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Martin E. Ain R.I.P.: Oct 21st, 2017

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10-30 January Tour Social Repose
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10-15 Oct Tour Rivers of Nihil
10-9 North American Festivals
10-9 Nov Dec with Suicide Silence
10-9 In This Moment on tour
10-9 Nov Dec Tour with Trans Siberian Orc
10-9 Nov Tour with Children of Bodom
10-9 Oct Nov Tour with Dreadnought
10-9 Nov Dec Tour with Whitechapel
10-2 Oct Nov Tor with Black Dahlia Murder
9-30 Nov Dec Tour The Guitar Collective
9-20 Sept Oct Tout with 36 Crazyfist
9-16 Nov Dec tour with Belphegor
9-15 Oct Tour with Thor
8-30 Nov Tour Ne Obliviscaris
8-30 November Tour with Yaujta
8-17 November Tour Periphery
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Mick Zane passed away on December 23rd of 2016
Adam Sagan passed away on Dec 5th 2016 from Lyphoma
Leonard Haze, the original drummer for veteran Bay Area rock band Y&T, has died at the age of 61.
Nick Menza passed away from a heart attack on 5-21-2016
4-18-16 Aleah Stanbridge passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 39
Riverside Guitarist Piotr Grudziñski passed away on February 22 2016 at the age of 40
Tregenda R.I.P.
1-24-16 Jimmy Bain passes away at the age of 68
Lemmy passed away on 12-28-15 at the age of 70
Singer David Van Landing passed away on 11-17-15 at the age of 51 from a car accident !
Philthy Animal Phil Taylor passed away on November 11th 2015 at the age of 61

10-18-2015  Sadly, Bassist Frank Watkins has lost his battle with cancer.     REST IN PEACE

AJ Pero Passed away on 3-20-15
R.I.P. Ryan Stanek
Jonathan Athon
Wayne Static R.I.P.

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Euronymous 1968 - 1993
Quorthon from Bathory

Top 100 albums of 2016

Ranking Band Release Genre Label
#1 The  Devin Townsend Project Transendence Prog Inside Out
2 Opeth   Prog  
3 Ihsahn   Melodic Prog  
4 Gojira   Melodic Prog  
5 Witherscape The Northern Sanctuary Melodic  
6 Testament Brotherhood Of the Snake Thrash  
7 Obscura Akroasis Prog Death  
8 Vektor   Prog Thrash  
9 The Dillinger Escape Plan   Prog Core  
#10 Haken   Prog  
11 Lizzard Professor    Prog  
12 Jeff Hughell   Inst Prog  
13 Braindrill   Tech Death  
14 An Endless Sporadic   Inst Prog  
15 Gorguts      
16 Alcest   Melodic  
17 Katatonia   Melodic  
18 Bethlehem   Black  
19 Maschine   Prog  
20 Solution.45   Melodic Thrash  
21 Falujah   Tech Death  
22 AnimalS As Leaders   Intrumental  
23 Protest The Hero   Prog core  
24 Anthrax   Tharsh  
25 Hammer's of Misfortune   Exp Doom  
26 Vader   Death Tharsh  


