
8-12 Heartist Feeding Fiction Roadrunner    
8-12 John 5 Careful with that Axe 60 Cycle Hymn Prog  
8-12 Morgoth God Is Evil/ 7 inch Century Media    
8-12 Ommadon V Dry Cough Doom  
8-12 Rabbits Untoward      
8-12 Sacrocurse Unholier Master Hells Headbangers Extreme  
8-12 Twitching Tongues World War Live Closed Casket Activities Doom  
8-12 Unisonic Light of Dawn Eagle Prog Power  
8-12 Upon A Burning Body The World is my Enemy Now Sumerian    
8-12 Zgard Contemplation Svarga Pagan Black  
8-12  Those who bring the Torture Piling Up Selfmadegod Gridcore  
8-13 Accept Blind Rage Nuclear Blast Heavy  
8-15 Cerebus Hallelujah      
8-15 Dictated The Deceived Metal Blade Death  
8-15 Nicolas Waldo Master of the Universe Lion Prog  
8-15 Rogues World Beater/ E.P.      
8-18 Crucifyre Black Magic Fire Pulverized Death  
8-18 Dragonforce Maximum Overload Metal Blade Prog Power  
8-18 Guns Out At Sundown Battlefields Independent    
8-18 Mike Tramp Museum      
8-18 Nervochaos The Art of Vengeance Cogumelo Death  
8-19 Ace Frehley Space Invader eOne Rock  
8-19 Arcania Totalitarian Dystopia Unique Leader    
8-19 American Coping with Loss   Black Doom  
8-19 Big Engine* Shot Like a Rocket Pavement Rock  
8-19 Black Trip Goin Under Prosthetic Rock  
8-19 Botanist VI Flora      
8-19 Buckcherry Fruck / E.P.   Rock  
8-19 Cardinal's Folly* Our Cult Continues Shadowkingdom Doom  
8-19 Cemetary Lust Orgies of Abomination Hells Headbangers Black Thrash  
8-19 Children of Technology Future Decay Hell's Headbangers Speed Thrash  
8-19 Coliseum Deluxe Reissue Deathwish    
8-19 Colombian Necktie Twilight Upon Us Independent    
8-19 Cross Examination Dawn of the Dude  E.P. Organized Crime Crossover  
8-19 Egypt Central Murde in the French Quarter Fat Lady Alternative Metal  
8-19 Eosphorus Winds of Apep Wormhole Death Melodic Black  
8-19 Darkness Divided Written In Blood Another Victory    
8-19 Deadlock The Re-Arrival Napalm Melodic  
8-19 Dictated The Deceived Metal Balde Death  
8-19 Dying Out Flame

Shiva Rudrastakam

Xtreem Tech Death  
8-19 Empire Auriga Ascending the Solar Throne Moribund Ambient Industrial  
8-19 Enceladus Journey to Enlightenment Independent Power  
8-19 Enskye Winds of  Apep      
8-19 Everyone Dies in the End All Things Lead to This      
8-19 Ghast Dread Doom Ruin Black Doom    
8-19 Grausig Gods Replicated Colours Extreme  
8-19 Grinder Blues S/T Megaforce   Doug Pinnick
8-19 Halcyon Way Conquer NightmareProg Prog  
8-19 He Is Legend Heavy Fruit Tragic Hero Rock  
8-19 Hemina Nebulea Bird's Robe Prog Metal  
8-19 Hieroslyph Freefall  E.P.      
8-19 Infestum Monument of Exalted Fono Pagan Black  
8-19 Johnny Touch Inner City Wolves Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
8-19 King 810 Memoirs of  a Murderer Roadrunner    
8-19 Nocturnal Poisoning Doomgrass      
8-19 Pall Bearer* Foundations of Burden Profound Lore Doom  
8-19 Passion For Sorrow Rotting Immortality   Gothic Death  
8-19 Principality of Hell Fire and Brimstone World Terror Black Thrash  
8-19 Proselyte Our Vessel's in Need  E.P. Teenage Disco Bloodbath Doom  
8-19 Provocator Antikristus Moribund Black  
8-19 Punch They Dont have to Believe Deathwish    
8-19 Sacrocurce Unholier Master Hell's Headbangers Extreme  
8-19 Six String Slaughter Born Unspoiled Horror Pain Gore Death Death  
8-19 Sleeping Giant Finished People Century Media Core  
8-19 Sloth Herder/ Horde of the Eclipse Split   Gridcore  Black  
8-19 Take Over and Destroy Vacant Face   Black Sludge  
8-19 Theosis S/T    E.P.      
8-19 Those Who Bring You TortureTheosis Piling Up selfmadegod Death Grind  
8-19 Trioscapes Digital Dream Sequence Metal Blade Prog  
8-20 Funeral Horse Sinister Rites of the Master Artificial Head Stoner  
8-21 Edge of Haze Illumine      
8-21 Konkeror The Abysmal Horizons Lacerated Enemy Prog Death  
8-21 Trauma Demo and Live tracks 1996/97 Playload Death  
8-22 Circle II Cicle Live at Wacken   Power  
8-22 Overdrive The Final Nightmare      
8-22 Project Terror Conquistador      
8-25 Amy Lee and Dave Eggar Aftermath 110 Records Rock  
8-25 Famous Last Words Council of the Dead InVogue    
8-25 Machinae Phantom Shadow Spinefarm    
8-25 Wolf* Devil Seed Century Media Heavy  
8-26 Asia High Voltage   Prog Rock CD/DVD
8-26 Along Came A Spider Resurgence Standby Melodic core  
8-26  A Midnight Tragedy* Life Under Infinite Sorrow AMT Modern  
8-26 Bastard Sapling Instinct is Forever Gilead Media Black  
8-26 Blackwolfgoat Drone Maintenance Small Stone    
8-26 Daarchlea Suns Independent Sym Death  
8-26 Decaying New Order E.P.      
8-26 Display of Decay Outbreak of Infection/E.P.   Death  
8-26 Force of Darkness Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness Hel Headbabgers Black Thrash  
8-26 Heat Labyrinth This Charming    
8-26 Helsott Woven Independent Folk Thrash  
8-26 Monsterworks Overhaul Casket Death Thrash  
8-26 Opeth Pale Communion Roadrunner Prog  
8-26 Perceptionist Evolve      
8-26 Thousand Foot Krutch Oxygen: Inhale TFK Nu Metal  
8-26 Voyag3r Doom Fortress Battle Chamber Music    
8-26 Sea Of Bones Earth Wants us Dead- 2013   Sludge Doom  
8-27 Riot V Unleash the Fire SPV Heavy  
8-29 Astral Doors  Notes from the Shadows Metalville     
8-29 Midnight No Mercy for Mayhem Hell's Headbangers Black Speed  
8-29 Miseo Lunatic Confessions Blacksmith Death  
8-29 Neopera* Destined Ways earMUSIC Symphonic  
8-29 Phil Rudd Head Job   Rock  
8-29 Sloths Twenty Years -E.P.      
