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The Harbinger
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Ted Kirkpatrick with the King

Roman Kostrzewski

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Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
A true superhero Bill Tolley
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Fast Eddie, Lemmy and Animal
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Music Type Notes

January Album Release Dates

Date Band Release Label Metal Type Notes
1-1 Altar of Betelgeuze Darkness Sustains The Silence Memento Mori Melodic  
1-1 Church of Disgust Unwordly Summoning Memento Mori Death  
1-1 Innumerable Forms/ Blessed Offal Split Relapse    
1-1 Magic Circle S/T Relapse Doom  
1-2 Mechina Xenon Independent Sym  Industrial  
1-6 Alter Bridge Alter Bridge X     27 DISC BOX SET
1-7 Blut Aus Nord What Once was- Liber III Dedemur Morti Black  
1-7 Every Man is an Island Beyond      
1-7 Exhumed/ Iron Reagen Split Tankcrimes Extreme/ ThrashCore  
1-7 Legion of the Damned * Ravenous Plague Napalm  Thrash  
1-7 Nausea Condemned to the System Willowtip Grindcore  
1-7 Nigromante Black Magic Night  Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
1-7 Perversity Infamy Divine -E.P. Lavadome Death  
1-7 Run After To Gjinn and Djinn Shawdow Kingdom Heavy Doom Compilation
1-7 Self Defense Family Try Me Deathwish    
1-7 Siegewyrm Harvest Begins Independent Melodic  
1-7 Snowapple S/T ZIP    
1-7 Steve Saluto E.P.      
1-7 Zombi* Surface to Air Relapse    
1-9 Warcrab Ashes of Carnage/ E.P.   Death Sludge  
1-10 Souldrinker Semper Fidelis II / E.P. Independent   Markus Pohl (Mystic Prophecy) Iris Boanta (The Mystery)
1-10 The Vintage Caravan Voyage Nuclear Blast Hard Rock  
1-13 Love/Hate Crucified   Rock  
1-14 AC Angry Black Denim Made in Germany Hard Rock  
1-14 De La Tierra S/T Roadrunner   Andreas Kisser, Andres Gimenez and Alex Gonzalez
1-14 Eudaimony * Futile Cold Dimensions Black Naglfar, Dark Fortress, Nachtreich members
1-14 Iskald Nedom Og Nord Indie Black  
1-14 Jack The Frost Fool to be Cool Power Prog    
1-14 James Labrie * I Will Nor Break- E.P. Inside Out Prog  
1-14 Kauan Pirut Blood Melodic  
1-14 Mindless Self Indulgence Fuck Machine Necropolis Industrial Rock  
1-14 Need Orvam A Song for Home      
1-14 Suicide Angels Divide And Conquer  Noise Art Thrash  
1-14 Skullfist * Chasing the Dream Noise Art/Napalm    
1-14 Mustasch Thank you for the Demon Gain Rock  
1-14 Sacrificial Blood  Souls For Sale Horror Pain Gore Death Productions Early Extreme  
1-14 Satanika Nightmare Iron Shield Black Thrash  
1-14 We all Die Laughing Thoughtscanning KAOTOXIN Melodic  
1-15 Condition Red S/T Lion Music Prog  
1-17 Axel Rudi Pell Into the Storm SPV    
1-17 Backwater Take Extreme Forms Independent ?    
1-17  Drudkh/ Winterfylleth Thousands of Moons Ago / The Gates Season of Mist    
1-17 Majest of Revival Iron Gods Power Prog    
1-17 Stamina Perseverence Powwr Prog    
1-17 Suffering Hour Foreseeing Exemptions to a Dismal Beyond      
1-17 Vital Science Imaginations on the Subject of Infinity Prog Power    
1-20 The Almighty Soul Destruction / Re-issue 1991 Spinefarm Heavy  
1-20 The Almighty Blood Fire and Love/ Re-issue 1989 Spinefarm Heavy  
1-20 Graveborne Through the Window of the Night  Seance Black  
1-20 The Haunted Eye of the Storm/ E.P. Century Media Thrash  
1-20 Year of Exile Enigma      
1-21 Abramelin Trangressing the Afterlife Century Media Death Complete Recordings 1988-2002
1-21 Andromeda II=I -Re-issue Inner Wounds Prog  
1-21 Andromeda Chimera -Re-issue Inner Wounds Prog  
1-21 Alcest * Shelter Prophecy Productions Melodic  
1-21 Andi Deris and the Bad Bankers Million Dollar Haircuts on Ten Cent Heads Eagle Rock   Helloween Volcalist
1-21 Apostolum Winds of Disillusion Moribund Black  
1-21 Astral Domine Arcanum Gloriae Bakerteam Power  
1-21 Avichi * Catharsis Absolute Profound Lore    
1-21 Axel Rudi Pell Into the Storm Steamhammer Heavy Power  
1-21 Battleaxe Burn This Town Steamhammer NWOBHM  
1-21 Bruce Bouillet * Order of Control Mascot Prog  
1-21 Chrome Division Infernal Rock Eternal Nuclear Blast Rock  
1-21 Crystal Viper* Possessions AFM Power  
1-21 Culted * Oblique to all Paths Relapse Doom  
1-21 Drudkh Eastern Frontier in Flames Season of Mist Black  
1-21 Drudkh Winterfylleth Season of Mist Black  
1-21 Dynahead Chordata II Metal Prog Thrash  
1-21 Emperors and Elephants Devil in the Lake Pavement    
1-21 Entombed Back to the Front Century Media Thrash  
1-21 The Grand Magus Triumph and Power Nuclear Blast Hard Rock  
1-21 In This Moment Blood at the Orpheum/ DVD Century Media    
1-21 Indian * From all Purity Relapse Doom  
1-21 Iced Earth * Plagues of Babylon Century Media Power  
1-21 The Kennedy Veil * In the Ashes of Humanity Unique Leader Death  
1-21 Manes Teeth and Toes and other Trinkets      
1-21 Mogwai Rave Tapes Sub Pop    
1-21 Monte Pittman * The Power of Three Metal Blade Thrash  
1-21 Murmur * S/T Season of Mist Black  
1-21 Nashville Pussy Up the Dosage SPV Rock  
1-21 Nine Lashes From Water to War Tooth and Nail    
1-21 Obliterations The Hole /E.P.      
1-21 Operadyse S/T Sonic Attack Symphonic  
1-21 Orchid * The Zodiac Sessions Relapse Doom Capicorn (2011) Through the Devil's Doorway (2009)
1-21 Persuader The Fiction Maze Inner Wound Power  
1-21 Red Tide Rising The Rising Independent Modern Metal  
1-21 Saving Grace The Urgency Facedown Groove Core  
1-21 Septic Flesh A fallen Temple/ Re-issue 1998 Season Of Mist Symphonic Death  
1-21 Sight of Emptiness Instincts Independent Melodic  
1-21 Silent Force Rising from the Ashes AFM Power  
1-21 Sisters Disguised Vultures Metal Blade Hard Rock  
1-21 Spiritual Beggars S/T Re-issue Century Media Doom  
1-21 Scorpions MTV Unplugged   Rock CD and DVD
1-21 Stuntman Incorporate the Excess      
1-21 Tempel * On the Steps of Temple Prosthetic Instrumental   
1-21 Throwdown * Intolerance EOne    
1-21 Treblinka Shrine of the Pentagram Century Media Extreme  
1-21 Vardan The Woods is my Coffin Moribund Black  
1-21 The Vintage Caravan Voyage Nuclear Blast Rock  
1-21 Warfather * Orchestrating the Apocalypse Greyhaze Death Steven Tucker  X-Morbid Angel
1-23 Scanner* The Judgement Massacre Heavy Power  
1-23 Stormwitch* Season of the Witch Massacre Heavy Power  
1-24 Astrophobis Remnants of Forgotten Horrors Triumvirate Black  
1-24 Descend * Wither  Inverse Prog  
1-24 Elysion Someplace Better Massacre Gothic  
1-24 Northern Plague Manifesto Folter Extreme  
1-24 Rain of Acid Ghost Town Violent journey Melodic  
1-24 Skindred * Kill The Power Napalm    
1-24 Storm Warrior Thunder and Steele Massacre Power Speed  
1-24 Thyrien  Hymns of the Mortals Massacre Melodic  
1-24 We are Wolf Masquerader/ E.P. Noizgate Melodic Core  
1-25 Northern Plague  Manifesto Folter Death  
1-25 W.E.T. One Live- In Stockholm Frontiers   Live with DVD
1-27 Primal Fear * Delivering the Black Frontiers Power  
1-27 Supersuckers Get the Hell SPV    
1-27 Transatlantic Kaleidoscope Inside Out Prog  
1-28 Betrayed with a Kiss Savation Dark Star    
1-28 Cage the Gods Badlands The End Rock  
1-28 Caught in a Trap Good Night New York      
1-28 Conquest * The War we Rage  Independent Modern Metal  
1-28 The Dandy Warhols Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia The End    
1-28 Descend into Despair The Bearer of all Storms Domestic Genocide Funeral Doom  
1-28 Fluisteraars Dromers Eisenwald Black  
1-28 Hecate Enthroned* Virulent Rapture   Extreme  
1-28 Kampfar * Djevelmakt Indie    
1-28 Lawrence Arms Metropole Epitaph    
1-28 Lorelei Lore of Lies      
1-28 Metallica Through the Never /DVD   Thrash  
1-28 Nechbeyth Coerce Creed     Vinyl
1-28 Of Mice and Men Restoring Force Rise Records    
1-28 Periphery * Clear Sumerian Djent Prog Core  
1-28 Red Dragon Cartel S/T Frontiers    
1-28 Ring of Fire Battle of Leningrad Frontiers Prog Power  
1-28 Rychus Syn Deadly Syns Syn    
1-28 Sierra Pslip Retro Futurust Prog  
1-28 Smith and Myers Acoustic Sessions     Shinedown Members
1-28 Ektomorf Retribution AFM    
1-30 Dracena Ravenous Bloodlust/ E.P. Drac Black Thrash  
1-30 Fallen Fate Into the Black   Modern  
1-30 Lake of Tears By the Black Sea AFM Melodic DVD
1-30 D-A-D 30 Years 30 Hits AFM Rock  
1-31 Dream the Electric Sleep* Heretics Independent Prog  
1-31 Mayan Antagonise Nucler Blast   Mark Jansen (Epica) Jacl Driessen (X-After Forever) and Frank Schiphorst
1-31 Methane E.P.     Tim Scott
1-31 Syndrone Odysseas Fading Prog  
1-31 The Unguided* Fragile Immortality Napalm Melodic  
2014 Animenta U.S.A.   Warner    
2014 Annihilated   Unique Leader Death  
2014 Alterbeast Immortal Unique Leader Tech Death  
2014 Attacker Keep it True   Thrash Festival Tribute Album
2014 Blood Eagle        
2014 Dawn   Century Media Melodic Re-Issue's
2014 Dynazty Renatus Spinefarm Rock  
2014 Echolocation What the Stag Knows   Melodic Neil Grant
2014 Every Man An Island Beyond -E.P. Norcal    
2014 Exodus   Nuclear Blast Thrash  
 ? Flesh Consumed Hymn for the Leeches Unique Leader Death Metal  
2014 Gospel of Horns   Invictus   Box Set
2014 Hanging Garden   Lifeforce  Doom  
2014 The Horde Destroyer Slayer of Men Abyss Thrash  
2014 Inanimate   Unique Leader    
2014 Jack Starr's Burning Star Stand Your Ground   Power  
2014 Kasser Read your Enemy Listenable   X Spiritual Beggars/ Drummer from the Mushroomriver Band
2014 Kilmara Love Songs and Other Nightmares      
2014 Legend   Rise Records Hardcore  
2014 Lord Votlure     Heavy  
2014 Luca Turilli's Rhapsody Prometheus Nuclear Blast    
2014 The Man Eating Tree       Vesa Ranta (X-Sentenced) and members of Poisen Black, Reflexion, and Embraze
2014 Pest Burial Ketzer    
2014 Plague Window   Willowtip Death Grind  
2014 Profane Omen       Spring release
1-? Psychostick Obey The Beard Rock Ridge Music Metal Sandwich  
  Rightous Vendetta The Fire Inside Major Label Ent.    
2014 Scythian        
2014 Sebastian Bach   Frontiers Rock  
2014 Seventh Calling Battle Call Heaven And Hell Heavy  
2014 Trap Them   Prosthetic Hardcore  
  Tuoni     Industrial Metal/Punk  
2014 Vholdghast     Death Black Christian Netzell(IN MOURNING, VOLTURYON), Rickard Persson (SOREPTION)