Ranking Band Album Genre Label
1 Native Constuct Quiet World Prog Metal Blade
2 Gorod A Maze Of Rececyled Creeds Tech Death  
3 Psycroptic Psycroptic Extreme Prostheric
4 Dodheimsgard In Umbra Omega Exp  
5 Loch Vostok From These Waters Melodic Thrash Vicisolum
6 Enslaved In Times Melodic Viking Nuclear Blast
7 Solefald World Metal, Kosmopolis Sud Avant Garde Folk Indie
8 Symphony X Underworld Prog Metal Nuclear Blast
9 Intervals A Voice Within Inst Prog  
10 Between the Buried and Me Coma Ecliptic Prog Core Metal Blade
11 Baroness   Retro  
12 Royal Thunder   Retro  
13 Death Dealer   Power  
14 Swallow the Sun   Melodic  
15 Hate Eternal Infernus Death  
16 Periphery Omega Prog Core  
17 Kingcrow   Prog  
18 Ghost Meloria Retro  
19 Cattle Decapitation   Death  
20 Miss May I      
21 Finsterforst Mach Dich Frei Pagan Folk Napalm
22 Enterprise Earth Patient 0   Stay Sick
23 Sigh Graveworn Exp  
24 Caligulas Horse Bloom Prog  
25 Napalm Death      
26 Veld Daemonic The Art of Dantalian Death  
27 Scale the Summit V Inst  
28 George Kollias   Death  
29 Drudkh      
30 Sirenia The Seventh Life Path Sym Gothic Napalm
31 Soilwork   Melodic Thrash  
32 Carach Angren This is not a Fairytale Black Season of Mist
33 Ensiferum      
34 The Project Hate   Exp  
35 Iron Maiden   Power  
36 Haste the Day      
37 Moonspell   Melodic  
38 Battlecross   Thrash  
39 Arcturus Arcturian Avant Prog Prophecy
40 Alkaloid      
41 Amorphis   Melodic  
42 Nile   Death  
43 Sadist   Prog Thrash  
44 Soufly      
45 Lamb Of God      
46 Veil of Maya      
47 Leprous   Prog Core  
48 Six Feet Under   Gore  
49 Black Dahlia Murder   Death  
50 Ahab The Boat of the Glen Kerrig Doom Napalm
51 Dealey Plaza      
52 Cage Ancient Evil Power  
53 Children Of Bodom   Melodic Thrash  
54 Elitist      
55 Paradise Lost      


The Soulstalker’s Reviews:

 ‘The Satanist’ by Behemoth

            2014 is sure to be chocked full of bone-splitting Metal releases from many of the [Metal] community’s heavyweights.  Just a month into the New Year and the bar is being raised and set by artists spanning all veins of the genre’s lifeforce.

            Of course, there is great anticipation of new At the Gates material and Jazz/Prog-Death fans rejoice with a new Cynic album dropping worldwide in the next week.  But taking the eyes of the road for a moment; the kings of extreme, Behemoth, have just dropped a bomb on the entire years’ playing field for Metal music.

            Returning triumphantly after more than one illness in the organization that is Behemoth, the band has offered up a nine track opus [on Metal Blade Records in the US] that is sure to earn you a trip to your local confessional (Just Kidding).  But in all seriousness, this album is as up front as it gets.  All of the songs are appropriate in length and they still managed to retain the bombastic nature of emotion displayed in the more recent Behemoth releases.

            Aside from the sheer catchiness of ‘The Satanist’, the re-visitation to old school black metal beats [at points] and “ode to shred guitar legend” riffs will undoubtedly keep this record in the 2014 rotation.

Track Rundown:

1)      Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel:
Initiate desolation and godlessness.  This track (and first single) sets an eerie tone that can be followed throughout most of the album.  ‘Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel’ is a warning shot for what’s about to come your way.

2)      Furor Divinus:

For the second song on the album, ‘Furor Divinus’ holds war waging drum beats with venom spit straight from the serpent’s mouth.  Three minutes of intensity and peril.


3)      Messe Noir:

Warning…This track is a fucking slaughter.


4)      Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer:
Some of the best hooks from ‘The Satanist’ are packed into this track, right in the middle of the album…And there’s that Goddamn Gabriel blowing his Trumpets, again!

5)      Amen:
This song, for most listeners, will be the realization that it is 2014 but this album is completely KVLT.

6)      The Satanist:
To display a waltz down a left-hand path is to write a song so extreme that it endorses this polished “old” Blues Rock sound in the form of a killer solo…And is that more trumpeting?!

7)      Ben Sahar:

Signature Behemoth elitism speaks for itself, here.

8)      In the Absence of Light
This track is a lesson in black metal blasting, footwork and proper use of sustain.