8-29 Solace of Requiem Casting Ruin Visisolom Extreme  


Date Band Release Label Type Notes
9-1 Aphyxion Earth Entangled Mighty Death  
9-1 Horned Almighty World of Tombs Scarlet Black  
9-1 Oecist XVIII LIII- E.P Crowquill    
9-1 Siberean Modern Age Mausoleum      
9-1 Striker City of Gold   Napalm  
9-1 Vermin Womb Permanence- E.P.   Extreme  
9-2 9Electric Control-E.P.   Industrial Rock  
9-2   Aeon Zen Ephemera Nightmare Prog  
9-2 Autumn's Dawn Gone Eisenwald Depr Black  
9-2 Axel Rudi Pell* Into the Storm SPV Power  
9-2 Black Dawn Until we Meet      
9-2 Black Tongue Falsifier  E.P. -Re-issue Soar    
9-2 Black Tongue Born Hanged Soar    
9-2 Blood of Kingu Dark Star on the Right Horn of the Cresent Moon Season of Mist Black  
9-2 Bloodsoaked Religious Apocalypse/ E.P. COMATOSE Tech Death  
9-2 Brute Forcz Out for Bloos/ Re-issue 2012 Pure Steel    
9-2 Burzum The Ways of Yore      
9-2 Code Orange I Am King Deathwish Metalcore  
9-2 The Color Morale Hold on Pain Ends Fearless Post  
9-2 Dark Fortress* Venereal Dawn Century Media Black  
9-2 Earth Primitive and Deadly Southern Lord Doom  
9-2  Emblazoned Eucharistia Sacramentum Deepsend Extreme  
9-2 Empress A.D. Still Life Moving Fast Roadrunner Prog  
9-2 Extincintion A.D. Plague Prophecy Good Fight    
9-2 Faithsedge The Answer of Insanity Scarlet Prog  
9-2 Hammerfall* (r)Evolution Nuclear Blast Power  
9-2 The Haunted* Exit Wounds Century Media Thrash  
9-2 Horned Almighty World of Tombs Scarlet Black  
9-2 Incite* Up In Hell Minus Head   Richie Cavalera 
9-2 Krieg Transient Candlelight Black  
9-2 The King Is Blind The Deficiencies Mordgrimm Melodic  
9-2 Meridian Awful Truth Victory    
9-2 Nethermost Noetic Horror Pain Gore Death Melodic  
9-2 The New Jacobin Soldiers of the Mark   Punk  
9-2 Nostril Caverns Inside the Cell/ The Dying's  Last Breath   Tech Grind  
9-2 Pig Heart Transplant For Mass Consumption 20 Buck Spin Brutal Ind  
9-2 Rightous Vendetta Defiance/ E.P.      
9-2 Set And Setting A Vivid Memory Prosthetic Post  
9-2 Shards of Humanity Fractured Frequencies Unspeakable Axe Death Thrash  
9-2 Solstafir Otta Season Of Mist Post  
9-2 Sorxe Surrounded by Shadows      
9-2 The Tea Party The Ocean at the End Sony Prog Rock  
9-2 Vermin Womb  Permanence E.P   Deathgrind  
9-2 Where Giants Once Stood Live Above/ E.P.   Core  
9-2 Wolf* Devil Seed Century Media Heavy  
9-2 YOB* Clearing a path to Ascend Neurot Doom  
9-3 The Sabbathian Ritual  Rites Svart Doom  
9-3 Veilburner The Three Lightbearers CDbaby  Extreme  
9-5 Jonne S/T Playground Music    
9-5 Kissin Dynamite Megalomania AFM    
9-5 Onheil Storm is Coming Cyclone Empire Heavy Thrash  
9-5 Round Eleven Round 2 Lifeforce    
9-5 Septycal Gorge* Scourge of Formless Breed   Tech Death  
9-8 Ascended Dead Arcane Malevolence Independent Death  
9-8 Autumn's Dawn Gone Eisenwald Black  
9-8 Funerus Return of the Goat Forever Plagued Black  
9-8 Godhunter/ Secrets of the Sky Ghostsplits   Doom  
9-8 Kurnugia Tribulations of the Abyss Dismal Death  
9-8 Obzidian Damned Eternal Casket Prog Thrash Death  
9-8 Phobia Grindcore   Grindcore  
9-8 The Scintilla Project The Hybrid UDR    
9-8 Steak* Slab  City Napalm Southern Doom  
9-9 ASound of Thunder The Lesser Key of Solomon Mad Neptune Trad Power  
9-9 Bullet Storm of Blades Nuclear Blast Rock   
9-9 HOD Book Of The Worm  Artic Extreme  
9-9 In Flames  Siren Charms Epic    
9-9 Megatron Leviathan Past 21 Beyond the Artic Cell Seventh Rule Drone Doom  
9-9 The Order of Israfel* Wisdom Napalm    
9-9 Pord Wild      
9-9 Project Arcadia A Time of Changes Nightmare    
9-9 Striker* City of Gold Napalm Power Heavy  
9-9 Thadeus Gonzalez Utopian Society      
9-12 AEvvangelist Writhes in the Murk Debe morti Extreme  
9-12 Albez Duz The Coming Of Mictlan Archiac Gothic Doom  
9-12 Martyvore  Malevolent Desolation Die Toderune Extreme  
9-12 Nothgard Age of Pandora SMP Melodic/ Pagan  
9-12 Stallion Rise and Ride High Roller Speed  
9-12 Subterranean Masquerade The Great Bizaar    Exp Melodic  
9-15 Abusiveness Bramy Nawii Arachnophobia Black  
9-15 Black Moth Condemned to Hope New Heavy Sounds Doom  
9-15 Calm Hatchery Fading Reliefs selfmadegod Death  
9-15 Crucified Barbara In the Red Despotz Hard Rock  
9-15 Emeth Aethyr Xtreem Death  
9-15 Darkenhlod Castellum Those Opposed Black  
9-15 iamthemorning Belighted kscope Prog  
9-15 Sepultura Alive at Rock in Rio   Thrash  
9-16 Algebra Feed the Ego Unspeakable Axe Thrash  
9-16 All Them Witches Lightning at the Door Independent    
9-16 Anthrax Chile on Hell   Thrash DVD/ CD
9-16 Antropomorphia Rites Ov Perversion Metal Blade Death  
9-16 Autumn's Dawn Gone Eisenwald Black  
9-16 Bloodtruth* Obedience Unique Leader Death  
9-16 The Body Politic* Egressor- E.P.      