February 2014 Album Releases

Date Band Release Label Type Notes  
2-1 Days of Loss Our Frail Existence Noisehead Death Thrash    
2-1 Phaze I Uprising Wormholedeath Prog Black Thrash    
2-1 Mutank M.E.C.H. Metal   Crossover    
2-1 Selfmachine * Broadcast Your Identity Independent Groove    
2-4 Battle Beast S/T Nuclear Blast Heavy    
2-4 Behemoth * Satanist Metal Blade Death    
2-4 Bombs of Hades Through the Dark Past Pulverised Death Crust    
2-4 Caliban Ghost Empire Century Media MetalCore    
2-4 Corpsessed * Abysmal Threshold Dark Descent Death    
2-4 Dead White and Blue Mary Jane Independent Modern Metal    
2-4 Down from the Wound  Violence and the Macabre Comatose      
2-4 Exmortus * Slave to the Sword Prosthetic Melodic    
2-4 For Today Fight the Silence Razor and Tie Melodic    
2-4 Grand Magus Triumph and Power Nuclear Blast Heavy Doom    
2-4 Hammercult Steelcrusher SPV Thrash    
2-4 Helgardh Black Flame Descent Horror,Pain,Gore,Death      
2-4 Indica Shine        
2-4 Lie in Ruins Toward Divine Death Dark Descent Death    
2-4 Mayan Antagonise Nuclear Blast Symphonic    
2-4 Paul Rodgers The Royal Sessions 429 Records Rock    
2-4 Prositute Disfigurement* From Crotch to Crown Willowtip Extreme    
2-4 Shin to Shin S/T A389      
2-4 Sunn 0))) Terrestrials Southern Lord Doom    
2-4 Truckfighters* Universe MRI Melodic Rock    
2-4 Van Canto* Dawn of the Brave Napalm A Cappalla    
2-4 Whispered Shogunate Macabre Redhouse Finland Melodic Power    
2-4 Whiskey Myers Early Morning Shakes Thirty Tigers      
2-4 Within Temptation * Hydra Nuclear Blast Symphonic    
2-7 Fisthammer Infallible Horror Pain Gore Death Death    
2-7 Haymakers Let Them Rot A389   Vinyl  
2-7 Mantar Death by Burning Svart Sludge Doom    
2-10 Chapel Satan's Rock n Roll        
2-10 Dyscarnate And so it came to Pass / Re-Release Century Media      
2-10 Polar Shadowed by Vultures        
2-10 Soltice Death's Crown is Victory        
2-10 Transport League A Diezel Smelling Aftershock / E.P.        
2-11 Aenaon Extance Code 666 Prog Black    
2-11 Crosses * S/T Sumerian   Chino Moreno (Def Tones)  
2-11 Drawers S/T Kaotoxin Doom    
2-11 Doctor Livingstone Contempus Saeculi Osmose      
2-11 Hail Spirit Noir Oi Magoi Code 666 Prog Black Rock    
2-11 HateFX Under Destruction Independent   Glen Alvelais  
2-11 Ithilien * From Ashes to the Frozen Land   Melodic Folk    
2-11 Meridian Metallurgy Mighty Music Heavy    
2-11 Mylidian Seven Lords   Goth Sym    
2-11 Sammath Godless Arrogance Hammerheart Black    
2-11 Shrapnel Virus Conspires Candlelight Thrash    
2-11 Towers II        
2-11 The Unguided * Fragile Immortallity Napalm Melodic Sonic Syndicate  
2-11 Thy Disease Costumes of Technocracy Mystic Ind Death    
2-11 Yautja Songs of Descent     Members of Coliseum, Gnarwhal and Nameless Cults  
2-13 Leviathan Beholden to Nothing; Braver Since Then   Prog    
2-14 Amoral Fallen Leaves and Dead Sparrows        
2-14 Blue Pills Live At Rockpalast / E.P. Nuclear Blast Blues Rock    
2-14 Dead By April Let the World Know Universal Melodic    
2-14 Enthrallment* The Voice of Human Perversity Rebirth The Metal Death Grind    
2-14 Sammal No.2 Svart   Mini L.P  
2-15 Circle of Witches Rock the Evil        
2-15 Narcotic Wasteland S/T   Death Dallas (Nile)  
2-16 Lethal Dosage Consume Battleground      
2-17 At The Gates Terminal Spirit Disease  Peaceville Melodic 180gr Vinyl  
2-17 Fuoco Fatuo The Viper Slithersin the ashes of what Remains Independent Doom    
2-17 Mastodon Call of the Mastodon Relapse Groove Doom Viynl  
2-17 Zeistencroix * Stanger Independent Industrial    
2-17 Zoax * XIII Siege of Amida      
2-17 Aborted Fetus Private Judgement Day  Comatose Death    
2-18 Adrenaline* Mob Men of Honor Century Media Rock    
2-18 Artificial Brain* Labyrinth Constellation Profound Lore Death    
2-18  Altitudes and Attitude* S/T  E.P. MRI   Frank Bello and Dave Ellefson  
2-18 Benighted * Carnivore Sublime Season Of Mist Death    
2-18 Body Farm * Coming Scourge Metal Blade Death Thrash    
2-18 Cripple Bastards * Nero De Metastas Relapse Grind Core    
2-18 Coffin Dust This Cemetery, My Kingdom Grim Winds Death Thrash    
2-18 Cynic * Kindly Bent to Free Us Season of Mist Prog Fusion Death    
2-18 Def Con One II Scarlet   Antton Lant(X-Venom)  
2-18 Down Among the Dead Men S/T Metal Blade      
2-18 Eldritch Tasting the Tears Scarlet Prog Power    
2-18  Embryonic Devourment*  Reptilian Agenda Deepsend Death    
2-18 Flotsam And Jetsam No Place for Disgrace/ Re Recorded Metal Blade Power Thrash Physical release on 3/4  
2-18 Fuoco Fatuo When the Viper Slithers in the Ashes of what Remains Iron Tyrant Death Doom    
2-18 Godhunter City of Dust Battleground Doom Thrash    
2-18 Helloween Rabbit don't come East / Dark Ride Special Edition Nuclear Blast Power Re-issue  
2-18 Helmsplitter Enraptured by Suffering Horror,Pain,Gore,Death      
2-18 Issues Never Lose your Flames Rise Records      
2-18 Junius Days of the Fallen Sun  E.P. Prosthetic      
2-18 Lies of Nazca Aleph Rogue Records      
2-18 Lionize Jetpack Soundtrack Weathermaker   Clutch Members?  
2-18 Minor Crisis Temple     Zao and Chariot members  
2-18 More Then a Thousand Vol 5. Lost at Home eOne      
2-18 Omotai Fresh Hell The Treaty Oath Collective Prog Doom    
2-18 Omnivore S/T Unspeakable AXE Death Thrash    
2-18 One Machine* The Distortion of lies and the Overdriven Truth Scarlet   Steve Smyth  
2-18 Sahg Delusions of Grandeur Metal Blade Doom    
2-18 Sarke * Aruagint Indie Black Thrash    
2-18 Seventrain * S/T So Cal Records Blues Metal Cage, Dive Bomber members  
2-18 Slough Feg * Digital Resistence Metal Blade Doom    
2-18 Soreption * Engineering the Void Unique Leader Tech Death    
2-18 Suicide Silence Ending is the Beginning: The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show CD/DVD   Deathcore    
2-18 Trenchrot * Necronomic Warfare Axe Records Death    
2-18 Tyrants Blood Coven Invictus Extreme Compilation  
2-18 Wacken 2012 Wacken 2012     3 DVD'S and 2 CD'S  
2-19 Kamchatka The Search Goes On Despotz Records Rock    
2-20 Cultfinder* Hell's Teeth/E.P. Independent Black Thrash    
2-21 Battleaxe Heavy Metal Sanctuary Steamhammer NWOBHM    
2-21 Gothminister Gothic Electronic Anthems AFM      
2-21 Hatriot* Dawn of a nnew Centurion Massacre Thrash    
2-21 Metal Inquisitor Ultima Ratio Regis Massacre Heavy    
2-21 Morfin* Inoculation F.D.A. Death    
2-21 Silent Opera Reflections Massacre Symphonic    
2-22 The Kindred Life of Lucidity Sumerian      
2-22 Cobra To Hell Austral Holocaust Heavy    
2-22 Chthonic Ian Bu - DVD        
2-24 Incura S/T Inside Out Prog    
2-24 Macbeth Neo-Gothic Propaganda Dragonheart Gothic    
2-24 Vanden Plas* Chronicals of the Immortals- Netherworld Frontiers Prog    
2-24 Vandenberg's Moonkings S/T Mascot Rock    
2-24 Woland * Hyperion Indie Post Black    
2-24 Neglektum Blasphemer Goathroned Black    
2-25 Davidge Slo Light The End      
2-25 Deva* Murther RNC Gothic    
2-25 Extortionist The Black Sheep/ E.P.        
2-25 Heron Sacrifice/ E.P. Giant MKT Black    
2-25 The Kindred Life of Lucidity Sumerian      
2-25 Traitors S/T E.P.        
2-25 The Wounded Kings Consolamentum Candlelight Doom    
2-25 Within Increase Death is Inevitable        
2-26 Atacama Death Experience Wasted Time and Broken Bones Cimmerian Doom    
2-26 Baby Metal   Toy's Factory J Pop Death    
2-26 Chthonic Ian Bu - DVD Eagle Extreme    
2-25 House of Lords Precious Metal Frontiers      
2-27 Hellbenders* Brand New Fear        
2-28 Conan* Blood Eagle LTD Napalm Doom    
2-28 Crash Diet Illegal Rarities/ Demo's     Demos 999 copies  
2-28 Delayhead Vol 80% Inverse Groove Metal    
2-28 Entrails Berzerk Metal Blade  Death Vinyl Single  
2-28 Iron Savior Rise of the Hero AFM Power    
2-28 Kuolemanlaakso Tulijoutsen Svart Melodic    
2-28 Nervosa* Victim of Yourself  Napalm Thrash    
2-28 Orcultus S/T - E.P.        
2-28 Skintrade Refueled AOR Heaven Rock    
2-28 Suffer in Silence Behind the Truth        
2-28 Therion Adulruna Redivia and Beyond Nuclear Blast Symphonic 3 DVD'S  
2-28 Words of Farewell The Black Wild Yonder AFM Melodic    
2-29 Barren Cross Birth Pangs   Christian Metal Original line-up  
2-29 Skintrade Refueled AOR Heaven Rock    
2-? Society 1 Rise From the Dead E.P.        