9)      O Father O Satan O Sun!:

An epic end to ‘The Satanist’ concept.  Starting beautifully, it ends up leaving this resonant resistance [to things kept sacred] in the back of the mind.


What do you do when your band’s front-man beats leukemia and your band’s world class drummer doesn’t die from appendicitis?  Well, clearly this material is that of their best work, spanning the past five years (or close to it).  So you flip-off the sky and release the beast that is, ‘The Satanist’.


Soulstalker, out

10.5 Perfect
10 almost perfect
9.5 Killer
9 great
8.5 good
8 Above Av
  Anything lower is a waste of time

2013 Album Track Reviews

Andy Winter - Incomprehensible- Experimental The End Records released on January 22 2013 Track#1=10.5 #2=9.5 #3=9.5 #4=10.5 #5=10 #6=9 #7=10.5 #8=10

Avatarium- S/T- Doom                                      Nuclear Blast release November 25th 2013         Track#1=9.5 #2=9 #3=10.5 #4=9 #5=10 #6=10 #7=9

Black Sabbath -  13  -  Godfathers of Metal             Universal release  June 11th 2013          Track#1=10 #2=10 #3=9 #4=10.5 #5= 9 #6=9 #7=10.5 #8=10

Carcass- Surical Steel- Death Metal                  September 17th on Nuclear Blast       Track#1=Intro#2=9.5 #3=9 #4=9.5 #5=10 #6=10 #7=10 #8=10.5 #9=9.5 #10=10 #11=9

Death Dealer - War Master - Power        Independent - June 12TH                          Track#1=9 #2=8.5 #3=9.5 #4=10 #5=10.5 #6=9.5 #7=9 #8=10.5 #9=9.5 #10=10

The Dillinger Escape Plan - One of us is a Killer- Mathcore  Sumerian Released on May 14th 2013     Track #1=9 #2=9.5 #3=10 #4=10.5 #5=9.5 #6=10.5 #7=10 #8-Intro #9=10 #10=10.5 #11=9

Dream Theater -  S/T  - Prog Metal                        Road Runner released on September 24th  Track#1=intro #2=10 #3=9.5 #4=10.5 #5=9 #6=9 #7=9.5 #8=10 #9=10.5

Extol - Extol - Melodic Thrash                          Facedown Records released on June 25th      Track#1=9.5 #2=10.5 #3=9 #4=9 #5=9.5 #6=10 #7=intro #8=9.5 #9=9.5 #10=10

Frynask - Eldir Nott - Black                               Megaforce released on November 25th 2013          Track#1=intro #2=10 #3=9 #4=intro #5=10.5 #6=intro #7=10

Gorguts  - Colored Sands - Death Metal           Season of Mist Released on September 3rd 2013   #1=10.5  #2=9.5  #3=9.5  #4= 9.5  #5=intro #6=10.5  #7=10  #8=9  #9=10.5

Immolation -Kingdom of Conspiracy- Death Metal   May 4th 2013 on  Nuclear Blast                                    Track#1=10 #2=10.5 #3=9.5 #4=9 #5=9 #6=10.5 #7=9.5 #8=10 #9=9 #10=9.5

Ihsahn-Das Seelenbrechen-Melodic Experimental         Mnemosyne/Candlelight- October 29th     Track#1=9.5 #2=9 #3=10.5 #4=10.5 #5=9.5 #6=10 #7=9.5 #8=10 #9=9 #10=9

Joe Satriani-Unstoppable Momentum-Instumental Prog     Epic Records released on May 7th  Track#1=9.5 #2= 10 #3=10.5 #4=10.5 #5=8.5 #6=8.5 #7=9 #8=10 #9=10.5 #10=10 #11=9

Leprous -Coal - Prog Melodic                                Inside Out Records Release May 28th 2014  Track#1=10.5 #2=9.5 #3=9.5 #4=10 #5=10.5 #6=10 #7=9.5 #8=10.5