9-16 Brainoil* Brainoil Life is Abuse Doom  
9-16 Bunker 66 Screaming Rock Believers High Roller Black Thrash  
9-16 Cannibal Corpse* A Skeletal Domain Metal Blade Gore  
9-16 Colossus Badlands Facedown    
9-16 The Contotionist* Language Eone Progcore  
9-16 Death Penalty S/T Rise Above Heavy Doom Gaz Jennings
9-16 Dead Mountain Mouth Viae - E.P.   Prog Avant  
9-16 Decapitated Blood Mantra Nuclear Blast Death  
9-16 Freak Kitchen Cooking With Pagans Laser's Edge Prog  
9-16 Flyleaf Between the Stars Loud & Proud Hard Rock  
9-16 Gust S/T      
9-16 Hands Like Houses Reimagine Rise Above    
9-16 Ides of Gemini Old World New Wave Neurot    
9-16 Ingurgitating Oblivion* Continuum of Absence Willowtip Death  
9-16 Iron Reagan*  The Tyranny Of Will Relapse Crossover Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour Members
9-16 Lago Tyranny Battleground Death  
9-16 Majestic Downfall / The Slow Death Split   Doom  
9-16 Malpractice Turning Tides Sensory Prog  
9-16 Mortuus Grape ont he Vine Metal Hit Black  
9-16 Motionless in White Reincarnate Fearless Metalcore  
9-16 Myrkur Nattens Barn Relapse Dark  
9-16 Noctem Exilium Prosthetic Extreme  
9-16 Num Skull Ritually Abused Relapse    
9-16 Obey the Brave Salvation Epitaph Core  
9-16 Obscure Burial Ephiphany Independent Extreme  
9-16 Old Wounds Death Projection- E.P Good Food Fight    
9-16 Ophis Abhorrence in Opulence Cyclone Empire Melodic  
9-16 Philm Fire from the Evening Sun UDR    
9-16 Redemption Live from the Pit Sensory Prog  
9-16 Red Zone Rider S/T Magna Carta   Vinny Moore, Kelly Keeling and Scot Coogan
9-16 Reverorum ib Malacht De Mysteriis Dom Christi Metal hit Dark Black  
9-16 Sepultura Sepultura and Les Tambours du Bronx Eagle Rock Thrash  
9-16 Teen Death Crawling/ E.P. 6131    
9-16 Siftercide S/T Nailjar    
9-16 Society Sucker E.P. Get This Right    
9-16 Sons of Crom Riddle of Steel Dedemur Morti Epic Doom  
9-16 Texas in July Bloodwork Equal Vision    
9-16 Tyrant's Kall Dagon- Re-issue/2012   Death Doom  
9-16 Unaussprechlichen Kulten Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath Dark Descent Death  
9-16 Villainy Vilainy I   Black Thrash  
9-16 Zodiac Sonic Child Prosthetic Blues Rock  
9-19 Thomsen Unbroken Artist Station Trad Power  
9-19 Threshold For the Journey Nuclear Blast Prog  
9-21 Destroying Divinity Hollow Dominion Lavadome Death  
9-22 Disasterhate Mirroring the Abyss Club Inferno Thrash Death  
9-22 Energumen Void Spiritualism   Extreme Demo
9-22 Falloch This Island, Our Funeral Candlelight    
9-23 Aages Above & Down Below Mylene Sheath Alternative  
9-23 Affiance Blackout Bullet Tooth    
9-23 Beak Let Time Begin   Doom  
9-23 Burn Halo Wolves of War   Alternative  
9-23 Charm City Devils Battles The End Rock  
9-23 Divider All Barren      
9-23 LostPray That's Why      
9-23 Mr. Big Stories we could Tell   Rock  
9-23 Pulvis Et Umbra Implosion of Pain Pavement Deathcore  
9-23 The Well Samsara   Doom  
9-23 Work of Art Framework Frontiers    
9-26 The Family Ruin Dearly Departed KBB Rock  
9-26 Chania Dageraad Con Souling Sound Post Doom  
9-26 Deaf Dealer Journey Into Fear/ 1987 Cult Metal Classics    
9-26 Deep Purple Graz 1975 / Live earMusic Rock Mk 3 Line up
9-26 Dire Peril Queen of the Galaxy / E.P. Dead Inside Power/ Thrash  
9-26 Eden Circus Marula Lifeforce    
9-26 Meshuggah I -Re-issue Nuclear Blast Djent  
9-26 Mike Lepond's Silent Assassins S/T   Heavy Power Mike Lepond (Symphony X)
9-27 Daydream XI The Grand Disguise Prog Power Prog Power  
9-27 Quartered Eyes and Ears      
9-29 Aghast All the Rage      
9-29 Ancestral Legacy Terminal Femme Sym Black  
9-29 Atkins May Project Empire of Destruction Gonzo     
9-29 Flying Colors Mask Machine Mascot Prog  
9-29 Necroholocaust Holocaust Goat Metal Iron Bonehead Extreme  
9-29 TNT 30TH Anniversary    Hard Rock  
9-30 Alternative 4 The Obscurants Prophecy Doom  
9-30 Amplifier Mystoria Superball    
9-30 Between the Buried and Me Futere Sequence Live Metal Blade Progcore  
9-30 Black Autumn Losing the Sun Rain Without End Ambient Black  
9-30 Black Crown Initiate Wreckage of Stars Eone Extreme  
9-30 Capsize Angst in My Veins Equal Vision    
9-30 Come the Dawn Light of the World Sumerian    
9-30 Corova Rise of the Taurus   Doom  
9-30 Death Penalty Death Penalty Rise Above Heavy  
9-30 Dream Theater Breaking the Fourth Wall ( Live in Boston) Roadrunner Prog DVD
9-30 Electric Wizard* Time to Die Spinefarm Doom  
9-30 Emil Bulls Sacrifice to Venus AFM Alt Metal  
9-30 Enchant The Great Divide Inside Out  Prog  
9-30 Evergrey Hymns for the Broken AFM Melodic Prog  
9-30 Excel Split Image - Re-issue -1987   Crossover  
9-30 Household With or Without      
9-30 Internal Bleeding Imperium Unique Leader Death  
9-30 JBO Nur Die Besten Werden Alt AFM    
9-30 Kneel Before Nothing Carnal Disfigurement      
9-30 Khold Til Endes Peaceville Black  
9-30 Kissin Dynamite Meglomania AFM Heavy  
9-30 Laika* Somnia Filth Regime Records Melodic  
9-30 Meshuggah The Ophidian Track Nuclear Blast   DVD/ CD
9-30 Nightbringer Ego Dominus Tuus Season of Mist Black  
9-30 Non Point The Return  Razor and Tie    
9-30 Sanctuary* The Year the Sun Died Century Media Power  
9-30 Seduced The Proclamation G minor Extreme  
9-30 Sick of it All Get Bronx Century Media    
9-30 Temple of Void Of Terror aand Supernatural Saw her Ghost Death Doom  
9-30 Soulbender II Ratpak   Michael Wilton
9-30 Torchrunner Endless Nothing Southern Lord    
9-30 Unkel Tom H.E.L.D.   Thrash  
9-30 White Empress Rise of the Empress Peaceville Sym Extreme  
9-30 Witch Mountain Mobileof Angels Profound Lore    
9-30 The Wraiths Hollow - E.P.      