March 2014 Album Releases

Date Band Release Label Type Notes  
3-1 Aurora Borealis Worldshapers Xtreem Extreme    
3-1 A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm La Came Crude   Doom    
3-1 Blood Farmers * Headless Eyes Resurrection Doom    
3-1 Entombed Wolverine Blues- Re-issue Thrash   Blood red, Black marble-10inch  
3-1 Gehenna Funeral Embrace Extreme   Vinyl  
3-1 Kayser Read Your Enemy Listenable Thrash    
3-1 Nervosa* Victim of Yourself Napalm Thrash    
3-1 Pervy  Perkin iNK Rock CD Prog    
3-1 Tons of Powder To Destination        
3-3  Aeon of Horus Existence   Prog    
3-? Armegeddon Sundown of Humanity Pitch Black Prog Power    
3-3 The Crison Projekct* Live in Tokyo Inside Out Prog Adrian Belew Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto  
3-3 The Fossils Flesh Hammer/ Re-issue Indisciplinarian      
3-3 Frail Grounds The Field of Trauma   Prog Power    
3-3 Fuel Puppet Strings MRI      
3-3 Get Involved Silk Cuts E.P. MorseCode Rock Members of Thursday, Glassjaw and Autumn to Ashes  
3-4 15 Reasons  Art of Commitment        
3-4 Acheron* Kult Des Hasses Listenable Death    
3-4 Battary Armed with Rage Punishment 18 Thrash    
3-4 Bleeding Fist*  Deaths Old Stench Moribund Black Thrash    
3-4 Cancerous Womb* Born of a Cancerous Womb Grindscene Grindcore    
3-4 Carnifex* Die without Hope Nuclear Blast Death Core    
3-4 Comeback Kid Die Knowing Victory      
3-? Conan* Blood Eagle Napalm Doom    
3-4 Crematory* Antiserum SPV Gothic    
3-4 Destrage* Are you Kidding me? No Metal Blade Prog Core    
3-4 Endless Chaos Rejected Atrocity   Death Thrash     
3-4 Flotsam and Jetsam No Place for Disgrace 2014 Metal Blade Power Re Recorded 2nd album  
3-4 Freedom Call* Beyond Steamhammer Power    
3-4 Hirax* Immortal Legacy SPV Thrash    
3-4 Hopeless Youth Disgust Candlelight      
3-4 I Am Heresy* Thy Will Century Media      
3-4 Incura S/T        
3-4 Intervals * A Voice Within Independent Prog Core    
3-4 Kill Matilda Pun Zombie Rock N Roll  E.P.   Punk Rock    
3-4 Lenore S. Fingers Inner Tales        
3-4 Morbus Chron* Sweven Century Media Dark Death    
3-4 Mount Salem * Endless Metal Blade Doom    
3-4 Nothing Guilty of Everything Relapse      
3-4 Omnium Gatherum The Redshift/ Re-issue Candlelight Death    
3-4 Omnizide* Death Metal Holocaust Carnal Extreme    
3-4 The Overseer Rest & Let Go Solid State      
3-4 Prematory Corrupting Influence Punishment 18 Thrash    
3-4 Prizehog Re-Unvent the Whool        
3-4 Profezia Oracolo Suicida Moribund Amb Black    
3-4 Psalm Zero* The Drain Profound Lore   Charlie Looker and Andrew Hock  
3-4 Ready, Set, Fall Memento Lifeforce      
3-? Resurrection Mistaken for Dead Old School Records Death    
3-4 Stamina * Perseverance My Kingdom Prog    
3-4 Vanishing Point* Distant is the Sun AFM Melodic    
3-4 Woland * Hyperion   Post Black    
3-4 Wolves Like Us Black Soul Choir Prosthetic Heavy Rock    
3-4 Woslom Evolstuction        
3-4 The Wounded Kings * Consolamentum Candlelight Doom    
3-5 The Casket Crew Coercion   Death Thrash Doom    
3-7 The Beneath Antidote DISTROSONG      
3-7 Kirk Masquerade Mausoleum Melodic    
3-7 Clawfinger Deafer Dumber Bllinder 20 years AFM   Anniversary  Box  
3-7 Kari Rueslatten Time to Tell        
3-7 Metsatoll Karjajuht Spinefarm Folk    
3-7 Miracle Master Tattooed Women ZYX Hard Rock    
3-7 Viza Aria Architects of Melody      
3-7 Entartung Peccata Mortalia World Terror Black    
3-8 Tortorum Katabasis Black  World Terror    
3-10 Brood of Hatred Skinless Agony Independent Death    
3-10 Conquering Dystopia S/T   Prog Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow, Alex Webster, Alex Rudinger  
3-10 Savage Messiah The Faithful Dark Earache Melodic    
3-10 Seal of Solomon I the King Worm Hole Death      
3-10 Shroud of the Heretic Revalations in Alchemy   Death Vinyl  
3-10 Thorns vs Emperor S/T Peaceville   Vinyl  
3-11  Architects Lost Forever // Lost Together Epitaph      
3-11 Armageddon Rev. 16:16 Sundown on Humanity Pitchblack Prog    
3-11 Barren Womb The Sun's not Yellow, it's Chicken Spartan Hardcore    
3-11 Conan Blood Eagle Napalm Doom    
3-11 Dark Forest The Awaking Cruz De La Sur Heay Power    
3-11 Eths Ex Umbra in Solem Season of Mist      
3-11 Glass Hammer Ode of Echo Sound Source Prog    
3-11 Havenside Living Our Darkest Days   Metalcore    
3-11 Jupiter Zeus On Earth Magnetic Eye Stoner     
3-11 KXM S/T Rat Pack Records      
3-11 Matt Sorum's Fierce Joy Stratoshere Rok Dok Hard Rock    
3-11 Million Dollar Fix Psychedelphant        
3-11 Morfin Inconlation F.D.A. Death    
3-11 Motojesus Electric Revelation Artoffact Heavy    
3-11 Nervosa Victim of Yourself Napalm Thrash    
3-11 North Metonia     Vinyl  
3-11 Our Last Enemy* Pariah Eclipse      
3-11 The Shrine Bless Off TeePee      
3-11 Volume IV Long in the Tooth Allegro Stoner Rock    
3-14 Fudge Tunnel Hate Song in E Minor/ Re-issue Century Media   2L.P.'S  
3-14 Hark Crystalline Season of Mist Heavy    
  Primeval Realm Primordial Light Pure Steel Doom    
3-14 Profane Omen Reset  Spinefarm Melodic Groove    
3-14 Vanishing Point A Rise From the Ashes AFM      
3-15 Monument of Misathropy* Anger Mismanagment Independent Extreme Roman Goulon(Necrophagist)  
3-17 Appearance of Nothing A New Beginning Nightmare Prog    
3-17 Blood Label Skeletons Mighty Music Death Thrashcore Hateshpere Dawn of Demise and The Burning Members  
3-17 Indecent Excision Deifation of the Grotesque Grindethic Extreme    
3-17 The Oath S/T Rise Above      
3-17 Secret Illusion Change of Time        
