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Latest Updates

12-5 Devastation of the Nation Tour in March
12-2 February Tour With Vader
11-30 March/April with Mayhem and Abbath
11-26 Devin and Haken live in March
11-26 Decade of Human Suffering III
11-26 Tool Touring in January
11-20 January Tour with Shadow of Intent
11-16 January Tour with Barishi
11-10 January Tour with Internal Bleeding
11-6 Metalfest Page Updated
11-6 January Tour with Lucifer
11-5 Jan Feb Tour with Tony Macalpine
10-22 Darkest Hour Touring in December
10-22 December Tour With Vanum
10-17 Jan Feb Tour with Sons of Apollo
10-17 Nov Dec Tour with Exhumed
10-16 Nov Dec Tour with In Flames
10-16 October Tour with Ingested
10-11 November Tour with King Diamond
10-10 Nov Dec Tour with Troll
10-6 Feb March Tour with Cult of Luna
10-6 Feb March Tour with Opeth
10-6 November Tour with Lee McKinney
10-5 Agnostic Front Touring in November
10-2 Nov Dec with Death Angel
10-2 Nov Dec Tour with Nothing
10-2 Oct Tour with Dragonforce
9-25 Updated 1349 Tour Dates
 9-3 Relapse Records Updates
9-3 September Tour with Ceremony
Nov Dec Tour with Morbid Angel
Alestorm Touring Canada in November
Nov Dec Tour with Cattle Decapitation
December Tour with Dir En Grey
December Tour with Khemmis
8-8 Napalm Records Update
7-21 Nuclear Blast Updates

7-20 Frontiers Records Updates
7-16 Nov Dec Tour with As I Lay Dying
6-4 Napalm Records Update
5-5 Lion Music Updates
5-5 Album Release Dates
5-4 Skinlab in August
5-1 Riverside Tour in May
4-30 Relapse Udates
4-30 SPV Update
3-21 High Roller Records Updates
3-13 Relapse Records Update
3-12 Unique Leader Updates
2-17 Sliptrick Records Update
2-16 Profound Lore Updates
2-14 June Tour with Mastodon
1-26 Willowtip Records Updates
1-6 Agonia Records Update
12-31 High Roller Records Updates
12-30 Cruz Del Sur Updates
12-30 Napalm Records Updates
12-23 Season of Mist Updates
12-18 Kiss Farewell Tour Dates
12-16 SPV Updates
12-13 Century Media Updates
11-29 The Passing of Erik Lindmark
3-18 Buckethead pike #59 Ydrapoej

1-15 Agonia and Metal Blade Updates


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Richard Brunelle
Peter Hobbs
Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017
Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Quorthon from Bathory


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Date Artist Release Label Genre Notes
1-1 Sors Immanis Le diable  Voices from Beyond Black E.P.
1-2 Unbounded Terror Faith in Chaos Xtreem Music Death  
1-9 War Dogs DieBy My Sword   Heavy Speed  
1-10 Apocalyptica Cell-0 Silver Lining Sym  
1-10 Brothers of Metal Emblast Saga AFM Heavy Power  
1-10 Haunt Mind Freeze Shadow Kingdom Heavy  
1-10 Kawir Adrasteia Iron Bonehead Pagan  
1-10 Mystic Prophecy Metal Division Rock of Angels Power Speed  
1-10 Rage Wings of Rage SPV Heavy  
1-10 Ryr Left Fallow Narshardee Post  
1-10 Steve Harris British Lion The Burning Warner Hard  
1-13 Cult oif Horror Hermetik Bestial Invasion Black Speed  
1-13 Halphas The Infernal Path into Oblivion Folter Black  
1-14 Hyperia Insanitorium Sliptrick Melodic  
1-14 Wormhole The Weakest Among Us Laserated Enemy Death  
1-15 Woorms  Twitching, as Prey Sludgeworm Sludge  
1-17 And You will Know Us By The Trail of Dead X; The Godless Void Inside Out Prog  
1-17 Garganjua Towards the Sun Holy Roar Stoner Doom  
1-17 Hazzerd Delirium M-Theory Audio Thrash  
1-17 Horned Almighty To Fathom the Master's Grand Design Scarlet Black  
1-17 Incinerator Awakened by Evil Duplicate Black Thrash  
1-17 Odious Mortem Synesthesia Willowtip Tech Daeth  
1-17 Sons of Apollo MMXX Inside Out Prog  
1-17 Victorius Space Ninjas from Hell Napalm Power Prog  
1-21 Obsidian Tongue Volume III Bindrune Melodic Black  
1-23 Grey Skies Fallen Cold Dead Lands   Melodic  
1-24 Annihilator Ballistic, Sadistic Silver Lining Thrash  
1-24 Defiled Infinate Regression Season of Mist Extreme  
1-24 Elegy Of Madness Invisible World Pride & Joy Sym  
1-24 Jorn Heavy Rock Radio - 2 Frontiers Heavy  
1-24 Konvent Puritan Masochism Napalm Death Doom  
1-24 Nero Di Marte Immoto Season of Mist    
1-24 Revolution Saints Rise Frontiers Melodic Heavy All Star Line Up
1-24 Temperance Viridian Napalm Prog  
1-30 Monolithe Okta Khora LADLO Melodic  
1-31 Grave White Grave Image Season Of Mist Melodic  
1-31 Lordi Killection AFM Hard  
1-31 Theory of a Deadman Say Nothing Atlantic    


Date Artist Album Label Genre Notes
2-7 Delain Apocalypse and Chill Napalm Sym  
2-7 Sylosis Cycle of Suffering   Death  
2-14 Blaze of Perdition The Harrowing of Hearts Metal Blade Black  
2-14 Kvelertak Splid Rise    
2-14 Necrowretch The Ones from Hell Season of Mist Extreme  
2-18 Horrid  As We Forge Our Past Dunkelheit Death  
2-20 Saturnalia Temple Gravity Listenable Stoner Doom  
2-21 Domons and Wizards III Century Media Power Heavy  
2-21 Porcupine Tree In Absentia   Prog Metal  2002
2-28 Beneath The Massacre Fearmonger Century Media Deathcore  
2-28 Five Finger Death Punch F8 Better Noise Heavy Hard  
2-28 Regarde Les Hommes Tomber Ascension Season of Mist Black  

March 2020

Date Artist Album Label Genre Notes
3-6 Earth Rot Black Tides Season of Mist Extreme  
3-20 Christian Muenzner Path of the Hero   Prog