9-30 Woodtemple Forgotten Pride Sacrildge Pagan  
9-30 Xerath* iii Candlelight Prog Groove  
9-30 Zodiac Sonic Child Prosthetic Blues Rock North American Release



Date Band Release Label Type Notes
10- Satan Trail of Fire/ Live Listenable    
10-1 Alberto Rigoni* Overloaded Prog Power Prog  
10-1 As Light Dies The Love Album Volume 1 Maa    
10-1 Falls of Rauros* Believe in no coming Shore Nordvis Black Folk  
10-1 Thy Serpent's Cult* Sedition, Sorcery and Blasphemy Aural Death  
10-3 Alexanred Always Active Inverse    
10-3 Die Choking II Grincore    
10-3 The Matador Destroyer   Doom  
10-3 Womit Angel Holy Goatse Inverse Thrash Punk  
10-4 Motherwind In the Clutches of Novae Michael Mullins    
10-4  Northern Oak Of Roots and Flesh Folk    
10-7 Abazagorath* The Satanic Verses Eternal Death Black  
10-7 A Breach of Silence* Darkest Road Eclipse Melodic Core  
10-7 Affiance Blackout Bullet Tooth    
10-7 Alive Like Me Only Forever Rise Above    
10-7 Alunah* Awakening the Forest Doom Napalm  
10-7 As we Draw Mirages Throatruiner    
10-7 Atkins May Project Empire of Destruction   Heavy  
10-7 Audry Horne* Pure Heavy Napalm    
10-7 Castle Freak Still Rotting - E.P. Grim Winds Grindcore  
10-7 Chainfist Scarred Saol Traditional  
10-7 Cold Blue Mountain Old Blood   Doom  
10-7 Exoto Beyond the Depths of Hate   Death Thrash  
10-7 Exotype* S/T Rise Above    
10-7 The Francesco Artusato Project* Our Dying Sun Sumerian Prog  
10-7 Graveland Ogien Przebudzenia - Re- recorded   Black  
10-7 Godflesh* A World Lit only by Fire   Rock  
10-7 Gormathon* Following The Beast Napalm    
10-7 Hellion* Karma's a Bitch E.P. New Renaissance Heavy  
10-7 In Search of Sun* The World is Yours Raging Demon     
10-7 Lo-Pan* Colossus Small Stone Doom  
10-7 Mausoleum Gate Mausoleum Gate Cruz Del Sur    
10-7 Methedras* System Subversion Pavement Death Thrash  
10-7 Nocturnal Poisoning Doomgrass ADA   Scott Conner
10-7 Orange Goblin* Back From the Abyss Candlelight Stoner Rock  
10-7 Pyre Human Hecatomb Chaos Death  
10-7 Quatered* Eyes and Ears   Prog  
10-7 Rigor Mortis Slave to the Grave Independent   Final Release
10-7 Seizures The Sanity Universal Melotov    
10-7 SIXX: AM Modern Vintage Eleven Seven Rock  
10-7 Single Mothers Negative Qualities HXC    
10-7 Solitary Sabred Redemption Through Force   Heavy Power  
10-7 Styrvigor Forgotten By Ages Svarga    
10-7 Texas Hippie Coalition* Ride On  Carved Southern  
10-7 Viathyn* Cynosure   Prog Power  
10-7 Vomitile Mastering the Art of Killing   Death  
10-8 Howling Tear the Screams from your Throat Razorback Thrash Death  
10-10 Manes Be All End All Debemur Avant Garde  
10-10 Sarea This is not Goodbye Doolittle Melodic  
10-13 Necrowretch Even Death May Die Century Media   7inch
10-14 The Acacia Strain Coma Witch Rise  Deathcore  
10-14 Ancient Wisdom Sacrificial Magic Bullet    
10-14 Aurin Catharsis Pavement    
10-14 At Dusk Anhedonia   Black  
10-14 Bethlehem Hexakosioihxekontahexaphobia Koch Black  
10-14 Bush Re- Issues      
10-14 Cara  Neir/ Venow  Split   Avant Garde- Black  
10-14 Circles Infinitas Basick Prog  
10-14 Climates Body Clocks Artery    
10-14 Drone S/T Metalville Groove  
10-14 Exodus Blood In Blood Out Nuclear Blast Thrash  
10-14 Fit for a King Slave to Nothing Solid State    
10-14 Kreyskull Tower Witch      
10-14 Gideon Caloused Facedown    
10-14 Hang the Bastards* Sex in the Seventh Circle Soar/Century Media Doom  
10-14 House of  Lightning Lightworker Translation Loss Prog  
10-14 Humiliation Battalion Deepsend Death  
10-14 Inter Arma Cavern Relapse Post   
10-14 KMFDM Our Time Will Come Metropolis Ind  
10-14 Knight Area Hyperdrive The Laser's Edge Prog  
10-14 Lamb of God As the Palace Burn / DVD Epic Thrash  
10-14 Lavatory Morbid Terror   Death  
10-14 The Lurking Corpses Working for the Devil Hell Headbangers Death Punk  
10-14 Lyriel Skin & Bones AFM Folk Rock  
10-14 Madmans Espirit Nacht   Dark Prog  
10-14 Maplerun* Restless      
10-14 Mastercastle Enfer De La Biblioteque Scarlet Power  
10-14 Melvins Hold It In      
10-14 Menace Ruine Venus Armata Profound Lore Avant Garde  
10-14 Midnight Sin Sex First Bakerteam Rock  
10-14 My Brother My Wind Once There was a Time when Time and Space Were One Free Electric Sound    
10-14 Nocturnall* S/T Metalville Thrash  
10-14 Northern Crown In the Hands of the Betrayer   Epic Doom  
10-14  Obliterations Poisen Everthing Southern Lord    
10-14 Occultation Silence in the Ancestral House Profound Lore Doom  
10-14 October 31 Bury the Hatchet Battlezone Heavy  
10-14 Odd Lines No Child left Behind No Sleep    
10-14 Ozzy Osbourne Memoirs of a Madman Epic Heavy 2 cd set
10-14 Pig Destroyer Mass & Volume Relapse Gridcore  
10-14 Process of Guilt/  Rorcal Split   Doom  
10-14 Rebellious Spirit Obsession Steamhammer    
10-14 Revocation* Deathless Metalblade    
10-14 Rings of Saturn* Lugal Ki En  Unique Leader Tech Death  