3-18 Ageless Oblivion Penthos Century Media Prog Death    
3-18 Alterbeast Immortal Unique Leader      
3-18 Assassins War of Aggression eOne      
3-18 Battleaxe* Heavy Metal Sanctuary SPV NWOBHM    
3-18 Biblical* Monsoon Season New Damage      
3-18 Birth of Joy Prisoner SPV Hard Rock    
3-18 Bleeding Fist Death's Old Stench Moribund Extreme Compilation  
3-18 Broken Glazz Divine / Re-issue 1991 End of the Light Thrash    
3-18 The Bunny and the Bear* Food Chain Victory      
3-18 Coathangers Suck My Shirt Suicide Squeeze      
3-18 Coffinworm IV.I.VIII Profound Lore Doom    
3-18 Demon Hunter Extremist Solid State      
3-18 Dodsferd The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race Moribund Black    
3-18 Don Jamieson Hell Bent for Laughter Metal Blade      
3-18 Earth Crisis* Salvation of Innocents Candlelight      
3-18  Echoterra Sanguinary Greed Blinding Force Symphonic    
3-18 Grim Legion Unholy Ressurection Horror Pain Gore Death      
3-18 Gus G I Am the Fire Century Media      
3-18 Hark Crystalline Season of Mist Doom    
3-18 Iron Savior Rise of the Hero AFM Power Speed    
3-18 Kayser* Read Your Enemy Listenable Heavy    
3-18 Menace* Impact Velocity Season of Mist   Mitch Harris  
3-18 Mire Inward/ Onward        
3-18 Near Death Condition Evolving Towards Extinction Unique Leader Death    
3-? Noctem Exilium   Extreme    
3-18 Nocturnal Breed Napalm Nights Agonia Thrash    
3-18 Order of Isaz* Seven Years of Famine Season of Mist Gothic Rock/Metal    
3-18 The Prestige Ecotone Mediaskare      
3-18 The Pretty Reckless Going to Hell Razor and Tie      
3-18  Profezia Oracolo Suicide Moribund Black    
3-18 Ringworm Hammer of the Witch Relapse      
3-18 Riotgod Driven Rise Metalville Stoner Rock    
3-18 Savage Messiah The Fateful Dark Earache Power Thrash    
3-18 Sleep Disorder S/T        
3-18 The Socks* S/T Small Stones Prog Doom    
3-18 Storm Warrior* Thunder and Steele Massacre Power Speed    
3-18 Taking Back Sunday Happiness IS Hopeless      
3-18 Therion Theli Nuclear Blast Symphonic Re-released Deluxe Edition  
3-18 Twilight* III Beneath The Trident's Tomb Century Media Black    
3-18 Twisted Sister Can't Stop, Suckers and Come Out / Re-issue's Armoury Hard Rock 3 CD Set  
3-18 Vampire S/T Century Media Death    
3-18 Vardan Enjoy the Deep Sadness Moribund Black    
3-18 Years Since the Storm Hopeless shelter Artery Death/Rock    
3-20 Condition Red II - Re-issue Lion Music Prog    
3-21 Ahola Tug of War Playground Music Rock    
3-21 Asia Gravitas Frontiers Prog Prock    
3-21 Dread Sovereign All Hell's Martyrs Van Doom Primordial Members  
3-21 Gun Barrel Damage Dancer Massacre      
3-21 Manowar Kings Of Metal-Silver Edition- Magic Circle Kings of Metal    
3-21 Massacre Back from Beyond Century Media Thrash    
3-21 Negative Voice Infinite Dissonance Inverse Melodic    
3-21 Ordod Trail of the Broken Voilent Journey      
3-21 The 4th Dimension Dispelling the Veil of Illusions Prog Power Symphonic Power    
3-23 Boards of Canada Music has a Right to Children - Re issue  Warp      
3-24 Alterbeast Immortal Unique Leader Tech Death    
3-24 Brimstone Mannsverk        
3-24 Disparager Timeless Ageless/ E.P. Independent      
3-24 Hortus Animae* Secular Music Flicknife Black    
3-25 Abject! Ugly on the Inside Dead City      
3-25 Animals As Leaders* The Joy of Motion Sumerian Instumental    
3-25 Cage the Gods Badlands The End Rock    
3-25 Chuck Ragan Till Midnight Side one dummy      
3-25 Funereal Presence Archer Take Aim Ajna Black    
3-25 Hundredth  Resist- E.P. Mediaskare       
3-25 L.R.S. Down to the Core Frontiers Melodic Rock    
3-25 Magnum Escape from the Shadow Garden SPV Melodic Hard Rock    
3-25 Near Death Condition* Evolving Towards Extinction Unique Leader      
3-25 Pretty Maids Louder the Ever Frontiers      
3-25 Thou Heathen Gilead Media Sludge Doom    
3-25 Trigger Point Giving up the Ghost        
3-28 Circle of Chaos Crossing the Line Massacre      
3-28 Crystal Tears Hellmade Massacre      
3-28 Dynazty Renatus Spinefarm Heavy    
3-28 Gamma Ray Empire of the Undead Ear Music Power CD/ DVD  
3-28 Graviators Motherload Napalm Doom    
3-28 Jackson Firebird  Cock Rockin  Napalm       
3-28 Khroma Collapse        
3-28 Neige Et Noirceur Gouffre Onirique et Abimes Cosmiques        
3-28 Onward Evermoving/ Re-issue   Power Vinyl  
3-28 Sinbreed Shadows AFM Power    
3-28 Trollfest* Kaptein Kaos Noise Art Folk    
3-29 Arising Fear Beyond Betrayal        
3-29 Kali Ma The Devil Knows You're Dead        
3-31 Amoral Fallen Leaves and Dead Sparrows Graphite Heavy    
3-31  Awakening Sun Imbalance Independent Melodic Groove    
3-31 Bulbul Hirn Fein Hacken Exile on Mainstream      
3-31 Ceremonial  Ars Magicka/ E.P.   Black Thrash    
3-31 Cemetery Fog Shadows from the cemetery Iron Bonehead Extreme    
3-31 Daggers It's not Jazz, It's Blues        
3-31 Direwolves Aegri Somnia        
3-31 Doom Total Doom Peaceville Crust Punk 1989 reissue  
3-31 Heresiarch Waelwulf/ E.P. Dark Descent Extreme    
3-31 Human Cull Stillborn Nation Goatprayer Grindcore    
3-31 John Wesley  Disconnect Inside Out       
3-31 Killwhitneydead Suffer my Wrath        
3-31 Osian Rhizome Independent Dark Goth Nu    
3-31 Quantum Fantay Terragaia Promotion Prog    
3-31 Sargeist Feeding the Crawling Shadows Moribund Black    
3-31 Shining III Angst Peaceville Extreme    
3-31 W.E.B. For Bidens No Remorse Exteme Goth    
3-31 Winter of Sin Maelstrom   Tech Death    
3-? Emperor As The Shadows Rise Hammerheart Black    
3-? Serpent Eater Hyena Hammerheart EXP    