Nero Di Marte     S/T        Prog Core Djent                 March 2013 on Prosthetic Records  
Track#1=9.5 #2=10 #3=9 #4=9.5 #5=10.5 #6=10.5

Oceano  -     Incisions    -    Extreme                    Earache Release September 30th 2013   Track#1=8.5 #2=9 #3=9.5 #4=10 #5=9 #6=10 #7=9 #8=10.5 #9=9.5 #10=10 #11=9 #12=9

Rings of Saturn - Dingir - Technical Death   Unique Leader released on February 5th 2013   Track#1= 10 #2=9.5 #3=10.5 #4=9.5 #5=10 #6=10.5 #7=10 #8=9 #9=9.5 #10=10

Sirenia - Perils of the Deep Blue-Symphonic/ Gothic     Nuclear Blast released on July 9th  Track#1=intro #2=10.5 #3=9.5 #4=9.5 #5=10 #6=9 #7=10 #8=10.5 #9=9.5 #10=10.5 #11=9.5

Soilwork - The Living Infinite- Thrash                      Nuclear Blast Release March 5th 2013  Track#1=intro #2=9.5 #3=10 #4=10.5 #5=9 #6=10 #7=9 #8=8.5 #9=10 #11=intro #12=10 #13=10 #14=10.5 #15= 9.5 #16=9.5 #17=intro #18= 9.5 #19=10 #20=9.5

Thought Chamber - Psykerion - Prog Metal     Inside Out Records release  September 30th Track#1=10 #2- #3=10 #4=- #5=10.5 #6=10 #7=- #8=9 #9=9.5 #10=10 #11=10 #12=9 #13=9.5 #14=10.5 #15=10 #16= 9.5 

iwrestledabearonce - Late For Nothing- Prog Core  August 6th  Century Media                                Track#1=9.5 #2=9.5 #3=9 #4=9.5 #5=9.5 #6=8.5 #7=10.5 #8=10 #9=10 #10=10 #11=9 #12=9.5

Witherscape  - The Inheritance  -  Melodic   Century Media released on August 6th 2013          Track#1=9.5 #2=10.5 #3=10.5 #4=10 #5=9 #6=9.5 #7=9.5  #8=9.5 #9=outro                           Dan Swano and Ragnar Wilderburg

2012 Album Reviews


At first I didn't think that the latest album "The Lord of Steel" from the Kings of Metal (Manowar) was as good as their last two L.P's, however, this album gets better with every spin. Even some of the more lower rated tracks are as catchy as hell and will get stuck in your head with multiple plays. I have tracks like Manowarriors, Touch the Sky, El Gringo and Annihilation down as perfect tracks, and about four others close to perfect. A couple of things that really stand out on this album are the bass tone, Eric's killer voice, the lyrics, and the drumming.


The Lord of Steel was released in 2012 on Magic Circle Entertainment.


If you are a true Manowarrior you will love this album. 

Heaven's Cry

Prosthetic Records knows they're Prog big-time, so when they signed Heaven's Cry (from Canada) I figured that they had to be a good Prog band. Well, I was wrong. They found a  killer gem in Heaven's Cry. They are capable of writting catchy top notch Progressive Metal, and they are very talented. Come to find out, Heaven's Cry has two previous albums out that Prosthetic just re-released. In 2003 if I would have known about their 2003 release Primal Power Addiction, I would of put in my top 20. Their 1996 Debut is a top 50 album of that paticular year. Heaven's Cry's 2012 release Wheels of Impermanence is hands down a top 20 Prog release for 2012. I think if this band puts out a couple of albums they could really become contenders.


Moonloop's new album Deeply from the Earth (out on listenable records) is highly recomended for Melodic Metalheads. This album has all the great elements that helped early Opeth become one of the best Metal band's ever. There is a couple of blast beats on this L.P., so to call it Meoldic Death Metal wouldn't be out of bounds. But it might scare some people away!