10-14 Rosetta Flies to Flame Translation Loss    
10-14 Sanctuary* The Year the Sun Died Century Media    
10-14 Scar Symmetry* The Singularity Nuclear Blast Melodic  
10-14 Snailking Storm 1-800primecd    
10-14 Starkill* Virus of the Mind Century Media Extreme  
10-14 Swallowed Lunarterial Dark Descent Death Doom  
10-14 Today is the Day Animal Mother Southern Lord    
10-14 Weed is Weed Blunt Force Trauma - Re-issue Ripple Stoner  
10-14 Winterfylleth The Divination of Antiquity Candlelight Black  
10-14 Womil Angel Holy Goatse      
10-14 Wormwood* S/T Magic Bullet    
10-15 Carnality Dystopia Memorial Death  
10-15 Lcian the Wolfbearer At the Gates of Twilight Senseless Life Folk Doom  
10-15 Soulskinner Crypts of  Ancient Wisdom Xtreem Death  
10-17 Black Therapy The Final Outcome - E.P. Revalve Melodic  
10-17 Holy Dragons Dragon Inferno Pitch Black Heavy Power  
10-17 Subservience Upheaval - E.P.   Death Thrash  
10-18 Alkira  Juggernaut   Groove  
10-20 Thaw Earth Ground Witching Hour  Black  
10-21 1349 Massive Cauldron of Chaos Indie Black  
10-21 Allen/ Lande* The Great Divide Frontiers Melodic Prog  
10-21 Amaranthe Massive Addictive Spinefarm    
10-21 Amulet The First Century Media Heavy  
10-21 Bush Man on the Run Zuma Rock Rock  
10-21 Encoffination III Hear Me, O' Death selfmadegod Doom  
10-21 Indestructable Noise Command* Black Hearse Serenade Select O Hits    
10-21 Nuclear Perversion Desolation Rituals Independent Exteme  
10-21 OOzing Wound Earth Sucks Thrill Jockey    
10-21 Pitch Black Forcast* As the World Burns ferocious    
10-21 Primus Primus and the Chocolate Factorywith the Fungi Ensemble ATO Alt  
10-21 Slipknot* 5: The Gray Chapter Roadrunner    
10-21 Sunn))) O Scott Walker Soused 4ad Drone Doom  
10-21 Tarnkappe Tussen Hun En De Zon   Black  
10-21 Vega Stereo Messiah Frontiers Melodic Rock  
10-21 Xerxes Collision Blonde No Sleep    
10-22 Pentacle The Fifth Moon and Beyond Vic Death Comp
10-24 2 Wolves Shelter Inverse Gothic Melodic  
10-24 Korzus Legion AFM    
10-24 Lars Eric Mattsson Earthbound - Re-release Lion Prog  
10-24 Metal Machine Free Nation Dream Heavy  
10-24 Mind Maze Back From the Edge Inner Wounds  Power  
10-24 Selene Paradise Over   Symphonic  
10-24 Sonata Arctica Ecliptica Revisited-Re-recorded Nuclear Blast Melodic Power  15 Years 
10-26 Bloodshot Dawn Demons   Melodic  
10-27 Annihilated& Xxiii Steps ro Ruination Unique Leader Death  
10-27 Atriarch An Unending Pathway Relapse Black Doom  
10-27 Blood Freak Squalor Willowtip Grind  
10-27 Cavorts Get Your Brass In At The Deep End    
10-27 Giant Squid Minoans Translation Loss  Prog  
10-27 Hideous Divinity Cobra Verde Unique Leader Death  
10-27 Horrendous Ecdysis Dark Descent Death  
10-27 Horrified Descent Into Purity Memento Mori Death  
10-27 Latitude Egress To Take up the Cross      
10-27 Leah Otherworld -E.P. Inner Wound    
10-27 Lunatic Soul Walking on a Flashlight Beam Kscope    
10-27 Mindmaze Back From the Edge Inner Wound Power  
10-27 Mob Rules Timekeeper AFM Power Box Set
10-27 Mystery Skulls Forever Warner Bros    
10-27 Mysticum Planet Satan Peaceville Ind Black  
10-27 Nero Di Marte* Derivae Prosthetic Prog  
10-27 Necrophagia White Worm Cathedral Season of Mist    
10-27 Oraculum Sorcery of the Damned - E.P. Invictus Death  
10-27 Riot V* Unleash the Fire SPV Heavy  
10-27 Sister Sin Black Lotus  Victory Heavy  
10-27 Stench Venture Agonia    
10-27 Tantal Expectancy Bakerteam Melodic  
10-27 Unearth* Watchers of  Rule Eone Thrash Death  
10-27 Vomit Fist Forgive but Avenge Independent Grind  
10-27 While Heaven Wept Suspendedin Aphelion Nuclear Blast    
10-27 Wizard Rifle Here in the Deadlights SEVENTH RULE    
10-28 Abysmal Dawn* Obsolescence Relapse Death  
10-28 Accused Spawn Putrid  - E.P. Independent Death  
10-28 Anaal Nathrakh* Desideratum Metal Blade Extreme Madness  
10-28 At The Gates* At War with Reality Century Media Melodic Death Thrash  
10-28 Black Veil Brides S/T   Core  
10-28 Beheaded Hideous Divinity Unique Leader Death  
10-28 Beyond Creation Earthborn Evolution      
10-28 Crobot Something Supernatural Wind-up    
10-28 Dark Tranquility Of Chaos and Eternal Light  Re-Issue Century Media Melodic  
10-28 Dark Tranquility Skydancer - Re-Issue Century Media Melodic  
10-28 Dawnbringer Night of the Hammer Profound Lore    
10-28 Devin Townsend* Z 2 Inside Out    
10-28 Emit SpectreMusic of an Antiquary Crucial Blast Dark Black  
10-28 Obituary* Inked in Blood Relapse Thrash Death  
10-28 PFM Un' Isola Aereostella Prog  
10-28 Requiem* The Unexplainable Truth Cleopatra    
10-28 Right to the Void Light of the Fallen Gods wormholedeath Melodic  
10-28 Thomsen Unbroken Artist Station Power  
10-28 Vesania* Deus Ex Machina Metalblade Sym Black  
  Warmen First of Five Elements   Prog  
10-28 Wizard Rifle Here in the Deadlights Seventh Rule    
10-29 Erra Augment Tragic Hero    
10-31 Aeonsgate Pentalpha Church Within Doom  