April 2014 Album Releases

Date Band Release Label Type Notes
4-1 Big Elf* Into the Maelstrom Inside Out Prog  
4-1 Cauldron Black Ram Stalagmire 20 Buck Spin Melodic  
4-1 Chevelle La Gargola      
4-1 Chiodos Devil Razor and Tie    
4-1 DIO Tribute Album* This is Your Life Rhino    
4-1 Entombed Back to the Front Century Media Thrash  
4-1 Gravehill Death Curse Dark Descent Extreme  
4-1 Hellion To Hellion and Back Massacre Heavy Speed  
4-1 Infest Cold Blood War Xtreem Death Thrash  
4-1 Iron Reagan Spoiled Identity E.P.   Thrash Free on bandcamp
4-1 John Wesley Disconect Inside Out Prog X-Porcupine Tree
4-1 Kiss  Alive Casablanca Rock Vinyl Remasters 
4-1 Kiss Animalize Casablanca  Rock  Vinyl Remasters 
4-1  Kiss Destroyer Casablanca  Rock  Vinyl Remasters  
4-1  Kiss  Dressed to Kill  Casablanca  Rock  Vinyl Remasters  
4-1  Kiss Dynasty Casablanca  Rock  Vinyl Remasters  
4-1  Kiss  Hotter then Hell Casablanca  Rock  Vinyl Remasters 
4-1 Kiss  S/T Casablanca  Rock  Vinyl Remasters 
4-1  Kiss  Lick it UIp Casablanca Rock  Vinyl Remasters 
4-1  Kiss  Revenge  Casablanca Rock Vinyl Remasters 
4-1  Kiss Unmasked Casablanca  Rock  Vinyl Remasters  
4-1 Lacuna Coil* Broken Crown Halo Century Media Rock  
4-1 Magnum Escape from the Shadow Garden SPV    
4-1 Mass Infection For I Am Genocide Comatose Death  
4-1 Massacre Back from Beyond Century Media Death  
4-1 Monolord* Empress Rising Easyrider Doom  
4-1 Nux Vomica S/T Relapse Melodic  
4-1 Ogre* The Last Neanderthal Minotauro Doom  
4-1 Pilgrim* II: Void Worship Metal Blade Doom  
4-1 Pyrrhon Mother of Virtues Relapse Tech Death  
4-1 RPWL Wanted Gentle Art of Music   CD/DVD
4-1 Shear Katharsis Lifeforce    
4-1 Steel Panther All you can Eat Open E Rock  
4-1 Shear Katharsis Lifeforce    
4-1 Sonata Arctica* Pariah's Child Nuclear Blast Power  
4-1 Taker It is Finished (The Coplete Anthology) Roxx    
4-1 The Used Imaginary Enemy Hopeless    
4-2 Erebus Enthroned Temple Under Hell Seance Black  
4-2 Fallujah Nomadic/ E.P. Unique Leader Extreme  
4-4 Brainstorm Firesoul AFM Power  
4-4 Decapitated Christ Arcane Impurity Ceremonies FDA Death  
4-4 Golem Eternity FDA Death Compilation
4-4 Kill Ritual The Eye's of Medusa ZYX Thrash  
4-4 Lost Society* Terror Hungry Nuclear Blast Thrash  
4-7 Delain* Human Contradiction Napalm Symphonic  
4-7 Ferium* Reflections Transcend Metalcore  
4-7 Gotthard Bang!      
4-7 Obdurated I Feel Nothing Independent Thrash  
4-7 Ormgard Ormblat   Black Ambient  
4-7 Vredehammer Vinteroffer Indie Black  
4-8 Anette Olzon* Shin Armoury    
4-8 Black Label Society* Catacombs of the Black Vatican Groove Doom Mascot  
4-8 Blistered Soul Erosion 6131 Thrash  
4-8 Bloodway Sunstone Voyage and Clandestine Horizons      
4-8 Brutality Will Pevail Suspension of consciousness Century Media    
4-8 Countess Ancient Lies anf Battle Cries Barbarian Wrath Black  
4-8 Cormorant Earth Diver Independent Black Folk  
4-8 Crystal Tears Hellmade      
4-8 Fine Fine Titans Omega E.P. Independent    
4-8 For the Fallen Dreams Heavy Hearts Rise Hardcore  
4-8 From Hell* Ascent From Hell Scourge Horror Metal Steve Smyth, Paul Bostaph, George Anderson and Damien Sisson
4-8 Graves at Sea This Place is Poison 20 Buck Spin Doom Vinyl
4-8 The Graviators* Motherload Beggars Group Doom  
4-8 Hatetyler Vidia      
4-8 Invertia* Another Scheme of the Wicked OHM Resistance Ind Extreme  
4-8 Messenger Illusory Blues      
4-8 Milking the Goatmachine Greatest Hits Covered in Milk      
4-8 Neige Morte Bicephaale   Black  
4-8 Noctem Exilium   Extreme  
4-8 Patria Hymns of Victory and Death/ Re-issue Drakkar Black  
4-8 Pentothal Sodium Upon a Pile of Bones Horror,Pain,Gore,Death    
4-8 Tiger Flowers Dead Hymns Melotov    
4-12 New Level Ready n Load      
4-12 Possession Anneliese     Viynl
4-12 Unpure Trinity of the Black/ Re-issue Drakkar Black  
2014 Hackneyed     Death  
4-13 Sleeper Effect The Hero Clone WormHole Death    
4-14 Impaled Nazarene Vigorous and Liberating Osmose Extreme  
4-14 Lustmord Trapped in Purgatory   Extreme  
4-14 Memories of a Deadman Ashes of Joy      
4-14 Temperance*  S/T Scarlet Symphonic  
4-14 Wormreich* Wormcult Revelations Moribund Black  
4-15 Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell Check Em Before you Wreck Em Rise Above    
4-15 Amps for Christ Canyon Cars & Crows Shrimper   Henry Barnes
4-15 Anubus Gate* Horizons Nightmare Prog  
4-15 Astra* Broken Balance Scarlet Prog   
4-15 Axxis* Kingdom of the Night II Phonotraxx Melodic Heavy  
4-15 Below Across the Dark River Metal Blade Doom  
4-15 The Birds of Satan* S/T Shanabelle   Taylor Hawkins
4-15 Black Sabbath First 8 albums   Godfathers Box Set
4-15 Brainstorm Firesoul AFM Power  
4-15 Brutality will Prevail Suspension of Consciousness      
4-15 Clawfinger Deafer Dumber blinder  20 th Anniversary AFM   Box Set 3 cd's 1 dvd
4-15 Emmure* Eternal Victory Deathcore  
4-15 Enthroned* Sovereigns Agonia Black  
4-15 Evenoire* Herons Scarlet Gothic Folk  
4-15 Feel Never Real Rock Rebel Gold Pavement    
4-15 I Declare War* We are Voilent People by Nature Razor & Tie Deathcore  
4-15 Desecresy Chasmic Trancendence Death Xtreem  
4-15 Diabulus in Musica* Argia Napalm Symphonic  
4-15 The Drip* A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics- E.P. Relapse Grindcore  
4-15 Feel Never Real* Rock Rebel Gold Pavement    
4-15 Fucked Up  The Year of the Dragon Tank Crimes    
4-15 Gamma Ray* Empire of the Dead Eagle Rock Power   
4-15 The Guessing Game Holy Crow Guessing Game Music Rock Jeff Rouse
4-15 Ian Anderson* Homo Erraticus Kscope Prog  
4-15 Impetuous Ritual Unholy Congregation Profound Lore Death  
4-15 Kilmara Love Songs & Other Nightmares   Melodic Heavy  
4-15 Koloss Empower the Monster Dark Omen Melodic  
4-15 Kyng* Burn the Serum Razor and Tie Rock  
4-15 Lay Down Rotten Deathspell Catharisis Apostasy Death  
4-15 Light Force Mystical Thieves/ Re-issue 1988   Power  
4-15 Lillian Axe One Night in the Temple/ Live CME Heavy Rock  
4-15 Merkabah Ubiquity Independent Heavy  
4-15 Morning Dwell S/T      
4-15 The Oath S/T      
4-15 One Year Later  Life Between the Lies C.I. Records    