10-31 Animus Mortis Testimonia ATMF Black  
10-31 Apostle of Solitude Of  Woe and Wound Crus Del Sur Doom  
10-31 Divine: Zero The Cold Asylum Quality Steel Melodic  
10-31 Doombringer The Grand Sabbath Malignant Voices Extreme  
10-31 Engraved Illusion The Eternal Rest Independent Melodic  
10-31 Fides Inversa Mysterium Tremendum et Fascins World Terror Black  
10-31 Grimwolf Order of the Lycan - E.P. 13 0'clock Groove Thrash  
10-31 Ilsa The Felon's Claw A389 Doom  
10-31 Pestilential Shadows Ephemeral Seance Black  
10-31 Putrid Offal Suffering - E.P. Kaotoxin Death Grind  
10-31 Thy Darkened Shade Liber Lvcifer  I: Khem Sedjet World Terror Black  
10-31 Walking Dead on Broadway Aeshma Impericon Deathcore  
10-31 Warrant Metal Bridge Pure Steel  Power Speed  
10-31 Urgehal Atomkinder Agonia Black  

November album releases

Date Band Release Label Type Notes
11-3 Absentia Lunae Vormwarts ATMF Black  
11-3 Adimiron Timelapse Scarlet Prog Extreme  
11-3 Nader Sadek The Malefic Chapter III - E.P.   Death  
11-3 Piss Vortex S/T Indisiplinarian    
11-3 Thee Maldoror Kollective Knownothinism Argonauta Ind Avant Garde  
11-4 Apostle of Solitude Of  Woe and Wounds Cruz Del Sur Doom  
11-4 Blindeath Into the Slaughter ETN Thrash  
11-4 Cavalera Conspiracy* Pandemonium Napalm Thrash  
11-4 Decaying One To Conquer Hellthrasher Death  
11-4 Escapetor Fear      
11-4 Exalt Pale Light New Damage    
11-4 Folkstone* Oltre? I' Abisso Independent Folk  
11-4 Foul Body Autopsy So Close to Complete Dehumanization - E.P. Grindscene Death  
11-4 Heart in Hand Beautiful White Century Media Core  
11-4 Letallis Resonate   Melodic  
11-4 Liv Kristine* Vervain Napalm Folk Gothic  
11-4 Lordi Scare Force One AFM  Rock  
11-4 Plague of Stars When Morning Came Zero Budget Doom Gothic  
11-4 Psychostick* IV : Reveange ofthe Vengeance      
11-4 Psycroptic Echoes to Come Prosthetic Extreme  
11-4 The Skull* For Those Which Are Asleep Tee Pee Doom Eric Wagner and Jeff Olson
11-4 Soen*     Melodic  
11-4 Spiders Shake Electric Spinefarm    
11-4 Toothgrinder Schizophrenic Jubilee- E.P. Spinefarm    
11-4 Unkured Mutated Earth   Death Thrash  
11-7 Arkadia Unrelenting      
11-7 Bring Me The Horizon Drown / Single Epitaph Core  
11-7 Cycle Beating The Age of Depression      
11-7 The House of Capricorn Morning Strar Rise Svart Doom  
11-7 Shadowsphere Darklands/ Re- Release   Core  
11-7 Triosphere     Heavy Prog  
11-8 Nangilima The Dark Matter Xtreme Dark Doom  
11-9 Emigrate Silent So Long Spinefarm Ind  
11-9 Smashing Pumpkins Monuments to An Elegy BMG Alt  
10-10 Anatomy of  Habit Cyphers & Axioms MRI    
11-10 And you will know us by the Trail of Dead IX Century Media Prog Punk  
11-10 Anguish Mountain Dark Descent Doom  
11-10 Antemasque S/T Nadie    
11-10 Broughton Rules Anechonic Horizon MRI    
11-10 Carcass Surgicial Remission / Surplus Steel Nuclear Blast Extreme  
11-10 Color Morale Hold On Pain Ends Fearless    
11-10 Crazy Lixx S/T Fantasy    
11-10 Devilment* Great and Secret Show Nuclear Blast    
11-10 Ghost Bridgade IV: One for the Load Season of Mist Melodic  
11-10 Haken Restoration   E.P. Century Media Prog Restored Demo tracks
11-10 King Diamond Dreams of Horror Metal Blade    
11-10 Kontrust* Explositive Napalm Groove Thrash  
11-10 Machine Head* Bloodstone and Diamond Jewels Nuclear Blast    
11-10 Methedras System Subversions Pavement Thrash  
11-10 Pink Floyd* The Endless River Columbia Prog Rock  
11-10 Rated X S/T/ Capitol    
11-10 Resistance* The Seds Within Pavement Death  
11-10 Silent Planet The Night God Slept Solid State    
11-10 Skyharbor Guilding Lights Basick Prog  
11-10 Spiders Shake Electric Spinefarm    
11-10 SSS* Limp, Gasp, Collapse Proshetic    
11-10 Stealing Axion Aeons   Prog  
11-10 Usnea Random Cosmid Voilence MRI    
11-10 Whitesnake Live in 1984 Caroline Rock CD/DVD
11-11 The Agonist Eye of Providence CenturyMedia Christmas  
11-11 Animus Mortis Testimonia ATMF Black  
11-11 Birthday Massacre Superstition Metropolis    
11-11 Downfall of Gaia* Aeon Unveils the Throne of  Metal Blade    
11-11 Divine Ascension Liberator      
11-11 Falls of Rauros Believe in No Coming Shore   Black Folk  
11-11 Foreseen Hki Helsinki Savagery 20 Buck Spin    
11-11 Haken Restoration E.P. Inside out Prog  
11-11 Hollow Earth Silent Graves  E.P. Panic Prog Doom  
11-11 Insomnium The Candlelight Years  Candlelight Melodic  
11-11 Job for a Cowboy Sun Eater Metalblade Tech Death   
11-11 King Diamond Dreams of Horror Metal Blade Early Sym Best of
11-11 Krokodil Nachash Caroline    
11-11 Lebensnacht Uudelleensyntynyt Ikuiseen Pimeyteen Naturmacht Black  
11-11 Megaherz Zombieland      
11-11 Mothership Mothership II Ripple Stoner  
11-11 Nachtblut Chimonas Napalm Melodic Dark  
11-11 Ne Obliviscaris* Citadel Season of Mist    
11-11 Old Man Gloom The Ape of God Profound Lore Doom  
11-11 Planetary Coalition S/T     Alex Skolnick
11-11 Project 86 Knives to the Future 101    
11-11 Raskasta Joulua Ragnarok Juletide Spinefarm    
11-11 Red Enemy S/T Mediaskare    
11-11 Stub Cry of the Ocean Ripple    
11-11 Tongues Thelesis I Voidhanger DoomDeath  
11-11 Vomiltile Mastering the Art of Killing Pitch Black Death  
11-13 Dire Omen Wrestling the Revalation of Futility Dark Descent Extreme  
11-14 Carnal Agony Preludes and Nocturnes Sliptrick Thrash  
11-14 The Deathtrip Deep Drone Master Svart Black  
11-14 Hombre Malo Persistent Murmur of Words and Wrath Disipin Doom  
11-14 Kolony Sledge Independent Heavy Power  
11-14 Laugh at the Fakes Dethrone the Crown   Heavy  
11-14 Within Temptation Let Us Burn Sym Rock   Live
11-15 Broken Oath A Differant Way Sliptrick    
11-15 Generation Kill There is no Hope Nuclear Blast Thrash Rob Dukes
11 Hate Crusade: Zero   Death  
11-17 Adaliah Shedding Skin Ingrooves Hardcore  
11-17 Brant Bjork * Black Power Flower Napalm    
11-17 Cadaveria Silence Scarlet Black Thrash  
11-17 Ghost Inside* Dear Youth Epitaph Core  
11-17 In This Moment Black Widow      
11-17 Kaledon Antillius: King of Light Scarlet    
11-17 Manimalism S/T Adversum Avant Black  
11-17 Monster Magnet* Milking the Stars Napalm Hard  
11-17 Satan Live in North America Listenable Heavy  
11-17 Soulburn* The Suffocating Darkness Century Media Black  
11-17 These Are They* The Feast of Seven Funrals The End Death  
11-17 Thunder All I Want  - Re-issue 1984   Heavy  
11-18 Arkadia Unrelenting   Root  
11-18 Avatarium All I Want  E.P. Nuclear Blast Doom  
11-18 Blind Race Come and Get It - E.P.   Alt Metal  
11-18 Bloodbath Grand Morbid Funeral Peaceville Death Thrash  
11-18 Cuff Transient Suffering Through the Ergpsphere Gorehouse Deathgrind  
11-18 Dimension Revolution Nightmare Prog  
11-18 Idol of Fear All Sight Affixed Ablaze   Extreme  
11-18 Old Man Gloom Ape of God I Profound Lore Post  
11-18 Ulver Trolsk Sortmetall 1993 - 1997     Box Set
11-18 Unzucht Venus Luzifer Oblivion    
11-19 Demigoat S/T Lightning   Danne Mckenzie, Richie Puzz, Max Diesel
11-19 Owl The Last Walk- E.P.   Doom  
11-20 Fayne The Queen of Kings  E.P. Crystal Math Core  
11-20 Mammoth Black Death is Not Ashamed      
11-20 Morodh The World of Retribution   Black  
11-21 Centinex Redeeming Filth Agonia Death  
11-21 Gurd Fake Noise Art Thrash Groove  
11-21 Hecate The Order of the Black Light   Black  
11-21 Karne Faith in Flesh Quality Steel Black  
11-21 Postmortem The Bowls of  Wrath War Anthem Death  
11-24 Attila Guilty Pleasure Razor @ Tie Deathcore  
11-24 Aversions Crown* Tyrant Nuclear Blast Death  
11-24 Baring Teeth Ghost Chorus Among old Ruins Willowtip    
11-24 Child Bite Strange Waste - E.P. Housecore    
11-24 Circa Survive Descensus Sumerian    
11-24 Cloudkicker* Live with Intronaut Century Media Djent  
11-24 Cripper* Hyena Metal Blade    
11-24 Crimson Blue Angelic Performance Willowtip Prog Death  
11-24 Desecravity Orphic Signs 10 Spot    
11-24 Full of Hell* Full of Hell Merzbow Profound Lore Grind  
11-24 HIerophant Peste Caroline    
11-24 Hoods Gato Negro Artery Hardcore  
11-24 In Vain The Little Things That Matter   Trad Power  
11-24 Nils Okland Lumen Drones ECM    
11-24 Powerwolf History of Heresy 2 Metalblade Power  
11-24 Rise of the Northstar Welcame      
11-24  Schysma Idiosyncrasy Revalve Prog  
11-24 Skamold* Meo Vaettum Napalm Pagan Folk  
11-24 Thomas Giles Modern Noise Metalblade    
11-24 United Progressive Fraternity Fall in Love with the World Inside Out Prog  
11-24 Wayfarer Children of the Iron Age Proshetic Black Folk  
11-24 Witchmaster Antichristus Ex Utero Season of Mist  Black Thrash  
11-24 Zom Flesh Assimilation Invictus Black  
11-25 Auon S/T Black Plague Amb Black  
11-25 Bloodhemn H7 Indie    
11-25 Child Bite Strange Waste  E.P. Housecore Crust  
11-25 Cripper Hyena Metalblade Thrash  
11-25 Dirty Mike and the Boys/Violation Wound/ First Class Elite Grime! Greed! Gore! Horor Pain Gore Death Extreme  
11-25 Ewigheim* 24/7 Massacre Gothic  
11-25 Frostbitten Kingdom The Winter War Symphony Wormhole  Extreme  
11-25 Full of Hell Full of Hell & Merzbow Profound Lore Grindcore  
11-25 Him Lashes to Ashes The End   Box Set
11-25 In Tormentata Quiete Cromagia  My Kingdom Black Avant Garde  
11-25 Primordial Where Greater Men have Fallen Metal Blade    
11-25 Saxon Warriors of the Road   NWOBHM DVD
11-25 Silencer Hammered in Iron - Live   Thrash  
11-25 Bog Oak A Treatise on Ressurection and the Afterlife Svart    
11-25 Thanatos* Global Purifacation Century Media Death Thrash  
11-25 Skelethal Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity - E.P. Iron Bonehead Death  
11-25 Voice London   Extreme  
11-28 Air Raid Point of Impact High Roller Root  
11-28 Amadeus Awad's Eon The Book of Gates Prog Power Prog Power  
11-28 Lotus Thief Rervm Svart    
11-28 Sodom Warpath - E.P. SPV Thrash  
11-? Behemoth Xiadz - E.P.   Death 500 Vinyl copies.