4-15 Pact* The Infernal Hierarchies Moribund Black  
4-15 Plague Vendor Free to Eat Epitaph    
4-15 Plebeian Grandstand Lowgazers Throatruiner Avant-Garde  
4-15 Polar Shadowed by Vultures Prosthetic Post Hardcore  
4-15 Septuagint Negative Void Trinity Forever Plagued Black  
4-15 Sinbreed Shadows AFM Power Blind Guardian Members
4-15 Skyliner Outsiders Limb Power  
4-15 So Delan The Fall      
4-15 Stoneburner Life Drawing Neurot Doom  
4-15 Teramaze Esoteric Symbolism Nightmare Prog  
4-15 T.O.M.B. Pennhrst Todestrieb Raw Black  
4-15 Toumas Holopainen Life and Times of Scrooge  Nuclear Blast    
4-15 Temperance S/T Scarlet    
4-15 Temnein* 404 B.C. Video Extreme Prog  
4-15 Triptykon* Melena Chasmata Prowling Death Avant Garde Tom Warrior (X-Celtic Frost) Pigeon Toe Members
4-15 The Tower Hic Abundant Leones Prosthetic/Bad Omen Blues Rock  
4-15  Wild  En Tierra Hostil Slaptrick Power  
4-15 The Winery Dogs Re-issue 2 album set Loud and Proud Prog Special Edition
4-15 Worlds of Farewell The Black Wild Yonder AFM    
4-16 The Great Old Ones Tekeli Li LADLP    
4-18 Dark Century Murder Motel   Death  
4-18 Ed Guy Space Police Nuclear Blast Heavy  
4-18 Rasperry Park Scrathin ' The Surface Nightmare Melodic Rock  
4-18 Stream of Passion A War of Our Own Rough Trade Symphonic  
4-19 Black Tar Project Deafen      
4-19 Clutch       7 inch
4-19 Ghoul Hang Ten     Vinyl
4-19 King Dead S/T      
4-19 Machine Head Killer Kings Nuclear Blast Groove Single
4-19 Wall of Death Dementia Enhances Understanding   Death  
4-? Fatal Smile White Trash Hereos   Rock  
4-? HellYeah   Eleven Seven    
  Miracle Master Tattooed Women Golden Core Rock X Pump
  Project X   Frontiers Rock Joe Lynn Turner, Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin and Jeff Watson
4-22 A Hill to Die Upon Holy Despair Bombworks Extreme  
4-22 At Radogost's Gates Reflection of a Lunar Eclipse Horror, Pain, Gore Death Prog Extreme  
4-22 Black Magik The Conjuring of Three Independent Thrash  
4-22  Evil Maquerade  The Digital Crucifix Dark Minstrel Melodic/ Heavy   
4-22 H.E.A.T.* Tearing Down the Walls   Hard Rock  
4-22 Ironstorm Wrathwind/ E.P   Thrash Speed  
4-22 Joe Satiani The Complete Studio Recordings Sony Prog 15 CD Box Set
4-22 Krokus Long Stick Goes Boom / Live   Hard Rock  
4-22 Sebastian Bach Give Em' Hell Frontiers    
4-22 Saxon ST.George's Day Sacrifice/ Live   NWOBHM  
4-22 Skinfather  None will Mourn  Life and Death Deathcore  
4-22 Three Lions* S/T Frontiers Rock  
4-22 Whitechapel* Our Endless War Metal Blade  Deathcore  
4-22 Winger Better Days Comin   Rock  
4-22 Wrong Pessimistic Outcomes Xtreem Black  
4-23 Majestic Epsilon 1 Independent Prog  
4-25 Ancient Bards A New Dawn Ending Limb Symphonic Power  
4-25 Edgedown Statues Fall Massacre    
4-25 Existance Steel Alive Mausoleum    
4-25 Exorcism I Am God Golden Core Doom Joe Stump
4-25 Eisregen Flotenfreunde Massacre Dark  
4-25 Gloryful Ocean Blade Massacre Heavy  
4-25 Helstar* The Wicked Nest AFM Power  
4-25 High Spirits You are Here High Roller Heavy  
4-25 Satan's Host Metal From Hell and Midnight Wind/ Re -Issue Skol Records Power  
4-25 Thunder Lord Heavy Metal Rage/ Re-issue 2012 Iron Shield Heavy Power  
4-25 Voice Of Ruin Morning Wood Heimathome Thrash Groove  
4-28 Anti Ritual S/T E.P.      
4-28 Cold War Pantheist Candlelight Hardcore  
4-28 Death Leprosy/ Re-issue 1988 Relapse Death Thrash  
4-28 Martyr Defiled* No Hope , No Morality Century Media Extreme  
4-28 Mechanical Organic This Global Hive   Prog Power  
4-28 Savn   CDR   Carmen Elise, Stig Johansen and Anders Thue
4-28 Second Brain Synthesis   Prog  
4-28 Vanhelga Langtan Art of Propaganda Black  
4-29 The Agonist This Music will Prevail  Century Media Melodic Digital Single
4-29 Aborted* The Necrotic Manisfesto Century Media Death  
4-29 Abysmal Torment Cultivate the Apostate Willowtip Death  
4-29 Adestria Gilded Hearts Razor & Tie    
4-29 The Agonist Digital Single Century Media Melodic 2 songs
4-29 Anti Mortem New Southern Nuclear Blast    
4-29 Archspire The Lucid Colective Season of Mist Tech Death  
4-29 Aurvandil Thrones   Black  
4-29 Autopsy* Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves Peaceville Death  
4-29 Beneath Barren Throne Unique Leader Brutal Detah  
4-29 Cloak of Altering Plague Beasts Crucial Beast Avant Garde  
4-29 Dead in the Manger Transience/ E.P. 20 Buck Spin Black  
4-29 Death Leprosy Relapse Death Thrash Limited vinyl Re-issue
4-29 The Devil you Know The Beauty of Destruction Nuclear Blast   Howard Jones, John Sankey and Francesco Artusato
4-29 Dismemberment* Embrace the Dark Horror, Pain, Gore, Death Death Thrash  
4-29 Framework Loom      
4-29 Forgotten Tomb Darkness in Stereo/ Live in Gemany Agonia Melodic DVD
4-29 Fu Manchu Gigantoid At the Dojo Rock  
4-29 Floor Oblation Season of Mist Doom  
4-29 Godhead The Shadow Realigned Warrior    
4-29 Grey Skies Fallen The Many Sides of Truth Xanthros Melodic  
4-29 Helstar* This Wicked Nest AFM Power  
4-29 Holy Moses* Redefined Mayhem SPV Thrash  
4-29 Insomnium* Shadows of a Dying Sun Century Media Melodic  
4-29 Klogr* Black Snow Zeta    
4-29 Kublai Khan Balancing Survival and Happiness Artery Core  
4-29 Lord Mantis Death Mask Profound Loe Sludge  
4-29 Mekong Delta* In a Mirror Darkly SPV Prog  
4-29 Mile Marker Zero Young Lust      
4-29 Miss May I Rise of the Lion Rise Records    
4-29 Portrait* Crossroads Metal Blade Heavy   
4-29 Psycho Chainsaw Priest      
4-29 Reformers Abolish Mediaskare    
4-29 Salem's Pot Lurar ut dig pa? pra? rien Easyrider Doom/Stoner  
4-29 Saliva Rise Up Rum Bum    
4-29 So Hideous Last Poem/ First Light Prosthetic    
4-29 Teitanblood  Death  Red Distribution Extreme  
4-29 Stork* Broken Pieces CD baby Prog Thomas Lan, Shane Gibson and Kelly Lemieux
4-29 Upon This Dawnings We are all Sinners Artery    
4-29 Whitechapel* Our Endless Road Metal Blade Death Core  
4-29 Woman is the Earth This Place ThatContains my Spirit Init Black  
4-30 Albino Rhino S/T Inverse Stoner  
4-30 Witches of Doom Obey Independent    
4-? Sun and Sail Club       Bob Belc h (Fu Manchu) Scott Reeder (Kyruss)
? Witchthroat Serpent   Deadlight Doom  