11-29 Terrana S/T   Rock Mike Terrana

December Releases

Date Band Release Label Genre Notes
12-1 Hybrid Sheep Free from the Clutches of God Tenacity Death Core  
12-2 AC-DC Rock or Bust   Rock  
12-2 Axenstar Where Dreams are Forgotten Ice Warrior Power  
12-2 Black Fate Between Visions and Lies Ulterium Prog Power  
12-2 Bloodbound Stormborn AFM  Trad Power  
12-2 Bombnation Night Invasion PRC Thrash  
12-2 Burning Black Remission of Sin Limb Heavy  
12-2 Conquer A Worms Demise - E.P.   Extreme  
12-2 Deaf Eyes S/T      
12-2 Entrench Voilent Procreation      
12-2 Fen Carrion Skies Code 666    
12-2 Harmony Theatre of Redemption Ulterium Power Prog  
12-2 In The Presence of Wolves* Thalassas   Prog Core  
12-2 Mors Pricipium Est. Dawn of the 5th Era Afm Melodic  
12-2 Neonfly Strangers in Paradise Inner Wound Melodic Power  
12-2 Osada Vida The After Affect Metal Mind Prog  
12-2 Red Circuit Haze of Nemesis Limb Melodic Prog  
12-2 Saille Eldritch Code 666    
12-2 Stargazer A Merging to the Boundless Nuclear War Now Avant Extrme  
12-2 Ten Albion      
12-2 Triosphere The Heart of the Matter AFM ProgPower  
12-2 Twingiant Devil Down Medusa Crush Stoner  
12-2 White Arms of Athena S/T Prosthtic Prog Core  
12-3 Crossed Fire Life's a Gamble Hell Xis Stoner Groove  
12-4 Sacrom Sin Miedo Elyon Heavy  
12-5 Autere Amal'l Inverse Melodic Groove  
12-5 Bloodlash Drowning Adm the Admidst The Nebulae  E.P. Inverse Tech Death  
12-5 Dead Alone Nemesis Supreme Chaos Metal  
12-5 Dragonland The Battle of the Ivory Plains - Re-isue AFM Heavy  
12-5 Dragonland Holy War - Re-issue AFM Heavy  
12-5 Coronatus Cantus Lucidus Massacre Gothic  
12-5 Cruachan Blood for the Blood God SMP Celtic  
12-5 Dark Desire Unveil the Beauty   Sym Prog  
12-5 Dreadful Minds Love Hate Lies Phonector Melodic Heavy  
12-5 Jucifer District of Dystopia Nomadic Fortress Doom  
12-5 Kouzin Bedllam Longing for the Incomplete   Prog Power  
12-5 Messiah's Kiss Get Your Bulls Out! Massacre Power  
12-5 Renegade Thunder Knows no Mercy Pure Underground Heavy  
12-5 Sarpedon Anomic Nation Inverse Prog  
12-8 Cleaver Dead Men Tell the Sickest Tales   E.P. Necrostable    
12-8 Faithful Darkness Archgod Coroner Melodic  
12-8 Frowning Funeral Impressions Solitude Doom  
12-8 Ram / Portrait Under Command Metal Blade Heavy  
12-8 Witherscape The New Tomorrow  -E.P. Century Media Melodic  
12-9 Bailey Long Way Down Frontiers    
12-9 The Banner Greying Good Fight    
12-9 Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vestusa III Dedemur Morti Black  
12-9 Born of Fire Dead Winter Sun   Power  
12-9 Crepuscolo Revolution Evilution Horror Pain Gore Death Extreme  
12-9 Cretin Stranger Relapse Death  
12-9 Decimation Reign of Ungodly Creation Comatose Tech Death  
12-9 Dimesland Psychogenic   Prog  
12-9 Emigrate Silent So Long Spinefarm Ind  
12-9 Execration Morbid Dimensions Hell's Headbangers Death  
12-9 Nubian Rose Mental Revolution      
12-9 Isole Calm Hunter   Melodic  
12-9 Paganizer 20 Years in a Terminal Grip Cyclone Death  
12-9 Strikeforce Elegant Steel  E.P. Highvolmusic Trad Heavy  
12-9 Unsacred False Light Forcefield Black Crust   
12-9 Varathron Untrodden Corridors of Hades Agonia Black  
12-10 Evil Masquerade 10 Years in the Dark Dark Minstrel  Melodic  
12-12 Melkor Irrlicht   Black  
12-15 Detente Reconiize no Authority   Re-release 1986 Metal Blade Thrash Speed  
12-15 Morbosidad Totura   E.P. Nuclear War Now Extreme  
12-15 Zero Down No Limits to the Evil Devil Dogface Heavy Punk  
12-16 Outrun the Sunlight Terrapin Rogue    
12-16 Pineal Smiling Cult  E.P. Horror Pain Gore Death Post Doom  
12-21 In the Company of Serpents Merging in the Light  E.P.   Doom  
12-22 Vircolac Codex Pefida Iron Bonehead    
12-24 Ascension The Dead of the World WTM Black  

88- 7-1-2014

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