May 2014 Release Dates

Date Band Release Label Type Notes
5-? Adamantra         
5-1 Abandoned Elysium S/T      
5-1 Aposento S/T Xtreem Death  
5-1 Arsafes Ratocracy Independent Ind Melodic  
5-1 Yossi Sassi Desert Butterflies   Crossover Prog  
5-2 Brother Firetribe Diamond in the Firepit Spinefarm Hard Rock Emppu Vuorinen
5-2 Fake Idols S/T Lifeforce Hard Rock  
5-2 Septekh Plan for World Domination Abyss Death Thrash  
5-2 Xandria Sacrificium   Symphonic  
5-3 Fragore The Reckoning      
5-? 220 Volt     Rock Anders Engberg (Therion)
5-5 Flor De Loto Nuevo Mesias Museare Prog Rock CD and DVD
5-5 Infecting the Swarm Pathogenesis Lacerated Enemy Brutal Death  
5-5 IQ The Road of Bones Giant Electric Pea Neo Prog  
5-6 Being as an Ocean How we both Wonderously Perish Invogue Melodic Hardcore  
  Black Book Lodge Tundra Mighty Music Stoner Rock  
5-6 7th Nemesis Deteministic Noneperiodic Flow/ Re-issue 2010 Great Dane Extreme  
5-6 Arkona* Yav Napalm Pagan Folk  
5-6 Barrows Red Giant Independent    
5-6 Battleroar Blood of Legends CRUZ DEL SUR Epic Heavy  
5-6 Black Stone Cherry Magic Mountain Roadrunner Rock  
5-6 Code of Silence* Dark Skies over Babylon Mausoleum Melodic Power  
5-6 Crisix Rise... Then Rest Apostasy Thrash  
5-6 Electrocution Metaphsincarnation Gore Gore Tech Death  
5-6 Dwellers Pagan Fruit Small Stone    
5-6 Hollow* Mondrake      
5-6  Mach 22* Sweet Talk Intervention Blingnot Media Stoner  
5-6 Michael Sweet I'm not Your Suicide Big 3    
5-6 Noneuclid Metatheosis Blood Music Prog Extreme Linus Klausentizer
5-6 Pet The Pracher* The Cave and the Moon Napalm    
5-6 Vestal Claret The Cult of Vestal Claret Cruz Del Sur Heavy Metal  
5-6 Xandria* Sacrificium Napalm Symphonic  
5-6 WAMI Kill the King Metal Mind   Doogie White, Vinny Appice and Marco Medoza
5-8 Black Tongue* Born Hanged Total Deathcore Deathcore  
5-9 Lullacry Farewell Legacy 1998 to 2014 Spinefarm   Compilation
5-9  Nightsatan  Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom     DVD
5-9 Process Pain Outcast of Society Inverse Deathcore  
5-9 Soulbound Bind Progress/ E.P.      
5-10 Animus Divine NOVO Independent Metalcore Groove  
5-10  Dust Bolt Awake the Riot Napalm Thrash  
5-12 Darkthrone Black Death and Burn Peaceville Old School Black Box Set
5-13 Agalloch* Serpent & the Sphere Profound Lore Melodic  
5-13 Avatar* Hail the Apocalypse Gain    
5-13 Bane Don't Wait Up Equal Vision    
5-13 The Black Keys Turn Blue Nonesuch    
5-13 Boris the Blade* The Human Hive Century Media    
5-13 Curimus Artificial Revolution      
5-13 Dio Live in London Hammersmith 1993 Eagle Rock Heavy  
5-13 Down* Down IV Part 2  E.P. ADA    
5-13  Epica* Quantum Enigma Nuclear Blast Symphonic  
5-13  Greenleaf* Trails and Passes Small Stone    
5-13 Glamour of the Kill Savages eOne    
5-13 Gun Barrel Damage Dancer Massacre Traditional  
5-13 Hell Trilogy Woodsmoke Drone Doom Box Set
5-13 Holy Shire Midgard Bakerteam Symphonic Power  
5-13 Hornss No Blood, No Sympathy Riding Easy    
5-13 Hour of Penance* Regicide Prosthetic Death  
5-13 Infestus Reflecting Void Debemur Black  
5-13 Killer be Killed* S/T Nuclear Blast   M.Cavalera, Greg Puciato, Troy Sanders and Dave Elitch
5-13 Lantlos Melting Sun Prophecy Black shoegaze  
5-13 The Last Vegas Sweet Salvation ILS  Rock  
5-13 Miasmal Cursed Redeemer Century Media Death  
5-13 Mushroomhead The Righteous and the Butterfly Megaforce Industrial  
5-13 Necrodeath The 7 Deadly Sins Scarlet Thrash  
5-13 Nightfell Living ever Mourn Southern Lord    
5-13 Of Spire and Throne Toll of the Wound   Doom  
5-13 The Pains of Being pure at Heart Days of Abandon Yebo Shoegaze  
5-13 Prong* Ruining Lives SPV Thrash  
5-13 Psychotic Gardining* Hymnosis   Death   
5-13  Retribution Corpus Antichrist Y3K 1-800-primecd Sym Black  
5-13 Space Chaser  Watch the Skies The Charming Man Thrash  
5-13 Strakf Phaseshifting Wraith    
5-13 Structures Life Through a Window Sumerian    
5-13 Sworn Enemy Living on Borrowed ADA Core  
5-13 Sylar For Whom it May Concern Razor and Tie Hardcore  
5-13 Thine Dead City Blueprint Peaceville Not Sure  
5-13 Tomahawk Oddfellows   Alt 7 inch
5-13 Torch Runner Commited to the Ground Southern Lord    
5-13 Unkured Mutated Earth Independent Death Thrash  
5-13 Vallenfyre* Splinters Century Media    
5-13 Voice of Ruin Morning Wood Heimathome Thrash Groove  
5-13 Wami Kill the King Metal Mind   Doogie White, Carmine Appice, Marco Mendoza and Iggy Gwadera
5-14 Arcline S/T      
5-16 Sabaton Heroes Nuclear Blast Epic  
5-13 Vallenfyre Spilinters Century Media   Greg Mackintosh, Hamish Glencross and Adrian Erlansson
5-15 Blood and Sun White Storms Fall      
5-15 Thorns of Carrion Tragedy in Remeberance Independent Melodic 2 CD Compilation
5-16 Incarnated Try Before Die selfmadegod Brutal Death  
5-16 Infernal Curse The End Upon Us Iron Bonehead Extreme  
5-16 Lanskap I   Doom/Psych  
5-16 Winter Nights An Endless Apocalypse   Melodic  
5-17 Rival Sons Great Western   Rock  
5-19 Deep Purple Made In Japan Universal Hard Rock  
5-19  Embrace the Disharmony Humananke My Kingdom Progressive  
5-19 Massive Full Throttle Earache Hard Rock  
5-19 Castle Under Seige Prosthetic Doom  
5-19 Rubicon Cross S/T Ingrooves   CJ  Snare and Chris Green
5-19 Verberis S/T Iron Bonehead Extreme  
5-20 Boris the Blade Human Hive Siege of Amida Deathcore  
5-20  California Breed S/T Frontiers   Glen Hughes, Jason Bonham and Andrew Watt
5-20 Dealey Plaza Provoke the Human We Are Triumphant    
5-20 Fight the Fade Second Horizon Independent    
5-20 Kenziner The Last Horizon Limb Neo Classical  
5-20 Ludichrist Immaculate Deception/ Powertrip/ Re-issue   Crossover  
5-20 The Mighty Swine Last Man Standing     Mike Skimmerhorn
5-20 Mutilation Rites Suffer the Children Prosthetic Black Filth 7inch
5-20 Neal Schon So U Frontiers Rock  
5-20 Stones of Madness E.P. U-Motion   Kelly Shaefer, Scott Thompson
5-20 Timo Tolkki's Avalon Angels of the Apocalypse Frontiers Symphonic  
5-20 Wartex When it all Fades to Black      
5-22 Blood of Kings Starvation/ 2013 My Graveyard Heavy Speed Vinyl
5-22 Brutal Blues S/T      
5-23 Arkan Sofia Season Of Mist Melodic  
5-23 Insense De Evolution      
5-23 Mayhem Esoteric Warfare Season of Mist Black  
5-23 Misery Index The Killing Gods Season of Mist Extreme  
5-23 Rage The Soundchaser Archives Nuclear Blast Power  
5-23 Unisonic For the Kingdom / E.P.   Michael Kiske, Kai Hanson, Mandy Mayer  
5-23 Vainaja Kadotetut Svart Melodic  
5-23 Veni Domine Light Massacre    
5-23 Sinister The Post Apocalyptic Servant Massacre    
5-23 We Are the Damned Doomvirate Lifeforce Death Crust  
5-24 Adamantra Act 2 Nightmare Symphonic  
5-24 Expain Just the Tip Independent Prog Thrash  
5-24 Flayed Disciple S/T  E.P Independent Death Thrash  
5-24 Gods Army S/T Massacre    
5-24 The Quill Tiger Blood  Metalville Hard Rock  
5-24 Roargh Second Helping/ E.P. Independent Melodic  
5-24 Violation Wound   Vic Punk Metal Chris Reifert
5-26 Blood Red Fog On Death's Wings Saturnal Black  
5-26 Bury Tomorrow Runes Nuclear Blast    
5-26 Christian Muenzner  Beyond the Wall of Sleep CD Baby Prog   
5-26 Christopher Lee Metal Knight -E.P.      
5-26 Godflesh Decline and Fall/ E.P. Avalanche Recordings    
5-26 Kal-El Pakel wormholedeath    
5-27 Annisokay The Lucid Dream Steamhammer    
5-27 Black Anvil Hail Death Relapse Black  
5-27 Black Dahlia Murder Fool Em All / DVD Metal Blade Death  
5-27 Crowbar* Symmetry In Black EOne Doom  
5-27 Dead Congregation Promulgation of the Fall Profound Lore Death  
5-27 Den Saakaldte Kapittel II Agonia Black  
5-27 Dirge Hyperion MRI    
5-27 Emptiness Nothing But the Whole Dark Descent Extreme  
5-27 Elvenking The Pagan Manifesto AFM Power Folk  
5-27 For I Am King Revengeance/ E.P.      
5-27 Kiss 40 Years UMe Hard Rock Compilation
5-27 Killgasm A Stab in the Heart of Christ Moribund Black Grind  
5-27 Lillian Axe One Night in the Temple CME Rock  
5-27 Marty Friedman* Inferno Prosthetic Prog  
5-27 Schammasch* Contradiction Prosthetic Melodic  
5-27 Metsatoll* Karjajuht Spinefarm Folk  
5-27 My Epic Behold (Instrumental) Face down    
5-27 21 Octayne Into the Open AFM Rock  
  Od Rake   Century Media    
5-27 One & All Together for Home  S/T Season of Mist    
5-27 Powerman 5000 Builders of the Future T-Boy    
5-27 Ravenscry The Attraction of Opposites Revalve    
5-27 Relentless Flood The Time is Now Independent    
5-27 Sabbatory Endless Asphyxiating Dark Descent Death  
5-27 7 Seconds Leave a Light On Rise    
5-27 Scourge Hate Metal / Re- issue 2013 Red Death  
5-27 Serpentine Path Emanations Doom Death    
5-27 Spiders and Snakes Year of the Snake   Rock  
5-27 Thantifaxath Sacred White Noise Dark Descent Black  
5-27 Vanhelgd Relics of Sulphur Salvation 20 Buck Spin Death  
5-27 Vital Science* Imaginations on the Subject of Infinity Nightmare Prog  
5-27 Jar'd Loose Turns 13 Path less Travelled    
5-27 Waxen Agios Holokaust Moribund Black  
5-27 We Are The Damned Doomvirate Candlelight Death n Roll Crust  
5-27 Young and in the Way When Life Comes to Death Deathwish Black Crust  
5-27 Zoldier Noise Regression Process Dark Descent Thrash  
5-30 American Standards Hungry Hands / E.P.      
5-30 Hollow Mordrake Independent Melodic  
5-30 Swarp Ominess Pestilentiae      
5-31 The Great Divide White Bird Useless Pride    
5-31 Nightjar Decent Invasion Independent Groove Metalcore  
5-? Rated X   Frontiers   Joe Lynn Tuner, Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin and Jeff Watson
  Rob Zombie The Zombie Mad Mad Horror picture Show     DVD
5-? Subsonic Honeycomb     Ron Marks
  Stoneburner Life Drawing Neurot Doom  
  Vauxdvihl Dimension Logic and VOG/ Sib Church/Demos Century Media Prog Entire collection of releases
  Voiciano Everflow Independent Acoustic Edenbridge Member's acoustic project

June Releases

Date Band Release Label Type Notes
6-1 Mostly Autumn Dressed in Voices Independent Prog Folk  
6-2 The Algorithm Octopus4 BASICK    
6-2 Cosmograf Capacitor Independent Neo Prog  
6-2 Godflesh Decline and Fall Avalanche Industrial  
6-2 Hurtsmile Retrogrenade Rock  Gary Cherone
6-2 The Great Sabatini Dog Years NoList Prog Doom  
6-2 Second Rate Angels The Lost Days/ E.P. Independent Thrashcore  
6-2 Volturyon Human Demolition/ E.P. viciSolum Death  
6-2 Voyager* V Sensory Melodic Prog  
6-3 Among Gods Monument PRC Death  
6-3 Brother Firetribe* Diamond in the Firepit Spinefarm Hard Rock Emppu Vuorinen
6-3 Crobot Crobot/E.P. Wind Up    
6-3 Darkest Era* Severance CRUZ DEL SUR Melodic Folk  
6-3 E-Force The Curse Mausoleum   Eric Forrest
6-3 Led Zeppelin 1,2,3  Re-Issue Swan Song Rock Deluxe Edition
6-3 Massacra Enjoy the Violence/ Re-issue 1991 Century Media Death Thrash  
6-3 Massacra Final Holocaust/ Re-issue 1990 Century Media Death Thrash  
6-3 Massacra The Signs of Decline/ Re-issue 1992 Century Media Death Thrash  
6-3 Nightmares Suspiria Rise    
6-3 Oruga* Blackened Souls Apathia Doom  
6-3 Pylon Homo  Homini Lupus   Doom  
6-3 Run With the Hunted The Sieve and the Sand Panic    
6-3 Son of Aurelius Under the Western Sun Good Fight Melodic Death  
6-3 Soundgarden Superunknown A & M Rock 20th anniversary 2-CD'S
6-3 The Swan King Last so Long War Crime    
6-3 Tusmorke Riset Bak Speilet      
6-3 Via From the Ashes Dark Harvest    
6-3 Voyager*  V Nightmare Prog  
6-6 Battleroar Blood of Legends Cruz Del Sur Epic Heavy Power  
6-6 Osmium Guillotine S/T MGR Heavy  
6-6 Reciprocal New Order of the Ages   Tech Death  
6-6 Tesla Simplicity   Rock  
6-6 Uriah Heap Outsider   Rock  
6-8 Valley of the Sun Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk Red Stoner Rock  
6-9 Scamp The Deadcalm Scarlet Groove Thrash  
6-10 The Amity Affliction Let the Ocean take Me Roadrunner Metalcore  
6-10 Anathema Distant Satellites KScope Prog Rock  
6-10 Ancient Bards Anew Dawn Ending Limb Sym Power  
6-10 Arch Enemy Khaos Legions Century Media Thrash  
6-10 The Atlas Moth* The Old Believer Profound Lore Doom  
6-10 Beartooth Disgusting      
6-10 Bloody Hammers* Under Satan's Sun Napalm    
6-10 Body Count Manslaughter Sumerian Thrash Punk  
6-10 Chain Re-Action Game Between good and Evil Pure Legend Melodic Heavy  
6-10 The Chant New Haven 12th Street    
6-10 Den Saakaldte Kappittel II Agonia Black  
6-10 Deus Otiosus Rise Deepsend Death Thrash  
6-10 Dust Bowl* Awake the Riot Napalm Thrash  
6-10 Edgedown Statues Fall Massacre Heavy  
6-10 Equilibrium Erdentempel Nuclear Blast Epic Folk  
6-10 Falconer* Black Moon Rising Metal Blade Power  
6-10 God Macbre Winterlong/ Re-issue-1993 Relapse Death  
6-10 HellYeah Blood for Blood Eleven Seven    
6-10 Loudblast Burial Grounds Listenable Death  
6-10 Mars Red Sky Stranded in Arcadia Listenable    
6-10 Mayhem Esoteric Warfare Season of Mist Black  
6-10 Necromantia Nekromanteion  Soulseller Black  
6-10 Night Ranger High Road Frontiers Rock  
6-10 Ninth Circle Legions of the Brave Pure Rock Power  
6-10 Noveria Risen Scarlet Prog  
6-10  October File Application of Loneliness Candlelight    
6-10 Orange Goblin Healing Through Fire/ Re-issue 2007 Candlelight Stoner  
6-10 Opium Warlords Taste My Sword of Understanding Svart Drone Doom  
6-10 Pet Slimmers of the Year Fragments of Uniforms      
6-10 Pillory Evolutionary Misscarriage Unique Leader Brutal Death  
6-10 Say Anything Hebrews Equal Vision    
6-10 Scamp Deadcalm Scarlet Groove  
6-10 Telsa Simplicty Independent Rock  
6-10 Torrentail Downpour Truth Knowledge Vision Independent Tech Post Thrash  
6-10 Tombs Savage Gold Relapse    
6-10 Trap Them Blissfucker Trap Them Death Punk  
6-10 U.D.O. Steelhammer Live in Moscow AFM Power  
6-10 Unisonic For the Kingdom/ E.P. ear Music Melodic Power  
6-10 Vader* Tibi Et Igni Nuclear Blast Death  
6-10 Vainaja Kadotetut Svart Melodic  
6-10 World Alive Real Fearless    
6-10 Wolves at the Gate Vxv Solid State    
6-10 Wretched* Cannibal Victory Deathcore  
6-12 Midgard Holy Shire Bakersteam Gothic  
6-13 Deathstars The Perfect Cult Nuclear Blast Industrial  
6-13 Rippikoulu Ulvaja Svart    
6-16 Heidra Awaiting Dawn Mighty Music Viking Folk  
6-16 Slash, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators World on Fire      
6-16 A Tempered Heart Loneliness and Mournfull Lights Art Gates Gothic  
6-16 Vinterbris* Solace Nordavind Melodic Black  
6-17 Aittala Effigy Independent Prog Power  
6-17 Boris* Noise: Music Sagent House Various  
6-17 Feed the Rhino* The Sorrow and the Sound Century Media    
6-17 Finntroll Natten Med De Levande Finntroll/ Live in Amstedam   Folka Live
6-17 Ghost Town The After Party Fueled by Ramen    
6-17 Impaled Nazarene Vigorous and Liberationg Death Season of Mist Black Thrash  
6-17 Incantation* Dirges of Elysium   Death  
6-17  Kristy Majors and the Thrill Kill S/T   Punk Rock  
6-17 Lecherous Gaze Zeta Reticuli Blues Tee Pee Rock  
6-17 Linkin Park The Hunting Party Noisey    
6-17 Musk Ox Woodfall      
6-17 Scare Don't Fear From the Ground Up Caroline    
6-17 Sovengar Vindicta Et Gloria Art Gates Viking  
6-17 Tagent* Transcience Tympanik Instrumental  
6-17 Tanzwut Eselsmesse AFM    
6-17 Victory Heights In Motion Independent    
6-17 Wo Fat The Conjuring Small Stone Doom  
6-17 Youth in Revolt Love is A liar's Game/E.P.      
6-18  Masterplan  Novum Initium AFM Power  
6-19 De Profunis Frequencies Kolony Prog Extreme  
6-20 Crylord* Gates of Vahalla Progpower Power Boguslaw Balcerak
6-20 Fireforce* Deathbringer Limb Power CD 8/5/14
6-20 Lars Eric Mattsson Hot and Able 1983/85 Lion Prog  
6-20 Night Mistress* Into the  Madness Prog Power Heavy  
6-20 Skurk Final Gift/ E.P. Denomination Power  
6-20 Tankard Rest In Beer Nuclear Blast Thrash  
6-23 Arkan Sofia Season of Mist Melodic  
6-23 Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord* Gates of Valhalla Power Prog Power  
6-23 Cemetery Lust Orgies of Abomination Hell Headbangers Black Thrash  
6-23 Crosswind Vicious Dominion No Remorse Power Speed  
6-23 Confession Life and Death      
6-23 Flesh Born Han\- E.P.      
6-23 Impererial Triumphant Shrine of the Trident Throne Code 666 Black Compilation
6-23 Nunslaughter Angelic Dread Hells Headbangers Death 2 CD Set
6-23 Outline in Color Mask Standby    
6-23 Those Who Fear Death Sentence Facedown Hardcore  
6-23 Blut As Nord Triunity Red Black  
6-24 ACXDC Antichrist Demoncore      
6-24 Allegaeon* Element of the Infinite Metal Blade    
6-24 Alraune Process of Self Immolation Profound Lore Black  
6-24 At Fault Terminal/ E.P.      
6-24 Auroch Taman Shud Profound Lore Death  
6-24 Beige Eagle Boys Beige Eagle Boys Reptilian    
6-24 Cannibas Coprse From Wisdom to Baked Season Of Mist    
6-24 Channel Zero Kill the Kings Metal Blade    
6-24 Corrosion of Conformity IX Candlelight Doom  
6-24 Cutthroats 9 Dessent Reptilian    
6-24 Death of an Era* Black Bagged Razor and Tie    
6-24 Decieverion S/T -Re-release 2002 Horro Pain Gore Death Black  
6-24 Emperor  In the Nightside Eclipse   Candlelight Black 20 year edition
6-24 Etched in Stone The Failure of Modern Man Independent    
6-24 Expain Just the Tip Independent Prog Thrash  
6-24 Feed the Rhino* Sorrow and The Sound      
6-24 For All Those Sleeping Incomplete Fearless    
6-24 Gloom S/T- E.P.      
6-24 Gotthard Bang The End Rock  
6-24 Hrizg Individualism Moribund Black  
6-24 Hush

Don't Exist- E.P.

DT6 Sludge  
6-24 Inanimate Existence Never Ending Cycle of Atonement Unique Leader Tech Death  
6-24 Kobra and the Lotus* High Priestess Titan Traditional  
6-24 Marduk La Grande Danse Macbre -Re-issue Century Media Black  
6-24 Marduk World Funeral -Re-issue Century Media Black  
6-24 Mastodon Once More Around the Sun Reprise Prog Groove  
6-24 Mournful Congregation Concrescence of the Sophia 20 Buck Spin Funeral Doom  
6-24 Munroe Electric Wake Rat Pak    
6-24 Nachtmystium Woldfall / Eulogy Century Media Black  
6-24 Nothing More S/T   Rock  
6-24 Outline in Color Mask Stand By    
6-24 Powerwolf* The History of Heresy Metal Blade Power 2004-2008
6-24 Septic Flesh* Titan Prosthetic Sym Death  
6-24 Space Invaders SonicNoise Opera   Prog Nik Turner
6-24 Virgin Steele The Marriage between Heaven and Hell Part 1 and 2 Re-issue SPV Power  
6-24 Virgin Steele Invistus Re-issue SPV Power  
6-24 Vicious Rumors Live You to Death 2 SPV Thrash  
6-26 Godflesh Decline & Fall/ E.P. Avalanche  Industrial  
6-27 Amberian Dawn* Magic Forest Napalm Neoclassical Power  
6-27 Colosso Forgone Semblance-E.P.   Exp Death  
6-27 Desecration Cemetary Sickness      
6-27 Kalidia Lies Device Independent Power  
6-27  Illdisposed With the Lost Souls on Our Side Massacre    
6-27 National Napalm Division The Church of the Rat   Thrash  
6-27 Quiet Riot 10 i Tunes, Amazon Rock  
6-27 Sectu* Nefarious Vicsolum Death  
6-27 Temple Desecration Communion Perished- E.P. Iron Bonehead Extreme  
6-27 Unherz Strum &  Drang Massacre    
6-28 Madball Hardcore Lives Nuclear Blast Hardcore  
6-28 In the Mean Time E.P.      
6-30 Freddegredde Brighter Skies   Prog  
6-30 Sirens Notches Independent